E assist recumbent trikes. E assist recumbent trikes

What is a Semi-recumbent electric tricycle?

Many bikers transition to recumbents due to pain in places such as the neck, buttocks, and knees. However, many individuals are wary of low-slung bikes and trikes because they are concerned about visibility. As a result, various manufacturers have developed semi-recumbent electric trikes These delta tricycles allow the rider to sit back in a comfortable seat while remaining visible to motorists.

These trikes have a few more unique qualities in addition to their ergonomic-but-not-too-low sitting configuration. One of these is a steering mechanism that allows the trike to lean into corners, making it more stable when turning than typical upright tricycles. Riders may also modify the dampening of the steering system while riding thanks to hand controls on the under-seat handlebar. This implies that users may, for example, calibrate the steering to be more sensitive while navigating slowly in traffic and less responsive when going swiftly on long straight highways.

The solution for your backaches

A semi-recumbent Electric tricycle may be the ideal solution for you if you’re seeking a 3 wheel electric bike for adults that provides a bit more comfort and support than a typical upright model. These E-trikes let you recline slightly while riding, making for a more pleasant ride. Furthermore, many semi-recumbent electric tricycle models include bigger seats and foot pedals, making them an excellent choice for people who are taller or have larger feet. If you’re considering buying a trike, be sure to look into all of your options, including semi-recumbent ones.

Semi-recumbent electric trikes provide greater support than upright-type trikes and might provide a more comfortable riding position. And it can also be used as a handicap electric trike to help those disabled people to travel. Furthermore, they often have bigger seats and pedals and ride in a semi-recumbent position, making them an excellent alternative for either the crippled or the elderly. If you’re looking for a semi-recumbent tricycle for adults, make sure to check out the Addmotor website, which is a professional and well-known electric bike manufacturer.

You know how to ride a bicycle, but you might be interested in learning how to ride a tricycle. Why do so many people prefer riding semi-recumbent 3-wheel bikes to bicycles? The answer to this issue varies depending on the person, but many individuals discover that electric trikes, especially for adults, have certain advantages over bicycles. If you’re considering looking for the finest adult electric trike but need a little guidance in making your choice, it’s a good idea to understand how a trike varies from a regular bike. In this manner, you may decide if the advantages of an electric trike outweigh those of your bicycle.


Stability is one of the primary distinctions between bicycles and electric trikes if you ask, What makes one different from the other. Naturally, maintaining proper balance is necessary when riding a bicycle. This is because bicycles only have two wheels, making them easy to topple. Even if you think you can balance quite well, if you run over gravel or bump into a rock while bicycling, you could have second thoughts. You can fall over with no effort. On the other side, three-wheel bicycles provide better stability because they have three wheels rather than just two. An electric trike’s design also causes your center of gravity to be a little bit lower. Additionally, it might make you feel safer and more in control than you would while riding a bike.

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These days, riders of electric bikes may manage the pedal-assist function. They may choose their chosen pace and the amount of help they want from an electric tricycle. Additionally, certain electric trike models, like the Addmotor M-360, the world-first semi-recumbent electric trike provides customers with the option to select between a throttle and a pedal-assist function. This suggests that a trike’s rider can receive both characteristics. They have excellent longevity, with a charging time of 10 hours for 1000 charge cycles. The whole system provides around 85 miles per charge, which is a lot of mileage for a trike.

A good semi-recumbent trike

The three-wheeled, semi-recumbent trike is on sale now by Addmotors for 3099 dollars, the long range electric trike offers over six different colors to choose from that are equally flamboyant and attractive. And with the offer to do the payment per month for 194 dollars a month. The arrival time, depending on the location and number of orders is around 2–3 working days.

E assist recumbent trikes

With the e-assist system, our recumbent tricycles are suitable for all users, helping them enjoy the fun of riding

Why buy this trike

Great Performance Excellent performance assured by branded components, including Kenda and SCHWALB tires, Panasonic and LG batteries, and BAFANG and DAPU motors.

E-Assist TrikExplor selects the well-performing motors and large-capacity batteries from famous brands, including BAFANG, DAPU, and Panasonic

Customization With a patented modular configuration,TrikExplor models share the same type of primary tube and allow different parts to be flexibly attached and easily transformed

Electric Motor Help Ride Effortlessly and Far

Every e-assist Motrike recumbent trike can help users ride uphill with less efforts and downhill with more control. Motors from quality brands, such as BAFANG mid-drive motors and DAPU rear hub motors, provide users with more strength to conquer rugged terrains. Also, users can ride long distances (up to 60km) with lithium batteries that have a large capacity.

Recumbent Tricycles Made for All Users

TrikExplor ntry-level recumbent trikes equipped with necessary functions enable all users, whether they are seniors, disabled, or people lacking balance, to go out and enjoy the world. Our TrikExplor recumbent tricycles with outstanding components and equipment represent a reasonable choices. Targeting various applications, such as recreation, sports, off-road, touring, and commuting, TrikExplor recumbent trikes can handle both daily and extreme conditions, providing users with a joyful experience.

Robust Motor Power Through All Conditions

Equipped with the high-performance BaFang mid-drive motor, TrikExplor products help riders go further in a breeze on all terrains by providing them with considerable extra strength. The TrikExplor can turn the feeling of sore legs into the past, forever. Order our products to help your customers explore the world with fun! over, our seats provide suspension, helping the users ride more stably and smoothly. Motors from quality brands, such as BAFANG mid-drive motors and DAPU rear hub motors, provide users with more strength to conquer rugged terrains. Also, users can ride long distances (up to 60km) with lithium batteries that have a large capacity.

Classes of Electric Trikes in California

While it’s hard not to get pretty psyched about the opportunities e-trikes offer for avid trikers, it’s important to understand e-trikes can introduce new challenges when using California roads and trails. In fact, with so many people opting for e-bikes as their preferred mode of transportation in California, a rebate was actually introduced to encourage people to invest in this eco-friendly option. However, that’s helping to put more e-bikes and e-trikes on our roads and trails.

As a result, the California Highway Patrol is set to develop safety standards for e-bike riders based on new legislation. The new guidelines are expected to be introduced by September 2023, focusing on everything from e-bike safety to the rules of the road, with some emergency maneuver skills thrown in for good measure. The new guidelines will hopefully reduce the number of e-riders out there who don’t follow the rules, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

This brings us to the topic of this article, the classes of e-trikes and how they apply to the use of local roads and trails. Let’s take a look at the classes, as well as e-trike best practices, to keep you and fellow riders safe on the trails.

The Three Electric Trike Classes

As of 2020, there are three classes of e-trikes/bikes:

Class 1

A “Class 1 electric bicycle,” or “low-speed pedal-assisted electric bicycle,” is equipped with a motor that only functions when you pedal. As well, the trike can only reach 20 miles per hour (MPH) before it stops producing that boost of power. They must have a motor under 750W and be throttle free to align with California rules. The TerraTrike’s E.V.O. (electric vehicle option) is a perfect example of a Class 1 electric assist trike. It meets all the requirements, making it a popular choice for our customers.

With a 740W motor, no throttle, and a maximum of 20 mph, it meets the requirements of California laws and is actually not even considered a motorized vehicle. That means if you see trails with signs prohibiting the use of trails by Motorized Vehicles, you can safely continue on unless the sign states more specific trail use rules.

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Class 2

A “Class 2 electric bicycle,” or “low-speed throttle-assisted electric bicycle,” does not require pedaling to use the motor. They also don’t provide assistance once they reach 20 mph. They are limited to motors below 750W but do have a throttle.

Class 3

A “Class 3 electric bicycle,” or “speed pedal-assisted electric bicycle,” has a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling and stops providing assistance when the bicycle reaches 28 mph. Class 3 bicycles are limited to below a 750W motor, have no throttle, and are equipped with a speedometer. Pedelec and moped-style bikes fall into this category. This e-trike also meets the requirements of California’s e-bike rules as it goes to the maximum speed requirement of 28 mph.

Common Sense and E-Trike Speeds

If you shop around, you can find e-bike manufacturers that produce e-bikes that reach up to 60 mph. In our minds and the minds of California lawmakers, this is not an e-bike and becomes something more like a moped or mini motorcycle. If you choose an e-trike that allows you to go this fast, keep in mind you’re exceeding the 28 mph max in California, which means you’re getting into dangerous territory regardless of where you ride.

You’re kind of pressing the rules to work in your favor, and although chances are you won’t get caught zooming down local trails, you’re crossing the line between having fun and what boils down to common courtesy for your fellow riders and trail users. These types of e-trikes and bikes should never be used in public parks or on local roads as you really are putting yourself and others at risk. You’ll also definitely be breaking the law if you’re opening up the full-speed capabilities. Your reaction times also won’t allow you to avoid unexpected obstacles, which puts you and others at risk for serious injuries.

Safety Tips for E-Trike Riders

With all that said, you can enjoy a much safer e-trike ride with these e-trike rider safety tips:

  • Make sure you wear a helmet no matter where you ride.
  • To make yourself more visible, use front and rear lights and choose accessories with reflective stickers.
  • Whether you are riding night or day, brighter colored, reflective clothing keeps you visible.
  • E-trikes are nice and quiet, which means you might sneak up on fellow riders and pedestrians. Install a horn or bell to provide a little warning as you approach. Call out with a friendly “on your left” so people know which way to step to get out of your way.
  • Make sure you only use trails and roads that allow electric trikes and stick to the designated bike trails and lanes in your area.
  • Keep in mind your lower-to-the-ground position makes it harder for cars and pedestrians to spot you. Ride accordingly, so you’re prepared for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians who come into your path and present potential dangers that lead to accidents.
  • Don’t assume parked cars are safe. Watch for sudden vehicle lights that indicate the car is pulling out, as well as car doors that can open into your path.
  • Keep an eye on fellow cyclists who can easily miss you and pull out in front of you unexpectedly.
  • Until you’re used to using your motor, take potholes and uneven terrain at a slower speed to avoid losing control of your trike.
  • Be aware of how your added speed can be interrupted when you hit gravel or wet pavement, and slow down accordingly.

If you follow these e-trike best practices, you are more likely to avoid accidents and injuries. You’ll make the most of your e-trike experience without ruining it for others using California roads and trails. Our team can offer advice on the types of e-trikes available that are California compliant.

Electric Assist for Recumbent Bikes and Trikes

Talk to us to find out which Electric Assist best suits your needs.

Recumbent E-Kit FAQ

Definitely!! Talk to us to find out which kit is best for you!

No. As air transport of lithium batteries is expensive and difficult, an original equipment e-trike is price prohibitive in our region.

Yes. We can supply and fit an E-kit as part of your trike assembly.

No. Common kits are arranged for the standard upright bicycle, and the parts and wiring, in the main, do not just “bolt on” to a recumbent!

Typically, you will need extension cables, and be prepared to cut and splice longer wiring, make or source special brackets to mount the battery, keypad and display.

assist, recumbent, trikes

Depending on the type, A Standard kit has all the essentials: either a new wheel and motor or crankset and motor, battery, display/keypad, electronic control module, and assorted wiring. Optional extras include brake sensors, gear change sensors, and various extension leads.

Depending on battery and kit style, from 1200. 1600.

Around 900 to install a kit, including battery and display mounts.

A Hub Motor is a motor built into a wheel.A Mid-Drive motor is built into the bottom bracket and crankset, and uses the bikes chain and gear systems to drive the wheel.

We presently use Bafang mid drives.

Electric Assist bicycles in Australia are limited to 200 watt power, unless the bike complies with European directive EN15194 and is certified as complying. (Commonly termed a Pedelec, 250 watt max.) Queensland further limits all electric assist bikes to 25kmh with power assistance. This rules out any DIY kit from complying with the 250 watt requirement as the certification applies to the whole bike.

Queensland law limits motor only speed to 6kmh or less. Our installations come with a “walk assist” option only.

Electric assist kits weigh around 6kg including battery.

Difficult to say, much depends on riding style, terrain, weight, bike style, and how much assistance is used. Typical installations return 40 – 60 kilometers using moderate assist.

The preferred position on a trike is on the main frame, behind and below the seat.

Where possible we try to locate the control pad on one handle bar. On the Bafang mid drives this often means separating the display from the keypad and splicing in a long wire to suit. We have several standard locations for the display: on an accessory post, on the front derailleur housing, or on the main frame forward of the seat.

Hub Motor E-Kit

We are unable to provide Hub Motors at this time.

A Hub Motor is a motor built into a wheel.

The wheel is replaced with the same sized wheel containig a Hub Motor. In a Delta trike, this can only be done with the single front wheel, with a Tadpole, only the single rear wheel.The Controler is usually fitted to the handlebar and the display is mounted in the appropriate places. eg. the grab handle.

❮ ❯

Recumbent Mid Drive E-Kit

A Mid-Drive motor is built into the bottom bracket and crankset, and uses the bikes chain and gear systems to drive the wheel.

As a guide, supply and fit of a mid-drive electric assist is around 2000, depending on the spec of the kit and the battery chosen.

The Mid-drive motor and crankset replace the existing crankset. The controller is usually fitted to the left handlebar, replacing the gearshift for the front derailleur which is removed. (Other installation options are available.)

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Info about Electric Assist

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