Burromax TT250 24V 250W Kids Off Road Electric Ride On Mini Pocket Dirt Bike…

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Long Term Review

Having my kids go dirt biking is something that I really enjoy. It’s fun to see the excitement on their face. Dirt biking also teaches kids to overcome fear and obstacles in your path.

I choose to buy a Razor MX 350 Dirt Rocket for my kids to learn to dirt bike on.

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Top 5 reasons your kids should start on the Razor MX350

Getting a Razor MX350 is a Smart move when it comes to teaching your kids how to dirt bike. The stress level is way lower than a standard ICE dirt bike.

No noise means you can chat with your kid while coaching him what to do. It also makes it less intimidating.

Not having to worry about the dirt bike dying on them is also a really big plus.

No gears allow them to get comfortable with twisting the throttle. If fact once I switch my kids to a CRF50 I always had them start and ride in 2nd gear as 1st gear was too snappy and can result in whiskey throttle.

They can ride the dirt bike in the back yard at any time. This allowed my kids to practice WAY more as Mom and Dad didn’t have to start the bike or worry about neighbors.

Razor MX350 SPECs

  • Charge time 4-6 hours
  • Top Speed 14 MPH
  • Run Time 30 mins
  • Lead Acid Battery

The Razor MX350 comes with a twist throttle just like a normal dirt bike but it’s not the entire grip. The top speed on the Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket is 14 MPH. This actually quite fast and because this is an electric dirt bike there is no noise. Make sure that your kids are riding this electric dirt bike in areas that are safe. DO NOT LET THEM RIDE IT IN THE STREET.

The Charge time is 4-6 hours and the plug is easy to operate and uses standard US 110V plug.

The battery life on the Razor MX350 is around 30 minutes. This depends on how fast the rider is going and also the type of terrain. If your child is riding in sandy dirt the RAZOR MX350 battery drains MUCH faster.

How reliable is the Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket?

I was actually surprised by how well the Razor MX350 worked.

Is it as good as a Japanese or European dirt bike?

For me, it’s an OK for reliability as I have had a couple of friends that didn’t have as good as luck as me.

It lasted about 4 years before it gave up the ghost so to speak.

It’s important to keep the battery charged as much as possible. With the lead-acid battery, they need to be constantly charged up.

For the money, it actually is a good buy.


  • Run time isn’t long enough
  • Charge time is too long
  • No suspension
  • 5 out of 10 for reliable

You can actually buy a bigger brother to the Razor MX350 that has a crude working suspension so your kid isn’t getting jarred to death when riding in uneven terrain.

Charge The Bike Rating: 5 out of 10

Overall I feel like this is a solid buy if you don’t want to spend the money on a more expensive more intimidating ICE dirt bike when your kid is just getting started with dirt biking.

The last thing is you want is to spend 1000-1900 on a dirt bike that your kid is scared of or doesn’t like.

They will learn faster on an electric dirt bike.

If you would like an electric dirt bike that Is higher quality we actually have a couple of really good options on the kids electric dirt bike market

Burromax TT250 24V 250W Kids Off Road Electric Ride On Mini Dirt Bike White New

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Exceptional Customer Service

Product Overview

Every Inch of this bike says motorcycle! We have created the coolest and best quality piece out there. We’ve scaled down a cross between a TT Enduro and a Flat Tracker to give you a distinct look, added large diameter aluminum alloy wheels with 12.5 diameter pneumatic tires, rear disc brakes and a taller and wider 21 seat height for rider comfort with adjustable wide handle bars for added control. Heavy duty welded steel tube frame with adjustable mono shock rear suspension and telescopic front forks make this bike a very smooth ride. A realistic looking engine houses the power source and really helps set this bike apart from the competition. Our 250W motor with a 24V SLA deep cycle battery power system includes a charge indicator mounted on the motorcycle style twist grip throttle control.

Select the top speed for riders skill level at 7 mph or 14 mph, has a 14 mile range that can be recharged in 8hrs and comes with a 1.5 amp UL listed charger. A keyed ignition keeps the unit secure and simple to use charger makes for hours of fun for the kids!

Magicycle 52V Cruiser Mid Step-thru All Terrain Electric Bike

Ship in 2 Business Days from US


Range Per Charge (estimate)

Max 28 MPH with Pedal Assist

All Terrain Fat Tire Ebike

We hope this e-bike can help your family and you explore beautiful scenery with a more enjoyable and comfortable riding experience, fulfill your unsatisfied desire for riding inside your heart to ride free, ride fun.

Elevate Your Ride Fun

The Cruiser allows riders to enjoy the beauty and simplicity of a classic cruiser bike while also enjoying the convenience and efficiency of a modern electric bike.

V 750W 86 Nm Torque High-Power Motor

The Cruiser gives riders a strong 750-watt (peak) motor, delivering 86 Nm of torque, up to 28 MPH optimize your riding and 30% more power increased for super labor-saving and easy climbing, no more sweating. Magicycle Cruiser provides the highest torque of any fat tire e-bike in its price range, so the Cruiser owners can look forward to faster starts in heavy traffic and improved hill-climbing capability.

Large-Capacity 52V 15Ah Li-ion Battery

Magicycle Cruiser ships with a powerful high-quality battery which is a 52-volt 15ah hour battery. It energizes this fat tire electric bike for impressive ranges up to about 55 miles. The Cruiser comes with a 3A fast charger, providing a very quick recharge time of 3-5 hours. Take you further to explore the world!

Go For A Fun Ride With Your Family This Weekend

Tackle everything from your city commute to your favorite gravel road with Magicycle Cruiser electric bike! The free accessories included rear rack, front rear lights, and full fenders make this a great bike for everyday riding and epic adventures! Get on an electric bike and have a fun trip with your family this weekend.

Level Pedal Assist Makes Your Riding Easy And Effortless

With 7 level pedal assist, the higher the level, the higher the power and the faster the speed. Electric power-assistant starts when pedaling, and automatically shuts off when you stop pedaling or when the brake is applied

x4 Kenda Tires

Non-slip for Rainy Days. Puncture Resistant for Reliability. 26×4 Kenda non-slip puncture-resistant tires provide upgraded grip and traction, facilitating your riding on various terrains

Tektro Aries MD-M300 Mechanical Disc Brakes

Both the front and rear 180mm single action mechanical disc brakes provide ample stopping power even in the harshest condition. Super sensitive brakes make even steep slopes a piece of cake

Get to Know Magicycle Details Designed for Your Safety and Enjoyment






  • Battery 52V 15Ah Lithium Battery
  • Charger Short-circuit Proof 3.0A Fast Smart Charger
  • Range 30-55 Miles
  • Controller 52V 750W FOC Smart Controller, Current Range 7-22Ah (IPX8)
  • Hub Motor 750W Brushless Gear Motor
  • Recommended Rider Heights 5’5. 6’5
  • Display Color LCD Display with USB Charging
  • Charging Time 3. 5 Hours
  • Total Payload Capacity 350lbs
  • Weight 76lbs/34.5kg
  • Frame size 18
  • Pedal Assist Intelligent 7 Levels Pedal Assist with 12 Magnet Cadence Sensor
  • Tires 26 x 4 Kenda Fat Tires
  • Front Fork Alloy Front Suspension Fork with Lockout and Adjustment
  • Brake Lever Aluminum Alloy Comfort Grip Levers with Motor Cutoff Switch
  • Throttle Half Twist Throttle
  • Lights Integrated Front and Brake Lights
  • Pedal Wellgo Alloy Pedal with Reflectors
  • Freewheel Shimano-14-28T BROWN/BK
  • Bike Frame 6061 Aluminum Frame
  • Brake Tektro Aries MD-M300 Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Front Light 6V LED Light
  • Chain KMC Chain
  • Saddle Soft and Comfortable
  • Stem MA-400 SSABK
  • Seat Post Diameter 30.9mm length 300mm
  • Crank 42T,170mm Forged Alloy, Dual-sided Bashguard
  • Kickstand Heavy Duty Aluminum
  • Gearing Shimano 7 Speed Gear Shift System
  • Spokes 13 Gauge on the Front / 12 Gauge on the Back
  • A.- Total Length 74.02
  • B.- Handlebar Height 44.88
  • C.- Wheelbase 46.06
  • D.- Chain Stay Length 19.29
  • E.- Wheel Diameter 28.74
  • F.- Head Tube Length 5.91
  • G.- Handlebar Length 27.95
  • H.- Maximum Seat to Ground Height 39.76
  • I.- Minimum Seat to Ground Height 33.86
  • J.- Maximum Seat to Pedal Length 35.43
  • K.- Minimum Seat to Pedal Length 28.35
  • L.- Standover Height 32.68


What terrain is Magicycle Cruiser good for?

From roads, mountains, and sand to grass, Magicycle Cruiser can handle them all. 26X4 Kenda puncture-resistant tires offer upgrade grip and skid resistance ability. The fat tires provide good traction on gravel and dirt and put less pressure on the ground, which supports the rider to travel through the places that other bikes simply can’t go.

Are step-thru ebikes worth it?

Step-Through bikes are the best choice for professional needs, if you need a bike for the office then they prove to be the best choice. No matter what kind of formal attire you have, these bikes will keep you comfortable and relaxed. You also won’t need to worry about your dress getting dirty. It’s also extremely convenient for those who have leg problems.

How fast does Magicycle Cruiser go using the throttle?

burromax, tt250, 250w, kids, road

The default speed setting is 20mph, Magicyclebike is able to reach 28mph.

What’s the Ebike Classification of Magicycle Cruiser?

The factory default setting of the Magicycle Cruiser is Class 2, but it can be unlocked to Class 3.

Can I use the throttle in pedal assist mode?

Yes, both models can be used.

What’s the difference between the Step Over and the Step-Thru type?

burromax, tt250, 250w, kids, road

The only difference between the Step Over and the Step-Thru is the style. The two models are basically the same in terms of dimensions, battery, speed, components, etc.

Some customers prefer to have more of an eye-catching moped-looking bike which is easier to get on and off, whereas others prefer a sportier, more traditional frame. Regardless of the frame, you can still expect the same performance and ride!

What is the recommended tire pressure of Magicycle Cruiser?

Magicycle Cruiser should be between Min: 5 PSI ~ Max: 30 PSI.

Usually, you can check the recommended pressure on the tire sidewall which is how much you should inflate your tires.

What’s in the Magicycle Cruiser gift package?

①Bike Repair Tool (19 Value): We carefully selected the following repair tools according to our ebike features: 3 wrenches, 6 Allen Wrenches and 1 screwdriver.

②Magicycle Full Fenders (118 Value): Reducing the amount of water, mud, and grime that sprays up into your face, all over your bike and your backside is enough to warrant their use.

③Magicycle Rear Rack (99 Value): Provides a stable framework to hold gear on your ebike.

④Front Rear Lights (44 Value): Integrated front and rear lights keep you to be seen all the time.

Where can I compare all of the ebike models?

Check MODELS COMPARE to select the perfect bike for you!

Can I use the throttle in pedal assist mode?

Yes, both models can be used.

Yes, the battery is removable, you can take it out with the key.

Can I have a test riding before purchase?

Sure! Here is the Dealer Map. You can put your address in and choose the nearby shop for a test drive.

How long for the delivery times?

Place your order now, ship in 2 working days from the warehouse in California, and another 3-7 days delivery by FedEx.

How can I use the Magicoins?

We welcome our customers to use the Magicoins! Here is an article on how to earn Magicoins.

Does the bike come assembled?

The bike comes to you 90% assembled, you just need to put 1. front wheel 2. handlebar together, and it’s ready to go. Most customers find it easy and did it themselves.

Here is the link for the Magicycle assembly instructional video.- Front Tire Installation Full Assembly Instructions. This will make it easy for you, and our customers tell us it requires about 30 minutes to complete the assembly.

Razor Electric Dirt bike Review: MX Series Compared

Dirt biking is becoming one of America’s favorite past times, and there are several strong reasons for this. it lets you spend more time outdoors, you can do it with your kids, and it’s exciting!

However, it’s not all fun and games when it comes to these motor vehicles because they turn out to be a severe polluter.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency claims that a two-stroke engine dirt bike can emit the same amount of pollution per hour as thirty cars. This does a lot of harm to mother nature, and if you and your family do not want to be a part of this, then you better look up best electric dirt bikes.

Luckily for you, we’re going to help you do just that. Our article contains a list of reviews that ultimately let you know which is the best quality Razor electric dirt bike for kids.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, what exactly is an electric dirt bike?

An electric dirt bike is an off-road motorcycle that is powered by a battery, contrary to the traditional one that uses gasoline. It isn’t as powerful but is eco-friendly and it is a great option for kids who want to ride.

Razor is one of the leading manufacturers of electric vehicles for children and today, we will be reviewing their top 5 dirt bikes to assist you in choosing the best for your child.

In a hurry, after 30 hours of research we recommend:

Razor MX 500

Safety is the most important characteristic of a bike, and this one passes the test. Its throttle is very easy to use as it has variable speed settings, and the front and rear handbrakes stop the bike immediately.

SX500 McGarth

If you love motocross racing, then you surely know who Jeremy McGrath is. Razor decided to call their SX500 after this legendary rider, and we can say that this bike is worthy of its name.

Razor MX350

The MX350 was included in this list because we believe it is a perfect product for young kids wanting to try out a motorized ride. Since it has some drawbacks compared to MX650 and SX500, it earned third place.

Quick Comparison Table of Best Razor Bikes

Our Budget Pick Razor MX350

Great Budget Dirt Bike for Kids

Our Top Pick Razor MX 500

The best electric dirt bike

The Runner-Up SX500 McGarth

The review process

In this section, we are going to explain which aspects of the best electric dirt bikes we inspected. We find each of these to be an essential contributing factor in the buyer’s decision-making process and we hope that we covered the thing that interests you the most.


Age: what is the recommended age of the user for each particular bike model. You will notice how the manufacturer always raises the prescribed number of years, so if they say that a bike is intended for 13-year-olds, in reality, it can be ridden by 10-year-olds as well.Weight of Rider: the weight capacity of the dirt bike. This is the maximum weight of the rider that the bike can support, and it shouldn’t be neglected.

Technical Specifications

Weight and size: how heavy and how big is the bike. The weight of the bike is presented in pounds while the size is in inches.Material: what materials is it made of. Different parts of the bike are made from different materials, and we will generally write about the main part, which is usually made of steel.Performance: what speed can the bike reach. Speed is an important feature as some people prefer faster models, while others will want something more moderate since these products are intended for kids.Battery: how long can the battery last. Knowing the battery life (and how much it takes to charge) is crucial when planning your child’s rides.


Brakes: how responsive the brakes are. The more you know about this, the easier it will be to pick the suitable bike for your child’s age and skill level.Controls: whether the bike has single speed or variable speed settings.

Value for Money

Price: the total cost considering all the factors. You will see that it is not uncommon for a maker to overprice their product, so read this section carefully.Warranty: length and type of warranty. Some bikes have been reported to be delivered with malfunctioning parts, so it is crucial to have good warranty.User reviews: what users have to say about the bike. What better way to get unbiased information about a product that from fellow users.

Top 5 Razor Dirt Bikes for 2022

Razor MX650. The best electric dirt bike

‘We’ve had this for nearly three years, and it has been through the woods, mud, rocks, gravel, water. left out in the rain, sat through snowstorms and is still running quite well! We haven’t had to replace anything. even the charger has held up wonderfully!’ – this is what one user had to write regarding the bike’s durability.

MX 650 is the fastest out of all five bikes that we’ve reviewed today. Besides this, it is probably the best bike that this company has to offer.

Ok, so this one, being a serious machine, requires the rider to be at least 16 years of age. The weight limit is 220 lbs which means that most teenagers will be able to ride it with the exception of physically “advanced” ones. However, we personally do not see any problems with allowing younger children (10 years old and up) to have a go at this bike, as long as they know how to handle it properly.

Razor MX650. The best electric dirt bike

The bike’s dimensions are 56 x 24.5 x 36 inches, and it weighs around 90 pounds. The sturdy, steel construction guarantees quality and its authentic frame geometry help to generate additional power when going uphill. Its maximum speed is 22 mph which makes it the fastest Razor electric dirt bike. It might not sound like much, but this is a lot when it comes to these vehicles.

The 12V triumvirate (36V total) rechargeable batteries can last up to 40 minutes after which they need to be charged for around 12 hours.

In case you were wondering, the number 650 stands for the wattage of the motor.

Safety is the most important characteristic of a bike, and this one passes the test. Its throttle is very easy to use as it has variable speed settings, and the front and rear handbrakes stop the bike immediately. The latter is due to a dual disc braking system which is very responsive. The tires are large and knobby, and they make the ride pretty comfortable.

The manufacturer offers a 90-day warranty for this model, which is standard for all their bikes. Now, as far as the price is concerned, MX650 goes for around 430 on Amazon, which places it among Razors more expensive models. However, do not let the price throw you off as it is well worth it.

All of the above would be the reasons why we decided to award MX650 with the 1st place, as no other models display such an amazing combination of features.

What we liked Quality build Very safe and comfortable to ride 90-day warranty

What we didn’t like It takes 12 hours to charge the battery

SX500 McGarth – The Runner-Up

If you love motocross racing, then you surely know who Jeremy McGrath is. Razor decided to call their SX500 after this legendary rider, and we can say that this bike is worthy of its name.

The age requirement for this model is 14 years. Again, user reviews claim that younger children can ride it without any problems, and we share this opinion. The weight capacity is 175 pounds, which is excellent for a bike of its size.

Speaking of size, SX500’s dimensions are 56 x 36 x 24.5 inches, and its weight is 98.2 pounds, which makes it pretty similar to the MX650. However, it is not as fast as the former as its maximum speed is 15 mph. The same as all bikes from this manufacturer, it is made from steel.

SX500 McGarth – The Runner-Up

The variable speed motor gets its power from three 12V batteries, totaling at 36 V.

burromax, tt250, 250w, kids, road

Fully charged it can last around 40 minutes, and then it needs another 10-12 hours to recharge.

How safe is it? Well, we would say that its safety level is on a standard, high-level just like all other Razor Bikes. It’s easy to maneuver, with the twist throttle and dual-disc handbrakes, and the handlebars are adjustable.

If you thought that you could buy this Razor electric dirt bike cheap, think again. Its current price is 460, which is a lot, and it has the usual 90-day limited warranty.

No doubt that this is one of the best bikes on the market right now, so you’re probably wondering why it ended up second on this list? The reasons are minor, but are not to be neglected. it lacks power compared to MX650 and is a bit more expensive.

What we liked Sturdy and reliable Beautifully designed Comfortable and easy to ride

What we didn’t like Expensive The battery takes 12 hours to charge

Razor MX350 – Great Budget Dirt Bike for Kids

The MX350 is a perfect vehicle to help a child transition from a bicycle to a motor-powered two-wheeler, and in this section, we are going to look at the most critical aspects of this product.

First, of course, comes the recommended age of the riders which is 13 and above, according to Razor.

As with the previous models we reviewed, we believe that this is an overestimation and that younger kids can ride it easily. This is especially true considering the fact that MX350 supports weights up to 140 pounds, which some teenagers have already surpassed.

Razor MX350 – Great Budget Dirt Bike for Kids

How big is the bike? Its size is 44 x 24.5 x 31 inches which is significantly smaller than MX500 and MX650.

Naturally, it is also lighter weighing around 63 pounds. As you could have probably guessed, this model is less powerful than the previous two.

The motor has 350 watts, and the battery is only 24V. Because of this, the bike can only run for around 30 minutes until it uses up all the juice. It can reach the maximum speed of 14 mph, but this largely depends on the weight of the rider.

Now, when it comes to controls, this bike has a twist throttle which makes it pretty easy to maneuver. It has a single speed setting only, and considering that it is intended for beginners, this is ok. Its lightweight also adds to the ease of use, and the brakes are excellent as well.

A big downside is that MX350 does not have shocks to absorb the impact when riding on rough terrains. Luckily, the knobby tires are there to prevent the rider from bouncing too much. Another con is that there is no parent-lock so that you can limit the max speed if you don’t want your kid to be riding too fast.

This model more affordable than the previous ones and it goes for around 250, which is a great price. If something goes wrong, you have the usual 90-day warranty. After this period, it is necessary to conduct regular maintenance because Razor electric dirt bike parts aren’t very cheap.

The MX350 was included in this list because we believe it is a perfect product for young kids wanting to try out a motorized ride. Since it has some drawbacks compared to MX650 and SX500, it earned third place.

What we liked 90-day warranty Comfortable to ride Relatively cheap

What we didn’t like No shocks No parent-lock for speed limit adjustment

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