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Bulls E-Bikes 2024: The highlights with Pinion MGU, Bosch SX and Bafang

Product news / E-Bike: Three new drive systems dominate the portfolio of the new Bulls E-Bikes 2024. In addition to numerous models with Pinion MGU, there is also a light E-MTB with Bosch SX motor and many models with the light Bafang R600 hub motor, from urban to children’s bikes.

Bulls E-Bikes 2024: Vuca Evo with Pinion MGU

Bulls is one of only nine manufacturers who have e-bikes with the new Pinion MGU in their range for the coming model year. All of these bikes have the new model name Vuca Evo. but they are very different in their orientation. The sportiest is the Vuca Evo AM, which is one of the few sporty E-MTBs with the motor-gear unit. 150 mm of travel, a main frame made of carbon and a sporty geometry. it should fulfill the wishes of many e-mountain bikers.

information about the Pinion MGU

Pinion MGU E-Drive System in the first test: The beginning of a new e-bike era?

Test / E-Bike: With the Pinion E-Drive System or the Pinion MGU, there is an exciting new name in e-bike drives. As a combination of gear shift and mid-engine, it is currently unique on the market. A classic shifting system is therefore superfluous, whether on a city bike or an E-MTB. We looked closely at the new system […]

The Vuca Evo FSX also has full suspension, but is much more tame and at the same time more suitable for everyday use. With 120 mm spring travel and full equipment including mudguards and luggage rack, it fits very well into the modern SUV category. If you can do without the suspension at the rear, you can also take a look at the Vuca Evo X, which also has 120 mm of travel at the front and is therefore also suitable for excursions into easy terrain.

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Even more bikes with Pinion MGU

All e-bikes with Pinion MGU at a glance: From city bikes to enduro E-MTBs

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All Vuca Evo models come from the factory with a 720 Wh battery in the down tube; the longer-range 200 Wh battery is available for an additional charge of 960 euros. With the Vuca Evo Speed ​​FSX and the Vuca Evo Speed ​​X there are also two S-Pedelecs in the portfolio. Nice: You can look forward to a high permissible total weight of 150 kg and approval for trailers across the entire model series. In addition, a carbon belt is used on all equipment variants.

Bull‘s Vuca Evo AM

If you are looking for an E-MTB with the new Pinion MGU, you don’t have a lot to choose from, at least for the time being. the Bulls Vuca AM is definitely a hot candidate. With its 150 mm of travel and a versatile geometry, it aims to be an all-rounder that works just as well on the trail as it does on a leisurely tour.

The main frame of the bike is made of carbon, the rear end is made of aluminum. The new 4-link swing arm rear triangle is exciting. A stiff, one-piece rear triangle is attached to the main frame via a multi-jointed damper link.

E-Stream EVO AM 4 27,5

The German Bulls electric bikes have made a strong entry into the market. Since 2010, Bulls has been developing frames based on the ENDURACE LITE CONCEPT (ELC), paying special attention to riding comfort and to keeping the overall weight as low as possible without forgetting the optimal transmission of pedaling power. On the one hand, stiffness is essential, but on the other hand, a very stiff frame is not very efficient.

All BULLS frames are developed on the basis of this concept, to transform our power in the most optimal way, while maintaining comfort by cushioning the bumps in the best possible way. Due largely to the extra wide base of the seat tube and the chain stays close to the wheel axle, the use of the rider’s energy increases exponentially, thus increasing the propulsion coefficient, which reflects the sense of their frames, thus ensuring that the energy used by the rider is not lost by being absorbed by a frame that twists.

When it comes to comfort, Bulls e-bikes are no slouch. The wider and flatter design of the tubes in the chainstays that surround the wheel axle offer the extra comfort we are looking for, absorbing a large part of the irregularities of the terrain. On the other hand, the oval-shaped tubes that run through the frame allow a quick and short compression, guaranteeing efficient damping when riding on uneven terrain.

The number of cyclists who use an electric motor to get where they had never imagined before continues to increase exponentially, such is the passion for these electric bicycles that they have even reached the field of sport. Based on the constant development that BULLS have had over the years in its bicycles, its extensive experience in the world of cycling in professional competition has been forced to move to the electric world, who else is in a better position to supply and satisfy such a demanding public as the user who is looking for an electric bike to explore the limits.

Bulls Bikes electrical system

In most of its electric models, BULLS mounts 250w central motors for daily use, on normal paths and roads with poor asphalt or in poor condition. This is especially true of the Hardtrail models, which are designed for this type of terrain without being mountain bikes. The Hardtrail models have a very low weight compared to other models and, together with the 250 watts of thrust, are especially fun to ride on any terrain. Carbon e-bikes are especially useful for those steeper slopes. In contrast to a conventional bike, climbing a hill on a bulls e-bike becomes something special, which is still there when you start the descent.

When the incline and the terrain itself becomes more demanding, it’s time to bring out the BULLS electric ALL-MOUNTAINs, which feature full suspension, compensating much more efficiently for the extra weight that the electric system brings to the package. Thanks to its dual suspension system with 120 millimeters of travel, you’ll be able to get over any bump or crevice without even knowing it. Its 250w central motors will support you at all times.

The BULLS Cross Electric series is what we need when our intention is not to climb steep slopes and we are looking for more sporty emotions, they will accompany us anywhere but where the Bulls Cross electric bikes really perform perfectly is through the daily jungle, they are supplied with the same central motors or mid.drive Bosch 250w, although not all models mount the Bosch motors, others, as we will see later, mount BROSE systems. To power these motors, Bulls electric bikes have batteries of up to 750 watt hours, which according to BULLS guarantee, depending on the mode of use.

Bulls and BROSE engines

BROSE electrical systems offer maximum performance with minimum noise.

Brose, as a global manufacturer of electric motors with units ranging from 250 watts to 500 watts, guarantees that the systems will work perfectly for many years to come. Without a doubt, what we like most about these latest models that Bulls is bringing to the market for 2016 is the inclusion of the BROSE electric systems.

From the very beginning, the BROSE electric systems mounted by Bulls have been focused on manufacturing a state-of-the-art electric motor, especially by focusing on the adaptation of the electric motors in the frames.

BROSE started the production of their motors in 2010, already in 2011, they presented their first ebike prototype, the series production motor started in 2014, their most used motors are 250w and 500w which reaches an amazing 90 Newton Meter, incredible for such a small motor, both running at 36 volts.

The operation of the BROSE engines is very similar to Yamaha and different from Bosch, the Brose engine can be installed in three different ways.

The Brose mid-motor provides perfect pedaling support at all times. Thanks to its high torque, it can be aggressive when desired, at the same time quiet and above all vibration-free, the 250-watt unit produced in Berlin more than does its job with an acceleration of up to 90 Nm. The motor weighs just 3,600 grams and integrates perfectly into the frame, improving even the best center of gravity, just like all other mid.drive or mid.drive motors.


The COPPERHEAD series actually includes four different full suspension electric mountain bikes. They all use the newest Gen4 Bosch Performance Line CX electric motors that were announced just two months ago. The CX line is the most powerful drivetain offered by Bosch and is especially well suited to climbing mountain trails — a key requirement in powerful electric mountain bikes.

The series also uses Bosch’s new 625 Wh Powertube batteries that are mounted inside the downtube of the bikes for a cleaner appearance.

One other addition to the COPPERHEAD family of bikes is the heavy-duty class hardtail COPPERHEAD EVO HD, which offers a step through frame while still retaining a weight rating for riders up to 330 lb (150 kg).


And for those that want to travel at higher speeds, BULLS offers the DESERT FALCON EVO with the new Gen4 Bosch Performance Line Speed motor. This motor can reach assisted speeds of up to 28 mph (45 km/h).

The gearbox in the motor has also been updated to reduce noise, though its hard to imagine any motor beating the quiet operation of Brose’s belt driven mid-drive motors.

The DESERT FALCON EVO gets a slightly smaller 500 Wh Powertube battery, though this style of electric road bike is designed for riders who usually provide more of their own assist and who travel on smoother terrain, and thus a smaller battery can often travel just as far in these cases.

The rest of the lineup

While the highlights are listed above, BULLS’ full line of new 2020 e-bikes includes a total of 18 new models:


eMTB Heavy Duty — COPPERHEAD EVO HD (Class 1)

eRoad — DESERT FALCON EVO (Class 3), ALPINE HAWK EVO (Class 1) and GRINDER EVO LITE (Class 1)

eSUV — ICONIC EVO TR 1 (Class 1) and ICONIC EVO TR 1 SPEED (Class 3)

eTrekking – CROSS LITE EVO (Class 1) and LACUBA EVO LITE (Class 1)

eSpeed — URBAN EVO 10 (Class 3)

Electrek’s Take

BULLS’ electric bikes are pricey, but having ridden a few of their electric mountain bikes on some pretty crazy terrain, I can say that these e-bikes are the real deal.

You just can’t hit the same kind of extreme surfaces and downhill trails on a 600 electric “mountain bike.” It’s not going to happen.

And while you don’t necessarily need the Bosch motors to keep up (and I’d argue there are far better options, despite Bosch’s obvious market dominance), it’s the geometry, suspension and component load out that makes BULLS electric mountain bikes so much fun, as well as so safe for riding serious trails.

If you’re looking for a simple e-bike for getting to work, these are overkill. Get a Rad Power Bike or something similar for under 450,500. We’ve tested them and they make fine commuters.

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But if you really want to explore places that are off the map, it’s these kinds of high-spec e-bikes that can handle the abuse that steep, overgrown mountain trails will throw at you. And I say that from experience.

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Iconic EVO 1 750 Evo 1 Speed

The BULLS Iconic EVO 1 Wave frame in bright yellow. We’re told this colorway hasn’t been made final yet, but we really dig the yellow.

For those not needing a full suspension commuter, BULLS has several hardtail options in their Iconic lineup with most of the same bells and whistles we saw in the TR full suspension version.

BULLS had a Iconic EVO 1 750 and an Iconic Evo 1 Speed at their tent at Sea Otter. The EVO 1 750 is the Class 1 version of the bike (also equipped with the Bosch Smart System) powered by a Bosch Performance Line CX motor and 750Wh battery. It’s build closely matches that of the full suspension version of the Iconic Evo 1, just minus the rear shock. The model we saw at Sea Otter was painted a striking yellow we really liked, though, sadly we’re told that colorway hasn’t been approved yet and it’s absent from the current BULLS catalogue.

Lastly, the hardtail Iconic will also be available in a speed version — the Iconic EVO 1 Speed. Like the full suspension speed bike, this too is equipped with the Gen 4 Bosch Performance Speed motor and a 625Wh battery.

The Power-

It’s really strong, goes really far, and has a top speed of 20 mph! If that’s all you need to know, you can skip ahead

With ebikes, you want to make sure you have a strong enough motor to carry you along, with enough torque to get you started, and a big enough battery to last you for your longest rides. This bike uses the powerful Brose motor, with 90 nm of torque- that’s a lot! It’s still smooth though, and quiet. The motor is hidden in the bottom bracket shell, right where the crank (pedal) arms attach, which gives it a low center of gravity. Mid-drive motor bikes like these are the most popular on the market these days because the power feels more seamless and connected to the rider’s input. They are also also much easier to work on if you have a flat tire! The Sturmvogel also has a massive battery pack- 17.5Ah / 650 Wh, with the range listed as 137 miles (that would be in the lowest assist level, on flat ground). I’d say for the average rider on varied terrain, you’ll likely be able to go about 60 miles on the lowest level and at least 30 miles in the highest assist level. You can charge the battery on the bike, or easily remove it from the frame to charge it inside.

The Looks-

With its elegant Euro styling, this bike looks super fresh! It comes in a classic soft white color, with cognac brown accents. The white wall tires, leather grips, and leather saddle look great together. The saddle is a little firm, which I do like, but if you want a little more cush for your tush, you could easily swap it out for another- I like the Selle Royal Drifter or the Brooks B17 Pre-aged. If you want to make the ride even softer, you could put on a BodyFloat seatpost- it’s like having rear suspension! The handlebars have a mustache design, which helps you sit up straight for your casual rides. It comes in four sizes- 41, 46, 51, and 56 cm. I’m about 5’5”, and the 46 is just about right for me- but I wouldn’t go any larger.

The bike looks super clean, partly because the battery and motor are so well integrated you barely notice them. It looks like a fixie, but it’s not! See the next section to find out why

The Components-

One of the best parts of going with a company like Bulls is that you know their components are going to be on point. The Sturmvogel has a Shimano Alfine rear derailleur and hub- internal shifting, no messy rear cassette to keep clean! Just like with a traditional derailleur, it works best if you shift when it’s not under load. If you see a hill coming up, go ahead and shift before you get there and ease off the pedals for about a second until it shifts.

The brakes are Shimano BR-M447s, and once you go hydraulic you’ll never want to go back. The levers pull so easily, you’ll never feel too worked with your hands. They are maintenance free day-to-day, you’ll just want to get them checked over every 6 months or 2K miles, to see if you need new pads.

The Sturmvogel comes with built-in lights that run off the battery power- so convenient! The display is easy to use and takes up hardly any room. Just give a firm push up or down to control your pedal assist level.

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