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Review of Electra Bikes

Electra is a bicycle company known throughout the US and around the world for its premium and affordable cruisers, city bikes, and electric bikes. Their lineup includes a rich selection of bikes packed with useful technologies for everyday riding.

Electra Bikes is a Vista, California-based company that has been in the cycling business for 30 years. They are recognizable for their comfort bicycles intended for casual city riding, beach cruising, and daily commuting.

At the beginning of 2014, Electra became a subsidiary of Trek, but retained its brand identity and its brains in Vista, California. Trek’s logistical and financial support helped Electra grow and improve their products further.

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In this review, we’ll show you the entire lineup of Electra Bikes and provide you with an overview of each model.

If you’re in the market for a comfortable and affordable cruiser bicycle, keep reading and you might find one that you like.

Photos from Electra.trekbikes.com


Electra produces a wide range of both traditional and electric modern cruiser bikes. They design and sell comfort bicycles, classic Dutch-style bikes, hybrid bikes, and more. They also offer a line of accessories, gear, apparel, and bicycle parts.

These bikes are best-known for Electra’s patented Flat Foot Technology that moves the pedals forward relative to the saddle. This allows riders to put their feet flat on the ground when coming to a stop and still get full leg extension while riding.

over, ALL Electra bikes are available with both step-over and step-through frames, so feel free to choose the one that suits you better.

Let’s learn more about the range and each individual model.

Electra Townie

Best for comfort and leisure riding around the town, as well as for short daily commutes.

MSRP from 540

FULL REVIEW: Electra Townie 7D

Electra Townie is a range of some of the best-selling cruiser bikes in the USA. If you’re asking why, the reason is Smart and simple utilitarian design.

It offers you three model lines with dependable Shimano components, plenty of gears, and rim brakes. They’re called Original / EQ, Path, and Commute.

Electra Townies are made around a lightweight aluminum frame that puts your body in an upright riding position and features Flat Foot Technology. That means even short riders can easily touch the ground when stopped and feel more confident.

These comfort bikes also boast strong 26 or 700C double-wall alloy rims, depending on the model. Townie Commute also comes with front and rear racks for hauling additional weight around.

If you get the EQ model, you’ll also get fenders and a front dynamo hub that powers front and rear LED lights. These accessories will enable you to ride in wet weather and at night, making your Townie even more practical.

Hopefully, now you see why these are some of the best-selling cruiser bikes around.

Electra Loft

A comfortable commuter bike built to withstand rough city streets on a daily basis.

MSRP from 540

Electra Loft is a line of Dutch-style commuter bikes with simple lines and even simpler components. But, that’s a good thing if you like to ride but hate to do maintenance work.

Electra Loft bikes come with step-over or step-through lightweight aluminum frames. The step-through version has two models (7D and 7i), whereas the step-over version has three models (3i, 7D, and 7i).

What all Electra Loft bikes have in common are comfort-oriented geometry that puts you in an upright position, swept-back handlebars, racks, and linear-pull brakes.

For ultimate city comfort riding, all Electra Loft models feature spring-loaded saddles and grippy 700C tires that are fast and secure.

The 3i and 7i models (with internal gear hubs) also come with rear racks that allow you to fit panniers and carry important documents to work or go grocery shopping.

If functional minimalism combined with traditional style is what you care most about, then Loft is the perfect bike for you.

Electra Cruiser

Best for urban riders with style who want to cruise along beaches and soak up the sun.

MSRP from 320

Electra Cruiser is one of the first bikes this California-based company has made. It is the model that started it all. These are leisure bicycles made for cruising along beaches, on bike paths, or city streets.

The lineup consists of three separate models: Classic, Attitude, and Fashion. Each one offers a large number of different designs and builds you can choose from. At the moment, the Cruiser line numbers around 25 diverse bikes.

The characteristics they all share are good-looking cruiser-style frames that are comfortable to ride on for hours. They have swept-back handlebars and feature Flat Foot Technology that will increase your confidence.

electra, e-bikes, denman, bikes

Electra Cruiser models come with single-speed drivetrains, internal gear hubs, or traditional derailleurs. Some of them have rim brakes, some use coaster brakes, and there are even models with disc brakes.

The Cruiser lineup also includes some models with fat tires and even a few tandem bikes. It’s really hard not to find something that you like.

If you’re looking for colorful cruisers with fenders and racks, definitely check out the Fashion lineup.

Electra Kids

Excellent for preschoolers and school kids in need of a good-looking quality bike they can use and abuse every day.

MSRP from 290

Electra did not forget about the youngest riders out there. Their diverse lineup also includes a wide range of 16″ and 20″ kids’ bikes. They’re perfect for youngsters who are still learning or those who have already mastered balancing on two wheels.

All 16″ models come with training wheels that should help children learn how to ride more easily. However, these can be detached if you want your child to learn on their own, which is what we recommend.

These 16″ bikes are suitable for 4-6-year-old kids that are between 3’7″-3’8″ tall and have an 18″-22″ inseam. All models have front brakes and chain guards, both of which improve safety.

Electra offers more than 15 fun kids’ bikes of different sizes, that preschoolers and school kids can use to learn how to ride or enjoy cruising around the neighborhood.

Electra’s 20″ kids’ bikes are suitable for 7-10-year-old children that are 4’0″-4’5″ tall with a 22″-25″ inseam length. There are numerous models to choose from with different build options.

All of them are single-speeds, most have front and rear V-brakes, and some even come with fenders. However, all of them are beautifully designed, so all kids will love them.

If you want to surprise your youngster with a fun-looking and quality bike that will not break your bank, we sincerely recommend the Electra Kids’ lineup.

Electra GO! Electric Bikes

Apart from the traditional cruiser, comfort, and hybrid bicycles, Electra also offers four electric bikes. These are called:

These are affordable and capable e-bikes that will help you ride farther than before and motivate you to spend more time on two wheels.

All Electra Go! models have high-quality Bosch electric components with either rear-hub or mid-drive motors and 20 mph maximum assisted speed.

Ready to learn more? Let’s GO!

Electra Vale GO!

A versatile and high-quality e-bike built to handle urban commutes and gravel getaways.

Vale Go! is one of Electra’s most premium city e-bikes you can get. It’s made with a light and durable aluminum frame available in three colors. The design is step-through so it’s easy to get on and off any time.

This bike is equipped with a powerful Bosch Performance Line Sport mid-drive motor with a fully integrated battery that will provide you with plenty of assistance whenever you need it.

You can track your ride stats and battery details on the Bosch Kiox display that comes with Bluetooth connectivity.

Electra Vale Go! also touts a 9-speed Shimano Alivio drivetrain to help you when going up a hill and powerful Tektro hydraulic disc brakes to help you out when descending.

Vale Go! also provides plenty of comfort thanks to a suspended seatpost and wide 27.5″ tires. They’re wide enough to tackle both gravel and paved roads, so you can vary your commuting route.

This bike also lets you ride anytime thanks to front and rear lights, as well as front and rear fenders. You can also carry groceries or personal stuff on the modern-looking rear rack.

Perfect for errands and long commutes!

Electra Cafe Moto GO!

Unique retro-style bicycle packed with modern technology that ensures a high-quality ride.

Simply speaking, Electra Cafe Moto Go! is an electric bicycle that takes style, looks, and performance to the next level. This bike is inspired by the retro design of old motorcycles, but it’s powered by electric components.

It’s built around a unique aluminum frame made from 6061-T6 aluminum with hydroformed tubes and Electra’s Flat Foot Technology.

Cafe Moto Go! is equipped with the Enviolo Trekking 380% internal rear hub and a Gates carbon belt that ensures smooth pedaling. This also means maintenance is almost nonexistent.

When you need assistance, you can rely on the Bosch Performance Speed motor that can reach top assisted speeds of 28 mph. But don’t worry, the hydraulic disc brakes can stop you on a dime.

Electra Cafe Moto Go! rolls on massive 26″ x 2.8″ tires that can easily handle both paved and unpaved roads. When it comes to extras, you’ll also get fenders, front and rear lights, and even a tool bag.

If you want to be spotted wherever you go and enjoy a unique e-bike riding experience, definitely give this bike a try.

Electra Townie Path GO!

The ultimate commuter for city dwellers who need a long-range and high speeds.

Electra Townie Path Go! has everything you need to make your daily rides smoother, easier, longer, and more enjoyable. It is the ultimate city e-bike, equipped with advanced technology and all the accessories you could ask for.

The heart of this bike is a Bosch Performance Line motor system combined with a PowerTube 500 Wh battery. They provide you with a range of up to 60 miles (100 km) and a 25 km/h maximum speed.

Townie Path Go! is a lightweight aluminum e-bike with a stylish cruiser frame. It’s available in step-over and step-through versions and several attractive colors.

Apart from that, Townie Path Go! is also equipped with a 10-speed Shimano Deore groupset, so you can continue riding even when you’re out of battery.

If you need to come to a sudden stop, you can easily do it with a pair of strong Shimano hydraulic disc brakes.

Other highlights include the massive 27.5″ x 2.40″ tires, front and rear lights, fenders, and a handy rear rack.

If you want the best e-bike commuting experience at a reasonable price, Townie Path Go! is the right choice.

Electra Townie GO!

Best for urban riders on a tight budget who want the best possible value for moderate daily rides.

MSRP from 1,500

The electrified version of Electra’s best-selling cruiser is here! Electra Townie Go! is the improved version of the regular Townie that will let you ride much farther than before and enjoy your adventures more.

Just like the regular Townie, this lineup also consists of several bikes. You can choose from three models — Go! 7D, Go! i8, and Go! 8D — each one offering slightly different components.

If you want the cheapest of the three, you should go for Townie Go! 7D. It gives you a 7-speed drivetrain combined with powerful Bosch electronics.

The Go! 8i model comes with an internal gear hub, whereas Go! 8D offers 8 traditional gears with Shimano Acera components.

The maximum assisted speed of all three bikes is 20 mph and the estimated range is between 20 and 100 miles, which makes it perfect for casual city cruising.

The best thing about Townie Go!, in our opinion, is the looks. You can choose from a wide range of colors and design solutions, so this bike can be a complement to your style.

Definitely consider it if you want a cheap e-bike that can help you get far, go fast, and do it for years to come.

Sixthreezero vs Electra bikes

At first glance, Sixthreezero and Electra bikes are very similar.

As a result, a lot of people ask us if they’re made by the same company and which one is better.

They’re not made by the same company and, while they have some similarities, they are also completely different bikes.

  • In terms of design, both companies FOCUS on making cruisers, hybrids, comfort and city bikes. Therefore, riders’ comfort is the main goal.
  • The palette of colors is similar as well, though sixthreezero offers a simpler design and allows for more personalization.
  • Electra patented the Flat Foot Technology, but sixthreezero employs the same principle. Therefore, both bikes allow riders to touch the ground easily when stopped.
  • Electra bikes can be bought both offline and online, whereas sixthreezero bikes are only available online. As a result, sixthreezero models are 100 cheaper on average, but Electra’s models can be tried and tested in person.
  • Electra is owned by Trek, which is a big advantage. Trek is the biggest USA cycling company, so if brand equity and recognition is something you value, go for Electra.
  • One big advantage of Sixthreezero’s bikes is that they come with a 365-day return policy, which is unheard of anywhere else. You can buy it online, and if you hate it, you can return it within a year.
  • Lastly, if you prefer e-bikes, it’s good to know that Electra has a much better selection than sixthreezero, which certainly works in its favor.

Are Electra bikes (any) good?

Yes, Electra Bikes is a reliable brand that makes high-quality bicycles recognized around the world. They’re packed with Bosch and Shimano parts, on frames that are thoughtfully designed and look really good.

Are Electra bikes made by Trek?

No, Electra bikes are not made by Trek. However, the company is owned by Trek, so they have Trek’s financial and logistical help.

How much does an Electra bicycle cost?

On average, Electra bikes cost around 500, but you can get some more basic models for as little as 300. Electra’s e-bikes cost as little as 1,500, but some more advanced models cost as much as 4,500.

How much do Electra bikes weigh?

On average, Electra’s traditional bikes weigh around 35 lbs. On the other hand, Electra’s e-bikes generally weigh around 50 lbs.

Are Electra Bikes Electric?

Not all Electra bikes are electric. Electra makes both traditional bikes and e-bikes, so cyclists can choose whichever they like more

Final Verdict

Hopefully, after reading our detailed review of Electra’s lineup, you have a better understanding of these elegant city cruisers.

The question remains, are Electra bikes worth the money, and should you consider them? We say that they ARE and that you SHOULD.

Electra makes affordable city, cruiser, comfort, and hybrid bikes that look good, ride well and last for a long time thanks to their high-quality build. Plus, they’re owned and backed up by Trek, which should give you peace of mind that your money is going in the right hands.

If you want a stylish bike made for comfort and to be enjoyed, Electra offers a pretty good range of choices. We recommend it to commuters, leisure cyclists, family people, and city dwellers.

See Electra bikes on REI or on Electra.trekbikes.com

Electra E-Bikes at Denman Bikes

At Denman Bikes, we stock only quality e-bikes, which function well as regular bicycles but also provide the help you need when you need it with their electric drive. One of the brands we carry is Electra, the original cruiser bike company.

Electra Townie Go!

The Electra Townie is the quintessential cruiser bike – wide, comfortable tires, a simple drivetrain, and comfortable frame geometry. As an e-bike, the Electra Townie Go! also comes equipped with powerful disc brakes for all-weather stopping power. The premium Electra Townie Commute Go! comes fully equipped with larger, higher-volume tires on larger wheels for maximum comfort, hydraulic disc brakes, a low-maintenance 8 speed Shimano Nexus internally geared hub (never have your chain fall off again!), fenders, a front and rear rack for maximum carrying capacity, and integrated front and rear lights.

These e-bikes are powered by a Bosch Active Line 3 bottom-bracket mounted electric motor, taking you to a maximum assisted speed of 32 km/hr. Its lightweight and powerful lithium ion battery lasts 40-120 km on a charge, depending on usage, and charges fully in 6.5 hours. A handlebar-mounted cycle computer selects from four assist modes, and shows other details such as battery life, speed, trip distance, and more. The electric system on these bikes is fully sealed, requires no maintenance, and features a manufacturer warranty.

Handlebar-mounted Bosch cycle computer

Starting at 2749, the Electra Townie Go! is a comfortable, smooth ride; it’s made for cruising and good times and is available with both a step-thru and a step-over frame. The fully-loaded, premium Electra Townie Commute Go! is 3699, also in both a step-thru and step-over frame. Call (604) 559-9494 to book a test ride, or come down to Denman Bikes at 2607 Main Street and try it out for yourself today!

Electra Loft Go!

The Electra Loft is a sophisticated, classic bicycle which would be equally at home in the cafes of Paris or of Vancouver. Its clean lines give it timeless style, and its simple drivetrain, light weight, and step-thru geometry make it a pleasure to ride. The Electra Loft Go! comes upgraded with hydraulic disc brakes, front and rear racks, and integrated lights.

The Electra Loft Go! features the same Bosch Active Line drive system as the Townie Go!, providing the same consistent power over long range.

At 3899, the Electra Loft Go! is a classic European-style city bicycle. Call (604) 559-9494 to book a test ride, or come down to Denman Bikes at 2607 Main Street and try it out for yourself today!

Electra Ace of Spades

Electra is known for stylish cruisers, and the Electra Ace of Spades Go! is the pinnacle of their offerings. Its sleek matte-black frame will turn heads wherever you go, but looks are only the beginning when it comes to this bike’s features.

The Ace of Spades Go! will get you up to speed with an 8 speed drivetrain, with a simple low-maintenance Shimano Nexus internally geared hub. To slow you back down, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes provide powerful all-weather braking performance. This bike has fat balloon tires and a sprung leather seat for maximum riding comfort.

This bike’s functionality is backed up by the same reliable, long-lasting Bosch Active Line drive system that powers the rest of Electra’s e-bikes. Not only can you cruise in style, but you can do so at speed without breaking a sweat.

The Electra Ace of Spades – the simplicity of a bicycle with the moxie of a motorcycle

At 4299, the Electra Ace of Spades Go! oozes style and baditude; it’s the ultimate cruising machine. Call (604) 559-9494 to book a test ride, or come down to Denman Bikes at 2607 Main Street and try it out for yourself today!

Why E-Bikes?

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could ride your bike to the store, the park, to work, but it’s a little bit too far? Or gone shopping on your bike and ended up buying things that are a little uncomfortably heavy? Or do you need the range of a car, but hate parking in Vancouver? (who doesn’t) If so, an electric bike might be right for you!

Electric bikes have come a long way since their conception. As early as the 1890s, US patents were being filed for electric-assist bikes, and e-bikes were available to consumers in a variety of configurations. These early e-bikes, however, were heavy, due to the materials in use at the time, and specifically due to the lead-acid batteries used to power them.

E-bike 1932 (by Philips Simplex)

Luckily, today we live in a different world. Advances in materials have made quality e-bikes lighter, more powerful, higher range, and more pleasant to ride than ever before. Modern e-bikes often have frames of high-strength, low-weight aluminum, optimized geometry for the bike’s expected style of riding, powerful, compact motors placed in optimal drivetrain configurations, fully weather-sealed components, and energy-dense, light, fast-charging lithium-ion batteries.

What this means for a potential e-bike user is that not only do quality e-bikes ride like a normal bike, but they also provide the assistance you need, when you need it. Need to go that extra 10 kilometers? You can. Filled your bags too full of groceries? No problem. Want to go on a long bike ride with your fit friend, child, or grandchild? You’ll leave them in the dust. Hills getting you down when you want to go down to Spanish Banks? Leave it to an e-bike to get you back up.

As for maintenance issues, quality e-bikes are built with weather and wear in mind, so maintenance on the e-bike components will be minimal. In addition, the electrical components of all the quality e-bikes we sell come with at least a two year warranty. Legally, an electric bike is considered a regular bicycle, as well, so you won’t need any more safety equipment than you would need with a regular bicycle. However, one thing this entails is that the e-bike motor can take you to a legal maximum of 32.2 km/hr on level ground; if you’ve ever gone this fast on a regular bicycle, you’ll know that is pretty fast.

A modern e-bike (https://www.flickr.com/photos/testlab)

So, to conclude, who are e-bikes good for? In Vancouver, e-bikes are good for everyone! Many of our quality e-bikes come decked out with everything you could need for Vancouver and its weather – most have rain-defeating fenders already fitted, and some come with cargo transportation components ready-fitted. No matter your cycling experience, check out our catalogue of e-bikes, call (604) 559-9494 to book a test ride, or come down to Denman Bikes at 2607 Main Street and try out one of our e-bikes for yourself today!

Electra Townie Go! 5i Step-Thru

Go to the market. Go to the beach. Go get coffee. The Townie Go! 5i is an easy-to-use, fun-to-ride, pedal-assist e-bike with surprising power that’ll make you want to go forever. With the Bosch Active Line System and Electra‘s Flat Foot Technology, climb hills and shorten distances with ease. It’s impossible not to smile while riding a Townie Go!

It’s right for you if. Whether you ride every day or are just looking to get out and ride more, the Townie Go! 5i is up your alley. This new and improved version of one of our best-selling e-bikes helps you enhance your lifestyle and remove boundaries. Go farther, go faster and go funner.

The tech you getPowered by the Bosch Active Plus System with a 250W mid-frame motor and 4 mode levels of support. Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo. no hill or distance will stand in your way. The new Shimano Nexus Inter-5E hub is designed for e-bike motors, making it easier to control your output and battery life.

The final wordThe Townie Go! 5i offers the best smileage in its class and features our patented Flat Foot Technology, which provides absolute comfort and control. Studies show that e-bike riders ride three times more often and three times longer than traditional bike riders. So what are you waiting for? Get out and Go!

Why you’ll love it- This ride is streamlined and ready for customizations. Add a rack, basket or bell to make it your own.- The PowerPack 400 battery and 4 AMP charger charges quickly to keep you going.- Changing gears is intuitive and easy, even while pedaling uphill, so you can FOCUS on the fun.- The 26 puncture-resistant Schwalbe balloon tires are comfy and smooth.- Color-matched fenders keep you clean while front and rear LED lighting keep you safe.- A rear rack helps carry everything you need with ease and style.















Cassette/Rear Cogs








Seat Post

Accessories Extras

Bosch Active Line Plus 250 watts
Bosch PowerPack 400
4 AMP charger
6061-T6 aluminum w/ patented Flat Foot Technology
Hi-ten steel unicrown, straight/tapered leg
1 1/8 steel threaded/semi-integrated
Painted or anodized alloy 26 × 36h
Front: Alloy low-flange w/ center lock disc brake 36hRear: Shimano Nexus inter-5E 5-speed internal w/ center lock disc brake, 36h
14g Stainless, Silver
Schwalbe Fat Frank 26 × 2.35 balloon w/ puncture resistant Kevlar guard casing
Forged alloy 170 mm, Bosch type
KMC Z1EHX nickel plated
Shimano 30t
Shimano Nexus 5-speed twist w/ optical display
Alloy custom bend 25.9 width/4 rise
Ergo-shaped hand-stitched leatherette
Forged alloy 25.4mm quill, 80 mm extension
Front/rear: Tektro hydraulic disc brakes
Alloy platform w/ non-slip rubber tread
Ergonomic w/shock-absorbing elastomers
Alloy micro-adjust 27.2 x 350mm
ABUS Frame Lock, Reflective Battery Decal, Internal Cable Routing, and Stainless Steel and Anti-Rust Hardware

Subject to change without notice.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
Cloud Grey / One Size 601842372098 1044502 TOW31411020Y
Glacier Blue / One Size 601842372128 1044505 TOW33573741E
Jade / One Size 601842372081 1044501 TOW26906311E

Review: The Electra Townie – Great For Comfort Electric Bicycle Conversions

Anybody who knows me also knows that I’m a big fan of DIY electric bicycles conversions over buying a retail electric bicycle. I love the freedom you get from starting with a blank slate and making all of your own decisions about parts and accessories without having to compromise for what the manufacturer thought you needed.

One of the biggest freedoms of building your own ebike is choosing the bicycle you start with. than any other part, the bicycle you use is going to have the largest affect on how your ebike feels and rides. And for anybody looking for a laid back, comfortable cruiser-style ebike, look no further than the Electra Townie bicycle.

The Electra Townie is one of my favorite bicycles to convert into an electric bicycle. I’ve converted and worked on dozens of Electra Townie ebikes and each one has proven what a perfect bike it is for ebike conversions.

Allow to me to break down some of my favorite parts aspects of the Townie.

Comfort is king

Let’s be honest, if you’re already riding an electric bike then you’re probably not planning on pedaling as much as you do on a normal bike – or even much at all. In that case, finding a bike that is comfortable to sit on in one position without moving is very important.

The Electra Townie is in a class of bikes known as “crank forward” or “pedal forward” bicycles. This simply means that the pedals are located further forward than normal on the bicycle, which allows your feet to touch the ground while keeping your rear end firmly on the saddle.

Look how far forward the pedals are compared to the seat

Electra calls this “Flat Foot Technology” which to be honest makes it sound like more of a technological breakthrough than it really is; it’s simply changing the position of the pedals. But it does make a big difference in comfort.

With this riding style, you sit in a very upright position with your feet out in front of you instead of down below you. It’s more like sitting in a chair where your shoulders are back and chest is elevated, as opposed to the normal riding posture of a bicycle which has you hunched forward towards the handlebars.

“Flat Foot Technology” at work

Not everyone will find this seating position comfortable, but most people consider it a major improvement even if it takes a few days to get used to.

The crank forward design will change the handling of the bike if you’re used to riding a mountain bike or road bike. Unlike other more traditional bicycle designs where you lean out over the handlebars and have twitchier, more sensitive steering adjustments, the Townie is a slow-and-steady type of ride. To me it almost feels like I’m in a boat and controlling the rudder. Steering is a slower, smoother experience.

For that reason though, the Electra Townie makes a better comfort cruiser bike than a mix-it-up-with-cars-in-traffic type of bicycle, so it really depends on your preferences and specific needs. When I’m commuting in the city, I prefer my mountain bike as I can cut through the cars and traffic nimbly. But when I’m cruising along the beach roads and out for pleasure rides, the Electra Townie gives a much more laid-back and enjoyable riding experience. The difference is striking.

The Electra Townie has room for everything

One of the biggest problems with DIY electric bicycle conversions is finding room to put everything, especially the battery. I like to build my own batteries so that they can fit any custom space on a bicycle frame, but not many people do that yet. Instead, the majority of DIY ebike conversions use off the shelf batteries. These retail ebike batteries generally come in a fairly boxy shape that can make it difficult to fit them in a bicycle frame. Even on bikes with fairly large front triangles, it can be hard to squeeze a decent-sized four cornered battery into a three-legged frame triangle.

Even with an Electric Rider triangle bag there’s still room to spare!

But this has never been an issue for me with the Electra Townie. Its front frame triangle (or quadrilateral, I guess) is gigantic! I’ve never seen an ebike battery that wouldn’t fit in there! With my custom packs I could probably stuff enough battery into that frame to ride from Los Angeles to San Francisco on a single charge!

But not only that, the long frame has room for all sorts of bags, racks, panniers and other storage possibilities. Combine that with the roomy handlebars for bar-mounted accessories and you’ve got more room than you could dream of for loading your ebike full of accessories.

Big on space, small on the scale

The Townie isn’t a small bike by any means, probably about a foot (30 cm) longer than most bikes, but it isn’t terribly heavy like you might expect. Thanks to its lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum frame, it only tips the scales at about 28 lbs (13 kg). Now that’s no featherweight, but it’s definitely lighter than other bikes of this size.

That aluminum frame allows the bike to be as large as it is and offer such a comfortable riding position without making it a beast to haul around. It’s not going to turn the corner into your studio apartment any easier, but it might just make carrying it up the stairs a possibility.

A seat you don’t have to throw away!

I don’t know about you, but I need a good seat on my electric bicycles to keep my tuchus happy and complaint-free. That usually means getting rid of whatever tiny stock seat came with a bicycle and replacing it with something bigger and more comfortable. But not with the Townie!

The Townie comes with a great seat right out of the box! It’s wide, molds to your own, ummm, special shape? …and it has suspension built right into it to smooth out any bumps in the road. Finally a bicycle with a seat that doesn’t need immediate replacing!

Good (enough) quality components

One of the best things about the Electra Townie is the price, usually around 400-500 depending on where you live. How do they keep the price relatively low while offering such a great bike? Partly by not breaking the bank on components. The Townie comes with everything you need and nothing you don’t. The components themselves are quite good even though they aren’t necessarily the top-of-the-line parts in any category. But that’s ok! We’re building a comfort ebike here, not a record-setting speed demon!

The Townie comes with good quality Shimano shifters and gears, and linear pull brakes that will be more than strong enough to bring you to a comfortable stop at any normal speeds. If you plan on regularly doing 30 mph or more then you might want to consider a frame with disk brakes, but most comfort ebikes built on a Townie base will have more than enough quality braking power with the stock linear pull rim brakes.

The stock tires are great for cruising along any paved paths, whether you prefer roads or sidewalks. I wouldn’t do any serious off-roading with them (or this bike in general) but if you need to wind your way down a gravel or sandy path to reach your secret beach spot, these tires will get you there.

Looks aren’t everything, but they don’t hurt!

I’m just going to say it, I think the Townie is a sexy bike. I like the long, flowing lines, the color combinations offered, the frame geometery – it all works together so well. The designers of the Townie really paid attention to the details and it shows. Even simple things like the internally routed brake and shifter cables help to add to the clean, polished look of the Townie. The bike is simply a beautiful piece of design from so many different angles.

Beautifully routed internal cables

And the kicker is that performing an electric bicycle conversion on the bike doesn’t ruin it! If you take the extra time to run your wires internally through the holes in the frame already created for the shifter and brake cables then you won’t even have to zip tie them to the frame. A hub motor or mid drive motor is easily hidden in comparison to the large frame, and the front triangle is so large that batteries look small and well contained inside of it!

Electric and still beautiful

There are a lot of good looking bicycles out there, but there are only a few that retain those good looks even after a DIY ebike conversion. The Townie is definitely one of them.

And all around great quality bike

If I had to describe the Electra Townie in one sentence, I would say that it’s simply an all around great quality, comfortable bicycle.

Granted, it may not be the best in any single category. You could spend a few hundred dollars more and probably find an even more comfortable bicycle, or shave a few pounds off the total weight, or include disk brakes, or this or that, etc etc etc. But the point is that for an affordable price the Townie is already a great bicycle in so many different regards.

Do you own an Electra Townie bicycle? Tell us about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев section below! And if you’ve electrified it, consider adding it to the International Ebike Garage as well!

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Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Hi – I live inSweden and have an Electra Townie 8D “Ballon” Lady version that I bought after a big traffic accident in a car there most of my bones from the hip and down was broken. And I cud not get up on my mountain bike. I love my Townie and would love it much more when it’s convert to el assisted. I have som questions: What kind of engine system do you recommend for this. Front, Mid or Rear? Her in Europe we have a regulation at max 250w and max 25 km/p.hour. I don’t care about this, will have a fun and comfortly bike to ride. I have looked around and are like the Bafang mid engine like BBS02 500/750w and BBSHD 1000w, what do you think? What about the batteri? Any recommendations? Have anyone mounted a battery in the area for the bottle holder? Or have anyone made a case/bag that can hold the batteries in this place? For I don’t like this system with the battery pack back on/under the packing holder. Do you you have any recommendations for shops in EU? Thanks in advance an sorry for my poor English. Regards Thor Erlig

If you are limited to 250 watts, the BBS01 mid-drive system would be a good candidate for you. It would also allow you to use your bike gears with the motor. A simpler build would be to install a front or rear hubmotor (both are fine options at that low power level) but those won’t allow you to use your gears with the motor and are less helpful if you have lots of hills to climb.

Hello, I need help. I love my Electra Amsterdam bike. I actually have three of them. I have two 8i and one 3i. I am desperately wanting to convert one of them into an e bike! I live in the Sacramento, CA area and want to figure out how to do this, or hire someone to do it for me. I love the Pedego but not nearly as much as my Amsterdam by Electra. I had brain surgery two years ago and I fight fatigue so I am wanting to build out my Amsterdam with some power like the Pedego 48 volt/15 H. Any thoughts on if and how I can do this?? Blessings! Lori

Hey Lori, Those bikes sound like great candidates for an Ebike conversion, especially the 8i. I recommend checking out the forums at http://www.Endless-sphere.com/forums, or for a complete guide I recommend my ebook at http://www.ultimateebikeebook.com. I might be a bit biased but it’s got some great impartial reviews too!

I now have 4 flat foot, crank forward, or townie style frames. 2 KHS, 1 Townie, and 1 Trek Pure. The latest upgrade is a BBSHD Panansonic PF 52v 20Ah triangle. 33-34 mph with a 42T eclipse chainring. A fast efficient a uber comfortable ride. Simply the most comfy and underrated commuter frames ever.

Have you converted any female Townies with the step through frame? I’m planning on putting this same motor on mine, but not sure where to put the battery… Thanks!Kelsey

I actually haven’t done any female frame Townie electric bicycle conversions. I always chose the male frame for that exact reason – it’s got tons of space for batteries. For the female frame you could always go with a rear rack mounted battery, but if you can make a custom mount to put it the middle of the bike, it will greatly improve the handling. I’ve never liked having my battery over the rear wheel.

Yeah, that makes sense. Well we’ll have to see what we can work out, hopefully getting the battery to fit into the frame. Thanks!! Kelsey

Be sure to let me know how that worked out. I’m interested in the same concept for an e-bike sharing project. Don’t want battery on the rack but I do want a female or ‘both sexes’ frame William

I have converted one and am waiting for a clone frame to build for myself. I wish all of my crank forwards were step through townies. Dorky but incredibly convenient especially for older not so able riders. Perfect mid drive bikes with incredible balance.

What do you think the pros/cons are of the different set ups? I have a internal hub nexus 3 speed townie. Rear or Front wheel? I notice the townie go is rear driven. Also what about chain driven? Is that what the silver townie above is?

I love my Townie, too. Can you recommend a solid e kit? I don’t need 20mph nor tons of features. Easy install, reliability, esthetics, 15 mile or so range and around 1000. I like the look of Falco with the water bottle battery and rode a Bionix, but both are a bit pricey. Thanks in advance.

Hi Eric, I’m not sure where you’re located, but if you’re in the USA and want an inexpensive, low power kit then I would recommend the Hill Topper kit from Clean Republic with one of their larger battery options. These kits are 24V setups and require some pedal power by the user to get the most out of them. If you’re outside the US or don’t mind ordering from China and waiting a while for your kit, then I’d recommend a kit from BMSbattery.com, perhaps one of their 36V Q100H, Q11 or Bafang BPM kits. EM3EV.com also has good options, though they may be more power than you are looking for.

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