Eezon e3 three wheeled electric motorbike. Electric three wheel motorbike

eezon e3 three wheeled electric motorbike

Source: website eezon | eezon e3 is a 100% electric urban motorcycle that will take you wherever you want. With it, you will discover an endless number of new places in your own city that you still did not know about, in a much safer way, thanks to its revolutionary patented technology and its two back wheels.

Urban design

eezon e3 has a contemporary and modern, yet very minimalist design: it has everything you need. Its urban, functional and accessible aesthetic ensures your comfort, by paying full attention to every detail.

It feels light to drive, therefore you will simply need to worry about enjoying each journey as if it were unique, and it is also completely designed for daily life: A large trunk, a driving seat devised for men and women of all sizes, a balance assistance feature… you won´t be able to live without it! The most difficult decision? Choosing your colour.

Manoeuvre mode

This is an exclusive eezon function that will automatically activate and enable you to maintain stability at low and very low speeds without ever worrying about falling!

eezon e3 is designed to make things easier for you. Whether or not you have experience driving motorcycles, its Smart handling system will even help you to maintain balance in the most difficult cases: with a pillion rider, on slopes… Also, as it has a reverse feature, you can move in the most difficult car park without having to even put a foot down on the ground.

Now it will be a lot easier to carry out any manoeuvre in reduced spaces, as it enables you to turn with greater agility and you can reverse without problems. Thus, you will only need to make the smallest possible effort, the eezon technology will maintain the vehicle’s balance.

Torque vectoring

At the forefront of safety. The exclusive configuration of eezon e3, with engines built into its two back wheel, helps you not to fall. When the sensors detect that a wheel is going to skid or that the motorcycle is losing stability, a computer intelligently manages the power in each wheel in order to ensure that you always stay in control. At present, no other motorcycle on the market can do this.

Patented DIDTS Balancing System

The “Dual Inertial Damping and Tilting System”, our own patent, makes it possible to combine the safety of three wheels with the agility of a conventional motorcycle in a single vehicle, thus offering a unique experience of control in order to travel around your city in total freedom.


Your eezon is 100% electric. Not only will it be your faithful companion and enable you to travel wherever you want with complete peace of mind, you will also respect the environment while driving: zero emissions, greater autonomy and less CO2.


  • Type of Vehicle: Three-wheeled electric vehicle (two rear wheels)
  • European homologation category: L5e
  • Type: Two rear in-wheel motors, permanent magnets type, brushless, air cooled
  • Nominal Power: 10 kW
  • Peak Power: 19 kW
  • Peak Torque: 340 Nm
  • Regenerative brake: Regenerative brake
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC): Electronic stability system controlled by Torque Vectoring
  • Traction Control System (TCS): Electronic torque control system on each rear wheel
  • Reverse gear: Reverse gear available
  • Type: Air-cooled lithium-ion battery
  • Battery capacity: 4 – 6 kWh
  • Battery Voltage: 72VCC
  • Life cycles: 1100
  • Type of Connector: Shuko
  • Charge Time: 1h 30min – 2h 30min (4 Kwh – 6 Kwh)
  • Maximum speed: 100 km/h
  • Acceleration 0-50 km/h: 3,8 s
  • Consumption (100km – WMTC): 4,9 kWh
  • Autonomy (WMTC): 135 km
  • Driving modes: ECO / PERFORMANCE
  • Length: 1951 mm
  • Width: 806 mm
  • Height: 996 mm
  • Height Seat: 775 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1443 mm
  • Rear Track: 652 mm
  • Mass in TARA: 200 kg
  • Maximum Permissible Mass (MMA): 385 kg
  • Front Suspension: Standard Fork
  • Rear Suspension: Double swingarm with central spring/damper with inertial tilting system
  • Front tire: 120/70-14
  • Rear tires: 110/80-14

Top 10 Best Trike Motorcycles You Can Buy In 2023

For many, a trike offers all the disadvantages of a car with all the disadvantages of a motorcycle: you can’t filter through traffic, and you’ll get wet and cold! But, there are a lot of people who ride a trike for practical reasons, and not only that but there is a whole new generation of three-wheeled motorcycles that are forcing us to completely revise our opinion of trikes.

There are several configurations of three-wheel motorcycles: the traditional one-wheel-in-the-front, two-wheels-in-the-back as epitomized by the Harley-Davidson Servicar, and, more recently, by the Freewheeler from the same company. Then there is the reverse solution, as epitomized by Can-Am, a trike motorcycle with two wheels in the front. There is a new generation of three-wheelers, however, with two wheels mounted closely side-by-side in the front, making the bike no wider than a traditional two-wheeler but offering vastly improved grip and stability, even if it is at the expense of increased complexity and weight.

Updated April 2023: Manufactures are introducing new three-wheel options into the motorcycle world every year. They’re also bringing many new advancements to their existing models. As such, in order to keep our readers up to speed on all these new developments, this article will periodically be updated.

Harley-Davidson Freewheeler

There is a real reason behind why Harley-Davidson got into the three-wheel business. They, like all the other manufacturers, want to get as many people on their bikes as possible. For Harley, that also includes riders who are slowly aging out of two wheels, those with disabilities that prevent them from using standard motorcycles and general people who aren’t interested in two wheels in the first place.

A trike like the Harley-Davidson Freewheeler widens the inclusivity of the brand. Especially since this is no handyman special of a bike. The cheapest out of Harley’s three-wheel options, the Freewheeler is objectively the coolest. Its minimalist styling, classic v-twin powertrain and upright ergonomics gives the non-traditional rider the Harley they’ve always wanted. It’s balanced, powerful and comfortable for long tours, as well as simple commuting around town.

eezon, wheeled, electric, motorbike

Can-Am Spyder RT

The Can-Am Spyder RT is the reverse Harley Freewheeler, if you like, with two wheels at the front but with the same all-day touring comfort and practicality. The 998cc BRP-Rotax V-twin engine produces 106 horsepower, but it does have to pull along the same amount of weight as the Harley, driving through a six-speed manual. Strangely, the twin front wheels reduce the effort needed to steer the Can-Am compared to the Harley and the comfort is just as supreme, while costing half as much as the barn and shield trike.

Yamaha Niken

The Yamaha Niken is the bike that really set the cat among the pigeons in motorcycling. Here was the first ‘sports three-wheeler’, as opposed to a bloated touring trike or scooter. The Yamaha Niken is basically an MT-09 naked sports bike with a complex (and heavy) twin-front-wheel set-up that allows the bike to lean in corners. The front suspension arrangement is similar to that of the Kymco CV3 (see below) in that there are two fork legs per wheel, which gives the Niken a very heavy front-end look, although the wheels are set apart no wider than the handlebars.

Astonishing grip from the front wheels, especially when braking on loose or slippery surfaces, and the clever suspension has enough travel to lean the bike over in the corners, allowing the rider to easily get his or her knee down. A brilliant motorcycle looking for a market. Alas, that market may no longer be in the US, as the model has since disappeared from Yamaha’s US page. However, it is still available for purchase in Europe.

Can-Am Spyder F3

If the Can-Am Spyder RT is just too big, then there is also the Can Am Spyder F3-T, which is a much more sporting proposition. Not a huge amount lighter than the Spyder RT, it looks a whole lot smaller due to not being the full touring model. The F3-T features a three-cylinder, 1330cc engine producing 115 horsepower.

Can-Am also threw in ABS, traction control, a semi-automatic six-speed gearbox, adjustable rear air suspension, stability control, and panniers for a modicum of practicality. Good wind protection from the small screen and, while it’s not the prettiest trike out there, it is certainly distinctive, with a much more modern appearance than the Harley Freewheeler, not to mention better performance.

Polaris Slingshot Roush Edition

If any trike comes close to being the actual Batmobile, it’s the Polaris Slingshot. It’s even more true when it’s painted in a flat black paint. But the biggest stunner in the Slingshot lineup is the Roush Edition. This high-performance, 203 HP roadster comes equipped with all the best features and tech Polaris has to offer. It has the Excursion Top, Brembo brakes, a 305 mm rear tire and distinctive styling. You can also get it in automatic or manual.

The 1,997-cc Prostar 4-cylinder engine that powers this beauty can get the Slingshot from 0-60 in 4.9 seconds. It has 144 ft-lbs of torque and can hit a top speed of 125 mph. All the lights on the Slingshot are LED, including gauges, interior accent lights, brakes and headlights. It also has an infotainment in a large 7 display and comes with a standard 2-year, unlimited miles warranty.

Kymco CV3

Ultra-stylish and powerful, the Kymco CV3 features a parallel twin, 550cc engine for impressive performance in and out of the city. The front suspension allows the CV3 to lean but looks heavy with its four fork legs. two per wheel. On the road, however, it proves to be a fine-handling bike, with the added security and stability offered by the twin front wheels. Kymco is a Taiwanese manufacturer and enjoys a very good reputation for the quality of the engineering and the fit and finish of their products.

Can Am Ryker

Firmly aimed at the younger end of the market, the Can-Am Ryker is the smallest model in the Can-Am range but by no means the least exciting. A whole lot lighter and more agile than the Spyder models, it can still thrill with its choice of twin-cylinder 600cc (50 horsepower) or three-cylinder 900cc (82 horsepower) engine driving through a stepless CVT transmission. Starkly simple, with no frills: just jump on and ride, making the Ryker perfect for the younger or less experienced rider. You can even change the body panels to change the color and performing back tire-screeching take-offs from the lights just puts a huge grin on your face.

Ural Gear Up

The Ural Gear Up is not your typical trike. It doesn’t have two side by side wheels in the front or back. It’s the world’s only major manufacturer that provides a motorcycle with a side-car straight from the factory. And, arguably, it’s the three-wheel bike that all the cool kids will want to get, as they’re frequently seen at the global Distinguished Gentleman rides or hauling your favorite four legged companions.

Behind the sheen of coolness is a motorcycle that has been largely unchanged for decades, which is part of what makes this bike so charming. It has a boxer twin, much like the BMWs it was originally inspired by, which produces 41 HP and 42 lbs of torque. Nothing that’s going to win you any races, but that’s not why you ride the Ural anyway.

Piaggio MP3 500

From the makers of the Vespa comes the Piaggio MP3 500. As the name suggests, it is powered by a 500cc single-cylinder engine, producing 40 horsepower, and boasts both ABS and traction control alongside the independently sprung front wheels to allow it to lean in the corners.

As with all Piaggio products, the MP3 500 is beautifully built and fast, with excellent ergonomics, even if this does mean the price will be on the high side for a scooter. It comes with some great features, however, including a 7 TFT display, USB socket under the windshield and smartphone connectivity. It also has some nifty safety additions to the ABS and ASR features already mentioned, with the inclusion of the BLIS system, which can detect hidden vehicles in the MP3 blind spots.

Campagna Motors T-Rex RR

If by some chance you didn’t think the Slingshot was sexy enough, then let us introduce you to the T-Rex RR. Produced by Campagna Motors, the T-Rex is one gorgeous piece of three-wheel engineering. It comes with tons of premium technology, ten different color options (matte or gloss) and a ridiculous amount of customization of the wheels, seat belts, chassis and seats.

All of that is packaged in a 1098 lb shell which is equipped with traction control, ABS and Kawasaki’s 1441-cc inline 4-cylinder engine, which produces 208 HP and 117 lbs of torque. Befitting such a beast of a trike, it also comes with plenty of safety features, such as 3 point safety belts, reinforced tubular chassis with roll cage and the aforementioned ABS. But you better really want this beauty, because the price for it is a staggering 68,999.


Q: How much does a trike motorcycle cost?

You can buy a three-wheeled motorcycle for as little as a few thousand dollars right up to the Harley Davidson CVO TriGlide at 50,000

Q: Is a trike safer than a motorcycle?

They are certainly much more stable and offer better cornering and braking grip but, on the other hand, aren’t as maneuverable as normal two-wheelers, although the new breed of narrow-track trikes are just as good as two-wheeled motorcycles.

Q: Which motorcycle trike is best?

That depends on what you want to do with it. Commuting or riding in the city? Then one of the scooter trikes is best but if you’re heading out onto the open road, a Harley, Can Am, or Polaris would be best.

Q: Is it hard to ride a trike motorcycle?

Absolutely not. All the scooters are twist-and-go, while the Can Am Ryker has an automatic gearbox. Also, you don’t have to learn to balance on a trike!

Q: Can I drive a trike on a full car Licence?

Yes, you can drive a trike on a full car licence.

Here Are The Best Three-Wheeled Motorcycles On The Market

As three-wheeler motorcycles rise in popularity, we are seeing some incredible designs from Harley-Davidson and Can-Am hitting the streets.

Whenever you think of a motorcycle, what naturally comes to mind is a two-wheeled machine. That’s expected because the very definition of a motorcycle is a motorized bicycle. However, over the years, there are a bunch of people who’ve thought differently.

Three-wheeled motorcycles are now becoming a mainstream topic. Previously left to those who wanted to bolt on an extra wheel or fit a sidecar, mainstream manufacturers such as Yamaha and Harley-Davidson are now producing three-wheeled motorcycles aimed at this emerging niche market.

Most lovers of three-wheeled motorcycles prefer these rides because they offer greater straight-line stability at low speeds and, hence, less risk of falling. However, that added security comes at the cost of reduced maneuverability in corners, awkward performance on uneven or slopping terrain, as well as a hefty price tag.

Updated May 2023: Not so long ago, three-wheelers had something of a bad reputation. But, in recent times, be it for mobility reasons, or just for the sake of being different, three-wheelers have become a lot more popular and have ditched the negative stereotype. We have updated this list to include more information about the very best new three-wheelers on the market.

Harley-Davidson Freewheeler

Harley-Davidson’s tango with the trikes started more than nine decades ago. Since 1930, the company has put itself at the forefront of motorcycle trikes, starting when it made its first Servi-Car. Today, the company still offers the “Tri Glide”, which is basically a three-wheeled version of its full-dress tourer, the Electra Glide.

The Harley-Davidson Freewheeler sits as the cheaper option of these two. Introduced in 2017, this three-wheeled motorcycle offers the raw, Harley V-Twin cruiser experience, packed with the latest 114ci “Milwaukee Eight” engine. In the latest Harley-Davidson Freewheeler trike, the engine generates 90 horsepower at 4,750 rpm and 122 lb-ft of torque at 2,750 rpm. The 2023 Harley-Davidson also features an impressive amount of advanced safety systems for better security, including an anti-lock brake system, electronic linked braking, traction control, cornering enhanced anti-lock brake system, cornering enhanced traction control system, and drag-torque slip control system.

Piaggio MP3 500

Pontedera-based motor vehicle manufacturer Piaggio is widely known for its incredible machines, and the Piaggio MP3 500 is one of its best efforts yet. The three-wheeled motorcycle does incredibly well in keeping up with today’s minimalist trend. The Piaggio is affordable and comes packed with awesome safety features such as ABS, traction control, and an impressive ergonomic design. The brand’s name hints towards high quality, reliability, and efficiency.

eezon, wheeled, electric, motorbike

The bike is not just safe and comfortable. It’s also packed with electronic aids that include a multimedia platform. Its design, plus these fancy features, help it garner a lot of attention on the road.

BRP Can-Am Spyder RT Limited

The BRP Can-Am Spyder RT Limited looks like a three-wheeled motorcycle ready to handle anything. It’s powerful, impressive, and features an amazing design that makes riding three-wheeled motorcycles such a pleasant experience. Stand-out features include ABS, traction control, and a smooth six-speed semi-automatic transmission.

The BRP Can-Am Spyder boasts a generous cargo capacity plus wind protection that’s designed to make your riding experience enjoyable. There’s also an adjustable rear air suspension, a four-speaker sound system, and a colorful LCD equipped with smartphone integration.

Yamaha Niken

The Yamaha Niken is basically a leaning, three-wheeled version of the popular Yamaha Tracer 900. Introduced in 2018, the Yamaha Niken is one of Yamaha’s most radical creations.

Instead of one conventional 17-inch front wheel fixed to a pair of telescopic forks, two 15-inch wheels in parallel get held by separate suspension arms. This provides substantially more grip while cleverly allowing the Niken to lean without falling over. In addition to its multi-wheel chassis, the Yamaha Niken has an efficient 847cc liquid-cooled, DOHC, inline-three-cylinder engine with 115 HP, so you can rest assured there’s plenty of power in reserve. Its top speed is 135 mph. With regard to its efficiency, the Yamaha Niken returns an average fuel economy of 42.3 mpg.

Gilera Fuoco 500

Looking at the Gilera Fuoco 500, you can’t imagine that this three-wheeled motorcycle is capable of hitting a 90-mph top speed. Not many riders will have the confidence to do such kinds of speeds on this. But it does have an impressive 493cc liquid-cooled, SOHC, 4v four-stroke single-cylinder engine providing a massive amount of grunt for a scooter (40 HP at 7,250 rpm and 34.3 lb-ft of torque at 5,500 rpm).

The sure thing about the Gilera Fuoco 500 is that it’s a sporty and trendy three-wheeler. Better yet, the base model offers great value for the money.

Yamaha Tricity 125

The Yamaha Tricity 125 is the lightweight, sleekly designed companion you’ve been looking for. This bike is easy to use and quite fun in the urban environment. It also dons scooter-like design cues that might be the kind of vibe some three-wheeled motorcycle enthusiasts are looking for.

The Tricity 125 packs a decent 125cc engine that generates up to 12 horsepower. It can carry two people around town. It’s also packed with gizmos that nicely balance both safety and fun. The Tricity also offers a unique motorcycle experience, especially for riders who’ve just jumped from driving cars. Highlights include an intelligent Start-and-Stop system, LCD instruments with smartphone connectivity, a pliant suspension effective at soaking up bumps, and robust brakes that enhance confidence while riding.

Kymco CV3

The Kymco CV3 looks plush and soft, with a small but decent 500cc parallel engine powering the beauty. That engine is enough for daily commutes to and from work and quick rides around town.

Apart from looking all chic and friendly, the Kymco CV3 was also designed with affordability in mind. It also comes with an impressive list of features, such as a swingarm at the rear, a telescopic front suspension, and all LED lighting.

Ural Baikal Limited Edition

The Ural Baikal Limited Edition is a hardcore machine. This three-wheeled motorcycle is the work of the Russian company, Ural. Needing no introduction, Ural is world-renowned for building some of the world’s most interesting motorcycles. Of course, that prestigious position comes at a hefty price. The Ural Baikal Limited Edition is one of their most expensive creations. But then, you’ll be getting something that looks ready for World War III and the real-life reenactment of The Walking Dead.

Qooder QV3

Well, the Qooder QV3 looks a bit odd. Looking at it from one end, you get the picture of a special scooter that seniors can use to go shopping. But excelling in the looks department is not what the Qooder QV3 got produced for. The manufacturer built this three-wheeled motorcycle to be very light and easy to handle by equipping the QV3 with a steel tube frame with a double electronic hydraulic tilting system up front and dual hydraulic shock absorbers at the rear. The engine is a 346cc with 28.9 horsepower at 7,000 rpm and 23.5 lb-ft at 5,500 rpm.

Can-Am Ryker

Most critics agree that the Can-Am Ryker looks enticingly dangerous. Its design gives the impression that a scooter and a menacing sports car had a baby. The only thing that looks odd is the rear wheel that receives all the power. The Ryker packs powerful 600cc and 900cc engines (depending on your choice of trim). All that performance comes at a rather reasonable price, all things considered.

Yamaha Niken GT

After making its debut a few years back, nobody really knew what it was good for. It was too heavy to be a sports bike and too expensive to be a simple commuter. The Niken was always meant to be a GT bike. With exceptional front-end grip, that potent CP3 engine, and comfortable ergonomics, the Niken makes for an unusually good touring bike.

Peugeot Metropolis Allure

An inimitable signature, the Peugeot Metropolis Allure has Peugeot Design’s DNA imprinted all over it. From its almond-shaped lights to its floating grille, and its immaculately crafted rear, the Metropolis is a stunning engineering work.

Developed in France, the Metropolis Allure’s power comes from an efficient engine with an output of 35.5 horses and 28 lb-ft of torque for a smooth performance. For comfort, Peugeot fitted the Metropolis with a pilot backrest and passenger footrest. Other features on the motorcycle include an adjustable windshield, an onboard computer with an LCD screen, ample storage space, and a hands-free key start, among others. The motorcycle is available in various colors that include satin blue, smoky quartz satin, midnight blue, and mat black.

Polaris Slingshot Signature LE

While most Slingshot enthusiasts often beg to differ and would rather want to treat their priced asset as a proper car, in the real sense of it, the Slingshot is not a car. It’s a three-wheeled motorcycle that also doesn’t meet any automotive safety standards, and neither does it have airbags. That said, at a relatively hefty starting price of 35,799, the Slingshot Signature LE is among the most amazing three-wheeled motorcycle on the market right now.

Using a multiport injected fuel system, the Slingshot Signature LE is, however, powered by a ProStar 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with a peak output of 178 horsepower. This earns the three-wheeler a top speed of 125 mph. The Polaris Slingshot Signature LE also has amazing features like the Stage 3 Rockford Fosgate audio, Apple CarPlay, GPS Navigation and more. Furthermore, the Slingshot LE features a limited-edition Tri-Tone paint scheme as well as new Vented Sport Hood and wheel designs.

Here are three good ways to stand out from the crowd.

Two wheels are awesome, but let’s face it—sometimes, what you really want is three wheels. Why? Any number of reasons, really. From personal physical reasons to feeling better about taking a passenger on three wheels instead of two, it’s your choice, and it’s an awesome one. Don’t let anyone tell you differently; it’s your bike, after all.

From trikes to reverse trikes to sidecars, there’s a lot of ground to cover here in 2022 (and that’s why you need three wheels to do it). Please note that pricing and availability for all models will vary by region. Not every three-wheeler listed here will be available everywhere you’re reading this, unfortunately. However, if you’re truly interested, and a given OEM already has a presence in your region, it wouldn’t hurt to ask when X model is coming to your area!

All that said, here are the three-wheeled options available for sale in 2022, directly from manufacturers. We’re not talking about conversion kits or customs, of course—only production machines available for sale as new bikes. (I mean, anything can be a three-wheeler if you’re willing to put in the money and time, right?) Our other important deciding factor was that everything on this list should have handlebars, not steering wheels. Ready? Let’s go!

22 Ural Gear Up

You want a sidecar? Sidecars are what Ural does, has done, and will continue to do—and if you don’t like it, then a Ural probably isn’t the bike for you.

If it is, though, you may want to check out a Gear Up in 2022. It’s powered by a 749cc air-cooled boxer engine, with perfectly square bore and stroke of 78mm x 78mm, making a claimed 41 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 42 pound-feet of torque at 4,300 rpm. It also has a four-speed gearbox, plus reverse gear, and comes packing a five-gallon fuel tank.

The Gear Up is 2WD, gets sidecar LED foglights, a power outlet, sidecar front bumper, spare wheel and luggage rack, a jerry can to carry extra fuel, and a utility shovel just in case. It comes with a two-year, unlimited mileage warranty, and MSRP is 18,999.

19 Yamaha Niken GT

According to Yamaha, the company’s leaning multi-wheel technology was designed to enhance a rider’s feelings of stability during cornering. How riders feel about it will, of course, vary—as most rider opinions generally do. Unlike most of the other three-wheelers on this list, the Niken GT doesn’t stand upright by itself—which is something else to consider.

It’s powered by Yamaha’s 847cc inline triple (as also featured in the MT-09), with bore and stroke of 78.0mm x 59.1mm. Wet weight is an extremely chunky 580 pounds, but, you know, it has a third wheel. Traction control, ABS, a factory quick shifter, and cruise control all come standard.

If you’re looking for a three-wheeler that’s truly like nothing else, the Niken GT—despite not having been updated since its introduction—may just be what you’re searching for. MSRP is 15,999.

Piaggio MP3 300, 400, and 500

As Piaggio will happily remind anyone who wants to listen, it was doing the whole three-wheeled scooter thing before it was cool. It’s not afraid to sue any company that it feels is infringing upon its trademarks either. Before Yamaha had its Tricities, before (and after) Peugeot had its Metropolis, Piaggio had its MP3s—and it doesn’t look to be pulling back any time soon.

At the time of writing, you can find a range of MP3s with different model years available new in markets where it’s sold. Availability will vary by market; for example, in the U.S., only the 500 is sold. In Europe, you can experience the full range of displacements if you wish.

The MP3 300 is powered by a liquid-cooled, 278cc single-cylinder engine with bore and stroke of 75mm x 63mm, making a claimed 25.8 horsepower at 7,750 rpm and 19.25 pound-feet of torque at 6,250 rpm. Seat height is a very approachable 780mm, but no weight (either dry or curb) is listed from Piaggio.

The MP3 400 is powered by a liquid-cooled, 399cc single-cylinder engine with bore and stroke of 84mm x 72mm, making a claimed 35.3 horsepower at 7,000 rpm and 27.8 pound-feet of torque at 5,500 rpm. Seat height is 790mm, but again, no vehicle weights are given by the factory for this model.

eezon, wheeled, electric, motorbike

Finally, the MP3 500 is powered by a liquid-cooled, 493cc single-cylinder engine with bore and stroke of 94mm x 71mm, making a claimed 43 horsepower at 7,750 rpm and 35 pound-feet of torque at 5,750 rpm. Seat height is 790mm, and curb weight for the 500 is 282 kilograms, or nearly 622 pounds. vary by market and displacement, but in the U.S., the price for an MP3 500 as of June 14, 2022 is 9,999.

Peugeot Metropolis

Lawsuit or no, Peugeot is still offering its Metropolis three-wheeled scooter, in a few different trim levels, in the French market (and possibly others) as of June 14, 2022. It is no longer offered for sale in Italy, but we were somewhat surprised to see that it is, in fact, still available at all. We’re no legal experts, though, and we certainly don’t know what may be going on behind the scenes. So, in any case, here are the facts we can report upon.

The Peugeot Metropolis is powered by a liquid-cooled, 399cc single-cylinder engine with bore and stroke of 84mm x 72mm, making a claimed 35.6 horsepower at 7,250 rpm and 28 pound-feet of torque at 5,750 rpm. Seat height is 780mm, and curb weight is 280 kilograms—or just a hair over 617 pounds. Price is dependent on trim level, and can range from € 8,499 to € 10,499, or about 8,845 to 10,927.

22 Yamaha Tricity 125 and 300

In 2022, the Niken GT is the only one of Yamaha’s leaning multi-wheel technology vehicles to have made it over to the States. The Tricity 125 and 300 utilize this technology in smaller-displacement scooter form, which probably goes a long way toward explaining why. While scooters are popular in most other places in the world, they haven’t historically been as well-loved in the U.S. (or Canada, for that matter).

Yamaha is an OEM with an international presence, so it builds machines it thinks customers in different markets will like. In 2022, there are enough three-wheeled scooters to constitute their own subcategory, and the Yamaha Tricity 125 and 300 are solid entries in that list. Styling between the two is very similar, and you can clearly see how they’re related to the bigger, burlier Niken GT in the design department.

Where the Tricities differ from the Niken GT, apart from being scooters, is that they offer a ‘stand assist’ feature as a selling point. As you might guess from the name, engagement of this feature lets your Tricity stand up on its own, without you needing to put your feet down at a stop. (As of June, 2022, there are recall issues regarding this feature that Yamaha is working out in various markets, so you may want to research the most current information on this issue in your region if the Tricities are options for you.)

The Tricity 125 is powered by Yamaha’s Euro 5-compliant BlueCore liquid-cooled, 125cc single-cylinder engine with bore and stroke of 52.0mm x 58.7mm, making a claimed 12 horsepower at 8,000 rpm and 8.2 pound-feet of torque at 6,000 rpm. Its curb weight is just a hair over 370 pounds, and MSRP in Europe starts at €4,295, or about 4,478.

The Tricity 300 is powered by a liquid-cooled, 292cc Euro 5 single-cylinder engine with bore and stroke of 70.0 mm x 75.9mm, making a claimed 27.6 horsepower at 7,250 rpm and 21.2 pound-feet of torque at 5,750 rpm. Curb weight is about 527 pounds, and MSRP is €8,990, or about 9,373. Since both Tricity models are sold in multiple world markets, and price conversions are rarely equivalent between markets, your best bet is to check local pricing in your area if you’re thinking of getting one.

Honda Gyro X and Gyro Canopy

The Gyro X and Gyro Canopy are long-running delivery vehicles sold in Japan, but they frequently pop up for sale in other markets. Honda released the electric Gyro:e and Gyro Canopy:e electric versions in 2021, but those aren’t currently available for sale to the general public in 2022, and are only available for fleet purchase at this time.

The Gyro X and Gyro Canopy are powered by a liquid-cooled, 49cc single-cylinder engine with bore and stroke of 38.0mm x 44.0mm, making a claimed 4.6 horsepower at 7,500 rpm and 3.24 pound-feet of torque at 7,000 rpm. Seat height is 735mm for the Gyro X and 700mm for the Gyro Canopy. Curb weight on the Gyro X is 113 kilograms, or 249 pounds.

The Gyro Canopy tips the scales at 139 kilograms, or 306.4 pounds—which makes sense, given that it does, in fact, add a canopy to keep riders out of the weather. Pricing ranges from 397,440 yen for the Gyro X to 560,520 yen for the Gyro Canopy, or about 2,934 to 4,138, including consumption tax.

22 Harley-Davidson Freewheeler, Tri Glide Ultra, and CVO Tri Glide

Fittingly, the Motor Company offers three different trike options for riders in 2022—the no-frills Freewheeler, the Ultra Classic-based Tri Glide Ultra, and the tricked out CVO Tri Glide. The Freewheeler and Tri Glide Ultra are powered by the Milwaukee-Eight 114 (approximately 1,868 cc) engine, while the CVO Tri Glide bumps it up a notch to the Milwaukee-Eight 117 (approximately 1,917cc) engine. The Milwaukee-Eight 114 has a bore and stroke of 4.016 inches x 4.5 inches (or 102mm x 114.3mm).

The Motor Company doesn’t list horsepower figures, but does claim that the Freewheeler’s application makes 122 pound-feet of torque at 2,250 rpm, while the Tri Glide Ultra makes 121 pound-feet of torque at 3,250 rpm. Meanwhile, the Milwaukee-Eight 117 has a bore and stroke of 4.075 inches x 4.5 inches (or 103.5mm x 114.3mm), and produces a claimed 125 pound-feet of torque at 3,750 rpm.

Seat height on the Freewheeler is 26.2 inches, going up to 27.1 inches for the Tri Glide Ultra, and down to 25.9 inches for the CVO Tri Glide. Curb weight on the Freewheeler is 1,118 pounds, Tri Glide Ultra is 1,243 pounds, and CVO Tri Glide is 1,269 pounds. All three fuel tanks hold six gallons of fuel.

All three of Harley’s 2022 trikes feature a raft of rider safety features, including ABS, electronic linked braking, traction control, drag-torque slip control, cornering ABS, cornering electronic linked braking, and cornering traction control.

The primary differences between the three are in things like lighting, infotainment, and paint. The Freewheeler gets halogen lights, while the two Tri Glides get LED lighting. The Freewheeler gets a speedometer, tachometer, fuel and voltage gauges, and that’s about it. The Tri Glide Ultra and CVO Tri Glide both get a 6.5-inch TFT Boom! Box GTS display unit, and the CVO Tri Glide adds Rockford Fosgate speakers and a Boom! Audio 30K wireless headset into the mix, as well as Harley’s premium paint and Tomahawk wheels.

Pricing starts at 28,499 for the 2022 Freewheeler, ranging up to 49,999 for the 2022 CVO Tri Glide. Additional options and accessories for all three trikes are, of course, available for additional charges.

22 Can-Am Ryker

If you’re in the market for a twist n’ go reverse trike, then the Ryker is pretty much your only choice in 2022. The base Ryker is available with your choice of either a Rotax 600 twin or 900cc triple engine, is shaft-driven, and comes with ABS, traction, and stability control as standard.

You could bump your Ryker up to a Ryker Sport or Ryker Rally, each with its own added features. Both the Ryker Sport and Ryker Rally come with the Rotax 900cc triple engine. The Ryker Sport adds an upgraded KYB suspension, Can-Am’s Max Mount structure to add passenger and cargo accessories, cruise control, and Sport Mode. Finally, the Ryker Rally adds all kinds of rally-fit goodies, including rally tires, reinforced wheels, skid plate, front vehicle protection, an air intake with a pre-filter, mud flaps, auxiliary LED lighting, and an Akrapovic silencer. You also get hand guards, a rally handlebar, a special comfort seat, and anti-slip foot pegs. Max Mount structure comes standard on this one, as does Rally Mode.

All the Rykers are available in a range of colorways. Pricing starts at 8,999 for the base Ryker, on up to 13,499 for the Ryker Rally.

22 Can-Am Spyder F3 and RT

The Spyder F3 and RT families are all powered by Rotax’s 1,330cc inline triple, which makes a claimed 115 horsepower and is mated to a semi-automatic six-speed gearbox. Can-Am’s vehicle stability system comes standard, as do front fenders with integrated LED lighting. The base Spyder F3 comes with a 4.5-inch digital gauge up front, and the entire lineup features what Can-Am characterizes as “relaxed cruiser ergonomics” in a reverse-trike package.

The Spyder F3-S gets additional color options, adds KYB shocks, and bumps that digital gauge in front up to a 7.8-inch unit, and Smart phone apps. Opt for the Spyder F3-T to add adjustable rear air suspension, hard saddlebags and a glovebox, cruise control, a BRP audio sound system, and towing capability. The Spyder F3 Limited adds even more storage, a passenger backrest, a fancier BRP audio sound system (six speakers instead of four), and a top case.

Where the top-trim Spyder F3s start to get into touring territory, the Spyder RT is firmly all about touring. The Spyder RT comes with floorboards, an adjustable electronic windshield, lumbar support, and heated grips. It also comes with LED headlights and a full-color 7.8-inch LCD display. The Spyder RT Limited adds a self-leveling rear air suspension, passenger backrest, heated driver and passenger seats and grips, front cargo light and liner, and additional trim options. Finally, the Spyder RT Sea-To-Sky gets an exclusive Mystery Blue color, 12-spoke satin-finished wheels, adaptive foam seats with lumbar support and special Sea-To-Sky embroidery, adjustable side wind deflectors, and even a blanking panel to tidy up the look if you take the top case off.

The Spyder F3 range starts at 17,999 and goes up to 24,999. Over in Spyder RT-land, pricing starts at 23,899 and ranges up to 29,999.

The 10 Best 3-Wheel Motorcycles in 2023

Motorcycles have been around for a while now, and they’ve seen their fair share of technology improvements and evolution – some would say things have gone too far. We’d like to stray away from that debate and instead we’ll just FOCUS on the incredible vibes and overwhelming feeling of freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle. Any motorcycle.

As such, we thought we’d consider something out of the ordinary today: 3-wheelers. Some people might argue that riding a 3-wheeled motorcycle is very different than riding a traditional motorcycle, while others would think the third wheel is a welcomed safety feature. To each, his or her own.

We do know that there are quite a few advantages worth considering when you’re planning to buy a trike, especially ease of use. Next, risky weather conditions – such as wet and slippery roads – might discourage you from going out for a ride with your motorcycle. That will not happen with a 3-wheel motorcycle.

According to recent statistics, there are way more 3-wheel motorcycles sold each year than we could imagine. As such, we decided that looking closer at the top 10 best 3 wheel motorcycles on the market right now might be a great way of spending your free time today. Are you ready?

Yamaha Tricity 125

If you’re looking for a sleek design and a lightweight companion – look no further. Easy to use and quite fun within an urban environment, this scooter-like Yamaha Tricity packs a decent 125-cc engine and brags about three wheels.

Available at an affordable 5,100 price, this thing could carry two people around town, while keeping the ride fun and safe. If you’ve just stepped out of a car and looking for a unique motorcycle experience, this might be the place to start.

Can-Am Ryker

Looking a bit dangerous, and that’s a compliment, this thing seems like the adventurous result of breeding a scooter with a cool sports car. Sure, the powered wheel at the rear may seem odd, but we would love to put this thing through its paces.

Starting at 11,500, this novel concept features a 600-cc engine and seems to be gaining in popularity – at least on US soil. If you’re willing to pay as much as 35,000, which is more than a pretty penny, you will get to enjoy the most extreme version of this Can-Am project. That should be fun!

Gilera Fuoco 500

Would you dare to ride this thing at 90 Mph? I’m still considering it, but I have to be frank about it – I have my doubts it’s able to achieve that top speed. The Gilera Fuoco 500 is powered by a 493-cc single-cylinder engine, so it should be pretty fast, at least in theory.

People looking for a trendy and sporty 3-wheeler may go for this option if they are willing to spend a bit less than 3,500 – that’s for the basic model. I am still thinking about the Can-Am though.

Qooder QV3

I have to admit, this 3 wheeler looks a bit odd; it’s like one of those special scooters seniors use, while going shopping. Designed to be ultra light and easy to handle, the Quadro benefits from a 300-cc engine – 350 ccs if you so desire – and the picture hints towards off-road capabilities as well.

We can’t make a statement about how good it is off-road, but I will say this: for around 9,500, this thing will certainly deliver some nice thrills. over, it features a digital TFT display, and I’m curious about what info will the rider have at his or her disposal.

BRP Can-Am Spyder F3-T

Powerful and impressive, BRP’s Can-Am Spyder F3-T looks like it’s ready to handle anything. It was equipped with a semi-automatic 6-speed transmission – reverse included, as well as anti-lock brakes and traction control, which makes it ideal for your next adventure. And the generous cargo capacity and wind protection will also aid you in getting the most memorable experiences.

At the end of the day you get a comfy ride, thanks to an adjustable rear air suspension, a colorful LCD display, and even a 4-speaker sound system. Sure, the smartphone integration will be also appreciated by some of you. Would you be willing to pay 26,199 for this 3-wheeler?

Kymco CV3

Looking a bit soft, or plush, this stylish 3-wheeler seems to be designed with women in mind. It packs a small, but decent 550 cc parallel engine, which should be more than enough for a quick ride around town or for your daily commute to work.

The Kymco CV3 was also designed to be pretty affordable, even though we don’t know the exact pricing for 2023. We do know that you will get a Telescopic front suspension, a swingarm at the rear, and all LED lighting. The storage space will allow for a helmet within, and nothing more.

Piaggio MP3 500

Keeping in line with the modern, minimalist trend, this 9,199 3-wheeler from Piaggio has got it all. Riders will benefit from ABS assistance, traction control, and an overall impressive ergonomic design. Obviously, the brand’s name hints towards a quality build, efficiency and reliability.

Set to be safe, comfortable, and packed with electronic aids – including a multimedia platform, this motorized 3-wheel bike will surely get a lot of attention in traffic. But let’s get down to business; shall we?

Ural Baikal Limited Edition

Now, we have reached the top 3 bikes on our list and things are starting to get more hardcore. Russian bike manufacturer Ural has been known to build some of the world’s most interesting motorcycles and this urban-inspired 3-wheeler motorcycle is definitely one of their best projects.

Set to cost around 16,999 and looking like it’s ready for battle, this thing will keep you smiling for many miles to come. The limited-edition 3-wheel model is also really close to become a collectible, so you might want to get yours right now.

Harley-Davidson Freewheeler

Yes, the world’s most famous motorcycle manufacturer can’t be ignored, even when we’re talking about three wheel motorcycles. They have electric motorcycles and they’ve also made three wheeled bikes. The Harley-Davidson Freewheeler will cost you a pretty penny, about 26,449 to be more exact, but it’s totally worth it.

It looks absolutely incredible, it sounds awesome and it’s probably very easy to ride. The cool black shade surely helps with the aesthetics mark, and it seems this model is starting to become increasingly popular. It’s way better than the electric option if you ask us.

Polaris Slingshot S

Looking like a lean, mean, 3-wheeled machine that just means business, this car / motorcycle hybrid starts from 19,999. The Polaris Slingshot S gives credit where credit is due, staying true to the company’s state-of-the-art technologies and riding towards the future.

Featuring an advanced Electronic Stability Program, as well as power steering, traction control, and ABS assistance, this machine will gladly have you put it through its paces. Even better, two people can experience its high speed thrills together.

Comfortable, featuring low seating and a modern steering wheel, this vehicle will have you believe you’re racing everyone around you. Those unique and powerful lights add to the overall menacing looks and support the idea of midnight fun. Who could say no to that?

eezon, wheeled, electric, motorbike

I think we can all agree that each of the above-mentioned models has something unique and interesting to offer. The 3 wheel motorcycles we’ve detailed above should give you an idea about what the market has to offer in 2023, at least in terms of 3-wheeled designs.

BRP Can-Am Gilera Harley-Davidson Kymco Piaggio Polaris Quadro Ural Motorcycles Yamaha Polaris

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