CF Moto: electric scooter with sub-brand Zeeho. Cfmoto electric scooter

CF Moto: electric scooter with sub-brand Zeeho

CF Moto

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CF Moto

1/11 The Chinese motorcycle manufacturer CF Moto wants to get into big electric scooters. The Zeeho sub-brand was founded for this purpose.

CF Moto

2/11 There is already a first concept scooter.

CF Moto

3/11 KTM in-house designer Kiska is responsible for the sporty appearance of the Zeeho Cyber.

CF Moto

4/11 The Zeeho Cyber ​​relies on a centrally installed liquid-cooled electric motor with 10 kW of power and a maximum torque of 21.3 Nm.

CF Moto

5/11 This should enable the Cyber ​​to reach 50 km / h in 2.9 seconds. The maximum speed is given as 110 km / h.

CF Moto

6/11 Large wheels guarantee driving stability.

CF Moto

7/11 The lighting uses LED technology.

CF Moto

8/11 In the cockpit, the Cyber ​​relies on a configurable display in tablet format.

moto, electric, scooter, sub-brand, zeeho, cfmoto

CF Moto

9/11 The range should be up to 130 kilometers.

moto, electric, scooter, sub-brand, zeeho, cfmoto

CF Moto

10/11 The disc brakes on both wheels are supplied by Brembo, while the tires are from Pirelli. Fork and struts can be adjusted comprehensively.

CF Moto

11/11 The taillights are designed as small wing elements.

CF Moto Electric scooter with sub-brand Zeeho

The Chinese motorcycle manufacturer CF Moto wants to get into big electric scooters. The Zeeho sub-brand was founded for this purpose. There is already a first concept scooter.

The Chinese KTM partner CF Moto is also expanding into the electric scooter segment. The first models are expected to hit the Chinese market as early as 2021. From 2022, international markets will also be there. The e-scooters are marketed under the newly founded sub-brand Zeeho. A certain phonetic proximity to the English word “zero” is probably not unintentional.

Up to 110 km / h fast

A first study shows what customers can expect. The Zeeho Cyber ​​relies on a centrally installed liquid-cooled electric motor with 10 kW of power and a maximum torque of 21.3 Nm. This should enable the Cyber ​​to reach 50 km / h in 2.9 seconds. The maximum speed is given as 110 km / h. The final drive takes place via a chain. The driving dynamics equipment includes three selectable driving modes as well as ABS and traction control. Six cameras form the basis for all-round surveillance and future assistance systems.

Kiska has a sporty look

In the cockpit, the Cyber ​​relies on a configurable display in tablet format. Accordingly, the scooter can be networked extensively. The disc brakes on both wheels are supplied by Brembo, while the tires are from Pirelli. Fork and struts can be adjusted comprehensively.

KTM in-house designer Kiska is responsible for the sporty appearance of the Zeeho Cyber. The lighting is based on LED technology, the lines on sharp edges. Large wheels guarantee driving stability.

Up to 130 km range

The 4 kWh lithium-ion battery should allow the cyber an autonomy of up to 130 kilometers. With a fast charger, the energy storage device should be filled up to 80 percent in just 30 minutes. CF Moto trusts its battery with 2,500 charging cycles and an operating temperature range of – 20 to 55 degrees Celsius. This should allow an operating time of eight years and up to 300,000 total kilometers.

opinion poll

Which electric concept on two wheels is the right one for you?

If so, then only a powerful electric motorcycle.

I can imagine an electric scooter for commuting and city traffic.

A small, agile electric moped is definitely fun.


CF Moto continues to accelerate. After a Travel enduro with KTM twin and one Touring machine with KTM-V2 now follows a fat electric scooter. Who knows, maybe we’ll soon see him whizzing across European roads under the KTM flag?

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CFMoto Cyber Electric Scooter Inches Closer To Production; Should Ather 450X Worry?

CFmoto is really trying hard to claw its feet in the global markets and strengthen its stronghold by constantly developing new two-wheelers and updating its portfolio at the same time. We have already witnessed that the Chinese bikemaker can bestow the world of two-wheels with interesting products like the 800 MT ADV-tourer, which is based on the KTM 790 Adventure. And now, what we have today with us could turn out to be the production-spec version of the Cyber concept showcased by the company last year in December.

CFmoto, being quick on its feet, didn’t take much time in establishing a separate entity to take care of its EV business. Zeeho serves as the Chinese company’s EV manufacturing arm and the Cyber electric scooter concept was showcased under the same umbrella. Looking at the leaked image that is most likely the production-spec model does bear striking similarities to its concept.


Electric scooters have not only marked the arrival of electric powertrains but sharper design philosophies as well. Gearless scooters aren’t plain jane anymore and the Zeeho Cyber electric scooter is a testimony to the above-stated fact. It retains the sharp characteristics we first witnessed in its concept model. The reason why it has turned out to be quite a looker is because CFMoto made a call to KTM, its partner in China and asked the assistance of the folks responsible for razor-sharp designs of KTMs – Kiska Design.

Expected specs

Zeeho has dubbed the electric powertrain of the Cyber electric scooter as Cobra and it does have enough venom to make its rivals sweat with worry. It consists of a 10kW mid-mounted, water-cooled electric motor capable of delivering 14 horsepower and 20.34NM. This amount of twist force helps the Cyber propel from 0-60 km/h in just 2.9 seconds. Top speed is set to a claimed 110 kilometers per hour. On top of the sophisticated powertrain, the Cyber makes use of a pouch-style 4kWh lithium-ion battery. This high-tech battery has been developed alongside Farasis Energy, and is claimed to return an impressive 130 kilometres. Zeeho is claiming some pretty impressive charging times—0 to 80 percent in just 30 minutes.

Will we get it in India?

CFMoto has high hopes for the Indian market and it recently launched the BS6-compliant version of the 650 trio and looking at the huge popularity electric scooters are gaining in our country lately, it only makes sense to assume that CFMoto could give it a serious thought to bring the Cyber electric scooter in India as well.

CFMOTO Reveals all new CONCEPT Model NK-C22 and its sub electric brand ZEEHO at EICMA 2022

Nov.8th, 2022, Milan, The first day of the EICMA International Motorcycle Show landed the spotlight on CFMOTO. China’s leading powersports manufacturer arrived in Milan with its new models including NK-C22, Special Model 800MT SPORT R, first electric motorcycle Papio Nova. as well as the all-new intelligence platform “CFMOTO RIDE”.

The trendy sub electric brand ZEEHO, were officially launched along with a concept Magnet, and AE8 and AE6 lines.

800cc Concept NK-C22

NK-C22 is a concept model based on the CFMOTO 800cc engine platform.

Its whole body is covered with forged carbon fiber, and the water tank guard is also designed as a fixed wind wing with great visual tension. The rear bow body and the short lean tail made the proportion of the whole vehicle very compact.

Its glare is striking. The headlight pierces the road ahead like an arrow towards its target. Behind it the flow of futuristic lines and muscular stance come together in an irresistible invitation to ride.

But the CFMOTO NK-C22 isn’t just a pretty face. Power is the core of its appeal. Riders will feel the authentic soul of this machine through its impressive performance, not only at the twist of the throttle, but in its fluid movements and responsive handling. Dual exhaust, single-sided swingarm and distinctive rims reflect the daring and innovative allure of the NK-C22.


800MT SPORT R.A concept of combining CFMOTO MOTO3 race bike and 800MT

800MT Sport R is a new product for those who like to always extend their boundaries and ride sporty. A new product for riders who like to dare the road. People who like to transform adventure into a sportive experience with high performance.

A challenge that CFMOTO is keen to undertake.

It all started with the well-known 800MT sport, a multi-terrain model. A product destined for long rides, panoramic views, and adventures on a comfortable seat. From Sport to Sport R, from easy handling to high performances. The bike has many reasons to be admired. Outstanding wheelbase and sport tires, top suspensions, brakes, and very special components. The sportive ergo ensures maximum control and fun riding while a custom design guarantees aerodynamic performances. The livery is inspired by the CFMOTO racing team, making its looking unique and full of personality.

MT Sport riders are welcome to have a try and enjoy the race both on track and on the road.

moto, electric, scooter, sub-brand, zeeho, cfmoto

CFMOTO 800MT Sport R

Papio Nova –The first pure Electric Motorcycle of CFMOTO

Being as the first pure electric motorcycle under CFMOTO brand, Papio Nova is a brilliant motorcycle with handling and quality level that are comparable with its gasoline siblings. It is equipped with 69.3V32A2 lithium batteries and, maximum horse power reach to 30hp and the torque can reach 251 Nm. The range can reach 150km with an urban speed.

The SOP of Papio Nova will be ready in 2023.

CFMOTO Papio Nova

CFMOTO RIDE – CFMOTO’s intelligent system to bring connected fun to users

The all-new CFMOTO RIDE intelligent system was revealed as well to the world, further asserting CFMOTO’s commitment to developing its intelligent technology on a global scale.

With this platform, functions such as internet of vehicles, Multi Media Interface, Smart wearable devices etc. will empower CFMOTO products to bring a safer, more efficient and intelligent riding experience – our NEXT LEVEL FUN.”

CFMOTO RIDE Experience in EICMA 2022

ZEEHO and its concept model: Magnet

CFMOTO has been thinking about additional products that combine Smart technology and trendy mobility because trends and technology as well as environmental needs are changing rapidly. ZEEHO is the new brand launched by CFMOTO to best meet the demands of a younger generation and be most suitable for trendy urban mobility.

The Magnet

Magnet means electricity, which is the core of this concept model. It is a new electric scooter venturing into advanced electric mobility and Smart commuting. And it envisions a premium blend of top performances, high technology, and unique design.

The bold proportions and clear main lines of Magnet Concept present its daring attitude and unique features. This electric motorcycle will be a perfect choice for the next mobility.

While the key to ensuring the market, dominance is high performance. Max speed is 150km/h, with 0-50km/h acceleration in less than 2.5 seconds, for an exhilarating ride experience.

ZEEHO Magnet

The AE8 and AE6 lines

AE8 was created for urban youth who need mobility with long-range. It is available in two versions, AE8 S and AE8.

The performance is superior to most existing electric motorcycles. The max speed is over 100km/h, with 0-100km/h acceleration achieved in 11s, and a max range of 120km. Fast charging makes it possible to charge up to 80% in two hours.

Some quality components, such as mid-drive motor and Bosch dual-channel ABS system

of AE8 S ensure its higher performance.

AE8 was launched in China in early 2022 and has been praised by owners everywhere.

AE6 is the young sibling with lots of personality and value. It will be a suitable choice for urban youth commuting. It is the expression of young energy, creativity, and fun. AE6 offers 2 versions which are AE6 and AE6 L1te to meet various demands of users in a diverse market.

Max speed is over 80Km/h, and the range is over 100km. Standard charging supports charging up to 80% in three hours. AE6 is equipped with single swing arm and side-mounted motor. 18 color combinations are offered by 3 body color and 6 quick-release trim kit color options, which are ideal to suit a wide range of users.

This electric motorcycle will be available in the global market soon.


CFMOTO continues to innovate what the off-road rider experience can be across its product lines. CFORCE X:

This concept ATV reveals the distinctive design cues, including a first glimpse of the new front-end design for the forthcoming models. Rugged and earthy Granite Ridge tones throughout the body in tough matte finish contrast with the striking fluorescent orange. Commanding appearance with new RIDEVISION LED dynamic lighting, new rear design with high-positioned twin-barrel exhaust emphasizes visual impact.

Beyond design, find a new sense of performance and ultimate capability, which shines a spotlight on featured technology, and the progressive intelligent connectivity between rider and machine.



A full line up of ATV/SSV and youth were displayed,including all-new ZFORCE 950 SPORT, the full-size mid-displacement ATVs CFORCE 520L and CFORCE 625 TOURING, the new-generation of CFORCE 450 and CFORCE 520. Besides, all-new from 2022 onwards, CFMOTO has added the fuel-injected CFORCE 110, and the first electric youth sport ATV, CFORCE EV110 to the lineup.


Summary of CFMOTO EICMA 2022 Press Conference

CFMOTO displayed its models with a huge variety and a large diversity. In whichever product line, motorcycles, off-road vehicles or ZEEHO, CFMOTO seems to be ambitious and heading to a international level.

Based on the models released by CFMOTO, it is very clear to see that CFMOTO is putting continuous effort into fuel vehicles and its determination and ambition on electrification and intelligence strategy.

Products on the show

Concept: NK-C22, 800MT SPORT R

MT family: 800MT mmi, 800MT Touring

CL-X family:300CL-X, 700CL-X Heritage, 700CL-X Sport and 700CL-X ADV

SR family:300SR, 450SR and Moto3 Race Bike

NK family: 300NK

E-Bike:Papio Nova

Concept: CFORCE X

ATV: CFORCE 520L, CFORCE 625 Touring



Magnet Concept,AE6,AE6 S,AE8 S

moto, electric, scooter, sub-brand, zeeho, cfmoto

CFMoto has announced the launch of their new sub-brand Zeeho; which will launch future ready electric two wheelers

Chinese automaker CFMoto has launched its new brand Zeeho. Under Zeeho, they have unveiled their electric scooter concept named Cyber, which is expected to enter production in 2021.

This will be the first electric scooter by CFMoto and it highlights the company’s strategy to increase FOCUS on electric two-wheelers in the coming years. CFMoto’s current global portfolio comprises motorcycles, side-by-side utility vehicles, all-terrain vehicles and powersports engines.

CFMoto Zeeho Cyber design and features

In its concept form, Zeeho Cyber sports a futuristic look and feel. Some of the key design elements include striking LED headlamp and DRLs, sculpted bodywork with a mix of sharp cuts and smooth curves, a radical seat design, shortened tail and edgy tail lamps and turn indicators. The rear wheel is placed farther than the tail section, which seems something new for a scooter.

Talking about features, Zeeho Cyber gets an iPad like instrument panel that has GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It supports several functions such as navigation, voice controls and keyless start. Smartphone pairing is also available.

For optimal performance in varied riding conditions, users can select from the three riding modes of Eco, Street and Sport. These can be accessed via the instrument panel.

CFMoto Zeeho Cyber powertrain

Zeeho Cyber tech specs are quite impressive and better than many of the current breed of electric scooters. It utilizes a 4 kWh Lithium-ion battery pack that sends power to a highly efficient motor with energy conversion rate of 92 percent. It is capable of generating 13.4 HP of max power, which can be sustained over longer durations without the risk of overheating or damaging the battery or motor. Available peak torque at the wheel is 213 Nm.

As per NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) standards, Zeeho Cyber has a range of more than 130 km. It can reach 0 to 50 kmph in just 2.9 seconds and has a top speed of 110 kmph. This makes it a lot faster than Ather 450x – which is currently the quickest electric scooter on sale in India. Zeeho Cyber also has an higher range, as compared to Ather 450x.

One of the key strengths of Zeeho Cyber is its advanced battery pack that can work in temperature of.20° to 55°. This makes it suitable for most parts of the world. The battery can be recharged 2,500 times, which is around 8 years of lifespan or 3 lakh kilometres for the average user. The battery comes with fast charging, allowing users to load 80% in just around 30 minutes.

It is possible that CFMoto may introduce Zeeho Cyber electric in the Indian market. The lifestyle electric scooter segment has a lot of potential in the country and customers are willing to pay for a good product.

Once launched, this scooter is a potential rival to Ather 450x and the upcoming electric scooter from KTM, based on Bajaj Chetak platform. As of now, CFMoto has four motorcycles in its India portfolio – 300 NK, 650 NK, 650 MT and 650 GT. CFMoto had also teased a Zeeho electric bike, which is another product that could be considered for the Indian market.

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