Can you ride an electric scooter in the rain. Waterproof electric scooter

Can you ride an electric scooter in the rain?

Since it may be relatively hard to predict the time of the day when it will rain, it sometimes becomes inevitable to encounter downpours during scootering moments.

Not to even forget that some places are rainier than others.

We are happy to delve deeper and look into the, “can you ride an electric scooter in the rain†query.

Can you ride electric scooters in the rain?

No, electric scooters should not be ridden in the rain. Since there are currently no fully waterproof electric scooters anywhere in the world, riding your scooter when it’s raining will cause problems. While some electric scooters come with certified high water-resistance ratings, it’s worth noting that riding them in the rain may cause damage.Â

To understand better that you shouldn’t ride an electric scooter in the rain, search around and you will find that no manufacturer currently covers water damages in their warranties regardless of how a scooter is described to be water-resistant.

However, since you may be forced by circumstances to ride in the rain, we will cover how you can go about it below.

High chances of getting involved in an accidentÂ

Trust us there are a lot of electric scooter accidents that happen in inclement weather but fail to be recorded.Â

One of the main reasons why you can easily get involved in an accident is poor visibility.

Your helmet visor’s visibility diminishes big time when it’s raining, and the situation gets worse when the visor is not treated to wick moisture droplets away.

While shopping for a high-quality electric scooter helmet, ensure that there is some degree of protection against fog build-up.Â

Also, since the hands are responsible for doing most of the controls while riding, the cold from the rain can cause them to lose feeling, making it difficult to punctually undertake the right command.

In such a case, you could actually slip from the scooter as the deck is also wet.

Voiding the warranty

As mentioned above, electric scooter sellers don’t offer any warranty against water damage.

In case of anything about your scooter, you could actually void your warranty from just a single ride in the rain.

For instance, if you have a problem with your motor and the seller discovers that it’s rusted, then they definitely won’t replace or repair it.

Damaging the scooter components

Yes, riding electric scooter in rain is a sure path to damaging it for good.

When water enters the inside components such as the motors, they can corrode, which makes replacing them inevitable.

Besides, the tiny holes in an e scooter can lead to the corrosion of the battery terminals.

If action isn’t taken swiftly, then you may end up damaging the battery for good.

Replacing the battery along with the motor takes the upper chunk of what was spent on the scooter, which is why some of those who suffer that ordeal throw away their scooters to the bin.

Other components such as the display and throttle can also be damaged by water and this may turn out to be utterly inconveniencing.

See, some of these components get shipped from overseas, and reaching you may take up to a couple of months.

How to prepare for a rainy day

While we have insisted enough that you shouldn’t ride your electric scooter in the rain, it happens sometimes that you are stuck at a place where you can’t take shade.

In that case, it’s important to be always prepared for a rainy day.

To make your scooter rideable in the rain, one of the best ways to go about it is by making your scooter more water-resistant regardless of what the manufacturer says.

  • Begin by getting high-quality silicone
  • Inspect your scooter for any holes and cover it with silicone. If you are handy enough, we recommend that you open the deck, ensure that all the components are dry, and cover any hole in the deck with silicone from the inside
  • After that, cover the deck with a custom grip tape. That way, your feet will be free from pummeling
  • After that, apply silicone to the other components on the cockpit and then follow suit with the entire scooter.Â

FAQs about electric scooters and the rain

Will rain ruin an electric scooter?

Under most and normal circumstances, rain definitely ruins electric scooters.

This is so because electric scooters feature a plentitude of electric components and have many entry points for moisture and water.

The rain can interfere with the optimal functioning of the electrical components and through the entry points, lead to the corrosion of internal components such as battery terminals and the motors.

Are electric scooters waterproof?

No. There are currently no waterproof electric scooters in the world.

Instead, most electric scooters come with a water-resistance rating, which means they can withstand very light rain or puddles.

While some electric scooters are advertised to be waterproof or with a high water-resistance rating, it’s crucial to note that they aren’t fully waterproof.

What happens to an electric scooter left out in the rain?

It can happen sometimes that you are at a distant place and your scooter is left unattended.

What happens in the case of an electric scooter left out in the rain?

In case of light rain, open up its deck, let the moisture dry out for several days, and then take a dry cloth to dry it further.

After that, ensure that you take it to the nearest electric scooter repair shop for inspection before you charge it.

After a thorough inspection, you may ask those professionals to waterproof your e-scooter with silicone or do it yourself if you are handy enough.

An important point to note is that you should NEVER charge a wet electric scooter.

Doing so may lead to a fire.

If you had encountered heavy puddles, it’s important to dry the scooter with warm dry air.

ride, electric, scooter, rain, waterproof

Get a hair dryer or a fan, place it on the battery and near the wires for an hour, and check that every component drys out completely.

Don’t leave it unattended for long, though.

What are the most water-resistant models?

Getting an electric scooter with a higher level of water resistance is mostly a good thing since making it ever more water-resistant is easier and time-saving.

Some of the electric scooters that will offer you the best-certified ratings include:

Electric Scooter Water Resistance Best For
EMOVE Cruiser IPX6 Value
Wolf King GT IPX5 All Terrains
YUME X13 IP54 Offroading
Kaabo Mantis King GT IPX5 Versatility
Nami Burn-E 2 Max IP55 Premium build quality

In Summary: Can you ride an electric scooter in the rain?

It is not advisable to ride an e-scooter in the rain.

Since it’s impossible to know the exact time it might rain, it’s a great idea when you prepare beforehand and make your scooter water-resistant well in advance.

Getting a high-quality silicone will make your work much easier.

How to Ride Electric Scooters in the Rain Easily [Get Wet While …

Looking at the rain from your window can be very relaxing. Listening to the pitter-patter makes you want to stay in bed all day. The sound of drizzle may help you sleep better at night too. However, even if it is raining hard, you still have things to do and places to be. If you want to ride an electric scooter to get to your destination, it is important to learn how to ride it under such conditions or any weather for that matter. While electric scooters and rain don’t always mix, you can still use them in the rain. In this guide, you will learn:

  • All of the DOs and DON’Ts of riding your electric scooter in the rain, and discover how to avoid the hazards and effects of your scooter getting wet
  • Which electric scooters are the best for riding in the rain or wet conditions
  • How to take care of your electric scooter after a rainy ride
  • How to ride if you get caught in the rain and came unprepared
  • Learn the difference between waterproof and water-resistant electric scooters
  • The meaning of your E-scooter’s IP rating

Can you Ride an Electric Scooter in the Rain?

Yes. You can ride an electric scooter in the rain. However, it is not always recommended unless you really need to go somewhere. Not all electric scooters are suitable to withstand a downpour, so make sure that you are equipped with the right e-scooter if you need to ride in the rain.

Most manufacturers seldom recommend riding in such weather. Even if their scooters have high IP ratings (1 ), there is still a chance that your e-ride will fail to work.

Is it Safe to Ride Electric Scooters in the Rain?

It is not entirely safe to ride your electric scooter in the rain. Even with a waterproof electric scooter. the right gear, and excellent riding skills don’t make it safe to ride in the rain or wet conditions. Roads can be slippery and your vision can be impaired.

Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant

One of the most common misconceptions is that waterproof and water-resistant are the same thing. It is the opposite. Depending on the IP rating, each electric scooter has different levels of resistance to water.

Being waterproof means a product can withstand getting submerged in water without sustaining any damage. While being water-resistant means it can only withstand a specific level of contact with water.

Waterproof and Water-Resistant IP Ratings

IP (Ingress Protection) ratings measure how well a device is protected from water, dust, and even solid objects.

For Example, the Qiewa Q1 Hummer has an IP65 rating. It consists of two digits that mean two different things.

The first digit measures its protection against solid materials, while the second digit measures a product’s resistance to water. The higher the value the better protection the device has against these elements.

If you come across a product with an IPX5 rating, the “X” means it is not protected against solid elements.

Here are the equivalents of each digit rating applicable to electric scooters:

ride, electric, scooter, rain, waterproof
  • 4 – protected from objects 1mm and up
  • 5 – dust-resistant
  • 6 – fully dust-resistant, meaning the product is sealed tight from dust

Most electric scooters are 5 and up, and dust-resistant.

  • 4 – resistant to water splashes coming from any direction
  • 5 – can resist sustained low-pressure water sprays
  • 6 – can resist high-pressure sprays of water
  • 7 – can be submerged in water up to 1 meter

Most electric scooters have a 5 water-resistance rating. In the example above, the Qiewa Q1 Hummer has an IP65 rating, meaning its completely dustproof and can resist low-pressure sprays of water.

ride, electric, scooter, rain, waterproof

What Happens if an Electric Scooter Gets Wet?

It is normal to ride a scooter on wet roads.

An IP54 rated electric scooter, such as the Segway Ninebot ES4. can withstand water splashes and dust. This means you can ride them on wet roads and through small puddles. However, sooner or later, moisture can creep into your battery case or damage the overall finish.

Interior Effects

Interior problems should be avoided. These are the problems you can’t see or feel at first, so you have to be extra careful. Even the best electric scooters that are water-resistant can get damaged in the long run. The battery is the first thing you want to protect when riding in the rain, as it can sustain the most damage when water seeps in.

Exterior Effects

Water can also damage the exterior and finish of your electric scooter. It can cause corrosion on the frame and disc brakes. Moisture can also seep into the lights.

What to do after riding in the rain?

After riding in the rain, make sure you get a dry rag and dry up every reachable surface of your electric scooter. You also want to store your electric scooter somewhere less humid to make sure the interior will dry up.

Why you Should Avoid Riding in the Rain

Poor Visibility – Riding in the rain means your visibility and that of other motorists may be compromised. There is a higher risk of sustaining injuries when riding in the rain.

Your Electric Scooter Will Get Dirty – We all want to keep our electric scooters in the best condition, and riding in the rain will make your scooter dirty. It can also cause unnecessary wear.

How to Ride Electric Scooters in the Rain

Buy an electric scooter with a high IP rating

Make sure you get an electric scooter that is capable of riding in the rain without sustaining damages. IP54 ratings are quite acceptable, but anything higher would be better.

Avoid riding in freezing rain

Riding in the rain is okay, but avoid riding in freezing rain. IT is much more dangerous and the roads can be very slippery.

Equip your electric scooter with fenders

Fenders can go a long way. By equipping your electric scooter with fenders, it can be protected against direct splashes.

Wear the right gear

Always make sure you are wearing a helmet and safety gear. Also, make yourself as visible as possible. Wear bright-colored raincoats so that other drivers can see you.

Check and correct tire pressure

Check and correct your tire pressure if possible. Lower pressure on wet roads grips better.

Extra tips:

  • If it suddenly rains mid-ride, and you are not equipped with the right gear, make sure you stop to find cover and wait for the rain to subside.
  • Don’t get nervous.
  • Drive slowly.

The Best Waterproof Electric Scooters

As promised, here are the best electric scooters that you can ride in the rain if needed. If you live in an area that experiences frequent moderate rain and rainy seasons, here are some of your best options:

Qiewa Q1 Hummer

The Qiewa Q1 Hummer is an excellent all-around electric scooter. It has an IP65 rating, which is one of the highest IP ratings on an electric scooter. It is fully dust-proof and can withstand low-pressure water jet spray. It can be ridden in the rain without sustaining damages.

Qiewa Q-Mini

Another Qiewa e-scooter made it into this list. It also has an IP65 rating, and the manufacturers state it has basic waterproof standards.

Dualtron Thunder

The Dualtron Thunder is an off-road electric scooter with an IP54 rating. It is dust-proof and resistant to water splashes from any direction. The manufacturers state that you need to be careful of water when riding in wet conditions. It can be ridden through puddles and may get wet in the rain, but not recommended.

Honorable Mentions

Some of the best off-road electric scooters are built with heavy-duty materials and made to withstand irregular riding conditions. This means some of these options also have excellent IP ratings for riding in wet conditions.


To wrap things up, here are a couple of things you should remember:

  • As much as possible, do not ride in the rain if you can avoid it. Even if you already know what to do when it is raining, the best way is to avoid rushing in the rain.
  • Riding in the rain is dangerous.
  • Although your scooter is water-resistant, manufacturers do not suggest riding in the rain.
  • Always be careful and make sure you follow all the tips from this guide.

We hope you learned something useful when it comes to riding your scooter in the rain. An electric scooter is one of the most reliable modes of transportation if you want to avoid traffic and lessen your carbon footprint, so make sure you maintain your E-scooter’s condition and keep it safe to ride another day.


Can a scooter be left out in the rain?

No, you cannot leave a scooter out in the rain. Leaving a scooter out in the rain for too long will damage your scooter even if it has a high IP rating. Leaving it out for a couple of minutes should be fine as long as you dry it out after.Most warranties do not cover water damage, so make sure you always park your electric scooter indoors, especially if you live in an area that experiences heavy rain. E-Scooter repairs are not cheap, so make sure you take good care of it.

What happens if my scooter gets wet?

Some electric scooters such as the Qiewa-Mini can get wet, but cannot be submerged in water. You can ride this e-scooter in the rain without sustaining damage but not into a pond or lake.

Are electric scooters waterproof?

Not all electric scooters are waterproof. Only a few models are completely waterproof, and most models are only water-resistant. Being completely waterproof means you can submerge your electric scooter in water without it getting damaged. Water-resistant scooters can endure splashes, depending on the IP rating, but they cannot be submerged in water.

Can you ride Bird and Lime scooters in the rain?

Yes, you can ride Bird and Lime scooters in the rain. These scooter rental businesses allow riders to rent their scooters even if it’s raining. Businesses like Bird and Lime choose to continue their operation, sacrificing the condition of their scooters because some people rely on them.

What to do after riding in the rain?

After riding in the rain, you should dry out and clean your electric scooter to avoid any damage. Scooters may be water-resistant and splash-proof, but if you want your scooter to last, you should always keep it dry after it gets wet.

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Is an electric scooter waterproof? IP ratings explained

As electric scooters become a go-to commuter option, the question of whether or not an electric scooter is waterproof arises.

The sunshine barely visits some regions, even in summer, so can you still use an electric scooter when it’s raining? Well, the answer is that some scooters, but not all, are waterproof or at least come with a basic IP rating.

IP ratings are used by manufacturers of electrical goods to inform you of their ability in the wet. An IP rating can vary from a very light drizzle, all the way to bordering on aquatic.

Are all electric scooters waterproof?

No, not all electric scooters are waterproof and even the ones that claim to be waterproof/resistant, this can vary quite a lot.

It is even worth noting that some manufacturers may advise you against using your electric scooter in the rain.

The waterproof nature of electric scooters varies from not being water resistant at all to feel free to splash some pedestrians by going through that giant puddle.

How do e-scooter waterproof ratings work? IP ratings explained

You will likely see your electric scooter comes with an IP rating if it is at all waterproof.

Products that can be damaged by the elements often come with an IP rating but what is this and what does it stand for?

IP ratings, sometimes known as IP codes, define how effectively your electric scooter can handle wet and debris and stands for “ingress protection“.

IP ratings provide you with guidelines and are published by the International Electrotechnical Commission.

The first digit in an IP code/ rating is a measure of protection from intrusive solid objects (rated 1-6) and then the second digit measures in protection from water (rated 1-9). So, if your electric scooter has an IP rating of IP54, you can quickly determine its capabilities.

Let’s take a look at what the first and second digits mean according to Wikipedia:

First IP digit

Level sizedEffective againstDescriptionX








X means there is no data available to specify a protection rating with regard to this criterion.
No protection against contact and ingress of objects
50 mm2.0 in Any large surface of the body, such as the back of a hand, but no protection against deliberate contact with a body part
12.5 mm0.49 in Fingers or similar objects
2.5 mm0.098 in Tools, thick wires, etc.
1 mm0.039 in Most wires, slender screws, large ants etc.
Dust protected Ingress of dust is not entirely prevented, but it must not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with the safe operation of the equipment.
Dust-tight No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact (dust-tight). A vacuum must be applied. Test duration of up to 8 hours based on airflow.

Second IP digit

LevelProtection againstEffective againstX












Dripping water Dripping water (vertically falling drops) shall have no unsafe effect on the specimen when mounted in an upright position onto a turntable and rotated at 1 RPM.
Dripping water when tilted at 15° Vertically dripping water shall have no harmful effect when the enclosure is tilted at an angle of 15° from its normal position.
Spraying water Water falling as a spray at any angle up to 60° from the vertical shall have no harmful effect.
Splashing of water Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect.
Water jets Water projected by a nozzle (6.3 mm (0.25 in)) against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.
Powerful water jets Water projected in powerful jets (12.5 mm (0.49 in)) against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.
Powerful water jets with increased pressure Water projected in powerful jets (6.3 mm (0.25 in) nozzle) against the enclosure from any direction, under elevated pressure, shall have no harmful effects.
Immersion, up to 1 meter (3 ft 3 in) depth Ingress of water in harmful quantity shall not be possible when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time (up to 1 meter (3 ft 3 in) of submersion).
Immersion, 1 meter (3 ft 3 in) or more depth The equipment is suitable for continuous immersion in water under conditions that shall be specified by the manufacturer. However, in certain types of equipment, it can mean that water can enter but only in such a manner that it produces no harmful effects.
Powerful high-temperature water jets Protected against close-range high-pressure, high-temperature spray downs.

A lot of the electric scooters come with a rating of IP54, meaning they are dust protected, although not entirely and they can handle a splash of water on the enclosure with no harmful effect.

Can you ride electric scooters in the rain?

As you can tell by the theme of this article so far, some scooters can be ridden in the rain, while others can not.

It is generally recommended by certain manufacturers such as Pure Electric, to aim for an IP rating of IP65. This rating would give you excellent water protection from every direction during those rainy months.

If you live somewhere where it rains very little or plan to mostly take your scooter out during the dryer months, an IP rating of IP54 may be all you need.

Regardless, make your you read into your specific electric scooter’s warranty and what it outlines as not all manufacturers will cover the cost of fixing water damage.

Can you wash an electric scooter?

Even if a scooter is not completely waterproof, you can indeed wash it. You must take extra care when washing an electric scooter but using a damp sponge to get most of the grime off should be absolutely fine.

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Water-resistant vs. Waterproof: Ride in the Rain?

The popularity of electric scooters is already a fact due to their usability and adaptive design. However, being a means of transportation without a cover makes its riding dependable on the weather conditions.

The battery of the electric scooters is the main source of their power. As its position is usually on the bottom part of the chassis, the main question we always ask ourselves is: can we ride our electric scooters in the rain?


Of course, the battery is one of the main parts of the electric scooter, but this doesn’t mean that it is the only component responsible for its proper functioning. Even so, the manufacturers have considered the unexpected weather changes and the possibility of riding in the rain. It is definitely not recommended to ride in the rain, but keep reading in the case, you are in a situation of unexpected weather changes, and you don’t want to destroy your electric scooter and its spare parts.

Water-resistant vs. Waterproof

Water-resistant and waterproof are some characteristics a lot of drivers wish for their electric scooters to have, but most of them hardly know the difference between the two. Being water-resistant means that the scooter may be driven in some rain, without being overexposed, while waterproof means that the scooter may be completely submerged into water. In any case, no electric scooter is completely waterproof (because of the open structure and chassis), so we should only consider their water resistance.

The water-resistance scale determines the level of water into which the scooter may be ridden without this being decisive for the destruction of its spare parts (riding in the rain is not recommendable, we consider unexpected weather changes or urgencies).

Tips for Riding in the Rain

The first and the most important tip will be to avoid riding in the rain, in order to avoid an accident or any further damage to the electric scooter. Regardless of the recommendations for no riding in the rain, we want to offer you some tips in case you end up caught in bad weather conditions.

  • Make a frequent check on the conditions of your scooter, so that the touch of rain won’t be extremely damaging – prevent corrosion of the spare parts.
  • Follow the restrictions of the manufacturer — for Joyor electric scooters, you should never submerge the scooter in water surfaces with over 2 cm depth.
  • Slow down – never ride on full speed, rain will make the surfaces slippery and the scooter hard to control. Also, avoid sharp turns.
  • Brake gradually – due to the rain, road bumps may be covered and hardly visible, a sudden brake could lead you to a direct fall into one of the bumps.
  • Make sure you wear visible reflective clothes. A raincoat is also recommendable.

After a ride in the rain, it is fundamental that you dry your electric scooter and check all the spare parts in order to prevent the formation of any rust and corrosion.

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