Electra Townie Go! & Path Go! Review. Townie go electric bike

Electra Townie Go! Path Go! Review

Even though electric bikes are more complex than regular bicycles, they should not stray away too much from the original idea of what this two-wheeled vehicle was imagined to be. A high-quality electric bike should be comfortable, durable, reliable, and have enough range to cover most of your regular rides.

In this review, I aim to uncover whether Electra Townie Go! and Townie Path Go! e-bikes meet these criteria.

These are entry-level to mid-range Class 1 comfort/cruiser e-bicycles built by Electra, a US-based company and a subsidiary of Trek. Though they come with high-quality electric and mechanical components (mainly Bosch and Shimano), they’re not ideal for everyone due to their design and original intent. That said, if you’re a commuter and a recreational rider, you will probably love them.

electra, townie, path, review

If you’re considering buying a Townie electric bike, you will benefit from reading this review by seeing exactly what you’re getting for your money.

What Kind of E-Bikes Are Electra Townie Go! Townie Path Go!?

Electra‘s Townie Go! and Townie Path Go! are two distinct lines of cruiser/comfort bikes. They have a lot in common, but they also come with some very noticeable differences.

First of all, let’s talk about the traits they share. Both lines are comprised of recreational bicycles intended for commuters and leisure riders. These are not fast bikes, so they’re not ideal for performance-oriented cyclists who want to dominate group rides. Though, with the help of a high pedal-assistance level, you can easily maintain a 15 mph average speed and reach a 20 mph maximum assisted speed. That’s not too shabby at all.

Both of these Townie electric bikes also implement Electra’s patented Flat Foot Technology for easier pedaling and a more stable feel.

Townie Go! and Townie Path Go! are comfortable electric bicycles that blow the competition away with the value for money they provide.

In terms of pricing, Townie Go! and Townie Path Go! range from budget e-bikes to mid-range e-bikes, which determines what features and accessories you get. For example, Townie Go! 7D represents the bottom of the range (1,500) and Townie Path Go! 10D sits at the top of the price range (3,700).

Your budget will also determine whether or not you’ll get fenders, lights, an integrated battery, mid-drive or rear hub motor, and a few other bells and whistles.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a bike to use for commutes, run errands on, take your kids to school, go on family picnics, or enjoy a relaxing ride with your friends, these two Townie electric bikes will fit the picture just right.

Let’s find out exactly what you get with each of the available models, answer the most common questions, and clarify any other doubts.

What is Electra’s Flat Foot Technology?

Flat Foot Technology is a unique frame design solution developed by Electra. What they did is they moved the pedals forward relative to the saddle, relaxed the angle of the seat tube, and thus opened up the cockpit for a more comfortable position.

Electra’s patented Flat Foot Technology in action.

The main benefits of these design changes are:

  • Upright riding position.
  • Relaxed arm position and an improved view of the road.
  • Ability to plant your feet flat on the ground while sitting on the saddle.
  • Full and proper leg extension while pedaling.
  • Less strain on the knees while pedaling hard, such as when riding uphill.

All Townie electric bikes feature this clever frame design solution. That’s what makes them so different from other similar bikes out there. They’re unprecedentedly comfortable, which is what matters the most when shopping for a cruiser/comfort bicycle.

Townie Go! Series Overview

Townie Go! is the less expensive and more budget-oriented line of the two. These are simple but capable city electric bikes built around step-over or step-through frames.

They’re powered by either Bosch or Hydrive systems, both of which are similarly capable to take you on a spin around town, haul a lot of weight, and make short work of an intimidating hill.

Let’s get into a bit more detail about the value each of the available Townie electric bikes offers for the money. Are they worth it? You can decide for yourself.

Townie Go! 7D Step-Over Step-Thru

Taking Electra Townie Go! 7D Step-Over and Step-Thru for a chill spin.

Electra Townie Go! 7D is the cheapest e-bike of the bunch. It costs just 1,500 and features a streamlined design with an emphasis on ease of use and practicality.

Available in step-over and step-through variations, the frame is made with lightweight aluminum and the fork is made with Hi-ten steel. Both frames come with Electra’s Flat Foot Technology that will improve your pedaling, comfort, and stability.

Townie Go! 7D is powered by a Hydrive 250W rear hub motor and a 309 Wh battery mounted on the rear rack. With a Smart usage of the three available assistance levels, you can probably get around 50 miles from one charge. You can track your battery and assist levels on a handy LED control pad mounted on the handlebar.

The “7D” in the name of this Townie electric bike stands for a 7-speed derailleur, which is an entry-level Shimano Tourney in this case. Other features include dependable mechanical disc brakes and 26″ x 2.35″ balloon tires that will greatly improve your comfort. Note that the Step-Over model rolls on 27.5″ wheels and tires with the same width.

Speaking about comfort, you also get an ergonomic saddle with shock-absorbing elastomers, so you can enjoy long rides without a sore bum.

electra, townie, path, review

All in all, Townie Go! 7D ibn this review is a decent entry-level city e-bike with a lot of value for the money and a few points for future improvement. If you want an affordable, comfortable, upright ride with decent range and plenty of pedal-assistance, don’t hesitate to get it.

Townie Go! 8D EQ Step-Over Step-Thru

Electra Townie Go! 8D feels at home when you take it on a cruise along a sandy beach.

Electra Townie Go! 8D EQ comes with a small upcharge in price but a big up-charge that you get from the battery and the motor.

In terms of frame design, it doesn’t differ from the less-expensive Townie Go! 7D. It sports the same aluminum frameset with a steel fork. Step-over and step-through versions are also available, both of which come with 26″ x 2.35″ balloon tires.

What differs is that this bike is equipped with a high-quality, mid-drive Bosch Active Line 250W motor and a Bosch 400Wh battery mounted on the down tube. It will give you up to 70 miles of range if you dose the four levels of assist the right way. over, the LED control pad is replaced with a sophisticated Bosch Purion LCD screen.

This bike also features better hydraulic disc brakes, internal cable routing, and an 8-speed Shimano Tourney rear derailleur. A big plus is that it also comes with fenders, lights, and a rear rack.

So if you want more power, range, and gears, better electronics, better brakes, and you’re willing to pay, Townie Go! 8D EQ will deliver on all of that.

Townie Go! 5i Step-Over Step-Thru

Electra Townie Go! 5i EQ is everything you need from an e-bike minus the complicated maintenance.

Electra Townie Go! 5i EQ is the premium model in this line. It shares all the good features of its less expensive cousins and improves on the poor ones.

Like the cheaper 8D EQ, this model also comes with a potent, mid-drive Bosch Active Line 250W motor and the same 400Wh battery pack. Of course, these are coupled with the respected Bosch Purion LCD display.

This Townie Electric bike’s main selling point is the Shimano Nexus 5-speed internal gear hub that’s completely sealed and requires no adjusting or maintenance. It has plenty of gear range to comfortably climb hills with the help of the motor.

Urban riders will also appreciate the power and the ease-of-use of the hydraulic disc brakes, as well as the Schwalbe Fat Frank 26″ x 2.35″ tires. These come with puncture protection which will make all the difference when navigating the minefields that city streets are.

Of course, being a premium model of this review, Townie Go! 5i EQ also sports fenders and lights, a kickstand, and an Abus frame lock, all of which will enhance your riding experience.

Townie Path Go! Series Overview

Townie Path Go! is Electra’s answer to the needs of riders who requested more style, better looks, improved power, and more sophisticated components and accessories.

The result is a good-looking city/comfort bike with a sleek design, powerful Bosch electronics, and smoothly operating Shimano components. Naturally, the price tag is also higher compared to the budget-oriented Townie Go! series.

If you have high expectations from an e-bike you’ll be using every day, these Townie e-bikes might just be the right choice.

Townie Path Go! 10D EQ Step-Over Step-Thru

Townie Path Go! is a fun electric cruiser that can put a smile on the face of any new rider.

Those who wish to ride faster, explore further, and conquer steeper hills should consider getting the Townie Path Go! 10D EQ Class 1 city e-bike.

This Townie e-bike features a more powerful Bosch Performance Line 500W mid-drive motor and a fully integrated Bosch 500Wh battery pack. You can barely see that the battery is there, but it will easily provide you with a range of up to 65 miles.

Instead of a traditional LED or an LCD controller, Townie Go! 10D supports a Bosch Smartphone Hub controller. It lets you connect your smartphone to the bike via Bluetooth, which lets you control the bike, charge your phone, get navigation, listen to music, track your rides, and a lot more.

The 10D in the name stands for a Shimano Deore 10-speed rear derailleur, which is a really nice feature. It’s a mid-range group offering crisp and precise shifting.

Townie 10D EQ also sports dependable Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, fenders, lights, ABUS frame lock, and so on. It rolls on Bontrager E6 hard-case lite 27.5″ x 2.4″ tires with puncture protection and reflective sidewalls, so you get comfort, convenience, and safety all at once.

To sum, this is a modern and trendy electric bike for city folks who put comfort and style above everything else but don’t feel like sacrificing power, range, speed, and reliability to get them.

How Do Electra Townie Go! Townie Path Go! Feel to Ride?

Electra Townie Go! and Townie Path Go! are built to be enjoyed. If you’re a performance-oriented cyclist looking for an e-bike with a sporty feel, you should probably keep looking for your ideal e-bike. On the other hand, if you want comfort, style, and fun, scroll back up and make your pick.

No matter which Electra Townie Go! or Townie Path Go! model you get, you will enjoy a similar ride feel and experience. Of course, what will differ will be the accessories, power, and the range of the bikes.

Electra Townie line consists of versatile e-bikes that can make different types of riders happy.

With the battery charged and the pedal-assistance on, Electra Townie e-bikes feel fast, nimble, and responsive no matter the terrain. Each bike weighs around 50 lbs on average, which is reasonable for an e-bike of this class. They can also haul up to 300 lbs of rider weight, kids, or additional cargo mounted on the rear rack.

Thanks to the multi-speed drivetrains, you can ride these bikes with relative ease even with a low pedal-assist level or with a dead battery. If you take the battery pack off, you can ride any Townie e-bike like a regular bike and get a good workout in.

To sum this review, the words I feel need to be emphasized when discussing the ride feel of Townie Go! and Townie Path Go! bikes are Comfort, Style, Power, and Versatility. Enjoy it!

People Also Ask

Yes, Electra Townie is a very good e-bike. It is not intended for professional or sports-oriented cyclists but for recreational cyclists and commuters. It packs quality electric components, Shimano derailleurs, disc brakes, and handy accessories for enjoyable everyday riding.

Electra Townie e-bikes are made in Asia and then shipped worldwide to cut down on production costs.

Yes, you can manually pedal an Electra Townie e-bike. The power from the motor only kicks in when you pedal, so you have to keep turning the pedals to get assistance. You can still ride the bike even when the battery is dead or the motor is off, but you’ll have additional weight from the electric components to haul around.

Electra Townie e-bikes cost between 1,500 and 3,700, roughly. The change over time depending on which models are available.

Electra Townie e-bikes weigh around 50 lbs, which is the average weight for an e-bike of this type in the industry.

Electra Flat Foot Technology is a unique frame design that places the pedals forward relative to the saddle, thus ensuring an upright riding position, full leg extension, more comfort, and better stability.

Electra Townie line is comprised of city/cruiser/comfort e-bikes intended for ordinary riders who value comfort, convenience, reliable performance, and a unique design that combines good looks with clever solutions.

Electra Townie Go! 5i Step-Thru

Go to the market. Go to the beach. Go get coffee. The Townie Go! 5i is an easy-to-use, fun-to-ride, pedal-assist e-bike with surprising power that’ll make you want to go forever. With the Bosch Active Line System and Electra’s Flat Foot Technology, climb hills and shorten distances with ease. It’s impossible not to smile while riding a Townie Go!

It’s right for you if. Whether you ride every day or are just looking to get out and ride more, the Townie Go! 5i is up your alley. This new and improved version of one of our best-selling e-bikes helps you enhance your lifestyle and remove boundaries. Go farther, go faster and go funner.

The tech you getPowered by the Bosch Active Plus System with a 250W mid-frame motor and 4 mode levels of support. Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo. no hill or distance will stand in your way. The new Shimano Nexus Inter-5E hub is designed for e-bike motors, making it easier to control your output and battery life.

The final wordThe Townie Go! 5i offers the best smileage in its class and features our patented Flat Foot Technology, which provides absolute comfort and control. Studies show that e-bike riders ride three times more often and three times longer than traditional bike riders. So what are you waiting for? Get out and Go!

electra, townie, path, review

Why you’ll love it- This ride is streamlined and ready for customizations. Add a rack, basket or bell to make it your own.- The PowerPack 400 battery and 4 AMP charger charges quickly to keep you going.- Changing gears is intuitive and easy, even while pedaling uphill, so you can FOCUS on the fun.- The 26 puncture-resistant Schwalbe balloon tires are comfy and smooth.- Color-matched fenders keep you clean while front and rear LED lighting keep you safe.- A rear rack helps carry everything you need with ease and style.















Cassette/Rear Cogs








Seat Post

Accessories Extras

Bosch Active Line Plus 250 watts
Bosch PowerPack 400
4 AMP charger
6061-T6 aluminum w/ patented Flat Foot Technology
Hi-ten steel unicrown, straight/tapered leg
1 1/8 steel threaded/semi-integrated
Painted or anodized alloy 26 × 36h
Front: Alloy low-flange w/ center lock disc brake 36hRear: Shimano Nexus inter-5E 5-speed internal w/ center lock disc brake, 36h
14g Stainless, Silver
Schwalbe Fat Frank 26 × 2.35 balloon w/ puncture resistant Kevlar guard casing
Forged alloy 170 mm, Bosch type
KMC Z1EHX nickel plated
Shimano 30t
Shimano Nexus 5-speed twist w/ optical display
Alloy custom bend 25.9 width/4 rise
Ergo-shaped hand-stitched leatherette
Forged alloy 25.4mm quill, 80 mm extension
Front/rear: Tektro hydraulic disc brakes
Alloy platform w/ non-slip rubber tread
Ergonomic w/shock-absorbing elastomers
Alloy micro-adjust 27.2 x 350mm
ABUS Frame Lock, Reflective Battery Decal, Internal Cable Routing, and Stainless Steel and Anti-Rust Hardware

Subject to change without notice.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
Cloud Grey / One Size 601842372098 1044502 TOW31700432Y
Ebony / One Size 601842372142 1044507 TOW27894422Y
Glacier Blue / One Size 601842372128 1044505 TOW33331116E
Jade / One Size 601842372081 1044501 TOW26330706E
Green Tea / One Size 601842372111 1044504 TOW30954114A

Electra Townie Go! 7D Step Thru

The Townie Go! 7D is the e-bike for everyone. It combines comfort and control with the power and fun of an e-bike. Now featuring a fully integrated battery with 3 levels of support, 26 tires and Electra’s patented Flat Foot Technology

The Townie Go! 7D is the e-bike for everyone. It combines comfort and control with the power and fun of an e-bike. Now featuring a fully integrated battery with 3 levels of support, 26 tires and Electra’s patented Flat Foot Technology Go faster, farther, and funner for less than you thought possible.

It’s right for you if.

You thought a quality e-bike was out of reach. The Townie Go! 7D is an easy-to-use and fun-to-ride electric bike at an attainable price. Whether you’re an experienced rider or just looking to get back on two wheels, this is a solid choice for anyone looking to enhance their lifestyle.

The tech you get

The Electra E-bike System provides confidence and control through three modes of power support with a rear hub motor, while the upgraded LED display shows your battery charge and support level. Mechanical disc brakes provide smooth and powerful stopping, and Townie saddle and grips ensure a comfy, stylish ride.

The final word

Go! to work. Go! to the farmers market. Go! up and down the block with a big grin on your face because this ride delivers more smiles per mile. The Townie Go! 7D is the pedal-assist e-bike for everyone no matter what age, height and experience level.

Why you’ll love it

  • The Townie Go! 7D features our patented Flat Foot Technology for ultimate comfort and control while riding.
  • Reach a top-assisted speed of 20 mph with support from the rear hub motor.
  • Monitor your level of power support and battery charge easily with the improved LED controller.
  • Turn your e-bike into a me-bike with a basket, bell or helmet. The e-ssentials, of course.
  • This Go! e-bike combines quality, comfort and value with Electra’s signature style.


Rear Hub Motor:

Reach a top-assisted speed of 20mph with the rear hub motor. This pedal-assist system features a 250W motor that delivers 40Nm of torque for a seamless riding experience.

Fully Integrated Battery

The beauty of the fully integrated design is that your friends won’t even be able to tell it’s an e-bike! With a range up to 40 miles and a full charge in 4 hours, this 250Wh battery system has your back on longer rides and steep hills

LED Display:

This easy-to-use LED handlebar display allows riders to monitor battery charge and adjust level of support at the touch of a button.

Range Extender:

Add an extra 250Wh of power with the Electra E-bike System range extender. It’s perfect for getting lost in the moment and taking the scenic route home with up to 40 miles of extra support. Available at your local Electra dealer

Shimano Revo Shifter:

The Shimano Revo shifter allows you to change gears with ease and prescision with the simple twist of your wrist.


Frame 6061-T6 aluminum w/patented Flat Foot Technology Fork Hi-ten steel unicrown, straight/tapered leg Front hub Alloy low-flange w/6-bolt disc, 36h, w/QR Rear hub Hyena hub motor w/6-bolt disc, 36h, nutted Rims Anodized alloy 26x36h Tires 26×2.35 balloon Shifters Shimano Revo 7-speed twist w/optical gear display Rear derailleur Shimano Tourney TY 7-speed Crank Forged alloy 170mm, 42t chainring Bottom bracket Hyena T47 w/integrated torque and cadence sensor Cassette 7-speed 14-34t Chain KMC Z7 Pedals Resin platform w/non-slip rubber tread Saddle Ergonomic w/shock-absorbing elastomers Seatpost Alloy straight post 27.2x350mm Handlebar Alloy custom bend 25.9 width/4 rise Grips Comfort kraton Stem Forged alloy 25.4mm quill, 80mm extension Headset 1 1/8 steel threaded/semi-integrated Brakeset Front/rear: mechanical disc brakes Rotor size Front/rear: 180mm Battery Hyena 250Wh, includes 2 AMP charger Controller Hyena LED Motor Hyena rear hub motor, 250 watts Kickstand Alloy Extras Painted chainguard, ring lock mounts, internal cable routing, anti-rust hardware Weight 19.96 kg / 44.01 lbs Weight limit This bike has a maximum total weight limit (combined weight of bicycle, rider, and cargo) of 300 pounds (136 kg).

We reserve the right to make changes to the product information contained on this site at any time without notice, including with respect to equipment, specifications, models, colors, materials, and pricing. Due to supply chain issues, compatible parts may be substituted at any time without notice. shown are manufacturer’s suggested retail prices.

Bike and frame weights are based off pre-production painted frames at time of publication. Weights may vary in final production.


All measurements provided in cm unless otherwise noted.

electra, townie, path, review

Frame size letter Wheel size A — Seat tube B — Seat tube angle C — Head tube length D — Head angle K — Wheelbase L — Standover M — Frame reach N — Frame stack
M 26 45.0 67.0° 21.7 69.0° 117.4 47.8 32.3 59.7

Review: 1,499 Townie Go! 7D e-bike is a fun, attractive electric beach cruiser

There’s something timeless about beach cruisers. I just love the pedal-forward design, upright riding style and care-free fun that has me feeling like I’m riding through a soda commercial. But as timeless as the good, old-fashioned beach cruiser is, a little added technology never hurt. The Electra Townie Go! 7D benefits from an electric pedal assist system that retains the feel of a Townie beach cruiser but makes the ride much easier – and more fun!

The pedal-powered Townie 7D has been the best selling bicycle in the US for the past 4 years, according to Electra. So it makes sense that the company would want to integrate it into its electric bicycle portfolio as well.

I’ve always been a fan of Townie e-bikes, but they were previously fairly expensive. The higher priced models come with Bosch mid-drive motors that make for a nice riding experience but don’t do the price any favors.

The Townie Go! 7D, on the other hand, opts for a rear hub motor instead. Between that and the rack-mounted battery, Electra was able to get the price down to just 1,499. That puts it in line with some of the best low-cost electric bicycles on the market.

And sure, you don’t get fancy features like hydraulic brakes or multiple front chainrings, but what you do get is a solid e-bike that is an absolute blast to ride.

Townie Go! 7D video review

Check out my video review of the Townie Go! 7D electric bicycle below, then read on for my entire review.

Townie Go! 7D tech specs

  • Motor: 250 W geared rear hub motor
  • Top speed: 32 km/h (20 mph) with pedal assist
  • Range: 32-80 km (20-50 Mi)
  • Battery: 36 V 309 Wh
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Suspension: None
  • Brakes: Tektro mechanical disc brakes
  • Shifter: 7-speed Shimano Tourney derailleur
  • Extras: Shock-absorbing elastomer cruiser saddle, rear rack, LED display for battery gauge and PAS level indicator

Cruising on an electric beach cruiser

The first thing to note about the Townie Go! 7D is that it is a pedal-assist only electric bike. That means there’s no throttle to “cheat” with, so to speak.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to pedal when necessary. But I’ve been spoiled by e-bikes with convenient throttles to blast around like a motorbike. So when I got on the Townie Go! 7D, I had to remember how to pedal.

Fortunately, it was like riding a bicycle.

But seriously, the pedaling experience on the Townie Go! 7D was a lot of fun. You only get 7 speeds, but that’s perfectly fine by me. I’m not worried about optimizing my cadence for Tour de France cycling here – I’m just having a blast riding around on a pretty e-bike.

The 250 W motor doesn’t sound like much, but it gave me plenty of boost on the highest assist level and still did its part on the lowest assist level. I could get up to around 19 mph (31 km/h) quite quickly, though getting past 20 mph (32 km/h) took significantly more pedal power once the electric assist cut away.

The rack-mounted battery is just about the only part of the bike doesn’t agree with me, aesthetically. It’s an otherwise beautiful bike. But hey, the good thing about rack mounted batteries is that the bike comes with a rack, which can be quite useful for hauling your picnic basket down to the beach.

And speaking of that battery, it isn’t massive at 309 Wh. But since this is a pedal assist bike, I found that the range was still quite good. If I kept it in the highest pedal assist mode (meaning I was doing the least amount of work) I could get just over 20 miles (32 km) of range. That jives exactly with the company’s rating, which is a refreshing thing to see. So many companies overrate their range that it has become nearly impossible to trust range figures anymore.

I didn’t actually do a full range test on the lowest pedal assist setting, but if the company is honest about 20 miles (32 km) of range on the highest setting, then I’d guess that the 50 Mi (80 km) estimate for the lowest pedal assist setting is also accurate, especially considering that you’re doing the lion’s share of the work in the lowest pedal assist setting.

The wide handlebars and cruiser seat make the bike comfortable to ride and easy to steer. Add in the fairly balloon-ish 2.35″ tires, and you’ve got enough bounce that they make up for the lack of suspension on smooth paths, which is mostly what I rode. I wouldn’t expect the Townie Go! 7D to be the best option for cratered city streets with potholes so big they swallow up cabs, but on smooth beach paths, you’ll never even notice the lack of suspension thanks to those big tires.

And when I tested the bike more extensively by riding over boardwalks, train tracks, and other less-than-ideal surfaces, the bike rode quite nicely. So when it comes to ride quality, I have absolutely zero complaints there. It’s simply a smooth, comfortable, and fun ride.

The only area where I have some criticism is on the lack of nicer features. Perhaps I’m spoiled by the higher-end models in Electra’s Townie e-bike line, but the mechanical disc brakes mean that you’ll eventually have to start playing with brake tuning as the cables stretch over time. There’s also no lights or fenders included – two components that many people consider to be necessities. And there’s no LCD screen to display speed or range info – just an LED display that gives you basic pedal assist and battery capacity readouts.

At the same time though, I have to remind myself that the Townie Go! 7D saves me over a thousand dollars compared to the higher-end models in the Townie e-bike lineup. So for those kinds of savings, I can afford to add my own inexpensive lights and fenders to the bike.

So is the Townie Go! 7D perfect? No, not quite. It doesn’t have the nicest components or extra features, but it is a solid e-bike with a beautiful design and a comfortable ride. Plus you get the benefit of having dealers just about everywhere, meaning you shouldn’t be out of luck if you ever need service or support.

What do you think of the Townie Go! 7D electric bike? Let us know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below!

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