Best Electric Trikes for Adults 2023. Trikes for adults motorcycle

Best Electric Trikes for Adults 2023

Electric tricycles are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a number of advantages over traditional bicycles. They are more stable, making them a good choice for riders who are new to cycling or who have balance issues. They are also easier to get on and off, which can be helpful for riders with limited mobility. And, of course they can be powered by a battery, which means you can ride them without having to pedal.

The electric bike market has been growing steadily for the past few years, and with the emergence of new and innovative designs, we’re now seeing great options enter the market. If you are considering buying an electric tricycle, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Firstly, price. Electric trikes can range from 1,500 all the way up to 3,000. Contrary to what you might think, price doesn’t always equate to quality meaning some of etrikes on the market are simply overpriced. Second you need to carefully consider the features. Not only the battery and motor power but also slight differences between trikes to ensure your new electric trike meets your needs. Ultimately you want to ensure that the tricycle is comfortable to ride.

Below you’ll find a shortlist of the best electric trikes that we’ve tested to date. If there are any others you are considering purchasing, let us know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев section below.

Best electric trike for your money: Lectric XP Trike (1,499)

Lectric has always been known for its affordable electric bikes, and the Lectric XP Trike is no different. Priced at just 1,499, it’s the most affordable electric trike on the market. The XP Trike doesn’t compromise on quality though, and has all the features you’d expect from a well-designed electric trike.

Let’s delve into some of the features of the XP Trike. It boasts a 14Ah battery, which is an average size for an ebike in this price range. The motor that peaks at 1,092 watts is more powerful than necessary for a trike, but this means it can tackle even the steepest hills with ease (check out our review video). The single-speed drivetrain is simple and well-suited for the bike’s intended use and gears are unnecessary for the 14 mph top speed. Hydraulic disc brakes provide excellent stopping power, and the parking brakes are a necessary addition since there’s no kickstand.

The XP Trike takes design cues from other models in the Lectric lineup and like other Lectric ebikes, it can be folded for easier transport. We managed to fit it into our BMW SUV with the help of its folding handlebars and by folding down the rear seats.

The bike is still quite heavy, weighing in at around 62 lbs without the battery and 69.5lbs with it installed. However, it’s possible to transport it in an SUV with the assistance of an extra set of hands. The bike is also designed to easily fit through exterior doors with a width of 30.5″.

Lectric has taken a unique approach by adding a rear differential paired with the rear motor, as opposed to some trikes which have front-wheel drives. Further testing is needed to determine which setup offers better traction, but it seems like rear-wheel drive is a promising choice.

Other noteworthy features of the XP Trike include its matching fenders, excellent cargo accessory options, reliable LCD display and controls, and intuitive right-hand twist grip throttle. Additionally, the bike comes equipped with a larger elite headlight and three rear lights for increased visibility.

The Lectric XP Trike comes shipped with a standard saddle but an upgraded support seat with a backrest is available for just 39 at checkout. Lectric also includes the cargo package which includes a front rack and basket and a larger rear basket. To ensure accessibility, the standover height is just 13.8″.

Reverse, coaster brakes and more! Rad Power Bikes RadTrike (2,499)

Rad Power Bikes’ new electric trike took me by surprise. It wasn’t on my radar of things to expect this year, but after taking it for a spin and reflecting on the launch, it seems like an obvious addition to the company’s portfolio. Rad Power Bikes has always focused on making e-bikes accessible and easy to ride, and with over 550,000 Rad riders in the US, they continue to hold the title for the largest e-bike company in North America.

At 2,499, the RadTrike isn’t the cheapest option out there. However, considering the extra complexities of a trike and its components, it seems like a reasonable price point. What surprised me the most about this e-bike was its size. It has a smaller form factor that I believe a lot of people will appreciate. I expected it to be sluggish and hard to maneuver, but the RadTrike is anything but. It’s nimble, and it can even fit through doorways with its width of about 35 inches. Even with this narrower width, it still felt stable at slower speeds. My wife put this to the test, and I was impressed with how confident she was on the trike. The three wheels also provide more confidence than a two-wheel e-bike in conditions like ice and snow patches. Check out our full unboxing video to see how this thing is jenga’d into a much smaller box than you’d expect.

Overall, I really like the design of the RadTrike, even though I haven’t experienced other trikes. The BMX handlebars that fold, comfortable seat, easy-to-use display, and generous step-through with a 13.4″ standover height are all impressive features. The ability to fairly easily take the bike apart into two pieces is a nice option for transport, but it surprisingly wasn’t even necessary with my van. The motor seems more than capable for what this e-bike was designed to do, and the reverse function is a nice feature. Like all Rad’s, the pedal assist levels and throttle are carefully tuned.

My only critique is that I would have preferred a larger battery than the 10Ah, considering that all other Rad models currently have 14Ah batteries. However, the estimated range from Rad of 20-35 miles seems sufficient, especially considering the lower speeds you will be traveling on the trike. Let me know your thoughts about the battery capacity in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев section, and perhaps we’ll do our own range test.

The coaster brake was a great addition not only for simplicity but also for accessibility. The front brake performed better than I expected, and the parking brake is essential on a trike.

Regarding accessories, if I were to outfit this trike to my liking, I would include the front rack, paired with the small front basket and the large basket in the rear. The roll-top bags would round out the trike nicely, as shown here. For pet lovers and those living in sunnier areas, Rad has some in-development accessories, including a pet carrier trailer and a canopy. Be sure to subscribe because we will definitely be doing an accessory video on this e-bike.

If you plan to purchase a Rad Power Bike, we have one request. Please use our link in the description prior to purchase. It supports our work here at Ebike Escape, costs you nothing, and helps us continue to produce content. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this trike in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев section below. Should we review more electric trikes? I certainly hope that this launch will inspire more people to get outside and enjoy e-bikes who may have otherwise been unable. Perhaps it will set a chain reaction throughout the e-bike industry, and we’ll see more electric trikes. Thanks

Best electric trikes conclusion

In conclusion, electric trikes offer a unique and exciting alternative to traditional bicycles and electric bikes. With their added stability and accessibility, they provide a great option for individuals who may have mobility limitations or prefer a more comfortable and relaxed riding experience. While they may come at a slightly higher price point than some electric bikes, their added features and convenience make them a worthwhile investment for those who prioritize comfort and stability. As the popularity of electric bikes and trikes continues to grow, we can only hope that more companies will follow in the footsteps of Rad Power Bikes and expand their offerings to make e-mobility accessible to an even wider range of individuals.

The Best Tricycle for Adults: 9 Trikes for Every Kind of Ride

Sometimes when I talk with friends about tricycles for adults, I get odd looks as people cast their minds back to their childhood when they learned to ride a tricycle.

If you’re reading this, you likely already know the benefits of an adult tricycle, ranging from a higher weight capacity than bicycles to increased stability and safety when riding.

These advantages make trikes perfect for low-impact exercise, heavy adults, senior riders, and those who have mobility or injury issues and require or prefer a more comfortable ride.

In recent years the range of 3-wheel bikes has grown exponentially, and today you can choose from a lightweight tricycle to one that folds or even has an electric motor if you want to enjoy a more leisurely ride.

While these increased choices can be positive, it does mean that finding the best adult trike for your needs and budget can be confusing. I’ve been riding and testing tricycles for several years, and I’d like to share some important considerations when choosing a tricycle.

  • Best adult tricycle: Schwinn Meridian
  • Best electric tricycle for adults: Addmotor Triketan
  • Best foldable tricycle for adults: SLSY Folding Tricycle
  • Budget pick: SLSY Adult Tricycle
  • Best tricycle for heavy adults: Viribus
  • Best three wheels bike for seniors: SixThreeZero Electric Trike
  • Best tricycle for small adults: SLSY
  • Women’s tricycle: Viribus 7-Speed FTB
  • Best recumbent trike: Mobo Triton Pro

Updated 2023: We added new adult tricycles we like, removed some previous models, and updated our reviews of other trikes to reflect changes in features, specifications, and pricing.

The Schwinn Meridian is my pick for the best tricycle for adults because it offers superior stability than other trikes I tested, has a range of gearing and wheel sizes you can choose from, and comes at a very competitive price point. Schwinn is also a reputable brand and provides a 5-year warranty on the Meridian’s frame.

For those who need a more compact model, the SLSY 7-Speed is my recommendation for the best folding tricycle on the market today. It folds down to a compact size, has seven gears ideal for various terrains, and like the Schwinn, it offers excellent bang for your buck.

Are Adult Tricycles Worth It?

Adult tricycles are worth it for heavier riders, seniors, and those with balance or injury issues. The main advantage of 3-wheel bikes is that they are more stable and comfortable than bicycles, making them ideal for a safer, more leisurely ride.

One disadvantage of tricycles is that they tend to be heavier and larger than bicycles, making them a little unwieldy to store and drive.

How Do You Pick the Right Size Tricycle?

This year, I have seen a notable trend that many tricycle manufacturers offer you different wheel sizes. This is an important consideration when choosing a tricycle, so I wanted to address it upfront before we look at specific tricycle recommendations.

Note: If a specific manufacturer offers different advice than the above, you should follow it as it may be adjusted for that particular tricycle design.

If you are debating between two different wheel sizes, choose the larger wheel size because it will give a smoother rolling performance (i.e., you won’t feel bumps as much) and higher top speeds.

However, if you have limited storage space or plan to transport your trike frequently, the smaller wheel size would be advantageous because it will fold away to a smaller size, reducing the overall tricycle weight and making it easier to lift out of vehicles.

This free cheat sheet will help you choose a trike by providing quick information on the 7 key considerations for buying an adult tricycle!

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Best Tricycle for Adults: Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

Last update on 2023-06-12 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • Schwinn is a reputable brand
  • Very stable when riding
  • Choice of gears and wheels size


  • I would have loved it if Schwinn offered a folding tricycle model
  • Capacity may not suit heavier adults

The Schwinn Meridian has retained the top spot for 2023, which is disappointing because I would love to surprise you with a fantastic brand-new tricycle that everyone has yet to hear of.

Schwinn has once again proved itself as a stand-out performer based on extensive testing in various conditions and carefully comparing it to other leading and less-known brands.

So, what is it that I loved so much about the Schwinn Meridian?

  • The Schwinn brand is exceptional. Schwinn consistently manufactures high-quality bicycles and has a reputation for looking after its customers. The Schwinn Meridian comes with a 5-year warranty on the frame, which is very confidence inspiring.
  • Superior ride quality. Thanks to its comprehensive set frame, the Schwinn Meridian was far and away the most stable of any of the tricycles ridden. It handles corners like a dream and makes me feel safe while riding.
  • Customization options. As I explain in detail in my full Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle review, I appreciate that Schwinn gives you the options between a 24″ and 26″ wheel size. They also offer three different gearing options to choose from, which means you can customize your order depending on where you intend to ride, your height, and your fitness level.

Which gears and wheels size combination should you choose?

  • I recommend the 26″ wheels for most people and would only advise selecting the 24″ wheels if you are under 5 foot 6 inches in height or have minimal storage space for your tricycle.
  • Choose the single speed if you have good fitness levels, intend to ride only on flat terrain, or prefer the simplicity of not having any gears.
  • Otherwise, I recommend the 3-speed option to help you tackle slightly hilly terrain or the 7-speed if you need to ascend steeper climbs. If you are a heavy adult or senior, the 7-speed is also worth considering because it allows you to ride more leisurely, even on flat terrain.

Best Electric Tricycle for Adults: Addmotor Triketan

If you want an electric tricycle to cruise all around the city effortlessly, search no further.


  • Powerful 750 watts motor can achieve 20mph
  • Fat tires are perfect for comfort and challenging terrain
  • High-quality build and components


  • The price tag matches the quality of this trike!
  • Almost impossible to pedal with a flat battery

The Addmotor Motan is a phenomenal trike with a powerful 750 watts motor and 20″ fat tires. It makes for a comfortable ride and allows you to take it on beaches, snow, and any challenging terrain.

I tested the motor extensively and found that I could achieve about 20 mph top speed, which is impressive, although I loved cruising on the Motan and so most often used a half-throttle setting.

This also helps to preserve the battery life.

If you’re wondering, the motor is powered by a Panasonic 48V16AH battery that charges in 6-7 hours and supplies up to 65 miles of continuous use.

And, of course, you can always use the manual pedals if the battery dies before reaching home. During testing, the battery went flat on me once, and it was much tougher to ride the Addmotor home with no pedal assist than I would have expected.

Addmotor placed a compact LCD on the handlebars that displayed the current speed and battery level and controlled the front light.

There are also rear brake lights to ensure maximum safety during night commutes.

The 7-speed Shimano TX55 gear provides a smooth riding experience with seamless shifting.

Understandably, this model is the most expensive one on my list. But given the motor’s performance, quality of the build, and Addmotor’s excellent brand reputation, I rated this as good value for money.


Best Foldable Tricycle for Adults: SLSY Folding Tricycle

Last update on 2023-06-12 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • It folds! The 20″ version folds away to 40″ by 41.”
  • SLSY has been producing popular tricycles for several years
  • Great value for money


  • Lower carrying capacity than other tricycles
  • Assembly can be challenging (although this applies to most trikes)

Every year, there is increasing demand for foldable tricycles, which makes perfect sense as the advantages of folding bikes over regular ones are even more prominent for 3-wheel bikes because of their (relatively) more significant size and higher weight than bicycles.

With that in mind, I recently did a deep-dive to evaluate the best foldable tricycles for adults, and based on my research and testing, I concluded that the SLSY 7-speed is the best folding tricycle for most adult riders.

So, what did I love about the SLSY?

Right off the bat, the SLSY folding adult tricycle has some features which were even better than the Schwinn Meridian. For example, the saddle has a backrest which makes it very comfortable to ride, it has a 320 pounds carrying capacity, and with the simple activation of the central hinge, it folds away in seconds.

Other great features include the Shimano 7-speed drivetrain (perfect for hilly terrain or riding at a more manageable pace), a rear basket for carrying groceries or other luggage, and a choice of 20-inch, 24-inch, or 26-inch wheels.

If you need clarification about which wheel size to choose, don’t worry; I explain that in the buyer’s guide below.

There were some notable drawbacks of the SLSY too.

It has a steel frame that is excellent from a strength and robustness perspective but results in the bike weighing in at 55 pounds, which is heavier than I would have ideally liked.

I noticed it during test rides when I encountered a steep hill climb.

Also, I found the SLSY more complicated than most other trikes to assemble, which could be a disadvantage if you are unfamiliar with tricycle assembly.

Overall, it is excellent value for money, and if you’re looking for a 3-wheel bike that folds, the SLSY 7-speed is my recommended option.

Budget Pick: SLSY Adult Tricycle

It’s no coincidence that SLSY has taken two of the top three spots in this year’s shortlisted adult tricycles. In short, they offer a pretty decent trike at a very competitive price point.

  • Please Make Sure the Size Before Purchasing: 20 wheel.
  • Sturdy Design Easy to Install: Sturdy steel.
  • Large Capacity Basket: Slsy tricycle has a large rear.

Last update on 2023-06-12 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • A high carrying capacity, ideal for heavier riders or those with loads to carry
  • Exceptional bang for your buck


  • Some components were not from known brands such as Shimano
  • Assembly can be challenging if you are not technically minded

And while the SLSY folding tricycle has some obvious advantages in terms of storage and transportation, if that’s not particularly important to you, I recommend checking out the SLSY Adult Tricycle.

  • The SLSY has a 420-pound carrying capacity, which exceeds even the Schwinn, and is excellent for heavier adults or those who want a higher weight limit.
  • It comes in a fantastic array of colors, meaning you can find a style that’s just right for you. I loved the cerulean blue and shallow pink (what’s your favorite color?).
  • The SLSY offers a similar selection of wheel size and gearing options to allow you to find the perfect combination for your intended riding terrain, fitness levels, and preferences.

Another vital advantage of the SLSY adult trike is that you can buy one for less than 500, which is why it’s my budget pick!

Like many other 3-wheel bikes I reviewed, SLSY offers this tricycle with 20-inch, 24-inch, or 26-inch wheels. All options are available with seven gears; however, only the 24-inch design offers a single-speed.

I rode the 26-inch, 7-speed design (my recommendation for most riders) and wanted to share my experiences with you.

First, assembling this adult tricycle is a fairly involved process, and it would be challenging if you are not technically minded or experienced in trike assembly. Fortunately, this video provides a super useful step-by-step guide:

The Viribus performed well during testing. I was impressed with the 110 lb basket carrying capacity, and the rear basket can be detached and wheeled around – perfect for combining exercise with grocery shopping.

  • The components are not from reputable suppliers such as Shimano, Mavic, Tektro, etc. While this is acceptable given the fantastic price point, I recommend upgrading to something like the Addmotor M-360 electric tricycle if you can afford a higher budget.
  • The Viribus is a single-speed design that is great for minimal maintenance and performs well on flat, urban terrain but wouldn’t be ideal if you live in a hilly area, for example. Viribus offer a 7-speed tricycle; however, it only has a 330lb carrying capacity, which may need to be increased depending on your body weight and how much you plan to bring.

Best 3 Wheels Bike for Seniors: SixThreeZero Electric Tricycle


  • The low step-through frame is perfect for senior riders
  • 250 watts motor provides pedal assist or electric mode when required
  • A very ergonomic tricycle that can be customized to your riding position


During my research, I came across this video, which provides a fantastic walkthrough of the SixThreeZero tricycle:

This electric tricycle can be conveniently ridden in three different modes:

  • Mode 1 – fully manual, where you ride like any other tricycle
  • Mode 2 – pedal assist; in this mode, you still pedal, but you can opt from five different levels of pedal assist, which is fantastic if you’re feeling a bit tired, or need to ride up an incline.
  • Mode 3 – electric mode, which means the motor does all the work, and you can sit back and enjoy the ride. In this mode, you can achieve top speeds of up to 15 mph.

The SixThreeZero is a unique tricycle for senior riders over 60 years old.

The only real drawback of this electric trike is the price tag, which still offers excellent value for an electric trike; however, it costs over 1,000 at the time of writing, which may only fit some’s budget.

Best Tricycle for Small Adults: SLSY Adult Tricycle

The SLSY tricycle is ideal for small adults because it has a low step-through frame design and 20-inch wheels that accommodate riders between 4’8″ and 5’6″ in height.

  • Please Make Sure the Size Before Purchasing: 20 wheel.
  • Sturdy Design Easy to Install: Sturdy steel.
  • Large Capacity Basket: Slsy tricycle has a large rear.

Last update on 2023-06-12 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • Some components were not from known brands, such as Shimano.
  • Assembly can be challenging if you are not technically minded.

I already reviewed the SLSY, so please refer to this section for my honest opinion of this tricycle.

Best Women’s Tricycle: Viribus 7-Speed FTB

If you’re a female rider, the great news is that most tricycles for adults today are a unisex design, meaning that you have a vast selection of trikes to choose from.

  • STURDY BALANCED TRICYCLE: This adult tricycle’s high.
  • 7 CONVENIENT SPEEDS: This three wheeler’s premium Shimano.
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT: Our cruiser bike has three 24 or 26 inch.

Last update on 2023-06-12 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • The low step-through frame is ideal for female riders
  • Stylish design with a range of color choices
  • Wide, padded saddle provides extra comfort


  • Low step-through frame: generally makes mounting and dismounting easier, and this is particularly helpful if you happen to be wearing a long skirt during, for example, a weekend leisurely ride down by the coast.
  • Braking system and levers: I have often found that brake levers on bicycles and tricycles are ergonomically designed to suit the average male’s hand span. This means that sometimes a female rider has difficulty maintaining a firm grip on the handlebars while trying to reach the brake levers. This can be addressed by setting the stop screws on the brakes to bring the levers a little closer to the handlebars.
  • Color and style: of course, this boils down to personal preference; however, this was certainly something my wife felt was an essential consideration in her selection of a tricycle.
  • Comfortable ride: In addition to being ergonomically comfortable (e.g., not an over-extended reach to the handlebars, which could result in lower back and neck pain), the tricycle should have a broader, padded saddle that is more suitably designed to fit a women’s body shape.

Based on these and a few other considerations, the Viribus 7-speed tricycle is an ideal choice for women because it is stylish in various colors, has a padded spring saddle for extra comfort, and has a low step-through frame for easier mounting and dismounting.

Best Recumbent Trike: Mobo Triton Pro

Recumbent trikes can be an excellent option for riders experiencing back pain who require a more comfortable riding position. They are also ideal for die-hard recumbent riding fans who love this alternative riding style.

  • 3-Wheel Recumbent Bike – Enjoy the outdoors with this.
  • Low Impact Exercise – Get a cardiovascular workout with.
  • No Balance Required – Low centre of gravity provides.

Last update on 2023-06-12 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • The recumbent riding position reduces strain on the lower back
  • Mobo Cruiser is a very reputable brand
  • Suitable for riders between 4’2″ and 6’3″ in height


  • The recumbent riding style may not be suitable for all
  • Reduced visibility when riding, you may need a flag to ensure vehicles and other riders can see you

I must confess, while I can see the appeal of recumbent trikes, it is not something that I have taken a shine to – although I would be delighted to be converted by those who are far wiser than I on the benefits of recumbent riding

If you are looking for a high-quality recumbent trike, the Mobo Triton Pro is arguably the best that you could buy.

Mobo Cruiser is arguably the best company that manufactures recumbent trikes.

As you might’ve guessed, the steering mechanism of this bike is noticeably different from the usual. First, the pedals are connected to the front wheel with crank arms. There’s no chainring or gears.

Instead of the standard handlebars, Mobo opted for two padded joystick handles placed right beside the seat.

The seat is comfortably padded with a 45-degree inclination to facilitate pedaling.

Although this trike is made of Hi-Ten steel, it can only support 250 lbs of body weight.

Despite having smaller parts with a tighter weight range, Mobo charges a lot for this trike, way more than the other products featured on this list.

With the basic setup, the bike’s frame extends for a total length of 48″. You can add up to thirteen to that length through the eight-slot adjustment system in front of the seat.

What this means is if you’re between 4’2″ and 6’3″ in height, then this tricycle is suitable for you.

The Selection Criteria: What We Look for In A Great Tricycle For Adults

When choosing the best adult tricycle, you should take note of all the bike’s components. Once you have done this, you should verify that they are all high-quality pieces.

  • Number of Gear Speeds
  • Dual Braking System
  • Folding Mechanism
  • Seat Material
  • Frame Material
  • Rider Weight Limit
  • Storage Weight Limit

Interestingly enough, if you think back to when you were younger – you will find that you probably learned how to ride a tricycle.

For this reason, people who have never felt confident on a road bike will be happy to transition to an adult tricycle.

These trikes are incredibly stable, and very little attention must be placed on balance; this is a stark contrast to what can be said about traditional two-wheel bikes.

Having three wheels instead of two has endless benefits. While they are not as quick as two-wheeled bicycles, they are much more functional.

Here are the five critical criteria you should consider when buying an adult tricycle:

best, electric, trikes, adults

One of the primary advantages of a tricycle is that it is safer to ride and more stable than a bicycle. This is often an essential criterion for senior cyclists or people with balance issues.

  • The overall dimensions of the trike (a broader base would provide increased stability).
  • Ideally, take the tricycle for a test ride so you can judge how stable it is.
  • Read reviews from other experienced tricycle experts and owners who can share their experiences with you.

Tricycle Brand Reputation

You want to choose a reputable tricycle brand with a proven history of building quality 3-wheel bikes and offering excellent customer service should you encounter any issues or difficulties with your tricycle.

I think where this selection criterion becomes a bit more of a “grey area” is if you have a limited budget. In this case, you may need to look to lesser-known brands to find a cheaper tricycle.

If you asked me which are the best tricycle brands, I recommend Schwinn, Van Raam, AddMotor (for electric adult tricycles), and Mobo. SLSY has been producing cheaper tricycles of good quality for those on a tighter budget, which offer great bang for your buck.

Ride Comfort

Another characteristic of adult tricycles is that they are built for comfortable riding.

While some bikes are built for speed, some for maneuverability, and others for comfort.

Essentially every single component of the trike has been carefully designed to suit your needs, so if you have never ridden one before, you’re certainly in for a treat.

This feature is helpful for people with difficulty riding regular bicycles, such as those with back injuries or chronic nerve pain.

If I had to pick something to compare riding a trike too, it would be sitting on a comfortable seat – perfectly upright and relaxed.

Many people with chronic injuries have reported that riding their adult trikes has benefited them massively – in some cases freeing them of their ailment almost entirely.

This benefit is also seen with older people, who cannot get out on the road using a standard bike and are significantly safer on a trike.

Carrying Capacity

Almost every adult tricycle I have ever seen has been equipped with some storage space.

Most of which are fitted with a large basket that can carry almost anything.

Most of these storage baskets have weight limitations, but if you max them out, you likely need more time to cycle with them.

Adult tricycle baskets can easily fit in three or four grocery bags, a handful of animals, or anything else of equivalent size.

Similarly, if you would like to carry slightly more, in most cases, it is also straightforward for you to extend the storage space further.

The existence of such convenient storage space is the sole reason for us seeing an upsurge in adult tricycle popularity.

I have even heard tradespeople use tricycles to transport goods or produce around their workplace.

In addition to carrying additional loads on your tricycle, you should consider whether it suits your body weight. This is particularly important for heavier riders, and if you weigh over 350 pounds, you may find this Best Tricycles for Heavy Adults guide of use.

Value for Money

When we think of “value for money,” it’s essential not to equate this to the cheapest tricycle being the winner.

For example, it is not fair to directly compare the price of a regular adult tricycle with an electric tricycle as the latter has additional components, such as a motor and battery, which would add to the overall Recommended Retail Price (RRP).

best, electric, trikes, adults

Similarly, comparing two tricycles of similar specifications, one had a much better brand quality and customer service reputation. Even if that tricycle were more expensive, it would represent better value for money.

This criterion is somewhat subjective; however, understanding the underlying principles will help you objectively compare how different tricycles rate in terms of the value for money they offer.

How We Picked The Best Adult Tricycles

The team at Folding Bike Guy has been testing, riding, and reviewing adult tricycles for over ten years. In that time, we have seen fantastic progress regarding the variety and quality of tricycles available on the market.

  • Spent over 50 hours reviewing the latest brands and tricycle models on the market
  • Spoke with tricycle experts and experienced trike riders
  • Updated our selection criteria to provide an unbiased evaluation of available 3-wheel bikes
  • Tested the shortlisted trikes to evaluate their performance in a range of different terrains

Our criteria for selecting the top-performing tricycles included the following:

  • Safety and stability
  • Brand reputation
  • Ride comfort
  • Carrying capacity
  • Value for money

Consideration was also given to specific requirements based on the tricycle category. For example, we only considered folding tricycles in the “best folding tricycle” category and compared how compact each model was when folded.

Our Testing Process And Why You Should Trust Us

Testing involved online research, desktop comparisons, and test rides of specific adult tricycles performed in various urban and rural environments on flat and hilly terrain.

We also tested shortlisted tricycles for carrying loads, such as weekly groceries, for seeing how well they performed while carrying extra loads.

Common Questions About Tricycles for Adults

I often receive questions from tricycle fans who are either looking to buy their first tricycle or have recently purchased one and have a few questions.

I have answered some of the most frequently asked tricycle questions below, and in addition, you can check out my complete list of adult tricycle guides and reviews.

What Is The Weight Limit For Adult Tricycle?

Most adult tricycles can carry between 220 pounds and 450 pounds of weight, including the rider and any additional equipment or material being transported.

Why Do Adults Ride Tricycles?

Adults ride tricycles because they offer many advantages over regular bikes. For example, they have a higher weight capacity than bicycles, providing a safer, more stable ride ideal for senior riders or people with balance issues.

Another characteristic of adult tricycles is that they are built for comfortable riding.

Are Adult Tricycles Harder To Ride?

Tricycles are more straightforward to ride than bicycles because they have three wheels, providing enhanced stability. If you are unfamiliar with how to ride a tricycle, it can take some getting used to initially, and I always recommend taking an easy first ride on flat, smooth terrain.

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Is An Adult Tricycle Good For Exercise?

Tricycles are perfect for exercise, especially for senior riders or people with prior injuries who may not be able to use a traditional bicycle to exercise or as transport.

Are Tricycles Good For Seniors?

Tricycles are an excellent choice for seniors who wish to maintain their fitness and freedom while ensuring safety while riding. They are a good compromise between a traditional bicycle and a mobility scooter for the outdoors.

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Mark Plummer is an experienced bike mechanic who has built, repaired, and customized thousands of bikes over the years. A former mountain biking athlete, his cycling adventures have taken him all over the globe from the mountains of Scotland to the South Island of New Zealand. These days he enjoys the benefits of commuting to work and touring on his Dahon and Brompton folding bikes.

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Trike Motorcycles For Sale near Columbus, OH

The more wheels, the merrier! At Motorcycle Maxx, our 3-wheel motorcycles feature a bigger, more solid body so you feel safe and stabilized when you ride. With maximized comfort and larger storage space, a trike motorcycle for sale is the perfect bike for you. Visit our dealership today in Lewis Center, OH!

Riding Three Wheel Motorcycles

Trikes, or 3 wheelers, have been popular with both individual riders and professional organizations like law enforcement for decades. Some riders use them as their primary means of transportation, thanks to their stability and the amount of power they can provide. If you need to tow a small trailer or haul heavy cargo, a trike will do the job well. You can’t rely on a motorcycle for jobs like that! Three wheelers come in a number of styles to suit many different riders’ needs, too, so you have no end of options.

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The Trike Motorcycle Experience

Trikes are certainly unique beasts. You might be used to a standard bike with 2 wheels, so you’re going to need to adapt how you ride when you move up to a 3 wheeler. One fortunate aspect of 3 wheeled motorcycles is how stable they are: you don’t have to worry about keeping your feet on the ground to maintain your balance when stopped because of the inherent stabilization provided by the three wheels.

However, because they don’t tip to the side easily, this means that your biggest challenge when learning to ride a trike is turning. You won’t be able to simply lean your body weight into the turn and your turns will need to be slower and have a wider radius. Approach this as though you were riding a large lawn tractor: turn the handlebars steadily as you slow down to complete the turn. This won’t feel intuitive at first, but with some practice, you’ll easily adapt!

Types Of 3 Wheelers

You’ll find three main types of trikes currently available on the market: urban scooters, weekend mid-distance sport trikes and long-distance touring 3 wheelers. The scooter style is great for the commuter or casual rider who isn’t looking for high-speed thrills with its lighter weight and easy handling.

For a machine that can offer you more power, a mid-distance sport trike is good. Your best bet for long rides, though, is a touring model, which is ergonomically designed to be more comfortable even when you ride for hour after hour. You’ll want to talk to the staff here at Motorcycle Maxx to determine which 3 wheeled motorcycle is right for you. If you want to change up your riding style from your average bike, trike motorcycles will give you a whole new way to ride! Visit our dealership in Lewis Center to see our full selection of 3 wheel motorcycles for sale. Motorcycle Maxx proudly serves the greater Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio, metropolitan regions.

Here Are The Best Three-Wheeled Motorcycles On The Market

As three-wheeler motorcycles rise in popularity, we are seeing some incredible designs from Harley-Davidson and Can-Am hitting the streets.

Whenever you think of a motorcycle, what naturally comes to mind is a two-wheeled machine. That’s expected because the very definition of a motorcycle is a motorized bicycle. However, over the years, there are a bunch of people who’ve thought differently.

Three-wheeled motorcycles are now becoming a mainstream topic. Previously left to those who wanted to bolt on an extra wheel or fit a sidecar, mainstream manufacturers such as Yamaha and Harley-Davidson are now producing three-wheeled motorcycles aimed at this emerging niche market.

Most lovers of three-wheeled motorcycles prefer these rides because they offer greater straight-line stability at low speeds and, hence, less risk of falling. However, that added security comes at the cost of reduced maneuverability in corners, awkward performance on uneven or slopping terrain, as well as a hefty price tag.

Updated May 2023: Not so long ago, three-wheelers had something of a bad reputation. But, in recent times, be it for mobility reasons, or just for the sake of being different, three-wheelers have become a lot more popular and have ditched the negative stereotype. We have updated this list to include more information about the very best new three-wheelers on the market.

Harley-Davidson Freewheeler

Harley-Davidson’s tango with the trikes started more than nine decades ago. Since 1930, the company has put itself at the forefront of motorcycle trikes, starting when it made its first Servi-Car. Today, the company still offers the “Tri Glide”, which is basically a three-wheeled version of its full-dress tourer, the Electra Glide.

The Harley-Davidson Freewheeler sits as the cheaper option of these two. Introduced in 2017, this three-wheeled motorcycle offers the raw, Harley V-Twin cruiser experience, packed with the latest 114ci “Milwaukee Eight” engine. In the latest Harley-Davidson Freewheeler trike, the engine generates 90 horsepower at 4,750 rpm and 122 lb-ft of torque at 2,750 rpm. The 2023 Harley-Davidson also features an impressive amount of advanced safety systems for better security, including an anti-lock brake system, electronic linked braking, traction control, cornering enhanced anti-lock brake system, cornering enhanced traction control system, and drag-torque slip control system.

Piaggio MP3 500

Pontedera-based motor vehicle manufacturer Piaggio is widely known for its incredible machines, and the Piaggio MP3 500 is one of its best efforts yet. The three-wheeled motorcycle does incredibly well in keeping up with today’s minimalist trend. The Piaggio is affordable and comes packed with awesome safety features such as ABS, traction control, and an impressive ergonomic design. The brand’s name hints towards high quality, reliability, and efficiency.

The bike is not just safe and comfortable. It’s also packed with electronic aids that include a multimedia platform. Its design, plus these fancy features, help it garner a lot of attention on the road.

BRP Can-Am Spyder RT Limited

The BRP Can-Am Spyder RT Limited looks like a three-wheeled motorcycle ready to handle anything. It’s powerful, impressive, and features an amazing design that makes riding three-wheeled motorcycles such a pleasant experience. Stand-out features include ABS, traction control, and a smooth six-speed semi-automatic transmission.

The BRP Can-Am Spyder boasts a generous cargo capacity plus wind protection that’s designed to make your riding experience enjoyable. There’s also an adjustable rear air suspension, a four-speaker sound system, and a colorful LCD equipped with smartphone integration.

Yamaha Niken

The Yamaha Niken is basically a leaning, three-wheeled version of the popular Yamaha Tracer 900. Introduced in 2018, the Yamaha Niken is one of Yamaha’s most radical creations.

Instead of one conventional 17-inch front wheel fixed to a pair of telescopic forks, two 15-inch wheels in parallel get held by separate suspension arms. This provides substantially more grip while cleverly allowing the Niken to lean without falling over. In addition to its multi-wheel chassis, the Yamaha Niken has an efficient 847cc liquid-cooled, DOHC, inline-three-cylinder engine with 115 HP, so you can rest assured there’s plenty of power in reserve. Its top speed is 135 mph. With regard to its efficiency, the Yamaha Niken returns an average fuel economy of 42.3 mpg.

Gilera Fuoco 500

Looking at the Gilera Fuoco 500, you can’t imagine that this three-wheeled motorcycle is capable of hitting a 90-mph top speed. Not many riders will have the confidence to do such kinds of speeds on this. But it does have an impressive 493cc liquid-cooled, SOHC, 4v four-stroke single-cylinder engine providing a massive amount of grunt for a scooter (40 HP at 7,250 rpm and 34.3 lb-ft of torque at 5,500 rpm).

The sure thing about the Gilera Fuoco 500 is that it’s a sporty and trendy three-wheeler. Better yet, the base model offers great value for the money.

Yamaha Tricity 125

The Yamaha Tricity 125 is the lightweight, sleekly designed companion you’ve been looking for. This bike is easy to use and quite fun in the urban environment. It also dons scooter-like design cues that might be the kind of vibe some three-wheeled motorcycle enthusiasts are looking for.

The Tricity 125 packs a decent 125cc engine that generates up to 12 horsepower. It can carry two people around town. It’s also packed with gizmos that nicely balance both safety and fun. The Tricity also offers a unique motorcycle experience, especially for riders who’ve just jumped from driving cars. Highlights include an intelligent Start-and-Stop system, LCD instruments with smartphone connectivity, a pliant suspension effective at soaking up bumps, and robust brakes that enhance confidence while riding.

Kymco CV3

The Kymco CV3 looks plush and soft, with a small but decent 500cc parallel engine powering the beauty. That engine is enough for daily commutes to and from work and quick rides around town.

Apart from looking all chic and friendly, the Kymco CV3 was also designed with affordability in mind. It also comes with an impressive list of features, such as a swingarm at the rear, a telescopic front suspension, and all LED lighting.

Ural Baikal Limited Edition

The Ural Baikal Limited Edition is a hardcore machine. This three-wheeled motorcycle is the work of the Russian company, Ural. Needing no introduction, Ural is world-renowned for building some of the world’s most interesting motorcycles. Of course, that prestigious position comes at a hefty price. The Ural Baikal Limited Edition is one of their most expensive creations. But then, you’ll be getting something that looks ready for World War III and the real-life reenactment of The Walking Dead.

Qooder QV3

Well, the Qooder QV3 looks a bit odd. Looking at it from one end, you get the picture of a special scooter that seniors can use to go shopping. But excelling in the looks department is not what the Qooder QV3 got produced for. The manufacturer built this three-wheeled motorcycle to be very light and easy to handle by equipping the QV3 with a steel tube frame with a double electronic hydraulic tilting system up front and dual hydraulic shock absorbers at the rear. The engine is a 346cc with 28.9 horsepower at 7,000 rpm and 23.5 lb-ft at 5,500 rpm.

Can-Am Ryker

Most critics agree that the Can-Am Ryker looks enticingly dangerous. Its design gives the impression that a scooter and a menacing sports car had a baby. The only thing that looks odd is the rear wheel that receives all the power. The Ryker packs powerful 600cc and 900cc engines (depending on your choice of trim). All that performance comes at a rather reasonable price, all things considered.

Yamaha Niken GT

After making its debut a few years back, nobody really knew what it was good for. It was too heavy to be a sports bike and too expensive to be a simple commuter. The Niken was always meant to be a GT bike. With exceptional front-end grip, that potent CP3 engine, and comfortable ergonomics, the Niken makes for an unusually good touring bike.

Peugeot Metropolis Allure

An inimitable signature, the Peugeot Metropolis Allure has Peugeot Design’s DNA imprinted all over it. From its almond-shaped lights to its floating grille, and its immaculately crafted rear, the Metropolis is a stunning engineering work.

Developed in France, the Metropolis Allure’s power comes from an efficient engine with an output of 35.5 horses and 28 lb-ft of torque for a smooth performance. For comfort, Peugeot fitted the Metropolis with a pilot backrest and passenger footrest. Other features on the motorcycle include an adjustable windshield, an onboard computer with an LCD screen, ample storage space, and a hands-free key start, among others. The motorcycle is available in various colors that include satin blue, smoky quartz satin, midnight blue, and mat black.

Polaris Slingshot Signature LE

While most Slingshot enthusiasts often beg to differ and would rather want to treat their priced asset as a proper car, in the real sense of it, the Slingshot is not a car. It’s a three-wheeled motorcycle that also doesn’t meet any automotive safety standards, and neither does it have airbags. That said, at a relatively hefty starting price of 35,799, the Slingshot Signature LE is among the most amazing three-wheeled motorcycle on the market right now.

Using a multiport injected fuel system, the Slingshot Signature LE is, however, powered by a ProStar 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with a peak output of 178 horsepower. This earns the three-wheeler a top speed of 125 mph. The Polaris Slingshot Signature LE also has amazing features like the Stage 3 Rockford Fosgate audio, Apple CarPlay, GPS Navigation and more. Furthermore, the Slingshot LE features a limited-edition Tri-Tone paint scheme as well as new Vented Sport Hood and wheel designs.

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