Aventon Sinch Folding Electric Bike. Folding electric bicycle

Aventon Sinch Folding Electric Bike

We didn’t call this e-bike the Sinch for no reason. Foldable, portable, storable, powerful, comfortable, and ready for anything, the Sinch folding electric bike lives up to the definition of doing it with ease. Your Sinch compact electric bike will fit in your closet and under your desk, meaning it’s almost infinitely portable! Making this electric bike foldable means that it’ll even fit in the trunk of your car or easily into your RV so you can take it anywhere with you. With 4 fat tires and a front suspension fork, this e-bike is ready to both cruise the pavements and conquer the trails!

aventon, sinch, folding, electric, bike

The powerful motor and stealthily integrated battery mean that you’ll never be short of power, and 5 levels of pedal assist and a no-nonsense, no-need-to-pedal throttle mean that you can go as hard or as light as you want. Cruise around town or through the park on this and you’re sure to be turning heads!

Backlit LCD Display

Keep track of your speed, pedal assist level, how far you’ve gone, and how far you’ve got left to go with this perfectly placed LCD screen. Located on the handlebars of your folding e-bike this easily viewable, backlit LCD means you can go anywhere with high levels of confidence.


Take your e-bike anywhere, without the need for a bike rack. The Sinch electric folding bike will fold up and fit in your trunk, in your closet, and even under your desk. Folding it up and down is a breeze with two quick-release clamps being all that’s needed to open and close your ride.

Front Suspension

Built to conquer the trail as well as the streets, the lockable front suspension tempers any surface you may find beneath your wheels.

Fat Tires

20 x 4 fat tires take you anywhere and provide excellent stability whether you be on the pavement or the trail. Trust in the tires beneath your foldable electric bicycle as you go wherever your heart takes you with confidence.

Hub Motor Battery

You never thought you’d find such a powerful motor and battery combination in a portable electric bike that fits in your trunk! The stealthy, integrated battery is designed for fast charging, whilst the powerful motor means that you can conquer almost anything!

Pedal Assist Throttle

With five levels of pedal assist, getting yourself anywhere on the Sinch folding electric bicycle can be as much of, or as easy, a workout as you want. If you need that little extra boost to get you home, or just want to enjoy the scenery, then the throttle function will take care of powering you along.

Size Fit

Sinch comes in one size and fits most adults from 5’0 to 6’3.

MOTOR: 750W (peak) 500W (sustained) 48V Brushless Motor THROTTLE: Throttle on demand. Throttle from a complete stopDISPLAY: M5 LCD Smart Easy Read Display with BacklightBATTERY: Removable Lithium-ion 48V, 14Ah (672 Wh) SENSORS: Cadence Sensor, Speed SensorPEDAL ASSIST: 5 Levels CHARGER: Included is a 48V 3 Amp Fast Charger, 4-5 Hour Charging FRAME: 6061 Double-Butted Folding Aluminum Alloy, with Internal Battery WEIGHT: 68lbs PEDALS: 9/16 Alloy Plastic, FoldingDIMENSIONS: Unfolded: 67 L / 23 W / 46 HFolded: 41 L / 23 W / 31 H WEIGHT LIMIT: Maximum Payload Capacity: 300 lbs FORK: Front suspension, 45mm travel, with lockoutFREEWHEEL: 7 Speed SHIFT LEVER: 7 Speed BRAKES: Mechanical Disc Brakes, 180mm rotorsCHAIN: 7 Speed TIRES: 20 x 4 with Puncture ResistanceSADDLE: Aventon Velo Comfort, Steel Rails, 245mm wide SEATPOST: Forged Alloy, 30.4mm, 1-Bolt Clamp STEM: Aluminum Threadless, 25.4mm x 380mm, 6 degrees, folding-specificSEAT CLAMP: Quick Release Ergonomic Comfort

Sinch ships as a Class II e-bike, with pedal assist and throttle. If you are riding on private property or in an area without e-bike speed restrictions, the speed limit can be modified in the settings, and Sinch’s powerful motor can go up to about 4 MPH above the factory set top speed. Sinch can also operate with the throttle unplugged and removed, should you want to ride in an area where throttles are not allowed.

Aventon e-bikes are built to the IPX4 water-resistant standard. IPX4 means that your bike is resistant to water splashes from any direction. This means it’s OK to ride or park your e-bike in the rain. It won’t be harmed by spray from a wet road or raindrops. Your e-bike is not intended to be submerged or subjected to a pressurized spray. Don’t use a pressure washer or sprayer to clean your e-bike.

Best electric bikes | 15 top-rated ebikes for every type of rider

The best electric bike for you will depend on the type of riding you want to do, so in this guide we’ll cover the whole range of different electric bike types and recommend some of the best we’ve tested.

Electric bikes – or ebikes as they’re commonly known – are bicycles with an electric motor and battery that provides assistance as you pedal. There are many benefits to riding an electric bike. Electric bikes make riding up hills easier and will enable most riders to travel at a higher speed over longer distances without arriving at their destination covered in sweat.

Despite common misconceptions, you can still ride an electric bike for fitness. Electric bike laws limit the power of an ebike’s motor, so you still need to pedal – there’s no twist-and-go throttle here. There is an electric bike for every type of riding. Electric folding bikes and electric hybrid bikes are great choices for cycling to work, the best electric mountain bikes will help you get to the top of the next trail so you can enjoy more descending and the best electric road bikes and electric gravel bikes will enable you to take on longer adventures. Making sense of how an electric bike works and how to choose the right one for you is a daunting task. Luckily for you, BikeRadar’s team of expert testers have put in hundreds of hours riding more than 175 electric bikes across all categories. Our testing is 100 per cent editorially independent, so you can always trust our recommendations. In this in-depth buyer’s guide to choosing the best electric bike for any rider, we’ll talk you through the things you need to consider for each category of ebike. We also highlight the best bikes we have reviewed, as selected by BikeRadar’s expert team of tech editors, for each type of ebike, with links to our detailed buyer’s guide for each category. We also have a general buyer’s guide to electric bike tech at the bottom of this article that answers common questions. For even more information, take a look at our ebike FAQs. There’s a lot to cover here, so use the links below to skip to the section you need, or read on for every detail.

Best electric hybrid bikes

Like a non-assisted hybrid bike, electric hybrid bikes feature an upright riding position, flat bars and stable handling. They’re often the least expensive entry point into ebikes.

With lots of mounting points for accessories such as pannier bags and mudguards, electric hybrids are great if you’re planning to commute to work by bike, ride around town or want to go for leisurely rides on bike trails or through parks.

Electric hybrid bikes can be quite heavy because they tend to use less sophisticated motor systems and the bikes are built for robustness. This is worth bearing in mind if you need to carry them up stairs.

Below is a selection of four of the very best electric hybrid bikes as tested by our senior road technical editor, Warren Rossiter. For more recommendations, check out our full round-up of the best electric hybrid bikes.

Specialized Turbo Vado SL 4.0

  • £2,600 / €2,999 / 3,500 as tested
  • Pros: Well-tuned power delivery; low weight
  • Cons: Lower-torque motor means you have to put in more work

Specialized makes two electric hybrid bike ranges. Whereas the standard Turbo Vado is a heavy-duty ebike, the Vado SL uses a less powerful motor with 35Nm of torque. This reduces the weight to under 15kg, but the flip side is that you have less assistance than with the Turbo Vado, which could be a problem on hills.

The other advantage of the lower output is clean looks, with the concealed battery giving a sporty appearance. Specialized fits lights to all models and includes mudguards and a luggage rack on pricier models.

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Canyon Pathlite:ON 5

  • £2,499 / €2,699, as tested
  • Pros: Great handling and confident off-road
  • Cons: Heavy versus its rivals

The Canyon Pathlite:ON 5 is a powerful electric hybrid bike that handles and rides commendably. Our testing found the Canyon’s 100km claimed range to be true, but there’s no denying the bike is heavy at 23.5kg.

Where the Pathlite:ON 5 truly stands out is off the tarmac, where it rivals electric mountain bikes with confidence-inspiring chunky tyres and a shock-absorbing suspension fork.

Tern Quick Haul P9

  • £3,100 / 3,299 / AU4995 as tested
  • Pros: Great fun to ride and versatile
  • Cons: Official add-ons are fairly pricey

The Tern Quick Haul P9 looks like a cargo bike at first glance, but its compact design means it isn’t much longer than a typical electric hybrid.

With the option to fit a huge array of useful add-on accessories both front and back, our tester described the Quick Haul P9 as a “genuinely viable car replacement”.

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Best electric folding bikes

Commuters who travel by public transport or are short on space are catered for too. Oliver Woodman / Immediate Media

If you want to cycle to work or are just pressed for space to store your ride, a compact electric folding bike could be the answer.

Folding ebikes often have the battery hidden in their frames, or they may come with a removable battery to make carrying them on and off public transport a bit easier.

A removable battery also means you can take it somewhere where it’s easier to charge (at your desk, for example, if you use the bike to ride to work).

But the extra weight of the motor and battery means carrying a folding ebike on and off public transport, and up and down stairs, will be harder. The available range can be quite limited in some models too.

For more product recommendations, check out our round-up of the best folding electric bikes.

Brompton Electric

The Brompton Electric adds a front-hub motor to the iconic folder. Russell Burton / Immediate Media

  • £2,725 as tested
  • Pros: Very compact fold; smooth power delivery
  • Cons: Quite heavy; two pieces to carry

A front-hub motor adds electric power to the classic Brompton folding bike, giving you a range of around 40km. The battery sits in a separate pack, which can be removed from the bike for carrying.

Since we tested the Brompton Electric, the standard bike has been redesignated the C Line Explore. It’s been joined by the P Line, which uses lighter frame materials and components to chop almost 2kg off the C Line’s 17.4kg claimed weight.

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GoCycle G4

  • £3,999 as tested
  • Pros: Larger wheels ride more smoothly; stylish design
  • Cons: Expensive; doesn’t fold as small as some ebikes

While pricey, the GoCycle G4 is a folder, commuter and electric bike in one. The ride and handling are far more assured than most folding bikes on- and off-road, thanks to the meaty tyres and larger wheels.

The bike folds in half at its centre, making it easier to roll than to carry and the removable battery in the front of the frame is accessed via the fold. At over 17kg, it’s quite heavy though.

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MiRider One GB3

The GB3 is an upgrade on the original MiRider One, with an accompanying price rise. David Caudery / Our Media

  • £2,495 as tested
  • Pros: Very compact
  • Cons: Price has increased significantly from the original bike

The MiRider One GB3 is an upgrade from the original model we tested a few years ago. Unfortunately, that’s resulted in a significant price hike, but the ebike is still a compact, nippy city commuter.

The belt drive is cleaner and lower-maintenance than a chain, there’s good adjustability, and built-in rear suspension and wide tyres add comfort.

The GB3 design has three speeds, adding flexibility over the singlespeed predecessor, and you can change gear while stationary. We achieved a range of up to 50km.

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Best electric mountain bikes

Electric mountain bikes can be great on the climbs, but handling on the descents can take a bit of getting used to. Ian Linton

An electric mountain bike will get you to the top quicker, particularly on technical, steeper climbs, and with more energy to enjoy the descents. Plus, getting up the ups more easily will give you extra range to explore further.

Recent improvements in eMTB performance mean handling is approaching that of the best mountain bikes without a motor, providing heaps of flat-out riding fun.

But, nevertheless, the extra weight can make handling more tricky on particularly technical sections, so it’s a good idea to ease off a bit until you’ve got the feel of the bike

This is a small selection of the best electric mountain bikes we have tested, as selected by our expert team of mountain bike tech editors, Alex Evans, Robin Weaver and Tom Marvin.

Vitus E-Sommet VRX

For the money, the E-Sommet has to be one of the best electric mountain bikes out there. Ian Linton / Our Media

  • £5,499 as tested
  • Pros: Quality spec; great geometry and suspension
  • Cons: Awkward cable routing and bottle placement

The Vitus E-Sommet adds a powerful Shimano EP8 motor and large-capacity battery to Vitus’ enduro platform. It rolls on a 29in front and 27.5in rear wheel mullet build and is impressively specced for its price, with a 170mm RockShox ZEB Ultimate fork, a Super Deluxe Select RT shock and Shimano’s XT groupset.

The E-Sommet descends and climbs impressively, with both comfort and great grip, making it fun, engaging and highly capable.

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Marin Rift Zone E2

  • £5,895 / 6,299 / €6,899 as tested
  • Pros: Lively; great spec
  • Cons: Slightly over-geared; less powerful motor than its competitors

The Marin Rift Zone E2 is a classy, comfortable full-suspension electric mountain bike with 140mm travel. It can take you beyond its trail riding mandate, handling more technical descents well.

The Rift Zone ebike is well specced for its price, although the Shimano EP801 motor’s 85Nm torque is a little less than competitors. We’d have preferred a smaller chainring than the 38t fitted for easier climbing.

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Whyte E-160 RSX

  • £7,999 as tested
  • Pros: Calm and composed handling; hides its weight well
  • Cons: Some chain slap; seat tube too slack for optimal climbing

The Whyte E-160 RSX is a well-equipped enduro bike, with its battery mounted below the Bosch motor to lower its centre of gravity.

Whyte says the full down tube this allows improves torsional rigidity as well. Lower-spec E-160s are available in both 29in and ‘mullet’ form, so you can pick your preferred wheel configuration, although this top-spec model is 29in only.

Despite its 26kg-plus weight, we found the low centre of gravity made for impressive downhill performance, although we’d have liked to see a slightly steeper seat tube for better climbing.

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Best electric road bikes

It’s often hard to tell many electric road bikes from their unassisted counterparts. Russell Burton / Immediate Media

If you enjoy road cycling, but want a bit of help to keep your speed up or to get you up hills, an electric road bike could be the right choice for you.

Most e-road bikes use lightweight motor systems that provide less power than the motors used on electric hybrid or mountain bikes. This means they’re typically a bit lighter too, with the very lightest models tipping the scales at around 11kg.

However, with many road riders achieving speeds on the flat of 15mph or above, you may feel you’re carrying dead weight around, with the motor cutting out at that top-assisted speed, although assistance can continue to 20mph, or even in some cases 28mph in much of the USA.

Below are three of the very best electric road bikes senior road technical editor Warren Rossiter has tested to date.

BMC Roadmachine AMP One

  • £7,600 / €7,999 as tested
  • Pros: Smooth ride; compact motor; impressive range
  • Cons: Tyres may need a swap-out for colder, wetter conditions

The BMC Roadmachine AMP One doesn’t look much different from its non-assisted sibling; it’s only the slightly expanded down tube, hiding a 350Wh battery, that shows there’s extra assistance. The Mahle X20 motor is so compact it hides between the largest cassette sprocket and the disc rotor.

The ride feels like the non-assisted Roadmachine as well, despite the 12kg weight. Range is impressive, heading up to 160km, depending on the conditions. We’d swap out the tyres for winter use though.

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Scott Addict eRide Premium

The Scott Addict eRide Premium looks and rides like a racy road bike. Russell Burton / Immediate Media

  • £8,349 / 9,299 as tested
  • Pros: Great looks; top-spec build; lovely handling
  • Cons: Non-removable battery

The Scott Addict eRide Premium has similar geometry to the Scott Addict RC Disc and the same carbon frame. The result is a possible sub-11kg build powered by the consistent ebikemotion rear-hub motor.

Neatly concealed in the down tube, the battery managed 100km and 2,000m elevation in testing. The 2022 version of the bike has been renamed as the Scott Addict eRide Ultimate.

CleanTechnica Tested: GOTRAX F2 Folding E-Bike

Is the new F2 from GOTRAX the best folding e-bike you can buy? No. Is it the best folding e-bike you can buy under a grand? Maybe!

Meet the GOTRAX F2 Step Thru “foldable” electric bike, one of the least expensive, sturdiest folding electric bicycles you can buy, from one of the most recognized micromobility brands in the world.

And, yes, we’re talking about that GOTRAX, the company that’s still best known for its compact and clever electric scooters. Deservedly so, too — more than once, GOTRAX was the most successful e-scooter brand on Amazon, and my own GOTRAX scooter (that I used my own, actual US dollars to buy) has a sturdy hook/clip combination for secure folding that acts as a bag hook on the go, an integrated bike lock, and even a digital PIN for added security.

I’m a fan of the brand, in other words, but I am also somewhat spoiled by my own garage, which is jam-packed with a broad array of higher-end acoustic and electric bikes. Keep that in mind when I tell you that I, personally, did not like riding the F2.

The GOTRAX F2 Experience

Assembling the F2 was a breeze. GOTRAX does a great job of making the unboxing and build-up of its bikes simple enough for novices, and the F2 was no different. In less than twenty minutes, I was ready to go.

Once assembled, the F2 presented a stout and sturdy presence that filled me with confidence. I immediately believed that the bike could easily handle whatever I threw at it, and marveled at the economies in scale that GOTRAX must have in play to deliver a bike like this for (as I type this) 799 plus shipping.

With the tires aired up, I hopped aboard the F2 and kicked off. A little wobble as I start pedaling, nothing out of the ordinary there, picking up speed and– whoah!!

The GOTRAX F2’s 500W motor kicks on suddenly, and powerfully. There’s no buildup. It’s off, then it’s on, and it’s rocketing me forward.

I checked the bike’s digital LCD display, thinking I’d somehow bumped the assist to the highest level — but no. It was on Level 1 assist. I tried again, throttle-only this time. A twist of the wrist, a pause, then the bike surges ahead. The same off/on power delivery that surprised me a few moments ago.

“Maybe it’s me,” I thought. I’d put some miles on the Specialized and another new, pricier e-bike that I’ll be reviewing in the coming days. Maybe I’d been spoiled by the torque sensors in those bikes. I handed the bike off to my son, home from college for a few weeks, to get his take.

“What do you want me to do?”

I explained, again, that I just wanted him to start riding. Don’t look for anything or think about anything, just start riding and tell me what you think.

“OK, so I just– Jesus!!”

It’s not just me, then, but my kids might be among a handful of people in the world who are just as spoiled by e-bikes as I am. I needed someone more objective.

Luckily my neighbor, Sean, was out playing with his kids. We’re a close neighborhood, so it wasn’t that weird to ask him to hop on the bike and give it a spin around the block.

“What do you want me to do? Just get on and– oh, wow!!

I nodded to myself, grimly, as Sean sped off on the bike and rounded the corner. “I’ll have to give them a bad review,” I thought. “Jeff (GOTRAX’ head of marketing) will never forgive me. He’ll cut me off.” My anxiety was off to the races, and it was a fine, muscled thoroughbred of the highest order … until Sean came back into view, grinning from ear to ear.

“It’s awesome!” he said. “I love how it takes off like that!”

Was he being nice? He didn’t seem to be, and neither did the three other Oak Park Dads I managed to coax onto the F2 — all of them e-bike novices, and all of them rolling to a stop with an ear-to-ear smile.

“I’d love to have one of these up at the cottage,” said another neighbor.

“Wow!,” said a third, after I told him the bike’s price. “I would have thought it was at least two grand!”

GOTRAX F2: The Verdict

GOTRAX F2, image by the author.

If you’re curious about e-bikes, and are looking for an inexpensive way to get onto one and see how it fits into your life, I don’t know if you could find a better bike than the GOTRAX F2. At 799, it feels like it should fall into my “that’s not enough dollars” territory — but the F2 is better than that. In the few miles I’ve ridden it, it has never squeaked, rattled, or otherwise given the impression that it’s anything but a well-sorted and capable commuter. Its fat-ish tires absorb bumps and potholes well enough, and its sturdy rack was more than up to the task of transporting beer-filled coolers around the neighborhood on a hot Sunday afternoon.

Is it the best folding e-bike you can buy? No. Far from it. Is it the best folding e-bike you can buy for 799? I’d be genuinely shocked if it wasn’t, and GOTRAX’s national network of supporting dealers might be enough to tip the scales back in its favor, even if you did find one.

So, what’s my verdict? If you’re e-bike-curious, give it a shot. Oh – and, also: I am spoiled man-child.

Full disclosure: While I bought my GOTRAX scooter with my own money, the company provided me with a sample of the F2 folding e-bike at no cost for the purposes of this review. CleanTechnica may earn a commission if you buy a GOTRAX using this link.

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Folding electric bicycle

Easier and Farther Riding Experience

With a OKAWA 350W powerful mid-driven motor and 100Nm large torque, the Innovator makes a hill climbing easy. Its 36V 12Ah large-capacity battery provides long range up to 55 miles, making medium and short-distance travel easy and stress-free.

Safety Always Comes First

Equipped with sensitive front and rear hydraulicbrakes, you only need a light force to brake swiftly.This helps you easily deal with any unexpected conditions during your trip and avoid danger.

Precise Torque Sensor

The high-precision integrated torque sensor makes the power output response instant and smooth. 4 riding assist modes are provided for choosing to meet different requirements of riding purposes. Enjoy your journey!

Superior Quality

Made of aviation magnesium alloy materials, this vehicle has been released after enduring thousands of tests under the toughest conditions. BMS battery protection system is adopted to fully protect the battery life and effectively extend the battery span. Simultaneously, CAN bus communication system is used for only fault diagnosis, alarm and recording which enhances the maintainability and the reliability of the vehicle.

Unique Design

The unique bird-shaped frame, wing-shaped battery box design, and integrated headlights give Innovator a unique shape, making your commuting more elegant and stylish.

Fold to Store, Unfold to Explore

Easy and quick to fold down to 9.53 ft3, you can place the foldable Innovator in some narrow spaces like indoor, office or car trunk. It is equipped with a folding baseand magnetic buckle to ensure the foldable bodyremains stable without any risk of falling down.

Thoughtful Details

A high-definition LCD display provides the information such as power, speed, etc., allowing you to easily grasp the riding status and adjust to different conditions any time. With its IP67 waterproof and dustproof, you can keep your ebike clean and tidy to ride on wading roads or rainy days.

What make YADEA’s Ebikes Outstanding



It takes about 15-20 minutes to assemble an e-bike and it’s easy to do so with our assembly specification.

aventon, sinch, folding, electric, bike

Trooper-01: 6 hours, Innovator: 5 hours. We estimate you need to charge around once a week.

Innovatoer: LWH 1490605650mm; Net Weight 23.8kg

Trooper01:LWH 1700690750mm; Net Weight 36.5kg

aventon, sinch, folding, electric, bike

Our Ebikes are designed for a height range from 5`1“ to 6`4“ (165. 195cm)

To ensure your Yadea ebike’s longevity and smooth operation, and your safety when riding, Yadea recommends regular pre-ride and post-ride checks, as well as bi-annual and annual check-ups. The following is a general overview of the ebike checks you should incorporate into your biking routine, both on a regular basis and less regularly long-term. For those riding their ebike daily, you’ll want to follow these schedules very closely. For more intermittent and casual riders, you will need less frequent routine tuneups.

after each ride, it’s time to inspect your ebike and get ready to wind it down. Some of which includes inspecting the tires, rims, and derailleur for dirt or damage, wiping down the frame with a rag, and charging the battery if you’re running low. In time, this should also be a quick and straightforward check!

Yadea can and will tolerate biking during most permitting weather conditions. However, it is an electric bike after all, with electrical components needing some added caution.

Yadea is built to the IPX65 water-resistant standard. IPX65 is standard that indicates your bike is resistant to multi-directional water splashes, meaning it is okay to ride or park your Yadea in rain. Light to moderate raindrops or splashes from a wet road will not harm your ebike, but be wary of harsher weather and rainfall conditions. Yadea tires are not intended for riding in snow or during snow fall.

The general rule of thumb is, if weather impacts your visibility and has the possibility to affect your bike’s functionality, it is likely not a safe riding condition. With that in mind, safe riding!

An expansion of the six-month checklist, annual bike checks will involve everything from the bi-annual check along with a complete breakdown and inspection of your ebike: checking all the components, cleaning and lubing them, and putting everything back in its place. For the daily ebike rider, this check should be completed annually. For the casual riders, an annual check may be completed once every 18 months to 2 years. An annual ebike check may also be done through an Yadea dealer or local bike shop.

Wallke H6 Dual Battery Folding Electric Bike

Dual Battery, Dual Suspension, Fold

[Wallke Patent Frame] It adopts dual-battery design, which offer more flexibility by allowing you to carry two batteries right on the frame. The rear suspension, a nearly unique feature of the Wallke H6, which really soaks up big bumps and undulating terrain. Smooth welding design, none of the shark and fish scales welding as on cheaper bikes.

Save Space Easy to Carry

Folds in seconds for easy transport and storage. Being able to fold it is a bonus if you live in a small apartment. Makes your rides more easy and convenient. Wallke H6 frame is thicker than others, so it weighs more but solid. It thoroughly make the rider feel completely safe at every point of travel on their Wallke H6 electric bike.

Full Color Smart LCD Display

Unlike almost all other bikes, it’s also user programmable, so you can customize the ride, power, aggressiveness and upper limits of the bike’s performance.

Ready for Adventure

With the tough fat tires combined the adjustable suspension fork and rear shock, you can expect better handling sorts of terrain including road, beach, mud, or even snow and offers an overall smooth-as-air riding experience.

180mm Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Double-disc hydraulic brake provide you with strong stopping power, which can stop the bike in a more effective way, will give me a lot of confidence when riding.

Technical Specification

  • Motor: 1400W (Peak) 750W (Sustained), 48V brushless geared rear hub motor, 80N.M
  • Battery: 21AH14AH removable Lithium batteries, 48V/35Ah dual battery configuration, total 1680Wh capacity
  • Charger: 3Amps Fast charger plus 2 Amps Standard charger.dual charger configuration
  • Controller: 48V/28A
  • Display: Full color Smart LCD display with USB port
  • Front Light: 48V LED front light
  • Tail Light: Integrated tail light with brake signal
  • Pedal Assist: 5 Levels assist, ECO mode, Sport mode
  • Charge Time: 3-4 hours /6-7 hours
  • Top Speed: 32 mph
  • Climbing Angle: 30 degrees
  • Maximum payload weight limit: 350 lbs / 158 kg
  • Folded Size: 39” L x 27” W x 31”H /100cm L x 70cm W x 80cm H
  • H6 shipping box dimensions: 64.9612.9932.68 IN / 165.0032.9983.01 CM
  • Max back seat payload: 110 lbs / 50 Kg
  • Best Uses: Super-duty long range bike for work, communting, long-distance and pleasure riding
  • Recommended Rider Heights: 5’7 ~ 6’4

Component Info

  • Fork: 20 hydraulic suspension with lock and adjust controls
  • Rear Shock: Double rear suspension system
  • Tire: 20 x 4 all terrain fat tires
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano 8-speed rear shift system
  • Frame: Thickened 6061 aluminum alloy frame with smooth weld
  • Brake: Dual hydraulic disc brakes
  • Freewheel: 8 Speed Cassette
  • Rotor: Front-180mm, rear-180mm
  • Fenders Rear rack: Included
  • Saddle: Suspension cruiser saddle
  • Seat Post: Suspension seat post extra seat post, dual seat post configuration
  • Cable: Integrated waterproof cable
  • Throttle: Thumb throttle with horn
  • Sensor: Cadence sensor
  • USB Port: Included
  • Bike Weight: 90 lbs/ 41 kg ( 35AH Option)
  • Battery Weight: 10.1 lbs / 4.6 kg ( 14AH Option), 14.3 lbs/ 6.5 kg ( 21AH Option)
  • Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • 2 keys for Battery
  • Wallke Tires
  • Fenders
  • Integrated Rear Rack
  • Headlight
  • Integrated Tail Light
  • Saddle
  • Pedals
  • User Manual
  • Gifts (Option)
  • Assemble Tool Kits

Out of the box, it’s about 85% assembled. Simply attach the handlebars, front wheel and headlihgt, the seat post, the pedals, and you’re ready to rock and roll.

This owner’s handbook includes assembly and maintenance work which may need tobe done at frequent intervals to maintain an operational and safe Wallke eBike. Never perform work on your Wallke eBike beyond instructions in this handbook. Please read the instructions entirely before assembly to ensure the proper functioning of the Wallke ebike.

Its the same old saying. You pay for what you get. This model offer increased range, power, and reliability compared to traditional eBikes.

It might be heavy to lift, but they are heavenly to ride.

Wallke H6 equipped with two batteries instead of one. Wallke H6 frame is thicker than others, so it weighs more but solid. It thoroughly make the rider feel completely safe at every point of travel on their electric bike.

There is no legal requirement to have insurance.

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