Aventon Soltera e-bike review. Aventon e bike battery

The Aventon Soltera is proof you don’t need to spend a lot to get a good ebike

Tom’s Guide Verdict

The Aventon Soltera offers a zippy, fun ride and is surprisingly comfortable and affordable. However, the motor assist feels underpowered, so this bike is best for those who don’t need a lot of pedal assist.


  • Great price
  • Impressive comfort
  • Easy to read head unit
  • Throttle is helpful getting the bike going from a dead stop
aventon, soltera, e-bike, review


  • – Lack of quick-release levers
  • – Motor assist lags
  • – Motor feels underpowered, particularly on hills

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Weight: 41 pounds (advertised) Range: 20 to 63 miles, depending on assist setting Motor: 36V, 350W brushless rear hub motor Top assist speed: 20mph Battery: Phylion Lithium-Ion 36V, 10Ah with LG cells Drivetrain: singlespeed (7-speed option available) Maximum payload capacity: 300 pounds Throttle: included. Removeable to change to Class 1 ebike if preferred

The Aventon Soltera e-bike is a shining example that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a functional, comfortable e-bike that’s appropriate for commuting or just having fun. It may lack some of the bells and whistles of some of the best electric bikes, but the Soltera delivers a pleasant ride quality, easy controls, and no-frills build that keeps the price low.

aventon, soltera, e-bike, review

It also looks pretty darn good. The battery is hidden in the down tube, which means you might not even realize it’s an e-bike at first glance. That trend continues when you pick it up: at 41 pounds, most users will be able to move it around with general ease. This comes in handy for apartment dwellers who don’t live on the ground floor.

If you’re interested in buying your first e-bike and want something that delivers quality at a low price, the Soltera is worth a look as one of the best budget electric bikes. But make sure to read the rest of our Aventon Soltera review first.

Aventon Soltera review: Price and availability

The Soltera costs 1,199 for the single-speed version, which is the model I tested. If you want to bump up to the 7-speed version of the Soltera, that will cost you 1,299.

You can order the Soltera on Aventon’s website. Aventon offers free shipping on some orders, and lots of discount opportunities (military, first responder, gov employee, teacher).

There’s also a dealer locator on the website for dealers in the U.S. and Canada. That way, you can stop into a shop to test ride, find out which bike fits you best, and even buy right through the local store.

Aventon Soltera review: Design

The Soltera comes in two sizes: regular and large. Aventon says the regular is the most appropriate size if you’re between 5’1” and 5’7”. The large is best if you’re between 5’7” and 6’4”. There’s a step-through option as well to make it easier to mount and dismount the bike. I am 5’11” with a 30-inch inseam, and the large frame fit me perfectly.

The aluminum frame features lights integrated into the seat stays. There’s a headlight mounted just below the stem at the front of the bike too. That’s a little fancier than the Swft Volt, another budget ebike, which only has a headlight. You can get the Soltera in three different colors. Aventon advertises the Soltera weight as 41 pounds for the singlespeed version.

The wheels are aluminum as well, and they mate to Tektro rim brakes. The wheels do not feature quick release levers; instead, they are bolted on. This is likely to accommodate beginner cyclists who may not be familiar with how quick release levers work.

The Soltera is a Class II e-bike, which means it has a throttle in addition to the pedal-assist modes. You can remove the throttle to make it a Class 1 e-bike if you prefer. The max assist speed is 20mph.

Phylion’s removable lithium-ion battery is integrated into the downtube of the frame. At first glance, the Soltera barely looks like an e-bike at all, a nice nod to the effectiveness of Aventon’s battery integration. The battery itself is physically smaller than many batteries on similar bikes, which helps it hide more effectively inside the frame.

The rear hub motor is Aventon-branded and features 36V and 350W of power. Aventon says this motor is “white-labeled,” which means Aventon sourced the motor from another company. (They did not say what company made the motor.)

The BC280 LCD Easy Read Color Display has an integrated backlight for easy viewing in dark conditions. It can sync with an app that allows you to configure your lights, track your mileage, view battery life percentage, record rides, and even set goals for yourself.

Aventon says you can tote up to 300 pounds max on the Soltera. If that sounds daunting with just a single-speed drivetrain, Aventon does offer a 7-speed version of the Soltera that comes with disc brakes. It will cost you an extra 100.

The Soltera comes with a kickstand that mounts to the chainstay near the rear of the bike. It feels stout and stable, which should come in handy should you end up loading any weight onto the bike. But the Soltera does not come with racks out of the box, so you’ll need to purchase those separately if you intend to carry cargo.

Aventon Soltera review: Performance

The Soltera immediately impressed me with its comfortable riding position. A cushy saddle combined with an upright riding position make the Soltera pleasant to ride, particularly for those with less flexibility to accommodate aggressive riding positions.

The head unit display also impressed. It’s very bright, even in direct sunlight, and it’s easy to read at a quick glance. Navigating the menus is simple using the handlebar control buttons, and adjusting the assist level is just as easy using those same control buttons.

Getting the bike going can be a challenge if you’re counting on the pedal-assist or throttle to do most of the work. It takes about a second or slightly more for the assist power to kick in regardless of whether you’re using the pedal-assist mode or the throttle.

That means you’ll start pedaling under your own power from a dead stop. That’s not a huge problem for most riders, but if the bike is loaded down with weight or you’ll be relying primarily on the motor assist to get you going, that lag can be long enough to become problematic.

Once you’re up and pedaling, the motor kicks in and offers smooth acceleration. But just as it takes a second or more for the assist to kick in, it also takes a second or so for the assist to disengage, regardless of whether you’re using the throttle or the pedal-assist feature.

The assist itself is a bit underpowered and bogs down particularly on hills in both the throttle mode and the pedal-assist mode. You will end up doing more pedaling under your own power if you live in a hilly area.

Aventon Soltera review: Battery life and range

According to Aventon’s website, you can get up to 20 miles of range while using the throttle exclusively, no pedaling. If you use the pedal-assist modes instead, you can get up to 63 miles on a single charge.

Using the throttle drained the battery very quickly during my testing. At 100% charge, I used the throttle for less than five minutes and was down to 97%. That got me about 0.6 miles. The throttle is best used on short trips, or if you need to get started from a dead stop, particularly with the bike loaded heavy. Otherwise, you’ll probably want to use it judiciously to preserve battery life.

The 63-mile range figure that Aventon provides as its outside best is what you’ll get if you only use the lowest assist setting. In the middle settings where you’ll likely spend most of your time, you can reasonably expect a 25-40 mile range on a single battery charge.

Aventon Soltera review: Accessories

There are pages and pages of accessories available on Aventon’s website. Some are branded Aventon, some are third-party bits. can range significantly depending on how you want to configure your Soltera. You can get basic racks for around 40 to 50, for example, or you can set your Soltera up to haul the kids with a Burley rack mount or frame mount child seat for around 150.

You can purchase helmets, phone mounts, lights, bike locks, water bottles and cages, and even vehicle bike racks right on the Aventon website.

Aventon Soltera review: The competition

Other inexpensive e-bike options are vast. Many of them feature sourced motors without branding, and batteries that may or may not come from reputable sources. Aventon’s Soltera is no different; the motor is branded Aventon but was sourced somewhere else.

I reached out to Aventon for clarification on where they got the motor and battery; the company told me the motor was “white-labeled”, and the battery features either Samsung or LG cells packed by a third-party supplier. The battery in my test bike is labeled Phylion.

Samsung and LG are both reputable names, which is important when you’re considering battery life, repairability, and recyclability. But keep in mind that third-party assemblers may also glue the casings closed, which makes it difficult or impossible to repair batteries, since the casing will need to be pried apart to access the contents within. I couldn’t tell just by looking at the battery how it is enclosed or whether it is repairable.

Other bikes in the category of inexpensive e-bikes include the 999 Swft Volt, and Ride1Up’s Core5 and Roadster V2, among many others.

Aventon Soltera review: Verdict

The pedal-assist isn’t the quickest, and the parts package isn’t the nicest out there. But the Soltera still delivers a comfortable and fun ride in an attractive package. For an extra 100, you can upgrade to a 7-speed drivetrain and disc brakes. That seems like Smart money, particularly if you’ll be carrying heavy loads with the Soltera.

If you’re looking to save a bit, the single-speed 999 Swft Volt also has a 350-Watt motor and an estimated range of up to 32 miles, though its battery is non-removable and its design and display are both less sophisticated.

While the Aventon Soltera could do with some more modern touches like disc brakes and quick release levers, beginner e-bike riders or budget-conscious commuters will be plenty pleased with the no-frills package the Soltera offers.

Tested: Aventon Pace 500 Delivers Affordable Power and Comfort

Aventon’s feature-packed second-generation Pace 500 cruiser e-bike impresses with power and comfort.

Takeaway: A zippy e-bike for stress-free cruising and getting around town, the second-generation Aventon Pace 500 proves you don’t need to sacrifice speed to have a comfortable riding bike. Loaded with comfort-driven features, the Pace has a clean, stylish appearance, a powerful motor, and remains reasonably priced.

  • Class 3 e-bike with 28 mph max pedal-assisted speed and throttle
  • Torquey 500w rear-hub motor
  • Strong Tektro hydraulic disc brakes
  • You get a cushy saddle, adjustable-rise stem, and ergonomic grips
  • Comes with a headlight and taillight with integrated brake lights

Price: 1,700Weight: 52.8 lbs (Large)

Aventon Pace 500 2022 Gallery

Aventon Pace 500 Build Details

Style: Cruising e-bikeMaterial: 6061-T6 aluminum w/ internal batteryWheel Size: 27.5 inchesFork: Pace V2 AL forkMotor: 48V, 500w brushless rear-hub motor, 28mph max speedBattery: Removable internal lithium-ion 48V, 12.8Ah(614Wh) with LG CellsDrivetrain: Shimano Altus, 8-speedCrank: Alloy, 170mm length w/ 46T chainringPedals: Alloy platformRear Cassette: Shimano 12-32T, 8-speedBrakes: Tektro hydraulic disc, 180mm rotors (front rear)Wheels: Double-wall aluminum rims, 36H (front rear)Tires: 27.5×2.2, e-bike-rated w/ reflective sidewallSaddle: Aventon by SelleRoyalSeatpost: Forged alloy, 30.9mm diameter, 2-bolt headHandlebar: Aluminum 31.8mm clamp, 15° backsweepStem: Adjustable rise, threadless, 31.8mm clampOther: Front rear lights, brake lights, quick release seat clamp, kickstand, ergonomic grips

Aventon Aventon Pace 500

With bikes, it’s often assumed that buyers who want a comfortable ride need to sacrifice speed or good looks to get it. But Aventon throws that idea out the window with its latest Pace 500 e-bike.

As e-bikes rise in popularity, so are their prices. Some models carry high four-digit price tags, with an increasing number of models now costing over ten grand. But if you aren’t seeking the pinnacle of performance there are still plenty of cheap e-bikes available. And of that bunch, the Pace 500 is an exceptional deal for riders looking to cruise the bike path, ride along the boardwalk with a partner, or roll around the neighborhood with the kids.

At 1,700 the new bikes cost about 300 more than the previous version but it’s still one of the best values we’ve tested. The build and features of the Pace 500 are on par with the more expensive Rad Power RadCity 5 Plus and better than the equally priced Electra Townie Go! 7D.

The Second-Gen Aventon Pace Models

Aventon overhauled its successful Pace 500 and Pace 350 models for 2022, carrying over many elements of the prior versions while updating the bikes’ looks, electronics, and overall functionality. Aventon, however, completely redesigned the bike’s chassis with refreshed frames and forks, which now have integrated batteries, and taillights cleanly tucked into each frames’ seatstays.

Aventon’s Pace platform consists of two models, the 1,400 Pace 350 and the Pace 500 model we tested priced at 1,700. Both models come in standard double-diamond and step-through frames and two frame sizes—regular and large for the standard frame and S/M and M/L for the step-through. Our 6-foot tall test rider fit comfortably on the size large frame.

Updates to the Pace’s aesthetic are a leap forward in the category. The frame and fork now have a clean and integrated look. This puts the Pace ahead of bikes from competitors in the consumer-direct segment and at—or in some cases ahead—of e-bikes with similar riding purposes from more established and pricier specialty-retail brands. In particular, the updates to the Pace step-through frame give the bike a fresh and modern look. Aventon also improved colors and graphics across the board, with the step-through bikes receiving some bright and poppy shades that just look fun. The cable routing, on the other hand, isn’t particularly tidy, but at this price that’s not uncommon to see.

The new Pace 500 also gets Aventon’s new, sleeker digital display. The updated unit has a more compact profile, a backlit LCD color screen, and compatibility with Aventon’s mobile app. We found the new display and software easier to navigate through settings and better to see in direct sunlight and at night than the previous one. Riders can change power-assistance settings and access ride data via a controller located on the left side of the bar, all without having to remove a hand from the grip to touch the screen.

Aventon Pace 500 vs 350: Key Differences

Since the Pace 500 and 350 use the same frame and fork, the models have an almost identical profile. They’re priced similarly too. The 1,700 Pace 500 is just 300 more than the 350. It’s not until you look up close at the details (or side-by-side in the Aventon technical sheets) that the differences become more apparent. For that extra 300 on the Pace 500, you get a more powerful motor, 28 mph top speed, hydraulic disc brakes (instead of cable-actuated ones), an 8-speed drivetrain, and an adjustable stem on the Pace 500. That’s a lot of extra value for a relatively small jump in price—and that makes the 500 a better proposition for most rides.

What to do When Aventon Ebike Not Charging? All Problems Fixed Here…

Having an ebike is great as it is perfect for day-to-day riding at a cheap cost. Aventon ebikes are very much popular in many countries but their battery needs extra care and attention. In fact, to all e-bike batteries.

Aventon is a well-known E-bike brand for providing better customer service with its stylish e-bikes that are beautifully designed, comfortable, and easy to ride at affordable prices.

However, Aventon ebike batteries may not charge due to common problems like defective outlets, wrong charger, battery lifespan, BMS, loose wires, and so on.

So, What to do when Aventon Battery Not Charging? We have identified several reasons that may cause the charging of an ebike battery. Therefore, We have come up with the proper solution for this serious issue.

Read this article if you have an Aventon or any ebike because the battery not charging is a serious issue if you don’t fix it now, it may catch fire!

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About Aventon Ebike Brand

Aventon is an electric bike manufacturing company that is growing incredibly. This company was founded in 2013 by Jianwei Zhang. Aventon electric bikes are one of the best electric bikes available on the market.

Aventon electric bikes are just perfect for commuting purposes; Aventon also makes adventure bikes. Aventon commuter ebikes are featured in class 3 bikes and this brand is known for making beautifully designed, comfortable, and easy-to-ride bikes for riders.

Aventon also provides good service to its customers. Aventon produces its bike parts in China and inspects all parts of bikes in California.

Latest Ebikes launches in 2023:

Common Reasons for an Aventon Ebike Battery Not Charging

The battery is one of the main and most complicated parts of an electric bike. Several factors affect the battery and cause battery-related problems.

Sometimes you can fix it easily at home, but if it’s a serious problem, your battery needs to be changed. Several things and factors cause batteries to work improperly or inappropriately.

Factors like exposure to extreme temperatures, improper charging methods, loosely connected wires, inappropriate storage, and not using the correct size charger, wrong charger, and BMS are the most common reasons that affect the battery and electric bike.

How to Fix Ebike Battery Not Charging Issue:

Check the outlet

Let’s start from the basics! In case you’ve plugged out your battery for charging and it’s not charging.

Make sure to check the outlet whether is working or not. If your outlet won’t give electricity to the battery, it will not charge. This point may sound silly, but sometimes it is one of the most common reasons why the battery is not charging.

If it’s the outlet’s fault, change the outlet, and your battery will start to charge as normal as it used to. This is how you can fix this issue.

Check wire connections

Having loosely connected wires is also probably one of the other common reasons for the Aventon battery not charging. Make sure you check all the wires to ensure that the battery is charging efficiently.

Refer to the manual guide to learn more about wires and their connections. Connect the wires and tighten up loosely connected wires. This is how you can fix this.

Note: If you don’t know how to fix a loose connection, go ask an expert. Don’t do it on your own if you are not an expert.

Check the charger

Make sure you use the right charger for the Aventon ebike battery. The charger that is suitable for your battery model should be used. If you are using the wrong charger for the Aventon ebike battery, that is probably one of the most obvious reasons why it is not charging.

So, Use a charger that is provided by your bike’s manufacturer, not from any other local brand or market. You can fix the Aventon ebike battery not charging problem by using the correct and suitable charger.

Check the Battery Management System (BMS)

If you have checked the above three things and they are working correctly but there is still a problem with the battery while charging, then you need to check the battery management system (BMS) of Aventon Battery.

Because, Batteries are made from cells, and the BMS manages all those cells which include charging and power supply to the motor. If cells fail and experience enough problems, the BMS stops all cells to function and battery charging to keep the ebike safe.

You can’t fix the BMS problem at home by yourself. You can set it up by replacing the battery management system.

Check the battery

You checked everything, and they are working fine. Then you need to check your battery using a voltmeter. A voltmeter will help you check the voltage. Maybe your bike is not charging because the battery is improperly functioning or dying.

All Aventon batteries are made using lithium cells, but still, they are likely to be damaged or die because of several factors. Never try to repair the battery on your own because it can catch fire. You can fix the battery, but it is advisable to buy a new battery.

Check the battery’s lifespan

And the last step is to check your Aventon battery’s shelf life if it is still not charging after going through the above-mentioned steps. Aventon ebike batteries are made from lithium cells, but they have a shelf life.

The shelf life of e-bike batteries varies from model to model. In general, the batteries in Aventon bikes can last up to 2 to 3 years and 300 to 700 charge cycles. After this, battery quality starts to reduce, and performance also degrades.

If this is the reason why your battery is not charging, then you must replace it with a new battery of the same voltage and power. It is better to change instead of repairing them.

These were the common problems that your Aventon Ebike battery may have when it’s not charging. Follow the above-mentioned tips/steps, and your Aventon ebike battery not charging issue would be solved.

How to Make Ebike Battery Last Longer: Best Practices

Below is a list of a few tips that you can consider to increase the shelf life of your ebike battery. Such as:

  • Giving the bike time-to-time maintenance to ensure that it will last a long time.
  • Protect your bike and its battery from extreme temperatures. Give your bike and battery a room-temperature environment (40°c).
  • Don’t overcharge your battery; as soon as it indicates the green light, it’s fully charged. Unplug it.
  • When not using the bike, don’t let the battery inside the bike. Remove it and store it in a dry climate indoors.
  • Give enough charge to the battery for proper functioning. Typically, Aventon batteries need 3 to 5 hours of charging.
  • Make sure to charge the Aventon Ebike battery with the right charger (provided/recommended by the manufacturer).
  • Always charge your battery on a flat surface made of metal, not on a wooden surface.

Thanks for reading this article till the end, I hope your Ebike battery not charging issue is fixed now! If it has not yet, ask us in the comment section below. We would definitely reply!

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What to know about Aventon Pace E-Bikes

The all-new Aventon Pace brings upgrades to a tried and tested lineup of city cruisers. Explore this comprehensive guide and find out what’s different between the Pace 500 and Pace 350. Launched as Aventon’s original ebike, this flagship urban model continues to impress.

What are Aventon Pace Electric Bikes?

The Pace can be thought of as the Swiss Army knife within Aventon’s ebike range. robust than the Soltera and with extra versatility compared to the Level, the Pace is designed for all types of city riding. Choose between the 500W or 350W motor options to give you a boost during commutes or weekend joyrides.

Aventon Pace 500 E-Bike

The Pace 500 is an urban ebike that packs a punch. The relaxed frame geometry combines with a more powerful 500W motor to transform this comfortable cruiser into a city workhorse. It’s the ideal Aventon bicycle ideal for faster commuting and recreational rides.

Aventon Pace 350 E-Bike

The next-gen Pace 350 is Aventon’s cruiser-style ebike for urban riders on a budget. This Class 2 model strikes the perfect balance between comfort and power and comes loaded with useful features for city riding. For the money, the Pace 350 outperforms rival ebikes due to its reliable components and sleek urban look.

Who are Aventon Pace E-Bikes ideal for?

Built with urban and recreational cyclists in mind, the Pace is a comfortable, cruiser-style ebike that thrives on city streets, local paths, boardwalks and more. If you’re on the hunt for a do-it-all ebike to ride on your commute as well as weekend outings, the Pace is a sure bet. Its relaxed geometry and optional step-through frame are great for city riders looking for a more comfortable setup.

Aventon Pace Main Features

Pace Specs

The Aventon Pace is both built around a 6061 aluminum alloy frame and 27.5” wheels. The Pace 500 and 350 both share 2.2” puncture resistance tires with reflective sidewalls. Stay visible with integrated taillights and a bright headlight and for stress-free commuting, the Pace is compatible with a rear rack and fenders.

The Pace 350 features mechanical disc brakes and 7-speed trigger shifting. The main upgrades to the Pace 500 include hydraulic disc brakes and 8-speed gearing. At 52 lbs, the Pace 500 weighs a tad more than the 49-pound Pace 350. Both ebikes come outfitted with a cadence sensor and a Selle Royal saddle.

Pace Geometry

The Pace is available with a standard frame or step-through geometry. It’s appropriate for riders between 5’1” and 6’4” and they can choose between two frame sizes for the right fit.

aventon, soltera, e-bike, review

The upright, cruiser-style frame combines with swept-back handlebars to achieve a relaxed sitting position. The Pace 500 is Aventon’s only bike with an adjustable stem for an even more comfortable and fine-tuned posture. The step-through option has a shorter reach and much lower standover height to facilitate getting on and off the bike.

Pace Battery Motor

The Pace 350 gets its name from its 350W rear hub motor that can reach speeds up to 20mph. Riders can toggle between five pedal assist levels and the throttle mode. The 11.6Ah lithium-ion battery is neatly integrated into the downtube and provides a 40 mile range.

The bigger sibling of the 350, the Pace 500 boasts a more powerful motor and larger 12.8Ah battery. The 28mph top speed is faster than the 350, but the two models have the same range. Both ebikes connect to a color display mounted to the handlebars, as well as the Aventon bike app, to easily track ride metrics and battery levels.

Aventon Pace FAQs

How much does the Aventon Pace 500 weigh?

The Aventon Pace 500 weighs 52 lbs.

How to remove battery on Aventon Pace 500?

The 12.8Ah lithium-ion battery can be removed by unlocking the battery with the key and pulling to remove it from the downtube.

How to charge Aventon Pace 500?

The battery can be charged on or off of the bike. Simply plug the charger into the charging port and connect the charger to an outlet— a full charge takes about 4-5 hours.

How to assemble Aventon Pace 500?

The Pace ebike comes mostly assembled and Aventon provides written instructions and video tutorials to complete the final steps of the assembly process.

aventon, soltera, e-bike, review

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