Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids. Biggest electric dirt bike

Better technology, more control and advanced safety features, these are the best electric dirt bikes for kids.

I grew up in rural South East Queensland on a little piece of land called Jimboomba. My whole family were really into dirt bikes at one point, yup even my mother and my sister, which meant family dirt bike adventure holidays – good times.

I got home from school one day and found my parents unloading a second hand CR150, it was perfect for a reckless 13 year old. My father, brother and I spent the afternoon testing it out and tearing up the Logan river bank that backed onto our property.

Now that I’ve been working with the Australian Electric Motor Co. I found myself thinking about this next generation of rural kids discovering the epic fun of a dirt bike riding weekend and the new wave of electric dirt bikes that are available for kids.

Why electric dirt bikes for kids over gas bikes?

Electric dirt bikes for kids make a whole lot more sense if you’re thinking about buying their first bike. I can’t even tell you the amount of time my father and brother spent out in the garage taking apart engines, replacing parts and fixing this or that. They were lucky enough to have a good grounding in small engine mechanics, I couldn’t even imagine the maintenance costs if they weren’t so experienced. And even though kids dirt bikes don’t take much to fuel, petrol is another cost you have to factor in – not to mention the safety factory. It isn’t exactly something you really want groms handling next to hot engines.

One of the best things about kids electric dirt bikes is they are ‘set it and forget it’ type of bikes. They take no more maintenance than a bicycle because there is so much less that can go wrong in an electric drive train vs an internal combustion engine.

Oh and the real bonus electric dirt bikes have over gas bikes… noise. Electric dirt bike engines make a much quieter winding sound which is generated from the motor, the belt/chain and the tyre hitting the dirt. Think of a louder remote control car. No pissing the neighbours off at indecent hours because there’s a two or four stroke engine revving. It was one of the biggest complaints we got from our neighbours as kids.


As any parent should know, dirt bikes aren’t the safest toy in the world. Dangerous riding and reckless behaviour leads to crashes and serious injuries, I’ve witnessed this first hand. As funny as it was watching my brother lose his mind talking gibberish with a green morphine whistle in his mouth – the bone sticking out of his ankle wasn’t. Take the time to either teach your kids safe riding practices or get them involved in a social group with mentors who can teach this sort of stuff.

Australia is lucky enough to have a pretty good extreme sports culture, so if you look around on Google, or event meet up sites, you should be able to find a local MotoX group that will be able to give your kid some pointers. And this should go without saying but, safety equipment – helmet, chest plates, boots, the works. Don’t skimp when it comes to protective gear.

One more thing to keep in mind is that the nature of electric motorcycle technology means the motorbikes can be a lot more powerful. The speed and torque on these things have been turned up high which can be very dangerous off road. Again this is an opportunity to teach your kids about safe riding, how to find their limits and getting some mentoring in a social setting.

Now we got that out of the way. Here is our list of electric dirt bikes for kids that are currently available in Australia. This list contains a mix of mini bikes for younger kids, and bigger bikes for teens.


OSET comes first on our list because of their proven track record in competition. Their multiple youth championship wins all over the world would make them a great choice for any kid interested in trials and competitive riding. The OSET electric bikes are a great introduction motorcycle from 2 years up to 16 and as a company their FOCUS is on discipline, balance, brake and throttle control instead of pure speed and power.

There are five models on offer from OSET that range from mini bikes suitable for the smallest riders, to the biggest kids. These bikes are designed from the ground up for technical ability and safety. One of the best safety features available with electric motorbikes, specifically the OSETs, is that the power, throttle response and top speed can all be controlled to suit the rider. This makes it easy for new riders to master the controls in stages, and it also allows for parental control. Like most electric dirt bikes the OSETS also offer adjustable seat heights, which means your bike can grow as your child does.

OSET Australia are currently taking pre-orders for 2023 so if you’re thinking ahead to your child’s next birthday, Christmas or starting them in trial riding, it would be well worth looking into.


The adult electric motorcycles by KTM had a limited run in Australia, we’re hoping they will be back soon, but there is still plenty on offer for young riders. These are probably the most accessible electric dirt bikes for kids because of the amount of dealerships KTM has around the country.

KTM has two electric dirt bikes on offer in a mini-cross style, the SX-E 3 and the slightly more powerful SX-E 5. There are also two balance bikes available through KTM if trials is the way you want to go.

The SX-E 3 is perfect for those grass roots level riders just getting started in their mini-cross obsession. It is the lower end of the mini-cross dirt bike KTM offers, the SX-E 5 being the more advanced in power and capacity. Like the OSET’s the KTM’s come built in with a number of safety features and ride modes that make them a great offering for young and inexperienced riders.

Even though we mentioned that electric motorcycles don’t need much maintenance or repairs, one of the benefits of having a KTM bike is that because the brand is so established in Australia with a number of dealerships and repair centers, if something does go wrong it’s much easier to access the right mechanics.


The home grown heroes on this list. Takani are a family owned Australian brand that were developed in the Samford Valley, not too far out of Brisbane. What we like about these bikes is that they are built for the kids who love to get out and have fun on weekends. A lot of the electric dirt bikes for kids can either look like big glorified toys or are geared toward the racing market – meaning power and speed are the FOCUS. Over 30 years Takani developed their bikes for Australian kids and their two dirt bike options are pretty awesome.

Their two electric bikes, the TK1412-15 and the TK1210-13 are a great option for your teenage riders, 13-16 minimum. The top speed on these bikes reach between 30-40km/h, with no noise, no pollution and no home mechanic skills required. These electric dirt bikes also come in at the lower end of the price tag, the higher range TK1413-15 sells for 1,999. Not too bad for a modern electric dirt bike.

My heart goes out to Takani because they’re local manufacturers who are building bikes for the kids in areas I grew up in. Tried and tested on rural Queensland properties without pissing off the neighbours due to noise.


Segway have produced two electric dirt bikes, the X160 and X260 that would be more suited to experienced teenage riders. Their impressive compact and lightweight dirt bikes look like they would be a whole lot of fun winding down narrow trails and mountain treks. Segway has officially said that these bikes are for adults, but we had bikes that definitely weren’t for teens once we got our experience up. We think these would be great for riders in their late teens/young adults who like to really open up on dirt bike trails.

The Segway’s have the technology to support it too. The premium X260 model has a top speed of around 75 km/h, 120km range, 250 Nm of torque, advanced suspension and handling, and swappable battery technology. Get these bad boys out for a weekend trail ride and you’re in for a good time. The price on these bikes is getting up to around the 7,000 mark, which is why you need to be serious about your riding if you’re thinking of getting a Segway electric dirt bike.

Which of these electric dirt bikes do you think your kids would like? Or which bike do you think would have liked a go at? There’s a part of me that’s a little jealous of all the options available for young riders today, zero pollution, no noise and advanced riding features, it’s a brave new world and we’re excited to see what comes next for electric dirt bikes for kids.

Best Electric Motorcycles

Love them or hate them, electric motorcycles are fast becoming a reality. From daily commuters to enduro and race bikes, we’ve seen all kinds of electric bikes hit the road over the past couple of years, and it’s about time we accept that we’ll have to eventually switch to one soon too. Lucky for us, there’s a vast array of electric bikes catering to riders of all shapes, sizes, and kinds. Here are our top 15 picks in the e-motorcycle space.

Updated March 2023: New electric motorcycles seem to be popping up every month these days! In an effort to keep our readers up to date, we’re updating this article with all the latest and greatest models available on the market.

Sondors Metacycle

Sondors had recently made waves by dropping the pricing on the already affordable Metacycle by more than a few pennies. That’s an astonishing tactic in a market where most electric motorcycles cost more than your average Harley-Davidson. It’s a handsome bike, with some nifty features, like low seat height and weight.

The 60-mile range will get you to work and back, provided you’re not too heavy on the throttle. The brakes are a little bland and the rear shock may be inadequate, but even all those caveats aside, you simply can’t beat that price. And if all you’re doing is going to and from work, it may just be the best vehicle for you, hands down.

Super Soco TC

As much as we love high-performance bikes, an electric motorcycle will probably spend most of its life in the city. And, this is why the Super Soco TC is on our list. The Super Soco TC not only looks retro in a stylish way, but it also makes for a great commuter electric bike. With a top speed of 75 mph, it comes with a single or a double battery pack setup, claiming an impressive range of 78 Miles (with the dual battery setup), which is more than enough for city duties. Meanwhile, features like LED lights, an anti-theft alarm, keyless ignition, and a semi-digital instrument cluster top off the package. It’s pretty cheap, at approximately 4,140, but here comes the bad news. You can’t get it in the U.S.

Pursang E-Tracker

If the more modern styling excesses of electric motorcycles are too much for you (and your wallet won’t stretch to a Curtiss One!) and what you really feel you need is a flat-track-inspired electric bike, then the Pursang is the best ev motorcycle for you. Taking its name from an old Bultaco model, the Pursang E-Tracker is a relatively normal-looking electric motorcycle, featuring a tubular chrome-moly tubed frame and carbon-fiber bodywork.

The range is quoted as 74 miles, but recharge time is a bloated six hours, which rules it out for any sort of competition riding, if that was ever a goal. It boasts a full-color TFT display that shows speed, range, riding mode, engine power regeneration, and of course, battery life. It even features smartphone connectivity and can be connected via the Bosch mobile app. It’s now available in Europe for roughly 10,052.

Fuell Fllow

From the fertile engineering brain of Erik Buell comes the Fuell Fllow. Featuring a magnesium monocoque chassis and housing for the battery, the electric motor is housed in the rear wheel and produces a quite frankly astonishing 553 pound-feet of torque! Twist the throttle on this, and you don’t move forward, the earth rotates underneath you. The top speed is 85 mph (max sustained) and a range of 150 miles. Regenerative braking is employed, and using a CCS Type 2 charger gives you a full charge in 30 minutes. There is 1.76 cubic feet of storage in what used to be the fuel tank, which Fuell claims can take a full-face helmet and a soft bag. Unusually for Buell, he has not fitted the rim-mounted brake rotors that were such a feature on his gas-powered sport bikes.

Cake Kalk

The good thing about electric motorcycles is that there are plenty of start-up companies that are manufacturing new models that have no corporate design language to adhere to and the results are refreshingly different. Swedish company Cake set out to create the ultimate, spare-no-expense, lightweight, high-performance electric dirtbike. Having done this, it then turned its attention to a street-legal version.

The oddly-named Kalk is the result, and you could be forgiven for thinking it is a glorified bicycle, such is its skimpy design and construction. Skimpy it might be, but there is nothing skimpy about the specification: extruded, forged, and CNC-machined 6061 aluminum chassis, Öhlins suspension front and back, and bespoke forged and machined wheels. It’s not cheap, but if you are looking for personal transport that is light and agile, then the Cake might just be what you are looking for.

LiveWire Del Mar S2

Designed around a modular Arrow platform, the Del Mar is the first of a series of models that will be released in the coming years and is certainly aimed squarely at the mass market of electric bikes. The platform includes batteries, electronics, a motor, and can have different steering heads and swing arms bolted to it to create the different variants.

It is due to arrive in showrooms by the second half of 2023. The power output is a claimed 80 horsepower, while it weighs in at 431 pounds. The city range is expected to be 110 miles, with a 0-80% charge time in about 75 min.

Damon Hyperfighter

Do you like sporty naked motorcycles? Let us introduce you to the newly launched Damon Hyperfighter. Unveiled in early 2022, the Damon Hyperfighter is an epic all-electric naked motorcycle that has a rather striking design. This radical design is complemented by equally striking numbers including a peak power of 200 horsepower, 170 mph top speed, and a 146-mile claimed range. The bike also packs a unique Shift technology, that lets the rider adjust the handlebar and footpeg position on the fly, along with 360-degree cameras to warn the rider about potentially dangerous objects and vehicles.

Zero SR/F

Looking for a do-it-all e-motorcycle? Well, we believe it’s the Zero SR/F. Sure, its price of nearly 23,795 isn’t for everyone, but this is one of the most sought-after bikes out there. It comes equipped with a powerful motor-battery combo that has a claimed top speed and range of 124 mph and 187 miles (city) of range, respectively.

This ensures you’ll have plenty of power to have fun while steering clear of range anxiety. Then, you have high-quality underpinnings comprising fully adjustable Showa Big Piston forks and Showa monoshock, alongside Pirelli Rosso III tires. It also comes with all modern-day features like ride modes, TFT instrumentation, smartphone connectivity, LED lighting, and even a stability control from Bosch.

LiveWire One

The Harley-Davidson LiveWire features a likable design, which shouts Harley in its own special way while promising a familiar torquey riding experience, too. Of course, there is no glass-shattering rumble here, but you do get 100 horsepower and 84 pound-feet of torque, right on par with Harley’s ICE bikes. Plus, all this power is instantly available and monitored by a handful of electronics to ensure you stay upright.

The LiveWire boasts a claimed range of 146 miles and a top speed of 95 mph, both more than enough for most riders. One item to note is that Harley spun LiveWire out into its own company, and is now producing LiveWire One in addition to the previously mentioned Del Mar.

Tarform Luna

The main point of EVs is to offer a sustainable means of getting around and if that’s your motive too, it doesn’t get any more eco-friendly than the Tarform Luna. I say this because nearly 55-percent of the bike’s parts are 3D-printed from recycled materials like pineapple-leaf fibers and recycled aluminum. But, Tarform didn’t stop there and threw in an impressive motor and battery combo which gives the bike a claimed range of 120 miles and a top speed of 120 mph. Not to forget, this is accompanied by features like a circular digital instrument cluster with an HD display, all-LED lighting, three ride modes, a 180-degree rearview camera, keyless ignition, and smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth.

Evoke 6061

Rarely do we see electric cruiser bikes, but the Evoke 6061 happens to be one of them. However, this isn’t why it’s on this list. You see, the Evoke 6061, while being an e-cruiser, can also charge from zero to 80-percent in JUST 30 minutes! That’s just a quick lunch! Before you get suspicious, let us tell you that this isn’t a marketing gimmick achieved by using a tiny battery. In fact, the Evoke 6601 packs a huge 25 kWh battery, giving it a range of 410 miles (city), which is accompanied by a beefy 120kW motor.

Energica Ego

If you’re a sportbike fanatic who wants to go electric, the Energica Ego is probably THE best electric motorcycle for you. Not only does it offer sport bike-like performance, 170 horsepower and a limited top speed of 150mph, the Ego also has a claimed range of 261 miles which is a lot more than your ICE sport bike can manage. Along with this, the Energica Ego boasts top-shelf underpinnings comprising a trellis frame, cast aluminum wheels, Marzocchi USD forks, and Brembo brakes at both ends. Not to forget, the Ego was also used in the MotoE world championship up until last year, so it’s safe to say that the bike is well kitted-out to tackle a racetrack.

Verge TS Ultra

One important consequence of the rise of the electric motorcycle is that much of the early development has been undertaken by small, and until now, obscure companies that previously had no presence on the world motorcycling stage. This in turn has led to more innovative engineering solutions than you can shake a stick at.

The specs are quite astonishing: 885 pound feet of torque is delivered instantaneously directly to the road, with no power-sapping chains or cogs to get in the way. Nor does the motor require cooling fluids. Four ride modes configure the power delivery to suit your mood or riding requirements and 80-percent charge is available in 25 minutes with the optional DC fast charger and range is quoted as up to 233 miles.


BMW is taking a Smart approach as it dips its toe into the electric motorcycle pool. They know that electric motorcycles are best suited for city commuting, and what better motorcycle to use in an urban environment than a scooter. It’s loaded with premium features like large TFT display and large storage compartments. Its design aesthetic is futuristic. It comes with a 3-year BMW warranty and its pricing is not too shabby either, starting at 11,795. It’s built for urban commuters, with a range of 80 miles. You can pull up to work, plug it and have it ready to take you home when you’re done.

Arc Vector

Range anxiety is a major concern for most people planning to go electric. But, there’s a radical solution to it, and it’s called the Arc Vector. The bike offers a range of over 270 miles, and if you still happen to run out of charge, it can be juiced up in just 40 minutes. Apart from this, the bike has a top speed of 124 mph and can get to 60 mph in merely 3.2 seconds. The Arc Vector is built around a unique monocoque chassis featuring Öhlins TTX mono shocks and Brembo Stylema brakes at both ends, making the package ever-so-premium.

Biggest electric dirt bike

Make no mistake about it; 2023 is the year of the electric dirt bike.

Electric dirt bikes for adults aren’t anything new either. Some actually trump electric cars in terms of what came first.

The differences between a standard dirtbike and an electric type should not go understated; electric versions are cleaner, require little to no maintenance, and are very quiet.

Most ride dirtbikes to fulfil an inherent need to explore, or perform death-defying stunts on a track. However, some see them as an off-kilter way to get to work.

We tend to look at them more as trail bikes, but you might see these two-wheelers as the ideal work companion.

Electric dirtbikes are great at tackling hills and other rural/non-rural pathways, so we can see why one might think that.

Which is the best electric dirt bike of 2023?

It doesn’t matter how steep, an electric dirt bike is up for the task

The Best Electric Dirt Bikes For Adults 2023

Now has never been a better time to get back on the saddle.

Your options are seemingly limitless, and the stunts you can perform on these things?

Like a real-world Trials Fusion (minus the wacky settings/tracks).

Performance is key when talking electric dirtbikes, which makes talking about them so fulfilling since you’re getting power in spades.

Electric parts only make the heart grow fonder, a rule that you could apply to most personal electric transport vehicles and larger types (think cars, trucks and buses).

We’ll cover the benefits of an electric dirt bike over a gas-powered two-wheeler later.

For now, understand that you have a lot to choose from. Price will vary, but that was always to be expected.

Below you’ll find an extensive list of the best electric dirt bikes for adults.

Each has been hand-selected by us at E4TP and will apply to adults only (sorry, kids).

Cake Kalk Electric Trail Bike

Price: £12,699 Top Speed: 56mph Street Legal: Yes

Cake, the Swedish electric bike company, are like sugar for a lot of e dirt bike enthusiasts out there. Mainly due to the look of these motorised two-wheelers.

Take a good look at the Kalk to see the perfect example.

The majority of electric bikes in the Cake catalogue are worth looking at, in all fairness. We’ve chosen the Kalk as we felt it offered variety.

Most electric dirt bikes are rough around the edges. This Kalk has a very royal feel to it, what with its white/gold colours and high-end frame.

It’s the first street-legal electric trail bike, which might explain why it looks the way it does. That being said, riders should find no issues in putting this one through its paces across a wide range of surfaces.

We’ve seen videos of this dirtbike riding on the beach and everything.

Speed-wise, the Cake Kalk is one of the fastest out of the manufacturer’s lineup, capable of travelling over 56mph.

Range, on the other hand, can carry riders up to 53 miles on average (depending on where you’re riding).

High-speed riding — or full pelt riding — will limit its range to 22 miles total, give or take.

Battery information is displayed on the side of the Kalk, promising 51.8V. Charge times can vary from 2 hours (80%) to 3 hours (100%), which isn’t that long when you think about it.

E4TP Says: The stripped-back design of the Cake Kalk puts it head and shoulders above a lot of its peers in the dirtbike segment. You’ll be the talk of any town if you choose to go with this one.

Zero Motorcycles Zero FX Bike

Price: £12,070 Top Speed: 85mph Street Legal: Yes

Looking for something a little quicker?

We have just the thing at our second spot in the Zero FX Bike from the one and only Zero Motorcycles.

The hint is in the name of the manufacturer. This is an eco-friendly e dirt bike that goes the extra mile in almost every department; dare we say it could pose as a high-end motorbike at first glance?

Zero Motorcycles use the tag “Lean And Mean” to describe this one.

And who could really argue with that, given it has off-roading capabilities and it looks good when saddled to urban locations.

The Zero FX sports a punchy powertrain and long-legged suspension, making for a relaxed yet adventurous ride.

It comes fitted with off-road wheels and tires — not to mention front and rear brakes.

We said it was faster than the Cake Kalk because it is. The Zero FX can hit the 85mph mark, no problem. Furthermore, as an electric dirt bike, it has 78 ft-lb (106 Nm) of torque.

In other words, you should have no issues with accelerating from a starting position.

The Zero FX is one of those multi-faceted electric dirt bikes for adults. It can travel up to 91 miles if you keep it to the streets (travelling around 55mph, average).

If you’re moving at 70mph or more, expect that range to drop to around 39 miles.

E4TP Says: Want to own an electric motorcycle without paying a small fortune? Zero Motorcycles is giving you the chance to live that life with the Zero FX. Don’t let this one fly under the radar; it’s a fantastic ride.

Kuberg FreeRider Electric Dirt Bike

Price: £3,742.08 Top Speed: 43mph Street Legal: No

The hint is in the name; Kuberg’s FreeRider turns the outside into your own personal playground.

Dirt roads, mountain-scapes and beaches; you name it, the FreeRider can tame it.

This particular FreeRider isn’t road legal per se, but there are other versions (FreeRider Street) that are.

Besides, we thought we’d throw a dirtbike in the mix that prioritises the great outdoors above all else, compared to the other two-wheelers mentioned above.

Input can be customised with the FreeRider (between 110V and 220V). A higher output will require a longer charge time. Still, you’ll get more use out of this dirtbike between charges.

Safety is also confirmed with this FreeRider.

Sintered brake pads make coming to a complete stop a total breeze. An optimised hydraulic brake system (front and rear) only adds to the level of control riders have.

And here’s the best part. You can actually customise this electric dirt bike on the Kuberg site. You can adjust controller power up to 14kW (just know that the higher you go, the more you’ll pay).

One can also customise wheel sizes/fork to fit required specifications.

Visit the site and play around with some of the filters to see which works best for you.

Seriously, rocky ground won’t know what hit it, should you go with the FreeRider.

E4TP Says: Agile is a word we’d use to describe one of the best electric dirt bikes for adults. Kuberg’s FreeRider is a cost-effective option that doesn’t slack in terms of power/performance.

OSET 24.0 Racing Electric Bike

Price: £3,399 Top Speed: 22mph Street Legal: No

Those competing in e dirt bike racing might find our next selection rather interesting.

Introducing the OSET 24.0 Racing Electric Bike, a versatile two-wheeler owned by the likes of Oliver Smith, Chris Northover and Jack Field.

All of the names we’ve just mentioned are rather popular in the pro-riding space.

One YouTube search will tell you everything you need to know and then some.

You might have noticed the price difference, with this electric racing bike being one of the cheaper options you have right now.

This is good and bad in the sense that you won’t be able to take this one out in the street. It’s been designed for racing and racing only (at participating sites).

It’s great at performing stunts; just don’t go expecting it to have the same level of stamina as the Zero FX or Cake Kalk.

Max weight capacity of the 24.0 goes up to 90kg, making it an ideal option for adults and teenagers.

There are actually multiple versions of the 24.0 out there, each made for a different age group.

For example, if you’re interested in electric dirtbikes for kids, then the 12.5 Racing version is a fantastic starting point.

E4TP Says: Electric trail bikes optimised for racing are incredibly popular, which might explain why the 24.0 is where it is. The hype is real. This e dirt bike will win you a few trophies in competitions. Trust us.

Vector Vortex Electric Trail Bike

Price: £4,711 Top Speed: 50mph Street Legal: No

This Vector Vortex is very Tron-like. The only difference is you’ll be taking to the wild, not some vast nothingness full of neon lights.

In our opinion, the angular frame of this electric dirt bike separates it from the rest of the pack. And we couldn’t highlight this particular dirtbike without talking about the rainbow of colours it comes in.

Some will find it looks far too stylised. Just know that it’s more than capable of getting you to the top of the mountain (literally speaking, of course).

Its innovative gear system is one of the best things about this e dirt bike. Near-instant torque makes climbing easy.

The reaction time of the Vector Vortex is also lightning quick, allowing you to move around as you see fit without worry. Braking is also optimised for responsive reactions.

You wouldn’t want to spill out as your climbing a mountain, would you?

According to Vector, this is one of those fast-charging electric dirtbikes. It should take around 60 minutes to charge this two-wheeler from flat.

All that’s left to ask now is: what colour Vortex will you go with?

E4TP Says: The Vector Vortex is a bonafide mountain-climber in dirtbike form. Put it up against the tallest peaks, and we can guarantee it will come out on top. Price-wise it’s not too expensive either, in our opinion.

Segway Dirt eBike X260

Price: £3,249 Top Speed: 47mph Street Legal: No

An award-winning electric dirt bike for the modern rider — we’re, of course, talking about the Segway Dirt eBike X260.

Segway — the same Segway responsible for those electric hoverboards — specialise in a variety of electrified transport.

This e dirt bike has a powerful 5,000-watt electric motor. The motor provides 250 Nm of torque for excellent acceleration (0-31mph in 4.02).

Max speed is one of the major selling points of this particular electric dirt bike. The fact that it can travel up to 47mph will no doubt come in handy.

It’s built by Segway, so expect electric range to impress.

The Segway Dirt eBike X260 can travel up to 75 miles, to be specific, according to Segway. How far it travels depends on how fast you’re going, remember that.

Charge-wise, expect this e dirt bike to take between 4 to 5 hours for some juice. The battery is said to last over 2,000 cycles, meaning you could have this battery-powered bike in your possession for many years to come.

It looks bulky, but electric trail bikes like these are incredibly lightweight, weighing in at 44kg without the battery and 55kg with it installed.

For those not in the know, the X260 won the RedDot Design Award back in 2018, which is the benchmark for quality in many tech-based circles.

Quality like this, for how much you pay, is a rare find indeed.

E4TP Says: What can we say about the Dirt eBike X260? We could say it’s an underrated two-wheeler from Segway? The brand is taking the necessary steps to corner the e scooter market; just don’t forget about its electric dirt bike.

OSET MX-10 Off Road Mini

Price: £2,500 Top Speed: 30mph Street Legal: No

Mini means mighty in the case of the OSET MX-10 Off-Road Mini.

That’s right, this is technically an e dirt bike intended for younger riders, but it hasn’t stopped adults from giving it a go.

In fact, manufacturer OSET lists this two-wheeler as “an electric dirt bike for all ages.”

This bike only weighs 37.2kg, but it packs an unbelievable punch, courtesy of a 20Ah 48V lithium battery.

Since this is a small-scale electric dirt bike, buyers should be conscious of their weight before riding off into the sunset.

If you weigh any more than 198 lbs (90kg), then it might be a good idea to look at another off-road steed.

Besides, mini electric trail bikes are a gimmick for the most part.

These dirt bikes have limitations, given how small they are. Take it on a track, sure. But take it anywhere else, and you’ll run into some issues, guaranteed.

Size-wise, the OSET MX-10 Off-Road Mini has 10” wheels and handlebars that raise around 805mm off the ground.

We should state that the seat/handlebars can be adjusted, but it won’t give you a lot of room to play with; then again, that is the charm of a mini e dirt bike in the first place.

E4TP Says: We thought we’d include this one to offer something a little different. Don’t get us wrong, full-scale electric dirt bikes for adults are great, and all, but mini versions like the MX-10 just hit different.

Electric trail bikes make for unbelievable races on dirt tracks

The Winner: The Best Electric Dirt Bikes For Adults

In our opinion, the best electric dirt bike for adults is the Zero FX Bike.

Why have we chosen this e dirt bike over the others?

It’s a multi-faceted street-legal bike that is built for the great outdoors. But at the same time, it looks good in any street you park it in.

It might not be what many of you were expecting after seeing a post with the words ‘best’ ‘electric’ and ‘dirtbike’ in the same line, but who could deny its appeal?

It’s lightning-fast, capable of travelling up to 85mph, it comes with off-roading tires fit for multiple surfaces — and let’s not forget it comes with multiple configurations.

The Zero FX is easily one of the best electric trail bikes on the market, period.

And it should be at the top of your list if you’re on the lookout for a true trail-blazer.

Some of you might consider it expensive at its current £12,000 price tag. We think of it as great value for money if you’re someone who can.

If we had to pick a worthy runner up, we’d have to give it to the Cake Kalk And.

And in third, the Kuberg FreeRider.

We shouldn’t need to explain why if you’ve read every word up until this point.

Understand that choosing the Zero FX wasn’t an easy decision; it took time to work out which was deserving of the title.

There’s an electric dirtbike out there for everyone

Electric Dirt Bike: Finding The Best Trail-Blazers Of 2021

It’s like we said, 2023 is the year of the e dirt bike.

Finding eco-friendly dirtbikes is so easy these days with access to the internet.

So, if you weren’t satisfied with our offering, you’re more than welcome to go off on your own to find the best electric dirt bikes for adults.

Just remember that speed isn’t everything. Consider the size of the e dirt bike, its suspension, and how long it takes to charge.

All are needed if you’re taking these electric bikes out on the trail.

That being said, we researched this list extensively; you won’t find a better batch of quiet dirtbikes, we promise.

Which do you like the look of most? Or do you already own one of the electric dirt bikes mentioned? Leave us a comment below.

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Are electric dirtbikes street legal in the UK?

The majority of e dirt bikes you come across will require a license to ride on public roads/spaces. Most are considered electric motorcycles or mopeds if they travel more than 15.5mph or have a motor capable of generating over 250 Watts of power.

How much do electric dirt bikes cost exactly?

Price will vary from two-wheeler to two-wheeler. Mini electric dirt bikes will cost around £800 on average (for a decent one), whereas high-end electric trail bikes will likely set you back up to £13,000, if not more.

How far can electric dirtbikes travel?

Range depends entirely on how far/the power mode you’re using. On average, electric dirt bikes can travel up to 60 miles. Dirtbikes made just for dirt tracks will have limited range in comparison.

What is the difference between electric trail bikes and others?

Electric trail bikes are very different from your typical petrol-powered model. For starters, the performance of the two-wheeler is significantly better due to fewer moving parts. This also means that electric dirt bikes are a hell of a lot quieter, too — damn-near noiseless to the naked ear.

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From sleek, naked racers to big ol’ hog cruisers, we’ve listed the best electric motorcycles

According to Michael Partridge’s “Motorcycle Pioneers,” electric motorcycle development harkens back to the 19th century. During the days when moving mechanical vehicles were first being engineered, bicycle manufacturer Humber showed off an electric tandem bicycle at the 1896 Stanley Cycle Show in London. Like most internal combustion engine designs decades later, the motor sat between the bike’s wheels and ran via storage batteries. Over a century later, these battery-powered beasts are rechargeable, capable of achieving high speeds, and eat up sharp curves.

Today, the EV motorcycle market is large enough to label it ubiquitous. Makers from tiny Swedish startups like Cake Kalk to the massive Harley-Davidson have embraced electric motorcycles for adults. These producers are putting out styles that appeal to any and all bike enthusiasts, from naked street racers to big ol’ hog cruisers. The electro-curious can be assured accessibility at any two-wheeled EV level with from 5,000 to above 100,000. With estimated ranges from 50 to 200 miles, these rides will get you where you need to go on whatever bike style gets your motor revvin’.

Sport/Road Bikes

Energica EGO

The potential for powerful motors that tap pure adrenaline is available in the Energica EGO. The original flossy electric road bike encapsulates the pep and panache that describes road racers, minus the hazardous carbon dioxide.

Considered one of the best electric sports bikes since it debuted in 2013, Energica writes that the EGO began its life as a pro racing bike and has taken home several victories, including the 2010 European Championship. While Energica’s electric racing circuit impact continues, its engineering spawned a beefy consumer model. This begins with a massive battery that boasts an incredible 261-mile range. Thanks to an upgraded electric motor in the 2022 model, Energica claims that this already-impressive distance has increased by 10%. With a motor that can reach 150 miles per hour, you can get where you’re going fast while striping the road with the EGO’s slick, tricolor paint scheme. 19,500 estimated MSRP.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire

If it’s the classic fat, stocky road bike that you’re looking for, Harley-Davidson nails it with the LiveWire. First rolled off lines in 2019, Electrek reported that LiveWire experienced so much success that Harley spun the production into a separate, publicly-traded brand in 2021.

This ambitious, still-mean vision of the open road flashes a classic Harley orange “fuel tank” and headlight guard atop an athletic matte black and gray frame. These motorcycles don’t growl like their gas cousins, but they provide 100 horses and 84 pounds-feet of torque — similar to Harley’s ICE bikes, but with an even quicker takeoff. There’s no need to rev to uncork instant electric power via the LiveWire’s 15.5 kilowatt-hour battery that can launch the machine from 0 to 60 in three seconds. The LiveWire also comes installed with a lightning-quick 40-minute charge from dead to 80% full. This bike can get you an abundant 146 miles per charge with city driving and 95 miles when cruising through country roads. 30,000 estimated MSRP.

Energica EsseEsse9

Energica is one of the few brands with multiple electric motorcycles on sale in the U.S. While the EGO provides riders with an electric replacement for a sport bike, the EsseEsse9 is a vintage-inspired bike that based on the company’s EVA Ribelle. The EsseEsse9 may not look as sporty as the EGO, but it takes lesson that Energize learned from MotorE to deliver strong performance. The bike’s electric motor makes 107 horsepower and 153 pound-feet of torque. Brave riders can get to 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds and hit a top speed of 125 mph. The one figure that’s even more impressive than its performance is that the EsseEsse9 can travel up to 261 miles on a single charge. When the time comes to charge the bike, it can gain 4.16 miles every minute on a fast charger. 22,850 MSRP.

Energica Experia

Most companies focused on sport bikes or urban commuters for their two-wheel electric lineups. Energica was one of the first to explore the possibility of an electric touring bike with the Experia. In true Touring fashion, the Experia comes with features that make riding long distances easier. The bike is available with ABS, six traction control levels, cruise control, multiple USB ports, hard panniers and a hard case with up to 4 cubic feet of cargo space, and a forward and reverse park assistant.

On the performance front, the Experia has Energica’s PMASynRM electric motor with up to 100 horsepower and 664 pound-feet of torque. The Experia may be a touring bike, but it will beat sports cars to 60 mph with a time of 3.5 seconds. It’s also a true touring companion with a range of up to 261 miles. 23,750 starting MSRP.

Off-Road Bikes

Zero DSR/X

If your headlights are pointing toward adventure, the latest Zero DSR/X is your machine. This luxury off-roader will take on mud, sand, and more to whatever overland destination might lie ahead. The most up-to-date ride from California-based Zero Motorcycles will cost you, but that’s to be expected when the company has dedicated more than 100,000 hours to carving this machine since 2018, according to Gear Patrol.

A bike with snarl is what’s expected of an ADV crawling across all sorts of wilds, and that’s what Zero delivers with the DSR/X. A new motor, the Z-Force 75-10X, ratchets the ride up to 100 horsepower and 166 pounds-feet of torque — enough growl to take on any imposing obstacle (per The DSR/X also features the new Z-Force, 17 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion power pack with a mean range of 111 miles — 85 highway and 180 city. 25,000 estimated MSRP.

Trevor DTRe Stella

The beauty of the emerging electric motorbike market is that its innovative output arises from racing laps and riding dirt tracks. Trevor’s DTRe Stella, for example, is hand-built in Belgium to deliver dirty rides with clean energy. This dirt bike is a nod to the purity of its breed: minimalist, lightweight, and shock-absorbent. Trevor weighs the Stella in at a light 223 pounds. Pushing about 191 pounds-feet of torque is a bit less than you’d desire at 100 horsepower, but the Stella achieves a flat, balanced ride off of the asphalt. Its 3 kilowatt-hour charger has a reasonable reach of up 62 miles and charges from zero to 100 in 70 minutes, according to Trevor.

Trevor Motorcycles only has off-road versions for order right now, but the company is jumping through regulatory hoops to make the DTRe Stella legal on regulated roads in the next few months (per Electric Cycle Rider). For now, this bike is strictly for off-road use in the U.S., and that ain’t a bad thing. The ride arrives at a reasonable price point for a premium bike. 13,000 estimated MSRP.


Curtiss One

The Curtiss One has the elements of a classic cruiser — low seat, long reach, the look of a beast — yet its electric elements allow for an idiosyncratic, new interpretation of what a motorcycle can be. The Curtiss One looks like it belongs in a Batman film — all noir, art-deco metal arches splaying out in an homage to humanity’s creativity, recalling a time before efficiency ruled the day.

The Louisiana-based bike designer named the motorcycle in honor of racer Glen Curtiss, “The Fastest Man on Earth.” From 1907 to 1936, he held the land speed record with his motorcycle that reached 136 miles per hour. Forged in the steampunk spirit of this pioneer engineer, the Curtiss One is all shiny aluminum and flat carbon fiber over a powertrain delivering approximately 120 horsepower and 145 pounds-feet of torque (per Curtiss). An almost 9 kilowatt-hour battery powers the bike for what Curtiss claims is 120 miles in the city and 70 miles on the highway. Charging to 80% takes two hours with a Level II connector. If driving a beautiful work of art sounds expensive, it is. 83,000 estimated MSRP.

Brutus V9

Roman numerals are apropos for this traitor to old-school choppers. The Brutus may not roar like its progenitors, but motor shoppers searching for a classic cruiser should check in on the V9. Brutus weighs in at a whopping 784 pounds and ticks off all the best old-school boxes: A wraparound winged fender, a waving tail feather rear end bookending chrome handlebars, pipes, and starred-spokes.

With no combustion rattling this hoofless carriage, the V9 only kicks out only 88 horsepower and 92 pounds-feet of torque (Brutus specs). This churns out a top-end 115 miles per hour, and the 33.7 kilowatt hour battery earns one of the longest ranges in the EV market — a 280-mile range on a single charge. The Brutus V9 is built for tearing up cross-country asphalt. 32,000 estimated MSRP.

Commuter Bikes

Johammer J1 200

Designed for the fashionable urbanist, the quirky Johammer J1 200 sports a Jetsons-like futuristic look. This off-beat, alien design from Austrian makers reflects applying a forward-thinking interior artistry as well.

On its site, Johammer describes its ambition to engineer a balanced, streamlined, and comfortable electric transport. With no need for a large engine in its center, the bike has its electric motor and controller situated in the rear wheel. With its top speed of 76 miles per hour, though, this won’t slow anyone down. The result is distributed weight for an elegantly stable and functional ride that’s easy to handle, approaching the Platonic ideal for a commuter motorcycle.

These advancements extend to the 12.7 kilowatt hour battery pack that can cruise up to 200 miles on a single charge that requires about three-and-a-half hours. Batteries are installed alongside shock absorbers inside the top of a torsion-resistant aluminum main frame for a super-stable ride. Straddling the fender is another next-gen perk — a high-resolution digital display embedded in side mirrors provide center console data like miles per hour and battery life. Instead of making you look down, these only require a quick glance. 25,000 estimated MSRP.

Super Soco TC

Motorcycle Classics defines a café racer as British bikes that were and remain popular for quick bursts from one coffee café to the next. Austere in style, the spartan 1960s look has endured decades of change to remain in fashion. Now we get to experience the café racer of the future: The electric Super Soco TC.

With performance similar to a 125 CC dirt bike, the Super Soco is perfect for urban hops at almost no cost for fueling or maintenance. The bike comes in classic café style — a brown, woven bench seat, low-mounted handlebars, and minimal mudguards. A dark green “engine cover” houses one battery with room for an extra. Though it’s meant for speedy trips, the Vmoto Soco Group asserts that the Super Soco TC can reach 75 miles per hour with a range of 60 miles from its single 2.7 kilowatt hour battery pack. Its classic looks receive 21st century updates like a half-digital instrument panel, LED lights, an anti-theft alarm, and keyless ignition. Best of all, this efficient motorbike won’t break the bank with an estimated MSRP of 3,200.

Zero FXE

With a maximum of 100 miles of range, the Zero FXE lands as a strict commuter. But that doesn’t meant it has to have a design that makes a scooter look cool. The FXE boasts a futuristic look that resembles an urban supermoto bike. We’re digging it. The design also results in a relaxed seating position that’s similar to a dirt bike’s.

The FXE may only have 100 miles of range, but it can get 95 percent range back in just 1.3 hours. You don’t even need to have a Level 2 charger in your garage, as this bike can gain a full charge in roughly nine hours when plugged into a regular wall outlet. The FXE’s electric motor cranks out 46 horsepower and 78 pound-feet of torque. These aren’t mega figures, but the bike can still get to 60 mph in five seconds and has a top speed of 85 mph. Plenty of oomph for getting around the city. Starting MSRP of 12,995.

Ryvid Anthem

The Ryvid Anthem is one of the sleeker looking urban commuter motorcycle on the market. It’s also incredibly light, weighing in at roughly 240 pounds, which is less than a Spectacled Bear. The Ryvid Anthem’s lightweight design is due to its stainless-steel chassis that weighs just 12 pounds. Beyond the Anthem’s lightweight design, the bike features a unique removable 4.3-kWh lithium-ion battery pack that allows for flexible charging by bringing the whole unit indoors or for instant replacements with a full battery.

What puts the Anthem firmly in the commuter bike section is its range of roughly 75 miles. That’s with the bike in Eco mode. Engage Sport mode, and range drops to around 50 miles. The Anthem’s powertrain produces 53 pound-feet of torque and helps the bike have a top speed of 75 mph. What more do you want from a city bike? Pricing starts at 7,800 MSRP.

Like other EVs across the country, electric motorbikes are growing more complex in look and more common on the road. Whether it’s a trip along that endless asphalt highway, a dip into wilder country, or a simple clip around the city, electric motorbike manufacturers have you and a more sustainable future in mind.

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