Bulls Urban Evo Spec Review – 2022. Evo e bike

Bulls Urban Evo Spec Review – 2022

Welcome to our BULLS URBAN EVO review. To better help you get an idea of the value of this electric bike, we break down the spec sheet to see if this e-bike is worth the price. The URBAN EVO is in such high demand that our review team hasn’t had the chance to try it out for themselves just yet. We’ve had many readers ask about the URBAN EVO, so we decided to do the next best thing and develop a spec review instead.

Our spec review was done by carefully analyzing the components the eBike shares with other ebikes we’ve ridden and noting the differences between the latest model and past BULLS electric bikes. By doing so, we hope our spec review of the BULLS URBAN EVO will give you a general idea of what to expect in terms of overall feel, features, and performance.

The BULLS URBAN EVO is a premium city commuter eBike, designed for those who want to cut down the time spent traveling to work or their favorite hot spots around town. Built with a sturdy 7005 aluminum frame, you have three frame sizes to choose from, ensuring that short and tall cyclists alike can both enjoy going out on the URBAN EVO.

Additionally, the URBAN EVO has a powerful Bosch Performance Speed mid-drive motor with an 85 Nm output. The bike can travel over 90 miles on a single charge thanks to the Bosch PowerTube 500 Wh battery. This is a 10-Speed eBike, providing precise gear control as you ride through the city and a bike that can come to a quick stop thanks to the large 180 mm rotor Magura hydraulic disc brakes.

While a few of the accessories are a little underwhelming, you do have a full accessory lineup included with the bike, including a flick bell, headlight, tail light, kickstand, and more. If you want an eBike that offers incredible speed and power while being sturdy enough to take a crash or two, keep on reading for our full spec review of the BULLS URBAN EVO electric bike!

Who It’s For: Cyclists who want a speedy and durable city commuter electric bike—especially well suited for those who have tough or bumpy road sections as part of their daily commute.

Bike Specs

  • FRAME: 7005 Aluminum Alloy
  • UI/REMOTE: Bosch Purion
  • BATTERY: Bosch Powertube 500 Wh
  • CHARGER: 4 Amp Charger
  • MOTOR: Bosch Performance Speed Mid-Drive Motor, 350 W / 85 Nm
  • CHAIN: KMCe Chain
  • SHIFT LEVERS: Shimano Deore SL-M6000
  • CASSETTE: Shimano CS-HG500, 10-speed, 11-42T Cassette
  • CHAINRINGS: SR Suntour 22T Chainring
  • DERAILLEUR: Shimano Deore RD-M6000GS-D
  • RIMS: Ryde HC-26S, Double Wall Aluminum Alloy 32 Hole
  • TIRES: Schwalbe Marathon Supreme HD Tires, 28’’ x 2’’
  • SADDLE: Selle Royal Shadow Plus
  • STEM: BULLS, 90 mm / 100 mm, Aluminum Alloy Stem
  • HANDLEBARS: BULLS, 640 mm, Aluminum Alloy Handlebars
  • GRIPS: Velo Sportive ERgonomic Rubber Locking Grips
  • BRAKES: Magura MT4E Hydraulic Disc Brakes, 180 mm Rotors
  • PEDALS: Wellgo Plastic Platform with Anti-Slip Rubber Tread
  • KICKSTAND: Hebie FIX 664 Adjustable Rear Kickstand
  • BELL: Flick Bell
  • HEADLIGHT: Supernova V521S
  • TAIL LIGHT: Supernova M99E12
  • FENDERS: SKS Plastic Fenders



  • 7005 Aluminum Alloy FrameExtra-durable eBike frame that provides more weight support and sturdiness over a typical 6061 aluminum alloy frame. Available in three frame sizes, with an average full assembly weight of about 51.3 pounds.
  • Bosch Powertube 500 WhWell hidden, protected eBike battery if you crash and disguises that you’re riding an electric bike. Able to travel over 90 miles on a single charge with optimal riding settings.
  • 4 Amp ChargerWhile the charger may be larger than what you usually get with an eBike, the extra charging power cuts down on time needed to refill the battery. Full recharge time will typically take 4 to 5 hours to go from 0% to 100%.
  • Bosch Performance Speed Mid-Drive Motor, 350 W / 85 NmMid-drive motor that closely emulates the feel you have of riding a traditional bicycle. Low battery drain, but with powerful torque behind it to help you climb any hill you come or accelerate quickly to keep up with traffic.
  • Bosch Purion DisplaySmall, compact LCD display that provides your standard set of readouts on an eBike controller. Four pedal-assist options to choose from, with a five battery level meter to track your overall battery life.
  • Shimano CS-HG500, 11-42T Cassette with an SR Suntour 22 T ChainringDynamic 10-Speed eBike, helping you pick your precise pedal cadence while you ride this electric bike. Plastic slap guards and fenders help keep the drivetrain clear of debris while also making sure the KMCe chain stays on while shifting.
  • Schwalbe Marathon Supreme HD Tires, 28’’ x 2’’Tall, thin tires designed with excellent maneuverability and Rapid acceleration in mind. Evolution Line HD Speed Guard is specifically optimized to prevent cyclists from suffering a blow out when traveling at high speeds.
  • Aluminum Alloy Handlebars and SR Suntour NRX-E Suspension with 63 mm travelWide, low-rise handlebars to help you have a more relaxed riding experience even when traveling at high speeds. Moderate suspension support is also included enabling a smoother riding experience over bumpy and rough terrain.
  • Magura MT4E Hydraulic Disc Brakes, 180 mm RotorsLong-lasting, ultra-durable braking system with quick, easy responsive feedback when you pull on the brake levers. 180 mm sized rotors are well suited for coming to a swift and steady stop, even when riding at high speeds.
  • Wellgo Plastic Platform with Anti-Slip Rubber TreadPlastic platform pedals with an anti-slip rubber tread for additional traction support, along with reducing the wear and tear on your shoes. Good pedal setup, but not as good as real aluminum alloy platform pedals.

In-Depth Review


The BULLS URBAN EVO eBike is constructed with a 7005 aluminum alloy frame. 7005 aluminum costs more and is heavier than 6061 aluminum, the most common alloy for eBike frame construction. However, the trade-off is that the URBAN EVO is sturdier and supports more weight, making it a better option for larger and heavier cyclists or those who take a lot of gear with them to work.

Furthermore, the URBAN EVO offers a premium experience. It has three different frame sizes to choose from, helping short and tall cyclists find a good, comfortable fit for their riding needs. The URBAN EVO is only available in one color. But it’s such a great looking bike that we don’t mind the lack of color options.

Motor Battery

The BULLS URBAN EVO is a class III eBike, with pedal activated motor assistance up to 28 MPH.

City commuter bikes need a robust and powerful motor that will help them keep up with traffic or race up tough, steep hills even when loaded with cargo. We’re happy to announce that the URBAN EVO is well suited for riding in the city, meeting these standards with a powerful Bosch Performance Speed motor. The mid-drive engine provides a very natural riding feel, with a low 350 W battery drain while offering great 85 Nm of torque. If you want to cut down your bicycle commute time to get to work, you’ll do it with the URBAN EVO electric bike.

The URBAN EVO electric bike also stands out thanks to the great battery and charger setup it has. The Bosch PowerTube 500 Wh battery can travel over 90 miles on a single charge, with the battery well hidden within the central downtube of the eBike.

The hidden battery disguises the fact that you’re riding an eBike, while also providing added protection for the battery if you suffer a significant crash. When it comes time to charge the battery, you can do it in about 4 to 5 hours with the premium 4 Amp charger included with the URBAN EVO. The charger is slightly larger and heavier than your average 2 Amp charger. Still, due to the large battery capacity, charging would be several hours longer if you were using a standard eBike charger.

Display/Assist Modes

Found on the left handlebar, the URBAN EVO has a Bosch Purion display, a compact controller used to change your motor settings while providing critical riding metrics and information. The Purion display is small, ensuring your handlebar control isn’t disrupted and requires just a tap of a button to change your pedal- assist level.

It is a good display unit, but it isn’t as advanced as many other displays you find on premium eBikes, including the Bosch Intuvia display. If you don’t mind a simple display unit, you’ll like the Bosch Purion display. Otherwise, it’s a lot of work replacing the display, so it’s best to let a professional at the bike shop do the job. A full list of riding readouts, metrics, and settings for the Bosch Purion display are as follows:

BULLS URBAN EVO Bosch Purion LCD Display Readouts, Metrics, and Settings:

  • Current Speed
  • Battery Level (Five Levels)
  • Estimated Range
  • Pedal Assist Level (Four Levels Walk Mode)
  • Trip Distance
  • Total Distance
  • Light Settings

You may be new or unfamiliar with eBikes, so let us explain how the pedal-assist system works. You can select a high pedal-assist level to prioritize motor power and acceleration if you don’t mind your battery draining quicker.

If you care about having the best range on your eBike, set the pedal-assist to a lower level, improving how far you can travel but decreasing your motor power. Just tap the or – buttons on the controller and you can switch your overall pedal-assist level, so make sure you experiment with each setting as you familiarize yourself with the BULLS URBAN EVO!


  • On Streets- The BULLS URBAN EVO is designed for riding in the city, where it offers stellar performance and handling as a city commuter eBike. You’ll accelerate very quickly thanks to the tall, thin tires along with the powerful mid-drive motor. Braking is safe and easy due to the hydraulic disc brakes, and with a mostly integrated wire design, you’ll hardly ever have to service them either. With moderate suspension support, you’ll find that traveling over cobblestone streets and gravel roads will be a mostly smooth experience as well. Stick to urban riding, and you’ll have excellent overall handling with the BULLS URBAN EVO electric bike.
  • Turn Radius- The BULLS URBAN EVO has a very tight turn radius thanks to the 2’’ wide wheels. You can round corners with ease, zip down narrow alleyways, and get the URBAN EVO out of the weather and indoors with little to no struggle. If you want a highly responsive city commuter, the BULLS URBAN EVO is worth considering.
  • Low-Speed Handling- At 51.3 lbs, the BULLS URBAN EVO isn’t too difficult to handle at low speeds, though there are a couple of options to make it even easier. You can set the motor to Eco mode, which provides a small boost while pedaling so you can concentrate on handling without forcing you to travel at high speeds. You can also get off the eBike and turn on walk mode, which pushes the eBike without you having to pedal at all. While both of these settings require battery power, the drain is minimal and has little to no impact on your overall travel range.


There is plenty to like about the drivetrain on the BULLS URBAN EVO eBike, which consists of a Shimano CS-HG500, 11-42T cassette with an SR Suntour 22 T chainring and KMCe chain. The URBAN EVO is a 10-Speed eBike, which gives you dynamic gear control to help you find the perfect cadence as you try to keep pace with traffic while riding.

While we would like a bit more coverage, we appreciate the plastic slap guard and SKS plastic fenders, both of which keep the drivetrain very clean when you ride on wet and muddy days. The slap guard and fenders also have the added benefit of helping the chain stay on the drivetrain while you shift, so if you stick to riding in the city, you’ll hardly ever need to service your eBike drivetrain.


Next, we have Magura MT4E hydraulic disc brakes, with 180 mm sized rotors used for the front and back wheel alike. The MT4E hydraulic brakes are typically found on heavy-duty mountain bikes, so they will be more than enough to help you come to a quick and steady stop while riding in the city.

This is especially true once you factor in the 180 mm sized rotors, providing extra stopping power compared to smaller 160 mm sized rotors even if they are a bit heavier. Hydraulic disc brakes are our preferred braking setup for several reasons, including outstanding durability and better lever feedback response than mechanical disc brakes. When you need to slow down, you’ll be able to do so comfortably on the BULLS URBAN EVO electric bike.


You typically don’t need a ton of suspension on a city commuter eBike, but it makes the overall riding experience a more enjoyable one when it’s included. The URBAN EVO has an SR Suntour NRX-E air suspension fork with 63 mm of travel and remote lockout.

If you hit a cobblestone path, gravel road, or other bumpy surfaces, you’re going to feel far more steady on the URBAN EVO because of the suspension provided by the front fork. Just don’t hit too many mountain bike trails because while the suspension system is optimized for handling dirt trails, the wheel setup isn’t configured for it.


The pedals are the one area where we feel a bit let down by the BULLS URBAN EVO electric bike. Instead of aluminum platform pedals that you hope to see on premium eBikes, the URBAN EVO features plastic platform pedals instead. While the plastic pedals do have a rubber tread for more generous traction support and decrease wear and tear as you ride on your shoes, it doesn’t match the quality provided by authentic aluminum platform pedals. As such, if you do get the BULLS URBAN EVO electric bike, swapping out and upgrading your pedals would be our first upgrade recommendation.

Grips and Saddle

There are three frame sizes to choose from, so the BULLS URBAN EVO is already going to feel more comfortable than your traditional eBike setup. Even so, there are a few other components that will make every trip on the URBAN EVO an even more enjoyable experience.

The VELO Sportive grips feature a rubber ergonomic design, made so you can ride for several hours without irritating your hands, even if you don’t wear riding gloves. The grips lock onto the handlebars, providing a tighter hold while making them easier to replace than grips glued on.

The handlebars are low-rise aluminum alloy handlebars with a 640 mm length. They are positioned to help you maintain a more passive and comfortable riding style even when traveling at high speeds.

Lastly, the Selle Royal Shadow Plus saddle is just as comfortable to sit on as it is enjoyable to look at, with a sleek jet black look that matches the rest of the eBike. In style and comfort, it’s hard to argue against the design of the BULLS URBAN EVO electric bike.

Wheels and Tires

Going over the BULLS URBAN EVO’s performance, the final major component we want to discuss is the wheel setup. The wheels are made up of Schwalbe Marathon Supreme HD 28’’ x 2’’ tires mounted on RYDE HC-26 double-wall aluminum alloy 36 hole rims. The front wheel features 14 gauge stainless steel spokes, while the back wheel is a bit lighter with a 13 gauge stainless steel design instead.

The tires can be inflated from 30 PSI, for loose terrain riding, to 70 PSI, for greater traction and acceleration on smooth, paved surfaces. Finally, the tires also incorporate Evolution Line HD Speed Guard protection, a technology designed to reduce the risk of a blow significantly out when traveling at high speeds. All in all, these are fantastic wheels that’ll help you travel thousands of miles as you enjoy using the BULLS URBAN EVO electric bike.


The BULLS URBAN EVO is an expensive eBike. But while it has a high price, it offers excellent value with all of its accessories. A powerful headlight and taillight combination, a kickstand, a flick bell, and a few other add-ons are all included with this eBike.

The pedals do need an upgrade to aluminum. And we also think that the rear cargo rack is a bit lackluster. Because the rear cargo rack doesn’t have a flat top, you can only hang a pannier (or other bags that hang off the side) on the cargo rack.

However, these are minor complaints when it comes to an otherwise stellar eBike. There isn’t much else we think you need to upgrade or add to this electric bike.


The BULLS URBAN EVO is a true premium electric bike, with only a few component let downs holding back an otherwise exceptional city commuter.

The 7005 aluminum frame provides a more stable riding experience and has the added benefit of being extra durable and less likely to break if you crash.

The mid-drive Bosch Performance Speed motor has a stellar 85 Nm output, more than able to help you reach 28 MPH in seconds, with a Bosch PowerTube 500 Wh battery that provides a 90 mile range on a single charge.

The Shimano 10-Speed drivetrain is very reliable while also providing great gear control. Simultaneously, the Magura hydraulic disc brakes and 180 mm rotors will be just as dependable when you need to come to a stop.

The pedals and cargo rack could use improvements, but the headlight, taillight, saddle, grips, handlebars, and other components all stand out as premium accessory inclusions. The quality of premium eBikes can range from model to model, but with the BULLS URBAN EVO, you genuinely have one of the best electric bikes on the market!

Thank you for reading our spec review of the BULLS URBAN EVO city commuter electric bike. If you would like to see our team do a performance or video review, please let us know by leaving a comment below!

Cannondale launches 11.3kg SuperSix EVO Neo road e-bike

Cannondale has today launched the SuperSix EVO Neo road e-bike. As the name suggests it inherits a number of characteristics from the new SuperSix EVO such as the low weight and lively handling but gains 250w of electric assistance for added entertainment.

First spotted at the Criterium du Dauphine, the non-electric SuperSix EVO, Cannondale’s flagship carbon road race bike, was given a full makeover this summer, ditching the traditional round-tubed frame geometry in favour of dropped seatstays and truncated aerofoil tube shapes. It was also treated to an integrated SAVE SystemBar handlebar, Knot stem and aerodynamic Knot seatpost, making it the most aerodynamic lightweight bike on the market. We’ve currently got one in for testing, so to see how it’s doing at converting our purist sensibilities, see our SuperSix first ride review.

The SuperSix EVO Neo e-bike takes advantage of these fresh design innovations by employing a 250w Mahle-powered ebikemotion X35 rear hub and a 250wh battery hidden inside the enlarged downtube. An integrated top-tube button cycles through the three modes, which offer assistance of up to 20mph (USA) and 25kph (EU).

Talking ahead of the new e-bike launch, Nathan Barry, Design Engineer at Cannondale said, “We know that drag reduction has a huge effect on speed and performance in cycling. This holds true for e-road bikes as well; reducing drag makes it easier to go faster, especially once riders go above the assistance threshold.”

Tech specs: Cannondale SuperSix EVO Neo

The new SuperSix EVO Neo road e-bike is available in three models, simply denoted by numbers from One to Three, with the One being the highest-spec option weighing in at 11.3kg. The added weight and greater speeds require greater stopping power, and following industry trends, all three models of the new SuperSix EVO Neo utilise disc-brake actuation. The range will start at £3599.99 and feature a Shimano 105 groupset, the mid-range option will be £4999.99 with Shimano Ultegra, and the range tops out at £7999.99 replete with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2.

The SuperSix EVO Neo will be available in just three sizes: small, medium and large, which represents a departure from the American company’s usual eight-prong sizing chart.

Rise of the E-Bike

The e-bike trend has been on an upward trajectory for a number of years now, the concept of which has given rise to hybrid bikes and e-MTBs. Road bikes aren’t completely new to electricity either. Cannondale has been producing the highly impressive Synapse Neo for a few years already, which is listed in our guide to the best road e-bikes. This year, however, has seen the introduction of electric performance road bikes, aimed at riders of all abilities (older and less fit riders included), as well as those who are recovering from injury but still want to mix it up on the local chain-gang or Sunday club run.

New app: ride green, ride lean

As with a number of Cannondale’s other 2020 bikes, the SuperSix EVO Neo will come fitted with a wheel sensor which can be paired with Cannondale’s own app. By adding your SuperSix EVO Neo to the app’s ‘garage’, you can log ride data (time, calories, speed and distance).

interestingly, however, it can also provide suggested service intervals based on time ridden and kilometres covered, and when it comes to replacing serviceable parts, the app contains all the necessary spare parts, along with their respective part numbers. This will nullify the compatibility headaches when buying online and it will make your local bike shop’s mechanic’s life much easier, saving you labour costs in the long run.

Finally, the app can even calculate your carbon footprint and fuel saved based on your time in the saddle.

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On the bike, 30-year-old Josh has been riding and racing since his early teens. He started out racing cross country when 26-inch wheels and triple chainsets were still mainstream, but he found favour in road racing in his early 20s and has never looked back. He’s always training for the next big event and is keen to get his hands on the newest tech to help. He enjoys a good long ride on road or gravel, but he’s most alive when he’s elbow-to-elbow in a local criterium.

E-Nova Evo PT Basalt

KOGA offers a choice of 3 removable Powerpack batteries, each with a different capacity (400. 625 Wh) for Koga bicycles with Bosch motor. You can easily choose the battery that best suits your needs in terms of range.

The above price includes VAT and excludes advised delivery costs of €12.50 and for the Netherlands a recycling contribution for the battery of €4.50

  • Super smooth-welded aluminium frame; an elegant appearance without visible welding seams.
  • The extra-powerful Bosch Active motor and the integrated battery are situated in the bike’s centre for ideal weight distribution.
  • The Gates CDX belt drive is easily maintained and lasts up to three times longer than a chain.


This elegant and comfortable e-cruiser boasts a state-of-the-art, fully-integrated in-tube battery; belt drive, and a modern sleek design. Resulting in a smooth ride for the discerning city slicker who enjoys leisure weekend rides getting lost on wandering country roads.


The battery is one of the most important parts of the E-bike, as it determines the distance you can travel with powered assistance.

Our E-Bikes with Bosch technology are equipped with different drive units.

The Intuvia display is fitted on all KOGA E-Bikes with Bosch technology.

Battery typeThe KOGA E-Bikes with Bosch technology feature one type of battery. This battery is integrated into the rear rack and is easily removable.Battery capacityThe Bosch battery has a capacity of 300, 400, 500 or 625 Wh.The number of Watt-hours (Wh) can be seen on the “tank” of the bike. In general, the higher the number of watt-hours, the greater the possible range of activity.

Our E-Bikes with Bosch technology are equipped with the Bosch Performance Line, Performance Line CX, Active Line or Active Line Plus motor. The 3-sensor system measures 1,000 times per second the level of assistance needed by the rider.

Location of the motor

The Bosch motor is mounted on the crankshaft, seamlessly integrated into the KOGA frame. The mid-motor gives the bike a better weight distribution and low centre of gravity with this ensures greater stability.

Torque of the motor

The torque of the motor is indicated in newton meters (Nm). The more newton meters (Nm), the stronger the assistance. The KOGA Bosch bikes are equipped with an motor of 48 Nm, 65 Nm or 75 Nm.

bulls, urban, spec, review, 2022, bike

The Intuvia display is fitted on all KOGA E-Bikes with Bosch technology. The display with its remote control unit facilitates the simple, safe and intuitive operation during each trip. With all available information being clearly displayed.


The KOGA E-Nova EVO PT is now temporarily reduced in price from KR 34799 for KR 32599! The E-Nova EVO PT comes standard with a 400Wh battery, giving you a range of up to 140 kilometres in ECO mode. So don’t wait too long and head to a KOGA retailer near you soon.

With the KOGA E-Nova you can be seen. These electric bicycles have a beautiful design and an optimal integration of as many parts as possible with which every distance can be reached in a comfortable way.


Intuvia display

The Intuvia display with its remote control unit facilitates the simple, safe and intuitive operation during each trip. With all available information being clearly displayed.

Bosch mid engine

The Bosch mid engine is seamlessly integrated into the frame. The 3-sensor system measures 1,000 times per second the level of assistance required by the rider.

Disc brakes

Many KOGA models are equipped with disc brakes. Disc brakes provide a stable braking performance in all weather conditions.

Crown Connect e-bike

KOGA Crown Connect technology, with the headlamp, mudguard, front fork and lighting cables perfectly integrated.

bulls, urban, spec, review, 2022, bike

Disc brakes

Many KOGA models are equipped with disc brakes. Disc brakes provide a stable braking performance in all weather conditions.

Thru Axle

Provides increased stiffness and stability.

Crown connect E-bike

KOGA Crown Connect technology, perfectly integrating headlight, fender, front fork and lighting cables.

Review of the Bulls Sturmvogel E Evo

Hey hey, this is Megan with Fly Rides! I want to put a spotlight today on one of the most stylish bikes in our line up right now- the Bulls Sturmvogel E EVO. For those that want to cruise around town, looking effortlessly chic, this bike will check all your boxes.

The Power-

It’s really strong, goes really far, and has a top speed of 20 mph! If that’s all you need to know, you can skip ahead

With ebikes, you want to make sure you have a strong enough motor to carry you along, with enough torque to get you started, and a big enough battery to last you for your longest rides. This bike uses the powerful Brose motor, with 90 nm of torque- that’s a lot! It’s still smooth though, and quiet. The motor is hidden in the bottom bracket shell, right where the crank (pedal) arms attach, which gives it a low center of gravity. Mid-drive motor bikes like these are the most popular on the market these days because the power feels more seamless and connected to the rider’s input. They are also also much easier to work on if you have a flat tire! The Sturmvogel also has a massive battery pack- 17.5Ah / 650 Wh, with the range listed as 137 miles (that would be in the lowest assist level, on flat ground). I’d say for the average rider on varied terrain, you’ll likely be able to go about 60 miles on the lowest level and at least 30 miles in the highest assist level. You can charge the battery on the bike, or easily remove it from the frame to charge it inside.

bulls, urban, spec, review, 2022, bike

The Looks-

With its elegant Euro styling, this bike looks super fresh! It comes in a classic soft white color, with cognac brown accents. The white wall tires, leather grips, and leather saddle look great together. The saddle is a little firm, which I do like, but if you want a little more cush for your tush, you could easily swap it out for another- I like the Selle Royal Drifter or the Brooks B17 Pre-aged. If you want to make the ride even softer, you could put on a BodyFloat seatpost- it’s like having rear suspension! The handlebars have a mustache design, which helps you sit up straight for your casual rides. It comes in four sizes- 41, 46, 51, and 56 cm. I’m about 5’5”, and the 46 is just about right for me- but I wouldn’t go any larger.

The bike looks super clean, partly because the battery and motor are so well integrated you barely notice them. It looks like a fixie, but it’s not! See the next section to find out why

The Components-

One of the best parts of going with a company like Bulls is that you know their components are going to be on point. The Sturmvogel has a Shimano Alfine rear derailleur and hub- internal shifting, no messy rear cassette to keep clean! Just like with a traditional derailleur, it works best if you shift when it’s not under load. If you see a hill coming up, go ahead and shift before you get there and ease off the pedals for about a second until it shifts.

The brakes are Shimano BR-M447s, and once you go hydraulic you’ll never want to go back. The levers pull so easily, you’ll never feel too worked with your hands. They are maintenance free day-to-day, you’ll just want to get them checked over every 6 months or 2K miles, to see if you need new pads.

The Sturmvogel comes with built-in lights that run off the battery power- so convenient! The display is easy to use and takes up hardly any room. Just give a firm push up or down to control your pedal assist level.

The Lowdown-

This bike is for the relaxed urban rider, who wants to look fresh on their way to brunch and running errands, and wants a low maintenance, powerful, and quality ride. The best way to decide if you like it, is to try one! Come down to our shop in La Jolla for test rides, and we’ll show you some great options.

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