Electric Bike Batteries Are Installed in Different Locations What s the Difference…

Himiway Cruiser Battery Pack

This 48V, 17.5 Ah (840 Wh) Lithium-Ion battery pack with genuine Samsung/LG cells offers the best in class range and performance. The battery securely mounts to the base. It can be removed easily without disconnecting any wires to charge indoors or to switch to a fully charged battery for extended riding.


  • Weight: 9 lb
  • Total Battery Capacity: 840Wh
  • Easy to Install: Lockable and removable
  • Brand: Genuine Samsung/LG 35E cells
  • Indicator: In Built-in charge level indicator


The battery cannot be returned. You can view our full return policy.

Please write your bike frame number and battery serial number in the note.

Customer Reviews

I was very glad to be able to get a new battery for my Himiway Cruiser. I had some vandals help me out there by trying to pry the battery apart. While it still seemingly works (those batteries are pretty tough) I am unsure about its waterproofing now. Good to note that if you leave the bike anywhere for a long time, take the battery with you.

Great product, Great quality! With this battery you won’t have to worry about running out of power, it gets to where you want to go!

How long does it take to receive a battery if I order a second one?ncohcohchoclhclhcohxyoclhclhcpychlchlcphdlhxhlclydoydlhcljdpydlhcjlcoydoyxlydlydyodlyflydoydlufluflufpufpufluflufph

Very quick shipping! Couldn’t have expected any quicker! 6 days for the bike and 5 days for the battery!

We LOVE our Cruisers! My wife and I have put over 700 miles on our Cruisers riding 2-track trails in the Colorado rocky mountains. I’ve had several issues with my Cruiser, but I would definitely buy another Himiway. We have been riding some steep and dusty trails, so I was not surprised when my motor had to been replaced at 500 miles because it was making noise. Customer service was very helpful and covered it under the warrantee. I’ve also replaced the brake pads twice, but that’s by choice. I do not wait until they are fully worn out. We don’t have the long-range batteries, we carry an extra battery. I suggest you DO NOT buy a generic battery pack, they do not have the same power or range of the Himiway batteries. I’m looking at the full suspension next.

Waiting to see if I can get a key! Then I can replace the battery pack. I ordered the key but not hearing anything about it.

The battery is very powerful. A full charge gets me over 40 miles of very hilly terrain. I personally think that there should be a more secure attachment mechanism to prevent theft. The locking plunger is easily retracted with a screwdriver or knife even after it’s locked. I found that out the hard way. This needs immediate improvement to prevent theft of the 500 batteries.

Himiway Cruiser Battery Pack

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Electric Bike Batteries Are Installed in Different Locations.- What’s the Difference?

In daily life, the problems of bus congestion, subway congestion, and luxury taxis have mainly been solved with the popularity of electric bicycles. Using an electric bike to commute is environmentally friendly and can exercise your leg muscles, so riding an electric bicycle has become a logical choice. The battery and motor of an electric bicycle are essential components. An in-depth understanding of the battery of an e-bike can bring more benefits to the rider. The motor stores the electric energy required for the electric bicycle to travel and cooperates with the motor of the electric bike to provide a sufficient guarantee for the rider’s riding journey and riding range. According to the classification of electric bicycles, the installation position of the battery will also be different. The type of fat tire electric bike brand Cyrusher has other electric bikes with built-in battery and external battery for consumers to choose from. So, what’s the difference between a battery mounted inside and outside of an e-bike? What impact does the difference between the built-in and external batteries have on an electric bike’s performance? If you’re struggling with the answers to these questions, keep reading.

What Are the Integrated Battery and the Central External Battery? (Advantages and Disadvantages)

Integrated battery:

This electric bicycle battery is also called the built-in battery. Generally, the battery’s shape cannot be seen in appearance because the battery is integrated into the frame of the electric bicycle, which is perfectly integrated with the bicycle frame to make the overall impression more beautiful and concise. Its lines are more harmonious and cleaner.

Central external battery:

The main external battery is generally located outside the frame’s top tube or down tube. This type of battery is visible on the outside, and when installed on the outside of the frame, it is easy to raise dust, mud, stones, and water on the road, which is harmful to the appearance of the battery of the electric bicycle. And may look incongruous from the overall look of the bike but can be removed more easily.

In order to show the difference between the battery installation positions of electric bicycles for those who love electric bicycles, the following table takes Cyrusher Kommoda’s internal battery and Cyrusher XF900’s external battery as examples of the difference between the two bicycles.

stylish commuter, rough road cyclist

The above table shows the difference between the different battery installation positions of Cyrusher’s two electric bicycles and their apparent advantages and disadvantages.

The built-in battery of Cyrusher Kommoda makes the overall line of the electric bicycle more smooth and more beautiful, and the battery configuration is integrated into the frame of the electric bicycle, which is not easy to be stolen during parking time. The bike is also more balanced and easier to steer in inclement weather.

Cyrusher XF900 uses an external motor. Although the external battery may receive some wear during daily riding, the Cyrusher XF900’s external battery has a relatively sturdy protective case compared to the battery design on the seat tube. It has a small lock to prevent the battery from being stolen. The overall design is not too bulky and more convenient to remove and charge.

In addition to the two kinds mentioned above of electric bicycle batteries, electric bicycles will use a dual battery system under the continuous technical support of the battery development process of electric bikes. One of the batteries configured in the dual-battery system of the electric bicycle is externally placed at the lower part of the bicycle seat tube and is generally connected to the central motor to pull the circuit line of the electric bike with a shorter cable. The other battery in the dual-battery system is built into the front frame of the e-bike, which distributes the weight of the battery evenly across the e-bike’s front and rear axles. The two batteries are discharged alternately rather than simultaneously, giving the rider more fantastic range.

What Kind of Battery Is Best for Electric Bikes?

Where an e-bike battery is installed can affect how it looks and how far a rider can ride it. Considering which battery is best for an e-bike can be a challenge. A battery pack consists of individual cells, and many factors can affect the quality of a battery. A good battery can also perform poorly without proper maintenance.

The Cyrusher fat tire e-bike uses a lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries are light in weight and are the best choice for installation in e-bike sports vehicles. Lithium batteries are also more environmentally friendly and safe to use and can be easily recharged, with high energy density and high voltage.

The battery is composed of relatively light materials such as aluminum and plastic. In most of the built-in battery designs, the battery’s compact structure and the electric bicycle’s frame design form a streamlined match. At the same time, lithium batteries use advanced technology to show more advantages in performance and weight than standard bicycle batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries are used better than most conventional batteries on the market. Lead-acid and alkaline batteries are also standard but compared to the weight of lead-acid batteries and the capacity of alkaline batteries to last. Lithium-ion batteries perform better for weight and endurance.

electric, bike, batteries, installed, different

How Do the Two Different E-Bike Battery Types Store Power?

The most significant difference between the integrated battery of an electric bicycle and the central external battery is the difference in placement. It is much the same in the way that electricity is stored. Lithium-ion batteries are lightweight and easy to transport when you’re out and about, so you don’t need to worry about running out of power.

The central external battery is housed in a rugged case that keeps it safe and secure and can be recharged while charging.

The integrated battery is designed for easy transport, and there is a power port near the battery for the rider to connect to power when needed.

For example, Cyrusher Kommoda’s e-bike is powered by a 48V 14Ah lithium-ion battery that can withstand 800 charges. When you need to store power for the electric bicycle, you can directly connect it to a socket on the integrated battery of the electric bike or take out the power supply of the lithium battery separately for charging, and the indicator light will typically display when the power is stored.

When a rider needs to go on a long e-bike journey, it’s a good idea to carry an extra battery pack, which will not only help you avoid range anxiety.

If you already know the different types of integrated and external batteries, you can find a suitable spare battery pack for your e-bike by visiting our website. There are a variety of batteries to choose from. Choose the most ideal for your e-bike power system and capacity-compatible batteries.

For electric bicycles, the battery size conveys information about the capacity of the electric bike. In addition to the rider’s weight, the bicycle’s weight also affects the electric bicycle’s mileage.

Like any other charging device, you can charge and discharge it a limited number of times. It is also possible to extend the life of the battery by doing a few things that are good for the battery life of the e-bike.

Don’t let the e-bike battery run out of charge to recharge it. Riders may idle their e-bikes when winter comes, which will cause the e-bike battery to go into a dormant period, which will degrade the performance of the e-bike battery in the long run and affect its future performance, so it is necessary to keep the electric bike battery at 60% of the power stored.

Whether a built-in or external battery, they exist as the core components of an electric bicycle and play a central and vital role in the regular operation of the electric bike.

The built-in battery allows the e-bike to be perfectly integrated with the frame with the advantage of compactness, and the external battery is easier to remove. With today’s technology, we can’t prevent the battery from being depleted a limited number of times and finally fulfilling its mission of powering the e-bike for several years. Still, we can protect the battery carefully and choose the battery that best matches the performance of the e-bike and the frame and mounting position.

The battery capacity of an electric bicycle with a built-in battery or an external battery is related to the riding distance but cannot stop the rider’s enthusiasm for riding, the most wonderful thing about electric bikes is that they are an inclusive form of transportation that is not discriminated against by age and physical ability. Get out there, get active, and go anywhere with Cyrusher’s best fat tire electric bike.

External Battery for ZERO Scooters

We carry a variety of custom batteries for extending the range of the ZERO scooters.

Double your range with our ZERO 10X External battery option. Choose between 52V or 60V battery packs depending on your internal battery configuration. These are strictly for external battery usage and not for internal usage.

IMPORTANT: Your external battery has to match your internal battery in Voltage and Ah capacity as they will be connected in parallel.

All our external batteries are made with LG MH1 or Samsung cells with 50A discharge rate.


Li-ion LG MH1 3200mAh or Samsung cells. Choose between 52V and 60V configurations.

Comes with external battery pouch with wiring and connectors, includes wiring and connectors and kids handlebar. Excludes charger.

Runs parallel to the current battery but each battery (internal and external) has to be charged separately

Charger sold separately

Dimension: 410 x 170 x 85mm

Suitable for ZERO 10 and ZERO 8X too.


We are now able to ship to most countries. Please inquire with us before ordering if your country is in our allowable list.


Here are the instructions on how to install the 48V external battery pack into your ZERO 8 or ZERO 9 scooter:

How Useful is an eBike Extra Battery?

Electric bikes come with a better range than ever before, yet you might still find that the market is full of external batteries that can be used to expand the eBike’s range.

But how useful is an eBike extra battery and how convenient is it when you’re on the go? External eBike batteries are definitely a thing since they’re manufactured and provided by some of the top eBike manufacturers.

With the many benefits they bring, it’s definitely a no-brainer decision if you’re using your eBike often. External eBike batteries are especially useful for hunters who don’t have to worry about range anxiety ever again.

And if you’re looking to find out how useful an eBike extra battery is and even where to get one, keep on reading!

What’s the eBike’s Battery Average Range?

There are many factors that should be considered when estimating the eBike’s average range produced by the battery.

On average, quality hunting eBikes tend to have a battery that provides anywhere between 35 to 80 miles on a single charge.

Now, along with the battery’s size and capacity, you should also take the motor’s power into consideration. And on top of that, other factors such as weather conditions, terrain type, and the rider’s weight or weight you store and haul on your eBike or its cargo trailer can determine eBike’s average range.

Lastly, even the way you ride an eBike can impact the range you can achieve. Most eBikes come with a pedal-assist system that can expand the battery’s range if you do the work, but if you only enjoy the power of an eBike using a throttle button, you’ll get fewer miles than if you used PAS.

Also, depending how much power you use on an eBike equipped with a throttle button can determine how far you’ll get on a single charge.

Benefits of an eBike Extra Battery Pack

With so many things and factors you should take into consideration before you set on a ride with your electric bike, an extra battery pack definitely makes more sense.

Not only does an extra battery pack help you avoid range anxiety, but it can also help you double the range you achieve with your eBike so you don’t have to carry your charger, worry if you’ll have enough range to make it back, or if your range will drastically reduce due to the weather conditions.

Colder weather and temperatures can drain the battery much faster which is also something that you should account for and yet bringing an extra battery pack, even just in case situations, can save you from having to pedal your way back home.

The best way to look at an extra battery pack is as the ability to go one way with your current battery pack, and then when you want to go back, you can switch the battery with a full extra battery pack and start heading home.

This way, you will feel at ease without having to worry about the range left since you’ll have a fully charged battery ready.

How Difficult is it to Switch an eBike Battery?

How difficult it is to switch an eBike battery will solely depend on the eBike’s model.

Most electric bikes come with batteries that are easy to detach which doesn’t only help you swap the battery with an extra battery pack, but also carries the battery inside the home to fully charge it in a room temperature.

Therefore, most batteries have a small lock so you will have to use the key to pop the battery out, so no one else can take your battery out but you.

Unfortunately, some electric bikes for off-road and rugged rides come with an integrated battery inside the frame. This type of battery provides its benefits when it comes down to ruggedness and reliability, but on the downside, you won’t be able to pop it out and use an external eBike extra battery.

The best way to find if your electric bike can be used with an extra battery pack is to check and see if the eBike’s manufacturer is selling external battery packs themself.

If yes, this is a good sign that you can purchase and replace a battery whenever you’re on the go to expand the eBike’s range.

How to Get an eBike Extra Battery Pack?

The best way to get an extra battery pack for your electric bike is to see if the eBike’s manufacturer is producing and selling extra battery packs.

This will ensure compatibility and you’ll know for sure if your eBike’s battery can be easily popped out and even replaced with an extra battery pack.

However, you can also check quality eBike retailers to see if they’re selling universal battery packs, as they’ll most likely sell extra battery packs for the eBike’s they sell. One of those eBike retailers is eBikeGeneration which sells extra battery packs for brands such as Bakcou, Rambo, Emojo, Bam, and others.

If you already have an electric bike that doesn’t seem to be compatible with an extra battery pack or you can’t pop it out, there are still options you can consider.

One of the options is getting a solar eBike charger or a battery bank that can be connected to the existing battery to charge it even if you’re on the go.

Even though external eBike batteries are an investment, they’re really worth the money since they double your eBike’s range capacity.


eBike extra battery pack is very useful and is very well worth the investment since you’ll never have to worry about the range ever again.

But most importantly, an extra battery pack can save you time and effort if you ever get stuck when your battery runs out. Instead of pedaling back, it’ll only take you a minute to swap out the battery and keep going.

With the ability to double the eBike’s range and a couple of additional benefits, if you can find an external battery pack for your eBike, it’s a no-brainer decision that’ll definitely pay off in the long run and you’ll never want to go back to riding without one!

What do you think about eBike extra battery packs? Do you always go on a ride with one?

The Ultimate Guide: Top Features to Consider When Choosing an Electric Hunting Bike

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