Best Pedal Free Electric Bike for 2023. E moped with pedals

Best Pedal Free Electric Bike for 2023

Electric and motorized vehicles are becoming all the rage these days. Many people have swapped their traditional bicycles for Segways, electric unicycles, and motorized scooters. Others are even learning how to build a drift trike by themselves for a more exciting motorized riding adventure.

Despite these awesome technological marvels, the bicycle itself is not completely dead. On the contrary, it has evolved just as much as any other vehicle in the form of a pedal-free electric bike.

While pedal-less ebikes aren’t exactly in the same league as electric mountain bikes, they still serve a purpose when commuting. They’re way more compact and versatile.

Below I have the best electric bikes without pedals that will give you the best of both worlds of cycling and electric riding.

Buyer’s Guide for Pedal-Free Electric Bicycles

In case you’ve never owned or ridden a pedal-less electric bicycle before you can use this section as a primer of sorts. Just like with ordinary bikes, there are a few important factors to keep in mind so that you can select the one that best suits your needs.

  • For many people, speed is the most important factor. This is in regard to either a restricted top max speed for younger ages or for those looking to satisfy their rush for adrenaline. Different pedal-free electric bikes have different batteries and motors which will provide different rates of max speed or acceleration. You want to make sure you get a pedal-free electric bike that is neither too slow nor too fast for you. This category is so important that I have ordered the list below according to speed, going from slowest to fastest. If you’re looking to buy something more exciting for a younger rider like a child, you may want to consider getting a kids’ electric dirt bike.
  • No one likes a weak battery, which is why how many miles you get per charge is one of the first things anyone should figure out when selecting a pedal-less electric bicycle. The more juice you can squeeze out of a full battery, the better.
  • Comfort and safety are arguably the biggest things to pay attention to. Adjustable seats are a great component, but responsive brakes, especially hydraulic disc brakes, are even better. Taillights and front lights ought to be bright for riding during the night but not too powerful that they end up draining the battery too quickly.

Extra Features – The Cherry on Top

It’s reasonable to expect complicated machinery to have equally complex capabilities as these are the features that really distinguish one electric bike from the next. This can be anything from cruise control functions to alarms. Smartphone app compatibility is a big plus for many people as this is how you typically access speedometers or battery life statistics.

These are the most important factors, but the reality is that there is much more to a pedal-less electric bike. A stylish-looking ride is important to just about anybody whether that’s due to the paint job or the structure of the frame. Maximum load capacity matters as well since you don’t want to ride something that cannot safely support your own body.

With all that said and done let’s finally take a look at our top four best pedal-free electric bicycles that you can get right now.

Swagtron 200W SwagCycle

Verdict: Overall, the is a very solid first choice for anyone looking for a dependable electric bike without pedals. The Swagtron ebike has some minor issues but it is still a good value product and works great for anyone on a budget.

best, pedal, free, electric, bike, 2023
  • Affordable price range
  • Comes in several colors
  • Heads-up display
  • Collapsible neck and frame
  • Dynamic front light
  • Back tire has been known to pop
  • Non-adjustable seat
  • Below average battery life

Product Features

  • Max speed of 10 mph and a max range of 9 miles makes this a good choice for people looking for their first pedal free e-bike
  • A great budget e-bike for anyone trying not to break the bank
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Reliable battery life
  • Max load capacity of roughly 260 pounds

The first pedal-free electric bicycle I want to talk about is the. This is a cheap electric bike on my list and would be an ideal choice for anyone looking for a beginner electric bike.

The SwagCycle 200W can achieve a max speed of 10 mph. This velocity wouldn’t satisfy any daredevil but it is still very satisfactory for anyone who just wants the leisure of cruiser electric bikes. It has a maximum load capacity of 264 pounds which is impressive considering the entire unit weighs roughly 30 pounds.

What I Liked About the SwagCycle

Two things I really enjoyed about the Swagcycle that I didn’t expect, were the collapsible frame and the digital display on the handlebars.

This is one of the most portable pedal-free electric bicycles I’ve ever ridden and being able to fold it up neatly only makes it easier to put away for storage or while charging the battery. I really enjoyed the heads-up display as checking on my speed and remaining battery life was very useful.

Unlike an electric scooter, the SwagCycle is nice and comfortable, though due to its relatively small size, it would be an ideal fit for someone around 5’8′. The seat is not adjustable which could be a slight problem for taller riders. The brakes work well though they take a couple of seconds to reach a full stop. They’re reliable but not the most responsive brakes I’ve ever used.

The front light of the SwagCycle is neat as it automatically lights up during nighttime. This is a feature I wish more pedal-free electric bikes had. The SwagCycle also comes in four different colors: blue, red, white, and black. They’re standard choices but each one looks sleek and fits in well in just about any environment.

My least favorite aspect of this bike was the battery life. You can only get nine miles per charge and each charge time took me roughly four hours. Not being able to get even a single hour of use while going at max speed was a bummer.

best, pedal, free, electric, bike, 2023

If you’re looking for an electric bike cheap enough and won’t break the bank, this is the one to consider.

Ancheer Folding Electric Bicycle

Verdict: The Ancheer is a great bike with very few flaws but many great features to set it apart from the competition. The Ancheer electric bike is worth every penny and could very well be the best for its asking price.

  • Stylistic frame
  • Comfortable seat
  • Foldable neck
  • Strong rear hub motor wattage
  • Bright lights
  • Cruise control

Product Features

  • Max range of 12 mph and maximum range of 12 miles gives it solid stats for anyone looking for daily use, including commuting or more intense riding and exercise
  • Relatively lightweight, coming in at 27 pounds
  • Very unique and stylistic build makes it much more appealing to look at than the average bike
  • Cruise control function is extremely useful and will prove to be more addictive than anticipated
  • Powerful headlights make this a great e-bike purchase for evening rides
  • Folding frame makes this easy to store at home or put away while on the go, including indoors or in cars
  • Bluetooth compatible app unlocks multiple useful features, such as speed setting, motor locking, mileage recording, and more

Next up we have the Ancheer Folding pedal-free electric bicycle. This is a mid-price vehicle that really shows off the cool features and potential of an electric bicycle that does not rely on pedals.

Starting off with basic stats, the Ancheer has a max speed of 12 miles per hour. It also has a max range of 12 miles meaning that you can get an hour of usage going at max speed. Thanks to the 350W motor, it only needs three hours of charge time to reach 100%.

The first thing I noticed about the Ancheer was its fascinating frame. It only comes in black and white colors, but despite that I found the bike’s center of the frame to be stylistic with its swerving design.

It looks like an average-sized electric bike but it is surprisingly lightweight coming in at only 27 pounds. It has a very soft leather cushion that is both comfortable and firm. It has a very bright LED screen and instead of a bell, it has a horn that is button-activated. The front lights and rear lights both shine very brightly after dark and will easily make you visible to anyone in an automobile.

best, pedal, free, electric, bike, 2023

Cool Features of the Ancheer Electric Pedal Free Electric Bike

Easily one of the best features of the Ancheer is its cruise control function. Once you throttle to a certain speed you can press the green button and the bike will automatically run at that speed. I loved using this feature as I could set it to a comfortable pace and just enjoy the ride. Eight or nine miles per hour is the sweet spot for cruise control and taking advantage of that is necessary to get the most out of this pedal-free electric bicycle.

The Ancheer has some good build quality despite being lightweight. I found it quick to accelerate, though this may vary depending on your own body weight. My biggest gripe with this electric bike is that it doesn’t feel as responsive or stable when making sharper turns at max speeds. The dual-disc brakes work great though so I never felt like I was doing anything rash even when going at 12mph.

best, pedal, free, electric, bike, 2023

Swagtron SwagCycle Pro Folding Electric Bike

Verdict: The Swagcycle Pro is basically the original SwagCycle but faster and more advanced. It is more suited to intermediate or professional riders, but if 18mph doesn’t scare you off then you will be satisfied with this pedal-less electric bicycle no matter what.

  • Dual braking levers for front and rear tires
  • Long battery charge
  • Exhilarating max speeds
  • App support
  • Durable wheels

Product Features

  • Fast top speeds of 18 mph make this a great choice for riders who need to arrive at their destination in a jiffy
  • 350 watt electric motor and 30 pound weight
  • Dual braking levers apply to both front and rear tires
  • Smartphone app gives you control over speed, GPS, and tracking of your location
  • Incline climbing goes up to 12 degrees

Our second Swagcycle Pro is going to introduce some more high-octane aspects to this list. If 10mph isn’t enough to satisfy your speed needs then you will definitely want to see what this rad power electric bicycle has to offer.

Right off the bat, the differences between this SwagCycle Pro and the previous ones become obvious. We’re now working with a 350W motor and a stronger battery. The SwagCycle Pro can attain a max speed of 18mph and has a max distance of 15.5 miles per charge. This is considerably faster than 10mph, but is it too fast?

My answer is a resounding no. It may just be me but I’ve always found faster electric bicycles without pedals to offer more freedom. Having the choice to go either slower or faster makes any journey have more variety and excitement.

I often lamented the lack of a cruise control function with this bike but that thought usually went out of my mind whenever I was going 15mph or faster. If you’re like me looking for a faster vehicle, try checking out the Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro. It’s not an e-bike, obviously, but it will definitely give you the adrenaline rush you’re seeking.

In terms of looks, the SwagCycle Pro looks very similar to the other model. It only comes in two colors this time but otherwise, the physical specifications are nearly identical. It weighs 30 pounds, has a max load of 264 pounds, and the brakes and kickstand operate in the same fashion and are even in the same places. The throttle grips here are actually a bit smaller but they are also more ergonomic and thus feel more comfortable.

What the “Pro” in the title is for

Arguably the biggest addition the brings to the table is smartphone compatibility. While there is a battery life indicator on the right-hand side of the handlebars you can also download a Swagtron app on your iOS or Android device. This app gives more detailed information like how many miles you’ve traveled, how fast you are currently going, and GPS support. Since everyone brings their phones with them anyway it was a Smart decision to have this software deliver you the data instead.

Can You Pedal An Electric Scooter: Answer is electric moped

I can imagine it would be fantastic if our electric scooters had pedals. It could extend the electric scooter’s practical range and be a great clean and eco-friendly option to exercise. Additionally, Pedals can be a good backup option during a long ride if your battery runs out! But, we see those electric kick scooters don’t have pedals, and that is primarily because of the design and purpose. In this article, we’ll try to figure out if it is possible to pedal an electric scooter. To answer your question in short:

An electric scooter is an entirely motorized device powered by electricity. Here you don’t get an option for pedaling. However, if you consider electric mopeds, they can provide you with hybrid functionalities of an electric scooter and an electric bike. In that way, it is possible to get the pedal experience.

Depending on the functionality and designs, you have different vehicles in the market. But if you understand how they work, you will already get your answer that although pedaling is possible with an electric scooter, we don’t get pedals because of the utility of different vehicles. Technically, adding pedaling functionalities to your electric scooter is absolutely possible if you can engineer your design.

Now, we’ll try to understand why we don’t get pedaling functionalities with electric scooters available in the market.

Why can’t we pedal an electric scooter?

Electric kick-scooter:

Here, first, we must understand the purpose of an electric kick scooter. Usually, these short-distance electric vehicles help get your job done quickly if you have to commute within a short-range.

The manufacturers must ensure these scooters have specific features for the abovementioned purposes. The features are discussed below.

  • These scooters are lightweight.
  • They are portable.
  • Designs are simple yet effective enough for a quick and short ride.
  • Cost-effective and efficient enough with minimal features.
  • The design is similar to the normal kick-scooters to attract traditional kick-scooter lovers.

For these reasons, we don’t see electric scooters’ pedaling features. If you imagine the design, these electric kick-scooters don’t have a seat, and the standing base is too close to the ground. So it makes it obvious that pedaling may not be a convenient feature to add with the same design.

Electric scooter with traditional design:

It is possible to add pedaling features to the electric scooters with traditional designs. But again, we have to understand the utility of these electric scooters first.

Mainly these electric scooters are replacing the traditional electric scooters powered by fossil fuels. As we can see, the aim is to have a greener approach here; obviously, the users will expect these scooters to have the same functionalities as the traditional ones.

These scooters have high speed and a bulky yet safe design to match the traditional functionalities. Now pedaling would be an unnecessary addition to these scooters, which is why we don’t see manufacturers considering adding pedaling with electric scooters.

Pedal functionality with an electric scooter: Electric Moped

Electric mopeds are the hybrid version of an e-bike and electric scooters. The word ‘moped’ comes from motorized pedals. Usually, because of the extra features, these vehicles are heavier than the e-bikes and electric kick scooters. But often, mopeds are more practical to carry large bags. If you want to deliver food, mopeds can be an excellent option to consider. Although among all these models, electric scooters with traditional designs are the most durable and can be perfect for food delivery or similar purposes.

In a moped, you get three ultimate hybrid features:

A. A moped can be as fast as an electric scooter and faster than an electric bike.

B. A moped can be durable enough if you want to commute carrying something heavy.

C. Moped has a pedaling feature so that you can use it for your bicycling exercise.

Before you consider buying or developing a moped, please ensure it is legal in your area. In most cases, you have to use a driving license for it.

Why can pedaling be a useful feature to have with an electric scooter?

Electric scooters are solely dependent on the battery. And around the world, charging stations for electric scooters are still not that popular. Even in the US, you will mostly get those stations near the city areas.

Now, if your battery runs out while you are in the mid-way, you’ll not have a backup option to reach your destination. But if you had pedals, you could complete the journey by pedaling. That is why mopeds are popular choices as you get a complete package there.

When is pedaling not a useful feature to have with an electric scooter?

If your electric scooter has a good speed range, you’ll often find pedaling useless to keep up with that high speed. That is why pedaling is only helpful as a backup option only.

Difference between an electric moped and an electric scooter

Electric Moped vs. Electric kick scooter

  • Electric mopeds have a longer range than electric kick scooters.
  • Electric mopeds have pedals, but electric scooters don’t have pedals.
  • Electric mopeds may carry your stuff, but electric kick scooters are simple in design, so they don’t have a carrier.
  • Electric kick scooters are incredibly portable and lightweight. But, electric mopeds are bulky, and because of many features, they have a huge structure compared to an electric kick scooter.
  • Usually, electric mopeds have a higher speed than electric kick scooters.
  • Electric kick scooters are better for short-range commutes, whereas mopeds are versatile. Although, none of these devices are great for a long drive. It depends a lot on the charging station infrastructure in your area.

Electric scooters (with traditional scooter design) vs. Electric Mopeds

  • Electric scooter manufacturers target the users who are using/ want to get the utility of LPG and CNG scooters. Naturally, you will see these electric scooters having designs very similar to the traditional ones. Mopeds look very similar to electric scooters, but mopeds have pedals.
  • These electric scooters have a durable structure, and you can use them for food delivery. Mopeds are not bad when it comes to durability, but scooters are relatively well designed to give that user comfort.
  • Electric scooters are costlier than mopeds.
  • These electric scooters have huge batteries to travel for long distances, and Mopeds have a relatively smaller battery size.

One thing is worth mentioning many manufacturers sell electric scooters in the name of e-mopeds. So don’t get confused. Always check out the utility to distinguish different vehicles. By definition, mopeds without pedals are not mopeds. They are scooters with low motor power.

Which one to choose? Electric scooter vs. electric moped vs. electric bike

If I try to assume from your reading intent, maybe you are looking for a pedaling option with an electric scooter to get the opportunity to exercise with the flexibility of high speed and range while riding in battery mode.

In that scenario, an electric moped can be an excellent option for you.

Popularity: Electric scooter vs. electric moped vs. electric bike

Honestly, all kinds of electric vehicles are gaining popularity as we are getting more aware of climate change. In the last few years, we have seen exponential growth in the use of electric vehicles. You can check out this data by Statista.

According to google trends, all those different types of two-wheelers have similar trends. However, electric mopeds are not very popular mainly because electric bike and scooter have their unique utility, while electric mopeds are a hybrid version of both.

Now, it all depends on the user and the vehicle’s utility. You can decide which one can be a perfect match for you.


Cycling is a great exercise, and when you get that feature with an electric scooter, it might fulfill your expectations. But unfortunately, electric scooters don’t come with pedals. So maybe an electric moped must be waiting for you. But if cycling is your only aim, then you can go for an electric bike or a regular bicycle.

I am the founder of Livelywatt. I love online community building, and I believe in the power of a community. With that vision, we aim to achieve a greener and sustainable life as a community. Currently, I am leading our content team here. Sometimes you can find me here writing some blog posts as well!

E-mopeds vs. E-bikes: everything you need to know when launching a fleet

Introducing a fleet of light electric vehicles to your city can have a massive positive impact on people’s lives.

Introducing a fleet of light electric vehicles to your city can have a massive positive impact on people’s lives. An eco-friendly extra transport option cuts pollution, noise, and traffic created by cars.

But while the ‘why’ is simple, choosing exactly which electric vehicle will work for your city takes a bit more thought. Your choice will affect both your riders’ experience and your business prospects, so getting it right is crucial.

In this article, we’ll go through the pros and cons of choosing e-mopeds vs. e-bikes. We’ll also highlight a few factors to consider when picking the right vehicle for your city, and talk about why we don’t advocate using e-kick-scooters in a sharing system.

Electric mopeds: the basics

Also known as ‘sit-down scooters’, e-mopeds normally look pretty similar to standard gasoline-powered mopeds. They have a leg shield and body that conceals their electrical mechanics, and often come with storage space for helmets under the seat or in the leg shield.

Like all mopeds, they tend to have more relaxed licensing requirements than larger, more powerful motorcycles.

These days there’s a wide range of e-mopeds on the market that are specially designed for sharing fleets. These come with specific features that make riding more intuitive, so it’s easy for people to get started even without much prior experience.

Pros for choosing e-mopeds vs. e-bikes

Here’s a few reasons why you might pick e-mopeds over e-bikes:

  • E-mopeds are faster. Their top speed is around 45 km/h, while e-bikes are capped at around 25–35km/h.
  • It’s easier to travel further on an e-moped than an e-bike, making them a more viable alternative to cars for longer journeys.
  • No cycle lanes needed — if your city doesn’t have them, go with e-mopeds.
  • 10–15% higher price per minute.
  • Harder to steal as they’re heavier and easier to trace.
  • Driver’s license requirement makes people more invested in riding them, which means more frequent rides per person and lower rider churn.
  • No physical effort to ride = no sweating on your commute.
  • Fits an extra passenger on the back.
  • storage space.
  • surfaces makes it easier to give your brand visibility.

Some good examples of e-moped manufacturers for sharing fleets are: Niu, SuperSOCO, Govecs, and Askoll.

E-moped case study: eCooltra

ECooltra was founded in Barcelona as a spin-off of the moped rental company, Cooltra. The company has become a big success across southern Europe, growing its fleet from 250 to 7,400 e-mopeds in just four years. It now also operates in Rome, Madrid, Lisbon, Milan, and Valencia.

E-mopeds were a natural fit for each of these cities. They all have a longstanding culture of riding mopeds, with many citizens already relying on them to get from A to B. This means there was solid infrastructure and parking in place for eCooltra’s e-moped fleet.

The mobility culture of your city is an incredibly important factor to take into account when launching a shared fleet. Picking a familiar vehicle makes it easier for people to start using your service, and also lets you take advantage of existing infrastructure.

Electric bikes: the basics

E-bikes are bicycles assisted by an electric motor. You still use your legs to pedal as you would with a normal bike, but the extra electric power lets you ride a lot faster and further with less effort. By combining convenience with the benefits of exercise, they’ve recently grown a lot in popularity.

When used in a sharing fleet, they can be parked freely on the street, at parking stations, or a combination of both.

Pros for choosing e-bikes vs. e-mopeds

Here’s a few reasons why you might choose e-bikes over e-mopeds:

  • Less expensive than e-mopeds generally
  • No driver’s license required to ride, making them more instantly accessible to a wider range of people.
  • Travel further on a single battery.
  • Fewer area restrictions. E-bikes can go anywhere a bicycle can go, while e-mopeds must stick to roads.
  • Simpler and less expensive to insure than e-mopeds. It depends on the model, but insurance for an e-bike is normally around 3–5x cheaper.
  • Easier to transport for servicing.
  • relaxed parking restrictions, which means less hassle with local authorities.
  • Provides health benefits from exercise.

Some good examples of e-bike manufacturers for sharing fleets are: Arcade, Comodule, and E-flow.

E-bike case study: Billy

Billy Bike is a company based in Brussels, Belgium. Since launching its fleet of e-bikes in 2018, Billy has become a leading provider of eco-friendly mobility in Belgium. The e-bikes themselves have become recognised throughout the city for their sleek, distinctive branding, which has helped make Billy a sustainable business.

E-bikes were a good choice for a compact city like Brussels — over half of journeys made in the city are under 5km, which is a perfect cycling distance.

But Billy’s success also demonstrates that how your vehicles look has a big impact on building brand loyalty. So when choosing a vehicle, keep design and branding at the top of your mind.

Electric kick scooters: why they’re not ideal for sharing fleets

When it comes to light electric vehicles, electric kick scooters are the first type that comes to mind for many people. Companies like Lime and Bird made headlines by launching electric kick scooter fleets in multiple major cities almost overnight. Since then, they’ve continued to grow in popularity across the world.

However, while their portability makes them an attractive choice for individuals to own, we don’t advocate choosing them for your shared fleet. There are a few reasons for this:

  • No clear regulations for how and where to ride them, unlike with e-mopeds and e-bikes
  • Less safe to ride overall
  • Easy to steal and vandalise — they only last a few months before they need replacing.
  • Lack of durability limits eco-friendly benefit, as manufacturing more of them creates emissions.
  • No clear places to park them, creating a mess on public walkways.

A combination of these factors has caused conflict between electric kick scooter fleet operators and city authorities, who increasingly see these fleets as a nuisance. So if you want to impact your city in a positive way, our advice is to stick to e-bikes and e-mopeds.

Do you want to learn more about starting your shared micromobility service? We gather all our knowledge and best practices in our guide to launch your shared micromobility service.

Final advice on choosing vehicles

Both e-bikes and e-mopeds can fuel sustainable growth for your business when deployed correctly, as the graphic below shows.

Either type should last at least 3–5 years in a fleet before you need to replace them. If things are going well, you should only have to renew around 25–30% of your fleet after 4 years.

Of course, this depends on a number of factors such as rider behavior, vandalism, weather, and your vehicle maintenance routine. So when doing your market research, make sure you form a good understanding of the people and the geography of your city.

Regardless of whether you choose e-bikes or e-mopeds, the most important factors to take into account are:

  • Design that resonates with your brand and your target customers. People seeing your vehicles on the street is a big driver of organic growth.
  • Battery swapping system that works well for your operating team.
  • Durability of vehicles and batteries.
  • Price. E-mopeds start at around 2500 euros, e-bikes at 1000 euros.
  • Estimated range of the vehicle before it needs to be recharged. E-mopeds should be able to travel at least 50km on a single battery, and e-bikes at least 100km.

Want to learn more about how specific e-bike or e-moped models could work in your city? We can help guide your decision, connect you to manufacturers, and even send you a demo kit complete with vehicles and a mobile app.

If you’re interested, get in touch with us here.

E moped with pedals

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