Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter Review – Ride Upto 50mph. Dualtron thunder electric scooter

Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter Review – Ride Upto 50mph

The Dualtron Thunder is a big name among the upper range of E-Scooters. Dualtron Thunder electric scooter has featured that distinguish it from other electric scooters. Powered by a powerful electric motor, Dualtron Thunder has a sturdy construction, good mileage per charger, and enormous wheels. The body and frame are highly durable to last for years.

You won’t feel underpowered when riding Dualtron Thunder as its powerful motor can take you to a blazing speed of 50 mph and a travel range of 75 miles. Practically it is a perfect alternative to the daily commute resources with an outstanding style. It weighs relatively less than Dualtron X and produces unmatched performance in its tier.

If you are not satisfied with the performance of your current electric scooter and looking for an excellent alternative, then the Dualtron Thunder scooter is for you. It is one of the top contenders among the top-performing electric scooters. You can charge it and ride it miles to get satisfactory performance and unmatched features. Speed is not the only top quality of this scooter as it packs an impressive lighting system, brakes, and instrument panel to get you running on the roads.

Dualtron Thunder E-Scooter Assembly

The Dualtron Thunder assembly is straightforward, and it does not involve much hassle. Upon receiving the box, you can take it out and unfold the scooter. It only requires placing the stem and handlebars by locking them and tighten the screws. Make sure to check for any wobbling in the stem and folding lever before finalizing the assembly.

After completing the assembly of Dualtron Thunder, please turn it on to check the integrity of the LCD and make sure that everything is working perfectly. This check is necessary as there can be issues while delivering the scooter to impact the scooter’s integrity.

Once you have checked and verified the scooter’s performance, completely charge the battery before the first ride. It ensures better battery health for running in the long run.

Build Quality

Build quality of Dualtron Thunder is, without a doubt, extremely durable and can accommodate heavy adults. It is not as bulky as the X model but sturdy enough to provide a reliable ride. Then material used in the bike construction can withstand extended usage and can drive you through rough terrain with ease.

dualtron, thunder, electric, scooter

Dualtron is well known for its durability, and all the scooters in this lineup have similar construction. The handlebars and frame of the bike are lightweight. They have an aviation-grade aluminum alloy that keeps them bound with the help of a steel composite shaft. Dualtron Thunder reflects the build quality throughout its construction. Even the mudguards have polypropylene plastic as the main constituent, which is wear-resistant.

Despite the outstanding build quality, there is a significant drawback that we consider should not be in this scooter. Similar to the other models offered by Dualtron, Thunder also lacks water resistance. You can use it in normal weather conditions but cannot use it in rainy weather. You cannot even claim the 6-month warranty of the scooter as damaged by the water is not addressed in the warranty.

This is disappointing for an expensive electric scooter to lack the water resistance capability where most manufacturers provide water resistance ratings.

Dualtron Thunder Motor Power

Dualtron Thunder electric scooter is a powerful scooter with the ability to go off-road as it has dual DC motors, which generate enormous torque. It operates at a base power of 2400W while it can reach its potential at 5400W. The brushless design gives an advantage over brushed design in lifespan, quality, better torque, reliability, and less noise.

The motors are capable of generating continuous power throughout the ride time. They can operate continuously on the base power, whereas you can throttle the speed and reach the peak power for a shorter time. Driving on peak power is also not sustainable as it drains more battery and reduces the travel range.

Being a high-end electric scooter Dualtron Thunder is capable of running good mileage with impressive speed. It reaches the top speed in minimal time due to its excellent acceleration. The top speed can reach 50 miles per hour. But it is not recommended to run it at full throttle, especially in an urban area without proper safety gear. However, the speed is adjustable with controlling wire to 15 mph in the USA model to comply with the insurance and DOT regulations.

On Track Range

An LG 3500 cells, 60 volts battery powers Dualtron Thunder. It has an ideal charging mechanism as you can charge it with several methods. The standard charger on the Thunder can charge the battery in 20 hours to full capacity. If you utilize the dual charging mode, it can take half the time and charge the battery in 10 hours. However, a fast-charging option is also available that can effectively charge the battery in 5.3 hours.

Dualtron Thunder can take a rider to a distance of 75 miles on a single charge with this powerful battery. However, the travel range depends on the rider’s weight, road condition, terrain slope, and weather. During our real-life test, Dualtron thunder performed well and averaged to a distance of 50 miles.

If your travel involves an uphill track, it can easily carry the rider 25 degrees incline. However, you should avoid excessive speed on the slopes and downhills as it is risky for an electric scooter, no matter how much fun it sounds.

Weight Capacity

The net weight of Dualtron Thunder does not fall in the lightweight category as it weighs about 95 pounds. This weight seems heavier than the other competitors, but Thunder compensates it well with the foldable design.

dualtron, thunder, electric, scooter

Having a sturdy build and heavier body, Thunder excels in weight capacity. It can support a maximum weight of 265 pounds. This weight capacity is standard for the majority of electric scooters and is enough for adults. You may look for the best electric scooters for heavy adults. Many models offer an excellent weight-bearing capacity for plus-sized adults. However, they are relatively expensive compared to Dualtron Thunder.


The sturdy and durable Dualtron Thunder is portable for most people. The scooter’s weight reaches 95 pounds that seem very difficult to carry around, but portability covers this aspect. However, I won’t recommend it for kids and teens due to heavier weight.

The folding mechanism of Dualtron Thunder makes it relatively portable. If you are comfortable carrying 92 pounds, then spring supported folding mechanism helps to carry it. You can pull up the locking level and fold the handlebars to get them into a compact shape.

Frame Strength

Dualtron Thunder represents the same build quality that we see in other top-end electric scooters. It has an ultra-durable aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame. This frame fulfills its purpose excellently and does not wobble even on bumpy roads.

Besides the durability, the aesthetics of the Dualtron Thunder are pleasing. If you are a fan of the black color, then this ride never disappoints. Between the black, the small addition of red adds an element of luxury and class to the ride.

Dualtron Thunder Scooter Deck

The deck size of Dualtron Thunder is wide enough to accommodate riders of all sizes. The width is comfortable enough to provide a standing place for both feet. You won’t face any issues when riding it and have a stable stance without bending the body. It has a strong body that can withstand pretty hard beating from on-road and off-road riding.

Underneath the deck, there are LED lights that increase the visibility and aesthetics of the scooter. The lights are bright and vivid with various color schemes. You can fully customize the lighting according to your mood. Remote control comes with a scooter that helps to customize these lights.

If you want to set up your scooter for long rides, there is room for an optional seat on the deck. After attaching the seat with the deck, you can cover a long journey without getting tired.

Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter Wheels

Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter wheels are super-sized and ultra-wide. They are 11 x 4 inches in size that are gigantic for an electric scooter. The tires are pneumatic, and their tubeless design is not fragile. They can withstand wear and tear at higher speed and are relatively less prone to getting flat.

For a high-performance scooter, the tires are still bigger. Besides fulfilling the purpose of getting the scooter to run smoothly on the road, these tires contribute to stability and control. Their pneumatic design enables them to support the suspension and provide smoother rides than solid rubber tires.

In case of any rare incident of a flat tire, Thunder tires are relatively easy to change. When looking at their diameter and mounting with the scooter, one may think they are difficult to change. Thanks to the modular design that makes it easy to remove and replace the tires.

Suspension System

The unique 3 step variable suspension on Dualtron Thunder is another notable feature of this ride. This suspension system enables you to set the suspension modules to different levels for getting a unique riding experience.

The cartridge and rubber decide the utility of the suspension system. A soft cartridge is a better option for use in a cold environment as it provides good support. However, for setting the elasticity of the suspension to a medium level, you can change the cartridge. Suspension and pneumatic tires provide better protection from road bumps and give a smoother ride, even on off-road tracks.

Brake (ABS Braking)

The brake system of any electric scooter is essential for ride safety and stability. Dualtron Thunder offers an effective braking mechanism. The brake calipers have a large size and do their work with good precision.

Thunder features an ABS braking system that is more effective and safer than drum or regenerative brakes. However, the specs may seem to deceive because the ABS brakes on the Dualtron Thunder scooter are electronic. You can turn off ABS easily and increase the brake strength using the instrument panel.

When we checked the braking quality, we observed a strange vibration. The mechanism of brake application is very straightforward. First, applying the rear brake followed by the front brake helps in safer stopping rather than using both brakes.

Additional Features in Dualtron Thunder

Dualtron Thunder features an instrument panel that is great for monitoring real-time stats. The Eye LCD is impressive and visible even in the bright sunlight. With this instrument panel, you can control various scooter features as it helps regulate cruise mode, ABS function, and operating mode. Besides that, it offers wireless charging and an optional fingerprint scanner. It is easy to operate, and you can read the product manual for better understanding.

Cruise control is a strong recommendation if you plan to travel long distances. You can set the speed limit and ride comfortably without the need to maintain the speed manually. We have tested the cruise control on the road, and it seems to work perfectly on our test ride.

There are bright LED lights on the front and rear for people who like to commute at night. The front light is very bright for improved visibility under low light conditions. LEDs on deck and handlebars are customization, and you can select any light color according to your mood.

Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter Warranty

Similar to the other Dualtron products, Dualtron Thunder electric scooter warranty period is 6 months. Their support department is very responsive and easy to access. You can get support from Dualtron by visiting their website and clicking on Help Center. After generating an email to the support team, you can expect a swift and timely reply related to your queries.

  • 3500 LG battery provides extended travel range
  • Excellent motor power that generates a superb top speed
  • The superb ability for the uphill ride due to strong acceleration
  • The high-quality suspension system
  • Brakes ensure maximum safety on higher speed
  • Fully customizable LED lights
  • Very expensive electric scooter
  • No waterproof rating
  • Weight capacity is lower compared to the competitors

Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter Review

The Dualtron Thunder was launched by Minimotors in 2018 and had a 5,400-watt dual motor electric scooter. This is one of the most powerful electric scooters that you can buy on the market. Furthermore, Dualtron has created a stylish, fast, and best-performing electric scooter globally, with this being a third-generation model.

So, what makes the Dualtron Thunder the best scooter you can buy on the market? This review will detail the braking and wheel design, battery, design features, price, and finish with an overview of the features. It is worth noting that before using this scooter, you should read the user manual that comes with the scooter fully before operating.

Dualtron Thunder Specifications

Here is a brief overview of some of the main features of the Dualtron Thunder:

  • Motor: MAX 5,400-watt BLDC dual hub motor
  • Battery: 35Ah – 2,060Wh / LG 3500
  • Charge time: 20 hours standard, 10 hours using dual charging ports, or 5.3 hours using the quick charge option
  • Max mileage: 75 miles
  • Max speed: 50mph
  • Max rider weight: 120kg/265lb
  • Product weight: 43kg/95lb
  • Brakes: Front and rear NUTT hydraulic disc brakes 160mm
  • Tires: Extra-wide tubeless tires
  • Lighting: Quad-LED lights
dualtron, thunder, electric, scooter


With a hefty price tag of 4,590.00, this makes it one of the most expensive scooters in the world. It is currently on sale, for 3,699.00, or £3,100.00, so while not as expensive as it is at full price, it still doesn’t come cheap. However, with all the features and modernity of this scooter, you are getting your money’s worth!

Design Features

There are several design features that make the Dualtron Thunder the best scooter available to buy on the market. The Dualtron electric scooter has a state-of-the-art EYE LCD display, adding functionality, with the option for a fingerprint reader. You can even charge your phone via the scooter, so if you have a long journey to make, you don’t have to worry about your mobile dying.

The Dualtron Thunder has the option for mood lighting, front and rear LED lights, and blue mood lighting. This isn’t everything, as the handlebar can be illuminated to any color of your choice. These features show that Dualtron wants to bring the scooter an added level of security and showcasing its modernity.

This is a massive beast of a scooter, with the deck a foot wide, and the body of the scooter made from aluminum and steel, it comes in at a weight of 43kg, so you need to be mindful if you plan on traveling with the scooter anywhere. It can hold up to 120kg, and it does have a spring-loaded folding mechanism, which makes it easy to store. The wheel assembly is removable, making servicing easier, with changing the dreaded flat tire as easy and straightforward as possible. However, it should be noted that the scooter is not waterproof, so using it in the rain or in wet conditions, or storing it in a damp place, is not recommended by the manufacturer.

Battery, Charging, and Motor

The battery and motor system of the Dualtron Thunder is made up of two brushless DC electric dual hub motors, offering better reliability, less noise, and a longer lifespan compared to brushed motors. There is a maximum power of 5,400 watts, which can be sustained for a short period of time, and continuous power of 2,400 watts.

The Dualtron Thunder battery is 60 volts, meaning that you have several options for charging. This scooter can be charged fully in 20 hours; however, it also comes with dual charging ports, and if you use both ports, it takes around 10 hours for a full charge. There is also a quick charge option available, which takes 5.3 hours.

You should only use the charger that comes with the electric scooter and charge in a well-ventilated area. Due to the scooter using a lithium battery, you should follow certain safety instructions, so you need to read the manual carefully before taking your scooter out for a spin.

Dualtron Thunder Review- Electric Scooter with One of the Best Performance

Are you planning to buy an electric scooter but you are confused about which one to buy?

Or have you selected the scooter Dualtron Thunder as your buy and you wish to know more about its features?

If so, then do not get more confused because we are right here at your service.

In this Dualtron Thunder review, we are taking a closer look at Dualtron Thunder electric scooter manufactured by Minimotors. By the end, we hope you’ll be fully clear about buying it or not.

  • Dualtron Thunder Full Specs
  • Overview
  • Motor and Battery
  • Two Charging Ports
  • Speed and Range
  • Climbing with Dualtron Thunder
  • Construction and Wheels
  • Suspensions
  • Removable Wheels
  • Hydraulic Brakes with ABS
  • LCD Display
  • Downsides
  • Dualtron Thunder Accessories
  • Where to Buy Dualtron Thunder?
  • Final Verdict


The Dualtron Thunder electric scooter is huge. It includes:

  • Powerful motor
  • Huge battery system
  • Incredibly big wheels
  • Well built
  • Very fast
  • Durable construction.

The speed of the scooter is tremendously fast at 50 miles per hour. You know what, you can easily replace it with a motorcycle because of this.

In addition to this, the scooter comes with a lighting system and a brilliant instrument panel. So, if you can pay higher then a Dualtron Thunder scooter might be the perfect choice for you.

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dualtron, thunder, electric, scooter

Motor and Battery

If we talk about batteries and motor systems, then it is brilliant. The motor system of the scooter includes two brushless DC dual hub electric motors.

As they are brushless, they are advantageous in many ways like they offer better reliability, better torque, less noise, and lengthy lifespans. Those motors come with a peak power of 5400 watts and with 2400 watts of nominal power.

Now you must be wondering what’s the difference between nominal and peak power? So let us tell you, nominal power is continuous whereas peak power is not, it’s just for a brief period of time.

Two Charging Ports

The battery of the scooter is 35Ah which includes 3500 LG cells and 60 volts battery. It takes around 20 hours to completely charge using one standard charger.

Fortunately, the battery has 2 charging ports. And yes, you can use both of them at the same time. Therefore, you can fully charge your beast within 10 hours.

Also, make sure to use the original charger and keep the place dry and well ventilated. As it is a lithium battery, so for full safety, you must follow all the safety instructions given on it.

Speed and Range

As the Dualtron Thunder is a high-end scooter, you get to experience high speed and great range. The maximum speed of the scooter is 50 mph. However, in the United States 50 mph electric scooter is not allowed on the streets. The speed is limited to 15mph by using a speed limiting wire.

Now let’s talk about range, which is really good! When the conditions are ideal, the Thunder can travel up to 75 miles.

There are various factors that significantly affect the range like weather, terrain, the weight of the rider, and other such conditions. over, some reviews say that the most realistic range is between 40 miles to 50 miles.

Climbing with Dualtron Thunder

To go higher on slopes, the climbing grade is up to 25 degrees or 47%.

Removable Wheels

Now that we have talked about construction, let’s now talk about wheels. The wheels are the most important part of a scooter. They affect how a scooter rides.

Most importantly, the wheels of the Thunder are removable which makes it easier for you to service the punctures and flats.

The measurement of these tubeless wheels is 11 inches. Because of this measurement, they can run on the rough path too but they are designed for smooth roads.

Hydraulic Brakes with ABS

The braking system of a scooter matters the most as they ensure the safety and stability of a rider.

If we talk about the length of the brake calipers, then they are really large, 160 mm. Also, Dualtron Thunder comes up with very unique ABS brakes. ABS brakes cause certain vibrations which makes them the most secure brakes.

So, to apply brakes, first, you need to use the rear brake and after that use both the front and rear brake together. Also, riders can turn off the ABS braking system if they want. They can adjust the strength of the brake as well from the instrument panel.

LCD Display

The LCD display is a new feature of the Dualtron Thunder scooter.

From the instrument panel, the rider can control and operate the scooter with cruise mode. start mode. ABS function. electronic brake and so many more.

Most importantly, if you’re traveling for long distances and if you need to travel at a constant speed, then the cruise control mode is recommended. The instrument panel comes with an optional fingerprint sensor and wireless charging.


Nothing is perfect, right? Everything has some flaws and shortcomings and what matters is how well you accept them. The same is the case with the Dualtron Thunder scooter.

The very main shortcoming of the scooter is its price. It costs around 4,000 which is pretty high.

So, if you’re low on budget, then this is not the right choice for you. But, the price is totally worth the features it offers.

Dualtron Thunder Accessories

There are tons of different spare parts and accessories available in the Voro Motors store. I like their own saying that you can basically rebuild a new electric scooter with spare parts available in their shop.

Some accessories you might be interested in:

  • Dualtron Fingerprint Reader
  • Minimotors Fast Charger
  • Dualtron Upper Kiddy Bar
  • CarbonRevo Dualtron LED Deck Cover

Final Verdict

All in all, it’s a great scooter that is fully equipped with all the advanced features. The range, long-lasting construction, adjustable suspension, lighting, and motor options are just brilliant. The scooter has one of the most powerful motors.

Dualtron Thunder is for highly experienced riders who can take advantage of all the high features of the scooter.

Also, the riders who love riding at high speeds can fall in love with it quite easily.

Dualtron Thunder Tronic Review: The Future of Electric Scooters is Here

The Dualtron Thunder Tronic electric scooter is a project developed by VoroMotors and Tronic Systems that ushers in a new generation of high performance electric scooters.

The scooter world has never seen a more powerful collaboration. Voro Motors is one of the largest scooter dealers in the US and Tronic Systems is the mastermind behind the premium Rion Thrust Hyper scooter.

The Dualtron Thunder Tronic has two huge upgrades from the original Dualtron Thunder. The old square wave Minimotor Controllers has been replaced with a 250-amp Tronic VESC controller that is smoother than smooth and the EY3 display and trigger throttle has been upgraded to the super precise Rion Curve thumbwheel.

What is VESC?

VESC is an acronym for Vedder’s Electric Speed Controller. It is named after it’s creator, Benjamin Vedder, and is an open sourced platform.

VESC is widely popular due to its strong compatibility and custom programming feature. Electric speed controllers is the brain of your PEV, telling the motor how hard to accelerate and how hard to decelerate. VESC takes it up a notch by allowing the user to set parameters of how much power to deliver in accelerating and braking.

VESC is being used in many PEV devices, and Tronic controllers utilize this technology.

What is the benefit of a Tronic Controller with VESC technology?

Tronic controllers uses VESC technology to control the amp output to motors and the strength of regenerative braking.

I had a chance to try 5 different PEVs with Tronic controllers, and I can clearly say they are the king of controllers.

A Tronic controller can produce high power output to the motors for fast acceleration due to the high quality mosfets, components and massive amounts of copper linking them all together.

On top of excellent acceleration, a Tronic controller shines with its electrical braking. The regenerative braking on a Tronic Controller is so efficient that you won’t have to use your mechanical brakes as much. For those that drive electric cars like a Tesla, think one pedal driving that rarely requires the need to use the brakes.

Best part is, you gain power with the regenerative braking.

Rion has spent years perfecting the Tronic controller and are constantly improving on design, function and compatibility. VESC technology paired with Rion’s manufacturing of Tronic controllers brings the future to the present.

What is so great about the Rion Curve?

The Rion Curve uses the same technology that Da Vinci medical surgery devices use. The Rion curve is so smooth because it has the exact precision needed to perform surgery with a robot.

Pair the Curve with the Tronic Controller and it gives you surgical precision and control while riding and eliminates any dead space you may feel with inferior throttle products.

You barely have to roll the curve less than a 1mm to feel crazy acceleration. Roll it back to acheive regenerative braking. It takes a while to get use to, but once you figure it out it’s a sublime experience!

Does the Dualtron Thunder Tronic have the normal Dualtron sound?

Dualtron scooters are known for producing an electrical buzzing sound out of a science fiction movie like Tron. The upgraded Dualtron Thunder Tronic has a unique sound that doesn’t sound anything like all the other Dualtrons and is much quieter than the original Thunder.

Tronic controllers use sine wave technology, while Minimotors use square wave technology.

Square wave controllers create a louder noise when accelerating. You can hear a Dualtron coming while the Thunder Tronic is stealthy.

Is the Dualtron Thunder Tronic stable at high speeds?

Yes, the Dualtron Thunder Tronic is stable at high speeds.

The Dualtron Thunder has been a classic super scooter since its release over three years ago. The Thunder is tried and true and is still a popular choice when looking at 11-inch tire scooters.

The Dualtron Thunder was already stable and when you add the Tronic controllers, it becomes even more stable.

The smooth acceleration curve and regen braking also help prevent the scooter from shaking at higher speeds.

What type of brakes are on the Dualtron Thunder Tronic?

The Dualtron Thunder Tronic has Nutt Brakes which I prefer because you don’t have to bleed them as much, and the brake modulation is superior to Zoom Brakes. With Zoom Brakes it is all or nothing, but with Nutt Brakes you can gradually brake in a more controlled fashion.

Add the VESC regenerative braking and you don’t need to use your brakes as much extending the life of your brake pads.

The Dualtron Thunder Tronic Light Show

When I think of Dualtron scooters, I think of colorful LED lights. I’m glad they left the LED lights on the stem of the Dualtron Thunder Tronic.

Had they removed those lights, it just wouldn’t feel like a Dualtron scooter anymore.

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What type of tires are on the Dualtron Thunder Tronic?

The Dualtron Thunder Tronic features 11 by 3.5 inch pneumatic tires with tubes. The tires work alright, but I would like to see PMT tires come stock on super scooters.

The tires are fine riding on the center, but the edges are rigid and not amazing for carving tight turns. PMT tires would help with turning, carving, and grip.

How wide are the handlebars on the Dualtron Thunder Tronic?

Most Dualtron scooters have narrow handlebars. The Dualtron Thunder Tronic is no exception. The handlebars measure in at 24 inches wide (61 cm wide).

Wider handlebars help stabilize the scooter at high speeds. Even with narrow handlebars, the Dualtron Thunder Tronic is surprisingly stable at higher speeds. However, I still prefer a wider handlebar.

Why does Dualtron use collapsible handlebars?

On all Dualtron scooters Jimmy and I have reviewed, they always have collapsible handlebars. I understand that it makes the scooter more portable by taking up a smaller footprint. However, I would prefer a standard handlebar that does not fold.

The handlebars are already too narrow and it’s just another thing that can go wrong. I have never had a collapsible handlebar fail on any of my Dualtron scooters, and I would like to keep it that way. However, it would be disastrous if the collapsible handlebars failed at 40 mph.

Dualtron Thunder Tronic Weight

The scooter weigh 95 lbs. (43 kg) so it is heavy to lift by yourself.

The Dualtron Thunder Tronic can latch to the deck when folded making it easier to carry the scooter when collapsed.

Voro Motors and Rion Marriage

The talents of Voro Motors and the makers of the Rion looks to usher in the next generation of personal electric vehicles and already, several collaboration projects are in the works including the Dualtron Thunder Tronic and Roadrunner Tronic.

If all goes well with the Dualtron Thunder Tronic and Roadrunner Tronic projects, Voro Motors will start adding Tronic controllers and Rion Curve throttles to other scooters.

From my experience on the Dualtron Thunder Tronic, Tronic Road Runner, Tronic Sur Ron, Rion Apex, and Rion Noir I am excited for the future of electric scooters.

I’ve tested over 50 scooters the past 12 months, and the smoothness of the Tronic controllers is the best I have ever tried. If they put Tronic controllers in scooters like the Wolf King GT Pro or Emove Roadster, we will be in for a treat since they are 72 volts with larger motors.

I am loving the collaboration between Voro Motors and Rion, and I cannot wait for what comes out in the future!

Who should get the Dualtron Thunder Tronic?

I think everyone who is interested in Rion scooters, should get one!

If you are thinking about the Dualtron Thunder, do yourself a favor and spend the extra 200 to get the Tronic version. I’m surprised it’s only a 200 upgrade because it makes the scooter five times more fun.

The Thunder Tronic goes from a 3 year old dependable driver, to a brand new super scooter with Tronic controllers. If you love speed and technology, don’t sleep on the low price tage of the Thunder Tronic.

Dualtron Thunder Tronic Pricing, Coupon and Discount Codes

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