Aventon’s Unparalleled Comfort And Power Makes It The Rolls Royce Of E-bikes. Aventon level 2 ebike

Aventon’s Unparalleled Comfort And Power Makes It The Rolls Royce Of E-bikes

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As you may have already noticed on just about any busy street, demand for e-bikes is on the rise (in fact, the market has experienced double-digit growth in recent years). Consumers are picking up on the fact that electric bikes aren’t just a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation – they’re also convenient, easy to ride, and pretty technologically savvy. In 2023, I imagine even more people and businesses will turn to e-bikes as an alternative to traditional transportation.

aventon, unparalleled, comfort, power, makes

The popularity of e-bikes also means that many brands have popped up over the past few years. And if we’re being totally honest, we’ve found sorting through the bevy of e-bike brands to be a bit overwhelming here at TQE.

That’s why Aventon’s Level2 e-bikes caught my attention a few months ago. My husband and I have been eager to give this new mode of transportation a go, and we were attracted to the brand’s positive reviews and sleek design. Aventon, which was founded in 2013 in Southern California, seeks to make high-quality bikes (we’re talking everything from road bikes to electric bikes and fixed gear bikes) that are both stylish and affordable. Aventon’s bikes are designed with a FOCUS on performance, style and value, and known for their lightweight frames, high-quality components and comfortable riding positions. It sounded like the perfect entry point for us.

A Winning Choice

The specific features of an Aventon bike depend on the model you choose and its intended use. Road bikes will have lightweight frames and aerodynamic design for speed and efficiency, while electric bikes will sport a motor and battery for assisted pedaling. But, rest assured: Aventon’s accessibility, elegant design, history of high-performance, and reliability on every ride are apparent no matter which model you choose (this attention to detail across every small factor, Aventon claims, is also what sets the brand apart from others in the space). Aventon also offers a 1 year warranty and 14-day returns, which eased any fears we might have had about making the investment.

We went with the Aventon Level2 (1,949), a compact and stylish e-bike that is designed for urban commuting and leisure riding. Level2 is an upgrade to the flagship commuter eBike – joyriding re-invented – and engineered for riders looking to escape their cars and keep up with traffic at the same time. It’s built with geometry and convenience features for urban riders, like a 250W brushless motor and a fully integrated 36V 10Ah lithium-ion battery, which provides a range of up to 35 miles per charge. We live in Los Angeles and can easily ride back and forth to the beach, pick up groceries, and do family joy-rides to breakfast without worrying about them even coming close to running out of charge.

The Technical Components

The Level2 is built for performance with a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, a front suspension fork that provides ultimate comfort and safety no matter the terrain or time of day, and a comfortable saddle and handlebars for a smooth and enjoyable ride. Other features of the Level2 e-bike include a display panel for tracking speed and battery life, as well as a built-in headlight and taillight for visibility in low light conditions. If you really know your bikes and are looking for specifics, it’s equipped with preinstalled fenders and a rear rack.

We bought a saddleback for the rear rack so we can easily haul groceries or goods for a picnic. The Level2 can transport it all, from work essentials to picnic goodies, without the elements taking their toll. It’s also available in a range of colors and sizes to suit different riders and preferences (we got his and hers Polar White and Clay Gray).

Enjoying The Ride

As first-time e-bike owners, we have been very impressed by the powerful and efficient performance and durability of these bikes. You can take control of your ride with Level2, intuitively amplifying your effort or going against electric and pedaling solely with your power. When I’m looking for a workout, I take off any of the electric support, but when I’m looking for the bike to take me on a ride or climbing a steep hill, I’ll amp up the support.

It’s been a joy experiencing city-living in a completely new way. And it’s been incredible bringing our kids along for the ride. If you live in a bike-friendly city or neighborhood and are curious about the experience, we can’t recommend Aventon enough. Adventuring outdoors with the whole family in tow is well worth the price.

Five Reasons To Love Aventon’s E-Bikes:

  • Right now, you can get 150 off with the code Level150 or 200 in free accessories with the code FreeAccessories.
  • The Level2 bike alone has over 2,000 five-star reviews. These bikes are well-loved by a community of riders.
  • Level2 comes in two sizes to suit most adults: Regular for individuals 5’3. 5’10 and Large for those 5’10. 6’4.
  • The brand offers add-ons like helmets, a child trailer, cooler bag, and pet basket.
  • Whether you’re looking for an e-bike, fat tire bike, off road bike, step-through bike, or folding bike, Aventon has a high-quality, mindfully-designed bike fit for you.

Aventon’s Updated Level.2 Might Be the Best Commuter E-Bike You Can Buy

Aventon’s latest commuter e-bike adds practicality and a smoother ride.

Takeaway: Aventon updated its outstanding Level e-bike to have a smoother ride and added visibility. A new torque sensor delivers power to the rear hub motor more evenly than the previous generation bike. The Level.2 has a more natural and intuitive feel when riding. The addition of integrated lights and a smaller, easier-to-use display help make one of our favorite commuter e-bikes even better.

  • Zippy rear hub motor with updated torque sensor.
  • Throttle assist up to 20 mph.
  • Integrated front and rear lights, metal fenders, and a rear rack.
  • 8-speed Shimano Acera derailleur Tektro hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Zoom Aria suspension fork with lockout.

Price: 1,950Weight: Regular, 59.8lbs (L); Step-Through: 59.0lbs (M/L)

Aventon Aventon Level.2 Step-Through

Aventon Aventon Level.2 Step-Through

For those unfamiliar with the brand or new to e-bikes, Aventon started in the fixed-gear and track racing scene. Recently, the Los Angeles-based company switched to FOCUS on electric bikes. Selling direct-to-consumer and via dealers, Aventon e-bikes have developed a strong following with commuters and e-bike riders by delivering performance and value.

From Bicycling

This year the crew at Aventon has been busy introducing new models and rolling out updates to existing platforms. First up was the new Soltera, which we liked so much that we named it one of the Best Bikes of 2022. Next, Aventon updated the Pace 350 and Pace 500 cruising e-bikes. It also updated the Sinch folding model in recent months.

When two boxes from Aventon recently arrived at Bicycling’s front door, we were curious to see what was inside. The surprise: A new version of the Level. As a favorite e-bike of our readers, our gear team was excited to ride these updated bikes.

At first glance, it could be easy to overlook the updates Aventon made to the Level. This new second-generation Level receives a new torque sensor, integrated lighting, and a full-color display. They help make an already excellent commuter and around-town bike even better.

The Next Level

In our previous review of the Level, we proclaimed Aventon “hit a home run” with its combination of price, powerful motor, and standard equipment. This newly updated version builds on that successful formula by improving the Level’s ride quality and visibility.

There are two commonly used systems for powering electric bikes; mid-drive and hub motors. With mid-drive bikes, the motor unit powering the bike attaches to the frame. Mounted between the crankarms, they provide pedaling assistance through the front chainring. Bikes with this type of motor usually weigh less than hub motor-equipped bikes. The downside: They generally cost a lot more than hub motor e-bikes. Mid-drive bikes often win in terms of ride quality, providing the rider with a smooth and more intuitive feel.

Hub motors are inside the e-bike’s wheel (usually the rear). Since it is not on the frame, hub motors are the choice for low- and mid-priced e-bikes. The drawback of hub motors are weight and ride feel. These motors often have an on/off feeling when riding, delivering too much power in some situations and too little in others.

Aventon equipped the Level.2 with a torque sensor for a more intuitive feel. It is a feature you might not notice if you are new to e-bikes or have not previously ridden a hub motor-powered e-bike. But, the torque sensor improvement is noticeable when riding the Level.2 back-to-back against the first-generation model.

When accelerating, the Level.2 feels more fluid than its predecessor. The motor still has plenty of torque, but that power is applied more proportionately and is relative to the riding speed and pedal input. This sensor helps the bike feel more controlled and easier to manage, especially when riding at slower speeds.

The Level.2 ride feels premium quality, more intuitive, and better polished than similar commuter models from competitors. The ride feel is not quite as smooth and natural as mid-drive motor-equipped e-bikes, but it is probably the best-feeling hub motor we have ridden on a sub-2,000 bike.

A new color display also adds to the Level.2’s premium feel. Similar LCD units began appearing on Aventon models like the Aventure fat-tire bike last year. The head unit shows key riding information such as speed, distance, and assistance level. The new unit has a more compact size and straightforward menu navigation, accessed via the controller near the lefthand grip.

The Level.2’s integrated lights are operated via the left controller too. We did not have many criticisms about the original Level, but the lack of lights was something we wish the bike had as stock equipment. Lights are an important feature of any e-bike used on the street. They are particularly essential for commuting bikes ridden in the morning or evening when it might be dark or in inclement weather.

The Level.2’s integrated lights help you be more visible to drivers. But they are not perfect for night riding. The stock headlight is not overly bright but will light up a bike lane or dimly lit bike path. However, it works in a pinch if you get caught out past dusk on occasion. For nighttime commutes, we recommend getting some aftermarket lights for your bike.

On the Level

Like the old Level, Aventon offers the new Level.2 in traditional (step-over) and step-through frame styles. We got to spend time with both versions. The step-through style is the more versatile of the two. Riders who have difficulty swinging a leg over a bike will find it easier to ride. Similarly, a step-through is handy when the bike is loaded-up with things like groceries or a kid’s seat on the back.

Both frame types are available in two sizes (Regular and Large for the step-over and S/M and M/L for the step-through). Our 6-foot tall test rider found the size Large step-over frame to fit rather well. However, the M/L size step-through frame sized a little small, requiring her to raise the seatpost to the maximum allowed height. If you are over 6 feet tall, go for the Large step-over frame.

Aventon offers the Level.2 in four color choices. The traditional frame comes in Glacier Blue and Clay, while the step-through is available in Polar White and Himalayan Pink. The color choices are strong, but we would like to see the step-through offered in a darker color too.

The Level.2 comes out of the box labeled as a class-2 e-bike with a maximum pedal-assisted speed of 20 mph. If you want pedaling assistance up to a higher top speed, you can easily bump it up to 51 kph (31.7 mph) in the Aventon app. The throttle control allows you to cruise up to 20mph without pedaling. This throttle proves handy for getting the bike up to speed after stopping or for an unexpected hill if you find yourself in too large a gear.

We prefer the left side, thumb-operated throttle (as used on the Level.2) over the right side twist throttle found on some bikes in this price range. The thumb throttle is easier to operate and allows you to change gears while using the throttle. It also looks a lot cleaner on the bar.

Aventon equips the Level.2 with a rear hub motor which puts out (claimed) 500 Watts of sustained power and 750 Watts at peak. There are five levels of pedal assist, each providing a little more boost. The addition of the torque sensor makes those steps in assistance a little less noticeable than on the old bike, but you will notice a big difference between cruising along in setting 1 vs. 5.

For shorter-length rides, we usually found ourselves using mode 4 or 5 while zipping around town. On the bike path, we kept the controller at a lower setting of 2 or 3. We only really used mode 1 when riding in a crowded situation.

With the Level.2 unlocked as a class-3 e-bike, we achieved about 30 miles of range with a 200-pound rider. Our riding included a combination of throttle, assisted pedaling, going up hills, and over varied surfaces. Lighter weight riders, keeping the Level.2 in class-2 mode, and being more judicious with the throttle will extend that range.

Housed cleanly in the Aventon’s downtube is a 672 Watt-hour lithium-ion battery. It is the same unit used on the previous generation bike, but the Level.2’s new torque sensor should help to increase range. The battery can easily be removed for off-the-bike charging or charge it installed. From about 10-percent charge, the battery recharged fully in under 4 hours.

The drivetrain and brakes on the Level.2 are solid and dependable. The Shimano 8-speed Acera derailleur, paired with a Rapid Fire shifter, clicks through the gears without issue. Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors handle stopping duties for the Level.2. Since many shops stock Tektro brake pads, it makes servicing these brakes easier than the non-name brand units often found on lower-priced e-bikes.

Aventon loaded the Level.2 with accessories that ensure riders have a solid base to start commuting by bike. In addition to the front and rear lights, the Level.2 include a rear rack, full-metal fenders, alloy pedals, a comfortable saddle, a kickstand, and lock-on grips with alloy ends. It is excellent when a bike comes with all of these items right out of the box, as it saves you from spending hundreds of dollars on upgrades.

The Zoom Aria suspension fork was the only feature on the Level.2 that we found disappointing. While it looks good (the integrated fender mounts enhance the bike’s appearance), the Aria tops out harshly on bigger bumps. Additionally, the fork was under-sprung for our test riders. Luckily, the lockout feature works well.

Time to Level Up

The Aventon Level.2 remains the best commuter e-bike you can purchase for less than 2,000 and one of the best commuter bikes you can buy overall. The updates to the platform make an already great bike even better.

For two weeks, we put the Level.2 through the paces of daily commuter life. We rode it to work, ran errands, and used it around town for fun. We rode it on poorly-maintained city streets, freshly-laid asphalt roads, and over crushed gravel bike paths. We rode it on flat ground and up some of the steepest avenues in town.

The Level.2 performed better than expected in every situation.

If you are seeking an e-bike for transportation, the Aventon Level.2 should be on your shortlist. This e-bike has everything you need for commuting or getting around town. Plus, the Level.2 rides great and is priced right. Now’s the time to level up!

Ditching the Car: 2 Weeks in Los Angeles on an E-Bike

The author putting gear into pannier bag next to surfboard and Aventon Level.2 e-bike with racks; (photo/Luke House)

I ditched my car and used the Aventon Level.2 e-bike as my sole mode of transportation in one of the most expansive, densely populated, and car-dependent cities in the United States.

As a relatively new Los Angeles transplant, I took on the challenge of riding every day for 2 weeks on the latest iteration of the commuter e-bike.

Along the way, I came to understand the appeal of e-bikes and learned how the right accessories can unlock missions well beyond just the office.

The Plan for Ditching My Car

My approach for this experiment was simple. I gave my fiancé the keys to our shared car (which she loved) and vowed that from Monday, Dec. 5, to Sunday, Dec. 18, I would not drive or accept any rides or assistance from a vehicle. I was to fully embrace L.A. living on two pedal-assisted wheels.

So, what exactly does that mean?

It meant that I would use an Aventon Level.2 e-bike exclusively for all of my day-to-day transportation needs, including my commute to work, grocery runs, errands, hobbies, and social activities. I wanted to see exactly how much my life would change, or stay the same, without a car in L.A.

LA Geography My Daily Distances

Los Angeles County covers more than 4,000 square miles and is one of the most geographically expansive major metro areas in the United States.

But even with its vast and extensive nature, research conducted by Streets For All suggests that 66% of commutes in Los Angeles are 5 miles or less.

I live in Santa Monica, a coastal city on the Westside of Los Angeles. The Westside is unofficially bordered by Interstate 405 to the east, Interstate 10 to the south, and the Santa Monica Mountains to the north. To the west of the Westside is the Pacific Ocean. While Los Angeles County is sprawling, Santa Monica is small, only occupying 8.4 square miles.

I took inventory of my activities and obligations, mapping out the travel distance and routes I normally take. Here’s what I found.

Commute to Work

My commute is a mostly flat 5-mile ride with a handful of route options to avoid highways and major roadways. Easy.

Grocery Stores

Within 3 miles of my apartment, I counted at least six options for groceries. These nearby stores range from larger chains to small (and incredibly expensive) boutiques and natural food shops. All of the stores could be accessed via bike-friendly routes.

aventon, unparalleled, comfort, power, makes

Tennis League

Three out of the five courts I play tennis at are within 5 miles of my apartment. The other two courts are 10 miles and 17 miles away. When I drive to these courts, I take the highway; biking to them would be a challenge.

Basketball League

Most of the gyms in my basketball league are between 10 and 20 miles away, and the games are always at night. Getting to my games safely and in a timely manner would be difficult.

Surf Breaks

The surf breaks and beaches that I frequent most often require a 10-mile ride each way. If I wanted to surf up north in Malibu, I would need to brave a sketchy 10-mile ride along the shoulder of Highway 1 — probably not the best option. With that said, there are a number of breaks in closer proximity.

Social Activities Accessing Different Neighborhoods

In general, any neighborhood west of Interstate 405 (aka “the 405”) or north of Interstate 10 (aka “the 10”) is very accessible via e-bike. Anything east of the 405 or south of the 10 generally requires a less bike-friendly route, consisting of long-distance rides on busy roads with smaller and fewer bike lanes.

Some of my social life such as basketball, tennis, restaurants, and visiting friends at their homes require me to travel neighborhoods further east in L.A. Pending on the bike access, it dawned on me that I might need to make some new friends or pick up new hobbies.

aventon, unparalleled, comfort, power, makes

This exercise of tracking my movements helped me set expectations for the coming days. I realized that some of my daily transit patterns would go unchanged, while other aspects of my life would be altered. It also helped me identify my needs, both for route-planning and bike-customization purposes.

My Cycling Experience: What I Liked

I enjoyed many aspects of using an e-bike as a daily driver.


I generally prefer to be on the move. Getting fresh air and extra-low-impact exercise is a nice perk to cycling.


I found myself frequently taking different routes for my commute and various errands.

This might sound cliche, but riding the Level.2 around town really did help me explore the city of Santa Monica and surrounding neighborhoods. I found s of the city that I didn’t know existed, parks (some with free tennis courts), and trails throughout the Santa Monica Mountains.


Bikes are reliable. Sure, an e-bike requires maintenance, but even if there’s an issue, you can still pedal without assistance, just as you would a normal bike.

Avoiding Traffic

With traffic and congested roadways out of the equation, travel times became more exact. During rush hour on my way home from work, I found myself cruising past cars gridlocked in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Free Parking

You know that feeling when you’ve just circled around the block half a dozen times in search of a spot, waiting for someone to pull out, only to watch someone zip in front of you and nab the spot that was rightfully yours?

Well, I no longer had to deal with those road-rage-inducing scenarios, paid parking garages, parking meters, Santa Monica Parking Enforcement (who are notoriously quick to write a ticket), or valet services.


In some ways, it is easier to surf when you take a car out of the equation. You don’t need to deal with parking or worry about making a sandy mess in your vehicle. In many coastal California towns, e-bikes are the preferred mode of transport (see Trestles).

While certain breaks up north were too far for biking, there were still a handful of easy-to-access local options. Instead of driving north on the PCH, I biked south along the 22-mile Marvin Braude Bike Trail and found plenty of fun beach breaks.

The furthest I traveled to surf over the 2-week period was a 13.4-mile ride to El Porto in Manhattan Beach. The ride took about 50 minutes each way. Overall, I was very pleases with bike-to-break surfing in Los Angeles.


The weather in Los Angeles is unbeatable for cycling year-round. In the winter months, the average daily high temperature stays slightly above 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average daily low temperature hovers right around 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

In my 2 weeks of exclusive e-bike commuting, I never encountered any inclement weather.

Saving Money

Los Angeles has one of the highest costs of living in the country, so every dollar saved matters.

Gas and parking costs are high, and maintenance and insurance-related costs are expensive. If you can cut down on your driving and rely more on a bike instead of a car, your savings can be material.

Inconveniences: What I Didn’t Like

Naturally, there were some drawbacks to being car-less in L.A.


You know that feeling when you’re riding a bike on a shoulder-less road with three lanes of cars driving like Vin Diesel’s stunt doubles? Fortunately, most of my daily journeys didn’t require me to ride on major streets void of bike lanes.

But there were plenty of instances where I ended up on wide two- or three-lane roads with cars whizzing by me.

The limited number of dedicated riding lanes connecting the Westside of Los Angeles to communities east of I-405 and south of I-10 were an inconvenience. They limited my desire and ability to travel to certain places during this two-week period.

Long Distances

This overlaps with my last point, but as previously mentioned, Los Angeles County is huge, covering over 4,000 square miles. As a result, some places were just too far to regularly access via bike.

Select surf breaks, social gatherings, basketball games, tennis matches, and big-box stores were too far, and many didn’t offer convenient or safe bike routes.

No Passenger Seat

If you don’t have a passenger seat, you can’t give anyone a ride. Sometimes it’s a good thing. But sometimes it’s an inconvenience — like when my fiancé wanted to go out and grab dinner together.

Locking Your Gear

When running errands or shuttling gear, anything of value needed to stay with me. Otherwise, it would sit outside on the street unprotected.

I never had any issues with theft, but having to take everything off the bike and inside every time I ran an errand was less than ideal.

Crime statistics point to the fact that it was only a matter of time before something left unattended on the bike would be stolen.

Limited Cargo Space

Cars can carry more gear more easily than a bike. The e-bike is easy for those times when you’re just missing a few items at the grocery store, but it’s not optimal for larger grocery stock-ups, trips to the hardware store, or lugging heavy, cumbersome equipment.

What I Learned: Takeaways Key Information

Overall, my experience riding the Aventon Level.2 as my daily driver for a 2-week period throughout L.A. was informative. While I don’t think I’ll be able to entirely kick my car dependency, I do think the e-bike suited most of my transportation needs.

After 2 weeks on the Level.2, here are the statistics I pulled (from the Aventon app):

Saving Money

From an economic standpoint, I made some calculations to determine the approximate savings that riding an e-bike provided on fuel and parking. I based these calculations off of my personal vehicle, which averages about 17 mpg in the city.

According to AAA, the average price per gallon of high-octane fuel (aka premium 91-95) in Los Angeles as of Dec. 21, 2022, is 4.71 (down from 5.78 last month!).

All told, after 2 weeks on just the bike, I saved approximately 51.26 in fuel.

Parking presented another cost-saving opportunity. In L.A., the going rate for parking is 1-3 per hour. Driving to surf in the morning ends up costing 6-9 per session. Over this 2-week period, I surfed five times (we didn’t have much swell), which saved about 37.50 in parking.

Potential savings, including car maintenance, keeping your vehicle’s mileage low, and insurance costs, are harder to quantify over the 2-week period. But they’re potential savings worth noting.

Aventon claims its bikes offer the following savings:

This is a broad overview and does not account for all the nuances inherent in this lifestyle change.

E-Bike Overview: Aventon Level.2

Launched in September 2022, the Aventon Level.2 is the latest e-bike from Aventon. It’s the company’s flagship commuter e-bike aimed at anyone who might want to ditch their car — or at least use it less.

Key features of this model include with a torque sensor motor system, integrated lights, and a full-color display screen.

Aventon’s torque sensor motor system changes the amount of motor assistance based on how hard the rider pedals. It aims to match a rider’s power, so the harder they pedal, the more power and assistance they receive.

The Level.2 has four integrated lights to improve visibility. The light package includes a headlight, two rear brake lights, and a fender light.

Finally, the Level.2’s full-color display screen provides the rider with a dashboard to track speed, battery life, mileage, level of pedal assist, and more.

It enables the rider to connect to the bike with their smartphone to register their bike, track rides, and control some of the features via Aventon’s app.

Additional specs of the Aventon Level.2 are listed below.

Aventon Level.2 Specs

  • Wheels: 27.5″ x 2.1″ hybrid tires
  • Range: Up to 60 miles with pedal assist; 30 miles on throttle only
  • Weight: 54 lbs.
  • Pedal assist: 5 levels
  • Cassette: 12-32T, 8-speed cassette
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes, 180mm rotors
  • Charger: 48V 3A fast charger, 4- to 5-hour charging
  • Water-resistance rating: IPX4
  • Weight limit: 300 lbs.
  • Price: 1,949

Accessories, Gear for E-Bike Commuting

One of the biggest hurdles I had with ditching my car was figuring out how to handle errands and hauling gear. I participate in myriad activities that require a decent amount of equipment.

Fortunately, many e-bikes, including the Aventon Level.2, are compatible with a range of commuting accessories. There were a number of options for outfitting the bike to suit my needs.

For grocery runs and daily hauls, I used a pannier set totaling about 22 liters of extra storage space. These affix to the rear rack (standard on the Level.2). Aventon advertised this size will hold approximately 1.5 bags of groceries.

For hauling large loads, I also received a trailer that can hold upward of 100 pounds. I used this for big grocery runs and trips to the hardware store.

And there are even racks to carry surfboards — both long and short.

The gear you use will be based on your individual needs and the type of bike you have. For the Level.2, Aventon sells a range of gear, including compatible bags, trailers, and racks.

Once I equipped the bike with these accessories, I had everything I needed for e-bike life in L.A.

This article is sponsored by Aventon. Check out its Level.2 commuter and other e-bikes online.

Aventon Aventure Review: Affordable Fat Tire E-Bike for Fun Off-Road Commutes

The Aventon Aventure is an all-terrain e-bike pegged for commutes and low-key adventures off the beaten path. Read more…

New 2022 Aventon Level.2 Ebike Review: This Update Changes Everything!

The Aventon Level ebike has been a wildly popular ebike over the past two years. Aventon just released the Level.2 and it has one major upgrade that has completely changed the ride quality.

By replacing the cadence sensor with a coveted torque sensor, the Aventon Level.2 has become one of my favorite ebikes of 2022.

In this review, we will tell you what we love and hate about the Aventon Level.2

Click here for the current pricing on the Level.2Click here for the current pricing on the Level.2 Step Through

The Color Display on the Aventon Level.2 is Filled with Features

In the past, the Aventon Level used a black and white display like many other ebike companies. When Aventon released the Aventure, they came out with their own color display along with a lot of new features.

Some features I like about the display is that it shows you calories burned, kilograms of CO2 emissions saved, and how many trees saved during your ride. It’s a fun way to track your ride progress. While it can be kind of gimicky, it gamifies my ride experience.

The display is easily controlled with the buttons on the left side of the handlebar.

What type of brakes are on the Aventon Level.2?

The Level.2 features 2 piston Tektro hydraulic brakes paired with 180mm brake discs.

Tektro hydraulic brakes are some of my favorite brakes compared to unbranded or zoom brakes that we see on a lot of ebikes.

The Aventon Level.2 Ebike Has a Premium Feel and Construction

Jimmy and I have reviewed numerous ebikes, and most have chunky weld marks giving the bikes a very industrial feel. Aventon grinds down their weld marks to make the frame look flawless. Their frames also have a lifetime warranty.

It is a detail that really help Aventon stand out from their competitors.

The Aventon Level.2 Mobile App brings it to the future

The color display on the Aventon Level.2 is Bluetooth enabled. One of my favorite features of the app is that it allows you to track your rides.

The app stores your current and previous rides, giving details of your average speed, top speed, distance traveled, CO2 emissions saved, and calories burnt.

You can also use the app to motivate you against other Aventon riders. There is a section in the app for cycling rank. The cycling rank will show you how you rank against other Aventon riders for the day, week, month, and total.

There is a discover tab in the app that allows you to share pictures and post with other Aventon riders. The app even allows you to find local Aventon dealers for repairs.

Aventon is looking to capitalize on the popularity of social bike competitive apps and programs such as Peloton and Strava.

Does the Aventon Level.2 come with fenders and rack?

The Level.2 comes stock with aluminum fenders and rear rack.

The fenders come preinstalled and offer great coverage from water and dirt. Aventon even integrated a light into the rear fender which we have never seen before.

Aventon listened to feedback because a lot of people complained about the Aventure only having one brake light integrated into one side of the frame. The Level.2 has three brake lights, one for each side of the frame and the fender.

Does the Aventon Level.2 ride like a mechanical bike?

One of my favorite things about the Level.2 is that the bike rides like a traditional mechanical bike. A lot of ebikes feel awkward when you are not using pedal assist levels.

The geometry and gearing on the Level.2 is true to a traditional bike, so if you run out of power you can easily ride it home.

Aventon Level.2 brake lights look sharp!

The Aventon Level.2, Pace, and Soltera have the most amazing brake lights. The Level.2 has brake lights integrated into the frame and rear fender, making them seamless and beautiful.

When you have the lights on, the rear taillight is always on and gets brighter when braking.

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Does the Aventon Level.2 allow you to use the throttle in PAS 0?

No, you cannot use the throttle when on Pedal Assist mode 0.

I hate when ebikes don’t allow you to use the throttle when in pedal assist mode 0. Sometimes I like to manually pedal an ebike and only use the throttle when trying to start from being completely stopped or when riding up hills.

The Aventon Level.2 does not allow you to use throttle only when in PAS 0. I am always confused why some ebikes allow you to throttle in PAS 0 and some ebikes do not.

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What type of suspension is on the Aventon Level.2?

The Level.2 features Zoom coil spring suspension with 65mm of travel.

I am not a big fan of the front suspension on the Level.2 and would have preferred hydraulic suspension. It is easy to bottom out underneath my 200 lb frame and it is not designed for heavy offroading.

The suspension is designed to make the ride more comfortable. It will dampen the chatter on trails and rough roads, but don’t plan on doing any technical mountain biking trails with the Level.2

What water resistance rating is on the Aventon Level.2?

The Aventon Level.2 has an IPX4 water resistance rating.

IPX4 means the bike is protected from splashing water, no matter the direction. You do not want to ride the Level.2 in heavy rain.

Most dealers do not cover water damage to PEVS, even when there is a high IP rating.

Click here for the current pricing on the Level.2Click here for the current pricing on the Level.2 Step Through

Should I buy the Aventon Level.2 over the Original Level Ebike?

If you have an extra 150 to spare, I would definitely get the Level.2. The torque sensor makes a significant difference in the ride quality and this alone is reason enough to spend the extra money.

Add in the integrated lights, color display, and bluetooth app and you have a high tech commuter bike that is fit for 2022.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a commuter ebike that has all the latest and greatest technology, look no further than the Level.2. The Level.2 combines amazing ride quality with advanced features all packaged into an aesthically beautiful ebike.

Aventon is leading the way in ebike technology and design, and the Level.2 comes in at a reasonable price.

By adding a torque sensor, color display, and integrated lights to the Level.2, Aventon has nearly made a fantastic ebike for work and for play.

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Click here for the current pricing on the Aventon Level.2

Click here for the current pricing on the Aventon Level.2 Step Through.

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