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Electric Scooter P-Settings Database

Disclaimer: This P-settings database is currently in beta. Change p-settings at your own risk; data is based on manufacturer’s data but there are no guarantees of accuracy. Contact us for corrections or additions!

The P-setting database for electric scooters includes programming presets for all scooters from the Scooter Database that have an EYE trigger throttle or QS-S4 trigger throttle.

P-Settings By Throttle Type

Many electric scooters have LCD finger throttles with pre-programmed settings (P-settings) that allow you to adjust features like cruise control, zero-start, and speedometer units (mph/kph). Learn how to access P-settings for LCD finger throttles, which you can adjust, and which presets you should not mess with.

LCD Throttles

The two main types of LCD trigger throttles are the EYE throttle and QS-S4 throttle. To access P-settings, you use the available buttons on the dashboard to get to the menu, toggle through features, and adjust values up and down.

Electric scooters most often include 10 to 15 P-settings, including some presets which should not be adjusted. Presets that should not be adjusted are battery voltage, battery voltage protection, motor magnets, and automatic scooter voltage shut-down. These presets affect how the motor and battery are calibrated and should not be adjusted unless you understand the functions.

Common P-settings

P-settings allow scooter riders to customize their ride. The top 5 programmed features in both types of LCD finger throttles are:

  • Cruise control
  • Speedometer units
  • Start mode (kick-to-start or zero-start)
  • Power level
  • Acceleration

Other common P-settings for electric scooters include electronic brake strength, LCD brightness, auto-off time, and wheel diameter.

Manufacturers often skip using some P-setting positions, so there may be 20 positions available but only 14 have programmed settings. Ordinarily, instructions for how to access P-settings and adjust designated features are included in the scooter instruction manual.

Pro tip: Many LCD throttles include a USB port on the back of the display that provides low-voltage charging. Some sellers and scooter riders on reddithave reported malfunctioning LCDs and/or throttles after plugging in a mobile phone. These USB ports are typically very limited in the amount of current they can output, and we don’t recommend using them for charging external devices, as they are mostly intended for flashing the LCD.

EYE (EY3) Throttle P-settings

Currus scooters, Minimotors scooters, and the Kaabo Wolf Warrior use an EYE throttle and have 14 identical P-settings. With the EYE throttle, some P-settings are lettered.

Accessing Settings

There are three buttons on the EYE LCD display: Mode, Power, and Setting/Multifunction (❍). To access the P-settings menu:

  • Power on your scooter.
  • Long press the Mode button (3 seconds) to get to the P-setting menu.
  • Use the Mode button to toggle through and select P-settings.
  • Use the Multifunction button (❍) to adjust values.
  • To save settings, allow LCD display to timeout (3 seconds) or long press Mode to exit the P-setting menu.

All standard P-settings for EYE LCD finger throttles are in the EYE LCD Throttle P-settings table.

EYE Throttle P-settings: MiniMotors, CURRUS, Kaabo Wolf Warrior

For the EVOLV scooters, setting P20 is programmed for communication protocol, default: 4. All other brands/models do not have a program for P20.

P-settings for EMOVE, Kaabo and Nanrobot

EMOVE, Kaabo, and Nanrobot scooters use the same standard P-settings in the same order, detailed in the table below. Kaabo electric scooters include three additional P-settings, and some models of the base Kaabo Mantis require a code to access the advanced menu. Here are the models with the same QS-S4 throttle and P-setting programming:

Not including the Wolf Warrior 11 which has an EYE-throttle.

Table for EMOVE, Kaabo, and Nanrobot

Setting Feature Notes
P0 Wheel diameter (do not adjust) Default: 8 to 10 (varies by model)
P1 Battery voltage protection (do not adjust) Default: (varies by model)
P2 Motor magnets (do not adjust) Default: 10 to 30 (varies by model)
P3 Speed signal (do not adjust) Default: 0 or 1 (varies by model)
P4 Speedometer units 0: kph1: mphDefault: 0
P5 Start mode 0: zero start1: kick to startDefault: 0
P6 Cruise control 0: off1: onDefault: 0
P7 Acceleration 0: fast1/5: slow Scale is 0 (fast) to ⅕ (slow)Default: (varies by model)
P8 Power level 1: slowest100: fastestDefault: 100
P9 Electronic brake strength 0: off1: mid3: maxDefault: 0
PA Lifetime odometer reset Long-press Mode button to reset to 0
PB Auto-off time 0: not set60: 60 minDefault: 5
PC LCD brightness 1: low2: mid3: highDefault: 3

For Kaabo scooters, P8 is the electronic brake strength (0: off, 1: on, default: 1) and P9 is the power level (default: 100).

P-settings for FLJ, Joyor, Qiewa, Weped, and Other Brands

Other brands that also use the QS-S4 throttle include FLJ, Joyor, Qiewa, and Weped. Joyor provides scooter user manuals and P-setting instructions on their website. P-setting instructions for the FLJ, Qiewa and Weped are less detailed and available online.

If programmed settings are not included in your e-scooter instruction manual, try reaching out to the manufacturer if you need more guidance.

If you have an electric scooter with a programmable LCD throttle and P-setting instructions that’s not covered in this article, please share with us and we’ll update our database.

Where can I find p-settings for my electric scooter?

Most manufacturers provide the programming instructions and p-settings for electric scooters in the user manual. If they are not provided by the scooter manufacturer, sellers often include a webpage detailing how to access and adjust p-settings on their website.

You can also check the manufacturer’s and seller’s pages for the scooter, search on reddit, check out YouTube tutorials, and try community forums for p-setting guidance.

Which p-settings should I change as a beginner scooter rider?

If you’re just getting comfortable riding an electric scooter, we recommend disabling cruise control and enabling kick-to-start. Cruise control automatically turns on and maintains your speed after holding the throttle for 5-8 seconds, which can be jarring if you’re just getting used to accelerating and braking. The kick-to-start feature requires that you kick the scooter up to at least 1-1.5 mph before you can engage the throttle. Depending on the power and configuration of your scooter, sudden acceleration can take some getting used to. Learn more beginner tips in our scooter riding guide.

What happens if I adjust the features that are labeled “do not adjust”?

In general, those values are set specifically for each scooter model and should not be adjusted, as it will change the scooter’s configuration. If you are mechanically inclined and understand how adjusting the values alters the performance of your scooter, you can make changes to the P-settings – but should do so with expert guidance and caution. For example, if the setting for the wheel diameter is incorrectly programmed, the speedometer will be configured incorrectly and will not display accurate speed. For the EYE LCD throttle, there are a number of preset values without explanation, so you may need to reach out to the manufacturer for more explanation before retooling.

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Best mobility scooters for seniors

As you enter your golden years, you may find it’s more difficult to get around. Losing mobility may be a natural part of aging or the result of an underlying condition. If you find that lack of mobility is impacting your quality of life, you may consider getting a mobility scooter. Mobility scooters can get you back to doing errands or enjoying outings with friends and family. Let’s go through the best mobility scooters for seniors to help you through the decision-making process. My Caring Plan may earn a commission from purchases made from links on this post. As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commission from qualifying purchases. To learn more, check out our Affiliate Disclaimer.

When to get mobility scooters for seniors

Losing mobility can make daily tasks difficult, such as shopping, going to a place of worship, getting fresh air or enjoying an outing downtown. Seniors who suffer from lack of mobility may find themselves isolated from their peers, family and friends. Some seniors may start by improving mobility through physical therapy, or an aide such as a walker or cane. These are great actions to take in order to keep up mobility. However, sometimes a walker isn’t enough. A mobility scooter may be the right solution when you notice that you’re having trouble maintaining balance (even with an aide), you tire easily even with brief tasks or trips, or you have an underlying condition that’s getting worse or that’s untreatable. In these cases, a mobility scooter may be the right choice to improve quality of life and be able to participate in errands and events.

Considerations for mobility scooters for seniors

As you evaluate your options, you’ll want to consider what type of scooter you want. This isn’t just about the size, but also if you want to use it outdoors or have it be foldable. Be sure you identify your needs before buying a scooter that doesn’t meet them.

Key features of mobility scooters for seniors

In addition to the types listed above, a mobility scooter may also have different features available. Let’s go through some of these key features.

  • Ease of maneuverability (turning radius, etc.)
  • Ability to go up inclines (such as outdoor sidewalks, exit ramps, etc.)
  • Weight capacity (how much weight it supports)
  • Maximum speed (typically 4-5.5 mph)
  • Distance range for battery (8-15 miles)
  • Battery charge time (between 2 hours to overnight)
  • Years of warranty

It’s important to get a sense of the features you want. For example, if you want to use your mobility scooter to take rides in the park, you may want a long-range battery. Or perhaps the buildings you enter have steep ramps, so you’ll want to make sure the incline for your scooter is powerful enough.

Where to buy mobility scooters for seniors

You have options when it comes to buying mobility scooters. If you want to buy a scooter with warranty, you’ll want to get it new. There are a handful of great mobility scooter providers, including:

  • Pride Mobility
  • Drive Medical Store
  • E-Wheels
  • Shoprider
  • Golden Technologies
  • EV Rider
  • Jazzy
  • ScootersNChairs
  • Go Mobility Scooters
  • Medical Supply Depot
  • Other aggregate providers such as Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, etc.

However, if you want to cut costs, you may consider getting a used mobility scooter. To find one, you should check out online platforms such as Craigslist and Marketplace, as well as word-of-mouth.

How to pay for mobility scooters for seniors

A mobility scooter is typically a large investment for a family. However, you may be able to get a discount on your mobility scooter if you’re enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid.

  • Medicare: To get coverage for your electric wheelchair (scooter), you’ll have to show that you don’t have the physical strength to operate a manual wheelchair. You’ll also need a doctor’s prescription order with a medical reason for the electric wheelchair. If approved, Medicare will typically pay for 80% of the cost. If you have Medicare Supplemental Insurance, you’ll typically get the other 20% of the cost covered.
  • Medicaid: Coverage for electric wheelchairs (scooter) will depend on your state of residence. However, typically Medicaid covers durable medical equipment as long as you have a doctor’s prescription order with a medical reason.

For both Medicare and Medicaid, you must be currently enrolled and use in-network suppliers, as well as get pre-approvals before purchasing the equipment. Otherwise, you risk that the scooter won’t be covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

You may also be able to get coverage from Veterans Benefits, state-based health programs or non-profits. This depends greatly on your personal and medical situation.

Best mobility scooters for seniors

Here’s our list of the best mobility scooters for seniors. We hope this helps you make a decision about the right scooter for you.

3-wheel mobility scooters for seniors

Price: 599.00

Key features: Easy maneuvering with turning radius, full-padded seat and adjustable height, speeds up to 4 mph, distance up to 6.3 miles, weight capacity up to 275 lbs., extras such cup holders and saddlebag.

Price: 759.05

Key features: Easy maneuvering with ergonomic throttle control, full-padded armrests and adjustable height, distance up to 9 miles, weight capacity up to 300 lbs., and incline angle of 6 degrees.

Price: 649.00

Key features: Adjustable seat height, 250 lbs. weight capacity and removable battery for charging.

4-wheel mobility scooters for seniors

Price: 1,279.00

Key features: Ergonomic wraparound handles, non-scuffing tires, front basket, weight capacity up to 300 lbs. and dual-voltage charger.

Price: 1,735.00

Key features: Distance up to 18 miles, LED headlight and taillight, weight capacity up to 330 lbs., spring suspension comfort, and 4-inch ground clearance.

Price: 2,349

Key features: CTS suspension with shocks, ergonomic wraparound handles, LED headlight, console features and high-back seat.

Price: 749.00

Key features: Ergonomic throttle control, electromagnetic brakes, padded armrests, 12-hour battery, distance up to 9 miles, weight capacity up to 300 lbs., speeds up to 4.25 mph, and incline angle of 6 degrees.

Portable mobility scooters for seniors

Price: 1,462.77

Key features: Ultra-lightweight scooter (40 lbs.), two-step fold feature, up to 15 miles distance, airline-friendly and stability controls.

Price: (unlisted)

Key features: Compact folding feature, airline-friendly, weight capacity up to 265 lbs., speeds up to 4 mph, distance up to 12 miles, and 1-3-year warranty on different parts.

Price: 1,099.00

Key features: Foldable features, 3-speed levels, distance up to 25 miles, speeds up to 12 mph, and child seat included for family riding.

Outdoor-friendly mobility scooters for seniors

Price: 2,149.00

Key features: Powerful 500-watt motor, speeds up to 18 mph, 40-mile range, two heavy-duty shock absorbers, 3-year warranty and weight capacity up to 400 lbs.

Price: 2,249.00

Key features: High-power motor, up to 18 mph, 45-mile range, large storage basket, two shock absorbers and digital anti-theft alarm.

Price: 2,949.00

Key features: Powerful 700-watt motor, up to 15 mph, 43 miles, weight capacity 500 lbs., LED lights and hydraulic shock absorbers.

How to boost your loved one’s mobility

Getting the right mobility scooter for your loved one is no easy task. With your guide, you’ll be able to make the Smart choice.

Remember that mobility goes beyond just technology. Boosting your senior’s mobility may include getting physical therapy, regular exercise, aides like walkers/canes or even a new home design to place key items in more reachable places. Small actions like these could help your loved one stay active.

Looking for more senior health topics? My Caring Plan is your go-to spot for senior caregiving.

To learn more about how My Caring Plan recommends products and services, check out our Affiliate Disclaimer.

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How to Fix an Electric Scooter: Common Problems and Solutions

Finding the right electric scooter can be tough, so when you do find the best one for your needs, you want it to run correctly. Often, this means keeping a charge on the battery and being careful. However, some issues may arise where the scooter no longer works.

When this happens, you may think that you have to throw away the machine and buy a new one, but you can actually learn how to fix an electric scooter so that it runs again. There are common issues that you might run into, and we look into each one and the solutions.

A Word of Caution

While many of these scenarios are easily fixable with few or no tools, it is important to be safe. If you don’t feel comfortable performing a task, you may want to call a professional. They will take all precautions for safety and may have a background in troubleshooting electric scooters.

How to Fix an Electric Scooter

You’ll find a variety of problems that may come with owning an electric scooter. We’ll talk about each one and give you a solution to try. In most cases, it will work for you.

A Dead Battery

You may not realize it, but there’s a difference between a battery that is low and one that’s dead. When the battery is low, you can turn on your machine but can’t get it running. This happens because the battery isn’t getting enough power to run the motor.

When you’ve got a dead battery, your scooter won’t even turn on and will be lifeless. It’s not going to respond at all.

The Solution

Since a dead battery is one of the most common problems found with electric scooters, you’re sure to find a solution. All you need to do is charge it. Just note that it might take a longer time to charge because your battery is fully drained.

To revive it, you’ll need to leave it on and charging for a long time. Plus, you should ensure that it sees a full chargeback to the green; that is, if you have a scooter with an LED indicator light. Generally, it’s best to recharge the battery before it dies so that it doesn’t take as long.

If a charge isn’t enough to jump the battery, you may want to purchase a voltmeter. This device will check your battery to see if it is charging or not. Batteries can lose their charge and power with use and time, so if it isn’t charging, it’s time to replace it.

Runs for a Short Period

You may run into the issue where your scooter does run well, but it slows down or stops completely after a while. When you go to check the charge, the batteries are worn down. Of course, if you’re going uphill, your speed will reduce naturally.

On the contrary, if the scooter slows down on the flat ground, you probably have an issue with the battery. This shouldn’t be a cause for concern, though.

The Solution

Often, your scooter will die prematurely because the batteries are old. They may not hold a charge for long, and it might take longer to recharge them. If that happens, you should consider replacing the batteries to fix the problem.

You should also check the tires. If your tires are flat or have low air pressure, this could cause the speed to reduce with time. Air up the tires or fix them and see if that helps.

Kill Switch On

You may not realize it, but your electric scooter probably has a kill switch to help save energy. Most manuals recommend that you turn it on when you’re finished riding for the day or while it is charging.

best, mobility, scooters, seniors

Many times, if your engine won’t start, you should check to see if the kill switch is still in the on position. Do this before you check for a low or dead battery. You’ll find the switch on your scooter’s engine.

The Solution

Find the kill switch on your engine. Turn it to the off position and then try to start the engine.

Blown or Flipped Fuse

Scooters run on battery power, so you may find that it is common to have various electrical problems. If you flip the fuse for the ignition, the scooter won’t respond when you turn it on. You may also have a flipped or blown main fuse.

The Solution

Check to see if the main or ignition fuses are flipped. If so, set them to their “on” position once more. Then, try to start the engine.

This should work unless the fuse is blown. If that happens, you will need to replace that particular fuse. While you can do this yourself, we always recommend that you go to a professional for a blown fuse.

Engine Heats Up

When your engine overheats, you may get quite worried. Luckily, most new models have a safety mechanism that shuts it off to prevent more damage from happening.

If this occurs, though, you will feel the heat when you get close to your engine. Hot engines indicate that the battery is hot because that’s what powers it. Therefore, the battery lifespan will be decreased, and it could fail completely.

The Solution

The first step is to turn off your engine and let it cool off completely. Then, check for any damaged wiring or fuses. This could indicate an electrical controller issue, which we’ll discuss later.

If there are damaged fuses or wiring problems, the engine might still run. However, there will be excess pressure put on the battery, which could cause significant and irreplaceable damage.

Such excess power will cause your battery to overheat and break down. While you can tell if the engine is overheating, you can’t fix this problem yourself. It’s best to send it in for repairs as soon as you can.

No or Weak Acceleration

Sometimes, when you’re riding along, you will give the scooter power, and it will seem slow to go. Other times, it won’t move at all. If this happens, there are a few solutions.

The Solution

If you can barely get the scooter to move or it won’t go at all when you touch the accelerator, then you may have an electrical controller or fuse problem. You may have an electrical issue, or the fuse might be blown or flipped.

best, mobility, scooters, seniors

When that happens, the engine can’t draw power from its battery, and the scooter won’t move. Usually, when that happens, it’s considered a mechanical issue. This means you will need to send it to a professional for repairs.

Electrical Controller Issues

Every electric scooter will have an electrical controller, which is a board that fits all of the fuses and wires.

If a foreign body or water gets in contact with that area, the circuits could be affected. Thus, the engine might act up, or it might not turn on at all.

The Solution

Though this can seem a little daunting, you can try to secure wires that might have gotten loosened. You can also check for any popped transistors. It’s very rare, though, that the transistor is the problem.

If that is the case, it is quite easy to replace. If that’s not the cause, you may need to send it in for diagnostics and repairs.

Brake Lever Switch

Similar to the kill switch, the brake lever switch might get turned on accidentally. This device is connected to the scooter’s throttle control system. Once it is applied, it will deactivate the whole system.

If that fails, then the brakes will lock up on the scooter, and it shuts itself down. It’s a safety feature that can save lives, but it can also fail at times.

The Solution

Often, the wiring can become loose. Check for any loose wires and reconnect them. If that doesn’t work, then you may need to seek professional repairs.

Faulty Speed Controller

A speed controller is an essential component on your scooter to help it automatically keep its speed within a predefined range. It is similar to cruise control in vehicles and reduces the need for your effort while ensuring the reliability of your ride.

While this is essential, the part is also prone to breaking. If that happens, you can fix it yourself.

The Solution

Here are the steps you need to take:

Turn on the scooter

The first step is to turn the scooter on so that you can confirm whether or not the speed controller is working. Once on, you can find out which part has an issue.

Test your speed controller

To determine if the speed control has a problem, you’ll need to check the electrical wiring. Make sure to check the switch, fuse, and circuit breaker. Sniff around the engine to see if fumes are present because that could indicate the risk of fire.

Dismantle your speed controller

Once you’ve found out which part of the controller is the issue, you can dismantle it. That way, you can gain access to the interior. Tighten any loose wires and replace broken ones.

It might not be the wiring that’s the problem. Check the circuit breaker and fuse, replacing them if needed.

Reassemble everything

When the scooter is fixed, you’ll need to put the speed controller back together. Use caution here because it is quite easy to make a mistake. Reattach all the parts and screw them back on tightly.

Test your scooter

Now is the time to turn on the scooter and drive it a short distance. This will tell you if you fixed the problem or not.

Faulty Battery Charger

If your battery charger is faulty, your scooter isn’t likely to start. After a while, it will require a charge and won’t get it. It’s easy to check for a faulty charger.

The Solution

All you have to do is plug the charger into an outlet and watch the indicator lights. If they’re not illuminated, then your charger could be defective; this is the easy way to test it.

If you’d like a more in-depth check, you can use a voltmeter or multimeter to test the battery charger’s output. Just note that before you check your battery, you should find out the voltage for the battery’s output to your scooter.

Generally, scooter batteries have a 24V, 36V, or 48V voltage. The goal here is to see if the charger outputs a higher voltage than your battery. If there is no voltage at all or if it is just a little over the battery, your charger is defective, or it’s too high a voltage for the battery itself.

This is an easy fix. Just buy a new battery charger and make sure the voltage is comparable to that of the battery. Also, make sure that the outlet voltage is compatible with the battery and charger.

A Few Other Things to Consider

Though we have talked about many common issues, the solutions might not be what you need. Hence, we will talk about some other things to try. For example, if the motor doesn’t engage, you should push the scooter to about 3mph, all while applying the throttle.

That said, if the scooter shuts off while you’re driving it, you should turn off the power. Wait a few minutes, and then press the engine’s reset button. Almost all electric scooters feature a reset button.

If the power switch doesn’t light up, the motor isn’t going to engage when you kick start it. Therefore, you’ll want to check for and reconnect any loose wires beneath the deck plate. If no loose wires are found, you might need to replace your power switch or reset button.

It’s also possible that the machine stops working after you charge it. If that happens, you might need to replace the battery. You can also secure it safely, lift the back end, and spin the rear wheels manually while using the throttle.


We understand that you want your scooter to work at all times, but mechanical things can act funny or stop working. Fortunately, you just learned how to fix an electric scooter.

Most of the problems were considered common, and they might be included in your owner’s manual troubleshooting section. Some of them might be a little rarer. Regardless, we offered solutions for each issue so that you can diagnose and repair it yourself.

How to Make an Electric Scooter Faster Using 9 Simple Tricks [Do This FIRST]

When we planned our group ride in 2022, we were all thrilled.

We didn’t have Hyper-electric scooters, but part of the fun was to determine who would reach our intended destination first.

Out of the 10 e-scooter owners who were there, I trailed throughout the ride.

It was clearly an embarrassment for me since I was the master planner for the ride.

Determined to excel in the second group ride, I had to do everything to master how to make an electric scooter faster.

Let’s review the simplest ways to make an electric scooter go faster.

Our first tip is the simplest and needs to be checked first.

How to Make an Electric Scooter Faster

Follow these simple tips to make an electric scooter go faster.

Switch to the Fastest Mode

The main reason why I trailed in our group ride was that I rode in the ECO Mode.

I was still a newbie, so I hadn’t messed much with my scooter to know all the parameter settings and the different riding modes.

One of the simplest yet effective ways to make your electric scooter faster is by switching to the fastest gear.

Most e-scooters come with three or more riding modes, where you have the ECO, Standard, and Turbo Modes.

By engaging the Turbo Mode, you will hit the top-most speed after you floor the throttle to the maximum.

It’s essential for you to note that some models refer to the Turbo Mode to as the Sport Mode, but the functionality remains that while riding in this mode, you will hit the fastest speeds.

Just so you know, riding in the fastest mode will make the battery get drained faster and as such, you will get the least range.

Since electric scooters aren’t manufactured the same, you can refer to your manual on how you can engage the fastest mode.

For some models, you will need to set it with buttons in the cockpit, for others, you will need to access the P-Settings, while for the other lot, you must use a mobile application to switch to the gear that best suits you.

Remove the Speed Limiter

Some manufacturers sell their e-scooters while they are already speed-limited to achieve the speed legality thresholds.

Depending on where you are in the world, you may opt to remove the speed limiter and make your scooter faster.

There are many different ways to go about this and one of them is by disconnecting the speed-limiting wire.

Some of the models we had luck removing the speed limiter by unplugging the limiting wire include the Zero 10X and Zero 9.

The speed governor in these models is a white wire coming out of the controller, which when cut, more power gets to the motor and you have more speed.

The Battery Management System (BMS) in most modern electric scooters will have a cut-out to keep the battery in perfect health.

One of the best ways you can always ensure that you beat the cut-out is by ensuring that you keep your e-scooter fully charged before you get out of the house.

Scientifically, a fully charged battery will lead to faster speeds.

On the converse, the scooter will struggle to even reach 5 miles per hour when the BMS activates the cut-out.

In our blog post on why electric scooter cuts off and the solutions, we mentioned that low battery is one of the leading causes.

To solve this, always ensure that your e-scooter has sufficient charge.

Even if your e-scooter lacks the cut-off voltage feature, a low battery will make the scooter so slow.

You will floor the throttle but no high speed will be recorded.

You can actually end up thinking your scooter accelerator is faulty.

As a matter of fact, a fully charged battery produces more voltage.

The electric scooter motor relies on the voltage to determine how fast it runs.

To ensure that you don’t get distracted by the cut-off voltage, we again insist that you keep your battery stays with the highest charge possible.

If you are covering a long distance, it’s worth it to have a fast charger and keep your scooter on charge.

However, it’s advisable that you only charge your ride when it has already cooled down.

In case you would like to know how you can charge your e-scooter faster, we have a detailed article on this how-to process.

Change the Battery

Most electric scooter owners who have had to replace their batteries did so after 500 charging cycles.

This is mostly in three years.

As we have mentioned above, a low battery can make an electric scooter slow.

How about a dead battery that has worn out cells?

Well, it will be lucky for you to hit more than ½ of the top speed if you have a dead battery.

Below are the Frequently Asked Questions we have been able to gather about making an electric scooter faster:

Can You Remove Speed Limiter on Electric Scooters?emove speed limiter on electric scooter?

Yes, you can remove speed limiter on an electric scooter.

The ways in which you can remove this limiter varies from a model to the other.

For some, you will need to remove the speed limiting wire while for others, you will have to use a custom compatible firmware on your mobile phone to unlock the speed.

Why Won’t My Electric Scooter Go Faster?

Some of the main reasons why your electric scooter won’t go faster include being in the slowest riding mode, low battery voltage, the speed is restricted, or the scooter is subjected to heaviness.

Keep it as light as possible, engage the Turbo Mode, and keep the battery in the highest voltage as you start the ride.

How Do You Speed Up a Slow Electric Scooter?

Since low speed electric scooters feature inferior electrical components, you can speed them up with swapping by swapping the stock components with more powerful ones.

Changing the battery, controller, and motor to more powerful ones will make a low speed e-scooter faster.

Will a Higher Voltage Battery Make My E-Scooter Faster?

Yes, a higher voltage battery than the original will make an electric scooter faster.

It’s important to note that the battery needs to be compatible with the controller and the motor for better speed to be recorded, though.

For the battery you intend to switch to, ensure that you have a well-suited motor and controller for seamless functioning.

How to Make Electric Scooters Faster: Pro Tips

Yes, you can make electric scooter faster by following these handy tips:

  • Always engage the highest-speed mode
  • Do away with the speed limiter
  • Swap the speed-involved components with more powerful ones
  • Make use of racing tires where possible
  • Keep the battery with the highest voltage possible.

In Summary

Making an electric scooter faster is a great idea, especially if you are looking forward to beating a deadline.

However, it’s important to note that you will need to operate under the legal thresholds put in place by your local government.

For instance, if you make the scooter faster by removing the speed limiter, you may end up having a lawsuit or even getting the scooter confiscated by the police.

X7 Max Folding Electric Scooter

Our multiple warehouse locations currently only offer free shipping to the 48 contiguous states of the US. Orders will be delivered within 5 business days.

Our professional service continues long after your purchase. Feel free to contact TurboAnt’s technical support team at, or call 1-833-310-2205.

Our professional service continues long after your purchase. Feel free to contact TurboAnt’s technical support team at, or call 1-833-310-2205.

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Refined Design, Maximum Benefits Compelling upgrades from X7 Pro, elegant and efficient urban transportation.

Stem Battery Lock 3 sec Quick Folding 275 lb Load Capacity 15° Climb Capability

Detachable Battery, Outstanding Performance

Swift battery swap for a convenient recharge, with a battery lock for added security.

Best-in-Class 32-Mile (52 km) Range

A single charge for full-day activities: home-work commute, grocery visit, and more.

275 lb (125 kg) Maximum Load

The sturdy and durable build transports you and your possessions safely and smoothly.

20 mph (32 km/h) Top Speed

Leave the congested traffic behind and adventure into the city at your desired pace.

350 W Brushless Motor

With generous power and fine-tuned throttle response, the motor never disappoints.

Optimized Ride Quality, Enhanced Experience

Wide, anti-slip deck provides ample room for a firm, comfortable stance.

3 riding modes suit all your needs.

Eco Mode permits trips at a lower, safer speed and maximizes the battery life.

Comfort Mode enables a moderate speed, balancing time and energy efficiency.

Sport Mode uses full motor power for a spirited ride at the scooter’s top speed.

3-Step Folding Saves space when you need to carry the scooter on a train or in the car trunk.

15° Climb Capability Allows effortless, confident travel on flat roads and hilly streets alike.

Cruise Control Automates throttle input to maintain a steady speed and avoid finger fatigue.

5.3-Inch Ground Clearance Elevated deck handles speed bumps with ease. Longer stem better suits taller people.

IPX4 Water Resistance Blocks dust and splashing water from getting inside and protects scooter parts.

10-Inch Pneumatic Tires Constructed from premium materials, the tires cushion your ride from bumps.

Considerate Safety Features

3W LED Headlight The bright headlight illuminates the path for nighttime riders and ensures timely detection of hazardous road conditions. It also betters the scooter’s visibility to nearby motor vehicles and pedestrians.

Dual Braking System Equipped with a rear disc brake and front electronic brake, the scooter comes to a quick, steady stop when the brake lever is applied, with its taillight blinking in red to signal to people around.


  • 1 x X7 Max Electric Scooter
  • 1 x Charging Adapter
  • 2 x Handlebars
  • 1 x M6 Hexagon Wrench
  • 1 x User Manual


How is the X7 Max foldable electric scooter different from the X7 Pro?

The X7 Max foldable scooter is equipped with refined drivetrain hardware and software for a longer range of 32 miles. It has an added battery lock in the stem for an optimized riding experience and security. The X7 Max’s deck has also been widened and elevated for a safer and more comfortable standing position as well as smoother riding when going over bumps. Keep reading to learn more about the X7 Max here. TurboAnt X7 Max: The New Upgraded Version of X7 Pro

What are the advantages of the X7 Max foldable electric scooter?

  • 1. Good portability: The detachable battery and the folding mechanism allow the rider to easily charge and fold the foldable electric scooter in seconds. It’s also convenient to bring it into public transport or stack it under the office desk.
  • 2. Convenient storage: The X7 Max foldable electric scooter folds into a compact size of 45.3 × 16.5 × 20.1 inches, fitting in a wide variety of spaces, including your car trunk.
  • 3. Easier parking: The X7 Max foldable scooter can be parked in any empty space where it’s allowed, and you don’t need to pay for it!
  • 4. Simpler maintenance: Compared to other means of transportation such as motorbikes and cars, maintaining e-scooters is a breeze! With proper daily care, your e-scooter will last a long time. The only thing you might need to do is replace worn-out tires due to long-time use.
  • 5. Competitive price: The X7 Max is one of the best foldable scooters if you are on a budget. With different seasonal promotions going on, you are sure to get it at the best price on the market.

Read here to see what other reasons there are to get yourself a foldable e-scooter. Why Choose a Foldable Electric Scooter for Adults

Are electric scooters all foldable? How do I fold the X7 Max?

The availability of the folding mechanism in an e-scooter is decided largely by the scooter’s design and function. For instance, electric scooters used mainly for commuting are more likely to be foldable, because they tend to be carried into metros or buses, or stored indoors, all of which is made easier and more convenient thanks to the folding mechanism.

The X7 Max foldable electric scooter has a quick-folding mechanism that allows riders to fold and unfold it in seconds, making every trip fast and efficient.

Can I buy extra batteries for my X7 Max e-scooter?

Sure. Find ACCESSORIES at the top of the website, and then you can buy replacement batteries for your specific model there.

How many keys to the battery lock do you provide? What do I do if I lost the key(s)?

Every X7 Max comes with 2 identical keys for the stem battery. Please keep them in secure places for your riding convenience. Contact for a new key if both of them are lost.

Are the detachable batteries of the X7 Pro, X7 Max, and V8 interchangeable?

The batteries of the X7 Pro, X7 Max, and V8 are all detachable but cannot be used for another e-scooter model due to their different inner structures. Please double-check your e-scooter model before ordering the battery.


X7 Pro

M10 Lite

Initially I purchased a Segway ninebot for the same price but it was pretty disappointing in terms of range and speed. I returned it and bought a turboant max. It’s very well built and checks all the boxes I wanted. I use it for my commute from a train station to my office in Philadelphia. The streets are rough but the ride quality of the max is solid. Range has been impressive in sport mode. You won’t get the full 32 miles but that’s expected. The quality of everything else from the folding mechanism to the tires, brakes, throttle and bell are all way nicer than the segway. Great purchase!

So far everything has been mostly fantastic. Drives smooth and feels good to ride. But, one complaint is that most times the cruise control does not work. It works every now and then but not how it’s supposed to. Other than that great product!

We bought this scooter for our 14 year old son. Now he is never home. He loves it. Goes all day around our small town.

This electric scooter is perfect for first-time riders and a master of speed. Going to work every day, walking a distance of about 3 miles is very troublesome, and taking the bus is too crowded and time-consuming, so I bought this electric scooter, which is a very good thing for me to go to work. I highly recommend this electric scooter, which folds up and fits perfectly under my desk. very convenient!

I am so pleased with this X7 MAX scooter. It’s better than I expected. It came almost fully assembled and went together in about 5 minutes, no tools needed except for the provided hex wrench. I charged it up for a few hours and then I was gone like the wind. This scooter is very well built and performs very well. I love that it has different speed modes. My girlfriend is hesitant to ride it but the slow speed (which is no faster than a jog) was perfect for giving her confidence that riding a scooter requires no more balance than walking. it’s even easier than riding a bike. My girlfriend and I loved these scooters so much that we bought a thrid for my daughters graduation present. Now she loves it too! Thanks, Turboant for such a great product!

This is my family’s first electric scooter. I did lot of research and bought this model in good deal. It’s been a month I started using it, worth for what I paid but definitely need improvements in major areas.

Had this for a couple weeks. Took it for a 90 minute cruise with lots of hills, stop and go moments, through trails paved and gravel and down city streets with 25% battery to spare. This thing is seriously fun. I need to find a longer way to work/ home. Best investment ever.

This scooter is great. Brake and acceleration are really smooth! This is an incredibly well designed and solid piece of engineering.

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