Ebike Discount Codes by Company 2023. Mok wheel electric bike

Ebike Discount Codes by Company 2023

The ebike industry is extremely competitive, just look at my list of all of the electric bike brands. In many cases, the price you see online is just the list price and there are often sales, coupon and promo codes to save more. Below are electric bike coupon codes from the largest ebike brands.

Coupon codes below will continue to be updated so you can save more on your electric bike. Scroll down to view ebike discount codes from Juiced, Rad Power Bikes, Ariel Rider, Aventon, Ride1Up, Lectric and many more!

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Lectric Ebikes Discount Codes

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Along with the free accessories upon purchase Lectric is offering 25% off a huge selection. Show

Along with the free accessories upon purchase Lectric is offering 25% off a huge selection of their accessories. Great time to accessorize your Lectric. Show Less

For a limited time purchase any ebike and receive a free upgrade to a comfort seat, some models also include the suspension seat post to sweeten the comfort. Here is a list of some of the other items they are including with select models:Buy an XP Trike, get a Cargo Pack free (99 value)Buy an XPedition, get a giant seat free (40 value) Show Less

For a limited time, Lectric is offering 177 worth of free accessories when you pre-order their all-new XP trike. This amazing offer is available for the entire pre-order period, but don’t miss out. Show Less

All active military and veterans can verify themselves through ID.me at checkout, and receive 50 off any eBike purchase!Show Less

Rad Power Bikes Discount Codes

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For a limited time Rad is offering 150 off two top selling ebikes. The RadCity 5 Plus and. Show

For a limited time Rad is offering 150 off two top selling ebikes. The RadCity 5 Plus and RadWagon 4. Show Less

Rad is offering savings on their fat tire ebike! Save 700 off any color RadRover 6 High Step model. Show Less

For a limited time purchase a RadRunner3 and receive a free passenger seat. Add both items. Show

For a limited time purchase a RadRunner3 and receive a free passenger seat. Add both items to your cart and use the above code to receive the offer. Show Less

Welcome the RadRunner3 Plus!

For a limited time purchase a RadRunner3 and receive a free passenger seat. Add both items to your cart and use the above code to receive the offer.

For Memorial Day Rad is offering up to 25% off some great accessories. From Bern Helmets to Thule Yepp Maxi Seats, Rad has you covered. Show Less

100 off when you are a returning customer.

Rad Power Bikes CANADA Discount Codes

For a limited time, Rad is offering up to 300 off almost all of their models. Savings vary between models. Show Less

Ride1Up Electric Bike Discount Codes

In addition to the spring sale at Ride1Up, they are offering a multi ebike discount. Get an additional 200 OFF when you purchase 2 ebikes. Use the above promo code to save. Show Less

In addition to the spring sale at Ride1Up, they are offering a multi ebike discount. Get an additional 200 OFF when you purchase 2 ebikes. Use the above promo code to save.

ebike, discount, codes, company, 2023

Ride1Up is offering a bunch of open box specials on there ebikes. Open Box Ebikes have never been ridden or assembled. Due to increased time in transit, they have a higher chance of scratches or minor shipping-related issues. Show Less

ebike, discount, codes, company, 2023

Mokwheel Basalt Review: An Electric Bike With A Difference

Basalt from Mokwheel is an all-terrain e-bike. But what makes it different from other all-terrain e-bikes is that it is the world’s first-ever electric bike with integrated power station technology. And that is a significant advantage when you wish to ride out long distances, go camping or trekking, or in other words, move outdoors.

Table of Contents

Basalt is powered by a 48V 19.6Ah 960Wh Samsung Lithium-ion battery for uninterrupted rides. It also comes with a 750W geared hub motor system. A single charge of the battery is enough to cover anywhere between 60 and 80 miles (95 to 130 km).

Additionally, the e-bike can carry a maximum load of up to 400 lbs (180 kg).

The Basalt is a Class 3 e-bike with Pedal-Assist and Throttle-Assist system. It belongs to the fat bike category, offering seamless rides across the snow, dust, dirt, rugged terrain, etc.

Besides the powerful battery and brushless motor, Basalt is fitted with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes for easy control and 26 x 4” tires for comfortable rides. These are assisted by the 100mm-travel suspension fork that aids comfort and control.

What makes Basalt unique? Let’s find out.

What makes Mokwheel Basalt unique?

No Distance is Uncoverable When Basalt is With You

One of the biggest advantages of getting the Basalt home is the power inverter feature that converts the battery into a power bank.

ebike, discount, codes, company, 2023

The bike becomes your roving power station – other electronic items can be charged using the battery. Not just that, the power inverter can be used with Mokwheel’s specially-designed solar panel to keep the e-bike, lights, phone, etc., charged effectively.

What devices can be charged? Any device that uses Type C1, C2, USB A, 48AC, and 12V DC ports with 1000W power output. The Basalt battery can be charged in about five hours with the help of the inverter and the solar panel.

So, what does it mean? You just need your Mokwheel Basalt to set off to less explored terrains, spend more time with nature, and indulge in backwood adventures. The solar panel and the inverter can be purchased as accessories, and these two set the Basalt different from the rest.

Great For Carrying Extra Load

Mokwheel offers a rear rack with Basalt, a great utility feature. However, the racks are bolted, so you need to be careful and regularly check to ensure the bolts have not loosened up.

That said, the rear rack makes the e-bike more functional and a great option as a commuter and delivery vehicle. Plus, the fact that the e-bike has a high payload capacity of 400 lbs (180 kg) makes it a worthy buy if you have to carry extra weight now and then.

A Well-Engineered E-Bike

The Basalt comes with five Pedal Assist levels. At lower speeds and even when the e-bike is turned on, the e-bike is in Eco Mode. Gradually, it cranks up to the Power Mode – an engineering aspect that helps conserve battery charge.

The hidden battery is positioned in the center of the frame and is pretty low. This helps maintain balance, especially on harsher terrains.

The frame of the Basalt has a top-tube design that gives it an aesthetic look. The 7-speed e-bike uses the Shimano Tourney rear derailleur and an SIS Shimano index thumb shifter on the handlebar that is relatively easy to use. There’s also the double-sided bash guard that protects the front chain ring from damage and also minimizes derailments.

Design and engineering aspects are remarkable, with a two-year limited warranty on components and parts.

Safety Is a Top Priority

Nighttime safety comes from the integrated headlight. There’s also a rear light that brightens up when the brakes are hit. The fat 26”x4” tires come with reflective stripes on the sidewall. Impeccable wire management is an added feature.

The LCD is intuitive and comes with bezel corners. It is pretty big and can be read easily in the sunlight or dark.

What Could Have Been Better?

No reason to complain, but Basalt has a few drawbacks. The e-bike is pretty bulky – it has a massive frame, whether the step-thru version or the traditional one. Thus, for shorter and smaller riders, Basalt can be a bit challenging to ride and control.

The other thing that is worth mentioning is the knobby tires. If you are looking at only city on-road rides, this tire isn’t really necessary.

About Mokwheel

Ontario-based Mokwheel is the maker of power station electric e-bikes. It was started in 2014 by Denny, who has a versatile background in e-products like electric scooters and hoverboards.

From the start, he has been dedicatedly working towards delivering top quality that offers customers reliable products.

Innovation has been a critical ingredient in Mokwheel’s evolution. For example, the Mokwheel power station e-bike, Basalt, is a first-of-its-kind in the world. In addition, the battery of this e-bike can be used to charge other appliances.

Another aspect that puts the brand in a different league is that, unlike other e-bike brands, it does not procure parts and components from other brands and assemble them to create its electric bike.

Mokwheel makes its parts and components through innovation, research, and development. For example, the Battery Management System or BMS found in electric cars has been used in Mokwheel e-bikes.

The BMS used by the brand is from Texas Instruments. The battery cells are from Samsung and LG. The head office of Mokwheel Bikes Inc. is at N Sequoia Ave, Ontario, Canada.

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Mokwheel Mesa Plus ST Review: All-Terrain E-Bike With Big Range!

A large, quick electric bike with huge tires sells for 1600 and is called the Mokwheel Mesa Plus ST.

Is it worthwhile to acquire the Mokwheel Mesa Plus ST? Before making a purchase, read this review of the Mokwheel Mesa Plus ST. You’ll be happy that you did! Large all-terrain tires on this all-terrain bike make it ideal for a range of terrains. It has grooves built in for traction on gravel and paved surfaces. Additionally, full-fenders are included for increased durability.


The Mokwheel Mesa Plus ST is precisely what you would expect from e-bikes, but they also went above and beyond by including small touches like a cushioned seat, full fenders, and even an attached rear rack that assist reduce any inconvenience customers may experience. Along with several replacement bolts, the packing contains all the appropriate assembly equipment in case a home repair is required.

With their devotion to even the smallest aspects, Mokwheel succeeded this time. This is likely a result of their personnel being the most devoted users of their bicycles; they are aware of what is best for their customers. Large tires and a durable frame give these bikes their sturdiness. These are excellent investments that you can’t go wrong with.

Mokwheel Mesa Plus ST: Design

Let’s begin by talking about the Mokwheel Mesa Plus ST’s quality. Although this electric bike is well-made, you can discover that it has certain flaws. That is typical given that some electric bikes are shipped with defects and must be repaired before use. Fortunately, this e-bike comes with a two-year warranty, which is advantageous for most users. A wonderful feature is the huge, forward-facing battery that is mounted on the frame.

The Mokwheel Mesa Plus ST was created with larger people in mind. The e-bike is simple to put together and has a comfy seat. It’s not difficult to put together, but flipping it over to put the wheel on is the most challenging step.

A 7-speed Shimano shifter, which can change 7 different gears with the flick of a thumb, is included with both the Tor and Upland models. Mokwheel bikes come with adjustable suspension forks on top of a 4″ all-purpose large tire to smooth out any road imperfections, keeping the ride silky smooth when combined with that cushioned seat. This is done to ensure the greatest possible user experience.

We’ll go through this electric bike’s features and advantages in this Mokwheel Mesa Plus ST review. We’ll also look at its size because the huge tire on this electric bike makes it ideal for a variety of terrains. For optimal effectiveness, the bike also sports a 7-speed Shimano shifter. Finally, we’ll talk about how comfortable the rider’s seat is.

The bicycles already have rear racks that are 6.5″ x 18.5″ in size and can hold up to 200 pounds of stuff. To carry necessities on the ride, you may also put a rear basket or a pannier bag onto the rack. They also include front and rear fenders, the latter of which is already attached to the bike when it is delivered. Most e-bike sellers charge extra for this feature, which you must pay for out of

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for an electric bike. A firm called Mokwheel sells electric bikes that are of excellent quality and are reasonably priced. Both the Mesa Plus ST version costs less than 1,600, making them competitively priced with similar bikes from other manufactures. You may be sure that your purchase will offer exceptional value for your money at this affordable price. Mokwheel is the way to go if you’re searching for an e-bike that can manage challenging terrain and hills.

Mokwheel Mesa Plus ST: Motor and Driving

A 750W motor, a 48-volt battery, and a 22-amp controller are included in the Mesa Plus ST. It can go faster than 30 mph without jerking. The bike’s sturdy frame can support 350 pounds of weight. With the Mesa Plus ST, a sturdy rear baggage rack is included. A high-quality battery has a longer lifespan as well. The Mesa Plus ST is a great option for commuters who need to transport a few pounds because to its features.

Mokwheel is aware of the significance of quality control in establishing credibility and maintaining its position as a company deserving of its customers.

They excel in comprehending the needs of their customers, particularly those related to bike repair, and they work diligently to address such problems by providing services that are focused on these areas. Since every Mokwheel employee is permitted to ride a bike to and from work, they have a unique understanding of the struggles of customers. In this way, any issues that customers may have are resolved before they become public.

You could believe electric bikes are only for urban use when riding off-road. Many electric bikes can, however, be used for adventurous activities. Long distances could be too sluggish for a standard bike. It’s the same with a mountain bike. Fast and upright riding on an electric bike is possible without compromising maneuverability. They have the ability to climb hills as well. Can they however travel off-road? Here are some illustrations.

Check your local legislation regulating the use of electric bicycles on trails before riding an electric bike off-road. Always be considerate to your other users. Remember that the engine won’t start until you start pedaling, thus going uphill may result in you going faster. Communicate with other trail users and show respect for their rights to use the trail.

Effortlessly traveling off-road is possible with a nice electric bike. An electric off-road bike made by Liv combines electric and mechanical power. The end result is a bike that gives riders a seamless power boost to tackle steeper trails more quickly. The All-Terrain R750 HT can easily climb steep trails thanks to its 750 watt motor. It includes gloves and a helmet for protection.

Consider the gearing when selecting an electric bike motor for slopes. The hub motor is typically the least expensive and most popular form of motor. Additionally, it is the simplest to purchase, and since it is sealed, the elements can hardly ever harm it. A hub motor, which works well for flat terrain and minor inclines, should be avoided if you want to ride on a hill. In contrast to the gearing on the bike, a hub motor operates independently.

Make careful to perform a few simple maintenance activities before riding your electric bike on the sand. To start, spray the sand from the motor with an air compressor equipped with a nozzle. This will prevent sand from being kicked up into the motor and keep the tire and motor clean. You should properly clean the motor because difficulties could arise if it gets moist. Avoid riding your electric bike near water as another advice for maintaining the cleanliness of your motor. You might have to pedal your way home instead!

Mokwheel Mesa Plus ST: Battery

The e-bikes from Mokwheel stand out for their fast battery charging times. Fast charging times may lead you to believe that the battery is smaller, however this is not the case. A 48V 16Ah battery may be fully charged in just 6 hours while maintaining capacity. This implies that after a day of cycling, you can charge the bike so that it will be ready to use the following morning.

The nicest feature of Mokwheel is its plush seats with additional padding, which keeps the bum in place throughout lengthy rides, which is usually the case given their range of 45 miles. Due to the bike’s weight, those between the heights of 5’3″ and 6’4″ with a larger build are better suited for riding it.

A 48-volt battery powers the Mesa Plus ST, a high-performance electric bike. It can travel 45 kilometers on a single battery. To guarantee that these numbers are correct when used in practice, the organization maintains a strict quality control procedure. In the event that you need to brake, the bike’s responsive and trustworthy brakes aid in a swift halt. On this electric bike, using the brakes won’t be a problem.

Mokwheel Mesa Plus ST: Conclusions

To completely comprehend the anatomy of the bikes and be able to relate to any issues customers may encounter, every Mokwheel employee has taken the bikes apart and rebuilt them from the ground up at least once.

To provide its customers peace of mind, Mokwheel also plans to finish a regional network of repair facilities where all repair costs are covered by its warranty. The aim of Mokwheel is to win your hearts, not your money.

The Mokwheel tagline is to “guarantee quality with products and ease with service,” and they do a pretty decent job living up to it. Denny L, the CEO of Mokwheel, has more than 15 years of experience in product development. He is very particular about the products that Mokwheel makes since he knows how crucial it is to maintain quality. Denny wants to win over customers’ hearts by offering incredible goods and services in an honest and open manner. They are sincere in what they do and open about their processes. Being trustworthy is the key to establishing trust.

Beginning in 2015 as an e-scooter business, Mokwheel later introduced the Mokwheel Mesa Plus ST as its first two e-bike models in late January 2022. Due to their continued post-launch deals, you can currently purchase an e-bike for 1,549 as opposed to the quoted price of 1,699.

Mokwheel Review – Latest Range of Power Station E-Bikes

This article takes a closer look at the Mokwheel e-bike range and some of the features that make them stand out from the competition. From their user-friendly design, to high-quality battery technology, Mokwheel offers e-bike enthusiasts something for all occasions including commuting, leisure, or off-road adventures.

As the world’s first company to fit their e-bikes with 1000w power inverters, Mokwheel is offering cyclists more than just a mode of transportation. Their e-bikes now can charge multiple devices, from laptops to coffee machines, making them not only a sustainable and eco-friendly option but a practical and convenient one too.

Mokwheel Basalt

Fat Tire E-Bike Ready for Adventures

The Mokwheel Basalt is designed for adventure seekers who want to explore new terrain and escape city life. Equipped with a powerful 750-watt rear hub motor, and a high-capacity 925Wh battery, the Basalt can tackle steep hills and rough trails with ease. Its sturdy frame, front suspension fork, and 26″ x 4″ fat tires provide a comfortable and stable ride while giving great traction whatever the surface. The Basalt also features a large full-color display that shows speed, distance, and battery life. In addition, the Basalt has Mokwheel’s unique power-station feature. Finally, there’s a large pannier rack, which is ideal for taking your camping gear on weekend adventures.

Mokwheel Basalt ST

Rugged Step-Through Fat Tire E-Bike

The Basalt ST shares the same electric components as the Basalt but features a convenient step-through frame design. The ST will be perfect for riders who prefer a more ‘laid back’ cycling experience. The low-step frame makes getting on and off the bike much easier, and is great for older riders, or riders with limited mobility. This model also features the Mokwheel Power Station, for charging your things wherever you go.

Mokwheel Scoria

Step-Through 20″ Fat Tire E-Bike

The Mokwheel Scoria is the perfect e-bike for commuters and city riders who want a comfortable and efficient mode of transportation. With a sleek step-through design, 20-inch fat tires and front suspension, the Scoria can easily navigate busy city streets or woodland trails. Its powerful 750-watt motor and 925Wh battery provide an effortless riding experience, while the low-step frame and upright riding position ensure a comfortable fit for riders of all sizes. The Scoria also comes with a 1000w Power Station and a large pannier rack (with the option to fit a front basket), making it suitable to use as a cargo e-bike.

Mokwheel Mesa City Plus

Fat Tire E-Bike For City Riding or Weekend Escapes

The Mokwheel Mesa City Plus is a step-through fat tire electric bike, that can handle a variety of terrain, from city streets, gravel tracks and even sand. Featuring a powerful 750-watt rear hub motor with a 768Wh battery, it’s a great option for riders who want to explore new places. The Mesa City Plus also features a large pannier rack, and provision to fit a large front basket, making it suitable for shopping, or carrying work things. If you’re looking for a comfortable, and versatile machine for day-to-day use, the Mesa City Plus is well worth considering.

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Mokwheel Mesa City

Practical E-Bike Designed for Fast City Riding

The Mokwheel Mesa City is a lightweight and stylish urban electric bike, that’s perfect for tackling daily commutes and general city riding. Rolling on fast 700c tires, the Mesa City is designed for the fast and nimble handling often required when negotiating busy city streets. Featuring a 500w rear hub motor with a 48v 12.8Ah battery, there’s enough power on tap to help you up hills and get away from the lights quickly. In addition, Mesa City has all the accessories you’d expect, including a large pannier rack, mudguards and lights. Plus, it’s so light, you can easily ride it without the electric assist to conserve power on longer rides.


Mokwheel offers a range of e-bikes that cater to different needs and riding preferences. Whether you’re a city commuter or a weekend adventurer, there’s a Mokwheel electric bike for you. Each bike is designed with quality components, advanced technology, and user-friendly features to provide a safe, efficient, and enjoyable ride. Whether you’re commuting to work, running errands, or exploring new trails, Mokwheel electric bikes are the perfect solution for a greener, more sustainable, and more convenient mode of transportation.

Do you own a Mokwheel E-Bike? Feel free to share your experiences in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев section below.

Meet Tony, a passionate e-bike advocate and enthusiast who discovered the life-changing benefits of electric bikes back in 2016. Tony’s technical experience within the e-bike field was gained while running a successful electric bike conversion business for 5 years in his home county of Cornwall, UK.

Mokwheel the rising e-bike revolutionist

Look at the world around you. The e-Bike market is growing with each passing day. The question is—is it growing fast enough? Evidently not. Mokwheel understands this better than most other manufacturers. The need to propel the said e-Bike statistics by 2030 is, therefore, super important.

Mokwheel has taken it upon themselves to provide the best e-Bike offerings. If that wasn’t enough, they promise really affordable prices. We have a lot of exciting things to share about the company; let’s begin by looking at some of the latest machines!

Meet the Latest Additions—the Tor and the Upland Plus

Not all bikes are meant for everyone. The need to custom-tailor e-Bikes is what Mokwheel understands and is a part of its core. Ergo, the new and latest additions, the Tor and the Upland Plus are here to prove just that. What are their core specifications that make it so appealing? Find out here.

The.than-Capable Motor

Both these bikes come with a pretty massive 750W motor. This not only will meet your daily urban requirements but also those weekend trails are easier than ever before. Both the Tor and the Upland Plus are here to break the stereotypes of commuting.

With a 48V battery that is capable of 45 miles with one charge, commuting from one end of the city to another is not a hassle anymore. Mokwheel’s RD is pretty strong on this one. The sheer strength of their Quality Control ensures that the numbers are as good in use as they are on paper.

Greater Stopping Capabilities

The Tor and the Upland Plus are pretty fast bikes. Naturally, Mokwheel understands the need to place bigger and better quality brakes too. The 180mm discs are more than capable of bringing the bikes to a halt in no time. With the bite of the brakes evenly spread, progressive braking is an easy task now too.

Quick Shifting, Soft Suspension

Shimano shifters are rather capable additions to the bikes themselves. With a 7-speed shifter, the Tor and the Upland Plus make it super easy to quickly shift gears with quick thumb flicks. This not only calls for a smoother riding experience but also makes the bikes a lot more efficient.

Suspension is yet another aspect that the Tor and the Upland Plus are pretty great at. Their adjustable suspensions make sure that you can customize them according to your needs. over, these are on the softer side, meaning that rough bumps and humps are not for your body to take.

The Electrical Bits

An e-bike is incomplete without foolproof electrical bits. Naturally, the Tor and the Upland Plus excel here as well. Not only are the wirings sealed from water and abrasive bits, but the result of such intricately-carved wiring is visible to you. One glance at the powerful 48V headlight or the LED taillight, and you will know for yourself.

Focus on Comfort

Despite being used for both urban or off-road purposes, the Tor and the Upland Plus FOCUS on comfort. The seats are not only better shaped to place yourself comfortably on them, but are super-nicely padded too.

Carrying Capacity

For the most part, e-Bikes make compromises on carrying capacities to make them light and fast. Think about it, the banal engineers usually are compelled to sacrifice cargo because of the battery, as one needs to be removed to keep the bike light on the whole.

Not the Tor and the Upland Plus. They come equipped with a heavy-duty bike rack that supports up to 200 pounds of weight. It is also sufficiently spacious owing to its 6.5” x 18.5” dimensions of it.

Wheels and Peripheries

Lastly, the Tor and the Upland Plus both come with a large all-purpose tire that does not wear out as easily. Additionally, it has crevices to be better suited for multiple terrains such as roads and gravel. In a bid to ensure that the tires are protected, they also come with fenders both on the back and front. The full-fenders ensure great protection, thereby increasing longevity.

Why Mokwheel?

If crude numbers aren’t enough, Mokwheel has a few more things to propose. What separates Mokwheel from the others aren’t just superior numbers and tangible ideas, but things and tidbits that aren’t visible to the naked eye. What are those?

Quality Control

Mokwheel practices strict QC measures. Their bikes are sturdy, durable, and have no holes or gaps with regard to the overall quality of the product. There are more-than-sufficient test rides done too, to better gauge the viewpoint and use-cases of the customers.

If not anything, Mokwheel products are pretty finely crafted to completion. We’d go as far as saying that they provide a true sense of completeness. Use one for yourself, and you will be left with no complaints (or words, for that matter). There is also a 2-year-warranty on their bikes, but we honestly don’t think you will need it.

Easy Assembly and Disassembly

Despite practicing great QC, Mokwheel understands that exceptionally rare problems can be a possibility. Due to this, the company has made assembly and disassembly of the bike rather easy. Further, there is an umpteen number of tutorials and videos to prove the same.

In a day and age of companies trying to keep their customers around for longer, Mokwheel wants you to be as independent as possible. You will not possibly face any issues with your bike. But on the rarest occasion, if you do—they have all the literature ready for you. Additionally, you will be provided with those small components like bolts, which go a long way.

The Price

Before you assume that such a well-equipped bike would be expensive, we are here to ask you to stop and reconsider. With an already low asking price of 1699, Mokwheel has made it all the more affordable with a promotion of 150 off. An effective price of just 1549 with the fender and rack as free additions? An offer you can’t refuse.

Wrap Up

The e-Bike market is getting competitive. While most seem to just ramp up the number game, Mokwheel realizes that the best-selling point of an e-bike is not the crude number but customer satisfaction. The Tor and the Upland plus are here not to win your hard-earned money but your heart instead. Happy cycling!

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