Best electric bikes on the market right now. Cool looking ebikes

Best electric bikes on the market right now

From town to the trails, these e-bikes amplify your adventures.

It’s never been more important to rethink your short-distance transportation, and it’s also never been easier. Whether you’re looking to cut down your car time or just want a fun, environmentally friendly alternative for your weekend adventures, it’s officially electric bike time.

This crop of awesome e-bikes can unlock the opportunity to cut down on your personal pollution while giving you the range and features to take some amazing trips.

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Cannondale Adventure Neo 3 EQ

Why It’s Cool The perfect all-arounder for commuting and adventure, with decent power and a comfy ride.

Rad Power Radrunner2

Why It’s Cool An ideal mix of affordability, utility, and power — perfect for an urban or suburban environment.

Aventon Level Electric Bike

Why It’s Cool Step-through or standard-frame styles, plus the range and power to take you to work, the beach, the farmers market, and beyond.

Batch E-Bike

Why It’s Cool Long range (up to 80 miles), amazing reliability, a great price, and true bike DNA.

Propella 7S

Why It’s Cool Simple, versatile, and great bang-for-your-buck for a multi-speed. We love their single-speed, too.

CleanTechnica Best E-Bikes You Can Buy In 2023

Together again, for the first time — CleanTechnica’s list of the best e-bikes and electric motorcycles you can buy in 2023!

We are well into 2023, and while the global bike market may be slowing down, the weather is warming up and e-bikes are still hot, hot, hot! What’s more, we’re here to help you find those diamonds in the rough with the help of a brand-new “best bikes” list that will help you find the right electrified two-wheeler for you!

Once again, I’ll be introducing you to my personal picks for the best e-bikes you can buy this year, based on nearly 30 years of riding, fixing, and building stuff that goes fast — as well as, you know, wild conjecture (since there’s one or two bikes on this list that I haven’t yet had a chance to ride — I’ll make that clear enough in the article, though). We’ll be looking forward to hearing your thoughts on my picks — and learn more about your picks! — in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев section at the bottom of the page.

Without further ado, then, here they are, in something that feels tantalizingly like a logical order: the best e-bikes you can buy in 2023!

Best Electric Bikes for Kids

Kawasaki Elektrode (little kids)

Marketed as electric balance bikes instead of beginner motorcycles, the new Kawasaki Elektrode takes on similarly-sized powered balance bikes with Harley-Davidson, KTM, or Husqvarna branding. They’re all great fun, but the novelty of the Kawi, combined with something closer to an e-bike than a cordless drill battery, makes it our 2023 choice for introducing little ones to the physics and fun of motorcycles.

Woom UP 5 (big kids)

The Woom UP 5 is an ultralight 24″ electric mountain bike with a suspension fork, Fazua drive, and disc brakes designed for children aged 7 years and up that uses the electric motor to “boost” the kids’ leg strength. The thinking is that your child will be able to keep up (UP! I get it!) with faster adult riders on uphills and trails, but still teach them the physics and muscle memory they’ll need to grow as riders.

The Woom UP 5’s features and aluminum frame, adjustable “AIRFORK” suspension, disc brakes, and a trigger-shifter operated SRAM NX transmission. Pricing starts 3,599 in the US, for riders age 7 and older.

Best Electric Bicycles / E-Bikes

FLX Babymaker II (entry gravel/road bike)

To my eyes, there’s nothing quite as sexy as a simple road bike. In the past, I’ve owned a Specialized Langster that remains a fond memory, twenty years on, but I secretly loved them all. Even so, the FLX Babymaker II, in the right light (above), is one of the best-looking pieces of rolling art I’ve ever seen. In person, they’re absolutely gorgeous, the electric motors and batteries are practically invisible, and … did I mention they’re gorgeous?

The best part is that those heart-stopping looks don’t carry a heart-stopping price tag. As I type this, the Babymaker II can be had for a mere 1499, which makes it one of the least expensive e-bikes I’ll recommend on this list.

Pivot E-Vault (high-end gravel bike)

Pivot E-Vault; courtesy Pivot.

The top-shelf Pivot E-Vault is one of those rare machines that gets better the longer you stare at it. It’s very nearly perfect — but, with a starting price of 9299 and only going up from there, it had better be!

For the price of a reliable new car, the Pivot Cycles E-Vault packs a 252Wh battery and 250W Fazua Evation drive pack that offers up to 55 Nm of electric power and top speed of 28 MPH. Pedal power is sent through a SRAM XPLR XG1271 10-44 cassette and ETAP AXS 12-speed derailleur and shifter, while a set of all-carbon 700c wheels from Reynolds keep this e-bike’s weight down to unelectrified levels.

Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL (road bike)

Image courtesy Specialized.

I’m a sucker for Specialized. The bikes’ clean frames, composite materials, and achingly beautiful finishes have always spoken to me, and even their most utilitarian bikes inspire sporty and aggressive riding. When you’re willing to push yourself, Specialized bikes tend to reward you for your efforts, and their Turbo line of e-bikes, marketed as “you, only faster,” do so double.

That said, where the comparatively pedestrian Specialized Turbo Vado I rode last summer is a supremely capable daily ride, a bike like the S-Works Turbo Creo SL (shown, above), is a Formula 1 car. And, like a Formula 1 car, no one has yet been daft enough to let me ride theirs. With a starting price of 21,400, I wouldn’t let me ride one, either. The Turbo Creo SL Comp E5 I have ridden, however, is a rocket ship at about a third the price. I can’t imagine a better machine, and yet: the S-Works Comp exists.

Aventon Sinch Step-Through (folding, fat-tire e-bike)

The Aventon Sinch Step-Through is thoroughly redesigned version of the brand’s Sinch folding fat-tired e-bike that’s priced at just 1,499. For that money, you get a 20 mph top speed, up to 40 miles of electrified riding range, and a backlit color display with app integration on a bike that’s ready to power you along just about any trail you find — as well as, of course, the beach!

When I rode the original Aventon Sinch for the first time, it really surprised me with its overall competence. The new, Step-through version, though, responds to my criticisms that the original Sinch felt too big when folded up, and the Step-through feels lighter on the move (it isn’t), thanks to the center of mass being more closely level with the center of the wheels. Last year, I summed up my take on the original Sinch with, “What more could you ask?”

It seems like Aventon took that as a challenge!

Gocycle G4 (lightweight folding e-bike)

GoCycle Fast Folding E-Bike; courtesy GoCycle.

At just 38 pounds, the Gocycle G4 is one of the lightest folding suspension e-bikes out there, and one of the most stylish, too! Our own Kyle Field tested the GX model in 2020 and raved about it — as he should! The Gocycle G4 leverages some impressive engineering feats to pack a ton of functionality into a high tech but easy to use package. What’s more, it’s incredibly adjustable, allowing for a full range of petite, small, medium, or extra-large riders to find a position that works for them, while the sturdy, Formula 1-inspired frame composite inspires confidence, too, as does the bike’s proprietary front hub motor gear drive with electronic traction control.

At more than 3,499, this bike isn’t cheap, and you’ll want to budget for a few Gocycle accessories, too — but this isn’t a list of the cheapest e-bikes you can buy, is it?

Flyer FL885 (kid cargo bike)

Image by Kyle Field; CleanTechnica.

The Radio Flyer-built Flyer L885 is a comfortable, capable cargo bike that uses fat tires and clever frame geometry to feel a lot smaller than it is. I was impressed with the prototype I rode, and for its price, the production bike has continued to impress. That said, what makes the LWB Flyer the best cargo bike isn’t any part of the bike itself, per se. Instead, it’s the accessories — specifically, the 299 Kid Cargo Carrier (below).

Like many other long wheelbase cargo e-bikes, the L885 can be had with a rear basket, passenger grab rails, and running boards to make loading and unloading kids easy and fun, but the Kid Cargo Carrier goes a step further. It transforms from a kids’ seat to cargo basket in as long as it takes you to unzip and clip. It looks like it’s meant to be there, too, instead of the hasty add-on that so many other cargo bike accessories seem like. The tubes are the same diameter as those in the Flyer L885 frame, and they’re finished in the same durable, semi-crinkle powder coat.

The Flyer L885 offers 50 miles of electric range, 5 riding modes accessible through an LCD display, a standard center stand, and is available for order through the Radio Flyer website with a starting price of 1,999.

ONYX LZR PRO 900W (entry eMTB)

ONYX is best known in the e-bike community as a maker of 80s inspired, retro-themed, hi-fi styled electric mopeds like RCR and CTY2, Those high-powered machines blur the line between e-bikes and electric motorcycles, but their latest product — the Tim Seward-designed LZR PRO eMTB shown here — draws a bright white line and stands its ground with the e-bikes. To that end, the new ONYX arrived without a screen, without an app, and without any of the associated BS intended to make e-bikes “more accessible,” which is extra hilarious if you know that Tim wears a prosthetic leg.

Tim Seward and the ONYX LZR PRO 900W; photo by the author.

Instead of aiming for mass appeal, then, the new LZR was seen tearing up a motocross course with riders leaping into the air and engaging all sorts of high-impact hijinks. And, for its part, the new bike seems ultra-capable. “When we let pro-riders try the LZR for the first time they came back with a huge smile,” explains Seward. “We are going to change the way everyone views e-bikes!”

Pivot Shuttle (high-end eMTB)

Image courtesy Pivot Cycles.

With a starting price higher than I paid for my first car, the Pivot Shuttle is never going to be a mass-market choice. The Defender Green Team XTR build does its best to be worth the money, though — it carries a spec sheet that’s second to none, with a who’s-who list of top-shelf components from Fox, Shimano, and more, all complimented by a massive new 726Wh battery that’s fully integrated into the bike’s downtube, yet designed for easy “hot swaps” on the trail, for hours of hardcore riding.

The Pivot makes zero sense. No bike with an 11,699 price tag makes sense — but this isn’t a rational purpose. You don’t buy a Shuttle because you’re rational. You buy one because you demand — and can afford! — the very best eMTB experience the 2-wheeled universe has to offer.

NIU BQi-C3 Pro (utility e-bike)

Image courtesy NIU mobility.

Weighing in at 67.5 pounds and packing not one but two energy-dense li-ion battery packs, the high-tech and ultra-polished NIU BQi-C3 Pro e-bike is the slick, sleek, electrified car replacement for urban professionals too busy to constantly worry about their bikes’ state of charge.

Those two batteries add a bit of weight to the NIU BQi-C3, sure, but they’re neatly integrated into the bike’s frame in a highly contrasting red and white (mine is red and white, it also comes in red and black) color motif that it hardly matters. And, because it’s from NIU, the electrical controls, throttle response, and connected app are all first-rate. The build quality, too, is excellent, and the whole thing is put together with a level of fit and finish not commonly found at the NIU’s surprisingly low 2199 starting price.

Aventon Aventure Step-Through (fat-tire utility e-bike)

Image by Kyle Field; CleanTechnica.

Our own Kyle Field said the Aventon Aventure electric bicycle, “could be the ultimate fat tire utility e-bike.” recently, Derek Markham agreed, adding that, “it could also serve as an excellent mid-life crisis motorcycle,” and, “the Aventure has ended up being my favorite electric bike so far.”

It’s hard to argue with those endorsements — and the specs back them up. Kyle said that the Aventure is, “an absolute tank of a bike.” Sporting massive tires, 720 watt-hour battery, a an impressive electric motor with a 750 watt average output and peak power output of 1,130 watts. Available in 3 sizes, covering heights from 5’1″ to 6’6″, starting at 1,899.

Rayvolt Cruzer (chopper-style e-bike)

Image by Kyle Field; CleanTechnica.

E-bike reviewers like Kyle Field and Micah Toll have praised the Spanish Rayvolt bikes and their bespoke, proprietary, brushless 3 phase DC motors for years — and I’ve largely ignored them, decided very much on my own that these long, low chopper-style e-bikes were little more than pleather-wrapped lowriders. But it was not long after I first swung a leg over a Rayvolt in Miami last October that I realized how wrong I was: these bikes are incredible!

Despite looking like a vintage Indian motorcycle, Rayvolt’s bikes are decidedly high-tech, offering features like regenerative braking that engineers at other bike brands have assured me were impossible. What’s more, the frames, forks, seats, and wheels are expertly made., parts are powder coated and anodized when painting them might be enough, and the kickstand feels sturdier than anything you’ll find on a Harley Sportster weighing several times as much.

On the move, too, the bike sticks in my memory like few other bikes I’ve ridden before or since. Credit the unique motor, dual-sensor crankset, and wholly intuitive back-pedaling regen for that. At over 4800 the way I’d spec one out, the Rayvolt Cruze isn’t cheap — but nothing cheaper is better.

14 15. Super73 Z Miami Indian eFTR Hooligan (moped-style e-bike)

When it was announced on April 1st of last year, I greeted the official Z-Miami press release with a sneer. “It sucks that this is an April Fools’,” I wrote one of my PR buddies. “This would be an awesome little bike.” The joke was on me, however: the Super73 Z-Miami was very, very real.

The “Miami” version of the bike was the result of Super73’s product team taking their original Z1 e-bike and re-engineering it from the ground up with a powerful new motor, lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame, and a convenient removable battery. On the move, it’s a noticeable step up from the Z1 that doesn’t make the old bike feel obsolete — it just makes you happy you waited to buy the new one, you know?

That’s not to say the Z-Miami was an easy choice. I very nearly gave the win to another moped-styled e-bike — one with a robust dealer network behind it, a convincing legacy brand tie-in, and a raft of upgrades and features above what the Z-Miami offers available as standard equipment … but that, too, was born from the Super73 braintrust. As such, I’ve taken the coward’s way out and declared this one a tie.

Image courtesy Indian Motorcycle.

Whether you go for Super73’s spartan Z-Miami or their loaded-up, dealer-only Indian eFTR Hooligan 1.2, you can’t really make a wrong choice. Let us know which one you picked in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

ONYX RCR 72V (blurring the lines)

If the Super73 bikes begin to blur the line between e-bikes and mopeds, the ultra-fast and gonzo powerful ONYX RCR blasts right over it at more than 30 MPH.

Despite a riding position and overall feel that’s similar to the Super73 and other moped-style e-bikes, the ONYX has a unique, almost handcrafted style that will make anyone who has vivid memories of VHS tapes and Atari joysticks feel right at home. Thoughtful details abound throughout the RCR, as well, with carefully managed cables, a bright, “Daymaker” style LED headlight, and ONYX logos placed subtly — but throughout the bike’s high-end components, this is one of those bikes that, if it speaks to you, it will speak to you like nothing else. The ONYX RCR 72V comes in at 5942 the way you want it, equipped with dirt kit, turn signals, pannier rack, fork covers, and knobby tires (you’ll want to ditch the plastic fender).

That’s a Wrap!

So, there it is. In what used to be a bit of an annual tradition at the old Gas2 that’s made its way back home to CleanTechnica — my list of the best electric bikes you’ll be able to buy this year. I’d love to hear what you think of it, what I may have missed, and what you would have put on the list in my place, so head on down to the Комментарии и мнения владельцев section at the bottom of the page, and make your voice heard.

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The 10 Best Electric Bikes For Adults in 2023

You can speed up your daily commute, make hills feel slightly less steep, and cover considerable distances without breaking a sweat. Plus, they present an environmentally-friendly alternative to other modes of transportation.

You’ll experience cycling from a whole new perspective – but first, you have to pick the best electric bike.

We tested 2023’s most popular cheap electric bikes and summed up our findings in this round-up. Stick around and find an e-bike that suits you – no matter your budget or needs!

In a hurry, after 42 hours of research we recommend the following bikes for each category:

Rad Power RadRover 6

Rugged aluminum construction, 26-inch wheels with extra-wide tires, and a 750-watt motor to help you power up steep inclines, all available at a reasonable price. There’s no doubt that the RadRover 6 deserves the title of the best fat tire e-bike.

Ride1Up 700

The Ride1Up 700 is a price-friendly and fully loaded commuting e-bike that does not sacrifice on all the good features. Powered by a 48V Geared Hub Bafang Motor with 750W peak power and fitted with a decent capacity 500Wh 48V 13AH Reention Dorado ID Plus battery with Samsung cells.

Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 3 Remixte

Tesoro Neo X 3 Remixte top rated Cannondale e-bike is built for endurance, comfort, and efficiency. The motor is optimized for quiet and smooth engagement, with multiple pedal-assist levels and a 104-miles range and a range extender battery can be used with this bike. It’s the high-performance road e-bike of 2023 with motor that assist up to 28MPH!

Quick Comparison Table

Best Commuting E-bike Ride1Up 700

Built for smooth city commuting

Best Road E-Bike Cannondale Topstone Neo Carbon 3

An ultra-quiet and fast motor for a smooth and natural-feeling ride

Best Fat Tire E-Bike Rad Power RadRover 6

The Hummer of fat tire electric bikes

Top 10 Electric Bikes For Adults in 2023

Listed below are some of the best electric bikes – and after putting them to the test, we have the utmost confidence in their capabilities. Dependable motors, sturdy frames, substantial battery capacities; these e bikes have it all.

You’ll probably notice that we didn’t go too cheap even though we included quite a few solid budget picks.

“You get what you pay for “– that saying held up for a reason.

We get that not everyone can afford to splurge on a high-end e-bike, and that’s fine. However, don’t go into this expecting to get the same level of performance from a budget pick as you would from a premium one.

Now that we have that settled, keep reading for our complete list of the best electric road, fat-tire, mountain, and folding bikes on the market!

Best Rated E-Bikes

The skinny-tire, pedal-assisted rides entered the scene a few years ago – and there’s been an ever-increasing variety of electric road bike options ever since.

There’s one for everyone – and we rounded up the best road e-bikes for grownups in 2023 for you.

If you’re thinking of adding one to your collection, now’s your chance!

Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 3 Remixte – Our Pick

By now, Cannondale has become a household name in the e-bike world. This company is well known for producing high-quality bikes of just about any variety. from commuters to fitness and mountain bikes.

So, it’s no surprise that Tesoro Neo X Remixte is one of the best adult e-bikes you can pick up.

It’s a dream to ride, looks gorgeous, and has more than enough range to take you quite a few rounds around the town.

The only thing holding it down is its hefty price. Still, you can’t expect to pay pennies for a premium bike.

Cannondale Tesoro Neo X3 Remixte – Our Pick For Best Road E-Bike of 2023

Frame Build

The Tesoro Neo X 3 features what Cannondale calls a Remixte frame. This is just a fancy word for a frame that has a slightly lowered upper tube, so it’s easier to mount.

Another benefit to this frame design is that it combines the sturdiness of a step-over frame with the approachability of a step-through frame.

This is not where cool frame features end. all cable management is done through it. Besides resulting in clean frame lines, hidden cables also mean less potential for them to snap or break.

To make the ride as comfortable as possible, the Tesoro Neo X 3 features a front suspension with 100 millimeters of travel.

Motor Battery

This e-bike is fully decked out with Boch electronics. from the battery to the motor.

The most peculiar thing about this e-bike is that it features a Boch Performance mid-train motor. This means there’s no throttle, but it makes the e-bike lighter and better at climbing steep hills.

Tesoro X 3 Remixte features a Bosch Power Tube battery that can hold 13.4 Ah of charge. You can expect around 50 miles of ride on a full charge. I managed to squeeze out around 45 miles, but I live in a pretty hilly area.

It takes around 5 hours for the battery to recharge, which is almost an industry standard. If you’re planning on using this e-bike for daily commuting, I recommend you get a spare battery to eliminate any downtime for recharging.

Tires Ride

The Tesoro X 3 Remixte handles like a dream. You’ll feel almost no road shock thanks to the generous suspension travel and decent all-terrain tires.

And don’t worry if you snag a pothole; the aluminum fenders feature a durable tubular design. This provides additional stiffness and durability that’s much needed for rough terrain.

Ride 1UP 700 Series

The Ride 1UP 700 series e-bike can be described in one word. value. Not only does it feature a stylish frame, but it also comes with a powerful motor and a beefy battery. All that for a pretty affordable price.

The only thing holding this bike down is a bit more involved assembly, but when you factor in the price-to-performance ratio. this is a pretty reasonable sacrifice.

Ride 1UP 700 Series Electric Bike

Frame Build

The 700 Series features a pretty hefty aluminum alloy frame that comes in two flavors: step-through and step-over. Both versions weigh around 62 lbs. This does make it a bit more cumbersome to lug around, but at least the bike won’t break if you fall or run into a pothole.

Both the cables and the battery are hidden inside the frame to protect them from harm and extra style points.

On top of all that, the 700 Series also features a pretty decent front suspension with up to 100 millimeters of travel. The suspension works in combination with the fat tires to absorb almost all road shock. resulting in an incredibly pleasurable ride experience.

And since this is an all-around commuter e-bike, you also get a rear cargo rack with 50 lbs of carrying capacity for groceries and other knick-knacks.

Motor Battery

The 700 Series comes with a pretty beefy 750W motor that can churn out 62 Nm of torque. This makes it perfect for just about any type of terrain. You’ll have more than enough power to conquer even the steepest of hills with very little effort.

Another benefit to having a high-torque motor is that you can accelerate pretty fast. It will take you just a couple of seconds on the highest pedal assist level to reach the max speed of 28 MPH.

The motor is pretty responsive, so you’ll have no trouble adjusting to the pedal assist. And if you ever get tired of pedaling, you can always use the throttle system. But that will only get you to 20 MPH.

The battery is just as impressive as the motor. It is rated at 16 Ah and provides you with around 50 miles of range. This is incredible for an e-bike in this price range. Most other models struggle to provide you with even 35 miles of range.

Tires Ride

The 700 Series e-bike features 27.5-inch wheels with 2.4-inch high-volume tires.

Thanks to their heft, the tires are capable of absorbing quite a lot of road shock. Add to that the front suspension, and you get some of the best riding experiences ever.

If you’re looking for a decently priced, high-performing daily commuter, I recommend you give this e-bike a try.

The Best E-Bikes of 2023

Whether you’re looking to improve your commute, save gas money, or get more fresh air, we’ve reviewed the best e-bikes to get you on the road emission-free.

(Photo/Chelsey Magness)

The e-bike industry experienced meteoric growth following the pandemic, leading to plenty of options for the modern commuter. While the industry initially focused on electric assist cargo bikes, now you’re just as likely to see electric cruisers, mountain bikes, gravel bikes, fat bikes, and folding bikes cruising local roads and trails.

Our team spent 3 months and 5,000 collective miles putting 20 different e-bikes to the test, with 12 making the cut for our list of recommendations. We’re confident our time and effort will help you narrow your search and choose the right e-bike for your unique needs.

best, electric, bikes, market, right, cool

Listed here are our favorite bikes of the bunch. Each entry has been thoroughly ridden and tested, with special attention to fit and feel, maintenance, and build difficulty. We highlight the key aspects you need to consider when purchasing an e-bike, including range, top speed, and carrying capacity.

We also list the appropriate surfaces for each bike based on our experience. Use the links below to jump to the type of e-bike that piques your interest or scroll along and take in the full breadth of our review. Use our comparison chart for a side-by-side look at specs and features and be sure to read our buyer’s guide so you know what to look for when considering an e-bike.

  • Best Overall E-Bike: Specialized Turbo Vado SL
  • Best Budget E-Bike: Schwinn Coston CE Step Thru
  • Best Mountain E-Bike: Specialized Turbo Levo Comp Alloy
  • Best Folding E-Bike: ET Cycle F1000 Electric Fat Tire Bike
  • Best Single-Speed E-Bike: State 6061 eBike Commuter
  • Best E-Gravel Bike: Alchemy Bikes eRonin Electric Gravel Bike
  • Best E-Bike for Kids: Woom UP E-Bike
  • Best of the Rest: Biktrix Juggernaut Hub Duo Step Over
  • Xtra Cycle Swoop
  • The Ride Radiant Carbon Electric Bike
  • Yuba Kombi E5 Bike
  • FREY AM1000 V6

Specialized Turbo Vado SL


  • Range 80 miles (120 with range extender)
  • Class III (top speed of 28 mph)
  • Throttle No
  • Drivetrain 11-speed
  • Carrying Capacity 55 lbs. on bike rack/250 lbs. on the bike frame
  • Weight 33 lbs.
  • Surfaces Pavement, gravel, some dirt


The motto “innovate or die” has been guiding Specialized’s ship for the past three decades. So it’s no wonder their e-bikes are some of the best, sleekest, and most inventive in the industry.

Most commuter bikes are clunky, heavy, and cumbersome. The Vado SL (3,750), however, is built to get on and go — and then get off again and carry up and down stairs, get on a subway, and go again. Weighing in at a mere 33 pounds, it’s one of the lightest e-commuters on the market.

The ride experience is smooth, fun, and zippy, seamlessly blending your power with the bike’s custom Specialized SL 1.1 custom motor.​​ Some bikes give you bursts of acceleration that interfere with your pedaling — not so with the Vado. It gives you boosts that keep your cadence smooth and steady. Every ride feels like at least a bit of a workout as the system just amplifies the power the rider is putting in. Proper gear selection on steep climbs is still essential — it just feels like you have stronger legs!

The components consist of Sram and Praxis, which are all high quality. The Tektro brakes stopped us smoothly and effectively. The chain is protected by a minimal chain guard, minimizing the need to oil it. At night we felt safe and seen thanks to the bright front and rear light. The front light was bright enough to let us see on some very dark gravel roads. While the rack is nice and slim, the carrying capacity is only rated for 50 pounds, but it handled a few days of groceries just fine.

At first glance, it’s hard to tell this is an e-bike, as everything is internal and streamlined. With a push of the button on the top tube, the bars light up and tell you how much power you have left. On the left handlebar, there is an up and down button that lets you scroll through the three different power modes: eco, sport, and turbo mode. On the right, you can easily shift through 12 different gears.

On the website, it says the Vado SL can go up to 28 mph for 80 miles. While we didn’t test this specifically, we rode it every day for an average of 8 miles and went between all of the modes depending on how fast we needed to get somewhere or how we were feeling that day. On a single charge, it lasted 5 days. If you need more range, there is an option to get a range extender. To charge it back to full capacity, it only took 2 and a half hours, which is on the faster end.

All Specialized bikes come with a handy and easy-to-use app called Mission Control. The app tells you all the usual information (range, power, and total trip miles), but what we loved the most was it told us how efficiently we were using the motor. People who live in big cities will love the security measure. Through this, you can activate an alarm if the bike is moved that only the owner can disable and you can also disable the motor so that it does not function at all.

Maintenance-wise, this bike is low-key. Besides oiling the chain and updating the battery through the app, it requires little upkeep. This bike is perfect for running quick errands and commuting to and from work and or school. We think it’s the best e-bike available.

The Best Electric Bikes: Upgrade Your Commute For A Sustainable Ride

At Luxe Digital, we independently research, review, and recommend products we love and that we think you will love, too. Learn more about how we curate the best products for you.

We’ve been lucky over the past four years to test and review some of the best electric bikes on the market. From the top electric commuter bike to fat tire e-bike, folding bikes, and eMBX — if you can name it, we’ve most probably tried it. When testing the most popular electric bike brands, we follow strict testing guidelines to make sure that we can compare e-bikes objectively (more on that below).

What does it mean for you?

Well, if you’re here, I’m guessing you want to understand the different ebike options available today and figure out which electric bike is best for your particular use case.

If that’s you, you’re in the right place.

This is the fourth year in a row that we update our ranking of the best electric bikes. We’ve organized our list by bike category (e.g., city bike, cruiser, mountain bike, etc.). We’ve also shortlisted the top three overall best ebikes that we think will be great options for most people.

In a rush? No problem! Here’s our shortlist of the absolute best options available right now:

Why you can trust Luxe Digital? We’ve been regularly updating our ranking of the best electric bikes since 2019. We started by testing only high-end ebikes. Those were expensive, premium options at the time. But since then, we’ve broadened our ranking to also include more affordable ebikes across multiple categories as the market itself has evolved.

We personally ride as many of the bikes in this ranking as possible to give you our unique point of view and hands-on experience. If we were unable to get our hands on a particular model but thought it was worth being included on our list for your consideration, we performed detailed online research to give you the best recommendations possible.

The 11 best electric bikes of this year

Here’s the full list of the best ebikes of the year. You can directly click on the category that you’re most interested in:

  • Overall best electric bike:Ride1Up-LMTD
  • Best premium ebike:LeMond Prolog
  • Best value electric bike:Ancheer Commuter
  • Best foldable ebike:Lectric XP 3.0
  • Best cargo utility ebike:Specialized Haul ST
  • Best city commuter electric bike:RadCity 5 Plus
  • Best electric cruiser bike:Flyer Cruiser
  • Best mountain bike:Specialized Turbo Levo Expert
  • Best fat tire electric bike:Ride1Up RIFT
  • Best road electric bike:Specialized Turbo Creo
  • Best electric trike:Lectric XP Trike

Methodology: Our approach to testing and ranking the best electric bikes

At Luxe Digital, we rate every product against the values that are important to us:

  • Craftsmanship: How is it made? Is the brand using high-quality materials and expertise?
  • Design: How does it look and feel? Is it aesthetic and timeless?
  • Function and purpose: How well does it perform? Does it achieve its stated claims?
  • Impact: Does the brand have a positive impact on your daily life and the planet?
  • Value for money: Is it worth its retail price? Is the price justifiable?

Things you should pay attention to when buying an electric bike

Let’s quickly go through the things you should take into consideration when shopping online for an electric bike.

There are really only two factors to consider when comparing electric bikes: What you’ll do with your ebike and how much you’re ready to spend on it.

We told you it would be quick

Okay, there’s a little bit more to it once you get into the details, but these are the two important questions you should start with to keep your search for the best ebike focused and relevant.

Once you’ve defined your use case and budget, you can start comparing technical specs and features for the different electric bikes that are most relevant to your needs.

We’ll do that in a second, but first, let’s briefly talk about the three different types of electric bikes available today. There are categorized into three classes.

The three legal classes of e-bikes

First thing first, you should understand the class of ebike you want. There are three legal classes of electric bikes on the market in the US:

  • Class 1 electric bikes: The easiest and safest to start with, class 1 ebikes use a pedal-assist motor to support your ride. You need to pedal in order to engage the electric motor. The motor will disengage as soon as you reach 20 mph.
  • Class 2 electric bikes: These ebikes are equipped with a throttle motor that you can engage without pedaling. The throttle is usually a grip-twist or a button. Type 2 ebikes are also limited to 20 mph.
  • Class 3 electric bikes: This is the fastest class of e-bikes with a pedal-assist motor that can reach a top speed of 28 mph. While you don’t need a license to ride them, it’s highly recommended.

Check our dedicated guide to electric bike classes to learn more about the system and see examples for each type. Check also your local rules and regulations to know where and how you can ride each class of ebike. For example, the city of New York enacted a law in 2023 prohibiting the sale, lease, or rental of electric bikes that fail the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standard 2849.

Next, let’s see what you want to use the bike for.

The eight categories of electric bikes

Based on our experience riding electric bikes for several years, we’ve broken down this guide into eight categories of ebikes. These categories are based on different use cases and terrains. It’s important to choose a bike that suits how and where you want to ride to get the best experience possible.

Here are the eight different categories of electric bikes you should consider:

  • Folding electric bikes: They are designed for portability and can be stored in small spaces. Folding bikes are ideal for travelers, RVers, city dwellers, and office workers who want to easily store their bikes. Just keep in mind that their design usually makes for a less stable ride.
  • Utility cargo electric bikes: These bikes offer a large cargo capacity and can be customized to your needs, which makes them perfect to replace your car for most trips. Cargo ebikes are heavier, however, and thus best suited for riding out straight from your garage to school to drop your kids or to the store.
  • City commuter electric bikes: These are great if you primarily want to ride to and from work. Commuter bikes are designed for city use and can replace your car. They have quick power output, higher speeds, and features like brake lights to improve your visibility on the road.
  • Cruiser ebikes: This type of bike is built for comfort and ease of use. They are perfect for long slow rides on dedicated bike lanes or by the beach.
  • Mountain electric bikes: Purposefully built for off-road use with rugged suspension systems, light frames, strong tires, and frame geometry that make them well-suited to riding trails.
  • Fat tire electric bikes: Specially designed for off-road and rough terrain. They have wide tires that provide traction and stability, and a powerful motor that helps you to move quickly over different surfaces.
  • Road electric bikes: Ideal for riders who want to go faster and farther on well-paved roads. Road ebikes are lighter and come with narrow tires to improve traction and speed.
  • Electric trikes: These three-wheelers are a category on their own. They offer additional cargo space (ideal for children or groceries) with a comfortable and stable ride.

We’ve selected a winner for each category in our ranking below.

Now let’s look at the technical specifications to consider when comparing ebikes.

Technical specs to consider when comparing ebikes

You’ll see a lot of technical jargon on manufacturers’ websites when comparing electric bikes online. But really, we think you can narrow it down to only two essential elements:

Motor power output: The speed and electric assistance you need.

The electric motor determines how fast you can go and how much electrical assistance you will get while pedaling. Electric bike motors are measured in Watts and typically range from 250W to 750W—the higher the number, the most powerful the motor. Powerful electric motors will deliver more torque to carry heavier weights. They also accelerate faster and can reach higher speeds (although your top speed will be limited depending on your bike’s class).

Another thing to consider with the electric motor is its placement on the bike. There are two common options on the market: hub-drive motors, delivering power to one of the wheels, and mid-drive motors, delivering power to the pedal crank.

Hub-drive motors are cheaper and easier to maintain, but they’re less efficient and make tire replacement more complicated. On the other hand, mid-drive motors are more expensive but also more efficient and offer a more balanced weight distribution.

Battery capacity: The distance and duration of you ride.

Your ebike’s battery determines how far and how long you can ride. Batteries are measured in watts per hour (Wh)—the higher the Wh number, the more power storage. Higher Wh batteries are generally also heavier, however, so you’ll need to find the right balance between the overall bike’s weight, your own weight, and what you want to do with your bike.

Another thing to look out for is the option to remove (or not) your ebike’s battery. Some models offer a removable battery, which might be more convenient for you to recharge or store. Removable batteries are also easier to change if your battery gets old.

Now that you understand the two most important technical specifications related to electric bikes, let’s look at a few extra elements to consider:

  • Weight: the battery and motor can add significant weight to your bike. Understand how that might affect your ride quality, speed, and distance.
  • Tires: depending on your use case, you’ll want appropriate tires for the terrain.
  • Step-over vs step-through: this refers to the height of the bar in the middle of the frame. Step-over bikes have a high bar that provides more balance and rigidity to your ride. Step-through bikes have a lower bar that makes it easier to get on the bike. I generally recommend step-over for most scenarios, but a step-through is a good option short distance commuting.
  • Safety features: look for options such as integrated lights and capable breaks. Break lights are especially important if you want a city bike to ride in the traffic.
  • Warranty: we only recommend ebikes from reputable manufacturers, but you should always check what the warranty is like and the quality of the brand’s customer service.
  • Additional features: a few extra things to consider depending on your use case is the type of suspensions and the electric bike’s interface (for example, does it come with an app).
  • Payment plan: there are so many options available on the market this year that you’re bound to find an electric bike that suits your budget. Many states and brands offer attractive financing plans, vehicle loan programs, or cash incentives to help support your purchase. We’ll mention them in our review below whenever possible.

One more thing before we get to the main course: you should check our selection of the best electric motorcycles if you want more speed and comfort while riding. And if you’re looking for a cheaper and lighter alternative, we have a detailed guide to the best electric scooters too.

Now, let’s get to the most interesting part of this article: our ranking of the best electric bikes of the year!

Overall best electric bike: Ride1Up LMTD

Ebike category Class 3
Motor 750W rear hub with 95Nm of torque
Battery 672Wh
Top Speed 28mph pedal assist and 20mph throttle
Range Up to 50 miles
Weight 53 lbs

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