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Knox: The Cargo E-trike

We added the City’s first electric-assist cargo tricycle to central fleet. We wanted to know if we could encourage employees to use a zero-emission vehicle for work trips.

The experiment

We used a grant to buy a three-wheeled, front-loaded, cargo tricycle with electric assistance. We wanted to help City employees lead by example while conducting City business. We hypothesized that for short-distance trips, the trike would be a reasonable replacement for a car or truck. That’s assuming that an employee needed to carry something for their work trip, making walking or taking the MBTA less feasible.

The name for the City’s employee vehicle check-out system is FleetHub. We analyzed FleetHub data for trips made between September 2018 and September 2019.

  • Number of trips: ~6500
  • Median distance (round-trip): ~9 miles
  • Number of trips at or less than the median distance: ~2500

Working with Public Works, we offered to host the prototype for two years to kick the tires on the trike. We are currently exploring logistics around:

  • storage and maintenance
  • data management
  • employee training
  • resident perceptions and feedback, and
  • vehicle checkout and return.

We took inspiration from other cities and organizations who were testing whether cargo bikes and trikes made sense. In particular, we looked at:

  • Madison, WI: partnered with a local manufacturer to add a cargo bike to their fleet
  • Denton, TX: bought a trike to replace employee car trips for hauling things around town
  • Hoboken and Jersey City, NJ (along with an Arboretum in Arkansas): bought cargo trikes for landscaping work, including hauling mulch and compost.

Closer to home, we see examples of cargo bikes at:

  • the Arnold Arboretum
  • the BiblioCycle at the Boston Public Library. and
  • the BPM Blueberry. the market’s produce cargo trike.

We initiated the purchase of the trike in March 2020, before Boston declared a public health emergency due to COVID-19. With the pandemic, our launch timeline was delayed. The community meetings that we also imagined employees would need the trike for moved to virtual sessions. We are being responsive to the moment and finding new, safe uses for the trike until public meetings return.

Why we did this

The Environment Department released the City’s Climate Action Plan update in October 2019. We wanted to explore a prototype that aligned with that commitment.

One thing the plan calls for is reducing municipal carbon emissions. The City’s Central Fleet of vehicles accounts for roughly 25 percent of our local government emissions. So we wondered a few things:

  • If we added a cargo electric-assist trike to the fleet, would employees want to use it instead of a car or truck?
  • How would residents perceive the City’s use of the cargo e-trike to reduce our emissions?

The trike also supports Go Boston 2030. the City of Boston’s long-range, equitable transportation plan. Go Boston aims to encourage mode shift away from single-occupancy vehicle trips toward low-emission modes of travel. These included walking, biking, and public transit.

We hope to learn what benefits this zero-emission vehicle can bring through testing.

Honoring Kittie Knox

We wanted the City’s first cargo e-trike to be doubly special. So, we decided to name it after a trailblazing Bostonian: Kittie Knox.

On August 20, 2020, in the virtual naming ceremony, the tricycle was named after Katherine “Kittie” Knox. Knox was a biracial West End resident in the 1880s who confronted racial and gender stereotypes in Boston’s bicycling community. Mayor Walsh also proclaimed August 20, 2020, Kittie Knox Day in Boston.

We also partnered with Women’s Advancement and the Environment Department. We incorporated the virtual naming ceremony into Women’s Advancement’s commemoration of the 100th anniversary of suffrage.

What We Learned

During the prototype period, employees took 85 trips with Knox and logged 362 miles (for an average roundtrip of 4.25 miles). According to employee reports, 27 of the 85 trips (32 percent) otherwise would have been taken with a Central Fleet vehicle or some other car. A pool of 34 employees opted in to use the trike for work purposes. We hypothesize that the pandemic played a large role in subduing employee interest in using the trike, particularly while some City employees were still on a work-from-home policy due to the pandemic, and because public meetings moved online.

We hoped that by avoiding Boston’s notorious vehicle traffic, employees would:

We did not suggest mandating that everyone use the trike, or that cargo trikes or bikes replace all trucks and cars in the fleet. However, for specific types of tasks and work trips — chief among them, hauling heavy things a short or medium distance — the trike seems to have increased employee satisfaction, as evidenced by the following self-reported quotes:

“I’m happy to report that my first event with Knox went well. Overall, I look forward to using her again!”

“It was so useful, a little hard to go over bumps with so much stuff, but honestly made all the difference. Who needs parking ?”

“. I think most people would take a fleethub but I don’t have a license so I would have carried [my cargo] on the train very uncomfortably or someone helping me would take them on a Fleethub. Thank you for making it possible to have a mode of transportation that allows me (us) to arrive at public engagement meetings with all our cargo!”

“Thank you! It was a blast riding it! I felt a bit more comfortable riding with it on some higher-stress streets than I would on my normal bike. I think a combination of the size and having the electric assist…”

We know many of our plans and goals ask a lot of our business community and residents. We hoped that through leading by example, we could show our many constituencies that we, too, are doing the work necessary to make Boston carbon-neutral by 2050.

We weren’t able to learn as much in this domain as we hoped, primarily because the majority of the prototype happened while the City was still under its public health emergency declaration due to the Covid pandemic. Even once that was lifted, entirely in-person public events have been slow to return. However, anecdotally, when residents encountered Knox on the street or at Neighborhood Coffee Hours or other events, they indicated joyful surprise that the City was actually testing out this vehicle type in its fleet.

“. Constituents and BID members came up to the trike and had so many questions! They were excited to see this idea being tested and were super impressed.”

— City employee who brought the trike to Boston Blooms

Best Electric Cargo Bikes 2023

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Intro to Best Electric Cargo Bikes of 2023

Electric Bike Report aims to help consumers find the right electric bike for their needs. When you buy a product we recommend, we may earn a commission.

Cargo bikes have been in use since the 19th century, where tradesmen used them to deliver and transport their goods around Holland. These tradesmen must have been onto something because the idea has seemed to stick throughout the years. Nowadays, people are searching for the best electric cargo bike to transport their goods (kids, cargo, or otherwise) with ease.

In our modern world it’s no mystery what electric cargo bikes are meant for, carrying loads of groceries, taking the kids to school, and simply being an alternative to a car around town. While the idea of cargo e-bikes is relatively straightforward, some cargo e-bikes do their jobs better than others.

A good cargo e-bike can make the difference between you driving or riding to the grocery store. It can also make day-to-day tasks more fun and engaging. The wide array of benefits cargo e-bikes can offer has inspired our Electric Bike Report team to find the best electric cargo bikes for 2023.

We understand that no two people are going to have the same exact needs, and because of that we have provided a wide array of cargo electric bikes; we think that our list is going to have a good choice or two for everybody looking for their best electric cargo bike.

And if you’re only cargo curious but perhaps looking at different styles as well, make sure to check out our experts’ picks for the best e-bikes period.

How we picked these electric cargo bikes

With such a wide array of options for cargo e-bikes nowadays we understand it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which is the best electric cargo bike for you.

Because of that, we’ve created a list of what we think are the best cargo e-bike options for 2023. Our team has gone back and forth on the pros and cons of dozens of different cargo e-bikes so you don’t have to.

Whether we have ridden them or not, every bike you’ll see is on our list for one reason or another. We are confident based on our personal experiences and research that there will be a good cargo e-bike choice for you and your lifestyle.

  • Utility/Usefulness – We analyzed the real world usefulness of each of these bikes in order to see if they live up to the manufacturers claims.
  • Quality and affordability – The price point has to make sense for what you receive on the bike. It’s important to consider if what you pay is worth what you receive.
  • Power and stability – All cargo bikes need to pack a punch for the additional weight of what you are carrying. They also need to be stable to improve handling and prevent otherwise avoidable crashes. You’ll see a couple of different ways the manufacturers created a good median of power and balance.
  • Comfort and efficiency – Whether you’re in it for the long haul or just running to the grocery store, being comfortable is an important variable in enjoying your ride. It’s also important that the cargo e-bike is efficient so that you don’t have to overwork yourself to get from point A to point B.

Keep in mind that these are our picks, and that there very well could be another option out there that’s good for you. With that being said, enjoy reading our list of The Best Cargo E-Bikes of 2023.

Aventon Abound

Power, comfort, features, accessories, looks, and function out of the box.

Leading off our choices for the best electric cargo bikes is the Aventon Abound. The consensus here at EBR is the Abound is helping to usher in a perception change in the greater world of cargo e-bikes.

For decades the conversation around minivans was it was the type of vehicle you had to drive, but didn’t want to drive. Well, the same is often true of cargo bikes. They’ve always been as useful as all get out, but it was a sign that you were riding for need, not for want. Much like automakers in the late 2000s turned their attention to making minivans desirable with better looks and features – happily marrying needs and wants – so too does the Abound provide much more than your run-of-the-mill cargo e-bike offering.

That starts with style, which the Abound has in spades: its a clean-looking frame that comes in two good-looking colors. The good doesn’t stop there though, you also get included a rear rack, a dropper seatpost, storage bag compartment, and footboards. All of those are commonly seen as things you have to add on after checkout.

The Abound also has “under-the-hood” desirability too. The 750W motor and torque sensor makes for a powerful and responsive ride. In our hill testing, it even bested Aventon’s mighty Aventure model in our infamous Hell Hole Hill Test in summiting the top of the slope. So no matter if you’re taking a couple of kids, or a whole lot of cargo the Abound can get you where you’re going. And that torque sensor also provides great battery efficiency to boot (40-51 miles in our testing).

The niceties on the bike continue from the suspension fork, to the turn signals, and to the folding stem making it easier for transport if needed. You have all manner of different accessory options for making it fit your needs too.

When considering value, features, style, and performance, the Abound scores high marks across the board which makes it an easy choice as one of the best cargo electric bikes you’ll find anywhere.


  • 440 lbs payload capacity and the power to haul it. The Abound’s motor is one of the most impressive we’ve tested in the cargo world while allowing excellent control.
  • You’ll be hard-pressed to find such a feature-loaded cargo e-bike out of the box: footboards, dropper post, storage bag compartment, suspension fork, integrated lights and fenders all included on top of a great feeling ride.
  • Many cargo e-bikes prioritize function over style. The Abound offers both.
  • The torque sensor on the Abound is uncommon for hub motors, but it offers a great balance of ride feel, battery efficiency, and a motor that senses when you need help and provides more power.


  • The folding stem is designed to allow for easier transportation in a van or SUV, but it does give a more vibration-heavy ride when riding at higher speeds.

Lectric XPedition

With a dual battery option, the Lectric XPedition has phenomenal range and power while being the most affordable cargo bike of the bunch.

I’ll cut right to it: I have no idea how Lectric makes a profit on the XPedition. A bike this good for what is by far the lowest price on this list of the best electric cargo bikes breaks my brain a little.

Most single-battery cargo e-bikes start at around 2,000. The model we tested has dual batteries and still comes in several hundred dollars below the 2,000 mark. But hey, I’ll let them worry about profit margins while pointing out the best dollar-for-dollar cargo bike I’ve tested this year to consumers.

Lectric boomed as a company thanks to their smash hit the XP which is widely regarded as one of the best e-bikes you’ll find without looking to break the bank. The XPedition cannonballed into the cargo e-bike world in a similar fashion offering a lot of versatility and performance for several hundreds of dollars less than similar bikes (heck, nearly a full thousand less in some cases).

And they somehow did it without cutting corners either. The web design of the rear rack offers a robust 300 lbs carrying capacity meaning you could bring a couple of people along or enough bags of dog food to keep Fido happy for 6 months. The 750W motor was specifically designed by Lectric to handle any hill with ease even if maxing out the bike’s 450lbs max payload, and sure enough, it posted some of the best hill climbing times amongst cargo e-bikes that we’ve seen to date.

The XPedition can be purchased with one battery, or two for a few hundred dollars more. Results may vary, but our testing showed 33-60 miles on a single battery, so you could be looking at close to 60-120 miles between charges if you get the dual battery set up.


  • This is the most affordable cargo e-bike (by a mile) to get the EBR stamp of approval.
  • The ride quality rivals those of more expensive bikes. It handles well, has a powerful motor, and features all-day or all-week battery life via its single and double-battery configurations respectively.
  • The 300-lb rated rear rack and total 450-lb payload offer higher capacity than most other e-bikes.
  • The low step-over height and unique stem can accommodate riders 4’11 – 6’5”


  • The folding stem makes for more easy transportation in a vehicle, but it makes the handlebar feel a bit wobbly at higher speed.
  • We highly recommend the dual battery configuration on sheer value, but you’ll have to buy a second charger so you don’t spend 12 hours charging both batteries off of one charger.

Blix Packa Genie

Blix impressed us with the quality of their cargo e-bike, the Packa. It’s even more impressive when you take the pricepoint into account.

Blix did a really good job designing their cargo e-bike, the Packa Genie. This e-bike is a great all-rounder when it comes to its cargo capabilities thanks to the overbuilt frame and its large variety of accessories and mountable extras. The Packa Genie is constantly brought up in a positive manner and it’s easy to see why.

The Blix Packa Genie is a durable, safety-oriented cargo e-bike that’s ready to lug up to a 400 lb payload. Not only did the Packa impress us with its design. The Packa Genie just feels like a good value as it’s stocked with a 7-speed Shimano Acera drivetrain, has two 48V, 12.8Ah (614Wh) batteries, and uses a powerful 750W motor.

The high volume 24” x 2.4” tires offer improved stability and allow the Packa to perform relative to the terrain thanks to their high volume. The 35 to 65 PSI range gives riders a large range in feeling and traction which adds to the well roundedness of the Packa overall.

The Packa Genie also comes with a dual battery system for those looking to ride farther. I really like that Blix includes the secondary battery with the bike, as opposed to having to purchase it separately. The dual 614Wh battery setup offers up to a 80 mile range per charge which makes it our top pick for the long haul.

The Packa Genie has just about everything we look for in an electric cargo bike. It’s powerful thanks to its 750W motor, and it has puncture-resistant tires, and a wide gear range for steep hills. The Packa also has up to 200 different accessory setups which is more than enough to tailor to most people’s lifestyles.

We think the Blix Packa is a great choice regardless of what style of cargo riding you are doing, especially when you take into account all that you’re getting for a relative bargain; it’s a worthy addition to our best electric cargo bike list.


  • The Blix Packa Genie is a great value. You get some seriously awesome features and components for what you pay.
  • The Packa Genie has an optional (and well worth it) dual battery system, and a powerful motor that make for a great combination for lugging cargo.
  • The mentioned dual battery system allows for up to a 80 mile range. Very far for a cargo e-bike.
  • The Packa Genie is overbuilt in all the right ways. It’s clear that it was built to last and be ready for any task.


  • Battery life could be even better in high PAS if there were eight gears instead of seven. The ride feels a little spinny at higher MPH so the motor just takes over from the rider’s legs.
best, electric, cargo, bikes, 2023

Rad Power Bikes RadRunner 3 Plus

Utility, versatility, and stability are all words we would use to describe the good value Rad Power Bikes RadRunner 3 Plus.

The newly released Rad Power Bikes RadRunner 3 Plus will continue the models status as a staple in the electric bike scene thanks to its versatility and unique design.

The RadRunner 3 Plus is a smooth-sailing single-person utility e-bike with 20” x 3.3” high volume tires, a 750W geared hub motor and a 350 lb payload capacity. It also comes with a host of accessories, perfect for setting up the bike for your lifestyle.

best, electric, cargo, bikes, 2023

While some other bikes on our best cargo e-bikes list offer lots of accessories, the RadRunner series really utilizes the modular accessories to the fullest. The Runner has more than 300 total accessory combinations, some of which we think every RadRunner owner should have.

We tested out the hardshell panniers on the Runner and loved them. The keep your valuable save from the elements, and save from thieves thanks to the locking design. They also hold a lot of volume meaning you can take plenty with you.

If gear hauling isn’t your appeal the RadRunner 3 Plus also takes advantage of the longer new rear rack design to accommodate a buddy or a child easily via cushions and grab rails, or child seat attachments. It can even be outfitted with a trailer that carries bets too if four-legged friends want to come along.

The RadRunner 3 Plus isn’t confined to one category, and can easily double as a commuter if need be. The RadRunner 3 Plus is also the best feeling Runner to date. The redesigned frame and seat give the bike a grounded and comfortable feel. If you’re using it as your daily commuter, don’t be surprised if you find yourself taking the Runner out “just because” pretty often too – it’s a fun ride.

Its versatility adds to the overall utility of the bike and we see this being our “jack of all trades” choice for our 2023 best electric cargo bikes.


  • Simply put: it’s one of the most versatile e-bikes on the market.
  • The ride quality has never been better on a Rad bike. It handles well, accelerates nicely and can stop safely and quickly.
  • Riders 4’10” – 6’2” can find comfort on the RadRunner 3 Plus, and the 17” standover height means it casts a wide net in terms of rider accessibility.
  • It’s a shorter-tail utility e-bike design vs. a more traditional longtail cargo bike, but when fully maxed out on the accessory side with racks, bags, and a trailer, this is every bit as capable as the big boys.


  • The looks department got a huge upgrade, but there are still a lot of exposed cable connections and wires.
  • If you are loading up the Runner 3 Plus with cargo often just note the single-leg kickstand doesn’t keep the bike as centered as the old dual-leg one did.

Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 4

The RadWagon 4 is hard to ignore because of its strength, competitive price point, and solid construct.

The RadWagon 4 is a sturdy and eye-catching cargo e-bike from Rad Power Bikes that combines great value with great performance. Rad Power Bikes went with a slightly more conventional two-wheel design that provided our team with predictable and nimble (for a cargo bike) handling characteristics. With a wide array of modular accessories, the RadWagon 4 can easily tailor to your lifestyle and needs.

The Radwagon 4 is a 7-speed cargo e-bike with a 750W brushless geared hub motor and a 48V, 14Ah battery. When we conducted the full review of the RadWagon 4, the 14Ah battery impressed our team as it lasted 27.91 miles on maximum pedal assist. The 750W motor produces up to 80 Nm of torque which is perfect for boosting up steep hills and holding speed with heavy cargo loads.

We all agreed that the RadWagon 4 handled well and that it managed its power and battery life in a consistent and predictable way. The RadWagon 4 has a lot of characteristics and attributes at a competitive price point which makes it a solid option for anybody looking for a sturdy, budget-friendly cargo e-bike.

The RadWagon 4 has some interesting characteristics such as its custom 22” x 3.0” tires from VEE Tire Company. The uncommon tire and wheel dimensions made for a great combination of low stand over heights, a lower center of gravity, and good handling. The 3.0” width gave us ample traction and made the occasional off road stretch comfortable and predictable.

The RadWagon 4’s refined handling characteristics, torque and stability makes it good for dropping kids off at school or picking up groceries for the week ahead. When it comes to bang for your buck, the RadWagon 4 is at the top of our best electric cargo bike list.


  • The RadWagon 4 is undoubtedly powerful. The 750W motor is capable of 80 Nm of torque.
  • The battery lasts a surprisingly long time for the bike, nearly weighing 80 lbs. On max assistance we reached 27.91 miles on our range test.
  • The RadWagon 4 is compatible with lots of interchangeable parts and accessories.
  • The RadWagon 4 has a low center of gravity and a low standover height that allows a wide range of riders to ride the Wagon comfortably and in control.


  • The 22” x 3.0” tires are an odd size and maybe a little challenging to find at your local bike shop. While they felt good it may be a good idea to pick up some additional innertubes and tires from Rad at checkout.
  • It would be good to have an optional upgrade to hydraulic disc brakes on the RadWagon 4. With it being a heavier bike that will be filled with cargo braking power is really important.

Yuba Spicy Curry

Yuba’s Spicy Curry is a popular cargo e-bike that’s perfect for grocery getters and family outings.

The Spicy Curry excels at carrying heavy loads smoothly without feeling unbalanced or unstable. With an impressive max payload of 440 lbs, a Bosch Cargo Line mid-drive motor and a 10-gear range, the Spicy Curry is designed to be a very capable and well-equipped cargo e-bike.

Yuba included their innovative “Steady Stay Technology” on the Spicy Curry, which allows the bike to corner well under a heavy load. The Steady Stay Technology implements continuous “stays” that help with overall frame stiffness and rigidity.

The Spicy Curry is going to be a great choice for families and individuals alike. Its powerful Bosch mid-drive motor and spacious design makes for a wide range of cargo lugging capabilities. The frame comes in one size and fits riders from 4’7” all the way up to 6’4”, which is a little bigger range than we are used to seeing.

Riders who value high quality componentry and don’t mind spending a little bit more cash are going to like Spicy Curry. Coming in at just below 5000 we understand how this could be a little steep for some consumers.

Another positive trait of the Spicy Curry is the fact that it comes from a well-established company that’s been manufacturing cargo bikes since 2007. Yuba’s manufactures its bikes with the environment in mind and offers a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects.


  • The Spicy Curry comes with a high torque Bosch motor that helps with carrying heavy loads.
  • The Spicy Curry has good steering and handling characteristics thanks to its larger front wheel and Stable Stay Technology.
  • The frame can fit nearly all riders, short or tall. The 4’7” – 6’4” range is one of the largest we have seen.


Bunch The Original

The Original from Bunch is a great electric cargo trike with high-quality componentry and lots of storage space.

The Original is mainly designed for around the neighborhood and picking up groceries at the local market. We found The Original to be a great choice for young families and for areas with a little more space to ride.

The Original comes with a large 36” x 23” marine wood cargo box that ranges from 18.5” to 22” deep. We found the water-resistant cargo box’s large dimensions to come in handy for a couple of uses. The box was great for taking the kids around the neighborhood and also for carrying large amounts of cargo without much hassle.

The cargo box comes with storage benches, seat belts, and an “EZ Step” system that helps the little ones get in and out. Bunch offers lots of other lifestyle-oriented accessories such as sun shade and rain cover that can be found on their website.

I won’t lie, it took us some time to learn our way around the handling of The Original, but once we did we really saw the benefits and fun factor of its design. The Original uses auto lean technology and its three wheels offer great stability even with a large amount of cargo. The front wheels are 20 inches which gives The Original a decent turn radius for its size, and the rear wheel is 24 inches which helps with the overall ability to roll up curbs and over bumps.

The Original is one of our picks for the best cargo e-bikes picks for young families because of its spacious and stable design. The cargo box doubles as a grocery getter and a comfortable riding area for young ones. Regardless of how you’re using it we are confident you’ll see the benefits of the cargo box on The Original.


  • The Original has a very big cargo space.
  • Bunch has a lot of additional accessories on their website that can allow The Original to be set up for your needs.
  • There is definitely a fun factor to riding around The Original. It may take some getting used to, but once you are you’ll be smiling.
  • Bunch has created the perfect cargo e-bike for young families and suburban areas.
  • The Original is great for any task or ride under 10 miles thanks to its casual yet fun riding experience.
  • Bunch’s Original is very stable thanks to its 3 wheel design, and Bunch’s auto-lean technology.


  • The cables could be a little less messy, I think they could be hidden and/or integrated a little better.
  • Bunch doesn’t include some accessories with The Original that we believe should come stock. For example, the cushioned seats seem like an essential for passengers riding in The Original. It would be great to have them with the bike automatically.

Benno Remidemi 9D

The RemiDemi 9D’s German engineering, Bosch Performance Line drive system, and super wide 4.5” tires add up into one good looking, capable, and compact cargo e-bike.

One of the most eye-catching selections on our best electric cargo bikes list is definitely the Benno RemiDemi 9D, a German manufactured e-bike equipped with a Bosch drive system and superwide 20” x 4.5” DURO tires.

The RemiDemi‘s unique name comes from Germany, where “RemmiDemmi” means disruption and noise. After learning the true meaning of the bike’s name, we think it’s pretty accurate considering the RemiDemi will definitely “disrupt” and distract people with its unique design. The direct translation to English is the word “shindig” which means a large, lively party — which also felt appropriate for the bike’s description.

The Bosch Performance Line motor and battery really tie together the performance of the RemiDemi 9D. The Bosch motor uses a torque sensor to detect how hard you are pedaling, a cadence sensor to detect how fast you’re pedaling and a speed sensor to detect how fast the rear wheel is moving.

It doesn’t take long to notice the RemiDemi is well built. The frame is made out of steel, and provides a slightly softer, more dampened feeling than aluminium frames do. It was really the little details like the full alloy fenders, and large amount of mounting brackets that showed us Benno isn’t messing around with their selected componentry. Everything on the RemiDemi has a purpose, which is awesome considering the cargo style riding it’s meant for.

best, electric, cargo, bikes, 2023

The RemiDemi 9D comes in four different colors (green, yellow, blue, and grey), and two class options. The “Performance Sport” RemiDemi 9D comes with the Bosch Performance Sport motor capable of Class 3 e-bike speeds while the “Performance” model comes with the standard Bosch Performance motor calibrated Class 1 e-bike capabilities and pedal assist up to 20 mph.

If you are looking for something a little different or more compact that can still hang with the more common cargo e-bikes then I would definitely recommend looking into the RemiDemi. It’s good looking, well spec’d and comes with a 5 year warranty on the frame.

One last thing, the yellow RemiDemi reminds me of Curious George. Is it just me?


  • The Bosch Performance Line motor and battery allow the RemiDemi 9D to manage heavy cargo and steep hills.
  • The RemiDemi 9D is very compact and easy to store relative to other cargo e-bikes.
  • Our team agreed that the RemiDemi 9D is really good looking, and refreshing in its design.
  • The 9D is constructed out of steel which makes for a smoother feeling ride than aluminum.


Riese Muller Load 75 Vario

The Load 75 combines a unique design with some of the highest end components available today.

The Riese Muller Load 75 is one of the more intuitive cargo bikes we’ve seen and is the only full-suspension cargo bike on our best cargo e-bike list. Because of the high-quality componentry and unique design, the Load 75 comes at a bit of a cost. However, if you are looking for a no-shortcuts, premium cargo e-bike this is probably the one.

The first indicator that Load 75 didn’t come to play is the fact that it has full suspension, I mean how often do you see that on a cargo bike? The full suspension design not only offers additional comfort and traction but keeps the cargo from bouncing around when going over a speed bump or curb.

RM uses an X-Fusion Glyde for the rear shock and a 70mm Suntour Mobie A32 as the fork. Full suspension frames aren’t the most common in the cargo bike world, but we loved the fact that Riese Muller were able to utilize it on their Load 75.

The Load 75 Vario uses an Enviolo variable transmission, which provides a massive 536% gear range; highly beneficial for steep hills when carrying cargo. The Vario also uses the Bosch Cargo Line Cruise as its motor. Between the transmission and mid-drive motor the Vario is set up for most cargo tasks.

The first indicator that Load 75 didn’t come to play is the fact that it has full suspension, I mean how often do you see that on a cargo bike? The full suspension design not only offers additional comfort and traction, but keeps the cargo from bouncing around when going over a speed bump or curb.

RM uses a X-Fusion Glyde for the rear shock, and a 70mm Suntour Mobie A32 as the fork. Full suspension frames aren’t the most common in the cargo bike world, but we loved the fact that Riese Muller were able to utilize it on their Load 75.

The Load 75 Vario uses an Enviolo variable transmission, which provides a massive 536% gear range; highly beneficial for steep hills when carrying cargo. The Vario also uses the Bosch Cargo Line Cruise as its motor. Between the transmission and mid-drive motor the Vario is set up for most cargo tasks.

Riese Muller focused on ensuring comfort, and control at high speeds on the Load 75.

They’ve successfully done this because of their ‘Control Technology” which optimizes comfort and handling and diminishes vibrations and impacts. They seem to understand that cargo e-bikes aren’t always the funnest bikes to ride, but they’ve done a stellar job making sure that theirs is.

If you have deep s, a good appreciation for industrial aesthetics and are looking for an alternative to a car then the Load 75 is probably going to be the e-cargo bike for you. Not only is it high-end in the way of performance, it’s also good-looking and definitely has that signature Riese Muller touch.


  • The Load 75 is a full suspension cargo e-bike, which improves traction.
  • and increases comfort and control.
  • There is absolutely no compromise on quality with the Load 75, regardless of the configuration you choose you’re going to receive quality.
  • Having multiple spec configurations was nice to see, this allows customers to choose a Load 75 that’s right for them.
  • The Load 75 is unique in its design, and it backs its looks up with its componentry.


  • It is a tad bit heavy coming in at 84 lbs.
  • This won’t be a con for everybody, but the Load 75 is a bit large. Those who are limited on space may have issues with the size of the bike.

Tern GSD

Tern really seemed to think of everything on this one. The GSD is one of the most well rounded cargo e-bikes for the 2023 season.

The GSD is a well-rounded, vibrant-looking cargo e-bike from Tern. The lively visuals mixed with a high-end fourth-generation Bosch Cargo Line motor capable of 85 Nm of torque make for a fun-to-ride, capable cargo e-bike that’s just as much fun as it is useful. There are lots of options for accessories on the GSD, creating somewhat of a “plug and play” experience.

Despite the GSD being slightly smaller in size than some of its competitors, it still holds its own with a 440 lb maximum payload. The GSD is still able to fit riders up to 6’5” thanks to its telescopic seat post, high-rise handlebars, and updated frame geometry.

Tern didn’t just build the GSD to perform, they built it to last. From the reinforced tubing to the Atlas Wheels and Lockstand (kickstand), stability and durability is very prevalent on the Tern GSD.

Tern seemed to think of just about everything when designing the GSD, the componentry and design intuition are truly impressive to me, and you really get what you pay for. The GSD possesses some premium componentry that isn’t very common to see.

Take the geared Rohloff Speedhub for example. This hub offers a 526% gear range, and automatically shifts to an easier gear when you slow down to a stop. The Tern GSD also uses a belt drive transmission, which is lower maintenance and longer lasting than a lot of chain cassette setups. The list of quality components goes on and on, from the Magura MT5 hydraulic disc brakes to the Shimano Deore groupset it’s all quality.

I see the GSD as the embodiment of an electric cargo bike, the durability, power, gear range and long-lasting battery make for a phenomenal combination. The GSD is available in four models, ranging from 5000 to 9000 in price. While even the lowest cost variation is by no means cheap, it’s good to have a couple of options to choose from.

I see the GSD being good for cargo carriers and family outings alike. There aren’t a lot of e-bikes that can live a double life quite like the GSD is able to. This is an example of a cargo e-bike that isn’t confined to one specific style of cargo riding.

Cargo Trike Bike – Black Electric

Our Trike Bike cargo trike has been a huge seller and now we have them in Electric.

Most of these sales have been heavily modified by our customers who are converting them into ice cream machines, shaven ice, even a bread vendor has purchased one and set up display shelving in his store.

The weight capacity of the front box is 150 kg, this does not include the weight of the rider. This cargo tricycle has electric assistance and complies with national rules and regulations and can be ridden anywhere without a license. The electric assistance will make the school pickup and drop-off much easier, especially if you have hills to climb.

Measurements of the box: Length 93 cm, Width 65 cm, Height: 55 cm near the handle bars and the other end is 50cm

Measurements when fully assembled: Length: 2.35 m, Width: 93 cm Height: 125 cm

  • 7 Speed Gears (Shimano)
  • KMC Chain
  • Disc brakes Front and Rear
  • Rain cover (included)
  • Seat cushions (included)
  • Safety belts (included)
  • Front wheel size = 20″
  • Rear wheel size = 26″
  • Electric model comes with front light (included)
  • Australian legal 250 w motor, 36 Volt 10.4 AH (374.4Wh) battery.


Trike Bike products carry a full 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects and faults for residential use and a 3 month warranty for commercial use unless specified otherwise.

information on our warranty is available here


We have several delivery options available

  • Courier: Most people have the unassembled Trike delivered by courier. Your Trike Bike is supplied partly assembled in one large box and one smaller box.
  • Pickup in the boxes: Drop down in a ute or van and pickup yourself saving the delivery charges
  • Drive in or Ride Away: Don’t have the skills to assemble the Trike Bike ? Let our skilled mechanic do the hard part for you. For just 250 we will assemble, test ride and tune your Trike Bike for years of enjoyment. NOTE: You will need a ute or trailer to pickup an assembled Trike Bike, they are too large to fit into an SUV vehicle.

Cargo Assembly Instructions

Please download our Cargo Trike Bike Assembly Instructions From Here

Please download the Display instructions From Here

Federal Regulations Electric Devices

An electric tricycle, also known as an e-bike/e-trike, is a type of vehicle and can be assisted by power when riding.

You can ride an electric trike on all roads and paths, even where bicycles are prohibited. When riding, you have rights and responsibilities just like all road users.

You must follow the normal bicycle road rules and obey the general road rules.

You don’t need a licence to ride an electric tricycle, and they don’t need registration or compulsory third-party insurance.

Riding an electric tricycle

You propel an electric tricycle through pedaling with assistance from the electric motor. The electric motor is used to help you maintain speed while riding, and may be helpful when riding uphill or against the wind.

At speeds up to 6km/h, the electric motor can operate without you pedaling. The electric motor can help you when you first take off.

At speeds above 6km/h, you must pedal to keep the bicycle moving with the motor providing pedal-assist only.

When you reach a speed of 25km/h the motor must stop operating (cut out) and you need to pedal to stay above 25km/h like a normal tricycle.

Source of power

For an electric tricycle to be legally used on the road, it must have an electric motor and conform to the following:

A pedalec, is a tricycle with an electric motor capable of generating up to 250 watts of power, but the motor cuts out at 25km/h and the pedals must be used to keep the motor operating. Pedalecs must comply with the European Standard for Power Assisted Pedal Cycles (EN15194) and must have a permanent marking on it that shows it complies with this standard.

Non-compliant electric tricycles

Your motorised tricycle is non-compliant and can’t be ridden on public roads or paths if it has any of the following:

  • a petrol-powered or internal combustion engine
  • an electric motor capable of generating over 250 watts
  • an electric motor that is the primary source of power. For example, if your tricycle has a petrol-powered engine attached before or after purchase, it is non-compliant. If your tricycle’s electric motor can help up to speeds in excess of 25km/h without cutting off, it is non-compliant. If your tricycle has non-functioning pedals that do not propel the tricycle. it is non-compliant. If you can twist a throttle and ride your tricycle using the bike’s motor power only, without using the pedals, it is non-compliant.

Non-compliant tricycles must only be ridden on private property with no public access.

If a non-compliant tricycle is to be ridden legally on a road, it must comply with the Australian Design Rules requirements for a motorcycle and be registered. Currently fines for operating a non-compliant tricycle are in excess of 3,300.

All Trike Bike Tricycles comply with federal road rules and can be used legally in every Australian State or Territory.

Cargo Trike Bike Dimensions

Cargo Trike Bike Dimensions

Electric Cargo Bikes

Electric Cargo bikes or light electric freight vehicles are a revolution in last-mile transport. The electric motor enables you to ride further and faster with heavy goods without feeling the strain. Our range of electric Cargo bikes and trikes have been designed to provide balance and stability at all times.

Electric Cargo Bikes are due to receive a grant after government trial which exceeded expectations of their capability to delivery last mile goods in replacement of vans. 96.7% of all deliveries could be fulfilled from a single e-cargo bike run.

What is an Electric Cargo Bike?

Electric cargo bikes help move heavy goods around congested cities with ease. Cargo bikes have been in use for many years. the first appearing in factories in the 1950s powered by a petrol motor to help speedily transport goods between picking lines. Since then things have moved on a bit, and they are now assisted by electric power. This means even carrying heavy goods is much easier, as the electric motor takes out the effort of pedalling. Quite simply they are large bicycles, usually with a storage area up front with the rider towards the rear. This lets them make sure the extra wide loads can fit through narrow gaps. Operationally they are identical to any normal bike, only with an extra stand for balance when stationary and on unpowered versions, a bit of extra leg power required! In cities all over Europe they can be spotted running between delivery depots and people’s homes, delivering food shopping for supermarkets, coffee beans to coffeeshops or online orders to customers. They are often faster than vans for deliveries as they can access cycle lanes, avoid traffic congestion and use narrow streets off-limits to other motor vehicles. They’re extremely cheap to run and don’t require any license or tax.

How many miles can an electric cargo bike travel?

Despite carrying huge amounts of weight, electric cargo bikes can continue to deliver surprisingly far. On a single charge, the Urban Arrow range can usually travel between 25 and 50 miles at 15.5mph. Of course, this will vary a huge amount depending on the ride style, weight of the load and how much assistance is required. If you require extra range or need to quickly recharge, we suggest buying a spare battery which can quickly be replaced upon returning to depot.

How much weight can an electric cargo bike hold?

Our smallest bike, the Shorty can carry up 225KG or 150 Litres of cargo. The largest in our range, the Tender can carry up to 300KG, or a huge 2500 Litres.

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