Best electric bikes 2023 for every kind of rider. Canyon electric bike

Best electric bikes 2023 for every kind of rider

If you’re looking for the best electric bikes, there are a lot to choose from, with electric motors and batteries added to a wide range of bikes to add extra power.

Electric road bikes will come with dropped handlebars and favour low weight, whilst electric hybrid bikes will come with flat bars, wider tyres and accessories to aid commuters – such as mudguards and lights. Electric folding bikes are useful if part of your journey involves train travel or you’re short on space.

Here at Cycling Weekly, we’ve reviewed bikes from these three categories and there are links to our more detailed reviews for each bike in this guide. Our testing involves a range of routes and ride lengths and our highly experienced team of testers understands what makes a good bike and what to look for in the best electric bikes.

Electric bikes can be expensive, but there are options too if you’re looking to keep costs low with starting from around 1,000: check out the best budget electric bikes. If you’re into tinkering with your bike, you might also want to look at the best electric bike conversion kits as an alternative to buying a completely new electric bike.

best, electric, bikes, 2023

Women may benefit from female specific components on the best women’s electric bikes, and if you’re venturing off-road, check out the best electric gravel bikes.

If you’re looking for the best electric mountain bike though, follow this link to head over to our sister publication MBR which specialises in mountain biking.

Top picks

Here’s a quick look at our top choices from the best electric bikes, including a folding option.

The Specialized Turbo Vado is designed for fast urban riding but with its suspension fork and wider tires it can also handle rougher roads.

There’s a lot of clever tech in the aviation-inspired Gocycle G4i, with a neat folding mechanism, lightweight frame and decent mileage from its internal battery.

The Giant Fastride’s neatly integrated battery and quality spec make it a great option for the commute, with wide gear range and hydraulic disc brakes.

If your e-bike riding heads off-road, the Neo Carbon Lefty has front and rear suspension and a powerful Bosch motor to help you up the hills.

The Cento1 Hybrid takes Wilier’s race bike pedigree and inserts a rear hub motor in a stealth package that keeps the bike’s performance and doesn’t add too much weight.

The classic Brompton with the same folding mechanism, but with a front hub motor and battery housed in a neat removeable bag.

Our pick of the best electric bikes

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Best Electric Hybrid bikes

Electric hybrid bikes are the fastest selling style. Their flat bars, usually wide tyre, and commute friendly fittings. such as mudguard mounts and rack mounts. make them extremely practical machines.

The motor can be housed in the rear hub, or at the cranks, and the torque will vary. low torque models offer a natural pedalling assistance, but high torque versions will move off the lights more quickly.

Reasons to avoid

The Ribble Hybrid AL e is a road-going hybrid bike that’s equally at home on gravel paths and trails, with a comfortable and confidence-inspiring upright riding position, so great for returning or newbie riders.

For us, we think the bike is one of the best looking hybrids we’ve ever come across, with the design hiding away the motor incredibly well, although we were a little sad that adjusting the seat post left behind scratch marks. The fully loaded package includes fenders (mudguards), lights and a rear rack making it perfect as a daily commuter or for ditching the car when going to the store, although we did find these a little rattily on test.

best, electric, bikes, 2023

The Ebikemotion motor delivers its power smoothly and efficiently and offers long-range in between charges, making the Ribble far more than just an A to B bike.

Understandably it doesn’t perform in the same way as the Canyon Grail:ON in terms of fast and tight torque, but tap along and it will tick over nicely, taking the top off any strenuous rides.

With all the added extras as standard and classy looks, the Ribble Hybrid AL e is a great electric bike for the money.

Reasons to avoid

A fun ride that’s great in urban environments but also provides a confidence-inspiring ride on rougher terrain is what the Specialized Turbo Vado is all about.

If you’re after a bike that is fully integrated with lights, fenders and rack (27kg capacity) as well as security (on the App removable battery using a key), then this represents a straight forward choice. Only the weight, and to a lesser degree cost, need consideration.

We found the 70Nm/250W custom-tuned motor applies power seamlessly and powerfully as soon as you push down on the pedals. Range is excellent too. 95-130km / 60-80 miles should be easily attainable using the default settings of Sport’ and ‘50% power’. There is an Eco mode as well as Turbo, so if you’re careful you can expect much greater range.

It is a heavy machine at 60lbs/ 27kg, so not easy to lift, so anyone needing to navigate steps in or out of the bike’s storage place will need to take this into consideration, but aside from that we found the Specialized Vado Turbo to be a joy to ride.

Reasons to avoid

We absolutely loved zooming around on the speedy Ride1Up Roadster V2 with its five levels of power assist. If you’re anything like us and are more used to training and racing on standard road bikes it can easily become your guilty pleasure. it’s fantastic fun to ride.

The bike was so quiet, even on level 5, convincing onlookers that our tester had to be some kind of super Hero to ride so fast up 15 per cent climbs. The only downside. in common with other e-bikes that only assist when you’re pedalling. was where there was a requirement for a hill start, the cranks had to be turned over in order to get the motor to engage, creating a pregnant pause at the lights, before vavavooming off.

The claimed 24mph maximum assisted speed (in the US) needs input from the pedals to reach on the flats, but without a doubt it’s noticeable downhill, where other bikes, such as the Wilier Cento1Hy Ultegra Di2 e-bike auto assist would cut out and slow you down.

This extra speed also puts the bike into a class 3 e-bike, meaning that it doesn’t meet EAPC rules in the UK, but that’s by the by as US brand Ride1Up doesn’t currently ship there.

If you are in a country lucky enough to be shipped to: the US, Canada and Mexico, then it’s a great option and one that has a very high fun-to-dollar ratio.

Ride1Up is a direct-to-consumer brand. check out the Roadster V2 on its website here.

Reasons to avoid

The Canyon Precede:ON is an efficient automatic transmission city bike that performs well in multi-terrain settings whether for utility or for leisure purposes thanks to a powerful motor and control panel.

With built-in accessories such as lights, mudguards, rack and kickstand all the trappings are there to make for a comfortable ride with style straight out the box. All these add ons however do make it one of the heaviest e-bikes on the market, even heavier than the Specialized Turbo Vado.

We really loved the Canyon Grail: On and it’s great to see the Precede:ON also be kitted with the Bosch Performance Line CX motor, although ideally we would love to see a little more juice in the battery to support the other impressive spec.

With everything you need straight out the box, including navigation system and lights, it’s the easiest way to swap driving/ public transport for a bike, but it is at the higher end price tag wise. There are a couple of models to choose from, which also takes the cost down a touch, but with a six year guarantee, it could be a savvy investment.

The only other point to note is that Canyon has a direct sales model, so you’ll have to buy directly from the brand here.

Reasons to avoid

The Giant Fastroad E Pro is another road-going hybrid bike with flat handlebars to promote a comfortable ride position for even the rustiest of riders, in fact we enjoyed riding this great electric hybrid road bike so much we gave it a Cycling Weekly Editor’s Choice Award.

The tyres provide plenty of squish and the ability to go lightly off-road. However on test we found the aluminium frame and fork quite stiff, which will suit those used to a traditional road bike’s feel and riders looking for a speedy commute, but worth bearing in mind if you’re used to a softer hybrid feel.

We really liked the bike’s integration of the battery, which can often be a design factor forgotten about on hybrid bikes. We were also really impressed to see the spec on the FastRoad, with hydraulic disc brakes and quality Shimano shifting, with a compact chainset and wide range cassette at the rear to provide plenty of gears for the hills all making an appearance.

A great electric hybrid bike for a fair price that will have a lot of appeal to lots of different riders.

Reasons to avoid

With its 36V battery, which should give around 70 miles of juice, hooked up to a mid-drive motor, we found that the Volt Infinity electric bike gave a nice balanced feel to the bike.

Shimano provides the power in the form of 8-speed Alfine Di2 hub Shimano Steps, the highly regarded motor and e-bike specific groupset.

Three different assistance modes will let you get the most out of that battery and the display mounted on the front will make it easy to keep track and we loved that the torque sensor picked up when we were flagging and gave us a little boost to help us along our way.

Previously similar to the Carrera Subway E, it’s had a bit of a make over and it’s now much more visually integrated than the previous model that we tested, although it’s still without a quick release rear wheel, making investing in the best puncture-proof tyres or inner tubes a shrewd investment.

The only real downside is the one size fits all. Great if it does fit you, not so much if it doesn’t.

Best Electric Folding Bikes

Folding electric bikes are practical if you have a train journey forming part of your trip or are low on space. Being small, the battery and motor can represent a large percentage of the weight, so the FOCUS is often on reducing this as much as possible.

Mileage on folding bikes is often low, since they’re typically used to ride to and from train stations, so battery range isn’t always a major consideration.

If you are considering going for a folder, you might find our buying guide page dedicated to helping you find the best folding bikes a useful read.

Reasons to avoid

We absolutely loved the Brompton Electric bike when we took it out for a spin, finding it to be the perfect bike for commuting in traffic and then stowing well out of the way post-ride.

The brand is considered by many as the gold standard of folding bikes, and the Brompton Electric is clearly cast from the same mould.

As typical with any Brompton bike, the brand has taken full control of the engineering, so everything from frame to motor has been designed in house. Brompton however has called upon the experiences of Williams Advanced Engineering when it comes to the motor, developing a bespoke lightweight removable battery and motor.

As you would expect when a team of Formula One engineers get under the bonnet of the Brompton Electric, the small, but perfectly formed motor has excelled, delivering power smoothly, safely and exactly when you need it.

The frame is the usual Brompton high standard, and while one size, keeps the ability to choose handlebars, seatpost heights and even saddle widths. There are six speeds, giving you plenty to play with when you hit a hill.

Whatever your final set up, you can rest assured as to the bike’s foldability, which is one of the reasons why Brompton stands out from the folding bike crowd. Its folded footprint is one of the smallest out there: 565mm high x 585mm wide x 270mm long (22.2 x 23 x 10.6). This means it’s highly portable and capable of stowing in the smallest of spaces, although be warned, due to the independent motor and battery pack, you’ll find yourself with two hands full, so best to invest in a rucksack for your other belongings.

On test we felt this was an absolute dream of a bike, in fact, we went as far as calling it a transport gamechanger. If you’re worried by the 17kg-plus weight, there’s now the Brompton Electric P Line bike, which uses lighter frame materials to drop the claimed weight down to 15.6kg.

Reasons to avoid

The G4i is a solid choice for a commuter, with the option to add many accessories such as mudguards (fenders), a front and rear pannier rack, integrated lights, lock holster and a travel case.

The design folds in half, so that you can push it on its wheels rather than needing to carry it, or you can fully fold it into a compact package. There’s built-in rear suspension, concealed cabling and a fully enclosed drivetrain.

It features a discreetly integrated USB port on the handlebar, enabling owners to charge their phone or other small devices from the bike’s battery when not in use. although we found the quality of the integrated phone mount didn’t quite match that of the bike itself. The same goes for the LED display, which we found to be rather basic. although the information it provides is useful.

It’s also likely to be pretty low-maintenance given that the drivetrain is completely enclosed. This makes sense, given that commuting year round usually means cycling in the wet at some point. The G4i utilizes a Shimano Nexus 3 speed internally geared hub. With 1” of elastomer suspension and 2.35” wide tyres, it is one of the more comfortable small wheelers. Single-sided wheel attachment means you don’t even have to remove the wheel, should you puncture one of the 20” wheels.

The 500W (250W in the UK/EU) G4 electric motor and 375Wh Lithium-ion battery is claimed to provide a range of up to 80km (50mi), but the most we managed to get out of it was just 44km (27mi). To be fair, that was in one of the more ‘assisted’ modes and I always had the daytime running lights on. and the city of Bath is well known for its brutally steep hills.

The bike is available from 17.6kg / 38.8lbs. However, as the weight is centred low on the frame, this at least makes the ride more stable. The folding mechanism has been improved since previous versions and can be quickly collapsed into a small package. Gocycle says this can be done in as little as ten seconds; we found it was closer to 20.

We chose RadPower bikes because they are simple, durable, fun and safe. We have a variety of bike sizes available for walk-in or online booking now.

Ebike Pricing

(All eBike rentals include a helmet and combination lock)

Runner Pricing:

This rental is for one single rider (12)

All PM half day rentals are booked on a walk-in basis

Each Bike rental will be charged an automatic 5 LDW fee to cover you from minor damage as outlined in the waiver (fee is automatically charged when booking)

All rates subject to 8.05% sales tax.

Cancellation Policy Full day rental: 8 hrs This is the best option for those wanting to hike during their ride Each Bike rental will be charged an automatic 5 LDW fee to cover you from minor damage as outlined in the waiver (fee is automatically charged when booking) All rates subject to 8.05% sales tax.

Cancellation Policy Joyride rental: 2.5 hrs All Joyride rentals are booked on a walk-in basis Each Bike rental will be charged an automatic 5 LDW fee to cover you from minor damage as outlined in the waiver (fee is automatically charged when booking) All rates subject to 8.05% sales tax. Walk-in to book!

Runner with baby carrier pricing:

Cancellation Policy Half day rental: 4 hrs All PM half day rentals are booked on a walk-in basis Each Bike rental will be charged an automatic 5 LDW fee to cover you from minor damage as outlined in the waiver (fee is automatically charged when booking) All rates subject to 8.05% sales tax.

Cancellation Policy Full day rental: 8 hrs This is the best option for those wanting to hike during their ride Each Bike rental will be charged an automatic 5 LDW fee to cover you from minor damage as outlined in the waiver (fee is automatically charged when booking) All rates subject to 8.05% sales tax.

Wagon Pricing:

Cancellation Policy Half day rental: 4 hrs All PM half day rentals are booked on a walk-in basis Each Bike rental will be charged an automatic 5 LDW fee to cover you from minor damage as outlined in the waiver (fee is automatically charged when booking) All rates subject to 8.05% sales tax.

Cancellation Policy Full day rental: 8 hrs This is the best option for those wanting to hike during their ride Each Bike rental will be charged an automatic 5 LDW fee to cover you from minor damage as outlined in the waiver (fee is automatically charged when booking) All rates subject to 8.05% sales tax.

Joyride rental: 2.5 hrs All Joyride rentals are booked on a walk-in basis Each Bike rental will be charged an automatic 5 LDW fee to cover you from minor damage as outlined in the waiver (fee is automatically charged when booking) All rates subject to 8.05% sales tax. Walk-in to book!

Additional eBike Info:

  • This LDW is limited to the equipment only and does not cover negligence, major damage, lost or stolen items, or personal property damage/injury.
  • This fee covers minor damage to the equipment in the event of an accident. The coverage is limited to:.Minor scratches, flat tires, brake lever damage, helmet scratches/scrapes, accessory scratchesMinor chain/sprocket issues.Broken Pedal.Broken Lights.Brake Rotor Deformities.Mechanic assistance if an employee is dispatched to your location in the canyon and replacement bike, battery, or parts per the discretion of the assisting employee.

All subject to 8.05% Utah State Sales Tax

NOTE: You must bring your paid entrance fee receipt or show your National Park’s Pass for all tours which enter Zion National Park.

ebike safety and Info

Our eBikes are an incredible way for riders of many levels to experience the Zion Canyon! Below are a few helpful tips to increase the likelihood of you having a safe and successful ride in Zion.

-eBikes are naturally a bit heavier than ordinary bicycles. The components that give you the “e” assistance also add weight to your bike. Be sure to start your ride at low speeds and practice braking, turning, and coming to a complete stop before using the bike at higher speeds.

-Group rides can be a blast! At full-speed, eBikes tend to require 2-3 times the amount of stopping distance as traditional bicycles. When riding in groups, be sure to leave plenty of distance between you and other riders.

-Accidents happen! If an accident or bike malfunction is to occur while you are on the scenic drive please follow these steps: 1. Ensure that all riders are ok and if needed, send one rider to the nearest park ranger to request medical attention. 2. If possible move off of the road and find a safe place to make an assessment. 3. If the bike is malfunctioning or in-operable send one rider to the Zion Lodge and call Zion Guru for assistance. 4. If riders are ok and the bike is functioning, find a safe time to re-enter the path of travel and continue your ride through the canyon.

-Helmets save lives! Every Zion Guru eBike rental comes with a helmet and bike lock. Please wear your helmet for the entire duration of your ride and only lock your bike to designated bike lock station while inside the park.

-Cyclists are required to use the pedestrian entrance and Pa’Rus trail. All eBikes must use the pedestrian entrance and ride along the Pa’Rus trail to access the scenic drive. These are multi-use areas so please watch out for others and give yourself extra distance to maneuver. Once on the scenic drive you will share the road with cyclists, pedestrians, park shuttle busses and other vehicles. Please exercise caution on all paths of travel.

Riding your e-bike is fun and all but the prospect of having to clean it after a day splashing in puddles not so much. It needn’t be a dreaded task with our guide to cleaning your electric bike no matter how mucky it gets.

How to clean your electrielec bike

What do you need to clean your e-bike?

You’ll be relieved to know there are no expensive tools involved in keeping your e-bike clean. You’ll need a bucket of water, a few brushes, degreaser and chain lube. A bike stand and hose pipe can also be useful if you have access to them but otherwise just lean your bike against a wall carefully. It’s also good practice to keep your e-bike’s user manual handy at least the first few times until you get the hang of it.

Cleaning your electric bike in 3 steps

Cleaning your electric bike in 3 steps

Remove the battery and electronics

Batteries and water rarely mix and cleaning your e-bike is no exception. Take the battery out and put it to one side while you get down to the nitty gritty. You should also remove the computer display but if it’s not possible (for example on the fully integrated Precede:ON e-bike) then cover it with cling-film or a small plastic bag to keep it dry.

Start scrubbing

Begin cleaning with water using either a hose pipe or jug to pour water over the whole bike. Be mindful of the amount of water you use. an efficient nozzle is best and remember to turn the tap off between rinses. Whatever you do though, don’t use a pressure washer: it’ll destroy the bearings and remove any important grease from hidden parts.

Don’t stress too much if the water gets in the battery compartment: there are small drains to combat this and the plugs have an anti-corrosion coating on them. Use your sponge or brushes to loosen the muck from the frame, wheels and pedals. Make sure you get right under the bottom bracket (where the motor sits) as that’s where a lot of the grime gathers.

Degrease and clean the drivetrain

An important part of cleaning your electric bike is ensuring the moving parts do just that. You’ll need to use degreaser on the chain, chainrings, cassette and rear derailleur to keep your bike running smoothly. Be careful not to get any on any braking surfaces.

After applying the degreaser, wait a few minutes before wiping excess liquid away with a damp cloth.

Remove the battery and electronics

Ledges Golf Course – St. George, UT Automated Ebike Rentals

Electric bikes are a fun way to experience Utah’s beautiful scenery. Come see these views for yourself with an ebike rental. A casual tour offers a rewarding outdoor experience. Contact an ebike shop near Ledges and book your ride with Kova Rentals today!

About The Ledges in St. George

The Ledges is located in the heart of St. George, Utah. One major attraction is Snow Canyon State Park, which features many landforms, including a sandstone canyon, lava flows, lava tubes, sand dunes, and even a volcano. You can take in the views with an ebike rental near the Ledges.

Trails and Destinations

When you get an ebike rental near the Ledges. you can ride on or to various trails that will take you through Snow Canyon State Park.

  • Snow Canyon Loop. This will take you through the park’s north entrance, through the outskirts of St. George, and back up the hill. This trail is 18 miles long and can take 2-3 hours.
  • Snow Canyon Scenic Overlook. Take the paved trail to the dirt road. You’ll see the overlook, where you can take in the breathtaking views. This trail is 5 miles roundtrip and should take about 15 minutes on an ebike.
  • Hidden Pinyon Trail. This trail offers a great way to hike through Snow Canyon. Be careful of the terrain, which varies from rocky to sandy ground. This trail involves 1 mile of hiking, offering up to an hour of entertainment.
  • Petrified Dunes. This short, moderately difficult hike is rocky and sandy and leads to the petrified sand dunes formed nearly 200 million years ago. This is a 1.2 mile out and back trail that can take you up to an hour.
  • Lava Tube Trail. Try this trail if you’re feeling adventurous. The trail leads to three lava tube remnants that you can explore. Here, you can enjoy 2.3 miles of out and back hiking, which can take 1-2 hours total.

Ebike Rentals in St. George, Utah

St. George is the perfect place for cycling. Both beginner and seasoned cyclists can enjoy the stunning natural scenery, a variety of bike paths, and great weather year-round. At Kova Rentals. we’ll point you in the direction of breathtaking trails that showcase the beauty of St. George on one of our comfortable ebikes.

We have an ebike locker bank in St. George at The Ledges, so you’re sure to find us nearby the city’s most famous riding trails, including Snow Canyon. Whether you want to enjoy the stunning red rock of southern Utah or the vivid cliffs in Zion’s National Park, our ebikes allow you to do it all in total comfort. Plus, each of our bikes is rented at an affordable cost, helping you save more of your hard-earned money.

No matter your cycling interests or skill level, Kova Rentals provides versatile ebikes that fulfill all your needs. To get started with our fast, easy process, contact us or make an online reservation.

best, electric, bikes, 2023

Are Ebikes Allowed in St. George, Utah?

If you’re wondering if ebikes are allowed in St. George, the answer is yes. A new policy was created in the fall of 2019 that permitted class 1 ebikes wherever traditional bikes are allowed. This policy also allowed for the use of ebikes within national parks such as Bryce Canyon and Zion.

If you want to enjoy a leisurely ride on one of the city’s bike paths, Kova Rentals has you covered. Visit our locations page to find ebike rentals near you in St. George.

Are Ebikes Allowed on Utah Trails?

Are ebikes allowed on Utah trails? Yes! The 2019 policy mentioned above also allowed for the use of ebikes on biking trails to ensure that everyone, including inexperienced cyclists, children, and those with disabilities, could enjoy cycling.

If you’re looking to take one of our ebikes into Snow Canyon, stop at these hikes along the way:

  • Snow Canyon Scenic Overlook
  • Snow Canyon Lava Flow
  • Snow Canyon Petrified Dunes
  • Snow Canyon Sand Dunes
  • Hidden Pinyon
best, electric, bikes, 2023

Biking Trails

Choose Kova Rentals for Affordable Ebike Rentals in St. George, Utah

If you want a casual ride with friends and family, Kova Rental’s ebikes are a perfect fit. Designed for comfort and versatility, our bikes can go on a leisurely ride with ease.

You’ll find Kova Rentals at The Ledges in St. George

Visit our rental location or book a bike online to get started.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page to learn more.

Nearby Attractions

Riding an ebike is not the only thing to do around Ledges. Here are some other activities to consider:

  • Go horseback riding through Snow Canyon State Park or Zion National Park.
  • Fly high and see more sights with an aerial tour via airplane or helicopter.
  • Take the little ones to play at parks, such as Thunder Junction and the Splash Pad at Town Square Park.
  • Try your hand at golf at Ledges or with one of the thirteen courses in a 20-mile radius.

Contact Us Today

St. George offers many forms of entertainment, including ebike tours. Experience the scenic views for yourself. For the best ebike shop near Ledge s, consider Kova Rentals. Book your ebike rental today!

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