E-bike boom: Rad Power Bikes selects St. Petersburg for first southern U. S. store. Rad e trike

E-bike boom: Rad Power Bikes selects St. Petersburg for first southern U.S. store

Social distancing, sustainability and accessibility helped fuel e-biking during the pandemic, but the battery-propelled bicycles seem to be here to stay.

Seattle-based Rad Power Bikes is widely considered the largest e-bike seller in the United States. Last month, they opened a St. Petersburg store — the company’s first in the South and only their second on the East Coast.

Vice President of Customer Operations Pete Boudreaux spoke with the Tampa Bay Times about what customers can expect from the new Warehouse Arts District store, at 2400 5th Ave. S, just off the Pinellas Trail. This interview has been lightly edited for clarity and length.

Why St. Petersburg for Rad’s second East Coast store?

The journey starts about 16 or 18 months ago. A lot of our growth primarily started in the northwest and then proceeded down the West Coast and into Canada. We didn’t have as many customers on the East Coast so we started looking at how could we diversify our customer base. We looked at a number of cities. We recently opened Brooklyn, N.Y., and then we landed on St. Petersburg.

We looked at a couple of factors. Number one, we want to look at historical revenue with Rad. Is there some customer base or are we going to start from scratch? In Tampa and St. Pete, there was definitely a customer base. Number two, we look at the population density. Is it a strong population to help fuel growth? Our customers will travel to a Rad location. We have people coming from The Villages, Orlando, Fort Myers, to the store today. We know customers will travel to a Rad location but we also want to make sure there’s a population there we could serve as well. And then we also look at online analytics. Through Google Analytics and others you can determine if there is an interest in e-bikes and alternative mobility options in Tampa and St. Pete.

Then we venture out into finding the right location. We knew Florida was where we wanted to be on the East Coast and we explored different options, between Tampa and St. Pete, South Florida like Fort Lauderdale and the Miami area. We landed on St. Pete, we thought it was the best market to attract customers. Once we identified that market, we then zero in on the specific location. We looked at a number of real estate options across that area.

The new location is close to the Pinellas trail. Was that was a coincidence?

The trail is an added bonus. The ability to test ride a bike is one of our key criteria, so when we were looking for locations across that whole Tampa-St. Pete area, we wanted to make sure that there was accessibility to ride the bike. Rad stores across the country are often not in the same locations as typical retail because of the added element of having to ride a bike.

A number of customers will come in to Rad either having never ridden a bike, an electric bike, or maybe they haven’t ridden a bike for a number of years. We get a lot of customers who haven’t been on a bike in 20 years and want to kind of, you know, regain that feeling. Getting them on a test ride will help with the comfort and understanding of what they’re getting into and how it’s going to hopefully change the way they think about not just transportation, but mobility and getting around. Being close to the trail was a huge benefit.

Since launching, has Rad seen a shift or change in the kind of customer base you’re attracting?

I’ve been with Rad for about a year and a half. I think we’ve seen really strong growth in the e-bike category. Specifically with Rad, we have over 500,000 riders. What I saw early on is people looking at alternative transportation options. After COVID hit, what was last thing you wanted to do? Get on public transportation. And so, in cities where there was a lot of reliance on public transportation, we’ve seen a shift especially during late 2021 to 2022.

As we’ve grown, you’re seeing demographics of customers expand. It’s not just a market of 25- to 40-year-olds. We have customers that range from early adults to those well into retirement. We recently introduced the Rad Trike (a three-wheeler) and we’ve had a tremendous amount of customer interest.

Early-on adopters of e-bikes were people who are really into biking or really into the environment and making a change. While that still maintains, you’re also now introducing customers for whom it’s changing the way they just think about getting out and recreation. Myself included. My wife and I will ride with friends on our Rad bikes every weekend. We’ll take them to the restaurant when historically, we would have driven a car.

Florida is not known for its public transportation. And while a lot of downtown St. Pete is fairly walkable, and we’ve seen an expansion in like different micro mobility programs, public transit is often seen seen as something that you do out of necessity rather than out of choice.

There was obviously a demand in St. Pete prior to us arriving. What we believe we’re going to see is that we’re able to introduce Rad and e-biking in general and the benefit of e-biking to a larger population by having the retail store there. We’re direct to consumer so we don’t use dealers. Customers either buy online directly or they visit one of our Rad retail locations. We have nine of those across North America.

We knew there was a community and obviously the weather favorable the majority of the year. That was another attractive thing and then also the broad spectrum of population. We have an e-bike family, so are not just targeting the commuter population. We’ve got different models for different types of individuals. And so St. Pete and Tampa really offer a mix of customers and options.

What can people expect from the store itself?

We started opening stores a few years ago. We want them to be a hub for our customers, who can come in and get annual bike tune-ups, a service or repair. We also know that there’s customers who want to learn more about the bikes and local regulations around biking. And some of them are maybe DIYers who want to learn more. So at our stores we do different events. Because we just opened St. Petersburg we haven’t launched a lot of events there yet. But if I looked at our other stores, for example, we have a store in Berkeley, Calif., who this past Saturday held a “how to change a flat tire.”

We try to bring people in for education and also excitement. Some of our other stores, which we’ll also be offering out of St. Petersburg, offer group rides. These may be existing customers or they may be customers who are wanting to learn more about e-biking, meaning they haven’t purchased anything. The store is not just for you to come and buy a Rad bike one time. We want you to feel like you’re part of a community.

What’s the policy landscape surrounding e-bikes at the moment? A handful of places across the country are launching local rebate schemes or voucher projects. St. Pete is not one of those places. Denver comes to mind. Is Rad involved in any advocacy?

There was some proposed legislation at the federal government level, in the Build Back Better proposal that didn’t get through with an e-bike rebate. But a lot of cities or states are adopting their own policy. We have to find alternative solutions. Electric cars alone won’t solve the problem, because you’re not taking cars off the road. We have to get solutions where people are looking for alternative transportation.

You mentioned Denver. Denver kicked off the program last spring. We have a store in Denver. I was there on the opening weekend, seeing community members come in with voucher program, getting a cargo-type bike almost for free with the voucher. We try to understand what is potentially coming, and we try to help legislation. We worked with CalBike, so I presented at one of their summits last year in Oakland. We talked about the bikes and the impact it’s having on communities, and we’ll continue to do that with different cities. If Tampa and St. Pete start to build momentum around this, we will participate in a way that makes sense.

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Social distancing, sustainability and accessibility helped fuel e-biking during the pandemic, but the battery-propelled bicycles seem to be here to stay.

Seattle-based Rad Power Bikes is widely considered the largest e-bike seller in the United States. Last month, they opened a St. Petersburg store — the company’s first in the South and only their second on the East Coast.

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Electric Tricycles

These aren’t the trikes you grew up with. These are electric tricycles for adults. Our three-wheeled electric bikes feature accessible step-thru frames designed for confident handling, tight turns, and an industry-leading payload capacity.

High-Step Frame

Step-Thru Frame

Lower top-tube angle than a high-step frame. Riders find a more forgiving angle for swinging their leg over when mounting and dismounting.

Mid-Step Frame

Frame design without a top tube. No need to swing a leg over. rider mounts and dismounts by stepping over the low, dropped frame.

What is an Electric Tricycle?

An electric tricycle is a three-wheeled electric bike that provides more stability than a two-wheeled ebike. They include a battery-powered motor that enables pedal assist and / or a throttle to help propel the rider. This allows the rider to go further, faster, and with less effort than they would on a traditional, non-electric three-wheeled bike.

There are several different types of electric trikes on the market, including:

Two wheels in rear, one wheel up frontThis is a common set-up for riders seeking recreation, enhanced mobility, or commercial uses for their etrike. This category includes the RadTrike.

Two wheels in front and one wheel in rearThis is common for “box-up-front” style etrikes that are typically used for transporting kids or cargo and resembles a bicycling ice cream vendor’s cart.

RecumbentThese can feature either wheel set-up, but are designed with seating that allows the rider to recline to support their needs.

FoldingThese commonly fold in half to make them smaller for transporting or storage. There are few etrikes that fold as quickly and easily as a two-wheel folding ebike.

Cargo and commercialThese can include either wheel set-up but also feature larger, more powerful motors and batteries for cargo or commercial use in factories, facilities management, corporate campuses, or delivery.

Why ride an etrike?

For many riders, electric tricycles provide a number of advantages over traditional two-wheeled electric bikes. The three wheel base and frame provide a comfortable, stable riding experience that makes it easier to maintain your balance on than a two-wheel bike. Etrikes also typically include a more accessible step-thru or low-step frame that make it simpler for riders to get on and off. And like electric bikes, the battery power helps riders maximize their experience and opportunities.

Who is an etrike for?

Electric tricycles are for adults of practically any size, shape, age or ability. Popular use cases include:

  • Cruising around the neighborhood.
  • Picking up groceries at the local market.
  • Meeting friends at the local coffee shop.
  • Heading to the beach to ride along the boardwalk or spend the day.
  • Riding to parks/trails with their spouse or pedal to town or a friend’s house.
  • Getting exercise without aggravating body problems or worrying about getting hurt.
  • Riding with friends or family or even their pet.

Since they provide more stability than two-wheeled electric bikes, etrikes are an increasingly popular mobility option among seniors, differently-abled people, people who weigh more, people recovering from surgery, or riders with mobility challenges. If traditional cyclists are looking for an opportunity to ride with a friend or loved one who is unable to operate a two-wheeled electric bike, etrikes make it possible for them to join in.

In addition, etrikes are helpful for companies and businesses seeking environmentally-friendly cargo and commercial fleet solutions. Since electric tricycles can usually be operated without a license this helps provide more opportunities to ride.

Rad Power Bikes Electric Trike

The RadTrike electric trike is a three-wheeled etrike for adults that includes a wide array of features that provide benefits for riders seeking added stability. It include two wheels in rear and one wheel up front.

This etrike represents the single most requested model in Rad’s history and the brand’s latest effort to deliver a variety of climate-friendly mobility options for people of all abilities. It is designed to bring the joy of ebikes to more riders by expanding access to car-alternative transportation. The electric tricycle blurs the lines between ebikes and light electric vehicles with familiar functionality of cars.

Our design and build considerations

The RadTrike was built to handle tight turns and expert hill-climbing capability. The generous step-thru frame and incorporated parking brake create a seamless on-and-off experience. For unparalleled comfort, RadTrike features a large ergonomic saddle with a backrest and a sweeping handlebar so riders can settle into a position that works for them. The saddle and handlebar can also be easily adjusted to fit a wide range of rider heights.

The RadTrike has a range of 20 miles per charge, a top speed of 14 mph, and a fold-down stem that makes it easier to transport or store. Its width was designed to be small enough to fit through most household front doors. This model boasts an industry-leading 415 lb payload capacity and is compatible with Rad’s baskets and platform accessories to make carrying cargo easier.

It can be operated using five levels of pedal assist, which puts varying levels of added power behind each pedal stroke, or via a twist-grip throttle, which requires no pedaling. To ensure full maneuverability, this model features a touch-button reverse function, wherein the rider can hold down the pedal assist button, then twist the throttle to gently and automatically move backwards.

“We wanted to offer a new platform for the rider who’s uncomfortable on two wheels or has trouble with balance,” according to Rad Power Bikes Senior Industrial Designer Trevor Knapp. “Up until now, we haven’t been there for that rider. We wanted to create a more stable platform for them. a three wheeled platform.

For the packaging, Rad Power Bikes sought to make it as easy as possible for the customer to unbox the etrike with as little lifting as possible. Once it’s out of the box, it’s designed for easier assembly than any other model in our lineup.

Rad Power Bikes founder and Chairman Mike Radenbaugh, says the RadTrike was initially inspired by an early customer who couldn’t ride a traditional bike due to health concerns.

“Since that early interaction, I’ve had countless conversations with customers looking to Rad for more solutions,” Radenbaugh said. “Fast forward to now, we’ve honed our expertise to create a high-value, purpose-built three-wheel option that will popularize another micromobility category. The RadTrike is the next big acceleration in our mission to make transportation energy efficient, enjoyable, and accessible to all.”

In-person service options are available at Rad Retail locations and additional assistance can be provided online or over the phone by our customer support team. Check out the full scoop on the RadTrike in our video deep dive.

Where can I get the RadTrike electric tricycle?

The RadTrike can be purchased exclusively through Rad Power Bikes. It is sold directly from the company to consumers in order to cut down on overhead costs that come with selling electric bikes through third-party retailers. This keeps our electric bikes within an accessible price range. You can purchase this electric tricycle on our website.

If you would like to purchase the RadTrike in person or take a test ride first, you can visit a Rad Retail store location in the U.S. At select locations, you can buy a fully-assembled etrike for a nominal fee. Each purchase through Rad Power Bikes comes with a one-year warranty and a 14-day trial period.

What do the experts say about the RadTrike?

“In my opinion, this is one of the best electric trikes being produced and sold right now. It feels sturdy and planted, but is very nimble and easy to ride. The higher weight capacity of 415lbs (188kg) provides a lot of utility, and the broad range of accessories that are cross-compatible with other Rad Power Bikes really sets it apart.”. Electric Bike Review

“Extremely low standover height and minimum saddle height makes the trike approachable. Smooth acceleration feels predictable and doesn’t spin the front wheel like some other trikes. Reverse mode lets you back up to load and unload. Total width is 32.5 which fits through most standard doors, the axle and nuts are not exposed on rear wheels.”. Electric Bike Review

Rad Power Bikes RadTrike 1 Review

An electric tricycle has been the most requested product by Rad Power Bikes’ customers since its founding in 2007. Finally, for 2023, those customers will get their wish with the release of the RadTrike 1.

This mid-range e-trike helps fill the gap between e-bikes and light-duty electric vehicles, providing urban dwellers with an alternative means of transportation that’s both environmentally friendly and healthy.

Electric tricycles are superior to traditional e-bikes in their ability to carry heavy and bulky cargo. In addition, they are more stable and comfortable to ride.

Our RadTrike 1 review will highlight the main components and design features, discuss the ride feel, talk about who the bike is best suited for, and finish with our verdict on whether or not it’s a good buy.

A mid-range electric tricycle for riders who want more stability and cargo carrying capacity.

  • Powerful motor
  • Solid max range
  • 415-lb payload capacity
  • Comfortable and stable
  • Reverse feature

Rad Power Bikes RadTrike 1 Main Specs

  • MSRP: 2,499
  • Motor: 750W hub
  • Battery: 480Wh
  • Drivetrain: Single-speed
  • Range: 20-55 Miles
  • Brakes: Mechanical disc rear coasters
  • Weight: 82 lbs
  • Payload Capacity: 415 lbs
  • Sizing: Height: 4’10” to 6’4″ / Inseam: 25″ to 35″

Full Rad Power Bikes RadTrike 1 Review

Rad Power Bikes has tapped into a whole new market with the release of the RadTrike 1. Although it comes in over the entry-level price range, the RadTrike is still affordable. The spec easily competes with other similarly-priced models, such as the Pedego Trike, Buzz Cerana, and Sixthreezero EVRYjourney.

Why Choose an Electric Tricycle?

Electric tricycles offer three distinct advantages over e-bikes. Firstly, they are much more stable, so carrying heavy cargo is stress-free, and it’s safe to ride if you struggle with balance.

Secondly, the extra frame space and third wheel increase the payload capacity, which is why this model can support 75 lbs more than the RadWagon cargo e-bike.

Lastly, trikes are more comfortable as they use a seat with a backrest and a relaxed ride position that can’t be replicated by traditional bikes.

Steel Frameset and 415-lb Payload Capacity

Rad Power Bikes built the RadTrike 1 frame and fork with Chromoly steel. Chromoly steel has properties that complement this type of model. Firstly, it is highly compliant, absorbing vibrations and creating a smoother, more comfortable ride feel.

In addition, it is exceptionally durable, sturdy, and cheap to manufacture, helping keep the price down and ensuring a high payload capacity.

The trade-off is loss of efficiency and extra weight, but these issues are not very relevant for an electric tricycle, and the RadTrike 1 weight is only 82 lbs.

The RadTrike 1 has a solid payload capacity of 415 lbs, with a max rider weight of 325 lbs and a max cargo weight of 90 lbs. Unfortunately, the cargo carrying capacity is lower than it could be, considering the total payload capacity. You can carry up to 60 lbs on the rear rack and 30 on an optional front rack.

Stability and Comfort

One challenging part of riding a traditional bike is balancing, especially for those who haven’t ridden for many years. A tricycle eliminates this worry by adding an extra wheel and lowering the center of gravity, opening up the world of cycling to those with impaired balance. In addition, the third wheel provides more traction for riding in wet weather.

Comfort is another important characteristic of riding a tricycle, and it’s a joy to cruise on the RadTrike. It comes with a cushioned seat with a padded backrest, both of which are adjustable. Additionally, you have adjustable handlebars that ensure you can maintain an upright and relaxed position that doesn’t strain your neck or back.

A final component that contributes to the comfort of the RadTrike is the wide 2.25″ tires, helping to absorb road vibrations and improve ride quality.


Rad Power Bikes chose the typical 750W geared hub motor they use across their range, except in the front wheel’s hub instead of the rear wheel, as you see on most e-bikes. This motor gets juice from a 480Wh downtube-mounted battery, capable of returning up to 55 miles of range.

The RadTrike 1 top speed is set at 14mph instead of 20mph because tricycles can become unbalanced when cornering at high speeds. In addition, it has five levels of pedal assistance and a throttle.

A unique capability of this electric tricycle is the reverse mode, which activates by holding down the PAS button. This feature allows users to comfortably back out of tight spaces without dismounting and pushing the trike. We recommend adding a handlebar wing mirror to make this process easier on your neck.

RadTrike 1 Build Kit

The rest of the components on the RadTrike are decent, although there are a couple of questionable inclusions by Rad Power Bikes.

The RadTrike is fully-equipped with the typical urban e-bike components, including a rear rack, fenders, auto-on lights, and a bell. Instead of a kickstand, you get a handbrake for easier parking.

The brakes consist of a front mechanical disc with 180mm rotors and two rear coaster brakes, which operate by pedaling backward. In our opinion, this setup is slightly underpowered, especially given the high payload capacity. A single-speed drivetrain rounds out the groupset, helping to keep maintenance needs down but limiting your ability to pedal when the gradient gets steep.

Finally, the wheelset comprises 18″ single-wall alloy rims and 2.25″ puncture-resistant Kenda Kontact tires, custom-made for Rad Power Bikes.

Accessory Packs for the RadTrike 1

The RadTrike has three accessory packs as optional add-ons to personalize the trike upon purchase. Alternatively, you can pick individual products from the online store. The three packs are as follows:

  • Haul it all kit: Medium front-mounted basket, small basket, small basket roll top liner
  • Around town kit: Front rack, phone mount, folding lock, mirror
  • Essentials kit: Medium front-mounted basket, folding lock, phone mount

Rad Power Bikes RadTrike 1 Ride Feel

With three wheels, a cushioned seat and backrest, wide 2.25″ tires, and upright geometry, it’s safe to say that the RadTrike 1 has a smooth and relaxed ride feel.

In addition, the stability gained by the extra wheel and low center of gravity would inspire confidence in anyone, even when riding with fully loaded racks.

Finally, despite having a powerful motor, the acceleration isn’t overwhelming, adding to the confident ride feel. Because it is a little slower than an e-bike, this electric tricycle is ideal for short to medium-distance trips around the city and into the countryside.

Who Is RadTrike 1 Best Suited For?

Electric tricycles like the Rad Power Bikes RadTrike 1 are ideal for riders who prioritize comfort, stability, and functionality. This e-trike fills the gap between e-bikes and lightweight e-vehicles and can be an excellent environmentally friendly substitute for a car.

Another group that benefits from the extra wheel is riders with balance impairments who don’t feel comfortable navigating roads and pathways on two wheels. Likewise, anyone with limited mobility may enjoy the upright, relaxed seated position and straightforward mounting and dismounting of the RadTrike.

Of course, this is not an exciting, high-performance machine. Instead, it excels in a specific set of environments and does so at a reasonable price and the guaranteed reliability of a Rad Power Bikes product.

Other Rad Power Bikes Models We’ve Reviewed:

  • Rad Power Bikes RadExpand 5 Review
  • Rad Power Bikes RadCity 5 Plus Review
  • Rad Power Bikes RadRover 6 Plus Review
  • Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Review
  • Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 4 Review

Is the Rad Power Bikes RadTrike 1 a Good Buy?

The RadTrike 1 is a solid buy if you’re in the market for an electric tricycle. These products appeal to a certain kind of rider, and if you’re in that group, you’ll be happy with the quality of this e-trike and the value it provides.

The range of e-trikes currently available is limited, so the release of this model by one of the USA and Europe’s leading electric bike manufacturers is timely and will be well received. The RadTrike easily competes with the competition and lies somewhere in the middle in terms of price.

Of course, as with any bike, there are a couple of minor changes we think would improve it, but overall, Rad Power Bikes has nailed the design of their new e-trike.

Add the new Rad Power Bikes RadTrike to your shortlist if you’re in the market for an affordable electric tricycle.

Rad Power Bikes vs. Juiced Bikes vs. Pedego: Electric (2023)

What is the best electric bike? We reviewed Rad Power Bikes, Pedego, and Juiced Bikes to highlight which e-bike is most worth the investment.

Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This may influence which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own.

Editor-in-Chief at Moonlight Reviews, CoFounder

We burn the midnight oil researching and writing helpful articles, so it goes without saying that we drink lots of coffee!

Electric bikes have taken certain segments of society by storm. Sure, they are nice to have during a pandemic when your family needs a reason to get out of the house and hit the local greenways, but they are so much more versatile than that. Rad Power Bikes, Pedego, and Juiced are some of the best on the market, but each serves a slightly different segment. We will explore the differences to help you decide which brand might be best for your needs.

Electric bikes offer a crowd-free way of commuting in urban areas and small towns alike, and for outdoor enthusiasts, several of the more prominent bands now sell e-bikes built for off-roading. These modern machines will take your journeys further, faster.

In the age of door dash and other delivery services, there are also a surprising number of side hustlers using cargo bikes to get the job done. Electric bikes are efficient, effective, and fun. They are also earth-friendly compared to vehicular transportation.

Rad Power Bikes, Pedego, or Juiced?

We understand why buying a new electric bike might feel overwhelming, so here is a reassuring thought: The top brands are all relatively reliable. Rather than FOCUS on the minutia such as the pros and cons of mechanical disc brakes compared to hydraulic disc brakes, we recommend that you FOCUS on how you plan to use your new bike.

Do you plan to most joy-ride? Pedego might be for you. Do you plan to pick up the kids from school? We recommend you go with a Rad Power Bike? Do you plan to cover adventurous distances on off-road trails? There is no better choice than a Juiced Bike. Once you define how you plan to use your new ride, it will be much easier to make a decision. Here is where we see the value in each brand:

Of course, we understand you might want a little more information before making a decision. Check out the side-by-side comparison table, and read the detailed reviews below.

Rad Power Bikes vs. Pedego Electric Bikes vs. Juiced BikesComparison Table

Best Electric BikesRad Power BikesPedego Electric BikesJuiced BikesBonus: Turboant Price add

Biggest Selling Point add

Fun Facts add

Favorite Model add

Longest Range add

Discrete Battery add

Off-road Capabilities add

Cargo Capabilities add

Website add

Do You Need A Driver’s License For An Electric Bike?

The short answer is that electric bike regulation varies by state and local law, but there are some helpful resources online to help kickstart your research. We recommend checking out

PeopleForBikes.org to get started. One interesting consideration is that the murkier guidance might surround electric mountain bikes (eMTB) because the specific landowners or land managers may not have consistent rules.

The guidance regarding driver’s licenses will be the same for e-bikes and electric mountain bikes, but some trails do not allow electric mountain bikes at all. Naturally, if a route is open to both motorized and non-motorized traffic, then an electric mountain bike will be acceptable. States may have specific trails designated for electric mountain bikes, while federal rules are a little more cut and dry. Electric mountain bikes are considered motorized vehicles by the US Forest Service, so they are allowed on trails open to motorized vehicles.

Is It Worth Getting An Electric Bike?

Electric bicycles provide many of the same benefits as old-school bikes but provide additional capabilities, making the bicycles useful to a broader audience. For example, if you live in a hilly area or your best fitness days are still ahead of you. e-bikes will give you a little extra power and speed to get where you need to go. This is the primary reason they are useful for commuting as well.

Electric bikes can also be configured in countless ways, so if you want to use your electric bike for local errands or local food delivery, you can do so. You can also configure your electric bike with extra seating so you can take your kids over to the local park.

New models get more sophisticated every year as more and more companies enter the market. In fact, Car and Driver magazine once wrote that “The ride into our electric future will be led by bikes.” Electric bikes are so versatile that they are expected to outpace automobile sales in the future.

So, if you are asking us, an electric bicycle is an excellent investment.

Rad Power Bikes Review

If you know much about the e-bike movement in North America, then you probably have heard of Mike Radenbaugh and Rad Power Bikes. I am a big fan of NPR’s How I Built This and Guy Raz’s interview with Mike Radenbaugh is one of my favorites. Mike had quite a hike to school each day and started tinkering with bikes to convert them to electric bikes.

Through trial and error and a few unsuccessful trips to school, Mike eventually became very good at what he was doing. His first venture was converting standard bicycles into electric bikes for people in his hometown. Today, Rad Power Bikes is North America’s largest electric bicycle brand, with bikes so popular they are often sold out.

What started with Mike’s tinkering has grown into a brand with around ten different models of e-bikes, which might be grouped into three main categories: Off-road, Utility Cargo, and City E-bikes. In addition to these three main categories, Rad Power Bikes also makes bikes that fold so they are easier to store and carry, and step-thru bikes that are easier for some to mount and dismount. The step-thru models also have a nice stylistic look, regardless of whether it is easier to mount.

Off-Road E-Bikes

Sometimes, you hear rumblings that riding an e-bike is kind of like cheating, and to hard-core snobs, you might hear straight derision toward e-bikes, but Rad Power Bikes off-road series aims to set the record straight. The RadRover Electric Fat Bike sports 4” fat tires that will conquer the most rugged terrain. And if you are looking for a ride that will stow and go, the RadMini Electric Folding Fat Bikes is a competent fat tire bike that will fit nicely in your vehicle as you are trying to get where you are going.

Rad Power Bikes off-road electric bicycles have batteries ranging from 25-45 miles on a charge, but few other features make these bikes great off-road companions. The off-road e-bikes have puncture-resistant fat tires and front suspension forks so that you can keep moving through any terrain. Adding a rear rack will completely change your outdoor adventures. Throw some gear on your ride, and get off the grid for your camping or fishing excursion.

Cargo Utility E-Bikes

If you are fond of your car, you might want to skip down a little bit because the RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike turns two-car families into one-car families. While these bikes look a bit different than traditional frame bicycles, they pack crazy versatility. The best part of the RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike is that you can add running boards, deckhands, a caboose, or a full seat to keep your kiddos safe and comfortable on the back of your ride.

Of course, if you don’t have kids to chauffeur around, the RadRunner Electric Utility Bike is perfect for local deliveries and other small businesses (a center console and rearview mirrors are even available!), while the RadRunner Plus Electric Utility Bike offers a premium passenger seat.

City E-Bikes

While the off-road e-bikes and cargo/utility bikes offer surprising functionality, the city electric bikes have a range of 25-45 miles, providing plenty of capacity for commuting or weekend fun. The RadMission Electric Metro Bike is Rad Power Bikes’ most affordable option, and it is an excellent option if you want the versatility of an e-bike but don’t plan to use it every day.

The RadCity Electric Commuter Bicycle and RadCity Step-Thru Electric Commuter Bicycle provide optional features such as wheel locks and a little more comfort than models meant for rugged adventures. We particularly like the step-thru variety because of the extra-sleek styling.

Best Rad Power Bike Accessories

Rad Power Bikes might be best known for the wide range of accessories and customization that are available. Many bikes have standard features such as puncture-resistant tires and front suspension forks. Still, this type of practical quality is just a signal toward how functional Rad Power Bikes are, and the accessories are geared towards enhanced functionality.

We mentioned the RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike has running boards and a compatible Thule Yepp Maxi Child Seat, which helps transform the e-bike into family-style transportation. And the RadRunner Passenger package includes a passenger seat, retractable footpegs, and a transparent protective wheel skirt. Not unexpectedly, front and rear racks are available for most bikes too.

Is a Rad Power Bike Worth It?

When you consider there are ten models of

Rad Power Bikes that there are fat tire and traditional tire options, and that there is such a wide range of accessories, there really might be a perfect Rad Power Bike for everyone.

SUMMARY thumb_up PROS thumb_down CONS

  • check Ten models to choose from
  • close Externally visible battery packs
  • check Fat tire available
  • check Most functional accessory line-up
  • check Off-road or around town

There is a reason Rad Power Bikes have thousands of 5-star reviews from their customers. Whether this will be your first e-bike or your tenth, Rad Power Bikes make high-quality and versatile bikes you will be proud to own.

Pedego Electric Bikes Review

Pedego’s origin story is significant because it directly impacts its quality and vision to this day. Don DiCostanzo loved riding bicycles from his house to the local beach, but one large hill took all of the joy out of the experience. After purchasing one electric bicycle that he loved, electric bikes became such a passion that he eventually purchased seven.

This infatuation inspired Don to open his own store in Newport Beach, which was so successful it became the largest electric bicycle retailer in the United States. It was based on this passion and in-depth knowledge of the market that Don became dissatisfied. He felt the entire market was the same, dull, and lacking quality. Rather than quietly complain in disappointment, Don teamed up with his good friend Terry Shaw to start Pedego.

Today Pedego Electric Bikes builds premium quality bicycles with eye-catching designs because that was the real inspiration behind starting the company. No compromises here. Pedegos are made to be the best.

The Pedego portfolio now includes nearly 20 premium quality electric bicycle models, which, in addition to being sold online, are available through a network of over 100 locally-owned Pedego stores focused on customer satisfaction. Pedego Electric Bikes are so popular that Navigant Research named Pedego the number one brand sold in the United States.

Pedego Electric Bikes Products

There is undoubtedly a model that will be perfect for your needs with so many quality bike models. Here is an overview of their product line-up.

Off-Road E-Bikes

Pedego is partially defined by the wide range of models fit for anyone, and their off-road series is an excellent example of this. The most expensive off-road model is the Elevate, a full-suspension eMTB. The Elevate model is more than 3.5X as expensive as its most affordable eMTB model (The Element), but the Elevate is loaded with cutting-edge technology that justifies the bike’s price.

The Pedego Elevate model includes a best-in-class Shimano mid-drive system and the same lithium-ion battery technology used in full-size electric cars. The Elevate features both front and rear suspension, advanced software connecting to an app via Bluetooth, and a computerized display. This top-of-the-line off-road series gets up to 20 MPH with motor assistance only.

If the Pedego Elevate is too much bike for you, the Element, Trail Tracker, and Ridge Rider are all capable off-road models available from the Pedego team. While the Element and Trail Tracker are both fat tire models, we are particularly fond of the Ridge Rider. The Pedego Ridge Rider Electric Mountain Bike features an advanced 48 Volt battery that can take you up to a whopping 56 miles on 10 cents worth of electricity. That’s an exceptional performance.

Crusier E-Bikes

While electric mountain bikes require premium performance for off-roading, cruisers need completely different performance features. The Comfort Cruiser, Interceptor, and Boomerang are the main Pedego cruiser models, and each provides distinct styling that will stand out in a sea of bike frames that look just alike.

Our favorite cruiser is the Pedego Interceptor Electric Cruiser Bike. It is available in a classic frame, but we prefer the sophisticated step-thru frame available in many colors. The Interceptor has kevlar-belted balloon tires that help prevent flats, five levels of ‘twist-and-go’ pedal-assist in the handle, and bright front and rear lights for enhanced safety. All of this is in addition to a beautiful display and a battery that will take you 60 miles on 10 cents of electricity.

The City Electric Bike line includes e-bikes designed for commuters and a stretch cargo bike, but the most exciting bike in the collection is the Conveyor Belt Drive Electric Bike. Instead of the greasy metal chain, the Conveyor utilizes a carbon belt drive, which makes very little noise at all. It’s durable too. Pedego’s testing has shown it can last up to 10,000 miles. The Pedego Conveyor is both innovative and understated and works unlike any other electric bike you have seen. This bike is the commuter’s dream, including bright lights and a GPS anti-theft tracking, crash detection, and emergency alert system.

Speciality E-Bikes

It’s worth mentioning that Pedego also has a pretty cool series of specialty bikes, like the Trike Electric Adult Tricycle and the Tandem Electric Bicycle Built For Two. Still, we really like the Ford Super Cruiser. It carries the Ford badge, along with lines and curves reminiscent of early Ford cars. Fittingly, the Pedego battery system makes it one of the most powerful electric bikes money can buy.

Best Pedego Accessories

While Pedego doesn’t offer as many racks and other accessories as the competition, they still have plenty of accessory options to customize your new Pedego for your specific needs. Pedego focuses on baskets and bags for cargo, rather than racks, including trunk bags, pannier bags, and handlebar bags. Unless you plan to strap on a heavy-duty load, these accessories are sufficiently functional and stylish.

Is A Pedego Worth It?

Pedego makes it pretty clear that they don’t sell the cheapest electric bikes. That’s not a game they plan on chasing. Instead, the company focuses on value, and in fact, every product page proudly displays, “Pedego Electric Bikes are not the highest or lowest price. They are the greatest value.” We are generally hesitant with self-proclamations, but this time the shoe fits. The bottom line is that Pedego electric bicycles are high-quality and uniquely designed bicycles you will be proud to own.

SUMMARY thumb_up PROS thumb_down CONS

  • check Extensive line-up of models
  • close expensive than some competitors
  • check Speciality E-bikes like Trike or Tandem available
  • check Range of up to 60 miles on 10 cents of electricity
  • check Top-notch quality
  • check Fat tire available
  • check Off-road or around town

Juiced Bikes Review

Where Rad Power Bikes focuses on versatility and Pedego Electric Bikes on top-tier quality and style, Juiced Bikes focuses on performance. For evidence of this, look no further than the battery platform. While many e-bike platforms are based on 36 Volt or 48 Volt platforms, Juiced Bikes are built on a 52 Volt platform.

The last thing you want is to find yourself on a hill with insufficient juice, or worse, at the end of a dirt trail with a dead battery. Battery matters and Juiced Bikes is Hyper-focused on performance metrics that matter. The 52 Volt platform enhances power, speed, range, and efficiency. The obvious downside to the 52 Volt platform is that the battery is more prominent, heavier, and less discrete than competitor batteries.

Of course, under the right conditions. some of the Juiced Bikes’ e-bike/battery combinations will make it over 100 miles, which is nothing to scoff at. If you are looking for an e-bike that will take you the furthest distance and the fastest speed, then

Juiced Bikes is where you want to start your search.

Juiced Bikes Product Categories

But which Juiced model is right for you? There are a few models worth considering.

Moped Style E-Bikes

The Juiced Bikes Scorpion and HyperScoprion are electric moped-style bikes with a range of up to 70 miles. The Juiced HyperScorpion features a bright headlight, twist throttle handle, and rear rack. Stylistically, the HyperScorpion is one of the coolest looking electric bikes you can find. While traditional mopeds have a very tame look, the HyperScorpion sports a mean look you might pair with a leather jacket.

Adventure E-Bikes

Juiced Bikes Scrambler and HyperScrambler look as tough as dirt bikes, and if you weren’t paying attention, these bikes might pass for performance dirt bikes too. The HyperScrambler is particularly interesting because it has a dual battery capacity that extends the range of your electric bike to over 100 miles. I’ve never even considered riding a bike close to that far, but the Juiced HyperScrambler has me dreaming of epic adventures, and that’s what Juiced Bikes is all about.

Commuter E-Bikes

Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent series is their ultimate commuter series. The CrossCurrent X hits 28 MPH with an 80 miles range, which is more than capable of getting you to the office and back home. The Juiced CrossCurrent series sports a streamlined design compared to Juiced Bikes’ more aggressively styled bikes but packs the same performance and character you would expect.

Fat Tire E-Bikes

The RipCurrent series is Juiced Bikes’ electric fat-tire bike, which might be their most versatile e-bike. The Juiced RipCurrent hits 28 MPH and has a 70 mile range, and works as well on the beach as it does on the road. If you don’t have a particular need for your electric bike and aren’t quite sure where to start, the RipCurrent series is a good place to start.

Best Juiced Bike Accessories

Juiced Bikes platform is pretty straightforward. Rather than try to be everything to everyone, Juiced Bikes make high-performance bikes for individuals looking for adventure. Maybe, for this reason, the Juiced Bikes accessories line-up isn’t as expansive as the competition. That said, they do sell some pannier bags, helmets, and other vital necessities.

Is a Juiced Bike Worth It?

The one significant advantage

Juiced Bikes has over the competition is their 52 Volt battery platform. While the bike offers a smooth ride, is also packs significant torque. The battery is bigger than the batteries you will find on most electric bikes, which produces more power, range, speed, and efficiency. Juiced Bikes might be the right choice for someone that considers themselves an adventure junky. If high speeds, distance, and a little adrenaline are the name of your game, go with Juiced.

SUMMARY thumb_up PROS thumb_down CONS

  • check Adventure and performance focused
  • close Limited model selection
  • check Range of up to 100 miles
  • close Lack of functional accessories
  • check Fat tire available

Not Sold? Considering A Traditional Bike?

If you are not completely sold on Rad Power Bikes, Pedego Electric Bikes, or Juiced Bikes, we recommend you consider a Turboant electric bike. The Turboant brand is mostly associated with electric scooters, but they recently entered the electric bike market, and its bikes are worth considering. We completed an entire review of the Turboant bikes if you want a detailed overview.

Turboant now offers a mini folding bike, and an electric fat tire bike. We are particularly big fans of the

Turboant Thunder T1 Electric Fat Tire Bike. Its sold at an affordable price, with an excellent combination of features and performance. The Turboant fat tire bike has a max range of 65 miles and a max speed of just under 20 miles per hour.

Plus, the front hydraulic fork locks and unlocks depending on your chosen terrain. The fat tire adds traction and cushion, making it great for slick streets and uneven trails alike. A Turboant bike is worth considering if you are looking a bike with versatile performance.

If you aren’t sure about an electric bike, Retrospec is a brand that offers quality and style at an affordable price. For a performance bike, you might consider comparing Trek vs Specialized vs Giant. as each of these sell performance road and mountain bikes ridden by professionals and weekend warriors alike.

What is the Best Electric Bike?

Electric bicycles are set to change everything from leisure to off-road adventuring to commuting. Some are enticed by the idea of riding next to the ocean with the wind in their hair. In contrast, others dream of alternative commuting that skips uncomfortable public transportation and inefficient car travel. Still, others daydream about going deeper into the woods than previously possible because of the rugged build modern electric mountain bikes represent.

So as reminder, here are where we see each brand shining.

The Best Electric Cargo Bikes of 2022

Haul kids, dogs, gear, and groceries with our favorite electric cargo bikes. With options ranging from front-load trikes to smooth-riding longtails, we’ll have you ready to pedal in no time.

For more than a year, our neighborhood has been testing a multitude of amazing electric cargo bikes. We’ve hauled everything from babies, kids, dogs, wood, inflatable SUPs, and even huge Costco and farmer’s market hauls. If our destination is within 15 miles, we go on cargo bikes.

Below, we highlight, categorize, and review the best bikes we tested. They were all standouts in their own unique way. But before we dive in, check out the lingo below, which helps explain the different styles of electric cargo bikes on the market today.

Electric Cargo Bike Styles

Long-john bike: These have the cargo box up front with the front wheel stretched out in front of you. Some also have the capacity for another passenger to ride on the back. This style takes a bit of practice when you first get on, as it handles a little differently than a traditional bike.

Longtail bike: These ride more like traditional bikes and can fit up to three small passengers (kids) riding on the tail. Most can also fit a clip-on seat for younger kids (9 months and up).

Front-load trike: These have two wheels and the cargo box in front. This stable style can fit as many as four kids in the box and sometimes an extra kid or panniers on the back.

Scroll through to see all of our recommendations for the best electric cargo bikes or jump to the category you’re looking for. At the end of our list, be sure to check out our comprehensive buyer’s guide.

The Best Electric Cargo Bikes of 2022

Best Overall Family Bike: Yuba Spicy Curry

Yuba’s mission is to make bikes that can easily haul kids, gear, and groceries, all while putting a big smile on everyone’s face (bystanders included). Other than its awesome name, we love the Spicy Curry (5,199) for its sturdy, tank-like feel. Even when it’s loaded down and our son is waving side to side on the back, we barely notice.

For some extra money, you can choose different add-ons for the bike depending on your lifestyle. We wanted to make this bike our main one for taking our son to preschool, so we opted to get the adjustable Monkey Bars (200) as well as a Yepp Maxi Easy Fit kid seat (259).

Our son loves the combination of the seat and the Monkey Bars. He gets to ride up high so he can see Mom or Dad and can hold on whenever he feels like it. Later, we added the 2-Go Cargo Bags (199) and the Bread Basket (200). This more than doubled our carrying capacity.

The frame looked big at first sight. But after adjusting the cockpit and seat to my 5’1″ height, I was pleasantly surprised at how natural and comfortable it felt. It has easily been the neighborhood’s most widely used bike. It’s simple to adjust the size of the bike, and it fits a wide variety of heights.

The components consist of a Shimano Deore 10-speed adjuster and Shimano Disc Brakes. And although I was wary at first of the non-internal hub, I grew to really like how much it felt like all my other bikes. The large front wheel helps smooth out bumps; it’s smooth enough that my son regularly falls asleep on the way home from school.

The motor is a very powerful and smooth Bosch Performance CX mid-drive with a 36V 500Wh battery. It has four levels of assist: Eco, Tour, eMTB, and Turbo. All of these are easy to click through on the control panel, which also displays the mileage, range, and speed.

On a single charge, I can get up to 55 miles on Eco mode or about 25 on full Turbo mode. The eMTB setting switches between all the modes depending on how it senses I’m riding, and I average between 30 and 40 miles.

Again, this bike has been the most used in our neighborhood of four families. It is easy to adjust, feels most like a regular bike, and can haul up to 300 pounds. At 60 pounds and 6 feet in length, it’s not the easiest of the bunch to store. But for carrying capacity, length, and price, this is easily one of the best electric cargo bikes money can buy.


  • Weight: 60 lbs. (without any of the add-ons)
  • Length: 6′
  • Carrying capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Range: 25-55 miles depending on mode and capacity
  • Best for: Around town errands, kid pickups and dropoffs, dogs, big grocery or hardware store buys



Best Budget Cargo E-Bike: Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 4

While this cargo e-bike (1,999) is still a major investment, it’s one of the most affordable options we’ve found. And although it may lack some of the capacity and extras of other higher-end bikes on this list, we’ve found it’s a solid contender and a great ride for most people.

The 750 W geared hub motor provides plenty of power, even when loaded up to the max 350-pound payload. It has five pedal assist levels, and we found it very easy to change between modes.

Weighing in at nearly 77 pounds, our smaller riders were worried it would feel unmanageable. For riders of all sizes, however, it rode smoothly and never felt overly heavy. The double-leg kickstand is sturdy and provided enough stability to load and unload wiggly children.

The 22X3 inch tires gave a very smooth ride while keeping the ride low and stable. It’s worth noting that these unusual tire sizes can be hard to find in local bike shops. It’s not a bad idea to have a spare on hand just in case.

Like other electric cargo bikes, the RadWagon 4 has integrated lights, so you won’t have to worry about forgetting your bike light at home.

The battery for this bike charged quickly, and we easily got 30-45 miles of travel, even when loaded down and traveling along hilly terrain.

All in all, this is a quality electric cargo bike at an unbeatable price.


  • Weight: 76.7 lbs.
  • Length: 6.5′
  • Carrying capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Range: 25-45 miles depending on mode and capacity
  • Best for: Around town errands, kid pickups, and dropoffs



Best Compact, Daily Commuter: Tern GSD S00 Folding Bike

The Tern GSD (4,999-5,799) is simply a remarkable all-around bike. Many of the complaints about cargo bikes are that they are big, heavy, impossible to transport, and hard to store. All of that (except weight) gets turned upside down with the Tern GSD, which aptly stands for “Get Stuff Done.”

Tern Bikes is known for its ingenuity in creating folding bikes. So when the brand came out with a cargo bike that was the length of a regular commuter bike and could fold down to fit easily in most midsize SUVs or minivans, many bike commuters (including us) took notice.

The bike is even made to stand vertically on its back rack so that it takes up minimal space when stored inside. For the urban family who lives in an apartment building, people with limited garage space, or anyone who just doesn’t want to deal with a big classic cargo bike, the Tern is the answer.

Other specs that set the GSD apart are its carrying capacity of 440 pounds and the ability to fit two high-powered Bosch batteries on it. This gives it an impressive range of up to 155 miles. From the Green Guard non-puncture tires to the infinite-adjust internal geared hub, this bike is clearly made to last.

Like the other bikes, you can customize it however you like. We opted to try the Clubhouse basket (200), the Cargo Hold Panniers (175), and a Thule Yepp Maxi child’s seat (220). We were pleased to find out that the Cargo panniers were still usable with the Yepp Maxi seat over top of them. And with the batteries, panniers, and rack all sitting lower than your average bike, the handling and riding experience for both the driver and passenger is very smooth and comfortable.

e-bike, boom, power, bikes, selects

Like all the other cargo bikes on this list, it fits a range of riders from 5′ to 6’5″. The unique handlebar, seatpost, and stem adjustment make it even quicker and easier to truly find a perfect cockpit for riders of various sizes. We used this bike exclusively for an entire week to see how quickly we would need to charge it. It lasted the entire week. We clocked 90 miles, using a mix of tour and eMTB mods, and it still showed two of five battery bars.

At 4,999 with a single battery and 5,799 with a dual battery, this one comes in at the middle of the pack price-wise. But it has our vote for being one of the most versatile, longest-lasting, and smoothest rides out of all of them.


  • Weight: 70 lbs. (with one battery)
  • Length: 6′
  • Folded length: 71″ x 16″ x 33″
  • Carrying capacity: 440 lbs.
  • Range: Up to 200 km
  • Best for: Ultimate one-size-fits-all family utility bike


  • Stem/handlebars/seatpost can fold down in 5 seconds, allowing it to fit in many vehicles
  • Can carry a ton of gear and people
  • Compact for e-bikes
  • Attention to total detail seems highest of all bikes
  • Just an outstanding design overall


Best Kid-Hauler: Bunch Original Family Cargo Bike

This crowd-stopping, front-loading trike (4,285) gets high points for its lower price range (compared to other e-cargo bikes) and ease of assembly. It literally showed up at my house fully assembled via a semi-truck. All we had to do was take off the packaging, adjust the seat, and it was ready to go.

The big cargo box fits up to four kids and comes with comfortable cushions and easy-to-use shoulder straps. In the span of a few weeks, we took it out with all combinations of cargo: a dog and two kids, three kids and a cooler full of snacks, and even a week’s worth of groceries. Our 2-year-old loved it because he was up high and could chat with his friend across from him.

The bike has additional add-ons like a rain cover and a sunshade, which the kiddos and dog all appreciated when the elements became too much. Unlike other cargo bikes where it’s hard to secure your stuff, the cargo box has a lockable under-storage box that can easily fit a purse, computer, and other smaller valuables.

The components aren’t of the highest quality possible, but the combination of the Shimano Tourney SL-TX50 and the 500W 48V Dapu Hub motor created a smooth shifting and pedaling experience. And the easy-to-charge battery kept us motoring around town for almost 25 miles before we had to charge it up again.

The standover design and easy-to-adjust seat make it fit a wide range of sizes. I’m barely 5’1″, and I can ride it just as well as my 6′ stepdad. The control panel is also very intuitive, making it easy to turn on your headlight and see speed and battery life.

For the family who wants something to replace their car for short, local trips, this bike is the perfect ride. However, it’s not for the person who wants to get to where they’re going fast. While the motor will assist up to 20 mph, it comes with a factory set max of 15 mph (this is easily changed via the settings).

And because it’s a trike, the bike’s handling is a bit unstable at higher speeds, especially in corners where you can’t lean like a normal bike. So we’d recommend keeping that 15mph limit for a while until you learn the limitations. Think of this bike as more of a “take it easy and enjoy the sights” bike. It’s a super fun experience to share with your kids.


  • Weight: 148 lbs.
  • Length: 6′
  • Carrying capacity: 220 lbs.; four kids, a mixture of one medium dog and one kid, or two kids and a big grocery buy
  • Range: 20-30 miles depending on load and speed
  • Best for: Taking multiple kids to the local park, dogs, and big grocery buys


  • Comes fully assembled
  • Has a secure lockbox
  • Thick, durable, flat-proof tires
  • Can fit up to five kids (with one on the back)


  • Heavy
  • Harder to back up and turn around than other more bike-like models
  • Can take up a lot of space in the garage

Smoothest Ride for Big Loads: Yuba Electric Supermarché

For hauling a big grocery buy, transporting your SUP to the local surf wave, or taking your dog and kiddo to the river for a hike, this bike (5,999) is the ticket. With a Bosch Performance CX mid-drive motor and PowerPack 500 battery, the ride is fast and smooth.

For ease of use, there is a range of gears and four levels of pedal-based electric assist. Like all the others, it only can get up to only 20 mph, but it feels like you’re going much faster. And at stoplights, it was the easiest of the bikes to start due to the internal hub that allows you to switch gears while stopped.

It takes a bit to get used to the longer and heavier front end, but after a few practice runs, it felt very natural. The hard part is recalibrating your turns on your conventional bike!

The control panel is the fanciest of all of the interfaces. It lets the user see how much power they’re using, how long the trip is, total milage so far, and how many miles you have left on your charge. The Magura MT5 Next Hydraulic Disc brakes and the always-charged LED lights keep the parents happy and the kiddos safe.

The range on the Supermarché lasts anywhere between 20 and 40 miles. For our family, we used it three to four times a day with an average of 7-mile outings carrying 200 pounds. We drained the battery down to one bar almost daily. Luckily, it’s very easy to park it in the garage and charge for another round. The step-through frame and easy-to-adjust cockpit fit the entire neighborhood, with heights ranging from 4’9″ to 6’5″.

Although 5,999 sounds like a pretty high price, when we compared this to other premium-brand long-john bikes, it was actually one of the lowest prices. And if you know you’re going to use it daily (and save some money on gas), it may just be worth the cost. The Supermarché is also available in a non-electric option for 2,999.

e-bike, boom, power, bikes, selects


  • Weight: 78 lbs.
  • Length: 8’5″
  • Carrying capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Range: 20-55 miles depending on load and power-assist mode
  • Best for: Big Costco buys, giving the kids a ride to school, food or paper deliveries



  • The passenger can feel the bumps more than if they’re on the back of the bike, as it lacks shocks
  • It’s long and on the heavy side

A Great Value: Radio Flyer L885

While the new L885 cargo e-bike (1,999) from Radio Flyer is still a big investment, it’s one of the more affordable options at the moment. Other bikes in this price range arrive without any carrying capacity included. Radio Flyer adds in the kid/cargo carrier which is a major bonus for many families. And although it does not have the higher range like some of the other bikes listed here, we’ve found it a very solid choice for many families out there.

The 500W brushless hub motor coupled with the five-level pedal assist and a half-twist throttle provide plenty of power to ride up any hill or pick up speed at the start of an intersection. We found that even when loaded down at its full capacity of 400 pounds, we could get a full 40 to 45 miles out of it before charging it again. And if more battery power is needed, there is an option to buy another battery for 499. For our daily use, however, we have yet to feel like we need this.

The bike weighs in at 73 pounds but feels surprisingly light and nimble, especially when compared to the Tern GSD. The 26-inch front wheel and the 20-inch back wheel are both standard tire sizes, which is nice for changing out the tubes and tires if needed. So far, after about 200 miles of riding — some on dirt and sharp rocks as well as over some glass (on accident) — I have yet to have a flat thanks to their 3” puncture-resistant liner.

The L885, like many electric bikes these days, has integrated lights, which adds to its carefree nature. The dual leg kickstand is also great for stabilizing the bike while unloading wiggly kids.

The battery charges on par with the other bikes listed here. As long as I remembered to plug it in at night every two to three days, we were good to go for another couple of days of riding.

All in all, this is an amazing electric cargo bike at a very affordable price.


  • Weight: 73 lbs.
  • Length: 83.78″
  • Carrying Capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Range: 45-50 miles
  • Best for: errands around town, picking up and dropping kids off, nearby adventures



  • Front basket and rear basket are a little small for carrying large amounts of groceries.
  • One bike does not fit all sizes

Lightest Weight Ecargo Bike: Tern HSD P9

The new Tern P9 HSD (3,699) is the younger sibling to the older dual-battery GSD model. Where the GSD is longer and heavier, the HSD is more compact, much lighter, and has less carrying capacity. The P9 HSD can fit into many different categories.

With one wheel in the commuting realm and one in the cargo category, this bike can wear many hats, depending on the user. For our purposes, we turned it into the ultimate kid, gear, and grocery hauler. However, Tern has many different configuration options on its site for carrying cargo. With a 115 cm wheelbase, 170 cm in length, and coming in at just under 57 pounds in weight, this bike is the lightest and most compact e-cargo bike we have tested yet.

Tern is known for their unique bikes that can be easily stored and have the ability to fit many different riders on one single frame. The HSD can fit me, at 5′ 1″, and my stepfather, who is 6′ 1″, thanks to an easy-to-adjust cockpit and seat.

Unlike other cargo bikes, this bike was amazingly nimble and easy to maneuver. With a custom Suntour suspension fork, it made the bumpy roads a bit more enjoyable for both me and my passenger. The battery, a Bosch Powerpack 400, and the motor, a Bosch active line, both helped power myself, my five-year-old son, and a ton of farmer’s market goodies around town with no problem thanks to its 375-pound carrying capacity. With a range of 69 miles, I have yet to worry about running out of battery even after a full day of back and forth commuting.

The HSD features integrated lights and a double-sided kickstand for easy on and off for cargo and passengers.

Overall, this little bike packs a powerful punch. It’s easy to store (as with all Terns, it can be stored vertically), can haul everything from gear to dogs to one kid, and is surprisingly very light when compared to other e-cargo bikes. It’s also fun to ride!

While it is not the most expensive bike, it does still dent the wallet. For those looking for more bells and whistles, the HSD comes in 5 different models with the P9 being the most affordable of them all.


  • Weight: 57 lbs.
  • Length: 170 cm
  • Carrying Capacity: 375 lbs.
  • Range: 69 miles
  • Best for: Daily commuting, grocery trips, single kid drop off and pick up, and can fit every adult in the family


  • Very light
  • Can still carry a large load even though it is so small
  • Can fold and fit into small areas


Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose an Electric Cargo Bike

What Kind of Family/Rider Are You?

Before starting your search, first ask yourself what you will be using the bike for most. Grocery shopping? Kid pickups and dropoffs? Delivering pizzas? Taking your dog to the dog park? Hauling the boards to the local surf wave? All of the above? When you narrow your search down in this way before you start looking at the options, it makes it less overwhelming.

What Is Your Budget?

New electric cargo bikes can range from as low as 1,800 to as high as 8,000. Cargo boxes, panniers, front boxes, kickstands, and kid seats all cost extra and can add up quickly. However, after doing a quick search on my local Craigslist and online market groups, I have seen some pretty good options out there that are much cheaper than buying them brand new.

How Long Is Your Average Commute?

Identifying how long your longest average commute is will give you a good idea of what kind of range you’re looking for. There are a lot of options as far as battery and motor power are concerned. And more and more bikes are coming out with the option of attaching another battery to the frame.

How Much Space Do You Have to Store It?

Making sure you have enough space to store it is very important. Other than the GSD, many take up a substantial amount of space in your garage. Some, like the Bunch Bikes, have an outdoor cover that protects them if you are storing them outside.

What About Bad Weather?

Cyclists and commuters know that the weather makes no guarantees. What starts as a dry ride can quickly turn into a downpour. Aside from packing a good rain jacket, there are a couple of accessories we’ve found particularly useful.

For the colder months and mornings, Yuba bikes came out with the only rain cover to fit over a long tail bike. We have been using ours for the past couple of months and our kids love to be cocooned up in it. While it doesn’t cover their legs, it does keep the cold wind and rain off their faces and upper body.

The setup is super easy. It attaches to the monkey bars and can either be left on or taken on and off. We have kept ours on all winter long. On warm days we can roll up the sides for more airflow and on super cold days, we just zip it all up.

And if you’re looking for a cargo basket cover, check out Argo’s rain canopy. It takes a few minutes to set up for the first time, but after everything is installed, it takes just two minutes to put up or take down or stow away. Our boys absolutely love the cover. They call the Argo their “spaceship” and love being all cozy underneath their “magic” cover.


What is an electric cargo bike?

An electric cargo bike, or cargo e-bike, combines the best of both two-wheeled worlds. It’s a larger, gear-hauling bike with a motor. So, you can load it up with kids or groceries, and still be able to pedal uphill on the way home.

Cargo bikes are very popular in bike-friendly countries like Denmark, but their popularity is growing rapidly in the United States.

What is a pedal assist bike?

Pedal-assist is a common mode or design for many electric bikes. As opposed to running the motor with a throttle, the power is integrated with the pedaling.

Generally, you can choose from assist levels ranging from Eco to Turbo. The higher the level, the more assist you’ll get (and the faster you’ll drain the battery).

What is the best electric bike for the price?

This varies widely depending on your use and needs. For the ultimate family and gear hauler, the Yuba Spicy Curry is hard to beat.

If you’re looking to get a budget-friendly cargo e-bike, the RadWagon 4 is reliable, durable, and among the lowest-priced electric cargo bikes around.

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