Do you need an electric trike? We tested one out to see. Sixthreezero electric trike

Want to ride an e-trike? This model from Sixthreezero is tons of fun

The bike in question is the EVRYjourney electric tricycle from Sixthreezero. Combing through the marketing material, it’s easy to assume this model is for women as that’s pretty much all that’s pictured on the website, but it’s not gender specific (the sloped frame does resemble the rather antiquated “traditional” women’s frame, originally built to handle dresses). than anything, being a trike, it’s more for the kid residing in us.

Which brings up a point: riding a tricycle is different than riding a bicycle and that becomes abundantly clear right away. There’s more of a lateral wobble to the trike, which makes sense given your wider set. It takes some getting used to, but it won’t take long. Turning is a different animal, as traditional cyclists like to pedal into a turn. With a trike, you’ll want to slow into more turns to keep all three wheels grounded. Once you get the feel of it, riding the EVRYjourney is a breeze.

What we like about it

We like the basket, which is large enough to carry a pup, large cooler, or a reasonable amount of groceries. The motor is quiet, keeping the ride peaceful, and the ride is a comfortable one. There’s a lot that can be adjusted, which is especially great if you’re sharing the bike and passing it from one rider to another. With the included toolkit, one can easily adjust everything the seat orientation to the handlebar angle.

What we like less about it

One other issue is the shear size and weight of the model. While it’s hard to imagine remedying this in any way (smaller wheels would look silly, not sure you could find a lighter motor, thinner frame perhaps?), it does present some issues, namely in the form of storage. The trike is large enough it sort of needs it’s own parking space. It’s not the simplest thing to tote in and out of the house, so consider having a designated spot for it and get a lock that can handle the larger build.

The bike huffs and puffs a bit dealing with hills of any significance so keep your surroundings in mind. It does its best work on flatter terrain. It would be cool if the cords could be less obvious, or even wired internally in a future model, but this is more of a tip going forward than a real complaint.

Some final thoughts

Curious about the best bikes on the market? See what else we like for 2023. Razor has a new e-bike and we cover electric mountain bikes too. So grab your helmet and get pedaling.

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Hold on to your handlebars because Razor has just introduced an affordable electric bicycle for adults. Say hello to the all-new Rambler 20, the retro-styled ebike that’s sure to turn heads. This Razor scooter is designed specifically for adults and boasts a retro style that is reminiscent of old-school cruisers. With this new addition, Razor continues its mission of providing affordable, high-quality products that inspire riders of all ages to get outside and play. Razor’s new ebike This fantastic new ebike comes in a mint and chocolate-colored frame with oversized balloon tires that make going over rough terrain a breeze. It’s packed with power, making it perfect for cruising around town, across campus, or even along the coast. The bike’s padded bench seat is also a standout feature, providing riders with a comfortable place to relax while they ride.

From not driving cars to not owning items like TVs or computers, the Amish have a culture with specific rules, but they do make allowances for modern inventiveness from time to time. One bit of technology they have opted to embrace is the electric bike.

While it’s been a popular mode of transportation for decades, the Amish have caught on to how e-bikes are a great, low-cost way to get around. Surprised? Here’s why you shouldn’t be.

Rad Power has been consistently on my radar ever since the beginning of the recent ebike revolution. The brand has quickly made a name for itself, producing the best ebikes that are practical, customizable, versatile, and, well, rad. If you live in a city, one of its sleek showrooms is quite possibly near you.

The company produces several electronic bike lines intended for different purposes — commuting, cargo hauling, off-roading, and more — regularly updating each as the tech progresses. Now it’s released the RadRunner 3 — a versatile rider that has go-anywhere capability thanks to its fat tires — and I’ve had the pleasure of taking it for multiple whirls. And I do mean pleasure. While it leans into its role as a working bike, it’s also a lot of fun.

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How to Buy, Use, and Maintain an E-Bike

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Electric bikes, more commonly called e-bikes are the fastest-growing category in bike sales. In fact, it is estimated that there are about one billion bicycles in the world and by 2023, 40 million of them are expected to be electric bikes. This is great news for people who are in the market for some new wheels. You’ll have more choices than ever when shopping for an e-bike. Regardless of your riding style, there’s an e-bike out there for you.

However, e-bikes are more expensive than their traditional counterparts. So it’s good to do some homework before you buy. Think about the pros and cons of e-bikes, investigate the different styles available, and then learn how to maintain and stay safe while riding your new e-bike.

Pros and Cons of E-Bikes


Provides Assistance as Needed

If you buy an e-bike, that doesn’t mean you need to use electric assistance all the time. You simply use it as needed. At Trek bikes, they describe the feeling of riding an e-bike like having a hand push you along while riding.

On an e-bike, you can still get a workout, but if you want to back off a bit, simply add some electric power to your ride. You can pedal on the flats and get an extra push on your way up a hill. Use the electric power to help you pass another rider, or give yourself a break when you’re on the way home after a long ride.

Allows for a Sweat-Free Commute

If you plan to use your bike for commuting, an e-bike may be a Smart choice, especially if there are days when you need to look your best on the job. On a traditional bike, you’re likely to hit a hill or two, have to bypass cars along the road, or confront other situations where you must put in some effort. As a result, you’re likely to sweat. If you didn’t bring a change of clothes, or if you don’t have access to a changing room at work, this can be problematic on days when you need a professional (non-sweaty) appearance.

On an e-bike, those sweat-inducing incidents are not a problem. When you approach a hill, use the throttle or the higher level of pedal-assist to ride up with less effort (and sweat). Need a burst of speed to merge in a lane or pass a car? No problem. Let the battery do the heavy lifting. Youll end up at work looking and feeling fresh.

Equalizes Rider Ability

Cyclists who ride in groups or have athletic partners or friends might feel intimidated when heading out on a bike. Especially if you are newer to cycling, you may feel like you can’t keep up the pace when riding with seasoned cyclists. Or you might be concerned that you can’t cover the full distance if the group is putting in some long mileage.

An e-bike, however, is the great equalizer. When you ride on an e-bike, you can choose to use your own effort and ability as long as you want. But if you go a little further than you had expected, or if the pace picks up and you feel like you are falling behind, you can add the level of assistance you need to ride comfortably and confidently.

Makes Cycling Fun for Everyone

There’s no doubt that e-bikes are fun—for everyone. Even seasoned cyclists who spend the better part of their weekend riding on a road or a mountain path will admit that getting a little boost of free speed now and then is exhilarating.

Better for the Environment

Many of us are taking steps to reduce our impact on the planet. One way to do that is to drive less. But walking everywhere isn’t realistic for many people. Getting to and from work and running errands requires a car for many people.

However, e-bikes provide an environmentally friendly option. In fact, they can help you to become carbon neutral, meaning that you contribute net-zero carbon emissions to the environment.

According to Trek Bikes, if you ride 430 miles on a bike rather than a car you become carbon neutral. If you ride more than that you become carbon negative.


Bikes Can Be Costly

E-bikes are pricey. While there is some variation in cost, you should expect to pay more for an electric bike than a traditional bike. For instance, while a traditional bike can run in the thousands of dollars, you can also find many high-quality options for less. An e-bike, however, is likely to cost over 1,000 for an entry-level model and can even cost over 15,000 for the highest-end models.

E-Bikes Are Heavy

The battery on an e-bike can be heavy. The bike itself is likely to be a little heavier than a traditional bicycle. For this reason, you should consider the weight if you will need to carry the bike up and down stairs or store it off of the ground on a bike hook or rack. The Trek Verve 3 e-bike, for example, weighs 54 pounds. But the traditional Trek Verve 3 (not the e-bike version) weighs about 31 pounds.

If possible, try out your chosen e-bike in person. Before or after your test ride, pick up the bike and see if you can comfortably lift it high enough for your bike hook or rack. Or see if you can keep it lifted long enough to carry up your flight of stairs.

Replacement Can Be Expensive

Your e-bike battery won’t last forever. So if you plan to use your e-bike for many years, you should consider the cost of the battery replacement as it can be expensive. At Pedego, for instance, they tell their customers that a battery is likely to last between 2 and 4 years if it is well maintained. They add that a lithium battery will slowly lose its capacity over time, even if it’s not used.

Pedego has been in the e-bike business since 2008. A replacement battery for their bikes and many others can cost several hundreds of dollars or more. For instance, a replacement battery for a Rad Mission e-bike made by Rad Power Bikes will run about 449. A Bosch power pack (used on bikes such as Pedego and Trek) can cost over 800.

Service May Be Hard to Find

Depending on where you buy your bike, you may have a harder time getting it assembled and getting it serviced when maintenance is required. Even though e-bikes are getting more common, not every bike store is qualified to work on them.

You may want to consider maintenance when you choose where to buy your bike. If you buy one online, ask about local bike shops that are experienced with your chosen bike brand. Then follow up with a call to that shop to be sure that they are equipped and experienced with the bike you choose.

How to Buy an E-Bike

The right bike for you depends on your budget, your riding style, and several other factors. Some companies, like Rad Power Bikes, provide an online quiz to help you find the best bike for you. The experts at Trek also suggest that you ask yourself these key questions:

  • Where and how do you plan to ride? Some bikes are designed for off-road conditions, while others are best for paved surfaces.
  • Why do you ride? You might plan to use your bike for commuting. Or perhaps you plan to use your bike for casual, fun rides only. Or maybe you will use your e-bike to begin training for a competitive event or to improve your level of fitness.
  • What position is most comfortable for you? Some people like the more aggressive riding position of a road bike. But others prefer an upright position and some might want a laid-back, old school position that allows you to pedal efficiently while still maintaining your ability to put your feet on the pavement when you stop (without coming out of the saddle).

If you know the answers to these questions, you’ll be in a good position to go into a bike store and try the frame styles that are best suited for your riding style and needs. Take several bikes out for a test drive before making your final choice.

Once you’ve chosen your bike, make sure that the bike shop fits the bike to your body specifications. That might mean simply adjusting the saddle height, but it can also mean changing the handlebar position and finding the best pedals to fit your needs.

E-Bikes to Try

There are many different styles of e-bikes to consider. Try to ride on a few different types before you make a decision on the right e-bike for you. It’s a big investment so you’ll want to get one that best suits your needs.

First, you’ll need to decide on the type of electric assistance that you prefer. There are three general types:

  • Pedal-assist: On this bike, you’ll get assistance when you pedal at a level that you prefer, but you must be pedaling in order to use the electric power.
  • Throttle: There’s no pedaling needed to use throttle-powered assistance. Simply rev up to the speed that you want and enjoy the ride.
  • Combination: You can choose to use pedal-assist power or the throttle on a bike that has a combination system.

If you can try a bike that has each type of assistance, it might help you decide which you prefer. Then you’ll want to decide on the frame style you want based on your riding style and how you plan to use the bike. Here are some of the most popular frame styles, including road bikes, mountain bikes, and more.

Road Bike

Road bikes generally have a sleek design that is efficient for long rides on smooth roads. You’ll find thinner wheels and a lightweight frame on road bikes. E-road bikes are no different. The e-bike version is slightly heavier, but brands like Trek (shown) and Specialized make sleek designs with integrated lightweight batteries that can weigh less than 30 pounds. E-road bikes are at the high end in terms of price, with some retailing for 14,000 or more.

Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are designed to provide a comfortable ride when you’re off-road and riding on rough terrain. As a general rule, mountain bikes have thicker tires, are heavier than road bikes, and provide some suspension to soften the ride. Mountain e-bikes can also be pricey with some retailing for over 14,000, but you’ll also find some by solid brands like Trek for around 3,700.

need, electric, trike, sixthreezero

City/Commuter Bike

Of course, you can ride any type of bike around the city, but generally, city riders prefer a more upright stance so that they can see traffic and also be seen by traffic. The Trek Verve 3 (shown) is currently the company’s highest-selling bike overall.

City bikes can be decked out with accessories that help you carry your gear (such as a computer, change of clothes, or other supplies). Brands like Trek, Rad Power Bikes, and others make commuter and city bikes with a top tube—the tube that runs horizontally from the seat post to the handlebars—but you can also opt for a step-through model that can be easier to hop on.

The Verve 3 costs 3,149 but you can also look for the Rad Mission or the Rad City by Rad Power Bikes for around 1,000 to 1,600.

Utility Bike

If you plan to carry cargo or even another person on your e-bike, you might want to consider a utility bike. For this style, Rad Power Bike’s RadRunner (shown) is a great choice. Grocery shopping? Taking the dog to the vet? Going on a date with a picnic? All of your errands are doable on this versatile bike. There are countless ways to customize the RadRunner to meet your needs. It provides a zippy, sturdy ride and allows you to choose between throttle power or pedal assist. And the best news is that it is priced reasonably, starting at 1,299.

Family Bike

If you’re looking for a family station wagon that you can pedal, Rad Power Bikes has you covered. The Rad Wagon allows you to put two small children on the back and head out on a fun family adventure—without the stress or effort of having to pedal for three. It provides both pedal assist and throttle power, and it can be decked out to carry cargo on the back (like groceries or large packages) or precious cargo (your little ones). The basic bike retails for 1,899, and then you can accessorize to deck it out to suit your needs.

Fat Tire Bike

A fat tire bike—also called a fat bike—is designed with large oversized tires that are great for riding off-road and on unstable terrain. Take your fat tire bike out in the snow, on the sand, through mud, or wherever you want. With electric power, you can ride knowing that you can get assistance if you need it. The award-winning RadRover 5 retails for 1,699, but there are other brands like Addmotor that make several models. Addmotor even makes an electric fat tire trike (three-wheeled tricycle) for a super stable ride.

Cruiser Style

If you’re looking for a stylish, low-effort ride, then an e-cruiser is the bike for you. A cruiser e-bike gives a comfy, upright ride. It’s a great bike choice for new riders who want a stable, easy ride. But even seasoned riders will enjoy this fun ride.

Trek’s Townie brand has several models that are pedal-assist e-bikes that start at a reasonable 1,499. Other brands like sixthreezero (shown) also have several models available for under 2,000, including a three-wheeled cruiser-style e-bike.

Bike Share E-Bike

If you’re not sure that you want to invest in an e-bike, give one a try (or a few tries) with your local bike sharing service. Cities all over the country are offering e-bikes as part of their bike sharing programs. You’ll find e-bikes in New York City, Minneapolis, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Portland, San Francisco, and others. In fact, e-bikes are becoming more popular than traditional bikes in bike sharing systems.

According to data shared by Lyft regarding their bike-sharing programs, last year in Chicago, the average classic bike had 1.8 rides per bike per day while the average e-bike had 5 rides per bike per day. In New York City, it was 3.3 for classics and 14 for an e-bike.

With the popularity of e-bikes increasing, you should be able to find one in cities that have bike-share programs. New York City there are 4,500 e-bikes in the Citi Bike system and in Chicago there are 3,500 offered through Divvy bike-sharing. All of these bikes are pedal-assist.

E-Bike Safety Precautions

Whether you take a bike share e-bike out for a spin or you head out on your own e-bike, there are some basic safety considerations you should follow. As a preliminary safety precaution, you should understand the maximum speed at which your e-bike is equipped to travel.

Most e-bikes covered in this article are designated as Class 1 (pedal assist) or Class 2 (throttle) e-bikes. These bikes assist up to a speed of 20mph. After that, the bike will not assist. Some bikes, designated as Class 3, will provide pedal assistance up to a speed of 28mph and are equipped with a speedometer.

Another important e-bike safety consideration is battery longevity. If you rely on your battery to get you home or to another destination, you’ll want to be sure that you don’t travel further than your battery will allow.

Different bikes have different batteries, so there is no hard and fast rule for battery life. But the folks at Rad Power Bikes estimate that their battery will go between 25 to 45 miles on a single charge depending on the level of pedal assist, terrain, and rider size. They add that using the throttle consumes the most battery power.

You can also use an e-bike range assistant calculator to see how far a battery charge will take you on your next trip.

Basic E-Bike Safety Tips

Follow basic cycling safety guidelines when heading out on your e-bike.

  • Always wear a helmet. Make sure the helmet fits properly and isn’t more than four years old.
  • Dress to be seen: Wear high-contrast, reflective clothing when possible. This will help you stand out from the environment, regardless of whether you are in the city or out on country roads.
  • Ride predictably. Signal your turns. Don’t make unnecessary or quick lane changes. Follow the rules of the road and always stop at stop signs.
  • Use daytime lights to improve visibility. Lights for nighttime riding are essential, but they also improve visibility during the day.

Bike-Share Safety Tips

If you are using a bike-share e-bike, the folks at Lyft offer guidance to stay safe while riding in the city (whether you are using a bike-share bike or your own):

  • Do a pre-ride check: Adjust the seat to fit your height, check tire air pressure, and double-check the brakes. If there’s a problem with the bike, dock it and choose a different bike.
  • Obey traffic signals: Motor vehicle laws also apply to bicycles. Obey all traffic lights and signs. In some cities, cyclists are allowed to proceed with the walk signal. These “leading pedestrian intervals” give pedestrians and cyclists a head start to enter the intersection before motor vehicles are allowed to proceed during a green light.
  • Plan a sensible route: From shared lanes to car-free greenways, choose a route that matches your comfort level. Use the mobile app to map out a route to wherever you’re headed.
  • Ride in the direction of traffic: Cyclists are required by law to ride in the same direction as cars and must use a bike lane when available. If there is no usable bike lane, you can either ride to the far left or right side on a one-way street. You have the right to ride in the center lane if the bike lane or side of the street is obstructed, too narrow, or otherwise unsafe.
  • Ride with caution: Riding close to parked cars leaves bicyclists vulnerable to getting hit by opening car doors. Keep your distance and stay alert, especially around large vehicles or buses. Do not weave from lane to lane, and always make sure to avoid turning vehicles.
  • Stay off sidewalks: Bikes aren’t allowed on sidewalks. Exceptions are made for riders who are 12 years old or younger and under parental supervision or when the road conditions aren’t safe for cyclists.
  • Yield to pedestrians Like motor vehicles, cyclists must always yield the right of way to pedestrians when the law requires it, including at crosswalks and intersections. If you have the light, use your bell to alert pedestrians to your presence, but you should always yield to them.

Tips to Maintain Your E-Bike

You’ll get years of enjoyment out of your e-bike if you maintain it properly. You should check the bike before each ride. Make sure the brakes are working properly, and the tires are properly inflated. You should also scan the frame for any chips in the paint as they can allow rust to develop.

Your chain will need to be inspected, cleaned, and lubricated regularly, depending on how often and where you ride. When you see grit and grime building up on the chain, it’s time to clean it and lubricate it.

To extend battery life, take good care when removing or replacing the battery on the bike. Charge the battery in a dry, indoor space away from direct sunlight, dirt, or debris. If you plan to store the battery long-term, make sure it has about 30% to 50% battery life.

Lastly, you should also schedule regular maintenance at least once per year. For this inspection, you should take your bike to a qualified mechanic. They will check that brakes are working properly and that no other repairs need to be made.

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By Malia Frey, M.A., ACE-CHC, CPT Malia Frey is a weight loss expert, certified health coach, weight management specialist, personal trainer​, and fitness nutrition specialist.

Is SixThreeZero A Good E-bike Brand to Buy? Brand and Models Review

SixThreeZero is a California-based manufacturer and seller of cruiser bikes. This bike company was established in 2006 by Dustin Gyger, who is passionate about biking. The concept of making cruiser bikes comes from exposure to the Californian beach culture and the fantastic lifestyle associated with cruiser bicycles.

SixThreeZero takes pride in its cool bike designs that help establish them from the rest. The company-designed bikes are best for riding in the city, beaches, neighborhoods, parks, or any other place where the rider wishes to drive with ease. The brand tagline ‘Your Journey, Your Experience’ aptly echoes what biking is all about for bikers who see it as fun and relaxing rather than strenuous and straining.

The brand has an elaborate range of standard mechanical bicycles and an exclusive e-bike product line. They also deal in bike accessories. At reasonable prices, the bikes are famous for durability and comfort. The brand is consistently progressive, with new add-ons and improvements being a part of the company culture.

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SixThreeZero offers quality and a promise of fun biking experiences that are also good for a healthy lifestyle. SixThreeZero has about 28 e-bike models as of date. These are e-bikes available in male and female versions and almost 19 color choices.

Is SixThreeZero a Good E-bike Brand to Buy?

Branded components and sturdy build quality back electric bikes from SixThreeZero. Additionally, customer service is perpetually there to help.

All bikes from the company have a one-year warranty which is excellent for parts replacements. Another lovable feature about the bikes is that the company reimburses you if you need to take your bike to the local shop for the first-time assembling.

The lightweight frame, minimal maintenance, and suitability for riders of all ages make the e-bikes quite user-friendly.

SixThreeZero e-bikes look sleek and stylish and are equipped with modern features. The brand has a range of e-bikes that meet the specific goals of a diversified group of riders. There are e-bikes to drive around the playground and neighborhood. There are eclectic bikes that make hill climbing and long-distance drives an effortless affair with three-speed, seven-speed, and twenty-one-speed options.

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Then some models help drive across unpaved nature trails, supporting the rider in staying fit and losing weight. Tricycles from SixThreeZero facilitate ergonomic rides and is best for street rides enabling faster mounts and dismounts. The hybrid models make city commute a matter of ease and comfort as these are designed to allow for leisure rides. The Paven’ Trail hybrid offers stability and speed with an adjustable front suspension.

One notable aspect of the SixThreeZero website is that it offers costumes a stress-free way of choosing the right e-bike for them. This is possible since the e-bikes across all models come in the one-size-fits-all frame. All you need to do is enter your weight and height, and the algorithm quickly calculates whether the particular e-bike is good for you.

SixThreeZero Model Line-up Review

Cruise Line Review

This line of e-bikes from SixThreeZero is made for stability, which is much needed when riding on paved roads. The model offers two e-bike types that are perfect for short-distance rides. Plus, these are affordable – they are the least expensive among all the e-bike ranges from SixThreeZero.

The other attractive feature of this range is the simplicity of design. For example, the upright handlebars, the wide tires, and the seat position make this a good-to-go model for beginners. There are two models to choose from:


As the name implies, these e-bikes have been designed for rides around the corner, like in your neighborhood. Also, the playground, beaches, and city streets. The speed options available are up to 21-speeds.

The e-bikes are good-looking, making a fashion statement. The tires are ultra-smooth and are two inches wide. This makes the e-bike fit for short-distance drives only. High-speed or aggressive rides are a strict no-no for this one. Maintenance is minimal and manageable. This one is good for people of all ages.

The geometry of the e-bike ensures lesser chances of back and shoulder pain. Color choices for the seats and the frame help emphasize one’s individuality. This e-bike model is styled retro. The steel frame makes it a bit heavier, but it is portable. This model is not so much about performance but more about fun.


This model looks sleek. It has three different speed choices – 3-speed, 7-speed, and 21-speed. The frame is made of aluminum, making it lightweight and highly maneuverable. This is another of SxThreeZero’s offerings that is mostly about comfort. This one is best suited for city driving, beaches, and flat terrains.

V-brakes in the front and rear help stop the e-bike quickly. There are plenty of color choices that give it an edge on customization. The wheels are 26 inches in diameter and 2 inches wide. To top it off, the EVRYjourney is affordably priced.

It has been designed so that the rider needs to have the back in an upright position. It has a step-through frame which means that alighting or mounting is easy. This encourages natural riding position.

Comfort Line Review

Like Cruiser, the Comfort line is also mainly about stability and comfort. The tires are wide and smooth. The handlebars are upright with lower seats. This line-up is ideal for city rides on paved roads and bumpy nature trails.

There are three options in this line:


This e-bike has an adjustable suspension that offers support to the hips. It is ideal for women for confident rides across the town. The dual-spring seat is all about comfort. The step-through frame is ultra-low. The hybrid tires are great for smooth rides. This model is all about comfort and leisurely drives.

It is not suitable for speed, off-road and heavy use.

need, electric, trike, sixthreezero

BodyEase Tricycle

This one has a step-through frame enabling easy riding, mounting, and dismounting. It is suitable for riding shorter distances across the street. The overall design is simple, and the frame absorbs some shocks. There’s a rear basket for daily rides.

A/O Amelia

Even though there’s only one color and one size for the A/O Amelia, this made-for-women e-bike has an aluminum frame and is superb for hassle-free mounting. The handlebar is in the upright position.

It is a good choice for riders who want to traverse through a flat and slippery street.

Hybrid Line Review

This one is for you if you need a combo of the cruiser and a high-speed road bike. It comes in the three-speed and seven-speed ranges. The main feature of this line-up is that the rider has to lean forward slightly when riding the e-bike. It is ideal for a city commute.

There are two options to pick from –


The e-bike is meant for fast driving. It offers a smooth experience even when driving through crowded streets. The frame is aluminum-made, therefore, lightweight. It has seven gears that give you the power to navigate city routes and maintain speed.

A low top bar helps in easy mount and dismount. The hybrid tires give you comfortable rides every time. Customization is a possibility with the click-on attachment. This model is a relief for any urban or suburban setting.

The e-bike is not meant for heavy off-road use.

Pave n’ Trail

This e-bike from SixThreeZero is lightweight and offers tremendous stability and speed. It is fitted with the Shimano 21-speed gear system. The frame is ergonomic, the hybrid tires are good for speed, customization is possible through the click-on accessory, and the front suspension is adjustable and highly adaptable.

This e-bike is best for experienced riders. It is designed for performance. However, off-road use or riding it at racing events is not advised. It is suitable for everyday rides in the city.

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Commuter Line Review

This e-bike line is made for daily commutes. The e-bikes have streamlined body that helps easily cover long distances and extra miles.

There are a couple of products to choose from

A/O Maya

Women who wish to go the extra mile and yet want to do so comfortably should go in for A/O Maya. It is designed with an aerodynamic body. The hybrid tires are narrow, which helps take it over hilly terrain and pavements. It is powered by a 500 Watt motor.

Riders need to lean a bit forward while riding. The overall design helps ride in a pain-free manner. The tapered saddle provides hip support and prevents friction. The soft leather grips keep your hands sweat-free.


This is an elegant e-bike made in a step-through frame. It is powered by a 500W motor and feels suitable for easy journeys in the city. This e-bike is suited for beginners and experienced riders. It can be customized. The single-spring seat offers support while riding.

Fat Tire Line Review

The Fat Tire has an ergonomic design. It has a 500-Watt rear hub drive motor. The e-bike can be driven without a motor or set to pedal assist with the engine assisting in pedaling. The third option is to let the motor take care of all the work with the throttle.

The e-bike design offers to ride ease and offers excellent comfort. It takes you to great distances and even up the hilly areas without forcing your joints to work overtime. The motor takes over and helps your muscles exert minimal pressure and power to go on off-road terrains.

The frame keeps the body in an upright position. The step-thru frame provides easy mounting and dismounting. There are minimal risks of tipping. This e-bike model is a good choice for hill driving.

E-bike Accessories from SixThreeZero

SixThreeZero accessories are pretty relevant, like the wicker and wire baskets and the water-resistant bike cover that safeguards your e-bike from rain and humidity. The Sigma Pure 1 wireless computer is an excellent accessory for e-bikers who wish to stay on top of their biking parameters.

The phone holder keeps you connected, even when riding your e-bike. Other accessories include wireless speakers and bottle cages.

Manufacturers’ Warranty

All e-bikes from SixThreeZero come with a one-year warranty. This is applicable only when the e-bike is bought from the official website. Buyers must register the bike as soon as they receive the delivery, as the warranty is applicable from the delivery date. It is non-transferable. And, when claiming a warranty, proof of purchase must be presented.

The warranty covers battery replacement, hub motor replacement, lifetime coverage on the frame, and warranty for other components of the e-bike. The warranty does not cover wear and tear, damage due to accidents, etc. Read the complete terms here.

Trial or Test Period

While the brand offers a 30-day trial period for its standard line of bicycles, the same is not available for e-bikes.

What Do Riders Think of SixThreeZero E-bikes?

Riders feel the e-bikes are super-cool and offer the promised fun when riding. Most riders are happy with the response time of the customer services. Some buyers believe that e-bikes are a bit heavy, not too sturdy, and a bit shorter than expected.

The online ordering and delivery process of the e-bike has also been appreciated by most riders. They also love that e-bikes are easy to assemble and can be done at home. YouTube videos by the brand are a great help for most riders while assembling e-bikes.

What Countries Does SixThreeZero Ship To?

The company ships only within the US at present.

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Overview of Sixthreezero Bikes

Sixthreezero is a US-based bike company that is determined to create comfortable bikes for every type of cyclist. Their product line of quality bikes includes electric bikes, cruiser bikes, tricycles, hybrids, commuters, and electric bikes.

The history of Sixthreezero bikes began in Hermosa Beach, CA. After growing to love and understand the cruiser bike culture in Hermosa Beach, the founders decided to form the Sixthreezero bicycle company in 2005 to sell quality beach cruiser bikes.

Since then, thousands of Sixthreezero bikes have been shipped all around the USA because of their comfort, durability, and reliability.

Today, Sixthreezero bikes are at the top of their game at producing cool cruiser bikes for you to enjoy cycling. Not only do these bikes look amazing, but they will also improve your lifestyle.

If you enjoy cycling or commuting on a bike, there is a bike for you at Sixthreezero.

Here are some of the features of Sixthreezero bikes you can look forward to enjoying.

Different Frames

Some models of EVRYjourney have a steel frame

The bike frame is one of the most important structures on a bike. The most common frame material for a long time was steel. However, with advancements in bike technology, there are more lightweight materials for cyclists to use now.

Steel bike frames are still common because they are durable, stable, and shatter-resistant. You will mostly find them in cruisers and comfort bikes.

Bike manufacturers have opted for other materials because steel is also heavy when you are looking for speed. Steel is also vulnerable to rust which can ruin the design of your Sixthreezero bike.

Another popular bike material is Aluminum. This is the best material when you are looking for stability, but just like steel, it is vulnerable to rust.

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For cyclists looking for a fast bike, titanium bike frames are a great option because they are strong while being lightweight. It may not be for all riders because of the high cost of titanium bike frames.

Lastly, at Sixthreezero, you can find carbon fiber bike frames. Frames made of carbon fiber are extremely lightweight but can easily damage during an impact than frame materials like steel. This bike frame material is suitable for road bikes.


Cruiser bikes are built for comfort and stability when riding on paved roads. They are perfect for short distances, and their simple design makes them more affordable than other bikes from Sixthreezero.

The low seat position, upright handlebars, and wide tires make cruiser bikes more popular for beginners and short commutes. Sixthreezero has different cruiser models to choose from depending on the speed and features you want.

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AroundtheBlock, cruiser bikes are ideal for riding in your neighborhood and playground. They require little maintenance and are available at up to 21-speeds. AroundtheBlock cruiser bikes feature ultra-smooth 2″ cruiser tires and are not suitable for high speeds or aggressive off-road rides.

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You can also choose the EVRYjourney classic cruiser bike, which is sleek and modern. These cruiser bikes are great for climbing hills with 3-speed, 7-speed, and 21-speed models. You can take them on demanding trails, long-distance and uphill riding.

With a lightweight aluminum frame, you can easily maneuver most trails. They are suitable for riders from 5 feet to 6 feet 4 inches tall.

Sixthreezero cruiser bikes are not only comfortable but also customizable to suit your designs and biking gear. With different speed options, you can go riding on trails or in the city when you want.

Read our in-depth review of EVRYjourney

Comfort Bikes

Comfort bikes are also comfortable and stable, like cruiser bikes. They feature smooth wide tires and upright handlebars with low seats.

They are popular with older cyclists riding on paved roads and some unpaved nature trails. This is because they are suitable for people with back problems and those who want to lose weight.

BodyEase Tricycle

The BodyEase Tricycle from Sixthreezero has a step-through frame for faster mounting and dismounting.

It features an ergonomic riding position to keep your joints at ease when riding. The vertical pedaling on this tricycle offers balance and stability while still being comfortable.

The BodyEase Tricycle is simple to ride over streets and absorbs shocks, so you don’t feel them. It also comes with a spacious rear basket for your commuting needs.

Relaxed Body

The Relaxed Body comfort bike is designed for an ergonomic and upright riding position, easier for your muscles and joints.

The forward pedaling frame design keeps you closer to the ground and offers enough leg extension when riding.

Your hands and elbows will be relaxed and free of tension. Stopping will be easy with the front and rear hand brakes.

The adjustable stem and seat make it suitable for riders between 5′-6’4″ for increased comfort during all rides.

A/O Amelia

The A/O Amelia comfort bike comes in one size and color-lavender. The frame is low profile and made of Aluminum for easy mounting.

With a handlebar geometry allowing an upright riding position, you will be comfortable on the Amelia Comfort bike.

You also get synthetic leather grips to keep your hands cool no matter the ride. With this bike, you can move smoothly through flat terrain and slippery streets. It is suitable for riders between 5’2″ and 5’10” tall.


Hybrid bikes are a combination of low-speed cruiser bikes and high-speed road bikes. It would help if you were very fit when riding Hubbard bikes, although they are also designed for leisure riding and commuting. They feature a slightly forward-leaning riding position and are either 3-speed or 7-speed bikes.

Hybrid bikes are for commuting in the city and riding on paved roads as well.


ReachYourDestination hybrid bike is fast, fun, and smooth for riding through busy streets or trying out new paths. The lightweight aluminum frame and 7-speed gears are the ideal combination of speed and practicality to get you where you need to go. You will also enjoy the simple customization opportunities and design for a fast ride.

Paven’ Trail

The Paven’ Trail hybrid bike is designed for stability and speed with a Shimano 21-speed gear system and adjustable front suspension. You will find this hybrid bike comfortable and easily adaptable for different riding trails. It also features an easy-to-mount step-through frame for all your journeys.


ExploreyourRange hybrid bike is versatile for commutes or riding around the city. The sturdy aluminum frame and 7-speed gear give this bike the power and speed to handle demanding trails. The frame is also lightweight, with a comfortable seat and shock absorbent tires for the perfect ride.


When it comes to comfortability, there are not that many manufacturers who can compare to the Sixthreezero brand.

Getting the perfect seat that fits you is essential to enjoying every ride on your Sixthreezero bike. These bike seats feel good and are not too small to cause back pain during your bike ride.

If you consider the seat width and length according to your measurement, you will find the most comfortable one for you.

A seat with ample cushioning is comfortable even for long-distance cycling. The cover of your seat also matters. It protects the interior and gives your bike a more interesting look.

Be sure to also check the cut-outs on the Sixthreezero bikes because these reduce the pressure on your bum when you are cycling. They will also keep you cool.

The bike handles on Sixthreezero bikes are also easy to use to maneuver when cycling. The handgrips are reliable and made of leather to make riding more comfortable.

The leather feels good under your hands and won’t sweat or burn your hands. They add to better riding posture to protect yourself from back and shoulder pain. These handlebar grips also go well with your cycling gloves.


There are many accessories for you to add to your Sixthreezero bike to get more out of every ride. If you choose a cruiser bike, you can pick from a wide range of wicker and wire baskets.

With different sizes available, you can get the ideal size of front or rear baskets for you.

To better protect your bike during the rainy season, you can buy a bike cover. The covers are heavy-duty water-resistant, and easy to use with drawstrings. These covers are flexible to fit different bike and wheel sizes.

Sixthreezero also offers a Sigma Pure 1 wireless computer. This bike computer features a simple display to let you know the speed, distance, and how long you switch between each trip when cycling. It is also compact with an attractive design to match your bike’s style.

So as not to miss any important messages during your rides, you can buy a phone holder from Sixthreezero.

These phone holders are suitable for different phones like iPhone 6, iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy, and Samsung Note phones. This phone holder does not require tools to mount and can rotate for landscape and vertical viewing.

With other accessories like bottle cages for water bottles to quench your thirst, your rides will be more pleasant. The wireless speakers available will also keep you entertained for close to six hours from one charge.


The best Sixthreezero bike size for you depends on your height and weight. You can adjust the saddle and handlebars for a more comfortable riding position to suit your body size.

All the bikes are designed to accommodate a wide range of heights between 5’0″ to 6′ according to your arm length and leg length. The perfect bike size for you should be easy for you to mount and stand over.


Are Sixthreezero bikes made in the USA?

Sixthreezero bikes are only designed in their headquarters in Torrance, California. The Sixthreezero bikes are then made in China, after which they are shipped to customers worldwide.

Is Sixthreezero a good brand?

Sixthreezero is a great bike brand with quality bikes that perform well for various cyclists.

They offer a wide range of cruiser bikes, hybrids, road bikes, and electric bikes for you to pick. With quality designs from their California headquarters and manufactured in China, you can be sure to get durable and affordable bikes for your next ride.

Are Sixthreezero bikes sold in stores?

You can find Sixthreezero bikes in retail stores around the United States like Walmart. They are also available for purchase on internet retail websites like Amazon.

What is Sixthreezero?

Sixthreezero is a successful USA-based bike company known for its high-quality cruiser bikes at affordable prices. They are also popular due to their flexibility and customization options.

What is the best Sixthreezero bike?

The Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Cruiser bike is one of the best cruiser bikes you can ride. You get smooth shifting with this bike, a comfortable saddle for an upright riding position, and the price is great.

The Sixthreezero EVRYjourney is also lightweight with a step-through frame for faster mounting. You can also have fun styling with the customization options available on this cruiser bike.

Is a cruiser bike easy to ride?

Cruiser bikes are more comfortable and easy to ride compared to other popular bikes like mountain bikes. You will find them simple to adjust and tune for a more relaxing ride every time you get on the bike.

They are an ideal option for beginners due to the upright riding position and low seat height.

Do Sixthreezero bikes come assembled?

Sixthreezero bikes arrive 85% assembled with a simple process to finish the assembly by yourself. The step-by-step instructions will help you finish assembling the seat, reflectors, and pedals.

For locals, you can get your bike fully assembled at their location in Torrance, California.

How do I return my Sixthreezero bike?

If there is any problem with your Sixthreezero bike, you can contact customer service for more information about returning your bike.

You get a 365-day test ride when you purchase from Sixthreezero stores, and you can send your bike with no shipping fees. Electric bikes have a 90-day return policy from the day they are delivered to your door.

Final Verdict

Sixthreezero bikes are reliable and comfortable while still being affordable for most cyclists.

With different speeds available and tons of accessories to add to your bike, there is a lot you can do with Sixthreezero bikes.

Whether you need a cruiser bike for relaxing rides, a road bike, or a hybrid bike for those challenging trails, you will get them all with Sixthreezero.

You won’t have to sacrifice the performance either.

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