Best Razor Dirt Bike Battery Upgrade Options. Mini dirt bike battery

Best Razor Dirt Bike Battery Upgrade Options

Want a longer Razor dirt bike battery life? It’s better to upgrade the battery than to tweak the controller.

Though not all electric dirt bikes offer easy component upgrades, most kids’ dirt bikes can be upgraded, and it’s not hard to do. On the other hand, Razor dirt bikes need more elbow grease to upgrade.

Scouring the net for compatible batteries is the hard part. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Check ’em out here.

Razor Dirt Bike Stock Batteries

How Long Does a Razor Dirt Bike Battery Last?

Here’s how long each Razor dirt bike battery can last:

The first thing you probably noticed is why the MX500 and the MX650 use the same battery type. That’s because–and keep this on a hush–it’s the same bike, just different stickers. Despite what some Razor shops may tell you to get an extra dollar.

Razor Dirt Bike Battery Upgrade Options

Here’s the gist of it. We all like spending more time on the saddle – especially our kids. We can do that with upgraded batteries. Here you can find out which battery upgrades fit your Razor dirt bike model, how much they cost, and if they’re worth it.

Can You Upgrade a Razor Electric Dirt Bike’s Battery?

The short answer is, yes. Upgrading your Razor electric dirt bike’s battery has a number of benefits, including a longer range. The downsides aren’t that bad, and you can ignore them if you want. Those include:


  • Longer operating time–which is what we all love
  • Faster charge time (depending on battery features) lets our kids quickly get back on the saddle after a short break
  • Better heat management, so your battery doesn’t burn out as fast
  • Boosts your motor’s power (based on voltage)


  • Added weight (though for Razor dirt bikes, it’s nearly unnoticeable)
  • Some wires might need to be modified (depending on the battery)

Razor Dirt Bike Batteries: What’s available?

Razor dirt bikes come with a pretty universal battery compartment design so you can pretty much interchange batteries among all of them. Although you might need to modify some components such as the frame or motor to maximize compatibility.

Here’s a table where you can see which battery upgrade goes with which Razor dirt bike:

Razor MX125 Battery Upgrades

What Size Battery Does a Razor MX125 Take?

What Size Battery Does a Razor MX125 Take?

The Razor MX125 takes a tiny battery size, at 3.54″ x 2.76″ x 3.98″, which is half the size of bigger Razor dirt bikes’ stock batteries. That’s like a toddler’s lunch box. This is for a stock bike and components, of course.

How Long Does a Stock Razor MX125 Battery Last?

The stock Razor MX125 battery lasts about 16 minutes, tops. I’m not sure “long” is the right word. I guess it’s about how short the Razor MX125 battery lasts, at about 16 minutes. With a 4-hour charge time, you’re better off getting your kid a pedal bike.

Available Battery Upgrades for the Razor MX125

There are not a lot of battery upgrades compatible with the stock Razor MX125. Unless you totally overhaul your bike (motor, frame, controller), the best you can get is a replacement battery with the same power and capacity but a better power flow. The only option we have below is a 12V 5Ah Razor MX125 replacement battery.

Available Battery Upgrades for the Razor MX125: 12V 5Ah Battery for Razor MX125

The 12V 5Ah is a high performance lead acid battery upgrade for the Razor MX125. It comes in a sealed polymer shell that measures 3.54″ x 2.76″ x 3.98″, which is the Razor MX125’s stock battery size. Although it’s meant to replace the stock battery, it features better power flow that makes it more efficient. Therefore, increasing the bike’s range to 20 minutes. Not much oomph, but an extra five minutes in the saddle wouldn’t hurt.

You can currently get this Razor dirt bike battery upgrade for 42.99 USD. That’s a lot cheaper than getting Razor’s stock battery.

Razor MX350 Battery Upgrade Kit

What Size Battery Does a Razor MX350 Take?

Razor MX350’s stock battery case takes a rectangular 5.94in x 2.56in x 3.72in battery. About the size of your typical high school lunchbox. Or, two MX125 stock batteries stuck together.

How Long Does a Stock Razor MX350 Battery Last?

Razor MX350’s stock battery lasts 30 minutes – nearly double the MX125’s performance. This isn’t a lot of riding time, but it’s fine for first-timers. For anyone else, the battery needs an upgrade.

Available Battery Upgrades for the Razor MX350

In the same way as the MX125, the stock Razor MX350 does not have a higher voltage battery upgrade. You can still get batteries of the same voltage and increased range and power management, as well as lithium batteries with longer life.

Here are the upgrades that work with current Razor MX350 models:

Quite a bit of upgrade from the stock with twice the saddle time. I’d recommend this for starters since it doesn’t cost a lot.

Even better with 50 mins of range boost. Now your kid can have a bit more fun on the bike without having to worry about charging for the next near-hour.

Available Battery Upgrades for the Razor MX350: 12V MX350 Battery Upgrade with Extended Range

BullsPower’s 12V extended range battery upgrade works with the Razor MX350, and the wiring is built right in so you don’t have to solder anything. Made of non-conductive ABS plastic, it resists shock, vibration, chemicals, and heat. This Razor dirt bike battery upgrade boosts your MX350’s runtime from 30 minutes to 40 minutes.

Better yet, it’s available on Amazon for just 37.50 USD.

Available Battery Upgrades for the Razor MX350: Mighty Max 12V Lithium Battery Upgrade

The Mighty Max 12V lithium battery upgrade is a rectangular block of lithium cells that extends the range of your Razor MX350 from a modest 30 minutes to around 50 minutes. This makes the Razor MX350 lithium battery upgrade one of the best available. Made from high-quality components, this battery comes with a battery management system (BMS). Battery management systems offer all kinds of protection, including overcharge and short circuit protection.

Right now, the only place you can get this battery upgrade is from Mighty Max for 44.99 USD.

Razor MX500/MX650 Battery Upgrade Kit

What Size Battery Does a Razor MX500/MX650 Take?

The Razor MX500 and MX650 take the same 3.54″ x 2.76″ x 3.98″ batteries – In spite of the fact that the Razor MX500 and MX650 look much bigger than the MX350 – only 3 of them are connected together. This makes for a higher voltage and more efficient power delivery and range.

How Long Does a Stock Razor MX500/MX650 Battery Last?

The stock Razor MX 500 or MX650 battery lasts about 40 minutes of saddle time due to their triplicate stock batteries. Those are the best numbers you can get from a stock Razor dirt bike. No big deal, but you can always change out the batteries for more range.

Available Battery Upgrades for the Razor MX500/MX650

The Razor MX500 and MX650 actually have a decent number of upgrades available on the market, unlike the MX125 and MX350. The bigger toys always get the attention, right? Let’s look at what we found:

It’s a pretty sweet setup from the stock battery which only gives ~17 mins each. Too bad you’ll have to buy three of these to completely power up the MX500/MX650.

This one is more of a killer deal than the first one since it comes in a set of 3 when you buy it. Don’t have to spend extra to get the same amount of range on your Razor MX500 or MX650.

Just like the first one, you get ~25 mins of extra range for every battery pack, BUT you gotta buy it 3-times to power your Razor. I’d suggest this one as a replacement for every single one of your Razor MX500/650 battery packs.

By far the best that you can get. In addition to the awesome 30-minute range boost, you get this battery in a package of three. Plus, it’s plug and play. No need to modify anything.

Available Battery Upgrades for the Razor MX500/MX650: CASIL 12v 12ah F2 Sealed Lead Acid AGM Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery

The CASIL 12V 12Ah rechargeable power pack is an SLA deep cycle battery that increases the Razor MX500 and MX650’s range beyond that of the stock batteries. If you’re not familiar with deep cycle batteries, they look a lot like car batteries, but they’re totally different. Deep cycle batteries are lead batteries that can run until they’re 80% discharged or more when they need to be recharged. You can discharge deep-cycle batteries up to 80%, but most manufacturers suggest not going below 45% to keep them going longer.

When installed in triplicate, this Razor dirt bike battery upgrade on the MX500/MX650 raises the range from 40 minutes to 75 minutes. You can get one battery from Amazon at just 27.99 USD, although you’ll need three of them to get the maximum effect.

Available Battery Upgrades for the Razor MX500/MX650: UPG 12V 12Ah Replacement Battery

The UPG 12V 12Ah replacement battery is a sealed lead-acid (SLA) absorbed glass mat (AGM) rechargeable battery with a range of 25 minutes on a Razor dirt bike. You’ll need 3 of these for the Razor MX500 and MX650 to increase their runtime to 70 minutes. What’s great is that you get this battery already charged, sealed, maintenance-free, and ready to install.

You can get 3 Razor dirt bike battery packs for just 89.94. That’s a 15 percent discount from their original 124.99 price.

Available Battery Upgrades for the Razor MX500/MX650: Inovel Power Casil 12V 12Ah F2 Razor Battery

Casil 12V 12Ah F2 Razor Battery from Inovel Power is a low-cost replacement for Razor MX500 and MX650 batteries. Despite not being much of an upgrade, this Razor dirt bike battery pack gives you slightly more range. You can expect a range increase from the stock 40 mins to 50 mins. It’s also maintenance-free, so you don’t have to worry about toxic battery fluids leaking. However, it’s also not repairable.

Luckily, you can easily get new ones from Amazon at a humble 24.99 USD.

Available Battery Upgrades for the Razor MX500/MX650: Power King Razor 36V High Performance Rechargeable Batteries

Here’s the best Razor dirt bike battery upgrade we found for the stock MX500 and MX650 models. Power King 36V high performance rechargeable battery is a sealed lead acid power pack with a built-in battery management system for better performance and longer life. This increases the MX500 and MX650 range from 40 minutes up to 90 minutes-which is the maximum you can get from the stock MX500s and MX650s.

Furthermore, Amazon offers a 3-piece pack of this Power King Razor dirt bike battery upgrade for just 89 USD. It also comes linked together so you won’t have to worry about setting it up. Just plug play.

Now that you know which batteries you want, time to find out how do you change the batteries on a razor dirt bike.

Nick Ylac Gutladera — Lead Writer

Nick got his start by stealing his father’s dirt bike and riding it around the neighbourhood at the tender age of 11. These day’s he’s got a full license, so the cops mostly leave him alone. On weekends, he races pit bikes, enduro bikes, and anything else with a motor. Nick’s been a journalist and professional writer since 2017.


This Bike is one of the best Electric Dirt Bikes for kids available on the market today.

The Electric Mini Dirt Bike MBOX-E 500w is the ultimate kids’ ride! Great for use anywhere whether it be the driveway the back garden or out on the field, this bike won’t upset the neighbors because it is whisper quiet. Also being virtually silent means you can use it where other petrol-powered Dirt Bikes are not allowed.

However, being electric does not mean it is boring you can still cruise over bumps and speed through dirt trails with ease, with a top speed of up to 25km/h and a range of up to 20km this bike gives plenty of thrills and you won’t be pushing it home at the end of the day.

The Electric Mini Dirt Bike MBOX-E 500w PRO Version comes standard with front adjustable rear suspension, front rear disk brakes, parent selectable speeds, and large knobby tires. The battery can be removed and charged separately from the bike for convenience.

Many Electric Dirt Bikes look as though they have taken a petrol version and just strapped on an electric motor and some batteries, the Electric Mini Dirt Bike XTD500E PRO Version however has been designed with battery power from the start resulting in a sleek well-engineered Dirt Bike.

This is the Electric Mini Dirt Bike MBOX-E 500w PRO Version with a 36V Li-ion Battery which not only has the benefit of being more powerful and having a greater range but is also very much lighter, giving better handling and recharges quicker.

Quality built to European safety standards the Electric Mini Dirt Bike MBOX-E 500w PRO Version has important safety features that you do not find on all-electric Mini Motos including, Key start so you can control when this bike can be used, parental maximum speed restrictor from 7km/h to 25km/h so you can start them off slow and let them have more power once they have mastered the skills. Fully enclosed chain to stop clothing or other items coming into contact with the transmission no hot exhaust to get burned on and front and rear independent disk brakes.

Small and light enough to be put into the back of a car they are easy to take with you on any trip.

At these prices, all your mates can have one and then you can have some real fun!

The difference between Lead Acid and Li-ion batteries?

1) Weight: Lithium-ion batteries are one-third the weight of lead-acid batteries.

2) Efficiency: Lithium-ion batteries are nearly 100% efficient in both charge and discharge, allowing for the same amp hours both in and out. Lead-acid batteries’ inefficiency leads to a loss of 15 amps while charging and Rapid discharging drops voltage quickly and reduces the batteries’ capacity.

3) Discharge: Lithium-ion batteries are discharged 100% versus less than 80% for lead-acid. Most lead-acid batteries do not recommend more than 50% depth of discharge.

4) Cycle Life: Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries cycle 5000 times or more compared to just 400-500 cycles in lead-acid. Cycle life is greatly affected by higher levels of discharge in lead-acid, versus only slightly affected in lithium-ion batteries.

5) Voltage: Lithium-ion batteries maintain their voltage throughout the entire discharge cycle. This allows for greater and longer-lasting efficiency of electrical components. Lead-acid voltage drops consistently throughout the discharge cycle.

6) Cost: Despite the higher upfront cost of lithium-ion batteries, the true cost of ownership is far less than lead-acid when considering life span and performance.

7) Charge Time: The charge time for Li-ion batteries is much quicker than Lead Acid batteries meaning you can enjoy more runs in a day.

  • Key ignition and missile launch on/off switch
  • Speed can be restricted with Parental control to 7 or 15 or 25 km/h
  • Inverted Alloy Front Forks
  • Adjustable Rear Shock
  • Disk Brakes Front and Rear
  • Range up to 20km (dependant on terrain and rider weight)
  • Motor: 500 Watt 36V Rare Earth – Neodymium Magnet Motor
  • Battery: 36V Li-ion
  • Parental speed controller 3 Speed: Low – 7km/h, Medium – 15km/h, High – 25km/h
  • Throttle: Variable twist-grip
  • Transmission: chain-driven (11T front, 80T rear) (fully enclosed for safety)
  • Brakes: front and rear independent disc brakes
  • Tires: 2.5 x 10 Knobby Pneumatic
  • Material: a) Frame: steel. b) Bodywork: ABS plastic
  • Rims: Aluminium
  • Handlebars: Adjustable Forward/Back
  • Key Start
  • Battery Condition Meter
best, razor, dirt, bike, battery

Electric Mini Dirt Bike MBOX-E 500W PRO Version Specification

  • Motor: Volt 500 Watt (Rare Earth – Neodymium Magnet)
  • Battery: 36V Li-ionl
  • Frame Swing Arm – Steel
  • Front shock – Inverted aluminium front shock
  • Rear shock – Taiwan alloy rear shock
  • Brakes – independent Disk Front Rear
  • Front Rear wheel – Front: 2.5-10 Rear: 2.5-10
  • Engine Sprocket.11 teeth
  • Seat height 59 cm
  • Handle bar height 72 cm
  • Overall length 125 cm
  • Charging Time: 4-6 hours
  • Charger Included: Yes
  • Wheelbase: 87cm
  • Seat Height: 59cm
  • Min Ground Clearance: 23cm
  • Product Size: 117 x 56 x 82cm
  • Product Weight: 24kg Li-ion, 29kg Lead Acid
  • Box Size: 108 x 31 x 58cm
  • Box Weight: 29kg Li-ion

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the weight of these bikes in transit there may be some marks or scratches to the frame or plastics. Unfortunately, we can’t consider this as damage and offer any compensation. 99% of bikes don’t have any marks or blemishes but some can.

Please only purchase our products if you have mechanical knowledge. If you are not sure on how to assemble the products or carry out maintenance please do not purchase a petrol version.

Due to the size and weight of these items they are covered by a replacement parts warranty, if your machine develops a fault within the warranty period of 30 days, you need to contact us and we will advise how to best rectify the problem and dispatch replacement parts, without charge providing the faulty parts are covered by the warranty.Please note customers will be expected to fit the parts themselves, guidance will be available on technical issues.

Any race bikes i.e water cooled mini motos are not covered under any warranty as these are competition bikes. These should only be purchased by people who are able to maintain them.

Any bike/Quad to be returned within 14 days will be covered by mini bikes off-road ltd. Any bike returned after 14 days must be covered by the buyer. (Bike must not have been used) If the bike or Quad has been used we can not offer any refund. We will repair the bike for you but the buyer must cover postage both ways.

By purchasing a bike you agree to these terms

The Following parts are not covered by the warranty on this item.

Drive Chains BeltsFairings/ bodywork (unless damaged during delivery. Photos required within 24 hours of receipt)Pull Starts or Inner CogsClutches or Clutch springsBrake Cables, Disks Callipers and padsExhaust PipesTyres, Wheels, valves and Inner TubesSpark PlugsAll our 2 stroke engines require the fuel to be mixed with a 2 stroke engine oil. The mix ratio needs to be 25:1 Failure to mix the fuel will damage the engine.

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The Best Electric Dirt Bikes of 2023

Remarkably, only one of them went for the Dirt-E joke.

best, razor, dirt, bike, battery

The motoring world is going electric. And it’s not just fancy, 1,000-horsepower, six-figure electric trucks. Electric motorcycle options have been increasing over the past few years. And even the relatively humble and underpowered dirt bike segment now offers a proliferation of emissions-free options — and we’re here to help you separate the battery-powered wheat from the chaff.

Why You Should Get an Electric Dirt Bike

Helps Save the Planet: Smaller motorcycles are far from the most fuel-thirsty vehicles. But electric dirt bikes still reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and every little bit helps.

Less Maintenance: Electric motors require far fewer moving parts. That means more time riding and less time (and money) replacing parts. You also don’t need to buy things like oil.

Less Noise: Electric dirt bikes do make some noise, but they make less than internal-combustion dirt bikes — noise that can diminish the enjoyment of being in nature for riders and those nearby.

Accessible to New Riders: Like electric cars, electric dirt bikes do not need a manual transmission. This may disappoint some riders looking for a traditional feel. But it’s also way easier to manage while off-road.

Torque: Electric dirt bikes tend to have a lot of torque, and it comes on instantly. This helps them accelerate rapidly and feel quick in everyday riding.

What to Look For

Street Legality: Like combustion dirt bikes, many of them will not be street-legal. And you may live in a municipality that will confiscate and crush them if you try to use them for that — electric or not. There are dual-sport electric dirt bikes (lighter than adventure motorcycles), which can also be used as commuter bikes. But make sure you clarify that before buying.

best, razor, dirt, bike, battery

Battery Range: Range is a significant drawback to any electric vehicle. You want to ensure you have enough range to do the amount of riding you’re planning. expensive electric dirt bikes will have range that can exceed what most drives can handle physically. But that may be costly.

Battery Charging: A nother important factor beyond range is how long it takes to charge the battery. Shorter is better. Manufacturers may offer accessories that improve charging speed. Some dirt bikes can instantly swap in a newly charged battery and return to the trail.

How We Tested

Gear Patrol writers and editors are continually testing the best electric dirt bikes on a variety of terrains to update this guide looking at features like comfort, ease of use and riding characteristics. Our testers have spent time riding the Zero XF and the Cake Kalk INK so far; however, we’ll be updating this guide as we continue to test more models.

Zero’s FX isn’t a one-trick pony; it’s good at a little bit of everything. It’s fast but torque-heavy up front. For comparison, it’s nimble but still about 50 pounds heavier than KTM’s 350EXC-F. And it’s quiet, which anyone who’s ridden a dual sport before knows has distinct advantages and downsides. (Upsides include not disturbing nature as you ride through and saving your eardrums; cons include being unable to announce yourself to other riders on the trail or cars on the street.)

The FX’s ride is very smooth — from city streets to rutted-out trails and even completely off-road in the ungroomed wild. The tires grip well on city streets, even after a light rain. The FX can reach a top speed of 85, but I rarely found myself pushing it above 65 — this is a great cruising bike built for the trails as much as it is for the road. The acceleration feels torque-y until you get the hang of the feeling; I’d recommend starting in Eco until you get a feel for how the bike handles, experienced rider or not.

The profile is lean and mean, just as advertised. Your tester is 5’4” and weigh 110 pounds, and she could handle and maneuver this bike with relative ease, although she did make sure to get comfortable on the bike on uncrowded trails before taking it to the streets. Zero says the charging time is 1.3 hours, but I found it to be much longer than that. the bike was delivered to me with an 80 percent charge, and it took more than two hours to get it full. The range is 91 miles which is a solid day’s ride, but unless you have the means to give the bike a good overnight charge, you’ll be SOL the next day. And that 91-mile range is in the city — if you’re riding on the highway at 70 mph without starting and stopping, it drops to 39 miles per charge.

We’ve been fans of Swedish manufacturer Cake — and Stefan Ytterborn’s helmet/eyewear/apparel brand, POC — for years. Founded in 2016, Cake has consistently put out smooth, innovative electric bikes that offer both gorgeous looks and purpose-built function.

The Kalk class of offroaders, however, is much more about play than work. The street-legal Kalk INK picks up quick thanks to 252Nm of electric torque, while reliable suspension (200mm of travel) and beefy dual-sport motorcycle tires help you keep the shiny side up from the road to the trails.

  • Removable battery charges from 0 to 80 percent in two hours, 0 to 100 percent in three
  • Three ride modes and three braking modes adapt to your style and environment
  • Not exactly the cushiest seat on the planet (or this page)
  • You must come to a full stop to adjust ride and braking modes

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