Convercyle instantly folds cargo bike in half, into a rideable compact commuter. Folding cargo bike


Tern bicycles is one of my favorite brands for their urban bikes and folding bicycles. Tern GSD is their cargo bike utility bike and on top of them, it is an electric bike with amazing features. Here we will cover maybe the most functional electric bike in market. And show features with sets it apart from other cargo electric bikes and utility bicycle.

Electric Bikes For Families

You can carry week long of groceries, pick up kid(s) from school while you going back from work to home on Tern At the same time. Rear Rack is very long where you can keep a big basket for your cargo, pannier bags and baby seat at the same time. And you can still carry lots of things in the front basket. You can also install two child seats on this e-bike such as Yepp Maxi, so it is fair to say it is an electric bike for two kids.

Tern Cargo Bike Frame

I can call it an electric folding cargo bike. Actually it isn’t either a cargo bike or a folding bike but has features of both. Length of bike is 71″ (173 cm) which is shorter than a regular cargobike but bike’s wheelbase is similar to a cargo bike with 124 cm length. It gives Tern a good loading capacity but saves length thanks to it’s small tires. In this way it becomes more practical to store it inside your apartment unless you live in a super tiny place.

It is an alloy Electric bicycle frame which is produced in China by a Taiwanese frame company who also manufactures frames of BH cycles. I can see high end workmanship on the frame which I appreciate.

It has a spring attached to the fork which at first you will feel little bit awkward but later on you will appreciate it. As this spring prevents the fork and handle bar to freely spin when bike stands on kick stand. This is one drawback of double kick stands. In this way it prevents the cables to get damage. The center of gravity is low thanks to small wheels and it makes it easier to get on and off the GSD compared to a regular cargo e bike.

The frame has space to mount two batteries at the same time which is a big plus as you may need to ride your e-bike for longer distance and while you carry lot of stuff you may need extra charge. In this way you won’t need to worry as 2 batteries will give you enough range.

It has several color options so you can find a color that appeals you most.


Tern electric bike uses a Bosch Performance Line Cruise mid motor which has a 250 watt nominal output power. This is a fairly powerful motor which is enough for a Class 1 e-bike. It can create 63 Nm torque that can climb almost any hill even with a load. For steep hills sure you will need to contribute with your pedalling but in most of the hills this motor gives adequate power. Bosch systems have 3 sensors which measures cadence, speed and torque at the same time. In this way they give a very smooth riding experience.

It can go as fast as 20 mph and motor supports up to 120 rpm. It is a better more compared to Active line of Bosch motors which isused on Tern Vektron.

To get more information about this motor you can contact Bosch ebikes usa.

Tern GSD also has a better version which is S00 which uses Bosch Performance CX motor that has a better torque with 75 Nm output.

Tern GSD Battery

It has unique battery layout where you can use two battery packs on the frame like some Riese Muller ebikes. But Tern Integrated two batteries better in my opinion.

S00 has a default 500Wh battery pack and with additional 800 you can increase capacity to 1000wh battery pack.

S10 comes with 400wh battery pack and similar to S00 you can add another 500wh Bosch battery for 800. In this way you can extend range of your electric bike by 125%.

You can charge two batteries simultaneously and your electric bike consumes charge of two batteries at the same time. This is an important feature in this way they extend life cycle of your battery. Tern GSD can also work using a single battery too. Tern GSD range is 30 miles with single battery pack. If you use both batteries then your range will be around 60 miles. This is more than enough for 99% of electric bike riders.

convercyle, instantly, folds, cargo

TERN GSD Brakes and Gear

Both models use Magura MT5 hydraulic disc brakes. I am big fan of hydraulic brakes and magura works very smoothly. On an electric cargo bike having hydraulic brakes are must for safety reasons. When you carry lot of load and your kids on your e-bike, you want to be sure that your bike can stop smoothly and safely. You can adjust the pressue using the adjustable lever. So you can press brake with lot of power or little power (you actually adjust the sensitivity of these e-bike brakes) to stop your bike.

On s10 Tern uses a 10 speed shimano deore drivetrain on the other hand on S00 they use an infinite variable internal hub by Enviolo (previously Nuvinci).

On a small electric bike with small wheels having an internal hub gear has many advantages. First of all your derailleur won’t be extracted and not subject to hits or damages. On such low e-bike this can be a real issue and I am sure none of you want your derailler to get damaged. Second this is a utility bicycle and will be used on daily basis, you want your system to be enclosed so it needs almost no maintenance at all.

Other Parts

It has folding handlebars in this way you can put it at the back of your minivan or suv. Need to take the front wheel of and it isn’t as easy as loading a compact electric bike but still folding stem lets it possible to store inside your van.

It has Valo Direct Lighting System ebike lights. It has both front and rear fenders, double kick stand. A suspension seatpost will be nice to make the stiff ride more smooth. Tern ebike as mentioned is small wheel bicycle and it gives many advantages but one big disadvantage is riding comfort. Small wheels let you feel any bumps on the road so I strongly suggest you to invest for a suspension seat post to make your ride more comfortable.

You can buy Yepp Maxi baby seat from Yepp USA and can turn your GSD into an e-bike for family. With transperteur rack or shortbed tray your gsd turns into a grocery bicycle. With various Tern bike accessories you can transform your Tern into an e-bike for your purpose. I have to admit it is one of the most awesome bikes for this reason, endless possibilities on same frame.

Price of Tern GSD

GSD S00 is priced at 4999 and GSD S10 is priced at 3999. They aren’t cheap electric bikes but considering being such functional urban e bike, I guess price tag seems reasonable or acceptable. You can check for more information from their website.

Convercyle instantly folds cargo bike in half, into a rideable compact commuter

Convercyle is a new folding cargo bike project combining the hauling capacity of an extended long-tail cargo bike with the maneuverability of a conventional short wheelbase city commuter. The idea is relatively simple – fold the rear wheel back to extend the bike’s wheelbase carrying capacity. But it is the clever pivoting solution nesting rear end that makes it so easy to extend, maintains comfortable handling in either position, and opens up the possibility of pedal-assist. Now it just needs a Kickstart into production…

Convercyle, folding a cargo bike into a city commuter bike

The Convercycle bike is definitely unique, whether looking at it as a cargo bike or an urban commuter bike. The 2-in-1 folding design essentially give you the best of both worlds, load carrying capability, plus compact storage regular bike handling when you don’t have a ton to carry around. And it looks to switch from one mode to the other in only a few seconds.

Convercyle: How does it fold?

How it works is that there is a pivoting axle in front of the rear wheel on the chainstay – in the extended cargo bike mode. What you have is essentially a one-piece rear triangle (much like you would find on a single pivot mountain bike) that pivots, rotating down forward into the load basket integrated into the bike frame.

By releasing a latch that lock the rear triangle into place, simply lift the cargo bike above the pivoting axle, and the rear wheel swings forward, nesting into the cutout in the bottom of the load basket. There, the rear wheel again locks into place in the shorter position. The bikes we see here are a couple of different proof-of-concept prototypes, so how the Convercycle locks into both positions isn’t entirely clear. We suspect that is something the project team intends to dial in with funding from their crowdsourcing campaign.

Drivetrain is another example. The early working prototype here used a left side drive setup that allowed for power to transfer from right to left through the middle of the pivoting axle.

Later models show that they have refined this and will use a conventional right side drive that makes it easier to work with internally geared rear hubs, as well as a hub-based e-bike pedal-assist motor too.

Convercycle Tech Details

Final construction details on the Convercycle remain rather thin, but so far it is a brazed steel frame with its integrated cargo rack/basket designed to haul up to a 60kg/132lb payload. Current complete bike weight is said to be 18kg, and they are working to develop a lighter solution in an aluminum frame for the production bike.

The folding cargo bike will be available with two drive options, a Nexus 5-speed hub or a 250W pedal-assist e-bike version. The bike will feature disc brakes, 700c wheels, and enough seatpost extension an upright seating position to fit a wide range of adult riders.

The frame of the cargo basket is just 43cm/17″ wide making it more narrow than your bars so it is still easy to navigate in tight spaces, and to fit locked up in a standard bike rack. But that’s still wide enough to fit a few bags of groceries or a Euro crate of beer. There is even a closable floor being developed for the cargo box.

Developed in Germany, the final Convercycle will meet local road standards which means it will include integrated front rear lighting, as well as full fenders (with the rear fender obviously detachable so it can be ridden in both modes.)

Convercycle Kickstarter campaign

The Convercycle is still a ways off from final production, but that is of course why its development team has gone to Kickstarter for funding. Just over a week in and they have secured more than half of their target funding, and are offering a number of buy-ins through the end of 2018.

Today only, backing of 1000€ will get you the standard 5-speed Convercycle plus a Christmas special 3D printed model of the folding bike in time to gift it to someone special. Add another 200€ to get the Xmas special in its e-cargo guise. After these close out, in theory the standard Kickstarter rewards will offer the same pricing, just without the model. Convercycle’s development schedule estimates that the finished folding cargo bikes will ship out to backers in August of 2019, with this being their first bike project.

Back the project to get the best of both worlds, a folding cargo bike you can fit into the elevator.


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It is great seeing new things. I loved that video too. Best of luck to you Convercyle.

Dahon launches folding cargo ebike

On Friday, Dahon showcased its electric and non-electric folding bikes, as well as their updated sharing 360 programme.

Electric folding bike

The Cargoe T5 is an electric folding cargo bike. It has a maximum cargo capacity of 250 kg, and a 35 per cent size reduction once folded. You can also add child seats and canopy. It comes with 250w mid-motor, and a 48V/20Ah battery, with four levels of electric assist.

D-alpha aluminum

The R-alpha is a tough, aluminum, diamond frame with seven speeds, and an additional rear roller rack for convenient vertical storage.

Sharing 360 program

Sharing 360 is Dahon’s technology-sharing program, which aims to to improve green mobility by licensing patented technology for use by brands and manufacturers worldwide. In April Dahon announced the Sharing 360 range expansion, to include: – the new Jaw Hinge II, a large tooth concealed folding hinge – the upgraded Eiffel Handlepost and, squared tube folding stem, – quick release training wheels – toolless and stowable training wheels – the Safety Disc Break, an inset disc break that achieves up to a 15mm narrower profile – D4A and D2D stem, quick release adjustable risers – Newton Double Break, a single piston break with the power and performance of dual pistons.

For more information, check out

Fabriga Grazilla folding cargo-bike

The True, genuine longtail folding cargo electric bike. It brings back to life the genuine Italian design from the sixties in a hi-tech release! It has the top torque e-bike motor, with a super-long running battery. Folds in a minute to fit into cars, trains, campers, elevators, lifts.


Fabriga Grazilla folding cargo-bike

Truly compact

The most effective feature of our Fabriga Grazilla folding cargo-bike is certainly it’s incredible compactness when folded.

Fully foldable in 30 seconds, this cargo bike can fit in any corner, standing on its tail.

We consider this a big appeal for an urban vehicle like this since it can really find a place in any garage, open space and even on lifts and elevators. With ease, really.

But it can also be loaded on a segment B cars and, of course on any train; this way the dream of effective intermodal mobility becomes true.

The measures of the Grazilla Motobus folded are:

Long long tail.

Ok, but it is a cargo bike, so is it long?

Yes, probably the longest longtail around.

Its loading area is 112 cms long, two kids seat COMFORTABLY on it, not being squeezed on the butt of the cyclist. AT ALL.

than this: the Fabriga Grazilla folding cargo-bike can be equipped with many accessories including large delivery boxes and promotional items, see here what the guys from Promocycle made with our bikes.

Serious design

The Fabriga Grazilla Motobus is a cargo bike, but not just that: it is also a folding bike, a special one, probably the sturdiest around.

In fact, in order to support the hundreds of Kgs. load allowed by the frame, we designed an exclusive motor case, with a frame junction that counts on two indestructible stainless steel pillars.

Elegant solutions

When folded the Fabriga Grazilla cargo-bike is easy to handle also because we designed it for routing all the cables into its tubing.

In fact, there are up to 12 inlets laser clipped, in order to accommodate any brake, shift and powertrain cable.

This way, when you grab your bike, for instance for loading it on the car, there’s no risk (and no hassle) that any cable gets snagged somewhere.

Mindful choices

With hundreds of Kgs. loaded plus the cyclist, the Fabriga Grazilla folding cargo-bike moves a serious mass and it does it in total safety.

The low center of gravity granted by the 20″ wheels is one of the keys for enjoying a funny, comfortable and safe ride on our cargo bikes.

than this, we build our bikes with hi-end components such as the exclusive Fabriga Magnesium wheels and the Avid BB7, miraculously efficient and durable disk brake calipers.

FAB 002 Specs

Folding Electric Bike KBO Flip

We rode them on flat bike trails and on the hilly streets in the neighborhood. After 75 miles, we have had no problems. They ride well. We were new to eBikes, so it does take some getting used to the PAS functions and slightly extra weight. We were long time regular comfort bike riders. These bikes have everything it takes to get us back to regular frequent riding. Especially at the campgrounds. My old knees like this bike too.

I think this is probably the best commuter bike at this price point that you can get. this is the best bang for your money. This has a fantastic top speed and range. The range on this is amazing.

I’m a bigger guy, about 265lbs and 6’ tall and have found that the motor is more than capable of getting me up some of the steeper sections without issue. When I asked, I highly recommend the KBO Breeze as a comfortable, powerful and reliable ebike and I’m super happy riding it around town.

This brightly colored commuter ebike has got some serious power without an overbearing and massive frame like other brands. it’s a full-size bike that can deliver d decent range and good hill climbing ability and doesn’t weigh a ton.this brightly colored commuter ebike has got some serious power without an overbearing and massive frame like other brands. it’s a full-size bike that can deliver d decent range and good hill climbing ability and doesn’t weigh a ton.

I absolutely love the orange frame. I get so many compliments riding this ebike around. It really pops and the company did an amazing job with the paint. If you have been following my channel, I review products that are unique and even make my cars different than everyone else’s so I was really happy when I saw orange as an option for this electric bike.

Specially Designed Built-in 15.6Ah Lithium-ion Battery

Folding electric bike KBO Flip is equipped with 15.6Ah battery which allows for 30 miles of pure electric ride on a single charge. The battery that powers the ebike is located just behind the seat and keeps the weight centralized and fairly low. It’s both lockable and removable, allowing charging either on or off the bike.

Powerful Sustained 500W Brushless Geared Hub Motor

500W sustained brushless geared motor ensures excellent performance, which makes road, beach and trail a piece of cake. The bike gets durable power from the motor that helps the ebike spin itself up to 20mph easily.

Sturdy Foldable Aluminum Frame

Features quick-release levers at key points to allow you to easily swing the frame in on itself and it takes only 3 simple steps to fold the frame. It folds at both the handlebars and the frame resulting in a tight little package that makes it easier to store it in your trunk, apartment hallways, or under your desk.

Upgraded CPSC Certified Headlight

Press and hold the UP button for 3 seconds to turn on the light.

Upgraded CPSC Certified Rear Light

Upgraded and stylish Rear light can easily penetrate the gloom or fog and provide excellent visibility when riding at night.

Shimano 7-speed Gear Derailleur

It’s designed for your riding experience and allows you to change the gears for adapting to different terrains on-demand.

convercyle, instantly, folds, cargo

Dual Front Suspension Fork

High-performance dual front suspension fork with good damping effect can easily adapt to various rough terrain and provides a comfortable ride.

convercyle, instantly, folds, cargo

Multifunctional LCD Display

Multi-functional backlight display shows information including speed, odometer, PAS and battery capacity, etc.

Enhanced Comfort Saddle

The extra-wide design makes extended and rough terrain rides more comfortable.

20 3 CHAOYANG Tire

20 x 3 fat tires with wider tire surface for superior traction and stability make it easier to ride on all terrain.

Sturdy Integrated Rear Rack

The upgraded integrated rear rack design significantly improves the load capacity and stability of the bike and makes it more solid.

Smart Half Twist Throttle

Gently twist the throttle on your right to accelerate and the throttle makes it easy to cruise along effortlessly.

  • 1.Total Length 65
  • 2. Handlebar Height 48
  • 3. Wheelbase 45
  • 4. Minimum Seat Height 22
  • 5. Maximum Seat Height 30
  • 6. Chainstay Length 18
  • 7. Stand Height 25
  • 8. Top Tube Length 22
  • 9. Wheel Diameter 21
  • 10. Head Tube Length 16
  • 11. Minimum Seat to Floor 32

The KBO Flip offers not only an incredible electric bike under 1000 but also folds, making it extremely versatile and great for those who have a limited amount of storage space for bikes.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on the KBO Flip electric bike with its flip fold system to keep it portable and moveable. Folding e-bikes are less expensive and are great for outdoor use, including public commuting.

Customer Reviews

Purchased our first two ebike for traveling and camping while entering into our retirement life style and enjoying them. We had a minor shipping issue and needed the LCD display replaced and had a new display in hand within 8 days of reporting the issue and sending some pictures. The customer service was great and easy to work with. Currently my wife and I use the bikes more as bike and occasionally use the power assist to get around. Within the next month or so we be on and beach or path riding and sure we will get more uses of the power feature. The bikes are light enough for us to fold and secure in the our pickup. So far the purchase was a good choice for us and we are looking forward to many trips together.

So far I’m enjoying this bike, weather being difficult right now but when I do ride I like it.

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