Aventon Sinch Folding Electric Bike. Compact electric bike

Aventon Sinch Folding Electric Bike

We didn’t call this e-bike the Sinch for no reason. Foldable, portable, storable, powerful, comfortable, and ready for anything, the Sinch folding electric bike lives up to the definition of doing it with ease. Your Sinch compact electric bike will fit in your closet and under your desk, meaning it’s almost infinitely portable! Making this electric bike foldable means that it’ll even fit in the trunk of your car or easily into your RV so you can take it anywhere with you. With 4 fat tires and a front suspension fork, this e-bike is ready to both cruise the pavements and conquer the trails!

The powerful motor and stealthily integrated battery mean that you’ll never be short of power, and 5 levels of pedal assist and a no-nonsense, no-need-to-pedal throttle mean that you can go as hard or as light as you want. Cruise around town or through the park on this and you’re sure to be turning heads!

Backlit LCD Display

Keep track of your speed, pedal assist level, how far you’ve gone, and how far you’ve got left to go with this perfectly placed LCD screen. Located on the handlebars of your folding e-bike this easily viewable, backlit LCD means you can go anywhere with high levels of confidence.


Take your e-bike anywhere, without the need for a bike rack. The Sinch electric folding bike will fold up and fit in your trunk, in your closet, and even under your desk. Folding it up and down is a breeze with two quick-release clamps being all that’s needed to open and close your ride.

Front Suspension

Built to conquer the trail as well as the streets, the lockable front suspension tempers any surface you may find beneath your wheels.

Fat Tires

20 x 4 fat tires take you anywhere and provide excellent stability whether you be on the pavement or the trail. Trust in the tires beneath your foldable electric bicycle as you go wherever your heart takes you with confidence.

Hub Motor Battery

You never thought you’d find such a powerful motor and battery combination in a portable electric bike that fits in your trunk! The stealthy, integrated battery is designed for fast charging, whilst the powerful motor means that you can conquer almost anything!

Pedal Assist Throttle

With five levels of pedal assist, getting yourself anywhere on the Sinch folding electric bicycle can be as much of, or as easy, a workout as you want. If you need that little extra boost to get you home, or just want to enjoy the scenery, then the throttle function will take care of powering you along.

Size Fit

Sinch comes in one size and fits most adults from 5’0 to 6’3.

MOTOR: 750W (peak) 500W (sustained) 48V Brushless Motor THROTTLE: Throttle on demand. Throttle from a complete stopDISPLAY: M5 LCD Smart Easy Read Display with BacklightBATTERY: Removable Lithium-ion 48V, 14Ah (672 Wh) SENSORS: Cadence Sensor, Speed SensorPEDAL ASSIST: 5 Levels CHARGER: Included is a 48V 3 Amp Fast Charger, 4-5 Hour Charging FRAME: 6061 Double-Butted Folding Aluminum Alloy, with Internal Battery WEIGHT: 68lbs PEDALS: 9/16 Alloy Plastic, FoldingDIMENSIONS: Unfolded: 67 L / 23 W / 46 HFolded: 41 L / 23 W / 31 H WEIGHT LIMIT: Maximum Payload Capacity: 300 lbs FORK: Front suspension, 45mm travel, with lockoutFREEWHEEL: 7 Speed SHIFT LEVER: 7 Speed BRAKES: Mechanical Disc Brakes, 180mm rotorsCHAIN: 7 Speed TIRES: 20 x 4 with Puncture ResistanceSADDLE: Aventon Velo Comfort, Steel Rails, 245mm wide SEATPOST: Forged Alloy, 30.4mm, 1-Bolt Clamp STEM: Aluminum Threadless, 25.4mm x 380mm, 6 degrees, folding-specificSEAT CLAMP: Quick Release Ergonomic Comfort

Sinch ships as a Class II e-bike, with pedal assist and throttle. If you are riding on private property or in an area without e-bike speed restrictions, the speed limit can be modified in the settings, and Sinch‘s powerful motor can go up to about 4 MPH above the factory set top speed. Sinch can also operate with the throttle unplugged and removed, should you want to ride in an area where throttles are not allowed.

Aventon e-bikes are built to the IPX4 water-resistant standard. IPX4 means that your bike is resistant to water splashes from any direction. This means it’s OK to ride or park your e-bike in the rain. It won’t be harmed by spray from a wet road or raindrops. Your e-bike is not intended to be submerged or subjected to a pressurized spray. Don’t use a pressure washer or sprayer to clean your e-bike.

Compact Ebikes

These smaller electric bikes still pack a lot of power. Our line-up of compact ebikes feature smaller motors and batteries with a lightweight frame for quick rides around town or across campus.

Compact, Covnenient, and Fun


Smaller frames and features means we can cut down on costs which brings the savings to you. A great option for young adults and teens looking for a way to get around.


You’re not only saving space with your compact ebike but strain on your back and muscles when you have to carry your ebike. Less weight means less aches and more fun.


All our compact models come with one touch folding features so you can save even more space. Ideal for dorm rooms and one bedroom apartments.

Designed for You


Avoid getting your clothes dirty from your tires kicking up water or mud with these built in front and rear wheel fenders.


Our key to start system provides an extra layer of protection from potential thieves.

Product Guides

Find Your Specific Compact Ebike on our Product Guide Page and find out how to properly take care of your electric bike so it can properly take care of you.


Our most affordable ebikes yet. You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the same ride thousands of electric bike riders around the world take. This makes our compact ebikes ideal for those new graduates and teens who need a steady mode of transportation.

Smaller Frame. Taking into account everything that has to go into an ebike, our compact line up is a marvel of engineering. Being able to reduce costs on our end to bring an economical option to you.

LED Display. A simplified look to our digital display provides you a quick readout on battery life as well as headlight control.

Pedal Assist. Just by riding an electric bike you are already saving yourself from car expenses. If you can take your whole ride without using public transportation, you save even more per ride.


Your compact ebike is much easier to manage when not riding than your traditional bike. We mentioned above about reducing cost but with that came a lower weight. Everything from the frame to the tires were designed at an optimal size for a compact, convenient and fun ride.

Aluminum Alloy. This light yet durable material is used across nearly our entire line up of electric bikes. It is also resistant to rust to protect your ebike from the elements and keep you riding for years to come.

aventon, sinch, folding, electric, bike

Tires. Smaller, air filled shock-absorbing pneumatic tires are one of the first things you’ll notice on your ebike. While only reaching 16 in our compact category of ebikes they still can handle the bumps and cracks of any city street.


Most of our compact ebikes fold just like our foldable ebikes do. However, we put them into their own category due to the overall size and function of each model. Additionally, it makes it even more apparent for college kids and one bedroom apartment owners which ebike to choose if they want to save the maximum amount of space.

Space Saver. Fold your entire ebike down to a close-packed movable frame to easily store your ride away when not in use or when you are taking it somewhere else.

Adjustable Seat. This cushioned seat can be fully removed from your electric bike if need be. When you put the seat back on the bike be sure to fit it to a height you are comfortable with.

Fold-in Pedals. One final thing. The pedals on your compact ebike can fold up, giving you that extra inch or two you may need when storing your ebike.

Foldylock Compact: Protect your Ebike with Ease!

Admittedly, I used to be a little behind on the times when it comes to bike locks. I have lived in a number of college towns, notorious for their high bike theft rates, and have vigilantly locked my bikes. My first bike lock was a cable lock. Lightweight and travel friendly, I thought nothing more about the purchase. Until I lost the key and found out how easy I could cut through the lock to retrieve my bike. Ever since that awakening experience, I have used a ridiculously heavy, cumbersome u-lock with a thick chain that requires its own bag for travel. Not ideal.

SEATYLOCK Compact Review

Enter SEATYLOCK’s incredibly travel-friendly and secure Foldylock Compact bike lock. Weighing only 2.2 lbs, this foldable lock is designed to mount on your bottle cage or anywhere else by using the included straps. It is quiet when mounting, making no annoying rattle sound. Made with metal that won’t rust and plastic with UV protection, this bike lock is ready for the outdoors. Coming in six bright and bold color schemes, we chose the rainbow version. An added bonus: it comes with THREE keys (ideal for forgetful people like me!). You can even order more keys if you need them as long as you register your keys after purchase. The FoldyLock Compact is listed at 85 and the slightly larger version, the Foldylock Classic, is listed at 95.

The 33.5 inch circumference gave us just enough room to secure the ebike with frame and back tire to a pole. This compact circumference has pros and cons, so you’ll want to consider what your needs are for lock size (the Foldylock Classic is a slightly larger version).

aventon, sinch, folding, electric, bike

Foldylock Compact Security

SEATYLOCK rates their products on a security scale of 1-18 with the Foldylock Compact earning a 14 rating. SEATYLOCK’s products are also tested by Sold Secure, a European based, not for profit company owned by the Master Locksmiths Association. They have three main rating categories: bronze, silver and gold. Foldylock Compact earned a silver rating compared to SEATYLOCK’s U-Locks which earned gold ratings. While I feel confident with a silver rating based on my location, you will want to consider your own security needs for the location you live in.

There are a lot of bike locks on the market to select from. Other companies known for their superior lock products like Kryptonite and Abus offer travel-friendly options. They too offer different styles, security ratings at a wide range of prices.

SEATYLOCK lists its products at a competitive market price. SEATYLOCK is perhaps best known for its innovative bike seat that transforms into a bike lock, thus the origin of the company name. We hope to review this bike lock in the future.

Points to Consider Before Purchasing:

I was thrilled that SEATYLOCK offered us the chance to test out their Foldylock Compact. Travel-friendly, secure, and modern is all I could hope for in a bike lock. This product will meet or exceed most people’s needs for a bike lock. The two points to consider before making this purchase are:

  • Does this lock meet my security needs based on my location and situation?
  • Is the circumference large enough to be able to secure my bike in the places I visit?

The answer to both of these questions for me is a resounding yes. I am excited to switch out my high maintenance U-Lock (and its cumbersome carrying bag) for the convenience and style of the Foldylock Compact.

If you found this article helpful and decide to make a purchase, please consider using our affiliate links within this review. SEATYLOCK products can be purchased directly from their website and are also available on Amazon. Your purchase helps to make articles like this possible. Thank you!

Skid Loader

Skid Loader is a compact electric cargo bike wired for large loads, small footprints, and everyday deviant behavior.

Just as Easy, Not as Big

Cutting back on car trips is a worthy undertaking, especially in these times of planetary peril. With its electric-assist motor and extreme hauling capabilities, our compact electric cargo bike Skid Loader invites those inclined to throw a leg over and wave their middle digits at downtown gridlock. Built for finding more ways to drive less and ferrying various materials to work, play, or wherever, we gave Skid Loader the utility of a long-tail and a manageable footprint that fits wherever a normal bike does.

Comfortable and compliant under load, Skid Loader also enjoys cutting loose without cargo. Engineered to ride and feel like a regular bike, its 27.5” wheel platform provides abundant tire options you don’t get from cargo bikes rolling on smaller wheels. And because it’s a Surly, we gave it ample tire clearance and built it for commutes that go from bus stop to bandit trail. We also gave all three frame sizes adequate standover and a dropper post to fit riders of assorted shapes and sizes. Furnished with useful accessory barnacles and internal routing for just about everything, Skid Loader’s scaled-down and feature-packed cargo frame removes the roadblocks between you and riding whenever the hell you want.

  • Equipped with Bosch Performance Cargo Drive Unit, featuring four invigorating levels of ride assist
  • Capable of running dual batteries for extended range
  • Dedicated rear rack rated for 100 pounds of potatoes, thanks to beefed-up M6 hardware
  • Internal cable routing for dropper post, brake, shifter, and lights
  • Mounts for fenders, front rack, and bottle cages (two on Medium and Large, one on Small)
  • Stable dual-leg kickstand for your loading convenience
  • Sturdy, full-size wheels and large-volume 27.5 x 2.5” ExtraTerrestrial tires

Bike Capabilities

NOTE: You can ride your bike wherever the hell you want, but this is what we think this bike is best at.

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Find Retailers

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Sorry, this Locator is only available for North American residents. Please see our Dealers page.



Frame 100% Surly Chromoly Steel, Natch tubing, double-butted main triangle, TIG welded, E.D. coated Fork 100% Surly Chromoly Steel, Natch tubing, double-butted tapered fork blades, TIG welded, E.D. coated Color Bathwater Gray


Headset Cane Creek ViscoSet/40 series Stem Kalloy 4-bolt 31.8 mm clamp Handlebar Surly Terminal Bar Grips/Bar Tape Velo Grips Seatpost Trans-X Dropper Post, 120 mm/400 mm Saddle WTB Volt


Drive Unit Bosch Performance Cargo Drive Unit (20 mph) E-Bike Classification Class 1 Drive Type Mid-Drive Max Assist Speed 20 mph Motor Torque 85Nm Range Estimate A 15–50 mile range is normal for Skid Loader, but your mileage may vary depending on support mode, rider weight, cargo load, and

Peruse the Bosch E-bike Range Calculator to learn how you can extend your bike’s range.

Assist Levels Four Ride Assist Levels: Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo Walk Assist Yes Max Motor Assist 600W Throttle No Gross Payload 400 lb. max weight capacity (rider plus cargo) Battery Capacity Watt Hours 500 Wh Battery Power Volts N/A Removable Battery Yes Estimated Charge Time 2–7.5 hours Charger Included Yes Lights Included No Front Derailleur N/A Rear Derailleur microSHIFT Advent X 10-speed Cassette microSHIFT Advent X H-Series 10-speed, 11-48t Chain TAYA 10-speed Crankset FSA Mega Arm set for Bosch, with FSA Mega Ring Steel, 38t Shifter microSHIFT Advent X Pro Brakes Rotors Tektro 4-piston M745, Tektro 6-bolt 180 mm Bottom Bracket N/A


Front Hub Novatec thru-axle, 36h, 15 x 110mm Rear Hub Novatec HG spline cassette hub, sealed bearing, thru-axle, 36h, 12 x 148 mm Spokes Stainless 14g Rim WTB i35 27.5 HTZ, 36h Tires Surly ExtraTerrestrial 27.5 x 2.5, Tubeless Ready, 60tpi

Complete bike spec subject to change

Select a few bike sizes to compare.

SIZE SM MD LG Rider Height



Head Tube Angle

Head Tube Length

Seat Tube Length

BB Drop


Chainstay Length

Top Tube Length, Effective

Seat Tube Angle

Standover Height

Stem Length

Stem Angle

Handlebar Width

Crank Length

Fork Length

Fork Rake

4’11–6’0 1498.6–1828.8 5’3–6’3 1600.2–1905 5’6–6’6 1676.4–1981.2
14.7 373 15.8 401 16.9 428
23.3 593 24.3 616 25.2 640
69° 69° 69°
6.3 160 7.3 185 8.3 210
17.5 445 17.5 445 19.7 500
2.4 60 2.4 60 2.4 60
45.4 1153 46.8 1190 48.3 1226
20.9 530 20.9 530 20.9 530
22.0 560 23.4 595 24.8 630
72.5° 72.5° 72.5°
27.9 709 29.3 743 30.7 780
2.4 60 2.8 70 3.1 80
28.3 718 28.9 735 28.9 735
6.7 170 6.9 175 6.9 175
16.5 420 16.5 420 16.5 420
2.0 50 2.0 50 2.0 50

Standover height measured at the center of the TT and based on a wheel diameter of 714.5mm

100% Surly Chromoly Steel, Natch tubing, double-butted main triangle, TIG welded, E.D. coated

100% Surly Chromoly Steel, Natch tubing, double-butted tapered fork blades, TIG welded, E.D. coated

12 x 148mm (Surly axle included)

15 x 110mm (Surly axle included)

Disc. 74mm Post (180-203mm rotor)

Disc. 51mm I.S. (203mm max rotor)

aventon, sinch, folding, electric, bike

26 x 2.6–3.0 w/o fender 26 x 2.6–2.8 w/ fender 27.5 x 2.0–2.8 w/o fender 27.5 x 2.0–2.6 w/ fender 29 x 1.5–2.2 w/o fender 29 x 1.5–2.0 w/ fender

26 x 2.5–3.0 w/o fender 26 x 2.5–2.8 w/ fender 27.5 x 2.0–2.8 w/o fender 27.5 x 2.0–2.6 w/ fender 29 x 1.5–2.2 w/o fender 29 x 1.5–2.0 w/ fender

1 Standard (S); 2 Standard (M–L)

Yes (M6 bosses for dedicated rack)

Yes (upper, lower, and mid-blade threaded)

Kickstand plate; Internal cable routing for dropper post, brake, derailleur and light; Dual Bosch PowerPack Battery Mounts

  • [1] Different tire and rim combinations will result in different clearances. [2] Depending on drivetrain configuration, tire clearance may be limited by the chain and not the frame.



  • Skidloader Framesheet[pdf]. 687 KB
  • Fork Instructions[pdf]. 1.5 MB
  • Skidloader Rear Rack Instructions[pdf]. 1.6 MB
  • Bosch Manual[pdf]. 16.4 MB
  • Skid Loader Dual Battery Instructions[pdf]. 4.2 MB
  • Bicycle Owner’s Manual[pdf]. 1.2 MB
  • Surly Bike Sizing Chart[pdf]. 308 KB


This Surly product is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for three years from the date of retail purchase of the product, subject to the limitations detailed below. Save your dated receipt for proof of purchase.

This warranty does NOT cover the following:

  • Damage due to improper assembly or follow-up maintenance or lack of skill, competence or experience of the user or assembler
  • Products that have been modified, neglected, used in competition or for commercial purposes, misused or abused, involved in accidents or anything other than normal use
  • Installation of components, parts or accessories not originally intended for or compatible with bicycle as sold
  • Damage or deterioration to the paint, surface finish, aesthetics or appearance of the product
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Labor required to remove and/or refit and re-adjust the product within the bicycle assembly
aventon, sinch, folding, electric, bike

This limited warranty is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of a defective product, at the option of Surly, and is the sole remedy of the warranty. This limited warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the Surly product and is not transferrable. This warranty applies only to products purchased through an authorized dealer or distributor. In no event shall Surly be liable for any loss, inconvenience or damage, whether direct, incidental, consequential, or otherwise resulting from breach of any express or implied warranty or condition, of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or otherwise with respect to our products except as set forth herein.

This limited warranty gives the consumer specific legal rights, and those rights and other rights may vary from place to place. This limited warranty does not affect your statutory rights.


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