Crown cruiser e bike. Greenbike Electric Motion EZ Rider 67V/10.4Ah 500W Cruiser…

Crown cruiser e bike

Are you a casual cyclist who’s looking for a bike that can provide you with superior comfort and maximum performance? Then read on!

Selecting the perfect electric bike for your needs is easy. However, it may seem overwhelming when you’re faced with tons of options, and you’re unsure which one will fit your needs perfectly. The critical answer here resides in understanding your preferences and matching it with the right bike model that offers the same. Electric Bikes, for instance, offers tons of options from electric commuter bikes to electric mountain bikes.

What is a Cruiser Electric Bike?

One of these options is the Cruiser Electric Bike. From the name itself, Cruiser Electric Bikes are built for cruising. This kind of electric bike is well-known for offering ultimate comfort and style with its plush saddle seat that allows you to sit in an upright position. The bike also has wide handlebars, and in most models, the pedals are positioned further forward, which allows you to rest your feet comfortably. With this kind of built, you will surely enjoy cruising with this cruiser.

By now, you should already know the benefits of an electric bike. But, here’s a quick refresher, an Electric Bike works precisely just like a regular bike but equipped with a motor and battery that gives you an extra boost that makes your trips more enjoyable and faster without being overly exhausted. Its essential features include pedal and throttle assists for that extra power boost. It also has other features like an LCD screen that shows your trip information, an enhanced brake system, and a high-grade framing.

There are many benefits in choosing a Cruiser Electric Bike, including the following:

  • Seats are wide and spacious for superior comfort while riding
  • Super easy to control and excellent maneuverability·
  • Requires little to no maintenance for its simplistic built and features·
  • Optimized for best riding experience without all the excessive components
  • Allows for stress-free rides
  • Perfect for beginners who are looking for a relaxed and comfortable ride without being thoroughly exhausted

How different is it with other electric bikes?

If you’re still confused about the exact purpose of cruiser electric bikes, here’s an overview of its built and features:

Stylishly designed for Superior Comfort.

Its stylish framing is what explicitly sets it apart from the other kinds of bikes. For instance, a Cruiser Electric Bike has a more defined structure and broader coverage, unlike the foldable bike, which is, on the contrary, compact. Cruiser Electric Bikes have a sizeable padded seat with curved and wide handlebars, which will surely provide superior comfort while traversing to your destination.

The Cruiser Electric Bikes has a good reputation in terms of durability. This kind of bike is known to stand the test of time with its heavy-duty framing. It’s also sought after for people who seek comfort above anything else. Cruiser Electric Bikes typically come in two frame styles, the traditional diamond-shaped and step-through frame style.

The main difference that sets Cruiser Electric Bikes apart from the others is that it’s mainly built for even terrain with smooth pavements. While there’s no stopping you from riding it across challenging terrains, it’s worthy of knowing that the Cruiser Electric Bikes are not built for such purpose. However, it is undoubtedly perfect for casual and recreational biking.

If you’re looking for an electric bike that you may use correctly, you may check out the complete list of Electric Road Bikes here.

Minimal maintenance required

The Cruiser Electric Bikes has a simple and straightforward built that requires little to no maintenance. Since this bike is built explicitly for recreational purposes, of course, you’re not expected to handle and maintain it the way avid cyclists maintain their bikes.

The good news for you is that Electric Bike Paradise offers Cruiser Electric Bikes with all these features, so you won’t be restricted in choosing from only a few variations. Let’s now see our best-sellers!

Nakto Santa Monica 48V/10Ah 500W Cruiser Electric Bike SAN260024

Are you looking for a stylish ride to your work or school? Check out this Nakto Santa Monica Cruiser Electric Bike; it has a classic cruiser frame with a powerful 500W rear hub motor and premium lithium-ion battery, perfect for casual city rides. This bike is equipped with 26-inch spoked rims perfect for driving through the usual bumps along the way.

Riding the Nakto Santa Monica Cruiser Electric Bike is also comfortable with its thumb throttle and pedal assist function, giving you an extra boost and speeds. It comes with a 6-speed Shimano derailleur system that works perfectly with its motor and different functions making the Nakto Santa Monica a great beach cruiser e-bike. Its frame is built with aluminum alloy capable of carrying a maximum load of 240 lbs. It also features Shimano front and rear disc brakes and a bright LED headlight for added safety. With a range of 18 miles with the throttle and an amazing 30 miles using pedal assist mode, the Nakto Santa Monica Cruiser Electric Bike indeed offers the perfect combination of style and functionality.

For a full review on Nakto Santa Monica Cruiser Electric Bikes,

Micargi Cyclone Fat Tire Beach Cruiser Electric Bike Features:

A STYLISH OFF-ROAD BIKE. Ever dreamed of riding on the beach or through the neighborhood in style? The design is obviously its biggest selling point. It has an expressive, lowrider frame that will attract heads everywhere you go. You will look cool whether you pedal it or use the throttle.

EASY AND COMFORTABLE TO RIDE. Its low frame makes mounting and dismounting very easy. Once you’re seated, you will be riding the bike in a relaxed upright position thanks to its ape-hanger bars. Riding it will not hurt your arms. It is even more comfortable to ride when you use the throttle!

POWERFUL MOTOR. It is equipped with a 500-watt direct drive motor, so you can ride over anything. You will find it easy to accelerate to speed and also go over bumps and potholes. It also makes the bike good for off-road riding.

PREMIUM AND SAFE ELECTRONICS. This bike is equipped with lightweight lithium-ion batteries made by Panasonic. The batteries give out 11.6 amperes per hour packs a lot of charges. They are top-quality batteries that are very safe and will last for years. It also has a Smart charger for additional safety. You can monitor everything on the road by simply looking at the equipped LCD screen display.

BEAUTIFUL AND DURABLE. It’s a beautiful bike and you also look fantastic riding it. Many of its components are durable, and its frame has plenty of tough stainless steel parts. Aside from the ‘looks’ factor, it is a bike that you will enjoy for years.

It is one of the most fashionable bikes in the market!

Tired of boring electric bikes?

Want the coolest electric bike for cruising the neighborhood?

One look and you know you will love it. This Micargi Cyclone Electric Beach Cruiser Bike is a must-have item if you want to bring your electric bike affair to another level. It is a cruiser bike with a lowrider stance, heavily influenced by the retro beach cruiser bikes of the 70’s. It looks great to ride and its stylish looks are guaranteed to turn heads everywhere you go.

Micargi Cyclone Electric Beach Cruiser Bike combines a stylish bike design and excellent ride performance. You will love riding it everywhere!

Powerful motor to help you ride over obstacles easily

Micargi Cyclone Electric Beach Cruiser Bike is equipped with a 500-watt brushless DC motor on its rear wheel hub. On roads, it can travel up to 30 miles per hour with pedal assist. The location of the motor has the advantage of providing direct drive to the wheel, transferring plenty of torque to push the wheels.

With its hefty motor, Micargi Cyclone Electric Beach Cruiser Bike is ideal for cruising the neighborhood and exploring off-road trails. You will have no problems riding uphill. You can also go over speed bumps and potholes without slowing down significantly.

Enjoy its tech features designed for safety and usability

You want electric bikes because they are packed with technology, and Micargi Cyclone Electric Beach Cruiser Bike is no exception. Its new-generation lithium-ion battery packs, which crank out 11.6 amperes per hour, are made by Panasonic. These hold a lot of charge and will do so for several years, and they are very safe compared to other types of batteries.

You will also receive a Smart charger included in your purchase, which monitors the health of your battery as you charge it. Smart chargers prevent batteries from overheating when charging, making them a lot safer compared to other chargers. Micargi Cyclone Electric Beach Cruiser Bike is also equipped with an LCD screen, where you will see the pedal assist level and battery charge.


Colors: Matte black, Matte Grey

Frame: Micargi oversized hi-ten steel

Fork: Triple Tree fork alloy crown Hi-ten steel chrome legs

Handlebar: Retro cruiser bar alloy chrome

Stem: Alloy silver piston

Seatpost: Steel Chrome

Brake: Disc brake (Radius)

Seat: Cruiser seat with springer

Chain: Heavy duty brown

Crankset: Three piece steel chainrings 44T

Rims: Alloy color 26X36H

Freewheel: Sprocket 22T

Display: Bafang LCD

Motor: Bafang 500W

Battery: Panasonic 48V 11.6AH

Pedal Assist with 5 levels of speed

Shipping package Information:

Weight: 83 LBS (Including battery and charger)

Battery and Charger together: 10 LBS

Put Joy in Your Ride with our Micargi Cyclone Fat Tire Beach Cruiser Electric Bike!

The Fat Tire e-bike is the bicycle world’s answer to the dune buggy. These are literally go-anywhere all terrain e-bikes. They will handle anything from city streets, to sandy beaches, to deserts and snow trails, and the great outdoors generally.

The principal distinguishing feature of the fat tire e-bike from other e-bikes is the tire itself, which is generally around 4 inches wide. This is what prevents it sinking into sand or snow and gives it great traction. It is also great for feeling confident in higher speed turns on regular road surfaces. Fat tire e-bikes also generally have sturdier frames.

In addition, a frequently overlooked benefit of the fat tire, certainly in a commuter or cruiser bike, is that it can obviate the need for front and rear suspension. This is because the tires themselves provide a great cushioned ride.

Emobility Startup CrownCruiser Launches Crowdfunding Effort for High-Tech Electric Bike

Emobility options continue to expand for users as more electric vehicles, including cars, scooters, motorcycles, bikes, and skateboards, hit the market. Personal emobility startup CrownCruiser recently started an Indiegogo campaign to help its company mass produce its high-tech electric bike and launch its integrated mobile app.

Prepping for Production

The emobility business has set a flexible 50,000 goal for the electric bike campaign. CrownCruiser is seeking the help of crowdfunding investors to offset tooling costs as the startup company prepares its electric bike for mass production. So far, crowdfunding investors have managed to push the emobility startup past 30% of its total goal. The campaign still has several weeks to generate additional funds for the electric bike business.

Here at CrownCruiser Motors, we’ve blended distinct styling and the latest technology to create the ultimate expression of the cruiser bike,” said Adebola Adeleye, founder of the startup company. “We’ve worked hard to create a bike that our design conscious community can ride where they want, safely and in style. with minimum impact on the planet’s resources and their wallet.

CrownCruiser expects its final product to retail for 6,300, though the business has a number of optional upgrades and features that may bump that number higher. Early investors in the startup company have an opportunity to reserve their electric bike at a significant discount during the campaign. CrownCruiser expects to begin shipping its product to backers starting in January 2022.

Charging Into Emobility

Adeleye founded the electric bike business in 2018 after using his experience as an aeronautical engineer to make one-off custom bikes for buyers. Since then, he joined forces with a team of engineers and designers to scale up his emobility company.

The CrownCruiser bike sports a 100-mile range and is able to reach speeds up to 31 miles per hour. The startup business designed the bike with a lightweight carbon fiber frame, as well as an adjustable seat and handlebars to fit a number of riding positions. Riders even have access to a built-in phone charging port.

Additionally, the emobility company created a mobile companion app to complement the high-tech device. Using the app, users can securely lock and unlock their bike to prevent theft. The app also allows users to locate their bike, use GPS services, and access data like their speed and past trips. Battery life, riding statistics, and other information are also tracked in the app.

Finding a Place in the Industry

Market research projects the global electric mobility market to reach 489.3 billion by 2025. CrownCruiser faces plenty of competition in the electric micromobilty industry. Startup business Lime announced its own electric bikes earlier this year. Even luxury automobile manufacturers like Porsche are joining the micromobility revolution. In March, the German automaker announced two ebike models alongside the reveal of its electric sports car lineup. Besides newcomers to the bicycle industry, veteran brands like Trek offer even more options for consumers to choose from.

Price points in the electric bike market vary rather dramatically, as the offerings from Porsche sport price tags run between 8,500 and 11,000. CrownCruiser and Trek sit around 6,000 to 7,000, depending on the model.

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