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Bosch eBike systems

The Drive Unit of the Bosch eBike system is available in the variants Performance Cruise (25 km/h) and Performance CX, as well as Active Cruise. Whether in the flow through the city, on extensive trails, or in alpine terrain, with the right support you can make every trip into your own personal eBike moment.

Bosch eBike Systems – the highlights at a glance

Gear shift detection Support up to Max. torque (Newton meters): TURBO (TU) SPORT (SP) TOUR (TO) ECO (EC) Weight
Performance Cruise 25 km/h Hub no 25km/h TU: 50 SP: 50 TO: 45 EC: 40 4kg
Performance Cruise 25 km/h Chain yes 25km/h TU: 60 SP: 55 TO: 50 EC: 40 4kg
Performance CX 25 km/h Chain yes (dynamic) 25km/h TU: 75 SP: 60 TO: 50 EC: 40 4kg
Active Cruise 25 km/h Hub no 25km/h TU: 48 SP: 45 TO: 40 EC: 35 4kg
Active Cruise 25 km/h Chain yes 25km/h TU: 50 SP: 45 TO: 40 EC: 35 4kg

The Drive Unit Active Cruise provides perfectly metered assistance up to 25 km/h. It is available on eBikes with chain and hub gears – on the latter optionally with backpedal function. The drive concept impresses with powerful electronics and a low-vibration motor. The optimized 3-sensor concept measures 1000 times per second with maximum precision for optimal power tuning and a new, unique riding experience.

The powerhouse:

The arrangement of the gear system provides for optimal integration of the Drive Unit design and for more ground clearance.

Lightweight and compact:

The reduced volume results in lower weight of the Drive Unit and a smaller pedal distance, thus increasing the ergonomics.

Award-winning design:

In addition to the premium Platinum version, the ergonomic eBike system recognized with the Red Dot Award for outstanding product design is now available in an inverse version with black as the main colour.

The Performance Line is designed for athletic and powerful riding and does justice to its name. Its dynamic drive impresses with high-performance support on any terrain: from flat to steep, from asphalt to trail. The Drive Unit invariably masters every style of riding. The difference is the technology behind the design of the components. The drive system convinces with powerful electronics and a low-vibration motor as well as low volume and weight. The optimized 3-sensor concept measures 1000 times per second with maximum precision for optimal power tuning and a new, unique riding experience. The optimal balance of performance and range is also a matter of pure enjoyment.

Drive Unit Performance CX

The Performance Line CX features a clearly noticeable increase in performance, with 75 Nm of maximum torque. This is further enhanced by the Drive Unit with a smaller housing and rugged powder coating. It provides powerful acceleration and the ultimate uphill flow when eBiking off-road or in the mountains.

Experience long-lasting power up to high cadences for sporty acceleration even in alpine terrain. In this way Bosch is making a clear statement for a completely new riding sensation and exceptional pedelec experience.

Power Pack – for optimal range

Select the battery that suits you. Bosch Power Packs are available in Australia with 400, and 500 Wh as frame or rack batteries for the Active and Performance Line. Common to all is their high energy density, exceptional mileage, long service life, low weight, and easy handling.

The highlights at a glance

PowerPack 400 PowerPack 500
Mount type Frame battery / rack battery Frame battery / rack battery
Voltage (V) 36 V 36 V
Capacity (Ah) 11 Ah 13.4 Ah
Energy content (Wh) 400 Wh 500 Wh
Weight (kg) 2.5 kg / 2.6 kg 2.6 kg / 2.7kg

Reliable, durable energy storage without memory effect and self-discharge – that defines the rechargeable batteries PowerPack 400. The Battery Management System (abbreviated to BMS) protects the batteries against overload, under voltage, and overheating. High-quality Single-Cell Monitoring (SCM) measures the voltage of each individual cell.

PowerPack 400 are lithium-ion batteries with 400Wh, available as rack or frame batteries, the latter sits very close to the center of gravity, which has advantages in manoeuvrability. The battery is mounted on the rack on bikes with low entry. No matter where they are attached – removal and charging of the batteries at the next outlet is simple.


Lowest weight in its class

Charging time:

Fastest charging of all eBike batteries


Simple handling thanks to handle and mount

Service life:

Battery Management System and individual cell monitoring for a long battery life

Ergonomic design – perfect handling:

Thanks to the handle and mount, the batteries can be easily inserted and removed again. The only thing easier is charging the Power Packs directly on the pedelec.

Easy to store and charge – anytime and anywhere:

Lithium-ion batteries have neither memory nor self-discharge effects. This means the Power Packs can also be partially recharged at any time – without affecting the service life.

With increased range, the new PowerPack 500 is the perfect choice for e-mountain bikers, athletic riders, commuters, and everyone who wants to ride further distances. The lithium-ion battery has the highest energy density with the smallest possible size and lightest weight.

Available as a frame or rack battery, the PowerPack 500 adds more capacity and performance to the battery series. In this way you can ride up even steep mountains or on trails with obstacles on your tour.


500Wh energy content

Optimized charging behaviour:

Full charge in approx. 4.5 h, 50% in 2 h

Best in class:

40-cell packs with the highest energy density (190Wh/kg) on the market and the lowest weight and volume. power with an unchanged size as compared to PowerPack 400.

High-energy and high-power cells:

The Bosch Power Packs combine high power and high performance. In this way you can travel long distances and climb even the steepest mountains.

Intuvia – the clever control center

With the on-board computer Intuvia, you control your pedelec experience easily and intuitively. The display, which is easy to read even in sunlight, informs you reliably about your current speed, distance, trip time, and range.

The highlights at a glance


Intuitive operation using the separate control unit.


All important information at a glance.

Charging mobile devices:

Using the integrated USB interface, you can charge mobile devices such as your smartphone while you are on the go.

Off-board mode:

Even when it is removed, Intuvia makes all tour data available at the press of a button.


Outstanding readability, exemplary ergonomics, and excellent handling.

From athletic to walking the bike:

Five riding modes can be selected – Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo, and Off.

New language versions:

Intuvia is now also available with a Swedish and Portuguese language menu.

Service interval display:

Value retention, durability, and safety through care and timely maintenance of all components of your pedelec at your Bosch eBike dealer.

Shift recommendation:

Your system detects whether you are in the optimum range of the Drive Unit and recommends a higher or lower gear. Using simple arrow symbols. The result: a more pleasant riding experience and optimum range.

In anthracite-coloured and platinum-coloured design in accordance with the Performance and Active Line, the on-board computer Intuvia Active presents itself as the control center of the eBike. It features simple, intuitive, and safe operation on the separate control unit.

Switching between the five riding modes plus walk assistance and calling up information such as speed, charging state, distance, and much more could not be easier. Even when removed from the eBike, Intuvia remains a useful information tool that makes it possible for you to retrieve all your tour data. The new shift recommendation shows an arrow to indicate the optimum moment for shifting gears. In this way you conserve both your own energy as well as battery power.

A USB port also allows you to charge external hardware such as smartphones and MP3 players. With Intuvia Active, high-precision distance measurements are now possible even after a wheel change. The eBiker himself can make fine adjustments to the wheel circumference at the touch of a button.

The five available riding modes – Turbo, Sport, Tour, Eco, and Off – can be easily and conveniently selected via the separate control unit without it being necessary to take one’s hands off the handlebar. Bosch offers the right riding mode for every riding style and every eBiker.

The Bosch eBike System provides five different riding modes to choose from. The right one for every eBike rider and every riding style.

Riding mode

How fast do I ride? How far can I still go? And wasn’t this hill steeper before – or is that due to the selected support recommendation? With a glance at the operating computer Intuvia on the handlebar, these questions can be answered for the eBiker faster than they come up. The five available riding modes – Turbo, Sport, Tour, Eco, and Off – can be easily and conveniently selected via the separate control unit depending on trip distance and the rider’s wishes, and even without it being necessary to take one’s hands off the handlebar.

The new shift recommendation shows an arrow to indicate the optimum moment for shifting gears. In this way you conserve both your own energy as well as battery power. The integrated walk assistance can also be controlled using Intuvia. When it’s time for a break, you simply remove the operating computer to read the tour data at your leisure. And because Intuvia even has a USB port, you can use the modern eBike operating computer to charge your mobile phone or MP3 player even while you are on the go.


Bosch Chargers are compact, lightweight, and rugged. And above all, really fast. To allow you to enjoy your eBike experience without interruption.

Doesn’t waste any time: The Bosch eBike Charger

With the Bosch eBike Charger, the PowerPack 400 are fully charged in no more than 3.5 hours. The new PowerPack 500 reaches its full charge in no more than 4.5 hours. Charging to 50% only takes approx. 1.5 hours with the PowerPack 400, and approx. 2 hours with the PowerPack 500.

Compact and lightweight:

The Bosch eBike Charger is only about as big as a water bottle and very lightweight, at just 800 grams. The Travel Charger weighs even less: The charging device for on the go weighs less than half a kilogram.

bosch, ebike, systems, trike

Functional, rugged, and silent:

An ergonomically shaped charging plug facilitates handling, and the very compact dimensions make the unit easy to stow in your luggage. The closed housing make the Charger stable and resistant to dirt, and charging does not make any disturbing noises.

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Bosch releases new electric bike Smart System

Bosch has announced the new eBike Flow app as well as hardware that come together to form its new Smart System, which looks to introduce greater customisation to its electric bike motors and controls.

Centred around Bosch’s 2020 Performance Line CX drive unit, the Smart System brings updates to all the other aspects of Bosch’s electric bike systems, with a new handlebar-mounted controller and head unit. There is also a new battery called the PowerTube 750, which Bosch says offers the maximum range in its current electric bike battery portfolio.

Having spent ten years producing drive units and software for electric bikes, Bosch’s latest releases look to future proof the brand too, with the app set to gain more features down the line and act as a means for electric bike riders to keep their bikes up to date.

eBike Flow app

The eBike Flow app lets you change your electric bike’s motor setting and automatically record rides. Bosch

Previously, Bosch let you modify the functionality of your ebike via its eBike Connect app, but with the release of its new eBike Flow app, its new features and ability to update ebikes should mean new developments in the future. Users will be able to change the riding mode of their electric bike via the app by adjusting support, dynamics, maximum speed and maximum torque on the bike’s Bosch drive unit. Bosch says that this will allow riders to set up their bike to match the style of riding and also route they are planning to ride. Higher speeds, for instance, might be desired for longer weekend rides in the countryside, but not when cycling through town. Another feature of the cycling app is its ability to automatically record rides as soon as you start pedalling, and Bosch says that you won’t even have to take your smartphone with you for this to happen. Bosch hasn’t gone into specifics on this one, but we imagine you’ll have to have location tracking permanently on and have your phone and the bike connected too. These recorded rides will provide ride and fitness data that can then be shared with apps such as Apple Health after the activity. Underneath the more technical and wow-y features, the eBike Flow app will also show metrics and important information that will help keep you and your ebike going. These include current battery charge levels, the ebike’s next scheduled service appointment and the total mileage of the drive unit in its different modes. Of less interest to the end consumer and maybe more to bike brands, Bosch says electric bike manufactures will be able to customise the appearance of the app to match up with their own. Bosch says the app will be available from autumn 2021 as a download for Android and iOS. It will support English, French and German with more languages to follow.

Smart System remote, head unity and battery

The new remote lets you control the drive unit and tells you all the essential info you need to know via LED lights. Bosch

The eBike Flow app forms one part of Bosch’s new Smart System alongside multiple other hardware changes. One of these is the new LED Remote control unit. Bosch says the remote is easy and intuitive to use with your thumb and will let you control the ebike system without a head unit. It will display all the most important information for the electric bike and its drive system via LED lights, including the current charge and support level. The other change is an update to Bosch’s Kiox head unit, now called the Kiox 300. This is said to have a clear display that can be read in any riding situation and to present all the relevant fitness data. Unlike the previous Kiox, the new version has a buttonless design and is controlled via the LED remote, as well as being connected to the eBike Flow app.

The system also includes the new rechargeable PowerTube 750 battery which Bosch says is aimed at “long and challenging rides”. Bosch claims the battery offers the maximum range in the current Bosch battery collection and is optimised for plenty of climbing and distance, making it a good bet for the best electric road bikes and the best electric mountain bikes. Like Bosch’s other PowerTube batteries, the 750 is a lithium-ion battery that fits in the frame of the bike. Bosch says the battery is “characterised by a particularly high energy density” and that it can be charged to 50 per cent in just over two hours and fully in around six hours using Bosch’s fast charger. Unfortunately, at this time, Bosch hasn’t gone into specifics about range but considering the best performing battery in its current portfolio is said to go over 220km in ‘Active mode’, there is some potentially serious mileage available with the PowerTube 750. We also presume the ‘750’ means the battery is 750Wh.

Eyes on the future?

Bosch is keen to stress how the new app and Smart System will evolve over time with new updates being introduced to the app and the app being able to send updates “over-the-air” to the system itself (downloaded to the app via the internet and sent to the bike via Bluetooth). Claus Fleish, CEO of Bosch eBike systems, says this will offer electric bike users extra value when they purchase an electric bike with the Bosch system: “They can update their eBikes themselves at any time and equip it with new features that we will develop in the future. This means that the eBike can be enhanced even after purchase and that it stays current throughout its entire service life”

Bosch says that over the coming years it will release many more features to make electric bikes smarter, more customised and safer. This will inevitably involve updates not just to software, but to electric bike hardware too. One of the examples of future hardware that Bosch has outlined is its ConnectModule, which will provide theft protection.

Compatible electric bikes will in the future be able to be retrofitted with the system. It will likely deter thieves with an audible alarm and let owners track the location of the bike via the eBike Flow app if the thief does ride off on the bike.

Electric Assist

Electric recumbent trikes allow you to enjoy longer rides and extend your workout time. It takes less effort than riding a normal bike so you can go further faster and can conquer rough terrain, hills, and distances for the ultimate recumbent trike experience.

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Take charge and harness the potential of electric assist without sacrificing quality or your wallet.

TerraTrike’s latest Electric Vehicle Option, the E.V.O., is powered by the powerful Bosch Performance Line Cruise motor and the PowerPack 400Wh battery. With a whisper-quiet motor capable of 65Nm of torque, this system is wickedly fun.

Bigger isn’t always better, at least when we talk about recumbent trikes. When it comes to the Catrike. a small frame doesn’t mean small features.

The Villager brings together engineering and innovation into one easy-to-use machine.

Go farther, faster, and with greater ease aboard an eCAT. The sense of freedom that comes with taking the path less traveled can be yours with just a pedal stroke of a Catrike Expedition.

At the heart of the Trail, there are features and design that makes this Catrike perfect for almost any rider.

Go farther, faster, and with greater ease aboard an eCAT. The innovative Catrike 5.5.9 is a premium Grand Touring Catrike. Experience high performance and spirited long-distance rides with extraordinary comfort.

Go farther, faster, and with greater ease aboard an eCAT. Catrike’s 16 years of engineering and experience have come together to create the Dumont. The Dumont is a folding, fully suspended Catrike with a 26″ rear wheel.


This Buying Guide Will Help You:

About Electric Assist on Recumbent Trikes

If you want to enjoy the experience of a recumbent trike but you have issues when it comes to keeping it going with your own leg power, electric assist may be precisely what you need. With an electric recumbent trike, you can enjoy longer rides and lengthen your workout times with a little boost from an electric motor. With electric assist, you can still enjoy all the benefits that a recumbent trike has to offer, but you don’t have to miss out on conquering rough terrain, hills, or longer distances because you can get a boost when you need it.

As the name suggests, electric assist helps you out when you need a little extra power, but it doesn’t use the electric motor all the time. You still have to use your own muscles and can still get a great workout. If you’re getting older and haven’t been able to ride in the same areas you did before, or you’re having trouble keeping up to your group, an electric recumbent trike is a great solution. Electric assist lets you exert yourself as much as you’d like while making it easier to travel the routes and trails you choose. There’s less stress on your body with an electric recumbent trike because you get to choose when to push harder and when to ease off and let the electric motor take over.

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Pfautec COMBO Bosch Mid-Drive 500Wh Electric Tricycle

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The Combo brings a particularly relaxed riding experience into your life. The rear-shifted seating position and the high handlebars enables comfortable seating and is gentle to the knees. Equipped with 7-speed hub and coaster brake from Shimano for easy mounting and dismounting. If you want a powerful and agile companion with lasting power and plenty of seat comfort, our Combo is the right choice. The rear-shifted seating position, high handlebars, and wide saddle with lower back support ensure plenty of comfort, even during longer tours. Equipped with a motor system by Bosch and a powerful 500Wh battery, you will consider our Combo as a reliable support in your everyday life and as a particularly comfortable vehicle concept that is intuitive and easy to use for everyone. The large rear basket also provides plenty of space for everything you need for an all-round relaxing trip. Comfortable sitting and riding The Combo is suitable for all those who like plenty of comfort. Due to the backward tilting seat tube and the high handlebars, the Combo is easy to ride even without physical effort and also makes it easy to get on and off the bike. If the saddle is optimally adjusted, you will land comfortably with your feet on the ground even when sitting.


  • Bosch Active-Line-Plus motor system
  • Purion display
  • 500Wh battery
  • Differential for optimal handling
  • Double wall rims
  • Battery-powered LED head and rear lights
  • Color: Papyrus white
  • 7-speed hub with coaster brake
  • Anti-flat tires
  • Keyed alike lock
  • Frame is steel with anticorrosive powder coating
  • Wheel size is 24
  • Payload of 264 lbs. and fits through standard doorways.
  • 7 speed hub with coaster brake
  • Rear shopping basket


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‘PFAU-Tec’ stands for quality ‘made in Germany’. That means no compromises when it comes to safety. The proven, therapy suitable bicycles / special tricycles for children and adults are produced from the construction to the complete assembly all in-house. This is a clear economic commitment to our region: PFAU-Tec and PFIFF together in Germany and now in the USA.


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-downhill, jumping, freestyle

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The best electric bike conversion kits 2023 and how to fit them

The best electric bike conversion kits can give you an extra boost of power without the expense of purchasing a new electric bike. We’ve fitted some of the best e-bike conversion kits ourselves, so will walk you through the process, how easy it is and how the different systems perform.

E-bikes are soaring in popularity – and for good reason. The best electric bikes replace a car for running errands around town and greatly increase the distances it’s possible to ride on one of the best commuter bikes. An e-bike can also be a great tool for boosting your fitness, whether that’s enabling you to ride with a greater range of people or offering the motivation of a greater range of roads to explore.

But is an e-bike worth it,? As the best ebike conversion kits promise to add power to an ‘analogue’ bike for a lot less than a full ebike, it’s an easy, cheaper way to get an electric boost.

In this guide we’ll take you through the surprisingly broad range of benefits an e-bike conversion kit has to offer and – most importantly – how to perform an e-bike conversion, based on our hands-on experience. For a walk-through on how to do it, you can check out the video above or read on for a step-by-step guide – it genuinely is so much simpler than you would think.

When buying an ebike conversion kit there are a number of factors you’ll need to consider. Most importantly you’ll need a kit that will fit your bike. To help with this it pays to take a few frame measurements, notably the width of your forks and the width of the rear stays, as well as noting the wheel size and the type of brakes. You can then match these details to the kit specifications.

Naturally you’ll also need to consider the cost and how much you chose to spend on an ebike conversion kit will be dictated by not only your budget but also your needs. If you’re unsure of just how much you’ll use the converted bike then it’s prudent to opt for a cheaper kit. you can always upgrade down the road.

You’ll also want to consider where the motor will be located, and match this to your bike and your mechanical prowess. Front hub motors are typically the easiest to fit, while mid-drive motors require more effort. A rear hub motor lies somewhere in between the two, and like a front hub option is applicable to a wide range of bikes.

Other considerations include the type of battery and the wattage rating. 36 or 48 volt battery is standard, with wattage usually running from 300 to 600 watts.

The Swytch kit is super-simple: just swap out your front wheel, wire up the controller and battery and you’re off. The battery is also very compact, allowing you to remove it from the bike easily to carry with you.

The TongSheng kit positions the motor at the centre of the bike, so it will fit to a wide range of designs. It’s lightweight for its high torque and power output, although you’ll need to buy the battery separately.

The Voilamart kit is an inexpensive rear wheel conversion option, although you’ll have to source a battery separately. It’s slightly fiddly to fit as well and requires additional waterproofing if you plan to ride in wet weather.

The best electric bike conversion kits

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bosch, ebike, systems, trike


Wheel sizes: Each wheel is custom built – specify your required size at checkout (Bromptons also catered for)

Reasons to avoid

The newly updated Swytch system is one of the simplest conversion kits to fit out there. The latest version, launched in August 2022, has a smaller, neater battery pack that improves the bike’s dynamics and lowers its weight. There’s the choice of the Air battery (700g, range 15km) or the Max battery (1,100g, range 30km). Both use the same mount, which places the battery to the front of the handlebar.

The motor sits in the front hub and we found it to be pretty discreet. Incidentally, the new batteries will work with the original motor and pedal sensor, so if you already own the original kit you can upgrade it with just a new battery without having to buy the whole kit again.

The Swytch kit is incredibly easy to fit. It took us around 30 minutes working at a steady pace.

We tested it on both a reasonably light two-speed steel bike and a heavier Pinnacle utility bike. It transformed the ride of the two-speed bike, making it fast, nimble and responsive. We also found the stated range to be conservative: after 20 miles on setting number two (medium assist) it had only used two bars out of five on the battery.

With the heavier Pinnacle on maximum assist (and on draggy routes) we were getting slightly under the 30km for the Max battery. As with all e-bike batteries, range depends on the terrain, weight of bike and level of assist.

Great customer support makes this one of the best kits for people who are new to working on their bike and who aren’t familiar with electrics. And even if you do have a strong background in both those areas, a simple system is always appreciated.

Reasons to avoid

Like the Bafang mid-drive system below, the TongSheng offers the same benefits of compatibility with a wide range of bike designs and a high torque for steep hills and off-road terrain. However, the TongSheng mid-drive does manage to be a little lighter than the Bafang for approximately the same power.

This model doesn’t come with a battery included, so you’ll have to source your own 36v item. As a rule of thumb, around 10Ah will give a range of 29km / 18mi, whereas going up to 18Ah will typically give around 53km / 33mi, so be sure to factor that in when you’re making your choice.

There’s a huge range of batteries sold on Amazon, but Green Cell is a particular brand we’d recommend.

We found fitting to be reasonably easy. As with most mid-drive systems, you replace your crank and chainring with the one provided in the kit. There’s an LCD display for attaching to your handlebars and you’ll need a battery to be hooked up to the motor.

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Reasons to avoid

A mid-motor drive system offers a number of benefits over hub-driven conversion kits. With the power delivered at the cranks it can produce more torque, making it more effective on particularly steep and bumpy terrain.

Another perk is that the compatibility is much greater – no concern about wheel diameters, hub widths, axle standards and brake type. No matter whether you’re running rim brakes or disc, quick release or thru-axle, the crank driven system is compatible with all.

The only proviso is that the frame material must be alloy and the bottom bracket width is 68–73mm – but that covers most bikes you’re likely to be fitting this system to.

There are a few aspects to be aware of, the first being that this system doesn’t include a battery and that typically makes up about half the cost of a conversion kit. Finding an e-bike battery is quite straightforward with many being sold on Amazon, with Green Cell being among those we’d recommend.

Just make sure to get a 36V one for this motor as a higher voltage can damage it. Also you should be aware that capacity of 10Ah will give you a range of about 29km / 18mi, while a capacity of 18Ah typically gives about 53km / 33mi – so be sure to factor in the distances you’re planning on riding.

Reasons to avoid

This radically different approach from Rubbee makes for an e-bike conversion with much fewer parts. The battery and motor are housed in a single unit which powers the bike directly turning the rear wheel with its integrated roller.

Not only is the initial installation notably fast and easy, the quick release system means that you can take off the unit for rides that you don’t wish to be assisted on. At 2.8kg, it doesn’t add much weight to that of the bike, making the bike easier to handle.

The range of this model is quite low, limited to Eco mode it only offers a range of 16km / 10mi – although taking the device off to charge at the other end is easy to do and it only takes an hour to top up. There is the option to increase your range by buying additional battery modules that fit into the base unit.

Up to three can be accommodated, which in turn increases the maximum range to 48km / 30mi, or around 23km / 14mi with moderately heavy use. However, unlike many other e-bike systems, the Rubbee X supports regenerative braking, allowing you to scrub back some power on the descents.

Reasons to avoid

Bafang is a well established maker of electric bike motors and offers a front hub based motor, if you’re not a fan of the bulky profile a mid motor conversion system creates. You can buy this kit without a battery – although why would you? – but if you sensibly also opt for a power-pack there’s a choice of amp hours, and you can select either a downtube or a rear-rack mounted version.

The setup follows the same principles as most front-wheel e-bike conversions. First you need to set up the wheel with a disc rotor, tyre and inner tube and install that into the bike. Then attach the cadence sensor – so it can tell when you’re pedalling and need assistance – then attach the battery and the LCD display and you’re essentially good to go!

It’s worth bearing in mind that although this conversion kit comes in many different wheel sizes, it is only compatible with bikes that have a front disc brake and a Quick-Release axle. If your disc brake bike is a newer, more expensive model, it might not be compatible, so worth checking first.

Remember, that in the UK electric bike laws mean that e-bikes are not permitted to have a power output of more than 250w and shouldn’t propel the bike when it’s travelling more than 15.5mph – you’ll have to make sure you select the right model with the relevant limitations.

Reasons to avoid

We’ve also tested the Voilamart kit, which comes with six main parts: the replacement rear wheel, the replacement brake levers, the control screen, pedal sensor, throttle and the control box. It doesn’t come with a battery however.

On review we found the kit pretty straightforward to fit, although you’ll need to remove the bike’s crank to fit the pedal sensor and this element of the conversion was a bit fiddly. Another potential drawback is that the connectors, which link to control unit, aren’t waterproof, with only a bag supplied to house the delicate electronics. While it does a good job of keeping everything tidy, we decided to buy a plastic enclosure, cut the wires to length, solder the connections and then heat shrink for added protection.

As for the ride, the rear wheel kit delivers plenty of power. However, since the pedal sensor only detects when you’re pedalling rather than how hard you’re pedalling it delivers the power as soon as your start to turn the crank arms. Fortunately, you can quickly adjust the level assistance, with five power options available.

All in all the Voliamart rear wheel kit is an affordable way to ‘go electric’, although it requires you to be mechanical competent to fit it and you’ll need to factor in the additional cost of a battery.

How to convert your bike to an e-bike in four steps

Here’s our step-by-step guide to how to add an electric bike conversion kit to your pedal-powered bike.

Swap the tyre and tube

Firstly, remove the tyre and tube from your current front wheel and then install them on the new wheel from the kit. Make sure to check if the tyre is directional, if it is, ensure that the tyre is mounted so that the cable sticking out of the hub is on the left-hand side (non-driveside) when the wheel is installed in the bike – otherwise it’ll be powered in the opposite direction to your direction of travel!

To swap the tyre and tube over, you will need some tyre levers and a pump. If you want to go over how to do these, we have a guide that can be accessed here.

Final points are to do up the nuts on the wheel’s axle to keep it firmly in place in the forks and to check that the brakes are correctly adjusted for the new wheel. If you’re unsure how to do that, we have another guide here.

Attach the bracket to the handlebars

There is a strap that needs to be attached to the bars to keep the bracket in place and stop it rotating around. There are also some adaptors included in the kit which can be used if your handlebars are a little skinnier.

But essentially all that’s needed to be done here is a couple of screws to clamp the bracket tightly to the bars.

Attach magnet disc and sensor

The magnet disc has a split design so it can just clip around the inside of the left (non-driveside crank) and is then held in place by its retention ring. Next, stick the sensor on the frame directly in line with the magnets – this will ensure that the sensor can tell when the cranks are moving.

Plug in the cables

The thickest one is the main power cable and that just needs to be plugged into the cable extending from the hub. The other orange cable attaches to the cadence sensor and this just needs plugging in as well.

It’s then a good idea to use some cable ties to tidy up the lengths of the cables a little bit, so they aren’t flapping about and risk getting caught on the spokes or on the cranks.

The blue cables, you don’t need to worry about, these are for an optional brake sensor upgrade kit.

Why convert your bike to an e-bike?

What types of conversion kit are available?

You can get conversion kits that power your front or rear wheel or power the bikes via the cranks.

Wheel-based systems usually have a hub motor and require replacement of your existing wheel with a compatible motorised one.

The alternative is a system like the Rubbee that drives your wheel by pushing on the tyre. Tyre wear can be an issue here though.

Finally, there are systems that power the e-bike via the bottom bracket.

Usually the e-bike’s battery will bolt onto your frame or be attached to your handlebars, although sometimes you can fit a battery pack to a rear rack.

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We’ve more on compatibility. which can be an issue. below.

How much does it cost to convert a bike to an e-bike?

vary depending on the type of conversion kit and the size of the battery. To give a rough Band, you can expect to pay a total of between £500 and £800 from a reputable brand, but there will be outliers at either end.

Is it worth converting a bike to an e-bike?

There are many reasons to upgrade your bike to offer a little e-assistance. On the one hand, it can greatly increase the usefulness of your bike, enabling you to replace short car journeys – such as around town, to the shops, or to work – with going by bike instead.

It’s a lot more environmentally friendly getting about on two wheels than in a two-ton metal box. It can also save you time – bikes are able to take more direct routes and are less affected by traffic, as well as eliminating the need to search for a parking space at the other end.

But beyond just their practical benefits, e-bikes can also be a potent tool for boosting your fitness. Consistency is key when it comes to exercise, so making commitments with friends is a great way to ensure you’re heading out the door. Previously, differing fitness levels could make it difficult to find a riding partner but with an e-bike levelling the playing field, getting in a productive workout (for both of you) with a friend is much easier to do.

Added to that, an e-bike can be much more motivating in that it opens up a far greater range of roads than you’d be able to access just under the power of your own two legs. Exploring new roads is part of the fun of riding a bike and an e-bike can help preserve that.

Can you convert any regular bike to an e-bike?

Most bikes can be converted to an e-bike – it just requires getting the matching the right conversion kit to match the specification.

For conversion kits where the motor is located at the wheel’s hub, you’ll need to consider the wheel’s diameter, the width and axle standard of the hub and whether it uses rim or disc brakes. For instance, a 700c (AKA, 28”) disc brake wheel with a 100mm wide quick-release hub is a relatively common spec. Once you’ve determined what type of wheel you need, the conversion is quite a straightforward process

Crank driven systems are generally easier in terms of determining compatibility; the requirements are typically just an alloy frame and a bottom bracket width of between 68 and 73mm – which is the standard for all road and mountain bikes, it’s only specialist bikes that have a different spacing there. In replacing the crankset, these systems are a bit more involved to fit than a hub system, but still well within the remit of a home mechanic.

Other kits, such as those that directly drive the rear tyre, have almost universal compatibility – provided your tyres aren’t too heavily treaded.

Are electric bike conversion kits any good?

You won’t be getting the very best motors and the largest, seamlessly integrated batteries with an e-bike conversion kit. But with that said, e-bike conversion kits are much cheaper than purchasing a whole new e-bike and they do deliver many of the same benefits.

Converted e-bikes are great for commuting and utility cycling, giving that extra boost to help flatten hills, motor along the flat and lug about heavy loads. E-bike conversions are also good for leisure cycling, helping to moderate your effort level as needed and greatly extending the range you can explore.

For more specialist utility needs, buying a new cargo e-bike would help boost your carrying capacity and range. Equally, for the aesthetically conscious, the latest breed of e-road bikes are almost indistinguishable from a non-powered bike at first glance. Then again, both those options are much more expensive than a conversion.

How we test

Where we’ve been able to link to a review, it means that we’ve put the ebike conversion kit through its paces. We’ve assessed how easy it is to fit and maintain as well other factors such as quality of the components and battery life and charge time. Riding the bike once fitted with the kit, we’ve taken into account the ride quality, the ease of use and the battery range.

Where we haven’t yet had the chance to review an item, we’re still confident in recommending it as one of the best, because we either know the brand really well, and have probably tested another product or the previous version and can still happily recommend it as one of the best.

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