Dual electric bike. Dual electric bike


The new HEC-20Dual17-Five is a powerful, 2-wheel drive ebike! The little brother of the HEC-26DUAL17-Five thats smaller on the frame size but not smaller on the POWER!! It features a 1000 watt rear motor and another 750 watt motor on the front! Until now, other e-bikes on the market have been powered by 36 or 48 volt batteries, powering single 500, 750 or, on some bikes, 1000 watt motors. Not Hardcore! The HEC-20DUAL17-Five e-cycle sports a 60 volt 20 amp hour battery! This awesome bike fits the riders that have a 31 inch inseam or less without compromising power!!


Our electric bike (aka e-bike or ebike) accelerates to 20mph and can be programmed for faster speeds, but it’s not about the speed. It’s about the power to climb and endure tough conditions!

Over 40 Miles Per Charge

Tested at over 40 miles per charge. It features five (5) selectable, electric speeds and 24 pedal speeds that work together. If you choose not to pedal at all, just use the ALL NEW TWIST THROTTLE to quietly roll. The patented, Smart-assist feature cuts the power when you pull on either disc brake, an important safety feature only on Hardcore electric bikes!

Front adjustable suspension shocks work in conjunction with our innovative shock-supported seat to give you a comfortable ride over tough terrain.

Our all new LED display keeps you informed on how much battery you’re using and how much you’ve got left plus keeps track of your miles and speed.

Recharge this E-Bike in Just 4-6 Hours!

A full re-charge takes just 4-6 hours and the long life of our lithium battery will keep you rolling for years.

12 Month Warranty

Our components are all plug and play in the case of replacement and we offer a 12 month warranty on the electrical components including the battery!

Don’t waste your hard earned money on a weak powered bike! Go Hardcore!


Hardcore eCycles HEC-20Dual17-Five is pushed from the rear with our 1000 watt powerhouse and pulled from the front with our 750 watt powered by a 60 volt 18 amp hour lithium battery. This product is NOT FOR CHILDREN. This product is designed for off-road use or where legal. Always abide the law. A helmet is always recommended. Purchasers will ride at free will and assume all risk.

Additional information

1000 watt geared hub motor on rear and a 750 watt geared hub motor on the front

Five adjustable speed, 1:1 pedal assistant

Intelligent brushless 60V

Suspension aluminum alloy fork

Shimano 24 Speed with derailleur

6061 Aluminum alloy black handle bar

Conjointed shifter with power cut-off brake, Shimano series

LCD display, can show Distance, Mileage, Temperature, Voltage, Error Code, Cruise Control, Auto-dimming, and more

5 watt, LED headlight with USB charger port

59.4″ x 16.1″ x 31.1″ (151 x 41 x 79 cm)

reviews for HEC-20Dual17-FIVE

Incredible bike! I hunt a lot of hills and this bike has no problem going up them even in the nasty muddy spring/winter conditions. Extremely happy with my decision!

I am very happy. Very Fun machine. I need to stop using the throttle and do some pedaling. Lots of power I quickly tested one hill in the Alfa field. The bike handled it with ease. I was concerned about the 20” tires being too small I did not want to look like the guy that still lives in his mom basement that never left town and was still riding a BMX bike. I quickly put that thought aside. Getting on and off the bike is a breeze. Once I get my Hunting and Photography gear organized, I will do some test runs. Turkey season is approaching fast. The Hardcore Team Delivered a great product. Thank you.

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Dual Motor vs Single motor E-Bikes: Which is right for you?

When it comes to electric bikes, there are two main options: Dual Motor or Single Motor e-bikes.

In our product line, this is the main difference between the AWD III [Dual Motor] and the CORE [Single Motor]. Deciding between the two can be tricky, so it’s important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each style before making a purchase. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at both dual motor and single motor e-bikes to help you determine which one is right for you.

When it comes to e-bikes, there is a common debate/confusion in regard to which type is better for certain lifestyles. While both have their benefits and drawbacks, many riders are left wondering which type is best for them. The one key thing to note is that while both types will be a blast and convenient, choosing an ebike shouldn’t always reflect on what the most expensive product is, but which type will suit your needs and foster the most enjoyment and ease of use!

The Pros and Cons of Dual Motor E-Bikes


Power: The largest and most sought after benefit to a Dual Motor Ebike is the added pickup, torque and top end speed that comes with having a second motor. Taking our AWD III as an example you essentially double the power output, with two 1000 watt motors you can tackle most any terrain. This increased output results in more speed, and a quicker 0-30 mph take-off.

Uneven Terrain: To those new to ebikes it might be a surprise to learn that the added power is not the main reason as to why a dual motor ebike can tackle tougher terrain. This off road capability comes from the fact that the front tire has its own power source, allowing it to spin independently. For example, when the back tire is stuck in a hole or rivet the front has traction to pull it out. So even if one wheel has too rough of terrain to tackle by itself, the other will have sturdier ground to gain traction on. Think dirt trails, and soft sand on the beach.

Steep Hills/Incline: Another form of “rough terrain” that a dual motor is more capable on is steep hills/inclines. While the added power helps in this regard, it may not be known to you that this isn’t the only reason a dual motor bike fairs better on this terrain. Similarly to “uneven terrain” a massive help to tackling this is that each tire spins independently. The rear motor works to “push” you up the hill and the front motor works to “pull” you up the hill. This push/pull helps greatly to reduce the speed reductions that happen with many e-bikes on hills, so you can fly up closer to your bike‘s top speed!


Price: Motors are one of the most expensive parts of an electric bicycle, so due to this, there will be a larger upfront cost, and a larger maintenance cost in the long run. This is mainly where our cost difference between the AWD III and the CORE comes from. Using the premium industry standard motor is not cheap! And even though these motors are high quality, after heavy use, wear and tear will happen, and you will have to cover the cost to make sure that not one but two motors are functioning at their peak capacity.

Battery Drain: power requires more energy, so with this in mind it is important to remember that at optimal performance and power output your bike will drain more energy. Most dual motor ebikes (like ours) have larger AH batteries allowing for more energy to be stored, but this can only compensate so much. Running dual motors all the time/more often than not, will inherently drain more of this stored energy. Our ebikes do have a switch so that you can use both dual and single motor modes so we always recommend you to use the dual motor mode as needed.

Weight: Adding a second motor adds significantly more weight. Not only is the motor heavy, but to safely ride an ebike with that much power there should be weight in the tires so that your bike stays firmly on the ground underneath it. The AWD III weighs 95 pounds. Which can make it difficult to put in a car, on to a hitch mount, bring up stairs, or wheel into a tight environment. This weight also affects rider feel/experience. A heavier bike feels heavier when you ride it. (This depending on your needs/lifestyle can be a pro or a con.)

The Pros and Cons of Single Motor E-Bikes


Price: Although this section may be inferred by the price section of dual motors, this is and always will be the main pro of choosing a single motor ebike. Because ebike motors are expensive, only having one helps bring the price down considerably. This also helps with future maintenance costs because you will only have one motor to keep at peak performance. It will inherently also be easier for ebike technicians to work on, as there are less electrical components for them to check which should bring down labor costs.

Weight: Having only one motor brings down the weight of the bike considerably. As noted before, not only is the weight of another motor not present but also you don’t need as much weight in the tires to retain traction on the ground below you. The CORE model we offer is only 65 pounds (55 with the battery removed) so getting it in your car, on your hitch mount, or up stairs into your home is considerably easier! Also the weight difference affects ride feel/experience. For lack of a better word a lighter ebike feels “zippier”. You can hit turns harder and use your weight to move and control the bike much easier.

Ease/Simplicity: While much of this section highlights things brought up in other sections, it is important to talk about. A single motor ebike is practical and useful for the day to day commuter. There is less to worry about maintenance wise, it is easier to move when not being ridden, and it has the power and capability to tackle/assist most riders with their daily tasks. A single motor ebike and the CORE specifically are great for first time ebike buyers. A practical, cost efficient and simpler ebike to enhance your daily life.


Power: Inherently one motor will always be less powerful than two (of the same wattage). This means you will lose out on top end speed, and pickup and torque. The CORE goes 31-32 mph whereas the AWD III can reach up to 34-36 mph. Also your 0-30 mph take-off will take longer to build up to (Note: This take-off is considered in seconds not minutes).

Rough Terrain: Although the CORE can tackle most any rough terrain, on steep inclines and uneven terrain you will find yourself noticing speed reductions during your ride. Where the AWD III can tackle soft sand, uneven dirt trails and steep inclines at high speeds, the CORE in these terrains will have speed reductions. Much of this is due not to the lack of power but because you lose the push/pull effect that you get with dual motors.

Towing: If you are a larger rider, or plan to use your bike to tow heavy goods or carry multiple people, a single motor bike may not have enough power for your needs. Although both of our models are capable of carrying two riders at peak performance, if you plan to use our bikes with your children or significant other riding with you, or plan to attach a trailer to carry your supplies down to the beach, you will want as much power as possible. A dual motor ebike like the AWD III will be able to handle tasks like these much more efficiently.


Regardless of which type of ebike you choose you will find significant enjoyment and convenience from them. The AWD III and CORE both have their merits and will bring down commute/parking times, and save you money on gas and car upkeep.

We at Pedal Electric do understand how large of a purchase this is to most people, and are happy to help our customers get the best bike for their lifestyle and their needs. We geek out on the specs and enjoy answering your questions. This lengthy article does not cover all the pros and cons of dual vs single motor ebikes, so feel free to reach out to us by phone or email, so that we can help and guide you to find exactly what you want and need.

EX Pro Dual Battery Electric Mountain Bike

Speed Pedelecs due to their high speed capabilities, are classified as L1e Mopeds in the UK. They cannot legally be used on the public highway unless they are registered (have a number plate) with DVLA, have a minimum of 3rd party road risk insurance, and the rider has either a valid CBT certificate or Moped / Motorcycle entitlement on their driving licence

Frey EX Pro Dual Battery eMTB

The all new FREY EX PRO eMTB is developed for high-end off-road performance, combining the most powerful mid drive motor, an advanced enduro spec chassis with the best quality components in the business.

Fitted with a dropper and gear sensor as standard!

The EX PRO is made with a FOCUS on aggressive trail riding and mountain climbing, the BAFANG ULTRA M620 mid-drive motor boasts a 160Nm of torque and peak output of 1600W, no other motor on the market feels as effortless and fun on technical climbs as the BAFANG ULTRA. The power of this motor is immense, around 3x the torque of most Bosch, Brose, or Shimano mid-drive motors on the market. The model features a DUAL BATTERY system: Twin Hollow-core Technology hides the master battery pack in the downtube while supporting a stiff front triangle and one removable Boost Battery connected to main frame tube to boost performance and double up your ride time for longer sessions.

With its ROCSHOX LYRIK RC DEBONAIR BOOST forks you will experience a smooth yet responsive feel which gives maximum control on the roughest rides. The forks feature an air spring and CHARGER RC damper, which makes it ideal at handling all the abuse that comes with blasting across the mountain at speed. ROCKSHOX has also included MAXIMA PLUSH fork fluid which reduces friction, silences noise and provides all-around long lasting performance. ROCKSHOX come complete with external rebound and low speed compression adjustment which gives you the freedom to set it up perfectly to match your riding style, personal preferences and the terrain conditions. Matched to a ROCKSHOX DELUXE rear shock and the perfect setup is complete.

Other key features include:

  • Dropper
  • Gear Sensor as standard
  • Neco H383EM with sealed bearings

FAST CHARGER AC100-240V, 50-60Hz, OUTPUT:54.6V,2-3A


  • Motor: Bafang Ultra M620. 1000W Max Torque 160Nm. Peak 1600W
  • Battery: 2 x 48V/14Ah Samsung 3500mA
  • Controller: Bafang w/Speed Torque Sensors
  • Throttle: Yes. Independant Pedal Assist
  • Top Speed: 38mph
  • Modes: Eco and Sport
  • Display: Color LCD DP C18
  • Frame: Aluminium
  • Front Suspension: Rock Shox Lyrik RC Boost 180mm
  • Rear Dampening: Rock Shox Deluxe RL 65mm
  • Wheel Set: Rims. Double Walled / Tyres. Maxxis 27.5 x 2.8″ / Hubs. Quanta
  • Brakes: Magura MT5 / 203mm Discs
  • Gearing: Shimano: Derailleur RD-M800. Shifter SL-M8000. Rear Cluster XT M8000 11/46T
  • Bars: Promax 760mm
  • Saddle: Prologo Kappa RS Italian
  • Stem: ProMax 50mm
  • Frame Size Available: Large / Xtra Large

Is Trek Dual Sport 2 A Good E-bike?[2023 Trek Dual Sport 2 Review]

What we like about it: a powerful and lighter hybrid e-bike, designed for urban commuting as well as outdoor adventures.

What we didn’t like about it: The inability to do pro-level track adventure preparation and the vulnerability of mountain riding.

With the popularity of hybrids, this more powerful technology is making more and more people fall in love with cycling. The 2023 Trek Dual Sport 2 Stagger, as an inclusive bigger e-bike, is built specifically for those who want more.

If you want: more distance, more style, and more fun, then the Trek Dual Sport 2 is the right choice for you.

Lighter in weight and easier to handle, if you’re tired of the sameness of a traditional bike, try adding more technology. There’s no need to worry about sudden battery drain states, and the pedal assist system provides a more natural riding feel to make your commute smarter and keep better track of your time.

It’s also a good medium to long-distance tourer, loaded with more for more needs.

Road Performance

The Trek Dual Sport 2 is a hybrid bike that will thrill you on every ride. If you are like me, you ride a lot on city roads, find it hard to tolerate car traffic, and prefer to be noticed. The Shimano Altus M2010 1×9 combo G2 hub drive motor will give you an inexhaustible supply of power.

In addition, the Bontrager GR0 Expert 650x50c wheels give you more grip and you won’t have to worry about sacrificing handling due to the increased speed. You’ll save at least a few extra hours of riding time each day. They are also more friendly for longer rides and will reduce the discomfort of sweating on hot summer days, maximizing the riding experience.

Downtown Center Test

To be more critical, we chose to test the Trek Dual Sport 2 in the heart of the city, passing through crowds, on pavements, and on slippery paths in parks and along berms.

For crowded crowds and fast pavement, the crossing is a test of the bike’s braking and wheelset drive. As soon as I started driving this spacious but not at all bulky technological newcomer, I felt a force of confidence. The rigid wheels and wide tires add flat comfort and confidence to the shock fork without adding weight.

It’s important to maintain an even ride and strong handling. The reliable 9-speed Shimano drivetrain keeps things moving efficiently, and with the Shimano hydraulic disc, I don’t worry about losing control even when I’m riding on slippery trails and taking sharp turns.

As I crossed the embankment by the river, I encountered sections of obstacles at shorter intervals. If it were a conventional city road bike ride, I think I would get bored quickly. Because it’s hybrid electric, I don’t feel like it takes more of my mind to handle the bike and I can concentrate more on the sunset.

General Riding

I have always wanted to be able to do a longer ride with my father outdoors. It’s a bit difficult for traditional cycling, after all, people of my father’s age will face the regret of not being able to physically keep up. Although I think cycling is a very good sport.

The Trek Dual Sport 2 fulfilled my wish. On a short camping trip that I had planned in advance, we drove this versatile bike. We were on a relatively flat section of road with a small uphill section, and I thought the 9-speed Shimano drivetrain and G2 hub drive motor would easily help me get around.

Support for rear rack mounting allowed us to take enough luggage packages with us, and with up to 20mph and a 250Wh battery, we were able to travel 35 miles per charge. It’s fast enough to give us the feeling of a windy ride we haven’t had in a long time.

My father’s first glance at it and his comment to him was that it hid the wiring and looked as fast as it felt. It’s a bit blunt, but it’s true, I don’t want critical wiring being yanked around while riding, greatly affecting my FOCUS on the ride.

Just as the Trek Dual Sport 2 illustrates, the Alpha Gold Aluminum high-end aluminum body is made to be upgraded in terms of weight. In the outdoors, this alloy is more resistant to friction and UV rays.

I think if you’re like me and enjoy camping, breathing in the mountain air, and watching the stars, it’s easy to pack your bags and take the Trek Dual Sport 2 for a low-carbon green ride.

Key features


The loose aerodynamic geometry of the frame allows for an extra free speed advantage, light, and swift. The body supports adaptable mudguards, which are friendly when commuting after rain in the city. Also if you like the outdoors, you can reduce mud worries. If you’re someone who needs to pack a lot of stuff to get around, the rear rack can be a great way to reduce the tangle you have with traditional riding, with both speed and weight bearing.

I’m an adventurous young man who likes to camp and used to worry about the limitations of my view when traveling at night, ever since I discovered that the Trek Dual Sport 2 easily adapts to the lights, I’ve abandoned my car for a more friendly ride. Why not? I mean, be able to go low carbon and still loads more and save energy, even without dragging behind in speed. I think I fell into a deep relationship with the Trek Dual Sport 2.

The stiff Bontrager GR0 Expert wheels and the wide 650x50c tires give you confidence on varied terrain. Whether it’s a city bike path or some gravel trails outdoors, or even wet, slippery trails, they grind and grip the ground well and you can feel the traction of the bodywork very well.


The steep 73.0° seat tube angle gives me a more upright riding position and allows for more relaxed muscles, which is an unbeatable benefit for newbies. Also, as I mentioned earlier, it is very friendly for older people.

If you know professional racing models, that near-parallel angle to the ground is more suited to short sprints, unlike the freedom and comfort of a road bike.

Because of the increase in speed, the 70.5° head tube angle allows it to be rock-solid at high speeds and speed descents in the face of some sudden downhill terrain, and I wouldn’t worry about the diminished safety that comes with the added technology.

Components and Specifications

G2 Hub Drive Motor

Trek Dual Sport 2 with proprietary pedal assist system with G2 hub drive motor (250W, 40Nm), which is mounted on the rear wheel for greater stability and reliability. At the same time, the more stable linear drive and lighter weight ensure a smoother launch and reduced transmission losses, allowing you to achieve an efficient ride.

Thanks to the G2 hub drive motor, maintaining higher and smoother speeds is a breeze. You can guarantee enough movement and not exhaustion like on a conventional bike.

It is also effective in reducing the turning radius and making your steering more responsive in some bends. This is very friendly for and in most situations where you need to navigate the pavements in the city.

250Wh Battery

As cycling becomes more and more popular, I think the Trek Dual Sport 2 with 250Wh Battery is a quick way to get the hobby going whenever you’re new to cycling and not very experienced, and you won’t get muscle discomfort from riding long distances. If you keep a relatively constant speed, the 250Wh Battery can travel up to 35 miles per charge.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the body kit with battery-powered integrated lights, which means that the battery not only gives you an electric boost, but also provides safety when driving at night.

Furthermore, the 250Wh Battery doesn’t add too much to the weight of the car. It doesn’t carry as much weight as a pure electric bike, and the overall body weight is kept at 17.3 kg, which is not much more than most conventional road bikes.

Shimano Hydraulic Disc

When it comes to braking, some people worry that too much speed brings a pleasant riding experience but also a correspondingly higher risk factor. With the Trek Dual Sport 2, you don’t need to worry about that. The Shimano hydraulic disc, a major brand, is far more agile with more efficient braking.

The hydraulic disc brakes are also easier to maintain. With the hybrid Trek Dual Sport 2, higher riding speeds can be more taxing on the performance of the braking system than with a conventional bike. If you don’t have a more professional brake system, it can be a great test for long endurance rides as well as outdoor rides.

Shimano Altus M2010 1×9

The Trek Dual Sport 2 offers a total of 9 gear ranges, which would be slightly less than the 20 or more options available on a conventional bike. Thanks to the electric assist, you can keep the gears as high as you want them to be.

If you want to work on your riding, even for beginners who are not capable themselves, you can gradually reduce the amount of assistance as time goes on.

The Shimano Altus M2010 1×9 maintains a smooth texture when shifting without giving you a stutter. This performance, which is only possible with a quality transmission, also reduces the feeling of chain wobble.

It also performs better than conventional bikes when climbing and descending outdoors if you need to load up some loads for climbing, and the superior power transmission doesn’t feel strained.

Previous Versions of 2023 Trek Dual Sport 2

Back in 2019, Trek launched the Dual Sport version, and in comparison, the 2023 Trek Dual Sport 2 is more friendly in price and has some upgrades to the performance of the motor. Although the 2023 Trek Dual Sport 2 will be slightly less impressive in terms of battery capacity, the more massive battery means a sacrifice in weight.

The 2019 Trek Dual Sport can really be a behemoth, weighing in at 20.6kg. If you’re a conventional cyclist, it may be a struggle to achieve adaptation when faced with a hybrid bike of this weight.

In addition, the taller tires of the 700x38c will be weaker on some nimble steering. However, this will be more friendly for ground grinding as well as gripping, and you may not cause major drifts on some of the steeper downhill sections.

In terms of drivetrain, the 2019 Trek Dual Sport is powered by a Shimano HG50 1×10. Despite having a higher range of options, I found it a very taxing act for some of the more difficult climbs in the face of the heavier bodywork weighing it down.

Of course, the Trek Dual Sport 2 is available in two models in its latest version. One of them is the Trek Dual Sport 2 Stagger for smaller riders, a thoughtful gesture that more riders will enjoy.

All things considered, I would recommend the 2023 Trek Dual Sport 2 if you need a hybrid bike that performs more consistently, handles more easily, and is more agile.

What do we like about it?

  • The lighter mass gives you more stable handling, while not straining on the climbs.
  • The aluminum body is more adapted to the rough environment and able to reduce maintenance time.
  • G2 hub drive motor for efficient dynamics and reduced physical energy loss.
  • Easy adaptation of fenders and rear racks for more loading possibilities.
  • Nimble 650x50c wheels that roll faster without losing grip.
dual, electric, bike

What don’t we like about it?

  • Not too much choice of colors.


The M model of the 2023 Trek Dual Sport 2 is 17.28 kg / 38.1 lbs.

The 2023 Trek Dual Sport 2 motor is a G2 hub drive motor.

Trek Dual Sport 2 has a battery capacity of 250Wh.

The 2023 Trek Dual Sport 2 drivetrain is the Shimano Altus M2010 1×9.

The 2023 Trek Dual Sport 2 tire size is 650x50c.





Alpha Gold Aluminum, internal cable routing, internal battery, rack fender mounts, post mount disc, kickstand mount, 144.5mm OLD hub motor spacing
DS alloy, internal brake routing, fender mounts, rack mounts, ThruSkew 5mm bolt-on skewer


Hub front

Hub rear




Max tire size

Formula DC-20, alloy, 6-bolt, 5x100mm QR
G2 hub drive
Bontrager Connection, double-wall, 32-hole, 20mm width, presta valve
14g stainless
Bontrager GR0 Expert, wire bead, puncture protection, 60 tpi, 650x50c
27.5×2.0″ with or without fenders



Rear derailleur


Bottom bracket




Max chainring size

Shimano Altus M2010, 9 speed
Shimano Altus M2000, long cage
Size: S, MProWheel Pro alloy, 42T narrow-wide steel ring, 170mm lengthSize: L, XLProWheel Pro alloy, 42T narrow-wide steel ring, 175mm length
Torque sensor, T47 threaded, 122.5mm spindle
Shimano HG200, 11-36, 9 speed
Bontrager City pedals








Brake rotor

Bontrager Sport
Size: S, MBontrager alloy, 31.6mm, 12mm offset, 330mm lengthSize: L, XLBontrager alloy, 31.6mm, 12mm offset, 400mm length
Size: S, MBontrager alloy, 31.8mm, 15mm rise, 660mm widthSize: L, XLBontrager alloy, 31.8mm, 15mm rise, 690mm width
Bontrager XR Endurance Comp, lock-on
Size: S, MBontrager alloy, 31.8mm, Blendr compatible, 7 degree, 90mm lengthSize: L, XLBontrager alloy, 31.8mm, Blendr compatible, 7 degree, 100mm length
Shimano hydraulic disc, MT200 lever, UR300 caliper
Shimano RT26, 6-bolt,160mm







2A, 42V output, 100V-240V AC input
Bluetooth display
Size: S, M, L, XLHerrmans MR4-E Frontlight, 40LUX, 120 lumen LED. 6-12 VDC. Without Bracket. With 50mm Power-in cable. Without Power-out cable. With Reflector (white)Size: S, M, L, XLSpanninga Solo, Rear
Alloy, rear mount



Weight limit

M – 17.41 kg / 38.39 lbs
This bike has a maximum total weight limit (combined weight of bicycle, rider, and cargo) of 300 pounds (136 kg).

Comparison Table

Schwinn Coston DX 27.5 Electric Bike 2099 1×7 360 Wh 27.5 in x 2.6 in Click View
Surface 604 Twist 2399 1×9 672Wh 20″ x 4.0″ Click View
Cannondale Quick Neo SL 2 Remixte 2575 1×9 250Wh 700 x 38c Click View
Kona Dew-E 2999 1×9 504Wh 650x47c Click View

2022 Schwinn Coston DX 27.5 Electric Bike vs 2023 Trek Dual Sport 2

In the face of an upgraded hybrid, it would be highly undesirable to simply add the boost of electricity and weaken the performance of other components. The 2022 Schwinn Coston DX 27.5 Electric Bike is comparable in price to the Trek Dual Sport and opts for a JAK 7 mechanical disc for braking.

Faced with the pressure of today’s more efficient and responsive liquid discs, for the demands of high-speed riding, I think mechanical discs may be easier to maintain, but still slightly less powerful in terms of braking power.

In addition, the drivetrain is a 1×7 drivetrain, which will limit some speed options. In terms of weight, the 2022 Schwinn Coston DX has a heavier weight, which I have to say will be more stable for some descents and will reduce drift on some smooth roads, but in terms of speed gains and climbing effectiveness, the lighter mass of the Trek Dual Sport will have a better advantage.

than anything else, I think the Trek Dual Sport is no slouch for ground grip due to its wide tire size, making up for the reduced weight for ground-hugging.

2022 Surface 604 Twist vs 2023 Trek Dual Sport 2

When I saw the 2022 Surface 604 Twist, I was surprised at how small and fast it was. In terms of battery components, it takes a more expensive lithium-ion battery, while not being more expensive in terms of price because of the volume control.

For riding position, the 2022 Surface 604 Twist has a higher head tube to seat tube drop height, compared to the gentler drop of the Trek Dual Sport which is more friendly for the riding position.

The 2022 Surface 604 Twist is powered by the SRAM X5 Triggers 1×9 drivetrain and also has the more agile Tektro Auriga hydraulic discs for braking. In terms of a well-rounded ride, if you’re in need of a commuter or outdoor riding needs, and it’s essential to carry a few essentials, then a compact model may not be what you need.

Although there’s no denying that riding the 2022 Surface 604 Twist will be a lot of fun.

2022 Cannondale Quick Neo SL 2 Remixte vs 2023 Trek Dual Sport 2

Hybrid EV buyers who have done serious research and have an active interest in buying will certainly notice the 2022 Cannondale Quick Neo SL 2 Remixte model at the same time. In terms of price, it will present a much higher status. In terms of key features, such as motor and battery power, the Mahle bike motion X35 250W is used, and the same single-disc 1×9 drivetrain is used for the range of powertrains.

But when faced with the choice of wheels, there are different answers. With the taller 700 x 38c tires, this means a greater rolling speed at the speed of the ride.

For difficult terrains, such as high climbs and sharp descents, more control is required and there is an increased risk of drifting.

Secondly, for some nimble urban commuting terrain, I think the Trek Dual Sport’s 650x50c tires are more suited to shuttling. If you’re an experienced rider, then it won’t affect your riding much.

If you are a novice rider, then extra care needs to be taken. But don’t worry too much, the Cannondale Quick Neo SL uses the same responsive Shimano MT201 hydraulic disc brakes.

2022 Kona Dew-E vs 2023 Trek Dual Sport 2

If you are a city dweller who needs more commuting routes, and if the 250Wh battery doesn’t suit you well, then you could try a hybrid electric vehicle with a larger battery capacity, such as the 2022 Kona Dew-E. For the 2022 Kona Dew-E with its 504Wh, the increased battery capacity means an increase in weight for the body capacity and an increase in price.

For descending terrain or climbing stability, the heavier body will help, but there will be a drag on speed, which is indisputable.

In addition, there is not much difference in some key features. For example, the 1×9 drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes.

Different tire options. 2022 Kona Dew-E prefers a wider size: 650x47c, which is a considerable help for stability in urban commuting. It is also there to help you reduce drift if you are faced with some slippery surfaces, such as riding after rain.

Also equipped with some essential tools for the free fit of the bodywork. For example the fenders and the rear rack. For urban commuting, this is an essential detail.

In case, the above Комментарии и мнения владельцев are helpful to you, please remember to share the subscription. Have a great day!

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