Aventon Pace 500 Review 2022. Pace 500 ebike

Aventon Review: Are Aventon Bikes Actually Any Good?

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Originally a bike brand that sold fixed-gear bicycles, in recent years Aventon has pivoted to selling electric bikes.

Their eye-catching, yet slick website is very professional and packed with all the information you could ever want when purchasing an electric bike.

But are Aventon e-bikes actually any good? In this article, we lift the lid on the Aventon brand and learn more about this manufacturer.

Are Aventon E-Bikes Good?

Aventon electric bikes aim to strike the right balance between high-end performance and a design more suited to beginner riders. Their first e-bike, the Pace 500, was a cruiser bike anyone would find comfortable to ride, but crucially, with features like puncture-resistant tyres, integrated batteries and a quickly adjustable riding position, Aventon e-bikes aren’t too basic for the enthusiast either.

Since releasing the Pace 500 electric bike in 2018, Aventon has released many more electric bikes to great acclaim. 2020 was a critical year for the brand. That year saw a US warehouse move and the introduction of the Aventon Level, a commuter e-bike and the Sinch, a folding fat-tyred electric bike.

It’s clear that Aventon is keeping up with electric bike development too. The latest iteration of the Pace 500 features a torque sensor, a unit which senses how much power a rider is putting through the pedals, rationing or increasing the assistance in the e-bike motor accordingly. By doing this a torque sensor on an e-bike makes the ride feel more natural.

Other new features, such as rear lights fully integrated into the frame of the bike, illustrate that Aventon is consistently on the hunt for the next feature that makes their e-bikes better, more fun or more versatile to ride.

Is Aventon a Good Brand?

Electric bikes should be for everyone, no matter where, how far or how often they ride, so it’s pleasing to see Aventon offer a variety of different e-bikes to suit different tastes and demands.

With over 5 years of e-bike expertise in the bank, you can buy an Aventon e-bike safe in the knowledge that many people before you have thrown a leg over one and ridden off with a small on their face.

One of the best electric fat bikes around, the Aventon Aventure is for the outdoor enthusiast who wants to experience everything no matter what the terrain.

Our favourite Aventon electric bike is the Commuter. There are various iterations available to suit different wallets and the bike is powerful and fast enough thanks to a 500W motor. It’d make a great bike to speed to work on and with lights, mudguards and a pannier rack you can do that in all weathers, year-round.

If you’re after an electric bike that looks like a motorbike, you might be out of luck with Aventon – most of their frame designs are traditional in the ‘bicycle’ sense of the word.

Where Are Aventon Bikes Made?

Like the majority of bicycle brands these days, Aventon with its commercial base in the US produces its goods in China. That’s not a slant on Aventon, indeed, China (amongst other countries it has to be said) is a leader in electric bike manufacturing. Plus, with other bicycle component manufacturers located nearby, Aventon can make the most of expertise and knowledge from brands like Shimano.

Unlike other US brands building their bikes in China, Aventon owns and runs its factory. Whilst that might seem a small detail, it’s actually quite important for us as end users.

By owning their production facility, rather than using a third party, Aventon has greater manufacturing autonomy enabling them to produce better, potentially more unique bikes than their competition.

Plus this way, Aventon can quickly push out pre-production models for testing and improvement. The release of Aventon’s first electric cargo bike, the Abound, is a great example of this.

In the US Aventon distinguishes itself from some other electric bike brands by having a solid dealer network throughout the country. With over 1,000 bike shops across the US and Canada stocking Aventon e-bikes, it’s easy to go and see one in the flesh or give it a test ride.

Like the majority of electric bike retailers in the USA, Aventon also retails online. Choose to have a new Aventon electric bike delivered to your door and you can take advantage of 3-5 business day lead times.

Aventon currently ships to 48 of the 52 US states. From their website it’s not immediately clear which it does not send to, so be sure to check with Aventon directly before shopping.

Paying for an Aventon e-bike via their website is easy with various cards accepted, as well as lower monthly payments via Affirm.

Buying an e-bike online in the UK or the EU? Aventon electric bikes are sold via BLB and a number of independent bike shops.

Aventon Bikes Review

What are the reviews like for Aventon electric bikes? Well if the aventon.com website is anything to go by, they’re pretty top-notch. Our favourite e-bike of theirs, the Commuter has over 2800 reviews, with a staggering 77% of those 5 stars. When purchasers are talking about easy setup, a great range between charges and “zero regrets on their purchase!”

Best Aventon Electric Bikes

Available as a standard frame and a step-through, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a ride that won’t suit the Aventure.2.

At home on city streets, this electric bike is fast and nimble to ride, plus at 43lbs it can easily be shouldered up to an office or flat.

Sold in both step over and step through designs, as well as two different frame sizes, there will be a Level.2 to suit you.

For those returning to the saddle the Sinch is a good option. Comfortable and dependable to ride, the steering is reassuring and the wide tyres and suspension fork deliver comfort.

Includes the very best of Aventon. Powerful hub motor, integrated batteries, clear on-board display and excellent frame finishes.

Listed with a total weight limit of 440lbs, the Abound is ready to take whatever you wish from A, to B and back again.

Aventon Pace 500 Review 2022

With a gallon of gas costing more than a gallon of milk, there are people across the country looking at parking their car for whole days at a time. And who can blame them? For those who want a bike that will be fun to ride but maybe let them do some commuting or run the odd errand, the Aventon Pace 500 is an electric bike that prizes functionality and simplicity against a terrific price.

When it comes to riding instead of driving there are a couple of realities to weigh. The first is that most of us don’t like riding bikes in the rain. Commuting in the rain is some hardcore stuff and requires a level of organization for cleanup upon arrival at work that is more than some folks want to consider. Fenders aren’t nearly as necessary as we like to think. It’s easy enough to avoid most puddles.

Another reality is that for most people a backpack can carry everything someone might be taking into an office or other workplace. A backpack that holds a change of clothes, some baby wipes and a laptop will cover the needs of most riders.

We do think that lights are key. Fading light is one of the times of day when visibility can be toughest. Bright lights shouldn’t be considered an accessory, but a necessity.

The Aventon Pace 500 is a different take on a commuter bike than some of their competitors have taken and their unique approach results in a bike that balances features, price and comfort in a package that we find very compelling.

E-Bike Category: Commuter

Aventon Pace 500 E-Bike Specs

  • Battery: Removable Internal Lithium-ion 48V, 12.8Ah(614Wh) with LG Cells
  • Expected Range: 25-48 Miles Average
  • Charger: 48V 3 Amp Fast Charger, 4-5 Hour Charging
  • Motor: 500W brushless hub motor
  • Pedal Assist: Levels 1-5
  • Throttle: Thumb throttle
  • Display: LCD Smart Easy Read Display with Backlight, Colorful screen with app
  • Headlight: Included
  • Taillight: Included
  • Frame: 6061 alloy
  • Fork: 6061 aluminum
  • Kickstand: Included
  • Handlebars: Aluminum 15 Degree Sweptback
  • Grips: Ergonomic comfort
  • Drivetrain: 7-speed Shimano Altus
  • Brakes: Tektro HD-E350E hydraulic disk brakes, 180mm rotors front and rear
  • Pedals: 9/16″ Alloy Platform
  • Saddle: Aventon by SelleRoyal
  • Tires: 27.5×2.2″ Ebike Rated, Reflective Sidewalls


All ratings are relative to e-bikes of a similar style and price point

Speed/Acceleration 4.6
Hill Climbing 4.0
Battery Range 5.0
Braking 5.0
Construction Quality 4.5
Handling 4.7
Included Accessories 4.0
Warranty Customer Service 3.9
Value 4.5

In-Depth Aventon Pace 500 Review

Aventon Pace 500: Comfort, Handling, and Ride Qualities

The Aventon Pace 500 does an impressive job of blending the comfortable position of a cruiser with the handling of a commuter. This is a more impressive achievement than it may sound like. It’s a bit like finding an SUV with the handling and mileage of a sedan. Normally, the upright position of a cruiser requires that a bike have more gentle handling for reasons of balance and weight distribution, but with a few tweaks Aventon has created a bike that is both maneuverable and easy on the butt and shoulders.

A big, underestimated piece of comfort is being on a bike that fits. Even if the handlebar is several inches higher than the saddle, if a bike is too big for a rider they will be forced to lean way forward to reach the handlebar. The Aventon Pace 500 comes in two frame styles—traditional and step-thru. Both the traditional and step-thru frames are made in two sizes, effectively giving riders four sizes to choose from. Honestly, this is one of the bike’s very best features. This will be especially helpful to more diminutive people and anyone who ducks through doorways.

Commuters have an inherent need in handling. Getting to a place of work means dealing with driveways, sidewalks, slow-moving cars and pedestrians. Any of those can be a challenge to someone on a bicycle. Cruisers can be a challenge in these situations because their gentle handling can make them slow to react, which is not so helpful to dodging texting pedestrians. The Pace 500 goes where the rider points it without being so quick to react that it feels like a sports car.

The ride of the Pace 500 is a bit different than many similar bikes in that it doesn’t spec super-squishy tires or a suspension fork. With an aluminum fork and 27.5 x 2.2-in. tires, this e-bike has a snappy feel and rolls quickly.

Aventon Pace 500 Review: Motor, Battery, and Drivetrain Performance

For bikes in this price range, a 500W brushless hub motor is fairly standard. It produces enough power to speed riders up to the Class 3 max speed of 28 mph, something that it manages in part because its top gear is big enough for people to pedal at a reasonable cadence at 28 mph, rather than have their legs whirring like a blender.

The fully integrated, 614Wh battery is positioned well in the frame, helping to lower the bike’s center of gravity, which improves its handling. Lots of weight down low makes a bike easy to maneuver, without being squirrelly.

The Pace 500 received a number of upgrades recently, and one of the more significant ones was in its drivetrain. The big change was at the rear wheel, with a switch from seven speeds to eight. One more cog is nice enough, but what is significant is that it now has a wider range of gears, giving it both more high-end and low-end. The design of the rear wheel changed as well, to one that better supports the rear axle, making for a stronger wheel overall.

Aventon Pace 500 Review: Braking, Safety, Customer Service Warranty

Any bike that has the capability of going 28 mph needs to have solid brakes in order to give the rider a short enough stopping distance to feel like they are in control. The Tektro hydraulic discs with 180mm rotors do just that. It’s a powerful brake perfect for threading obstacles.

To be safe on a bike, step one is control, i.e., brakes. Step two is being seen. The Aventon Pace 500 comes with front and rear lights and the rear lights are integrated into the frame and light up when the brakes are applied. It gives the bike a very stylish look.

The responsiveness of a company’s customer service can be hard to judge until someone actually has a problem. However, a quick look at their reviews show less than 2 percent of all bikes received bad reviews and in each instance they engaged with the reviewer in an effort to resolve the issue. This is especially encouraging because some companies simply delete all bad reviews.

We were honestly surprised to see just how good Aventon’s warranty is; it’s comparable to what used to be the warranty for big bike companies like Trek. The Pace 500 has a lifetime warranty to the original owner on the frame and fork, while the components are protected for a year. It’s the best warranty we’ve seen (so far) from an e-bike in this price range.

Aventon Pace 500 Review: Smartphone App

Aventon is one of a handful of e-bike makers that offers a smartphone app to give users more control over the functionality of their bike. Impressively, they didn’t punt on this and introduce only iOS or Android; they have both.

The app gives riders the opportunity to track their rides, from distance covered, average pace, calories burned and more. There’s a social media component made up of other Aventon owners posting pictures and rides. There’s also a page where a number of the e-bike’s settings.

One criticism we have of some e-bikes is that the PAS levels can be poorly set. We’ve seen PAS 1 be too weak to offer any noticeable assistance as well as too small a jump in assistance from one level to another. With the app, those parameters can be adjusted as well as setting a maximum speed, such as if a rider wants to make sure their bike performs as a Class 2 and not as a Class 3 bike due to local laws.

Aventon Pace 500 Review: Recommendation/Final Verdict

When we look at the various features that make the Aventon Pace 500 a bike worth recommending, we take note of the solid motor, excellent battery, powerful brakes and wide-range drivetrain. Those are, together, reason enough to recommend the Pace 500. That said, one of the bike’s very best features is something no one can pick up from looking at the bike: the fact that it comes in four sizes.

For someone of relatively average height, plenty of bikes exist to choose from. However, people at the extremes of height, either very tall or very petite, will have trouble fitting any bike that comes in just one size. This bike ought to kill with gymnasts and basketball players.

We also love the fact that this is a bike that doesn’t do backflips to make the rider more comfortable. This is a bike that gives a zippier, crisper feel on the road, which is more of the feel we had on the bikes we rode as kids. The aluminum fork helps give a great sense of road feel. Think BMW, rather than Lexus.

This isn’t a perfect bike, not by any means. However, for it to be a better bike, it would have to be more expensive, more than 2000 in order to make the upgrades noticeable. When we consider all this bike offers and the fact that it is 1699, we can’t really do enough to stress what a terrific value this bike is.

Thank you for reading through our review of the Aventon Pace 500. Still have further questions? Wondering how it compares to a similar bike? Let us know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below!

Aventon Pace 500 Electric Bike Review: Good for Beginners, Great for Advanced Riders

The Aventon Pace 500 is a great bikes for riders of all types. Here is or full review on it that includes its specs and pricing.

Many electric bikes on the market cater to price, power, or comfort, but the Aventon Pace 500 aims to check all three boxes. The Pace 500 is powerful with its 500W continuous motor, it’s comfortable with its plush seat, and affordable with its 1,699 price tag. I had the opportunity to test out the Aventon Pace 500 and was impressed with everything it offered.

The Aventon Pace 500 is good for beginners

If you’re just getting started in the world of e-bikes and don’t care about disc brakes or an 8-speed shifter, then I recommend checking out the Aventon Solterra. It comes in a single-speed configuration and is far easier to get on and go. However, if you would rather have an electric bike that has everything you need as you become more familiar with it, then the Aventon Pace 500 has it.

I say that because, admittedly, I’m a complete newbie when it comes to bikes, in general. I drive cars, so having 8 speeds means something a little different to me. Although, I did find the Pace 500 easy to manage despite my ignorance. I figured out that leaving it in third or fourth gear would suffice for most of the roads that I put it on and that shifting should only be done when you’re not pedaling.

aventon, pace, review, 2022, ebike

After getting used to the e-bike, I put the Pace 500 through its paces on the street, in a park, and even on a little off-road trail. Some shoppers may be turned off by the Pace 500’s lack of suspension. However, I will say that I found it to be comfortable on every surface I put it on. I commend the 27.5-inch by 2.2-inch-wide tires for that, in addition to the Selle Royal saddle that provided a lot of cushioning. Even after around 5 miles of riding, I didn’t feel saddle sore.

On top of that, I noticed that the ergonomics of the bike make it easy to ride. The high handlebar, which is adjustable, made me sit straighter, further attributing to the bike’s overall comfort.

The Pace 500 is great for advanced riders

If you’re more well-versed in e-bikes than I am, then you’re sure to like the Aventon Pace 500’s other components. Its 27.5-inch wheels are wrapped in Kenda tires that have plenty of grip. There are also two-piston Tektro hydraulic disc brakes for stopping power. I will say that they work well and bite hard, although I did feel there was a little too much travel in the hand brake.

As for the 500W motor, it picks up quickly, and with a quiet whirr, it scoots the bike along to different speeds depending on which level you put it on. The Pace 500 is a Class 3 e-bike, so it can get up to a top speed of 28 mph on Level 5. It also has a 47-mile maximum range depending on how much power you draw from the motor. And when you get tired of pedaling, there’s a throttle that will power the bike up to 20 mph.

I will say that it’s quite the treat when you’re going up hills or need that extra boost to get around other bikes or people on the road. Additionally, the little LCD screen is easy-to-use and toggle through. You can even download an app that tracks your biking distance and other stats.

The Aventon Pace 500 not only rides well but it’s built well too

Riding aside, one thing I have to commend Aventon for is its meticulousness when building its e-bikes. I like that the Pace 500 has its 48-volt battery and tail lights integrated into the frame.

Even the brake and battery power lines are tucked into the frame for a cleaner, more protective design. The design of the e-bike itself is sleek and modern-looking; you would never guess that it weighs over 50 pounds.

aventon, pace, review, 2022, ebike

Aventon also had me try out the Aventon Fanttik portable air pump, which comes with three different adapters for different types of equipment. Fortunately, the Pace 500 uses Shrader valves, so pumping up the tires was easy. The interface on the pump was also easy to use; just set the desired PSI, push the button, and let the pump do the work.

Side note: The pump is pretty loud when in use, so warn your neighbors before doing so.

The Pace 500 provides everything you need in a commuter e-bike

While there are plenty of e-bikes on the market to choose from, I will say that the Aventon Pace 500 has everything you could need in a commuter bike. I know it sounds cliché, but it’s true. It has 8 gears to get you through any terrain, a powerful motor to get you up hills, and comfortable ergonomics to keep you happy the whole way.

As for pricing, I think the 1,699 retail price is fair in comparison to other e-bikes on the market. Also, if you don’t like swinging your leg high over the bike’s seat, then Aventon also makes a step-through version of the Pace 500.

But no matter which style you choose, I think that the Aventon Pace 500 should definitely be high on your shortlist if you’re shopping for an e-bike. After all, it checks all of the boxes.

What to know about Aventon Pace E-Bikes

The all-new Aventon Pace brings upgrades to a tried and tested lineup of city cruisers. Explore this comprehensive guide and find out what’s different between the Pace 500 and Pace 350. Launched as Aventon’s original ebike, this flagship urban model continues to impress.

What are Aventon Pace Electric Bikes?

The Pace can be thought of as the Swiss Army knife within Aventon’s ebike range. robust than the Soltera and with extra versatility compared to the Level, the Pace is designed for all types of city riding. Choose between the 500W or 350W motor options to give you a boost during commutes or weekend joyrides.

Aventon Pace 500 E-Bike

The Pace 500 is an urban ebike that packs a punch. The relaxed frame geometry combines with a more powerful 500W motor to transform this comfortable cruiser into a city workhorse. It’s the ideal Aventon bicycle ideal for faster commuting and recreational rides.

aventon, pace, review, 2022, ebike

Aventon Pace 350 E-Bike

The next-gen Pace 350 is Aventon’s cruiser-style ebike for urban riders on a budget. This Class 2 model strikes the perfect balance between comfort and power and comes loaded with useful features for city riding. For the money, the Pace 350 outperforms rival ebikes due to its reliable components and sleek urban look.

Who are Aventon Pace E-Bikes ideal for?

Built with urban and recreational cyclists in mind, the Pace is a comfortable, cruiser-style ebike that thrives on city streets, local paths, boardwalks and more. If you’re on the hunt for a do-it-all ebike to ride on your commute as well as weekend outings, the Pace is a sure bet. Its relaxed geometry and optional step-through frame are great for city riders looking for a more comfortable setup.

Aventon Pace Main Features

Pace Specs

The Aventon Pace is both built around a 6061 aluminum alloy frame and 27.5” wheels. The Pace 500 and 350 both share 2.2” puncture resistance tires with reflective sidewalls. Stay visible with integrated taillights and a bright headlight and for stress-free commuting, the Pace is compatible with a rear rack and fenders.

The Pace 350 features mechanical disc brakes and 7-speed trigger shifting. The main upgrades to the Pace 500 include hydraulic disc brakes and 8-speed gearing. At 52 lbs, the Pace 500 weighs a tad more than the 49-pound Pace 350. Both ebikes come outfitted with a cadence sensor and a Selle Royal saddle.

Pace Geometry

The Pace is available with a standard frame or step-through geometry. It’s appropriate for riders between 5’1” and 6’4” and they can choose between two frame sizes for the right fit.

The upright, cruiser-style frame combines with swept-back handlebars to achieve a relaxed sitting position. The Pace 500 is Aventon’s only bike with an adjustable stem for an even more comfortable and fine-tuned posture. The step-through option has a shorter reach and much lower standover height to facilitate getting on and off the bike.

Pace Battery Motor

The Pace 350 gets its name from its 350W rear hub motor that can reach speeds up to 20mph. Riders can toggle between five pedal assist levels and the throttle mode. The 11.6Ah lithium-ion battery is neatly integrated into the downtube and provides a 40 mile range.

The bigger sibling of the 350, the Pace 500 boasts a more powerful motor and larger 12.8Ah battery. The 28mph top speed is faster than the 350, but the two models have the same range. Both ebikes connect to a color display mounted to the handlebars, as well as the Aventon bike app, to easily track ride metrics and battery levels.

Aventon Pace FAQs

How much does the Aventon Pace 500 weigh?

The Aventon Pace 500 weighs 52 lbs.

How to remove battery on Aventon Pace 500?

The 12.8Ah lithium-ion battery can be removed by unlocking the battery with the key and pulling to remove it from the downtube.

How to charge Aventon Pace 500?

The battery can be charged on or off of the bike. Simply plug the charger into the charging port and connect the charger to an outlet— a full charge takes about 4-5 hours.

How to assemble Aventon Pace 500?

The Pace ebike comes mostly assembled and Aventon provides written instructions and video tutorials to complete the final steps of the assembly process.

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