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In the early stages of the new e-Bike Revolution, we recognized the power of pedal-assist and we wanted to build CUBE e-Bikes. We called them Hybrids.

CUBE Hybrid e-Bikes

CUBE began making e-Bikes in 2014 in order supply a growing demand for electric pedal-assist bikes. Called pedelec, pedal-assist, hybrid, or just e-bike, it is one of the fastest growing bike segments around the world. Today CUBE makes over 100 e-bike models in virtually every category including: Mountain, Road, Touring, Urban, Cargo, and Commuter.

ePowered by Bosch

Since the launch of our e-Bike range, CUBE have used drive systems from our premium supplier Bosch. All of our e-Bike models, from comfortable e-bikes with low-entry frames right through to enduro-ready, full-suspension eMTBs, include Bosch drive units.

In 2022, several of our CUBE hybrids are equipped with the Bosch Smart System including:

  • eBike Flow App
  • Performance CX Drive Unit
  • PowerTube 750 Battery
  • Kiox 300 Display

CUBE e-Bikes are 100% “pedal-assist” e-Bikes, or pedalecs, which means they must be pedaled to activate the motor. When you stop pedaling, the motor stops working. CUBE e-Bikes do not have hand throttles like you might find on scooters or other electric bikes.



A CUBE e-Bike takes mountain biking to a new level. It’s not just adding power, it’s a whole new riding experience – faster climbs, more trails, longer rides. The perfectly delivered power of the Bosch Performance Line CX motor and its eMTB mode introduces a completely new riding sensation.


One of the most enjoyable ways to get where you’re going is on a bicycle. For many, making it even more pleasurable is doing it on the e-Bike. Whether exploring the neighbourhood, visiting friends, or heading to your favourite places, Cube has a full range of eTouring hybrid bikes to help you smooth the way.


People are looking for ways to leave their car at home. Whether you are commuting to work or just getting around, a Cube e-bike provides the level of mobility, comfort, and speed that makes cycling the obvious choice for economical and sustainable transportation. Cube has the e-Bike that fits perfectly with your lifestyle.


Overcoming TerrainIf insurmountable hills stand between you and where you’d like to cycle, an e-Bike is the answer for you. With 4 modes of assist and the mechanical advantage of multiple gears on the back wheel, you can conquer the rollers with as much, or as little effort as you choose to enjoy.

Increased Physical Fitness

Recent research in the U.S. found that those who ride e-bikes get more exercise minutes per week than those who ride normal bikes. E-bikers also reported significantly longer trip distances, whether riding and e-bike or conventional bike. Those who switched from public transportation or car trips to using e-bikes for transportation also saw a spike in fitness levels.

If you have the will to venture out but not necessarily the brawn, a CUBE electronic pedal-assist e-Bike will set you on your way. The assist can reduce strain on your legs, back and arms meaning you can ride longer and more often.

The Great EqualizerDifferences in cycling speed will break up a group ride, or a couple’s ride, in short order. Put an e-Bike in the mix and the dynamic shifts dramatically. Everyone can travel at similar speeds with whatever amount of effort they desire. fun for all.

Comfortable CommutingNo need to arrive at work sweaty from your commute, dial-up the assist for a leisurely ride without compromising speed. Arrive fresh and on time with Cube e-Bike no sweat solution.

Cruising vs. TrainingWhile the assist is the perfect set up for heads up cruising, it’s also a terrific training tool for head down workouts. By finessing the amount of pedal-assist and gear selection, you can tune your workload to stay within your aerobic training zone even over difficult climbs.

How do e-bikes work?

Unlike a regular road or mountain bike, an e-bike has an electric motor to help riders propel themselves. Depending on the bike, the rider can choose to avoid pedaling entirely or use the motor to adjust the level of assistance on uphill climbs or long roads. With a non-motorized bike, uphill pedaling can be extremely tiring, and it can feel like you’re pushing extremely hard to keep the wheels spinning, even in the lowest (easiest) gear.

According to Lauren Butler, the city and kids product marketing manager for Trek Bikes, riding an e-bike generally feels similar to a traditional cycle. Your riding experience feels like the same natural experience of riding any other bike, except with extra power, you can ride farther and faster.

E-bikes have an electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery. Depending on the battery’s size, it could take anywhere between two and six hours for a full charge. While riding, a handlebar display lets the rider see and adjust the motor’s level of assistance.

For pedal-assisted bikes, the rider must pedal for the motor to work. On an e-bike with a throttle, the rider doesn’t need to pedal (similar to a scooter). Some bikes offer both options, but many countries class those with a throttle as mopeds or motorbikes rather than bicycles.

What are the benefits of biking?

Biking is one of the best cardio workout options for the average person. With low-to-no impact (save for crashes,) biking uses all your major muscle groups, improves joint mobility, and, of course, gets your heart rate up and your lungs pumping, especially when climbing uphill or navigating obstacle-ridden terrain.

According to Dylan Renn, a full-time mountain bike coach and former professional mountain bike racer in Northern California, mountain biking is generally more difficult: A mountain bike is more demanding and requires more strength, whereas on an e-bike, the motor assists with the strength.

Renn says his requests for one-on-one and group e-bike coaching this year have skyrocketed, paralleling sales reports from e-bike retailers. He thinks traditional bikes and e-bikes can work in parallel with one another, ideal for riders trying both.

The e-bike lets you operate on a level higher than your own ability because of the power input. So if you can master the skills on an e-bike, your overall mountain bike skills will improve.

Why are people choosing e-bikes?

In a word, ease. In three words, ease, simplicity, and recovery. Riding an e-bike is almost always going to be easier than riding a bike that requires 100 percent human-power. It puts longer and more challenging trails within the rider’s wheelhouse and can make riders feel more confident knowing backup power is available if their muscles or lungs hit a metaphorical wall halfway into their rides. But according to Devin Riley, US director of marketing for Canyon Bicycles, it’s not just out-of-shape riders who are choosing e-bikes.

zone, electric, bike, mountain

While we’ve seen strong e-bike demand from adult riders seeking to either replace a car or keep doing strenuous Saturday trail rides, there also is a generation of younger mountain bike riders who are interested in the extra range and power of an e-bike, he says.

As a former competitive cyclist, Riley says he’s used his e-bike to compliment his now-hobby, taking his e-bike out on muscle recovery days, or when he wants to do a third lap but his body only has the energy for two.

According to Trek Bikes’ Butler, riders often choose e-bikes to explore new areas they couldn’t reach on their own, covering more distance in the same amount of time. E-bikes also allow riders with physical limitations to access otherwise unreachable terrain, and allow riders recovering from injuries to bike earlier in their recovery.

If you can’t ride like you use to, e-bikes are an awesome solution, says Butler. You’re still getting plenty of exercise and enjoying being outside, but the assist makes it more possible and relieves pressure on your joints and back.

E-bikes can also make it easier for people of different ability levels to ride during cycling trips. And, of course, e-bikes are better for the environment than cars. According to the League of American Bicyclists, 60 percent of trips less than one mile long are made in vehicles. E-bike assists may allow some of those drivers to make those trips by cycle instead, helping to reduce their overall CO2 emissions.

So how do you stay fit on an e-bike?

So if traditional mountain bikes require more effort and power, should people looking for a better cardio workout opt to forgo the motor? Not necessarily, says Riley. You can get the same cardio workout on either, he says. It all depends how fast you turn the pedals and how much you’re asking the e-bike to assist your efforts.

Renn says that e-bike riders should be aware of their heart rate while riding. One does gain the cardiovascular benefits from an e-bike, but it doesn’t feel as taxing. Your heart rate is 9-10 heartbeats per minute lower on an e-bike versus mountain bike when riding at your high-intensity zone. So it’s the same effort, but lower heart rate zones in an e-bike.

While a lower heart rate can slightly decrease the number of calories burned in a period of time, it can also give riders the energy they need to ride for longer, which ultimately burns more calories than a shorter ride.

Riley suggests riders use the e-bike to complement a traditional ride, rather than entirely replacing it. E-bikes, he says, can help riders access new trails; for example, an urban rider could use the e-assist to ride outside their city limits, then turn the level of assist down once they start their workout-focused ride.

He also points to the ability to customize workouts with an e-bike: if you need a rest day for your quads, turn up the assistance level. And if it’s really a core workout you want, use the e-assist to shuttle up the trail before getting in a core workout during the ride down (most technical riders stand while downhilling.)

Ultimately, the degree to which any e-biker, road cyclist, or mountain biker can train and work out depends entirely on the user. Mountain bikers can take it easy by walking up steep terrain, and putting an e-bike on full assist mode is unlikely to get most people’s heart rates into fat-burning mode.

But the idea that e-bikes are ‘easier’ is a misconception – when properly used, they can both extend your workout and enable you to spend more time on your bike, even on recovery days. And with travel likely suspended for at least another few months, it’s an excellent time to strap on a helmet and get in a few miles on two wheels.

The e-bike that amplifies you

Meet the new generation e-bike and its’ state of the art features.

Noord brings you to your destination and beyond. Where others stop, you ride on.

Developed in-house. With Noord, you can rely on Dutch quality wrapped in an incredibly cool look.

The e-bike is designed to last. No hassle with maintenance means more time for yourself.

These tires don’t get tired! Thanks to the extra thick structure, you always ride comfortably and with better road holding. These anti-puncture tires make sure you move swiftly on slippery roads and smooth through busy cities.

The Noord is equipped with Shimano’s most powerful mid-mounted engine. The Smart sensor measures 10.000 times per second the amount of force you apply on the paddle. Hereby it provides you perfect ergonomic support.

The built-in ABS ensures that the front wheel does not lock in the event of an emergency stop and that the e-bike remains steerable with optimum performance.

MyBike account

In your personal MyBike account, you find everything you need. Get direct access to our services, check where your bike is located in real-time and view the details of your subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bike hire scheme?

A scheme that provides bicycles for multiple users.

What are the benefits of a bike hire scheme?

Bike hire schemes have lots of travel and environmental benefits which include:

  • Removing the barrier of bicycle ownership
  • Removing the threat of bike theft, which can deter people from cycling
  • Improving connectivity between residential areas and key destinations
  • Improving people’s travel choices
  • Providing an affordable travel option
  • Forming part of a public transport journey by connecting people to bus and train services
  • Helping to reduce congestion and air pollution in Nottingham
  • Reducing Carbon emissions and aligning with Nottingham’s commitment to become the first carbon neutral city in the country (CN2028)

What is an e-bike?

An electric bike, or e-bike, is the same as a normal bike except it has an electric motor which gives you a boost, making it easier to travel up hills.

Why are all the bikes electric?

We want Nottingham’s bike hire scheme to be accessible to as many people as possible. E-bikes are more attractive to people who have lower cycling confidence or experience, people with limited physical strength, people with a disability or mobility impairments and people new to cycling. Usage data from schemes in other places shows that e-bikes are more popular than pedal bikes.

How do I use an e-bike?

  • Download the Lime app from the Apple app store or the Google Play store.
  • Open the app and search for nearby e-bikes.
  • Scan the QR code on the e-bike to unlock it.
  • Put on your helmet.
  • Enjoy your ride, follow local regulations, use cycle lanes where available, and do not ride on the pavement (unless it is a shared space indicated by the sign below).
  • Reach your destination and ‘end ride’ in the app. Park correctly and make sure the e-bike is not causing an obstruction.

How much do e-bikes cost to use?

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Lime charges a fixed rate (£1.00) to unlock an e-bike and then 19p per minute to ride. Average journeys cost between £3.50 and £4.50.

If you would like to use the e-bikes for longer journeys, Lime offers the below ride passes:

Lime also offers a 50% discount on all e-bike rides to students, keyworkers and jobseekers via Lime Access (see below).

What is Lime Access?

Lime Access offers a 50% discount on all e-bike rides for those who qualify. You qualify for Lime Access if you can show evidence you hold one of the following passes:

  • Jobcentre Plus Travel Card
  • Blue Light Card (for emergency service workers)
  • Student Card (NUS student card or institution-specific)
  • Other free or discounted travel cards for Nottingham
  • Disabled Persons Freedom Pass
  • Other eligible key worker IDs and passes (including central and local government jobs and emergency service workers)

Do I need to wear a helmet when riding an e-bike?

No, you do not need to wear a helmet. There is no law in the UK that requires cyclists to wear a helmet, although they are recommended within The Highway Code (see Rule 59). Similarly, while Lime doesn’t require you to wear a helmet when riding their e-bikes, they do highly encourage it and are providing users with helmets.

How many e-bikes are there?

At launch, there will be 350 e-bikes across the city. As the scheme expands across Nottingham this number will grow until there are 700 e-bikes in the fleet for users to ride.

How old do you have to be to hire an e-bike?

Users must be 18 years and over.

Can I ride a Lime e-bike outside Nottingham?

No, Lime e-bikes cannot be used outside the Nottingham City boundary. Users who take e-bikes outside this area will receive a fine of £5.

During the development of the scheme Nottinghamshire County Council were approached to include the Nottingham suburbs lying within the County in the e-bike hire scheme, but decided against being part of it.

How fast do the e-bikes go?

The Gen4 e-bike motor stops providing assistance once the e-bike reaches 15.5 mph. In ‘Go-Slow’ zones e-bike speeds are restricted to 8mph. In ‘No-go’ zones the e-bike motor provides no assistance.

How do I report any issues?

Lime offers a 24/7 multilingual customer service network. Users and non-users can report issues via the Lime mobile app on Apple or Android. Alternatively, issues can be reported by:

When reporting an issue please provide an accurate location along with a description of the issue and, if possible, the 6-digit reference of the e-bike which will allow the team to locate and identify it. Providing a photo (depending on which channel you are using) also helps to ensure the operations team can resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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