Class 2 ebike kit. Class 2 ebike kit

Class 2 ebike kit

Last Updated on July 25, 2022

I’m a huge advocate for biking as a form of commuting to work and running errands. After all, I sold my car and bought a bike after my move to Maine!

Biking is great exercise and a way to lower your carbon footprint. However, it’s not always the most accessible option – and that needs to change if we want to create more walkable, less car-reliant cities.

Functional and accessible bike lanes need to become the norm in many cities for this to happen. For example, in NYC BIPOC neighborhoods tend to have the most lack of cycling infrastructure, community engagement around streets, NYPD involvement in bike safety, and access to bike shops and services.

With that said, if you do have access to safe biking lanes, or don’t own a car like me, it may be worth looking into e-bike conversion kits. E-bikes are bicycles equipped with an electric motor to assist you when you’re pedaling. This really comes in handy when you’re carrying a heavy load up a steep hill!

The motor is powered from a rechargeable battery mounted on the bike. How much power your motor delivers will depend on how hard you’re pedaling and the type of e-bike you’ve acquired.

Interested but don’t know where to start? Here are the best e-bike conversion kits available on the market!

what is the best type of ebike conversion kit?

The best type of e-bike conversion kit will depend on your specific needs and wants. That being said, there are three types of e-bike conversion kits available you should know about.

The best electric bike conversion kit is typically a mid-drive conversion kit because it has the most power and is typically the highest quality.

E-bike conversion kit types:

  • Mid-Drive Conversion Kit: These kits comes with a motor that sits between the pedals in the middle of your bike. Mid-drives tend to be smaller and lightweight, yet offer greater torque. The weight balance is optimum. Best for off-roading or use as a mountain bike. They tend to be expensive.
  • Hub-Drive or Wheel Conversion Kit: Electric motor is typically connected to the front of rear wheel. Weight is slightly off balance due to bulkier motors. Affordable and versatile. Perfect for daily commutes. Cheaper and easier to install.
  • Friction Drive Conversion Kit: Kit comes with a roller attached to the motor. When the motor is activated, it powers the roller that moves the rear wheel using friction. Noisy and not always the most balanced. Tends to be the cheapest option and easiest to install.

It’s also worth noting e-bikes can range in power from 250 watts to over 750 watts. Typically, they add between 12 to 25 pounds to the total weight of your bike.

Personally, I recommend finding e-bike conversion kits with battery, as this will save you time and money. Otherwise, you’d have to purchase the battery separately and this can get rather costly.

To electrify your bike, altogether you need a battery, sensors, controls, and a motorized wheel or a drive unit. The best e-bike conversion kit will have all these features.

are ebike conversion kits worth it?

E bike conversion kits are worth the money if you plan to make use of them frequently. If you use it in place of a car, it will eventually pay for itself (think of all the gas you’d save). Kits are also generally cheaper than buying a whole new e-bike.

Conversion kits are generally easy to install if you have the right tools. Even new e-bikes often require some assembly.

Conversion kits are also better for the environment than buying a whole new e-bike because you get to use the bicycle you already have.

Also, e-bikes will make going up hills and running errands so much easier due to the additional assistance they offer. An electric bike will usually have between three and five levels of assistance. You can select this via its controller. These can give you anything from a gentle push to lots of power.

Some may even have a ‘boost’ button, which you can use to increase the power output for short bursts of additional power.

Generally speaking, if you’re looking for more power from your e-bike kit, look for the wattage rating. Comparatively, a 750W motor will pack more of a punch than a 400W motor.

Also, be aware that the time duration your e-bike can sustain the rated power output may only be for a brief time. Don’t expect full power the whole trip!

Please be advised there are three classes of e-bikes, and they come with specific speed limits in the US:

  • Class-I: E-bikes with only pedal assist and max speed of 20mph.
  • Class-II: E-bikes with pedal and throttle assist and max speed of 20mph.
  • Class-III: E-bikes with pedal assist (with or without throttle assist) and max speed of 28mph.

can you turn any bike into an ebike?

Yes, you can turn any regular bike into an e-bike. However, you will need to consider whether the bike can handle a motor, especially if you want a powerful one. You’ll also want to double check the kit is compatible with your bike’s size.

Most e-bike conversion kits involve replacing the wheels. Here are the basic steps to know:

  • Remove the existing wheel and replace it with a motorized wheel (assuming your conversion kit comes with one). You’ll have to loosen the rear brake and wheel quick release level using a bike tool kit.
  • Attach the tire, tube and freewheel to new wheel. Your bike tool kit should contain some tire levers you can use to do this. Some e-bike kits come with a new freewheel, and if that’s the case, use the new one.
  • Mount the motorized wheel to the bike by securely tightening the nuts and installing the torque-arm set. Follow manual instructions.
  • Run the motor cable to the battery to the handlebars and secure them with zip-ties.
  • Install the display and controls, but first remove any existing grips, gear shifters and breaks from the handlebars. Then mount the throttle, brakes and brake wires, speed shifter, cruise control and pedal-assist sensor any place you prefer. Based on your e-bike conversion kit, the types of control units will vary.
  • Install the battery – if it comes with one. If not, make sure the battery you get matches the motor specifications.

how much does an ebike kit cost?

An e-bike kit can cost between 300 to 700, depending on the type you get. Mid-Drive conversion kits tend to be the most expensive and can even go beyond 700 in some instances. Friction Drive conversion kits tend to be cheaper, but their performance isn’t always as efficient.

how long do ebike batteries last?

E-bike batteries can last between 3 to 5 years if it’s well maintained. Just be aware if it’s a lithium battery, it will slowly lose its capacity over time, even when not in use.

Here are some tips to keep battery life optimal for as long as possible:

  • Keep the battery cool
  • Store a battery partially charged, but not too low
  • If storing the battery for a long period, ensure it has a charge between 80% and 40% of a full charge
  • Don’t frequently discharge your battery
  • For winter, make sure battery is above freezing before charging

how do I choose an ebike conversion kit?

You can choose an e-bike conversion kit based on your personal preferences, budget, and needs. The e-bike conversion kits I’ve listed in this article are some of the best on the market.

If you live in the US, make sure to double check if e-bikes are legal in your state, and the laws regarding them, before purchasing a conversion kit. For example, class 3 e-bikes are allowed only in NYC, not the rest of New York.

I’ve gone ahead and highlighted some key features of each brand, but it isn’t an exhaustive list. Be sure to check out their websites for more information.

Class 2 ebike kit

Structure Design

We have a passion for finding the simplicity in design. The CORE is specifically built on that principle, from your morning coffee commute to your off road endeavors, this model has everything you need to improve your daily routine and more.

Our inverted Front Fork Suspension handles every and any kind of terrain and features premier rebound adjustement equipping you with the best set up for a smoother ride.

This powerful internally geared brushless 750W Hub Rear Motor is capable of outputting up to 1500 watts of peak power for a high performance ride.

Our Rear Suspension features an advanced adjustable dual shock absorption system. Ideal for mountain/off roading adventures with complex terrain.

Custom Piston Hydraulic Brakes are a force to perform meticulously for any ride, any condition. Go faster with confidence, your brakes are solid.

Because sharing the PEDAL experience is truly half the fun. Our two person saddle seat allows you to speed off with your go to! We provide a 33.25 seat height to maximize rider comfortability when pedaling. Ideal rider height is 5’5. 6’4

Protect the power! We’ve set you up with an anti-theft battery casing, accessible by two custom keys provided with every PEDAL. Adventure on lock.

Take it easy with our 5-level electric pedal assist, less work, more fun? Yes please. Control your pace, control your ride while saving battery at the same time.

Introducing the new fully protective lock for your front wheel / handlebars for complete peace of mind. This mechanism enables an anti-theft provision, preventing the release or turning of the tire.

Featuring our durable 720 watt-hour Lithium-Ion battery. Our lock / removable battery is fit for ease of access on any adventure or conscious commute. Easily charge with your standard 110v outlet.

The treads you can count on! Our 20 x 4 All-Terrain tires are quality assured to grip the terrain, no matter how rough it gets.

The colorful customized CORE display covers all the necessities you need for an easy riding experience. Programmed with a range of functions including: Speed control, battery level status, 5 level pedal assist control, and headlight control (headlight sold separately).

The 3 Speed Gear Shifter ergonomically rests at the front for quick access to a gear setting of your choice. Specifically positioned so you have one less thing to think about; more time to speed up and immerse yourself in your PEDAL ride.

The Half Twist Throttle, a new sylicone grip that ensures safety for when you pull/twist the throttle.

Get to where you’re going with sleek designed light up brakes let the rest of the road know where you’re headed.

Hold on for faster riding and farther adventuring. Our handlebars are adjustable to find you the best customized fit and feeling for your ride!


Battery range and speed estimates depend on conditions such as rider weight, speed, temperature, wind, tire pressure, terrain, incline, etc. mileage and speed may vary.

The CORE is your day to day. Systematically better for the environment and a sustainable means of transportation. Join our community of thousands of customers and get the most out of your ride with a smoother, more efficient, and elegant way to move. Welcome to our community.

Such an amazing design, brand, customer support etc. As an Industrial Designer/Artist I really applaud and appreciate all of the little details that go into a product. I can be sooooo difficult to preserve the personality and character of a good designed object! Steering clear of the “designed by committee” rabbit hole can be a challenge. Be sure to pass along my appreciation to all those who brought and keep Pedal alive and thriving

This bike is solid; I mean built like a brick @? house. My brothers both have Super 73s and this bike dwarfs them. You can actually use the pedal assist (if you adjust it to the appropriate speed) or pedal it if you run out of battery and it’s pretty comfortable. They are both jealous of the dual suspension. The assembly is easy (although you might need a second pair of hands when installing the accessories). Once up and running this bike became my primary mode of transportation to my local Irish pub and pickleball courts. It’s a blast to ride after work and a great way to blow off steam. Quit waiting and pull the trigger!

The Mid Drive Ebike Kit You Should Never Buy (and the 3 Best)

E-bike kits, which generally refer to the mid-drive ebike kit and the hub-drive e-bike kit, have come a long way since the days of Michael Kutter who created a throttle-less E-bike controlled by pedaling in the early 1990s.

These days, the E-bike conversation has evolved into debates about the mid-drive E-bike kit vs the hub-drive E-bike kit, and which of the string of E-bike options available today has the best features and the most power.

But, which mid-drive e-bike kit is the best? And, is there one you should never buy?

This review outlines three of the best mid drive ebike kits and offers insight into costly, low-performance ones you should avoid.

Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits: Reviews

The best performing and favorite overall e-bike conversion kit with battery to date in 2022 is the Bafang BBS02B 48V 500W Mid Drive Conversion kit. 5

The others are listed below.

Best overall: Bafang BBS02B 48V 500W

Also ranks for best offroad ebike for it’s outstanding performance and reliability.

Most Powerful: AW 26” x1.75 Rear Wheel 48V 1000W

Uncomplicated speed control, durable, stable with improved safety due to hand brakes.

Best Premium Ebike: Ebikeling Waterproof 36V 500W 700C, Geared

Can be installed in the front or the rear and this kit goes faster and further than most thanks to the 500W motor.

Best Affordable: Bafang E-bike Front Hub Motor 48V 500W Bafang Brushless Gear 20/26/27.5/700C inch

Affordable, and ready to go in one hour. Includes pedal assist.

Best Mountain Terrain: Jaxpety 48V 1000W Electric Bicycle Cycle E-bike 26” Wheel Hub Motor

Top speed 28mph. Works very well with 26” mountain bike tires. E-bike mode and pedal assistance. Front or rear wheel installation.

Best for Commuting: Swytch Universal

Lightweight and easy to install, but very powerful.

What Mid Drive Ebike Kit Should You Never Buy?

When considering a conversion kit, understand that the types that rely on “friction drive” should be avoided. Once the tires become wet, the friction won’t work.

For mid-drive solutions, the worst kit is also the one that doesn’t work with your current bike. So, pay close attention to the mounting and other requirements before buying.

Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits Ranked

Over the years, slow and bulky E-bikes have paved the way for the manufacturing of several powerful E-bike options that provide a faster alternative to navigating grid-locked traffic and help reduce the heavy carbon footprint brought about by cars and even some electric vehicles. Aside from e-bikes, purchasing carbon offset programs like a daily driver carbon offset has helped reduce the environmental impact of cars.

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Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits

While custom-made E-bikes are the most popular and sought-after, electric bicycle conversion kits allow for non-electric bikes to be converted into e-bikes. This is done by adding a battery, motor, and electric controls to a traditional bicycle.

All types of bikes, including road bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes, and hybrid bikes can be converted to E-bikes with the help of an electric bicycle conversion kit.

E-Bike Conversion Kit With Battery

E-bike conversion kits include a motor and a battery to power it, as well as a bar-mounted display to control the output level.

E-bike conversion kits must cut out when not pedaling and the automatic speed limit must be 25kph in Australia, Europe, and the UK. In the US, E-bikes must be speed-limited to 20mph.

Bafang Mid Drive Kit With Battery

Bafang also provides batteries and replacement batteries for their mid drive kits. Most of the complete kits include the battery (Image: Bafang 28 ).

Mid Drive Ebike Kit

Along with the highly sought after Bafang mid drive E-bike kit, the company also offers rear motors and front motors of the same high quality. 19

Bafang BBSHD

The Bafang BBSHD E-bike kit is the best option for hill climbing and is mounted in the bottom bracket of a bike. 29 It replaces the crankset and front derailleur. The motor offers throttle and pedal assist power.

Bafang BBSHD 1500w

The 1000W Bafang BBSHD mid-drive E-bike kit will top out at a 1500W peak and works with fat bikes.

Bafang 250w Mid Drive Kit

The Bafang (M820) 250W mid-drive kit is one of the most popular E-bike kits manufactured by the company. It is a lightweight option for E-mountain bikes and controls the exact power according to pedaling force.

Bafang Mid Drive Kit 750w

Most E-bike riders agree that the Bafang mid-drive kit 750W is superior to both the rear and front hub motor options, as it offers a balanced and low center of gravity and subsequently an improved riding experience.

Bafang 1000w

The M620 Bafang 1000W E-bike mid-drive kit is well known for its powerful performance. The motor is perfect for premium electric mountain bikes, electric tandems, and electric cargo bikes, and doesn’t slow on inclines. The dual sensors always allow the rider full control.

Bafang 1000w Mid Drive 52v

With a near-perfect rating on Amazon, the Bafang 1000W mid-drive 52V E-bike kit has been designed to fit most bikes and includes one of the most powerful motors on the market today.

Bafang 1000w Mid Drive Kit With Battery

The battery is generally included in the complete Bafang 1000W mid-drive E-bike kits, with replacements available from Bafang as well.

Bafang 1000w Top Speed

The average top speed of the Bafang 1000W is around 35 miles per hour and the motor will hold steady at 20mph on an incline.

class, ebike

Bafang 1500w Mid Drive Kit

The Bafang 1500W mid-drive kit produces a maximum torque of 160Nm and operates silently, with the max drive system keeping the ride in control. The kit includes a torque sensor and two-speed sensors.

Bafang 1500w Top Speed

The 1500W Bafang motor yields around 40mph over a level surface.

Bafang 2000w Mid Drive

The Bafang M615 system proves up to 2000W of geared power with minimal pedaling effort.

Bafang Ultra Max

The Bafang company is also the mind behind the Bafang Ultra Max, which is the most powerful E-bike drive system available. It can run at 2000W or more, with the stator containing 12 concentrated coils and the rotor holding 8 magnets.

At the time it was introduced to the market in 2019, it was more affordable but less expensive than the Bosch mid-drive system. 20

Bafang Mid Drive Kit

Bafang is the overall most popular mid-drive E-bike kit manufacturer this year. They have several mid-drive kit options under their M-series as laid out in the following table: 18

Bafang Mid Drive Kit Rated Max Torque Weight
M820 250W 75Nm 2.3kg
M800 200W 55Nm 2.3kg
M620 1000W 160Nm 5.3kg
M615 1000W 160Nm 5.6kg
M600 500W 120Nm 3.9kg
M510 250W 95Nm 3kg
M500 250W 95Nm 3.4kg
M445 250W 50Nm 5kg
M420 250W 80Nm 3.6kg
M410 250W 80Nm 3.4kg
M400 250W 80Nm 3.9kg
M315 500W 100Nm 4.3kg
M300 250W 80Nm 3.6kg
M215 250W 80Nm 3.8kg
M200 250W 65Nm 3.2kg

Ebike Conversion Kit With Torque Sensor

Torque sensors are included in E-bike conversion kits for the purpose of measuring and multiplying the pedaling power of the converted E-bike. Torque sensors come with 5 assist levels for E-bikes with different-sized wheels and different powered batteries (Image: AWInternational 30 ). 2

Rear Wheel E-Bike Conversion Kit

A rear wheel E-bike conversion kit comes with a rear-hub motor that is clipped or attached to the rear wheel of a bicycle. A rear-hub motor uses derailleurs with three chainrings, giving the E-bike a wide selection of gear ratios.

The Rubbee E-bike conversion kit is a rear wheel conversion kit that weighs 2.8kg and can reach 48km with the premium 4kg version.

It works with wheels that are between 16” and 29” in diameter and comes with a carrying handle and an easy clip-on/clip-off function. 3

E-bikes are all the rage right now as the conversion towards greener efficiencies continues around the globe. 25

The demand for electric bicycle kits is increasing year after year, the latest round of ‘best E-bike conversion kits’ have been ranked according to the benefits and features they offer. 4

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Mid Drive Ebike Kit

Whether shopping for a mid-drive E-bike kit, hub-drive conversion kit or friction drive conversion kit, the most crucial factors to take into consideration is the power of the motor, whether the battery is included and what the local laws are regarding E-bikes in the relevant city or town (Image: Ebikeling 32 ). 6

Mid Drive Ebike Conversion Kit

A mid-drive E-bike conversion kit allows for the motor to be positioned between the pedals at the bottom bracket of the bike. 26 The position of the motor allows for even load balancing, and the stability of the motor without the weight being felt.

Mid-drive E-bike conversion kits are instrumental in working in tandem with a bike’s gears to allow for higher efficiency and increased range with every charge.

Mid Drive Ebike Kit Bosch

Bosch only uses mid-drive motors for their mid-drive E-bike systems, which include three sensors that measure speed, cadence, and pedal power and a Smart system that connects an E-bike’s components with digital functions (Image: Bafang 33 ).

Bosch Mid Drive Kit

Bosch offers 7 different mid-drive E-bike motors, each with its own benefits:

  • Active Line – lightweight and quiet
  • Active Line Plus – mobility
  • Cargo Line – powerful support for eCargo bikes and heavy loads
  • Performance Line – sport cycling-friendly
  • Performance Line Speed – top speed of 28mph
  • Performance Line Sport (NZ/US) – sporty riding
  • Performance Line CX – compact and connected 7

Bosch Mid Drive Kit Price

Bosch mid-drive kit are in the higher bracket, because of the quality of the drive systems the company manufactures.

In 2019, an E-bike was created with a Bosch Active Line motor in the Class 1 E-bike range with pedal assist and a top speed of 20mph, for 1999. This was the exception to the rule as the cost of the systems far exceed this figure. 8

Best Electric Bike With Bosch Motor

There are several electric bikes with Bosch motors that are at the top of the stack when it comes to rankings. The following table highlights the type of electric bike containing a Bosch drive system. 9

Best Electric Bike With Bosch Motor Bosch Drive System
Electric Mountain Bike Bosch Performance Line CX
Cargo Bike Cargo Line
Road Bike Active Line Plus
Folding Bike Active Line

48v 2000w Electric Bike Kit

A 48V 2000W electric bike kit allows for a peak power of 2000W and an average rated speed of 4300rpm/min. A 2000W E-bike can reach a maximum speed of 43mph on level terrain and have an average riding range of 15-35 miles per charge.

48v 1000w Electric Bike Kit With Battery

The charged battery of a 48V 1000W electric bike kit should last around 30 minutes at a time. This means the battery allows for a riding distance of up to 60 miles on a single charge. 10

v Mid Drive Motor

E-bikes fitted with a 72V mid-drive motor are generally 50% faster than those fitted with a 48V motor. These motors are limited to 20mph and electronically limited to a 750W street mode, in keeping with E-bike laws. 27

Mid Drive Ebike Kit 2000w

A mid-drive E-bike kit that produces 2000W power will allow an E-bike to reach speeds of up to 43mph on level terrain.

2000w Electric Bike Kit

Scoring 4½ stars on Amazon is the Electric Brushless DC Motor Complete Kit with a 48V, 2000W 4300RPM high-speed motor.

Most of the positive reviews state that this conversion kit allows for good speed while holding up under pressure.

2000w Ebike Kit With Battery

2000W E-bike kits usually include the battery. Batteries can also be purchased separately. 11

Mid Drive Ebike Kit 1500w

The Bafang range of E-bike kits includes the M620 1000 – 1500W mid-drive 160nm motor kit. The motor digests relevant information at 80k Hz with the help of a torque sensor and two speed sensors (Image: Jaxpety 34 ).

Furthermore, the motor, which provides a maximum torque of more than 160N.m is virtually silent and easy to install. 12

00w Mid Drive Kit

The Cyclone Mid Drive 3000W Planetary E-bike Kit is the perfect 3000w mid-drive kit for experienced off-road E-bikers.

It requires a high amp battery (not included) to power its 40-amp high-performance E-bike controller and includes a 6 to 1 planetary gear reduction.

The 3000W mid-drive kit is a far cry from the BBSHD 1000W which is usually recommended for beginners. However, there are some buyers who are unhappy with the noise from the motor and the complex drivetrain on the BBSHD 1000W. 13

00w Mid Drive Motor

Many E-bike riders prefer a 3000W mid-drive motor for their conversion kit over any other. 3000W mid-drive motors are great for cargo bikes, which are on the heavier side.

3000w Ebike Kit

Another, very popular, 3000W E-bike kit that scored a full five-star rating on Amazon is the programmable 3000W Electric Bike Conversion Kit with Brushless DC Motor / E-Bike Conversion Kit, 72V, 80A Sabvoton Controller with PAS and Alarm.

Buyers are mostly highly impressed with the motor and controller combined function, the power of the motor, and the color digital display screen.

Mid Drive Ebike Kit 5000w

A 5000W mid-drive E-bike kit will allow an E-bike to travel at a top speed of 65mph. It is important to note at this point that some E-bikes, which have their speed limit lifted, can exceed the highest legal speed of 28mph.

The following table indicates the max speed of electric bikes. 14

Mid Drive Ebike Kit With Battery

A popular mid-drive E-bike kit with battery options is the Bafang BBS02B 750W 1000W mid-drive with optional tracking function battery 8fun conversion kit with LCD Display.

The Tong Sheng mid-drive kit with battery is an E-biker favorite because of its natural acceleration and torque sensor-based pedal assist. 28

Mid Drive Ebike Kit With Torque Sensor

The Pendix eDrive 300 is a torque-sensing mid-drive E-bike kit that is on the higher tier when it comes to pricing but fits most bikes and is installed by a dealer.

Cheap Mid Drive Ebike Kit

While a more expensive mid-drive E-bike kit is in greater demand because of its extensive features, there are those who would be satisfied with a balance of features and price.

While a cheap mid-drive E-bike kit can be found in abundance on websites such as eBay, they usually include cheap controllers that won’t last under off-road riding.

Cheaper hub motors, like the Bafang geared hubs, are sturdier, but when it comes to the mid-drive kits, the Bafang 48V 500W kits are around the middle range of price and performance.

The Swytch Universal conversion kit is usually panned for being the kit that should be overlooked in favor of a better, higher-performing option. 15

Yamaha Mid Drive Kit Price

In 2018 Yamaha entered the US market with its own series of four pedal-assist electric bikes namely:

In 2022 they unveiled two new 28mph electric bikes for road and gravel riding. These bikes include their new mid-drive motor and come at an average cost of 3,099 and 4,099, respectively. 16

Mid Drive Ebike Kit

Yamaha also manufactures drive units for those who want to convert their non-electric bike with a Yamaha mid-drive E-bike kit.

These are available as follows: 17

Type of Bike Yamaha Mid Drive E-bike Kit
Mountain Bike PW-X3 – 85Nm
Sports Trail Bike PWseries S2 – 75Nm
Trekking Adventure Bike / Commuting Bike PWseries TE – 60Nm
Daily Ride Bike PWseries CE – 50Nm

CYC X1 Pro vs Cyclone

The CYC X1 Pro Gen 2 is a high-powered mid-drive E-bike conversion kit, 30 which offers up to 5000W of power and 250Nm of torque.

The Cyclone mid-drive kit motor allows for power up to 3000W and comes in single and double chainring versions. The Cyclone motor is said to put out power comparable to an 8000W hub motor when considering gear ration utilization.

CYC X1 Pro Gen 2 Battery

The best battery for use with the C X1 Pro Gen is one of the X-Series batteries. These batteries are available for the following Cyc kits:

Cyc X1 Pro Gen 2 Top Speed

The Cyc X1 Pro Gen motor can reach a top speed of more than 49mph.

Cyc X1 Pro vs Stealth

As mentioned above, the Cyc X1 Pro has a power output of up to 5000W and a torque of 250Nm.

The Cyc X1 Stealth on the other hand is a lightweight mid-drive conversion system that offers 1500W power output, torque sensing abilities and 9 assist levels to complement the two rider modes: street and off-road. 21

Cyc X1 Pro Gen 2 Review

E-bikers and reviewers agree that the high-powered, mid-drive E-bike kit, 31 the Cyc X1 Pro Gen 2, comes with an improved motor core and rotor over its predecessor. The more powerful system now includes waterproof Julet connectors and cable shielding, while remaining lightweight.

The controller options allow for two set modes and 9 assist gears, and the system comes with a torque sensor and throttle.

Tongsheng TSDZ2

Tongsheng is the manufacturer of the following E-bike kits:

The company also manufactures the affordable Tongsheng TSDZ2 mid-drive e-bike conversion kit.

Tongsheng TSDZ2 Ebike Kit

The Tongsheng TSDZ2 mid-drive E-bike kit is waterproof and easy to install and there is no need for a separate controller box. The downside to the kit being more affordable than most is the untidy cabling, unattractive display, and the additional requirement of a crank arm and bottom bracket removal tools to make the kit fit. 22

Tongsheng Mid-Drive Kit With Battery

The Tongsheng mid-drive kit usually includes the battery – much the same as the other types of mid-drive kits discussed above.

Electric Bike Kits With Battery

Electric bike conversion kits including a battery are available worldwide, with one of the most popular in the UK being the Swytch conversion kit which the company claims is the lightest in the world weighing in at 3kg. 24

Another hub-motor-based E-bike conversion kit namely Cytronex comes with a battery that fits inside a bike bottle cage. This kit can convert a regular bicycle into an E-bike within the span of half an hour and the battery life lasts for up to 48 miles (Image: Swytch 35 ).

class, ebike

Consequently, the batteries of the more expensive types of kits will last longer, as will the overall more expensive mid-drive e-bike kit.

It is clear that the more expensive mid-drive e-bike kit is the favored option for E-bikers, and that their components last longer than the cheaper kits.

What Are the Most Important Things To Consider When Buying an E-Bike Conversion Kit?

Compatibility with the non-electric bike, whether a front hub, rear hub, or mid-drive motor will work best and what the desired power output is.

What Exactly Is an E-Bike?

E-bikes have battery-powered motors that provide pedal assistance.

What Kind of Maintenance Is Necessary for an E-Bike?

The same as a regular bike, an E-bike requires tire and brake checks and regular cleaning. The battery should be kept charged to ensure longevity.

Is a Driving License Needed To Ride an E-Bike?

Generally speaking – no. However, exceptions might apply for E-bikes with a higher-than-average top speed.

What Is the Best Mid Drive E-Bike Kit in 2022?

Any of the options offered by the Bafang company, including the highly popular Bafang 250W mid drive ebike kit.

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What Is A Class 2 Electric Bike? We Explain Ebike Class Differences

There are three class types of electric bikes. We break down their differences, discuss which class are Rad Power Bikes, and why it matters.

Why Are There Different Ebike Classes?

Similar to motorcycles, electric bikes are classified into different categories based on their basic functionality. Let’s review the three ebike class types, based on a model ebike law that most U.S. states have adopted as the basis of their state regulatory system:

  • Class 1: Pedal-assist only; motor provides assistance all the way up to 20 mph.
  • Class 2: Pedal-assist or throttle; motor provides assistance all the way up to 20 mph.
  • Class 3: Pedal assist only; motor provides assistance all the way up to 28 mph.

Can ebikes go even faster? Technically, yes. However, Class 1 and 2 motors shut off at 20 mph, and Class 3 motors shut off at 28 mph. Any additional speed is gained by rider power alone, and/or decreasing elevation (riding downhill).

What Class Are Rad Power Bikes Ebikes?

Rad Power Bikes designs Class 2 ebikes. In fact, beginning in 2007, the company was one of the first to pioneer the combination of a throttle and pedal assist. When designing a safe, reliable, and enjoyable transportation solution, Rad took into account multiple factors: federal and local laws, bike usage, technology, and rider experience. The result: Class 2 ebikes with a full 750 watts of power.

Can Ebike Riding Be Illegal?

According to Chief Product Officer Redwood Stephens, the decision to design Class 2 isn’t a light one, and plays a factor into every bike Rad develops. First, Rad creates ebikes to be compliant under the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) regulations for safety requirements applicable to ebikes. Those regulations prescribe limits for motor power and the maximum speed that a bike can operate when powered solely by the motor.

Second, Rad Power Bikes are designed so our riders are comfortable that their ride is legal on most roads and bike paths, based on state laws. “We design our bikes to be safe, and compliant with the law,” confirms Stephens. In multiple states, ebikes with motors that provide assistance at or above 20 mph are not permitted on many types of bike-focused infrastructure. Riding beyond those state and local restrictions can go against traffic laws and regulations, and potentially require licensing and registration fees.

As a rider, it’s vital you check your local laws in the rare case a road or path is not yet following the model ebike laws that treat Class 2 ebike the same as a traditional bike. After all, what good is your bike if you can’t ride it?

About That Need for Speed

As Class 2 ebikes, Rad Power Bikes are engineered to not only perform well up to the 20 mph (the speed that the bike’s motor shuts off), but also accommodate additional speed that occurs when traveling downhill. However, some ebike brands are focusing on Class 3.

“To consistently travel safely at higher speeds, the bike frame, brakes, suspension systems, and more have to be engineered for that,” says Stephens. We asked Stephens if that was being done in the industry. “Not always. Higher speeds often requires engineering new parts from scratch,” explains Stephens, “but some brands are not upgrading critical systems that such speeds require.”

class, ebike

Safety and Technology

For Rad, our choice to FOCUS on building the best Class 2 ebikes comes down to providing ebikes that not only travel at safe speeds, but meet and beat rider expectations each and every day. Safety is paramount to ensuring bike trails and paths are accessible for everyone. Designing within Class 2 standards ensures that we are meeting that endeavor. It also ensures that when electric biking with your kids, passengers, or just for fitness and fun, a Class 2 ebike is designed to meet those needs.

At a Class 2 designation, Rad engineers strike that perfect balance between cost, quality, and safety. ensuring you get a safe ebike using quality parts; legal to ride in most places; and at a great price.

Back to the Good Stuff

Ready to feel the wind in your hair on your ebike? Awesome. Rad Power Bikes is motivated to give all riders a Rad grin. So as to keep the grins firmly in place, we design our bikes to be as safe as possible. For us, that means Class 2 ebikes. Discover the ebike laws in your state, and read our blog to learn more about ebike laws around the world.

Please note, this article is not a definitive or absolute source for ebike laws in your area. It is not meant to provide legal advice. Ebike laws are always changing, so please check your local laws before riding to make sure you are riding legally and safely.

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