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Toy Haulers: A Nomad Rider’s Sanctuary

Whether you’re cashing in those hard-earned vacation days, booked for a multi-afternoon track event or gathering fellow riders for the rally, fifth wheel toy haulers can provide the best in mobile accommodation. Making distant motorcycle routes more accessible, even a small toy hauler offers utilitarian shelter and optional creature comforts for post-ride down time. Sold in a variety of sizes and floor plans, riders need only explore which layout/amenities fit their purpose.

“Making distant motorcycle routes more accessible, even a small toy hauler offers utilitarian shelter and optional creature comforts for post-ride down time.”

In this post, we look to the array of basic through luxury fifth wheel toy haulers in all of their form versus function glory. Ordered from smallest (four-walled base camps) to largest (fully furnished, with multiple pop-outs), whichever fifth wheel housing you require will likely fall somewhere in between. For the sake of this being a motorcycling website, our suggestive results insist that each have an integrated garage/workspace for wrenching.

Newer engineering feats coupled with compact technological advancements have brought more attractive features to the entire toy hauler collective. To our benefit, this also means less weight. With such modern developments in mind, the used market is a completely different animal. If the prospective purchase is many years old, it’s safety standards may be suspect. Still, there are no problems, only solutions and that cost-effective used purchase might be a candidate for upgrades.

Micro Toy Haulers

Pricing: 5000. 15,000 Pros: ultra lightweight, opportunity for creative thinking Cons: limited capacity/comfort, bike(s) parked outside

The beauty of the micro toy hauler comes from it’s simplicity. What you see is pretty much what you get. They do what they’re designed to do, with some room for modification though whatever motorcycle you’re hauling will have to be unloaded for the duration of your stay.

Perfect for the weekend excursion, whatever amenities these don’t provide can be made up for either on location or through select motorcycle camping products. That isn’t to say that these are empty shells, though. The above pictured A-Frame Pop Up (T12RBTH) boasts an exposed front-side bay that’s wide enough for two small bikes or one diagonally positioned super bike.

Should you feel up to it, a possible DIY crossover involves an enclosed trailer from Diamond Cargo. With what ingenuity you can muster, there’s likely a way to devise two Murphy bed fold downs (one for bedding and the other a sort of kitchenette). Let’s leave the bathrooms to the destination. 😉

Small Toy Haulers

Pricing: 10,000. 20,000 Pros: complete amenities, lightweight, easy transport Cons: limited capacity/comfort, bike(s) parked outside

Next, we’ll lengthen our stay a little bit. For the solo rider’s extended trip or duo’s weekender, the small toy hauler equates to basically anything between fifteen and twenty-five feet. While there might be some workspace/rear-bedding overlap when traveling in twos, again the bikes can be stashed securely outside. Traveling alone or as a couple? No harm bringing them in for the night.

Essentially a rolling studio, this scale of travel trailer often incorporates a combination toilet/sink/shower closet that’s good enough for rock ‘n’ roll. Reinforced ramp access to the garage opens the door for awning and patio possibilities opposite the workspace. Our kitchen options are also kicked up a notch, bringing a small sink, oven, fridge and freezer into the mix.

Because they’re comparatively lighter, small toy haulers employ just enough functionality to stay within hitch-and-go quick-use. We can brush our teeth, take a shower, get some rest, make morning breakfast and hit the twisties knowing that a roof waits for our return. Leading manufacturers continue to perfect the short duration escape without abandoning convenience.

Medium Toy Haulers

Pricing: 15,000. 35,000 Pros: complete amenities, entry-level luxury, independent workspace Cons: more skill to maneuver, more towing capacity required

For winter-dodging southern-escape artists, a more permanent mode of transport takes priority. Single-season nomads, riders who ditch ice biking for a more bird-like migration, embody this demographic. With them in mind, we look to the medium toy hauler for it’s versatility.

Massive 5th Wheel Toy Hauler Track Car Hauler

At twenty-five to thirty-five feet long, the available floor plans grow in number exponentially. Front versus rear garage/workspace position can be decided on a per-model basis, allowing pre-purchase considerations for in-travel balance and stability. weight to the front of any fifth wheel toy hauler means less erratic behavior while in transit.

So, while your current go-to route might include the deep sweepers between Dinosaur and Burley, the first sign of cooler temps might point you south of Austin. Wherever you setup shop, these allow for a dinette, full kitchen, pop-out expansion, indoor/outdoor lounge space, queen bed and independent shower plus an office or extended bedding if you keep your motorcycle(s) outside.

So What Is a Pop Up Toy Hauler Anyway?

A pop up toy hauler is a pop up camper (or tent trailer as some call ‘em) with extra cargo space for hauling bulky outdoor equipment — kayaks, bicycles, ATVs, dirt bikes, and giant coolers filled with bacon.

The most common type you see are regular pop-up campers with an extra cargo deck in between the hitch and the camper box. However, as you’ll see on the list, there are some pretty cool hybrid options that might be just what you’re looking for.

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The Best Pop Up Campers with a Toy Hauler

Ok, let’s get started with my list of pop-up toy haulers. To be honest, I would love to add even more options, but frankly there just aren’t that many being made anymore. So here are 6 that (as of 2021) are either still in production or can be found at dealers.

Forest River Rockwood Sports Enthusiast 23SCSE

Cargo Space: 54”x84” Front deck storage that’s rated for 650lbs.

Forest River offers several floor plans in their Rockwood Sports Enthusiast line. And fortunately, there’s still one that’s in production with a cargo rack! YES! It’s the 23SCSE model.

It’s got a generous front metal deck storage area that’s perfect for hauling your family’s adventure gear. Plus, it’s also available with ProRac crossbars with a 150lb rating for across the roof of the camper — perfect for adding an extra bike or two or some kayaks!

Once you set it up, you’ve got plenty of comforts inside. It’s got a slide-out dinette, 3-burner range, cassette toilet and shower combo, 20-gallon freshwater tank, and a hot water heater.

Guide yourself through the 3D tour here.

Now let’s continue with another “normal” style pop-up toy hauler.

Coachmen VIKING V-Trec V3

Cargo Space: 60” wide front deck. Has walls that come off and turn into ramps for easy loading of dirt bikes, bicycles, the Solo Stove Bonfire, or whatever else you want to haul.

The Coachmen V-Trec V3 shares some similar features to the first option on our list. It’s got a similar heavy-duty metal cargo deck upfront for firewood, a dirt bike, and husbands that aren’t behaving

The V-Trec line has two small options as well — the V1 and V2 — but instead of the large, flat cargo deck, they’re available with a sliding storage box upfront.

The V3 is a nice choice for big families. It’s got a queen-size bunk at one end and a king at the other. The slide-out dinette also converts into a bed. And so does the gaucho seating area. You could pack 6-7 people in there!

Watch the comprehensive V3 video tour.

Ok, so now that we got two “normal” pop-up toy haulers out of the way, let’s move on to some… not-so-normal tent trailers.

Jumping Jack Tent Trailers

Cargo Space: Depends on the trailer size you buy. For example, the 6’x8’ regular trailer has a cargo deck that’ll hold 2 ATVs or most 2-seater SxS UTVs. Larger trailers can hold even more.

Jumping Jack Tent Trailers are a unique kind of pop-up. They’re basically utility trailers modified to work with a pop-up tent insert. Pretty cool, right!

dirt, bike, hauler, large, haulers

With the tent insert folded up, you’ve got a cargo bed for hauling anything from a couple of kegs of maple syrup to a 4-person UTV (depending on the trailer size). Then when you want to set up camp, just unload whatever you’re hauling on top and unfold the tent.

Jumping Jack toy haulers are available in a bunch of different sizes too — from a tiny 4’x6’ to a huge 6’x17’. So whatever you plan on hauling, you can get one that’ll work for you.

And another really cool thing that makes these toy haulers super versatile is that you can actually remove the tent insert. That means you can use it like a normal utility trailer to haul mulch, scrap, or whatever you buy next weekend at the flea market.

How Much Does a Popup Camper Toy Hauler Cost?

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Check Your Tow Vehicle

When shopping for toy haulers, you’ll need to think about your towing vehicle—pickup truck, SUV, or van. In addition, you’ll need to consider its towing capacity. You don’t want to jeopardize your safety on the road by getting a camper that outweighs the hauling capacity of your truck or van. Also, it’s illegal and can result in a massive fine.

Build a system for securing dirt bikes in a toy hauler

Refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual to determine how much weight it can handle and avoid exceeding those limits. When crunching these numbers, remember to include the weight of your toy hauler, your passengers, and that of your powersports toys—ATV, dirt bike, or PWC.

Consider the Features

Next, you’ll want to think about the features you want in your toy hauler.

If you think you might want to accommodate more passengers on your trips, you can look at models with slide-outs and flexible furniture. If you don’t take a break from adventure no matter the weather, a model with four-season weatherization features will be perfect for vacationers who enjoy snowmobiling. Let our staff know about your requirements, and we will suggest models that match your unique needs.

Make a Budget

Finally, you’ll want to set a realistic budget to narrow down your options to models you can afford. This will help you avoid overspending for features you’ll likely never use or underspending and dealing with reduced performance and features.

We hope this guide helps you select the right toy hauler for your vacations. If you have more questions or need help selecting the model that suits your requirements and preferences, connect with our knowledgeable staff at Cedar City RV. Our dealership is in Lebanon, TN, and we proudly serve those from Smithville and Murfreesboro.

Jayco Jay Flight Octane 222

The Jayco Jay Flight Octane 222 is the longest of our favorite small toy haulers. It has the most space for camping comfortably and for properly spacing your adventure toys. The total length is just over 26½ feet, 13 feet of which is for cargo space. The UVW is 5,785 pounds and GVWR is 8,250 pounds.

There is a fully functioning interior kitchen, full bath, 2 queen beds (one with a convertible sofa), a table that can be set up indoors or outdoors, and a 7-foot ramp that turns into a deck. It holds the capacity to carry 53.2 gallons of fresh water, and 39 gallons each of gray water and black water.

It has an electric tongue jack and awning, outdoor shower, party deck, screen doors, plenty of D-rings to secure cargo, and prepped for solar.

Forest River Wildwood FSX 181RT

The Forest River Wildwood FSX 181RT is measured at 21 feet and 8 inches. Its UVW is 3,204 pounds and GWVR is 1,636 pounds. This small toy hauler trailer is made with a SuperFlex one-piece roof, powder-coated 8-10 inches, an I-Beam frame, and a garage chassis with steel floor supports every 2 feet.

It has Tuff Coat scratch-proof paint and a steel rock guard in front to provide extra protection, along with R-7 insulation throughout the rig.

The interior is complete with a full bathroom with a 12-volt refrigerator, a walk-in pantry, a full kitchen, a queen bed, a sofa/sleeper, a large table, and multiple storage units. It contains 43 gallons of fresh water, 30 gallons of black water, and 30 gallons of grey water. Additionally, there is solar power prep and the option to upgrade to 190-watt roof-mounted solar package.

This is a larger small toy hauler trailer that is known to be extremely durable. It floats over paved roads and tackles unpaved roads accordingly.

Sunset Trailers Sunray 139T

The Sunray 139T is just under 15½ feet in length and has a UVW of 1,980 pounds and a GVWR of 1,725 pounds. It is built with aluminum siding, walkable roof desking, solar prep, radial tires, A/C, furnace, and rack capacity of 500 pounds to store additional gear or recreational equipment.

It is equipped with an interior toilet, an outside shower, an exterior kitchen set up with a two-burner stove top, refrigerator, microwave, and a 6-gallon DSI gas water heater. There is a queen-sized drop-down bed. Although this toy haul trailer is small, it is great to take off-grid and to camp comfortably while focusing on your recreational activity goals.

KZ RV Sportsmen Classic 180TH

The Sportsmen Classic 180TH is a great family oriented small toy hauler trailer. Its length is 21 feet and 8 inches with a UVW weight of 3,260 pounds and can holds up to 5,000 pounds of GVWR. Cargo length is 9 feet, so there is plenty of room to store your preferred adventure toy.

It has bunk beds, a full bathroom with a shower, a kitchen with a two-burner stove, a microwave, and refrigerator, and a flip out sofa with a storage shelf above. There is exterior pass thru storage on both sides of the trailer. The ramp door makes for a great patio out the back and there is a 13-foot awning on the passenger side by the door.

What is GVWR?

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), also known as cargo carrying capacity, is the maximum weight allowed when the small toy hauler trailer is fully loaded. Loaded weight measurement includes all fluids, cargo, equipment, accessories, and passengers. Be mindful not to over exceed the GVWR, as it will threaten the safety of the product’s performance.

Most often, the load capacity of the small toy hauler trailers is designated by weight, not by the volume of the unit. Therefore, note that all the available space in the unit may not be usable when loading the unit.

What is UVW?

Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW) is the estimated average weight of the small toy hauler trailer after being manufactured by the factory and before being filled with personal cargo. The weight includes the small toy hauler trailer’s axle(s), tongues, pins, and LP gas. Other features, like cargo, water, equipment, and accessors, are not included in this weight calculation.

What is the shortest Class-C toy hauler trailer?

Thor makes three of the shortest Class-C toy haulers trailers: Four Winds 22B/22E, Chateau 22E, and Freedom Elite 22FE. They are all around 24 feet long and 8¼ feet wide. They each offer a variety of floor plans and are stocked with living amenities, including bedding, seating, and storage. They will certainly accommodate you and your family to enjoy your camping and recreational activities.

Will a RZR fit a toy hauler trailer?

Yes, there are a number of toy hauler trailers that can fit RZRs. However, the toy hauler needs to be at a least 14 feet wide. It is important to ensure the right fit so that RZRs are securely maintained in the toy hauler trailer.

Does Winnebago make a toy hauler trailer?

Yes, Winnebago makes five Class C toy haulers with lengths between 23 feet to 25½ feet. Winnebago is well known for its comfortable and efficient floorplans and features that can accommodate your family.

Closing Thoughts

Each of these small toy hauler trailers are great for mixing RVs with the garage space needed. The size of these small toy hauler trailers is a great middle ground compared to others.

These small toy hauler trailers have a variety of benefits like towing recreational toys, traversing smoothly and safely over rugged and difficult terrain (like washed-out or sandy roads), costing less in gas and electricity, and are able to be parked in tight locations.

Really the only disadvantage is that the smaller toy hauler trailers are not able to load heavy or big toys, as they do not have as many weight amenities as the larger haul trailers.

Our favorite is the inTech Flyer Discover. It is the most balanced option with a perfect set up to both tow your favorite toy while also being multi-functional and providing space for comfortable camping in all weather conditions. It is also one of the easiest to tow to your most adventurous experiences in remote areas.

We advise you to personally choose the one that best suits you, as it will result in the most enjoyable trips.

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