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The 2020 Husqvarna Dirt Bike Lineup Explained

If you are thinking about purchasing a new bike, you will want to see what’s in Husqvarna’s 2020 lineup.

dirt, legal, husqvarna, electric

We’ve received all the details regarding the 2020 Husqvarna motocross and cross-country models. We even know about their mini motocrosser which is sure to please. So, sit back and relax as we show you what’s new with the 2020 Husqvarna lineup.

20 Husqvarna Cross-Country Models

2020 Husqvarna FX 450

The FX 450 features a powerful engine that’s lightweight and compact. The camshaft is as close to the center of gravity as possible, which further improves the agility and handling. It features a five-speed gearbox that’s designed by PANKL Racing Systems. This lightweight gearbox delivers high levels of reliability and durability. Furthermore, the FX 450 comes complete with a DDS clutch. Not bad.

2020 Husqvarna FX 350

The FX 350 features a 350 cc DOHC engine that weighs less than 60 pounds while pumping out impressive power. It is engineered with a 14.2:1 compression ratio plus a large diameter forged piston that delivers high revs and a wide power Band. It’s also paired to a PANKL six-speed gearbox that’s coated with a low-friction covering for smooth shifting.

2020 Husqvarna TX 300i

The TX 300i is equipped with a 2-stroke engine that provides a lightweight design with unprecedented power.

On the TX 300i, electronic fuel injection was specifically added for the 2020 model year. The 2020 model also features a counterbalancer shaft that’s laterally mounted. This reduces vibrations and provides a more comfortable ride.

The EMS (engine management system) comes with a control unit that’s located under the seat. Riders don’t need to fiddle with jetting now that this bike has temperature and altitude compensation. This bike also comes complete with a six-speed gearbox that guarantees easy and precise shifting. There is also a no-dirt shift lever that’s supposed to prevent the build-up of debris, no matter where you ride.

This bike can handle the spotlight of some of the toughest circuits in racing. Like the rest of these bikes, this model comes with WP XACT shock and fork. Both of these are the same from last year, with some ongoing refinements made as Husqvarna improves their dirt bikes for 2020.

20 Husqvarna Motocross Models

2020 Husqvarna FC 450

The FC 450 features a SOHC cylinder head that’s lightweight and compact. The short profile allows the camshaft to remain as close to the center of gravity as it can.

This only improves the agility and handling of the bike. Furthermore, the aluminum cylinder is engineered with a compression ratio of 12.75:1 for peak output. The engine pairs with a lightweight PANKL Racing System five-speed gearbox. It also comes with the gear lever that won’t pick up dirt, even when riding in rough conditions.

2020 Husqvarna FC 350

The FC 350 features a DOHC engine that weighs less than 60 pounds while still offering significant power. This engine was created to supply maximum performance which is why all the shaft arrangements were made to allow the oscillating masses to achieve an ideal center of gravity.

The heart of this output is the high-quality crankshaft. It has two force-fitted bearing shells that guarantee maximum durability and reliability. The compact PANKL Racing Systems five-speed gearbox has a low-friction coating on the fork to make shifting precise and smooth. It also comes with the no-dirt gear lever to complete the package.

2020 Husqvarna FC 250

An FC 250 provides superior handling and class-leading power. All of the shaft arrangements and engine components were positioned to the center of gravity. This reduces the effect of rotational inertia. The lightweight 250 cc 4-stroke engine is also only 57.5 pounds, keeping the weight as low as possible.

This bike also comes complete with a PANKL Racing Systems five-speed gearbox that features motocross gear ratios.

2020 Husqvarna TC 250

The TC 250 2-stroke engine offers an ideal combination of lightweight design and unrivaled power. It features a low maintenance cost, making it a favorite among motocross riders. The engine is produced with mass centralization as a priority. It houses shaft arrangements in ideal positions plus the die-cast casings centralize mass and improve rideability on this Husqvarna dirt bike.

This bike features a Mikuni TMX carburetor that has an advanced setting for controllable and smoother power delivery. The TC 250 also comes with a five-speed gearbox installed and the no-dirt shift lever.

2020 Husqvarna TC 125

The TC 125 provides a lively performance with its light engine weight of only 37.9 pounds. This motor offers more torque than other 125 cc 2-stroke bikes. That’s why many riders will find this an ideal option when just starting out.

Even the 125’s crankshaft was designed to be as light as it could be with perfect balance. This further reduces vibration while riding and improves handling. Finally, you will find an MX-specific PANKL Racing Systems six-speed gearbox on this Husqvarna dirt bike.

20 Husqvarna Mini Motocross Racer Models

Husqvarna offers a mini motocross range that gives younger riders access to high-tech equipment. They are modeled from the FC and TC racers with 2-stroke powerhouses.

2020 Husqvarna TC 85

There’s no match for the TC 85 in its class. It features a lot of the same tech found in the full-size lineup. You will find a Chromium Molybdenum steel frame and WP Suspension so younger riders can have confidence on the track. It also comes with a strong and lightweight tapered aluminum handlebar that contains an advanced throttle assembly to make free play adjustment easier than ever.

The CNC-machined hubs and aluminum rims are equipped with MAXXIS tires for rideability on many terrains. Finally, there is a self-cleaning gear selector that prevents build-up similar to the lever on the larger models to keep your kids playing for hours at a time.

2020 Husqvarna TC 65

The TC 65 also features new 2-stroke technology to make it competitive. The engine features durable and light materials plus a pressure-controlled exhaust valve for high levels of performance.

It is paired with a six-speed gearbox plus a hydraulic clutch for complete control over power delivery. The chromoly steel, high-strength frame is carefully integrated to benefit suspension and handling. You will also notice that the bodywork got scaled down slightly to fit the rider better.

Young riders will feel the same comfort and control that larger Husqvarna dirt bike models offer on the full-size scale.

2020 Husqvarna TC 50

There is a compact and modern engine inside the TC 50 as well. The crankshaft uses a 3-shaft construction and it’s positioned at the center of gravity. The engine also comes with an automatic centrifugal clutch which reduces complexity for new riders and kids alike.

This bike’s exhaust is robot welded which ensures the highest levels of durability and quality. Plus, you can reduce engine power to 5.5 horsepower for beginner riders simply by installing a special kit provided by Husqvarna Accessories.

Are you planning to buy a bike from Husqvarna’s 2020 lineup?

We would love to hear about it. Leave us a comment and let us know what you are excited about with Husqvarna’s 2020 dirt bike lineup.


“We want kids to grow up with our electric bikes,” said KTM America President John Hinz during the KTM SX-E 5 intro. KTM and Husky plan to have a complete line of electric bikes for little Johnny to ride when he graduates from the SX-E 5 or Husky’s EE 5 version. KTM and Husqvarna owner Stefan Pierer believes in electric technology and see its potential. Manufacturers are desperate to do something as emissions tests are becoming harder and harder to pass. With electric bikes having zero emissions, it gives manufacturers the chance to keep riders on bikes.


The SX-E 5 is not KTM’s first electric bike. KTM has been producing the KTM Freeride for some time now; however, KTM hasn’t pushed very hard to sell it. The market for the Freeride is small, as it is part trail bike and part off-road bike. At KTM headquarters in Mattighofen, Austria, it is illegal to ride gas-powered bikes off road. That didn’t stop KTM from building a track right across the street from its headquarters. KTM built it to test electric bikes, which at the time meant the KTM Freeride. It has been more than a half-decade since MXA has been to Mattighofen, but we imagine there are many other forms of KTM e-bikes on the track in Austria now. In stock trim the 2020 Husky EE 5 stands 27.5 inches tall, but can be lowered two inches by removing a spacer under the seat and relocating the top shock bolt.

With KTM’s Freeride under its belt, KTM was confident enough to put the KTM SX-E 5 pee-wee into production. Was this bike meant to go head-to-head against the current crop of KTM gas-powered pee-wees, such as the 50SX and 50SX Mini? We are somewhat unsure, and we think KTM is as well. When four-strokes started to make their presence known in American motocross, there was a teething period of determining what displacement was fair to race against 125cc and 250cc two-strokes. Obviously, the AMA wanted to push out smokers with its decision to allow four-strokes to have double the displacement of two-strokes.

If only we could know the AMA’s ultimate plan for the electric bike movement. Do they love it or hate it? Is the AMA going to start to push two- and four-strokes out and e-bikes in? Are they willing to even the odds so that four-strokes, two-strokes and e-bikes live in harmony? Maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves, but there will come a time when all these issues will need to be resolved. What we do know is that the KTM SX-E 5 and Husky EE 5 are the beginning of the silent revolution.


The KTM 50SX two-stroke is no slouch when it comes to power and performance. These little bikes have won titles at the AMA Loretta Lynn’s Amateur Nationals in the 50cc Pee-Wee classes. In truth, KTM’s 50SX and the electric SX-E 5 are very similar. They are both based on the same basic chassis dimensions and suspension. The only obvious difference is in the choice of power generation—two-stroke for the 50Sx and electric motor of the SX-E 5. In order to test the different sizes, MXA’s KTM SX-E 5 had not only had the standard two-inch capability, but a 150 lowering kit that brought the seat height down a total of six inches.

You are probably asking yourself, “Will electric bikes have their own class or race against gas-powered bikes?” Both. For 2020, the AMA Loretta Lynn’s National Amateur Championship dropped the Special Limited 50 (4-6) class and added a Mini-E (4-6) class. In that class, qualified e-bikes can race in the Shaft Drive or Junior 51cc (4-6) class. For an e-bike to qualify for these classes, the battery energy must be limited to 1 kWh. The bike must have a maximum wheelbase of 41 inches, a max wheel size of 12 inches, a seat height of 25 inches, and must use OEM parts.

Cobra was the king of the Special Limited 50 (4-6) class that the AMA got rid of. No problem, as Cobra already has a trick, water-cooled, pee-wee, e-bike up its sleeve for 2021 to allow Cobra to rejoin the Mini-E (4-6) class.


Okay, enough with the politics. It is important to note that the KTM SX-E 5 and Husqvarna EE 5 are identical—they share everything, so at any point in this test if we say KTM SX-E 5 we mean Husky EE 5 also—and vice versa.

What do we think about the 2020 KTM and Husky pee-wee e-bikes? In a few words, they are great; but, they cost 700 more than a KTM 50SX two-stroke at 5049. We have some other concerns that we will get into later, but electric pee-wees’ greatest feature is that they give kids more places to ride! No noise means happy neighbors. Go ahead and ride in the backyard or the local desert without worrying about getting in trouble.

Every one of the kids that MXA had hop on these e-bikes loved them. Each of MXA’s hand-selected mini test riders owned either a Cobra or KTM 50SX and said they liked the e-bikes better than their gas-powered bikes. Why? The overall consensus was the e-bikes tracked the ground much better, were easier to ride and were more fun; however, this feeling could be due to the power disadvantage.

What power disadvantage? We put these bikes on the dyno over at Pax Racing to compare the electric power numbers against the internal combustion KTM 50SX. In the horsepower department, there was no comparison. The KTM 50SX produced 12 peak horsepower, while the SX-E 5 and EE 5 produced 6 horsepower. That is 50 percent less power. Since e-bikes do not have spark plugs, we were unable to get torque numbers on the dyno. Pax did find that going from the stock 46-tooth sprocket to a 50-tooth sprocket (which is the biggest that will fit without modifying the chain guide) significantly improved overall power. There is no doubt that the SX-E 5 and EE 5 produce significantly more torque than the KTM 50SX; you can feel it on the track.

The power of an electric bike would come on too aggressively if it weren’t for an ECU metering its power; however, the advantage in torque does not make up for the lack of horsepower versus the KTM 50SX. Therefore, if your kid is a serious racer, stick to the KTM 50SX for now. If your kid is learning, a backyard rider or plans to race in the e-bike class, this is a great bike.


Another advantage of the SX-E 5 and EE 5 is its adjustability. In stock trim, the seat height of the SX-E 5 is 27.45 inches, which is about a 1/2-inch taller than the KTM 50SX. Removing a spacer under the seat and lowering the chassis into its lowest position drops the bike almost 2 inches (down to 25.71 inches).

Our 2020 KTM SX-E 5 came with the optional 150 lowering kit for the fork and shock, which brought the seat height down an additional 4 inches. This makes the SX-E 5 the same size as the KTM 50SX Mini, which retails for 3849. So, when your kid outgrows his KTM electric pee-wee, instead of throwing down cold-hard cash for a new model, you can just lift the bike up a few inches to accommodate little Johnny’s growth spurt.

Another unique adjustable feature that we loved is the six different power modes. The first mode is a light walking pace. Each mode ups the power, save for modes 5 and 6. These two modes produce identical peak power, but mode 6, as well as 3, has a regeneration braking feature that charges the battery when the bike is coasting downhill or freewheeling with the throttle off. If you are worried about little Johnny messing with the power unit, no problem. Under the seat is a magnetic tab that can be unhooked so that the power level is locked into place.

We didn’t like the time it took to recharge the battery. When our battery was dead, it took 1 hour and 45 minutes to charge it fully. Our fast testers burned the juice out in less than 30 minutes, while our slower test riders could get at least an hour of riding time in. If little Johnny wants to keep riding, what can you do? You would think that you could buy a spare battery. You could, but would you? It costs 1500.

That isn’t the worst part. Even if you buy an extra battery, for some unknown reason, the battery has to be charged while it is in the bike, which means you would still have to wait. And taking the battery out of the SX-E 5 or Husky EE 5 is no easy task. KTM frowns on swapping out the battery anyway. So, the only thing you can logically do, if you have deep s, is to buy another bike so you can have one on the charger while little Johnny is riding. And, if little Johny wants to ride more than one full charge at the local track, you’ll need to bring a generator to charge it up. Or maybe tracks will have charging stations in the near future.

We think that with a little more practicality and usability, these bikes could change backyard riding for the better. They could start a silent revolution of young kids getting involved in motorcycling without ever leaving home. The KTM SX-E 5 and Husky EE 5 are the first iterations of the electric pee-wee movement.

To tell the truth, we think that pee-wees are what electric motorcycle manufacturers should FOCUS on. Only a small percentage of full-size motocross racers will let go of their internal-combustion race bikes without a fight, but a young kid has no prejudices. If he rides an electric pee-wee, he won’t have any bias against riding an electric minicycle and eventually an electric motorcycle.

We think that KTM and Husqvarna did a good job paving the way to an electric future. Their bikes aren’t perfect, but you gotta start somewhere. And the best place is with 4-year-olds on electric pee-wees. In time, the price will drop and battery technology will improve.

Husqvarna EE 5 2022

The EE 5 is Husqvarna Motorcycles’ first step into electric mobility, drawing on the brand’s rich motocross history combined with modern, pioneering technology. Powered by an adjustable electric motor capable of rivalling its 50cc fuel-powered counterparts, it is perfect for young racers and grassroots beginners. The EE 5 is also fully adaptable and adjustable for height, making it accessible to younger riders. Additionally, low noise and zero carbon emissions make the EE 5 more accessible to younger riders and more accepted in areas where noise emissions are restricted.

Husqvarna EE 5 2022. Zero Emissions. Riding.

The EE 5 is Husqvarna Motorcycles’ first step into electric mobility, drawing on the brand’s rich motocross history combined with modern, pioneering technology. Powered by an adjustable electric motor capable of rivalling its 50cc fuel-powered counterparts, it is perfect for young racers and grassroots beginners. The EE 5 is also fully adaptable and adjustable for height, making it accessible to younger riders. Additionally, low noise and zero carbon emissions make the EE 5 more accessible to younger riders and more accepted in areas where noise emissions are restricted.


The electric motor fitted to the EE 5 produces a peak power output of 5 kW. much the same as its 2-stroke counterpart. The permanent magnet, air-cooled motor features an extremely compact and slim design, which is well suited to the smaller chassis. The electric motor is also air-cooled, water and dust-proof, making it largely maintenance free. Lastly, an integrated control unit (ECU) guarantees a direct, but very controllable and unintimidating power delivery in all conditions.


Powering the electric motor in the EE 5 are 84 modern lithium ion cells, mounted in a robust die-cast aluminium casing. This accounts for 907 Wh of stored energy, giving the EE 5 up to two hours of general riding, or 25 minutes of fast-paced full-power racing. The integrated battery management system (BMS) further ensures the safety and longevity of the battery pack.


The external worldwide charger supplying up to 900 W can be connected to any 110 or 230 Volt sockets, plugging directly into the battery pack for easy charging. Quick charging times of 45 minutes (80%) or 70 minutes (100%) mean more time in the saddle, and less time in the pits.


Ensuring users have all relevant information at a glance, a multi-functional instrument and display is located between the steering head and seat. The user can select 6 different ride modes with different power characteristics suited from beginners, up to experienced racers. In addition, the remaining battery charge is also displayed.


Mirroring the full-size motocross range, the EE 5 uses lightweight, black anodised aluminium rims, MAXXIS tyres and hydraulically operated brake callipers and waved front and rear brake discs. This combination of wheels, tyres and brakes provide progressive grip and advanced braking feel in all conditions.


Ensuring stability and safety at the helm, tapered NEKEN handlebars are mounted as standard. With a tapered diameter of 28 mm to 22 mm in the bends to cylindrical ends of 18 mm in the grip area, the narrower diameter benefits younger riders with better grip and less fatigue. The throttle assembly for the electronic drive features a vulcanised ODI grip mounted on the right-hand side, along with a new crash pad on the handlebar brace to protect the rider from any rough contact.


RATED OUTPUT 2 kW / 3,200 rpm


CHARGING INPUT Quick charging 5 A @ 230 V (AC)

CHARGING TIME 100 % 70 min.

ELECTRIC MOTOR 48 V. BLDC motor with outer rotor




FRAME DESIGN Chrome-molybdenum steel central-tube frame

FRONT SUSPENSION XACT 35 WP Upside-Down fork, Ø 35 mm




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Husqvarna lead the charge towards swappable batteries for bikes

Electric bikes have been meandering towards the mainstream for years but Husqvarna’s upcoming E-Pilen could be the first proper motorcycle to adopt a new standard for swappable batteries.

That’s a big deal because the ability to change instead of charge a bike’s batteries means refuelling stops turn from hours-long inconveniences to tasks that take seconds – quicker, cleaner and cheaper than refilling a petrol bike’s tank.

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That leads to a beneficial circle: fast, painless refills eliminate ‘range anxiety’, allowing manufacturers to make shorter-range electric bikes with smaller, lighter battery packs, which in turn makes the bike quicker and more manoeuvrable.

dirt, legal, husqvarna, electric

The E-Pilen, a near-production concept, is the first fruit of a joint effort between Husky’s parent firm, Pierer Mobility, and its partner and shareholder Bajaj to create a whole range of electric vehicles from 4kW to 11kW (5hp to 15hp) around a standardised 48-volt lithium-ion battery.

Both the 48-volt construction and the apparent size and shape of the E-Pilen’s three battery packs are close to those used in Honda’s first production electric bikes, the PCX Electric – leased in small numbers in Asia – and the commercially-targeted Benly-e and Gyro-e models.

Honda are in a consortium with Husky’s sister firm KTM, along with Piaggio and Yamaha to establish a set of common standards for swappable motorcycle batteries in Europe.

Honda have already established a set of standards in a separate Japanese consortium alongside Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki. So it makes sense for KTM – and therefore Husqvarna – to be using batteries that match these specs.

International standardisation, which is something that the electric car industry has failed to achieve, could allow bikes to leapfrog cars in the race to electrification. The specs set by Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, KTM and Piaggio – presuming both the Japanese and European consortia agree on the same standards – will effectively create the ‘AA’ battery of motorcycles, widely available and usable across a host of different products.

Honda are even planning lawnmowers and quad bikes based on the same unit. As an added benefit, the cells can easily be taken indoors to charge at home, which is useful for people with no off-road parking.

The E-Pilen – which will also surely appear with different styling as an electric KTM – has three 48v packs for a total 144v, driving an 8kW (10.7hp) motor. A 4kW scooter is also planned.

Husqvarna E-Pilen concept explored:

Shared DNA The E-Pilen’s frame, suspension, wheels, brakes and swingarm are all shared with the next-generation KTM 125, 250 and 390 Duke models, which have already been spied in near-finished form.

Slots right in The E-Pilen’s three 48-volt batteries slot diagonally into a box where the ‘tank’ would normally be, sliding down between the frame.

Keeping it safe As well as sharing standardised voltages, dimensions, connectors and charging rates, swappable bike batteries need to be waterproof and shockproof.

Pokier than a 125 Although 8kW (11.7hp) doesn’t sound like much, that will be the bike’s ‘continuous’ power rating. For short bursts, it’s likely to have significantly more power on tap, giving higher performance than a 125cc petrol engine while still being legal for L-plate use.

Rapid swap stops While the E-Pilen’s 62-mile range might sound short, the convenience of quickly swapping batteries rather than waiting for them to recharge should more than compensate. Swappable batteries also mean range could improve in the future as battery tech advances.

Husqvarna E-Pilen concept unveiled: Electric urban mobility with style

First published on 26 April, 2021 by Ben Clarke

Husqvarna have become the latest manufacturer to join the electric motorbike market with a new model concept called the E-Pilen. The bike has a 125-rivalling 10.7bhp and a range of 62 miles, putting it in the same urban mobility category as machines like the Super Soco TC Max.

Looks-wise, the E-Pilen would sit comfortably beside its petrol stablemates, the Svartpilen and Vitpilen models with the same angular “tank”, five-spoke wheels, retro styling cues like the single round headlight and a chopped rear end.

Husqvarna have also said that they are keeping an open mind about constantly-evolving battery tech and as such the E-Pilen features a swappable battery that can simply be replaced with a fully charged item when needed.

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That would make sense given that sister company, KTM announced their commitment to a battery standardisation consortium with Honda, Piaggio and Yamaha at the start of 2021.

“It has always been the aim of Husqvarna Motorcycles to develop new products accessible to the broadest possible spectrum of riders,” reads a statement from Husky. “The E-mobility range will retain and continue the riding pleasure and dynamics refined through the long history and experience of the brand. In support of the E-mobility initiative, Husqvarna Motorcycles will strategically expand its dealer presence in urban and metropolitan areas.”

MCN will have full details of the new Husqvarna E-Pilen as they are released.

The Best Electric Motorcycles Of 2023

At Luxe Digital, we independently research, review, and recommend products we love and that we think you will love, too. Learn more about how we curate the best products for you.

Imagine: the wind rushing through your hair as you cruise, streamlining down the highway; passers-by eyeing your sweet ride; no choking petrol fumes in your wake. And that’s just a teaser of what you’ll experience riding one of the best electric motorcycles of 2023. Yes, electric sports bikes have come a long way, and they’re calling out for you to come along for the ride.

Whether you dream of open roads, never-ending horizons, and lush wilderness, or you have the more practical need of getting from A to B (who are we kidding, we mean home-to-office, of course)—there’s an electric motorbike on the market for you.

With huge innovations in eco-friendly transport (think electric cars, e-bikes, and the ubiquitous e-scooter), it’s no wonder that e-motorcycles have upped their design game, too. Providing low-noise, fume-free, and smooth-sailing journeys, what’s not to like? And of course, the planet will thank you. You can get your kids au fait early on with the great range of mini bikes and kid’s electric cars out there, too.

Naturally, everyone’s different and desires a different spec from their e-motorcycle. We’ve done the legwork for you and found the quickest-charging, longest-range, most powerful, and best budget electric motorbikes of this year, so you can take your pick. For style and speed with a sustainable spin, we’ve got it all.

For 2023, the Cake Kalk INK, BMW CE 04, and Onyx RCR, among many others, make their first appearance on our ranking of the best electric motorcycles of the year.

After our ranking of the best electric motorbikes of 2023, take a look at our buying guide to see what you should pay attention to when shopping for an EV bike. We also explain the methodology behind our ranking of the top bikes of the year.

The 15 best electric motorcycles of 2023

1 Energica Experia Overall best
2 Cake Kalk INK Best value
3 BMW CE 04 Best premium
4 Zero FX Best sports bike
5 Onyx RCR Best street bike
6 Vespa Elettrica Best electric scooter
7 Lightning LS-218 Fastest motorbike
8 Arc Vector Most stylish
9 Pursang E-Tracker Best for offroad
10 Cake Osa Flex Best for varied terrain
11 Damon Hypersport Premier Best range
12 Livewire S2 Del Mar Best for tech lovers
13 Evoke 6061 Fastest charge
14 Super Soco TC Most classic styling
15 Sondors Metacycle Best budget

As a bonus, check the upcoming 2023 electric motorbikes that we’re most excited about after the list.

After our ranking of the best electric motorbikes of 2023, take a look at our buying guide to see what you should pay attention to when shopping for an EV bike. We also explain the methodology behind our ranking of the top bikes of the year.

Energica Experia: Overall best electric motorcycle

When anyone brings up electric motorcycles, it’s easy to envision a dead battery cutting short the fun. Due to the logistical nightmare of squeezing large, heavy batteries onto a small frame, touring bikes have been out of the question.

Until now. Energica Experia is our top choice for an electric motorcycle as it’s gone somewhere others haven’t dared. It has the longest claimed range of any production motorcycle on the market, with up to 261 miles (420 km) of city driving on one charge.

But city driving isn’t the goal of touring. At highway speeds, the range is limited to 130 miles (209 km), but three different charging methods can get you back on the road in a hurry.

The Energica Experia has a great overall stance and handling, combined with a charming aerodynamic style. It is hands down the best electric motorcycle to hit the market.

Price: 25,880
Engine power: 75 kW – 102 HP
Top speed: 180 km/h – 112 mph
Acceleration: 0-100 km/h – 0-62 mph: 3.5 sec
Range: 256 km – 160 miles
Website: energicamotor.com

Cake Kalk INK Electric Motorbike: Best value EV motorcycle

By mimicking the dual-sport motorcycle, Cake has created a cheap electric motorcycle that can silently sprint around trails. It started as an off-road-only model, but recent upgrades allow street legal use, registered as a 125cc bike in the USA and EU.

If you want something that’s not quite a full-size motorcycle yet not as compact as an electric bicycle, the Cake Kalk INK is a perfect choice. It’s lightweight and nimble, yet still able to deliver some power when you want it.

The Cake Kalk INK incorporated three ride modes that adjust speed and power to provide different levels of battery range. Another three braking modes can perfectly adjust what happens when you lift off the accelerator to match your conditions.

Price: 11,580
Engine power: 11 kW – 15 HP
Top speed: 90 km/h – 56mph
Acceleration: Unspecified
Range: 3 hours of trail/enduro riding
Website: huckberry.com

BMW CE 04: Best premium electric motorbike

If there’s one brand that’s no stranger to bringing advanced electric variants to the streets, BMW deserves some credit. The German automaker introduced futuristic-looking EVs over a decade ago and continues to reshape the automotive and motorcycle industries with new platforms.

The BMW CE 04 is not your average motorcycle. Its low-slung shape with an elongated bench seat might remind you of a modified jetski out of water. But that’s far from the truth.

The reality is that this beast utilizes a compact yet powerful motor that pairs with a thin battery pack. This leaves you plenty of room for seating two passengers or extra gear, plus a sizable storage compartment that helps make practical daily use a breeze.

The BMW CE 04 takes a giant step forward in electric motorcycle evolution. Are you ready to take the leap?

Price: 11,795
Engine power: 31 kW – 42 HP
Top speed: 121 km/h – 75 mph
Acceleration: 0–50 km/h – 0-31.1 mph: 2.6 sec
Range: 129 km – 80 Mi
Website: bmwmotorcycles.com

Zero FX: Best electric sports bike

It takes time to perfect any craft. And with over a decade of EV motorcycle production under its belt, Zero is staying ahead of the pack in many ways.

The Zero FX is most at home on the trails, where it will let you FOCUS on finding the right line while cruising through nature. But it’s a jack of all trades. You can throw it around city streets with just as much enthusiasm as your off-road adventures.

dirt, legal, husqvarna, electric

The chassis is built from aircraft aluminum and has been shaved down over many years of production, providing one of the best power-to-weight ratios on the market. Simply put, the Zero FX electric sports bike will blow your mind regardless of the conditions under the tires.

Price: 12,995
Engine power: 34 kW – 46 HP
Top speed: 137 km/h – 85 mph
Acceleration: Unspecified
Range: 111 km – 69 miles
Website: zeromotorcycles.com

Onyx RCR Electric Motorbike: Best electric street bike

It’s a bird… it’s a plane. No, it’s the Onyx RCR electric street bike. Fitting precisely into no category, this sleek offering straddles the line between an e-bike and an electric motorcycle.

One thing’s for certain. The Onyx RCR brings back nostalgia with its cafe-racer looks and woodgrain decals. It’s available in two different models, one designed for street use and one for trail riding. You can also customize battery packs, suspension heights, and paint colors.

This E motorcycle is much more suitable for slower speeds, and the street-legal mode only goes up to 20 mph (32 km/h). But as an affordable electric street bike, this can win over your heart with one quick ride.

Price: 5,750
Engine power: 13 kW – 17 HP
Top speed: 97 km/h – 60 mph
Acceleration: Unspecified
Range: 193 km – 120 miles
Website: huckberry.com

Vespa Elettrica: Best electric scooter

Kleenex, Google, Band-Aid. Few brands are so iconic that their trademarked product name takes over the generic term. When it comes to scooters, Vespa is the name of the game and has been since the 1940s.

Today’s Vespas aren’t like that of the past. While the exterior design might have you think otherwise, the Vespa Elettrica uses a fully electric drivetrain to make getting a town an absolute joy.

The power is on the lower end of the scale, but you won’t notice thanks to the respectable 148 lb-ft of instant torque. The inboard display seamlessly connects to your phone. And you have your choice of six stylish colors to make this electric motorcycle scooter your own.

If you don’t care about the Vespa brand name, check out the Piaggio 1. This cheaper alternative is based on the same platform and has similar performance.

Price: 7,499
Engine power: 4 kW – 5 HP
Top speed: 70 km/h – 43 mph
Acceleration: Unspecified
Range: 100 km – 62 miles
Website: vespa.com

Lightning LS-218: Fastest electric motorbike

Some electric motorcycles are meant for city streets or off-road trails. But when it comes to the Lightning LS-218, there is one thing it seeks most of all. The wide-open road.

While the Voxan Wattman is technically the fastest motorcycle, it’s not approved for street use. On the other hand, the Lightning LS-218 can charge down the road at a blistering 218 mph or more, all while silently slipping through the tarmac.

The cost of this powerful E motorcycle is magnitudes more than most bikes, but it has every right to charge the premium. Its incredible design brings out the best in sports bike styling, while the range, acceleration, and top speed are all at the top of the game.

Price: 38,888
Engine power: 150 kW – 200 HP
Top speed: 351 km/h – 218 mph
Acceleration: 0-60 mph: 2.2 sec
Range: 290 km – 180 miles
Website: lightningmotorcycle.com

Arc Vector: Most stylish electric motorcycle

Not many companies have the luxury of using a no-holds-barred approach. ARC is one of the lucky few that does. The result is an impeccable work of art, making the Arc Vector our top choice for style.

But the beauty of this electric street bike is more than skin deep. It’s infused into every component, from the carbon fiber swing arms to the modular battery monocoque platform. The Arc Vector is craftsmanship redefined.

Claiming the title of the world’s most advanced motorcycle, the Vector incorporates a Human Machine Interface with an Arc Pilot System heads-up display helmet and the game-changing Origin Jacket with active feedback. It is like nothing else the world has seen.

Price: £90,000 (~120,000 USD)
Engine power: 87 kW – 117 HP
Top speed: 351 km/h – 218 mph
Acceleration: 0-100 km/h – 0-62 mph: 3.2 sec
Range: 436 km – 271 miles
Website: arcvehicle.com

Pursang E-Tracker: Best electric motorcycle for off-road

One incredible part of the electric motorbike revolution is the innovation coming from new companies. The Spanish-based Pursang is among the top in the segment, offering an excellent option for those who want to fit in anywhere they can drive on two wheels.

The Pursang E-Track fuses a chic look with a powerful Bosch motor and a driving position that’s equally great for relaxed cruising and aggressive off-road sessions. The color TFT screen provides all the details you need and nothing you don’t.

The E-Track is an electric sports bike for those who want it all. There is enough power to have fun, a solid range to get you where you need to go, and it’s all dressed up in a package that’ll attract attention everywhere you go.

Price: 14,900
Engine power: 11 kW – 15 HP
Top speed: 110 km/h – 68 mph
Acceleration: Unspecified
Range: 140 km – 87 miles
Website: pursangmotorcycles.com

Cake Osa Flex: Best E motorcycle for varied terrain

Being a jack of all trades isn’t easy. It requires flexibility and adapting to individual demands. Some electric motorcycles are built for one purpose. Others can handle it all.

When versatility is your priority, turn to the Cake Osa Flex. This high-performance utility machine is geared up with over a thousand accessory combinations to handle any situation with ease. It’s the Swiss Army knife of electric motorcycle scooters.

The battery pack has multiple power outlets, letting it double as a portable power station. It’s a workbench on wheels mixed with a commuter bike that can be packed with gear. The Cake Osa Flex is fully street-legal and ready to be registered as a 50cc bike.

Price: 8,880
Engine power: 5 kW – 7 HP
Top speed: 45 km/h – 28 mph
Acceleration: Unspecified
Range: 92 km – 57 miles
Website: huckberry.com

Damon Hypersport Premier: Best electric motorbike for range

Hopping on two wheels isn’t for the faint of heart. But for those road warriors who want the full experience, the Damon Hypersport is worth checking out.

As one of the best electric roadsters on two wheels, the Hypersport pushes out a whopping 200 horsepower and can get up to 60 mph in less than three seconds. But it also hits the mark when it comes to longevity, with an impressive 200-mile (322 km) range.

The Damon Hypersport is engineered to take you faster, safer, and farther. You can instantly transform the riding position on the fly to avoid fatigue or gear up for the curves. An incorporated CoPilot system uses artificial intelligence to keep tabs on everything around you and warn of any hazards.

It’s the electric motorcycle for adults that has your back.

Price: 19,000
Engine power: 149 kW – 200 HP
Top speed: 322 km/h – 200 mph
Acceleration: 0-60 mph:
Range: 322 km – 200 miles
Website: damon.com

Livewire S2 Del Mar: Best electric street bike for tech lovers

Harley Davidson’s image doesn’t blend well with the electric motorcycle revolution. But the brand’s spinoff EV motorcycle group, Livewire, is doing all it can to show Harley riders that electric motorbikes are the way of the future. And the S2 Del Mar has grabbed the spotlight.

At first glance, it’s mostly what you’d expect from a modern Harley bike. It’s a robust motorcycle that has only a few cues indicating the electric platform, most notable are the heat transfer fins flanking the bike.

But this isn’t Livewire’s first take. It’s a more nimble, lighter, and less expensive version of the Livewire ONE, yet it still has all the power and fun you could want.

The exclusive Del Mar Launch Edition S2 features an exclusive paint scheme and wheel design, but the regular production models are sure to impress with looks just as much as the legendary Harley Davidson ride, even if it doesn’t rumble as you’d expect.

Price: 17,699
Engine power: 59.6 kW – 80 HP (est.)
Top speed: Unspecified
Acceleration: 0-60 mph: 3.1 sec
Range: 177 km – 110 miles
Website: livewire.com

Evoke 6061: Fastest charge electric motorbike

Battery electric vehicles have one serious disadvantage. When they run out of juice, it can be a long time before they’re ready to hit the road again.

The Evoke 6061 turns that idea about-face. By using a 336-volt battery pack, it can recharge up to 80% in 15 minutes. Just enough time for you to shake off any road fatigue, refuel your body, and hop back on.

This hand-assembled new electric motorcycle pleases the eye with its minimalistic design that puts the aluminum twin-plate frame in the spotlight. But the real treat comes when you turn the throttle. The impressive 160-horsepower motor rockets up to 62 mph in just 2.6 seconds.

The Evoke 6061 is making waves in the electric motorcycle segment. And for good reason.

Price: 24,995
Engine power: 120 kW – 160 HP
Top speed: 230 km/h – 143 mph
Acceleration: 0-100 km/h – 0-62 mph: 2.6 sec
Range: 470 km – 292 miles
Website: evokemotorcycles.com

Super Soco TC: Most classic styling

There’s nothing better than getting on two wheels to hop around the city. Especially if those two wheels are packed with class and style.

The Super Soco TC might not be the most powerful electric motorcycle on the road, but its cafe-racer-inspired shape brings back fond memories as it glides down the road. The affordable price tag, removable battery packs, and comfortable riding position make it an excellent choice for short commutes or joy rides.

The graceful design elements do an incredible job of merging new-world technology with classic styling. It has a large display between the bars and an oversized LED headlight placed front and center. It’s pure joy to ride and look at.

Price: 3,330
Engine power: 1.9 kW – 2.5 horsepower
Top speed: 45 km/h – 28 mph
Acceleration: Unspecified
Range: 48 km – 30 miles
Website: vmotosoco.com

Sondors Metacycle: Best cheap electric motorcycle

Take one look at the Sondors Metacycle and it’s clear that it breaks new ground. The Metacycle isn’t just a model name, it’s the introduction of a new segment that’s more powerful than most electric bicycles but not quite up to the full performance of a motorcycle.

It’s one of the best cheap electric motorcycles around, with an impressive 80 mph top speed and up to 80 miles on a single charge. The battery pack is easily removable, so you can park on the street and bring it inside when it needs to charge up away from home.

The Sondors Metacycle is the guilt-free, hassle-free way to get around town. It’s sure to put a smile on your face while letting you put your hard-earned cash to the best use possible.

Price: 6,500
Engine power: 14.5 kW – 20 HP
Top speed: 129 km/h – 80 mph
Acceleration: Unspecified
Range: 129 km – 80 miles
Website: sondors.com

Bonus: The upcoming electric motorcycles we’re most excited about

What’s that we see glinting on the horizon? Oh, just the hottest electric motorcycles hitting the market very soon:

  • Switch Scrambler – Make it yours: the Switch Scrambler is totally customizable, and whatever style choices you make, you can be sure it’ll look slick. It’s currently in the ABS testing phase and will be heading for full production later in the year.
  • DAB Concept-E – One for the tech-fiends, the DAB Concept-E offers incredibly high-end components for a seamless experience. The slightly smaller-than-average battery means this one’s better for short-range city-riding rather than long journeys.
  • Husqvarna E-Pilen – This electric motorcycle for adults is still in its conceptual phase, but it’ll be all the better for it. With a vroom-vroom aesthetic and plans for whippet-like speeds, the Husqvarna E-Pilen is certainly one to keep your eye on. Look out for full production within the next 2 years.
  • Ducati Electric Racer – Still a bit of an enigma, the new model is currently being tested. When it’s finally released, the Ducati Electric Racer will be used for the MotoE series in 2023, taking the place of Energica as the official motorcycle supplier. Well, if it’s good enough for the pros…

With so many ground-breaking electric motorcycles entering the market – this could be the year electric begins to surpass petrol. We are seeing competitions where electric motorcycles are now dominating like the Malle Mile. We predict that we are going to see this happening in more and more motorcycle categories now.

Tobin Page, Australian Electric Motor Co

Advantages and disadvantages of electric motorcycles

Electric motorcycles have many advantages. Ease of maintenance, instant torque, and whisper-quiet noise levels are some of the top benefits.

But there are some disadvantages to electric motorbikes too. The main issues to consider are the limited range, charging time and infrastructure, and potential battery replacement needs.

The electric motorcycle that’s best for you

powerful than an electric bicycle, lower profile than an electric car: If you’re looking for a sustainable vehicle that’s a good all-around compromise between the two, you can’t go wrong with an electric motorcycle. In particular, they’re usually more cost-effective than an electric car – and they generally feature shorter recharge times, which is a definite plus.

If you’re looking to purchase an electric motorbike, there are a couple of features you should pay close attention to. These include:

  • Range. As an EV, an electric motorbike does have a specific maximum distance that it can travel before you’re going to need to find a way to recharge. If you are using your electric motorcycle mainly for commuting, you may be able to select a bike with a lower range and prioritize other features. If you’re planning on adventuring further away from home, it might be a good idea to select one with a larger range – such as the Damon Hypersport Premier.
  • Comfort. Motorcycles aren’t known for being the most comfortable of vehicles, but if you’re planning on riding it a lot, a little comfort will go a long way. Check to see what the seat is made of, whether the pedals are adjustable, and if the shocks of your future bike promise a bump-free ride.
  • Safety. Motorcycles have gotten poor press in the past for their lack of safety features. The modern EV motorbike market is compensating for this with new high-tech safety features each year, such as 360-degree cameras and Smart rider assistance. If you’re at all worried about your safety while you’re zipping around on your motorbike, it’s a good idea to invest in a high-tech motorcycle that has these options.

Methodology: How we select, test, and rank the best options on the market

To find the best electric motorcycles on today’s market, we ranked the features we deemed most important – such as safety and range, as well as power, style, and comfort – and looked at all of the motorcycles that have come out recently (and will come out over the course of this year). The master list we came up with featured several sophisticated, powerful motorbikes!

We ranked each of these motorcycles, combing through reviews and testimonials until we had a ranking that we were ready to share. Finally, we picked one element from each bike to emphasize to award each a title as winner of a specific category.

Frequently asked questions about the best electric motorcycles

The Energica Experia is the best electric motorcycle of 2023. With a range of 160 miles (or 256 km), this sweet ride could see you across country borders if you choose. Not to mention, the uber-cool aesthetic and lightning-fast top speed seal the deal.

At just 5,000, the Sondors Metacycle is the cheapest electric motorcycle of 2023. It brings great value, backing its affordable price with a good range and a top speed that rivals several others in this competitive market.

Able to travel a lengthy 482 km (300 miles) on a single charge, the Damon Hypersport Premier is a true pegasus. Oh, and you won’t be meandering along, either: with a max speed of 200 mph (420 km/h), you’ll certainly feel the wind in your hair on this impressive bike.

While e-motorcycles currently sit on the higher end of the price spectrum, they are the transport of our epoche. Boasting quiet operation, no fumes, and of course, minimizing your carbon footprint, e-motorcycles are harbingers of an eco-friendly future. Check our round-up of the top electric motorcycles of 2023 to find the best one for you.

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