Buy smartly: these e-bikes meet the internationally recognized safety standards…

Buy smartly: these e-bikes meet the internationally recognized safety standards

The demand for e-bikes has doubled nearly every year since 2015. Recognized bike brands like Trek and Specialized were quickly joined in the market by smaller brands like Aventon, RadPower and Tern. Established as well as some newer bike brands source parts from suppliers that are vetted for quality and safety, and must meet strict standards for battery charging and overall performance. However, many off-brand e-bikes and e-bike conversion kits found online source low-quality parts and may be produced with low or non-existent quality control.

Cheap electronic batteries and electrical systems may not include safety technologies for preventing thermal runaway — a phenomenon in which the lithium-ion cell enters an uncontrollable, self-heating state — that can result in batteries overheating and causing fires.

After some headline-grabbing fires in New York City that were linked to e-bike batteries, officials moved to legislate for safer battery powered micromobility vehicles. Some of the fires may have started as a result of faulty or low-quality lithium-ion e-bike batteries, and represent a small fraction of the total number of fires in the city.

Battery failures that cause fires constitute a tiny fraction of the total number of e-bike batteries bought by consumers, and an even smaller percentage of the total number of all Li-Ion batteries used in all sorts of applications – automobiles, robotic vacuum cleaners, and laptops.

smartly, these, e-bikes, meet, internationally

Safety Standardization

A quick search on Google, Amazon, or AliExpress turns up thousands of motors and batteries—and even completely assembled e-bikes—manufactured abroad that do not appear to meet any safety standards, and offer no documented safety testing.

As of early 2023, there are no federal guidelines, requirements or regulations that address micromobility battery and motor safety in the United States. However, Underwriter Laboratories, an internationally recognized independent organization that tests consumer products maintains safety standards for micromobility electronic systems and power supplies. UL standards for Canada are similar to those in the United States.

The UL Listing for e-bike motor and battery components offers assurances that the products have passed rigorous protocols for thermal runaway, overcharging, discharging, and other safety measures. These standards apply only to the motors, batteries, and charging devices, and not other components, manufacture, or assembly.

Voluntary E-bike Battery Certification

Underwriter Laboratories is an independent organization that performs safety testing and certification for consumer products. The applicable standards for e-bike motors and batteries are:

There are other, similar standards issuing bodies for the United Kingdom, the European Union, Australia, and elsewhere which maintain analogous standards. Standards similar to the UL Listed standards for Li-Ion batteries for e-bikes are:

Additionally, lithium-ion batteries receiving the UL Listed certification must also meet minimum standards for transportation and shipping. One battery manufacturer, Tritek, indicates that transportation requirements include labeling the batteries with the proper shipping labels and packing the batteries in approved containers.

Shopping and Servicing E-bike Batteries

When shopping for an e-bike, it’s always a safe bet to stick with brands that only source parts that are verified as safe by a third-party independent testing agency. Recognized e-bike brands may initially cost more as they are more expensive to manufacture with higher quality and superior materials, under monitored and approved processes, and which exceed minimum safety standards.

When servicing an e-bike, it’s also a good idea to bring the bike to a shop with technicians trained in servicing e-bikes, and that source high-quality replacement parts from trusted suppliers. And, always use the charger supplied with the battery and e-bike, or one specifically certified for compatibility with specific models of bikes and batteries.

“Lithium-ion battery fires are more common when batteries are modified or repaired by untrained technicians,” according to Electrek’s Micah Toll. “Another factor that has led to some of these fires is the use of third-party and non-compatible aftermarket chargers that can overcharge a battery.”

If a battery charger is not rated for outdoor use, don’t charge the battery in exposed outdoor conditions. You could ruin the charger, battery, and or other electronics, or cause a fire.

Many e-bike manufacturers use just a few suppliers for sourcing e-bike motors, batteries, control units, and other electrical system components. Not all electrical systems original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) meet UL or other, similar standards. The National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA) recognizes the need for standards requirements for e-bike component OEMs, and its website recommends its members request certification from suppliers. “On July 15, 2022, the NBDA advises all retailers to encourage their vendors and suppliers to certify their e-bikes or e-bike systems installed on e-bikes to UL 2849.”

The list compiled by Cycling Weekly identifies many bike brands and models meeting Underwriter Laboratories certification standards. The list maintained by UL and by Cycling Weekly is frequently updated, but may not include the most recent updates. If you do not see a bike brand and/or model listed, inquire with the bike manufacturer regarding UL listing. And if you represent a brand that’s missing do let us know.

UL and CE Listed e-bike brands as of May 2023

Row 0. Cell 03T BicyclesArgon18AventonBennoBianchiBlixBMCBuzzCannondaleCanyonCo-op CyclesCycles DevinciDahonDe RosaDiamondbackElectraFocusFujiGiant BicyclesGocycleIbisJamisJetsonJuicedKentKinesis KonaLectricLiv BicyclesLookMarinMokwheelMurf Electric BikesNEXTNinerNorcoOrbeaPacific CyclesPedelecPinarelloRad Power BikesRaleighRetrospecRide1UpScottSpecializedSurlyTernTrek BicyclesVanMoofWilier-TriestinaWingYamahaYeti Cycles
Row 0. Cell 1
Dark Matter, Subito E-Gravel, Subito E-Road
Abound, Aventure, Level, Pace, Sinch, Soltera
46er, Boost, Ejoy, Remidemi
Aria E-Road, E-Impulsivo Road, E-Arcadex, E-Impulsivo Gravel, E-Omia, E-Omnia, E-Vertic, T-Tronik
Aveny, Dubbel, Packa, Sol, Ultra, Vika (CE Listed)
RoadMachine AMP, Fourstroke AMP, 257 AMP
Cerana, Charter, Charter F, Centris
Synapse Neo, Topstone Neo, Moterra Neo, Treadwell Neo, Adventure Neo, Compact Neo, Tesoro Neo
Grail:ON, Precede:ON, Spectral:ON, Torque:ON
Generation, CTY
E-Enduro, E-All Mountain, E-Trail, E-Road, E-Urban, E-City
Edo, EBike
Union, Response, Current
Loft Go, Townie Go, Townie Path Go, Vale Go, Ghost Rider Go, Ace of Spades Go, Navigator Go, Shibori Go, Cruiser Go, Bali Cruiser Go
Thron, Jam, Focus SAM, Jarifa, Aventura, Planet
Blackhill EVO, E-Jari, Ambient EVO, Conductor, E-Traverse, Sanibel, E-Crosstown, E-Nevada
Fastroad E, Roam E, Explore E, Talon E, Trance X E, Stance E, Reign E
G4 (CE listed; UL certification pending)
Hudon E2 (CE Listed)
Bolt, Bolt Pro, Bolt Up, LX10 Folding, Journey, Adventure, Haze Folding, J5, Jetson Axle, J8, Atlas Fat Tire, Arro Folding,
RipRacer, Rip Current, CrossCurrent, Hyper Scorpion,Hyper Scrambler, City Scrambler
Hybrid, Mountain, Cruiser
Lyfe, Lyfe Step-Thru, Range Evation (inc. flat bar) Range Ride 50 (inc flat bar),
Remote, El Kahuna, Libre EL, Dew-E, Ecoco, Rove HD, Dew HD, Coco HD
XP, XPedition, XPremium, Electric XP Trike (CE Listed)
Amity E, Thrive E, Rove E, Embolden E, Tempt E, Intrigue E
E-765 Gravel/Optimum/Gotham
Alpine Trail, Rift Zone, Sausalito, Stinson
Basalt, Scoria
Fat Murf, Alpha Cargo, Alfa Murf, Fat Murf Step-Thru, Higgs, Izzy
Moscow Plus, C5, NCM Aspen, City Robin, Boogie Cruiser, ET Series, M7, C7, Milano, Cobra, Big Dog, Escape, Zebra, Cruiser, EE-Bike T7S
RIP, e9, WFO e9, RLT e9 RDO
Sight, Fluid, Range, Bigfoot, Charger, Indie, Scene
Gain, Wild, Rise, Urrun, Kemen, Vibe, Optima
Moove, E-Birdy
Nytro, Nytro Dust
RadRover, RadExpand, RoadRunner, RadWagon, RadCity, RadExpand, RadTrike
Retroglide Royale, Venture
Koa Rev, Koa Rev Step-Through, Beaumont Rev Electric City Bike, Beaumont Rev Electric City Bike Step-Through, Valen Rev Electric Fat Tire Bike, Valen Rev Electric Fat Tire Bike Step-Through, Chatham Rev Electric Beach Cruiser Bike, Chatham Rev Electric Beach Cruiser Bike Step-Through, Jax Rev Electric Folding Bike
Core-5, Roadster, Turris, LMT’D, Cafe Cruiser, 700 Series, Rift, Prodigy, Revv1
Patron, Strike, Contessa, Lumen, Aspect, Solace, Addict, Contessa Addict, Sub Cross, Solace Gravel, Contessa Solace Gravel, Sub Active
Haul, Turbo Levo, Turbo Tero, Turbo Tero Step-Thru, Tero Como, Turbo Vedo, Turbo Vedo Step-Thru, Turbo Kenovo, Turbo Creo
Skid Loader, Big Easy
Quick Haul, NBD, Vektron, HSD, GSD
Fuel, Rail, Domane, E-Caliber, Fetch, Powerfly, Allant, Townie Path Go!, Vale Go!, Verve, Ghost Rider Go!, Ace of Spades Go!, Navigator Go!, Townie Go! Step-Thru, Townie Go! Step-Over, FX, Dual Sport, Loft Go! Step-Thru, Loft Go! Step-Over, Bali Cruiser Go!, Shibori Cruiser Go!, Kakau Cruiser Go!, Cruiser Go! Step-Over, Cruiser Go! Step-Thru
S5, A5, S4, X4, S3, V
Ultra Hybrid, Filante Hybrid, Cento1 Hybrid, Triestina Hybrid, Jena Hybrid, 101X Hybrid, 101X Hybrid, E903TRN, E830TRB
Freedom X, Freedom Fatty 2, Freedom 2, Freedom ST
CrossCore, CrossConnect, Wabash, UrbanRush, Civante, YDX-Torc, TDX-Moro,

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Electrek review: The Jetson Bolt electric bicycle is a 399 steal of a deal

One of the things I love about electric bicycles is the extreme variety of options in the market. From electric cargo bikes to mini e-bikes to 10,000 street e-bikes, there’s a bit of everything on the spectrum.

And like any spectrum, you often find the really interesting stuff on the extreme ends. Cue the Jetson Bolt, an ultra-affordable 399 electric bicycle. This little thing is a surprisingly capable bike, as I found out by riding it around for a few weeks. Read on to see my full review.

First of all, let’s address the elephant in the room. The Jetson Bolt has no pedals, so I’m not sure if this is technically a “bicycle”.

I’d consider it more like scooter functionality in a small bicycle form. But that’s a lot of words, so I’ll keep calling it a bike.

Jetson Bolt electric bicycle tech specs

The Jetson Bolt e-bike is definitely small, tipping the scales at just 34 lbs (15.4 kg). It has a weight capacity of 250 lbs (113 kg), meaning even though it’s small, it can still handle larger riders.

Video review

The rear 250 W motor doesn’t sound like much, but it has surprisingly good torque. The little motor gets me up to the bike’s top speed of 15 mph (25 km/h) quite quickly. Keep in mind that there are no pedals, so that acceleration is entirely unassisted.

The range is rated at 17 miles (30 km), but I got around 2/3 of that before performance started to become sluggish. I’m not sure where they got 17 miles from, unless those are downhill miles. Still, 12 miles or so isn’t bad for this tiny e-bike. Considering it is meant for city riding, I can’t imagine riding much farther than that.

With a 36V and 5.2 Ah (187 Wh) battery, the Jetson Bolt isn’t meant to be a long haul e-bike.

Braking is accomplished via a single mechanical disc brake in the rear. It’s great for hardcore power slides (ask me how I know).

smartly, these, e-bikes, meet, internationally

A twist throttle, battery meter, cruise control button, on/off switch and horn button adorn the handlebars.

Front and rear LED lights are built into the frame and are powered by the main battery pack.

The Jetson Bolt folds down to 20″ x 40″ x 28″ (51 cm x 102 cm x 71 cm). It folds at the handlebars, not in the middle, but it still becomes fairly small. Definitely small enough to fit in any trunk.

Jetson Bolt ride quality

This little e-bike is actually pretty fun to ride. The first day or two I kept blindly feeling for pedals with my feet when I would takeoff. But I soon got used to the whole “no pedals” thing, and it eventually felt normal.

With a decently torquey motor and small 12″ diameter wheels, the Jetson Bolt gets up to speed quickly and I never felt like I needed to assist it.

The only time I missed having pedals was on hills, where it would slow down a bit.

I didn’t do a full range test because the lack of pedals meant I would have had to walk it back when it finally ran out. That’s probably the main downside to not having pedals.

But there are upsides too. The whole bike is super lightweight without a bunch of heavy bike components like pedals, cranks, chain, chain ring, cassette, derailleur, etc. Plus, you don’t have to worry about maintaining or adjusting those parts, and there are fewer things to break.

And with fewer bike parts, the price of the Jetson Bolt can come down without sacrificing the quality of the electrical components.

I would have loved to have some suspension to smooth the ride a bit, but of course you couldn’t hit this weight or price point with suspension. And with the relatively wide tires and plush seat, the ride isn’t as harsh as you might expect. You could always add a suspension seat post if you really wanted some extra comfort.

smartly, these, e-bikes, meet, internationally

My Takeaway

For the price (399), the Jetson Bolt e-bike is an awesome ride. It can do everything an electric scooter can do, but lets you sit down like on a bicycle.

It’s not an amazing e-bike by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve ridden e-bikes that go faster and farther and with more features. But I’ve never ridden one as affordable. And considering that this bike is decent quality, it offers quite good bang for your buck.

Until now the best mini e-bike I’ve ridden has been the 489 Swagtron EB-5. But if you can do without pedals and want to save nearly 100, the Jetson Bolt gives the EB-5 a real run for its money.

I think the Jetson Bolt e-bike would be best for city riders or students on a college campus. It’s small, easy to stow or carry up stairs (especially with the built-in carry handle) and is just an all around fun little e-bike.

As a last-mile vehicle, it’s perfect. If you need a way to get from your home or work to the train or bus, this could be it. It folds, allowing it to board many forms of public transportation, and could turn a half hour walk into an 8 minute joy ride.

If you’ve been considering an electric bicycle for commuting but haven’t wanted to invest much money, this could be your answer.

What do you think of the Jetson Bolt? Could you see yourself scooting around on this little e-bike? Let us know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

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