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Batch E-Commuter: Finally, a 5000,000 Bosch eBike

The Batch Bicycles E-Commuter has accomplished the impossible: Create a Bosch Powered electric bike for less than 5000,000. But on top of this, they’ve done it with local dealer support and made a functionally eloquent bike as well. But how did they do it?

  • Price: 450,999
  • Motor: Bosch Active Line (not Active Line Plus)
  • Battery: 400wh
  • Class: 1
  • Mode: Pedal Assist Only
  • Top speed: 20 mph
  • Drive train: Shimano 11-32
  • Derailleur: Shimano Altus
  • Brakes: Tektro 180mm Hydraulic Disc
  • Fork: Aluminum, Rigid
  • Tire size: 27.5 inches x 1.75 inches
bosch, bike, system, range

The electric system, the Bosch Active Line motor, is at the heart of it all. While it’s not the best of the bunch, the Active Line motor still has access to some of the best of the Bosch features: nationwide dealer support, high reliability, high resale value, fantastic range for the battery size, and top-shelf pedal assist from one of the leaders in the industry. If you haven’t tried it yet, Bosch provides one of the smoothest pedal assist systems on the market today on all of their motors.

Cheap Bosch eBike

Not quite. The first time I tried one was in 2014, with the launch of Bosch’s 2nd Generation eBike systems in the US. Back then, the only way to get one was to shell out 3,999. Things have changed a lot in five years. Now, the 3rd-generation active line motor on the E-Commuter is much lighter and smaller, it utilizes a larger chainring, and the internal reduction gearing has been removed. This allows the system to be offered at a much lower cost. However, there are a couple drawbacks.

bosch, bike, system, range

First and foremost, the Active Line motor puts out the lowest amount of power on the Bosch lineup — 40 nm compared to nearly double their top-end cargo, and MTB models can do 75 nm. Also, the small display on this system provides very little information for the detail-oriented cyclist. Speed and battery are the only constants, with a variable display that can be toggled from PAS to a trip set and timer. The battery pack on the E-Commuter is the old standard of 400 wh. Some might insist on a larger pack, but in my experience, the battery lasts longer than the rider wants to be on a bicycle seat.

Locally supported electric bike

Mechanically, the E-Commuter uses a simple mix of commuting and fitness components that any bike shop is familiar with. Shimano altus derailleur is great for commuting, and the Tektro Hydraulic Disc brakes make stopping worry-free. A great set of brakes is an important point for urban commuters, who are forced by their car-bound peers to react quickly.

Batch eBike on the road

Fortunately, the rider can FOCUS well on the road because the handlebars are free from clutter, and the motor is practically silent and propels as smooth as Luther Vandross’ voice. This is in stark contrast to the forward riding position, which pushes the rider’s weight forward into the rubber grips. If the rider leans back to alleviate the pressure, they’re met with a fairly stiff saddle. Luckily, it’s an easy fix with a trip to the bike store for customization.

Though it drives up the total cost of the bike a few hundred bucks, I’d opt for a leather seat, suspension post, ergonomic grips, and adding visibility, too. Visibility is my second complaint about the E-Commuter. Aside from the standard issue strap-on reflectors, there are no reflective sidewalls on the tires, and no integrated or spare lights. For an electric bike made for commuting, the E-Commuter should have some visibility equipment. Without it, the bike is only suitable for riding during daytime hours.

About Bosch Gen2 and Gen3 e-bike motors

At the moment there are at least 4 or 5 different e-bike drive generations from Bosch: After the proven Bosch Classic Line (Gen1), Bosch launched 2 new drive systems in 2014, namely the Active Line and the Performance Line (both also called Gen2). With these two product lines, Bosch wanted to address different e-bike target groups: The Active Line (also available with coaster brake) was aimed more at comfort-oriented leisure and everyday cyclists, while the Performance Line with its powerful drive was primarily aimed at sporty riders. A special feature of the Active Performance Line drives is the Bosch 3-sensor concept, which measures pedalling force, cadence and speed 1,000 times per second, so that you always get the optimum pedalling assistance. By the way, all Bosch e-bike drive units are mid-mounted motors.

In the 2016 model year, Bosch presented the Performance Line CX. the top model of the Bosch Performance Line series, which was especially designed for use on e-mountain bikes. The third generation (Gen3) followed in 2018: A revised version of the classic Active Line and the new Bosch Active Line Plus. In the meantime, there is already the 4th generation of Bosch drives called Bosch Gen4 / model year 2020. Since Bosch motors from Gen4 onwards are equipped with integrated anti-tuning software, we have a separate section in our shop for Bosch Gen4 e-bikes (Bosch Gen4 motors). Quite new is the Bosch Smart System from 2022, for which we also have attractive tuning solutions in our shop.

This section only deals with tuning tools for Bosch Gen2 and Gen3 motors.

Attention: Firmware version with anti-tuning detection

From firmware version onwards, the anti-tuning detection is also included in e-bikes with Bosch Gen2 and Gen3 drives. For affected Bosch Gen2 and Gen3 e-bikes, tuning tools for Bosch Gen4 motors are required!

Bosch Gen 2 motors

Bosch Active Line:

25 km/h / max. torque 48 Nm / available with derailleur or hub gears / with optional coaster function for the hub gear version.

Bosch Performance Line (MY15/20):

25 km/h (or 50 km/h in the Speed variant) / max. torque 63 Nm / max. pedal assistance 275% / support up to max.cadence: 120 rpm.

Bosch Performance Line CX (MY15/20):

25 km/h / max. torque 75 Nm / max. pedal assistance 300% / support up to max. cadence: 120 rpm.

bosch, bike, system, range

Bosch Gen 3 motors

Bosch Active Line 2018:

25 km/h / max. torque 40 Nm / max. pedal assistance 250% / support up to max.cadence: 100 rpm.

Bosch Active Line Plus:

HOW to set up your New Bosch eBike at Home | eBike Handover

25 km/h / max. torque 50 Nm / max. pedal assistance 270% / support up to max.cadence: 105 rpm.

Bosch Performance Line (MY20):

25 km/h / max torque 65 Nm / max pedal assistance 300% / support up to max.cadence: 120 rpm.

A small note from our side: As far as the allocation of the individual motors is concerned, opinions differ somewhat. Some experts classify the Bosch Active Line as Gen2, some as Gen3. Other experts, on the other hand, classify only the Active Line Plus as Gen3 in the narrower sense. In this context, however, this is irrelevant, as the same tuning tools work with all the motors listed. regardless of whether they are assigned to Gen2 or Gen3. Only if the Gen2 or Gen3 drives are equipped with a firmware version from onwards you need tuning tools specifically for “Bosch Gen4”.

Gen3: Bosch Active Line Plus Active Line 2018

For the 2018 season, Bosch eBike Systems presented two new drive systems, namely a revised version of the Active Line as well as the new Active Line Plus. often called the Gen3. Compared to the previous model, the new Active Line motors were more compact, lighter and, above all, quieter. This was made possible in particular by a newly developed gearbox that ensures particularly smooth and harmonious energy development. Another advantage of the new gearbox is that both drives can be used practically like normal bicycles without the motor. so there should be virtually no more motor-related pedalling resistance.

The Active Line 2018 was designed for everyday use, i.e. for rides in the city or on flat terrain (torque 40 Nm / weight 2.9 kg). The Active Line Plus, on the other hand, is somewhat more powerful and also well suited for use in hilly terrain or for longer tours (torque 50 Nm / weight 3.2 kg). According to our information, both drives are compatible with all current Bosch displays as well as with derailleur and hub gears.

All tuning products for Bosch Gen2 also work with Bosch Active Line Plus motors (Gen3). For this reason, we have combined Bosch Gen2 and Gen3 tuning tools.

What’s New With The Display?

That brand new Kiox 300 display is redesigned so that it works better in bright sunlight, provides better brightness overall as well, and it still fits in the palm of your hand. Also maybe the most crucial update to this kiox 300 display is that it is not completely necessary if you don’t want it.

  • Manufacturers this year have the choice to use the display or not.
  • Lots of emtb riders and maybe some road riders as well have been asking for displayless options. Other companies have been offering them as well, and this year the Bosch Smart System is going to have the capability to be operated without a display.

Let’s say you fall in love with a bike that doesn’t have a display, and you’re kind of bummed about not having one. Well the good news is this Kiox 300 is retrofittable onto those bikes.For those of you who are more minimalist, that ergonomic Bosch LED remote is definitely going to come in handy.

  • You’ve got five LED lights that are going to tell you how much battery you have left.
  • You might be thinking 20 percent increments really aren’t enough but, I’ve got good news for you, the LEDs are going to change color every ten percent so when you see five greenish bluish lights that means you have a hundred percent battery and then when you get down to a little bit of a pinker color you have lost ten percent.
  • Of course, you probably want to know what level of assistance you are in as well. Each level is represented by a different color.

The eBike Flow App

One thing I always love about Bosch is their cute little copy, that worked like a charm” is the prompt once you’ve connected.

  • Connection: it was super easy. Basically, you’re just holding and pressing the power button and then it gives you prompts.
  • The idea of the ebike flow app is that it gives riders one place to track everything about their bike, and that is my favorite thing about it.
  • It’s going to track mileage and when you need service
  • Even if you don’t want to use this app it still does a lot for you

One of the other main features that is very exciting to see is the customizable riding modes. You’re going to be able to go in and change the amount of assistance you want.

  • If you want your turbo to be higher than turbo is normally set, you come in here and can turn it up so that turbo is. I guess more turbo.
  • You can customize a lot more than you have been able to in the past with previous Bosch motors.

One thing you see on the app is that it looks like eMTB and Tour Plus are not customizable. Probably because they are already customized to the type of terrain you’re riding on.

Lastly, of course, you’re gonna be able to track your rides and it’s gonna tell you the best routes.

Software Updates

No more having to go to a dealer for a software update from Bosch!

  • In the past you might remember if you had a Bosch motor you had to come into shops to get the software updates and maybe pay a shop fee.
  • Now, you’re going to be able to update your e-bike motor from, well, over the air. I don’t want to spoil anything, but it is a bluetooth connection.


A total of 625Wh 500Wh = 1125Wh available on every frame size of hardtail and full fuspension with the range extender mounted on the Modular Rail System!

— Full integrated cable routing in front rear triangle — Integrated speedsensor and dropper-seatpost — Fully integrated removable Powertube PT625 Wh — Reliable and robust AL frame with increased stiffness — TwinTailLights ready — 27.5 / 29 / mixed-wheels — Lighter and smaller new Bosch Performance CX drive unit

Bosch Performance CX

Compact and at the same time extremely powerful and efficient — Accelerates extremely forcefully — Reacts without delay — Up to 340% perfectly dosed support — 1.1kg lighter than its predecessor

New Frame Concept

The new frame shape impresses with an extremely low center of gravity and increased rigidity, thereby enabling more agile behavior for even more riding pleasure. In addition, a range extender is now optionally available for all frame sizes S-XL.


Would you like to ride longer tours or climb higher mountains? Not a problem with the Haibike Range Extender Option. Elegantly integrated on the down tube, the optional Haibike Range Extender offers an additional 500 Wh of battery power. Now available for all Bosch Performance CX Gen 4 models in frame sizes M-XL.

If you look at the history of the integration of Bosch eBike systems over the past 10 years in detail at Haibike, you can clearly see the further development of design and design language. But what are the main reasons for the new Bosch Gen 4 frame design that clearly stands out from its predecessors? “Our goal was to continue the successful Haibike rear-link kinematics and at the same time to enable the integration of a range extender for all frame sizes. In addition, this type of construction leads to a lower center of mass and thus underlines our claim to ePerformance. says Hendrik Schäfers, Head of Innovation Design / HDCM.

Why a Bosch eBike system motor?

Bosch is a respected brand of German-manufacturer. They make lots of high-performance motors and electrical appliances. They recently entered the electric bike motor market in 2010. Several dealers of electric bikes in Salt Lake City, like High Country E Bikes, sell Bosch motors. With the reputation that Bosch has, you know they’d immediately enter the industry as class-leaders. And they’re continually improving.

Bosch Electric Motor for E Bikes on the 2017 XDURO FullSeven 6.0

The fact that Haibike Electric Bikes, the undisputed leaders in the e bike industry, chooses to use both Yamaha and Bosch motors, demonstrates the quality you’re going to get when you select a Bosch.

A lot of customers feel like the Bosch gives them more power than the Yamaha. Many of the new 2018 XDURO models of Haibike feature Bosch.

iZip, Felt, and the Yuba brands of e bike also use Bosch motors.

A lot of customers like the more extended range on the Yamaha motor, so depending on how you’ll be using the e bike, you’ll want to consider the two motor options carefully.

Torque Sensor

Bosch electric bike motors use a torque sensor, which is a more advanced type of pedal-assist than a lot of other manufacturers, which use cadence sensors. To understand the difference between cadence and torque sensors on pedal-assistCLICK HERE

On the Bosch power-systems for e bikes, three sensors measure the torque, speed, and acceleration more than 1000-times-per-second, ensuring perfect interaction between the rider and the electric bike.

ISIS Crank Axle and Drive Setup

The Bosch motor has an ISIS crank axle, which can be a preferred mounting method for the cranks to the motor axle. The Bosch motor uses the ISIS drive setup vs. the Yamaha electric motor, which uses the square taper type.

How To Find Your Maximum E Bike Range | EMTB Battery Life

The size of the Bosch battery-charger is smaller than Yamaha’s and is easier to carry around. If you commute with your ebike, or you take your charger on mountain biking trips, this charger can extend your range with greater convenience.

Maintenance Upgrades and Convenience

The Bosch charger has little rubber feet on the bottom, which stops it from sliding off the workbench, making the Bosche electric bike motor easier to repair.

bosch, bike, system, range

Your Haibike dealer can update the Bosch system via the USB diagnostics socket. The socket is an exciting feature because it means future updates are always possible to your Bosch motor. The manufacturer is likely to bring new features in the coming years.

The Yamaha system is currently not updateable.

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