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Aventon Review: Are Aventon Bikes Actually Any Good?

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Originally a bike brand that sold fixed-gear bicycles, in recent years Aventon has pivoted to selling electric bikes.

Their eye-catching, yet slick website is very professional and packed with all the information you could ever want when purchasing an electric bike.

But are Aventon e-bikes actually any good? In this article, we lift the lid on the Aventon brand and learn more about this manufacturer.

Are Aventon E-Bikes Good?

Aventon electric bikes aim to strike the right balance between high-end performance and a design more suited to beginner riders. Their first e-bike, the Pace 500, was a cruiser bike anyone would find comfortable to ride, but crucially, with features like puncture-resistant tyres, integrated batteries and a quickly adjustable riding position, Aventon e-bikes aren’t too basic for the enthusiast either.

Since releasing the Pace 500 electric bike in 2018, Aventon has released many more electric bikes to great acclaim. 2020 was a critical year for the brand. That year saw a US warehouse move and the introduction of the Aventon Level, a commuter e-bike and the Sinch, a folding fat-tyred electric bike.

It’s clear that Aventon is keeping up with electric bike development too. The latest iteration of the Pace 500 features a torque sensor, a unit which senses how much power a rider is putting through the pedals, rationing or increasing the assistance in the e-bike motor accordingly. By doing this a torque sensor on an e-bike makes the ride feel more natural.

Other new features, such as rear lights fully integrated into the frame of the bike, illustrate that Aventon is consistently on the hunt for the next feature that makes their e-bikes better, more fun or more versatile to ride.

Is Aventon a Good Brand?

Electric bikes should be for everyone, no matter where, how far or how often they ride, so it’s pleasing to see Aventon offer a variety of different e-bikes to suit different tastes and demands.

With over 5 years of e-bike expertise in the bank, you can buy an Aventon e-bike safe in the knowledge that many people before you have thrown a leg over one and ridden off with a small on their face.

One of the best electric fat bikes around, the Aventon Aventure is for the outdoor enthusiast who wants to experience everything no matter what the terrain.

Our favourite Aventon electric bike is the Commuter. There are various iterations available to suit different wallets and the bike is powerful and fast enough thanks to a 500W motor. It’d make a great bike to speed to work on and with lights, mudguards and a pannier rack you can do that in all weathers, year-round.

If you’re after an electric bike that looks like a motorbike, you might be out of luck with Aventon – most of their frame designs are traditional in the ‘bicycle’ sense of the word.

Where Are Aventon Bikes Made?

Like the majority of bicycle brands these days, Aventon with its commercial base in the US produces its goods in China. That’s not a slant on Aventon, indeed, China (amongst other countries it has to be said) is a leader in electric bike manufacturing. Plus, with other bicycle component manufacturers located nearby, Aventon can make the most of expertise and knowledge from brands like Shimano.

Unlike other US brands building their bikes in China, Aventon owns and runs its factory. Whilst that might seem a small detail, it’s actually quite important for us as end users.

By owning their production facility, rather than using a third party, Aventon has greater manufacturing autonomy enabling them to produce better, potentially more unique bikes than their competition.

Plus this way, Aventon can quickly push out pre-production models for testing and improvement. The release of Aventon’s first electric cargo bike, the Abound, is a great example of this.

In the US Aventon distinguishes itself from some other electric bike brands by having a solid dealer network throughout the country. With over 1,000 bike shops across the US and Canada stocking Aventon e-bikes, it’s easy to go and see one in the flesh or give it a test ride.

Like the majority of electric bike retailers in the USA, Aventon also retails online. Choose to have a new Aventon electric bike delivered to your door and you can take advantage of 3-5 business day lead times.

Aventon currently ships to 48 of the 52 US states. From their website it’s not immediately clear which it does not send to, so be sure to check with Aventon directly before shopping.

Paying for an Aventon e-bike via their website is easy with various cards accepted, as well as lower monthly payments via Affirm.

Buying an e-bike online in the UK or the EU? Aventon electric bikes are sold via BLB and a number of independent bike shops.

Aventon Bikes Review

What are the reviews like for Aventon electric bikes? Well if the aventon.com website is anything to go by, they’re pretty top-notch. Our favourite e-bike of theirs, the Commuter has over 2800 reviews, with a staggering 77% of those 5 stars. When purchasers are talking about easy setup, a great range between charges and “zero regrets on their purchase!”

Best Aventon Electric Bikes

Available as a standard frame and a step-through, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a ride that won’t suit the Aventure.2.

At home on city streets, this electric bike is fast and nimble to ride, plus at 43lbs it can easily be shouldered up to an office or flat.

Sold in both step over and step through designs, as well as two different frame sizes, there will be a Level.2 to suit you.

For those returning to the saddle the Sinch is a good option. Comfortable and dependable to ride, the steering is reassuring and the wide tyres and suspension fork deliver comfort.

Includes the very best of Aventon. Powerful hub motor, integrated batteries, clear on-board display and excellent frame finishes.

Listed with a total weight limit of 440lbs, the Abound is ready to take whatever you wish from A, to B and back again.

Aventon Pace 500 Electric Bike Review

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SUMMARY REVIEW: Aventon Pace 500

Like many other city e-bikes, the Aventon Pace 500 sets out to provide you a ride that strikes the right balance of comfort and power. After we’ve had a chance to review the Aventon Pace 500, we feel it largely achieved just that.

aventon, pace, electric, bike, review, ebike

The Aventon Pace 500 is a class 3 e-bike that has quality components, at a likable price. With hydraulic disc brakes, 28mph top speeds, and a comfortable riding position the Pace 500 feels like it should cost more than it actually does.

If you want to take in the views and smell the roses while maintaining comfort and control the Pace 500 is a great option for you to consider.

The Pace 500 is far more comfortable and capable than we were initially expecting for its price point. If we have learned one thing from the Pace 500, it’s to not judge a bike by its cost – some really great bikes can be found at affordable prices.


  • The Pace 500 weighs only 49 pounds, the lighter weight is great for the bike’s handling, and it makes it easier to move around when off the bike too.
  • It was great to see that Aventon has equipped the Pace 500 with Tektro HD-T285 Hydraulic Disk Brakes while maintaining a low price point.
  • The sleek, stealthy, low profile design caught our eye, it’s definitely a good looking bike.
  • The riding position was easily changeable from city/commuter to cruiser with the adjustable stem.
  • The Aventon Pace 500 was quick, and easy for us to assemble out of the box.


  • The handlebar swoop may be a little too large for some riders, the cockpit may feel a little cramped because of all the components on the handlebar.
  • Battery: Lithium-ion 48V, 11.6Ah (556.8Wh) with Samsung Cells
  • Display: LCD Smart Easy Read Display with Backlight
  • Motor: 750W (Peak), 48V Brushless Rear Hub Motor 500W (Sustained)
  • Pedal Assist: 5 Levels
  • Range: 25-60mi
  • Throttle: Lever Throttle, Up to 20mph
  • Battery weight: 7.2lbs
  • Total bike weight: 49.8lbs
  • Maximum rider weight: 250lbs
  • Maximum load on rear rack: 50lbs
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 32.5in x 72in (height x length)
  • Brakes: Tektro HD-T285 Hydraulic Disc Brakes w/ 180mm Rotors
  • Fork: 6061 Aluminum Alloy, tapered
  • Frame: 6061 Double-Butted Aluminum Alloy
  • Gearing: Shimano Altus 8 Speed
  • Grips: Ergonomic Comfort
  • Handlebar: Aluminum 31.8 15 Degree Sweptback (640mm)
  • Kickstand: Yes
  • Pedals: 9/16″ Alloy Platform Square Tapered, Sealed
  • Tires: 27.5″ x 2.2″ Kenda Kwick Seven Sport, E-bike

Performance Review: Aventon Pace 500


If you are looking for the fastest acceleration we would recommend either purchasing the throttle-on-demand setup at checkout, or keeping it in PAS level 4 or 5.

Because of the 750w of max power, the Pace 500 will get up to speed quickly and smoothly without the rider having to strain. Whether you are using the Pace 500 as a city-cruiser, or commuter you’re going to have enough speed and acceleration to meet the criteria.

Shifting / Gear Range

The Pace 500 comes with a full Shimano Altus 8 Speed Drivetrain, everything from your cassette, to derailleur, to shifter is all Shimano Altus and it performs as well as we hoped it would.

The 8 speed shifter shifted crisply, and quickly which helped us stay in the right gear no matter the situation. The 8 gear range feels like plenty for the Pace 500, and you’re going to have to find an insanely steep hill if you want to use your granny gear.

A full Shimano Altus Drivetrain is definitely an appreciated touch to the Pace 500, it’s clear these components were meant to work in unicent with one another. Shimano parts are also easier to come by than some of the other component manufacturers, so if ever you’re in need, replacement parts will likely be at your local bike shop.

Handling (cornering, slow speeds, etc.)

The Pace 500 handles like a city/commuter bike when it comes to rolling speeds, braking power, and traction, and like a cruiser when it comes to the comfortable riding position, saddle, and grips.

Regardless of if you are on the city or cruiser side of things with your riding, you’ll likely appreciate the riding experience that the Pace 500 provides. Those who feel they are looking for a more “pure” commuter should check out our review of the Aventon Level.

Thanks to the 15 degree swept back handlebars, Velo Comfort Saddle, and ergonomic grips the Pace 500 is pretty comfortable, however that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be better. Because the Pace 500 is a fully rigid bike, riders must accept the tradeoff of having a lighter weight bike that will feel bumps in the trail or road a lot more than they would on a bike with some form of suspension.

For what the Pace 500 is intended for, we think a suspension seat post would be a nice addition to the bike as it would still keep the rider comfortable while still maintaining the efficiency and performance of a fully rigid bike.

Overall the Pace 500 is still quite comfortable to ride, and because of the adjustable stem riders should be able to find their preferred riding position for commuting or cruising.

Range test: Aventon Pace 500

With the Aventon Pace 500 falling somewhere between a city bike, and cruiser we were curious how many miles it would take to deplete the 48v 11.6ah battery from a full charge, and if the results would yield solid enough results to justify commuting on the Pace 500.

In short, commuting is easily justifiable considering we reached 26.04 miles, at an average speed of 21 mph on max pedal assist while pedaling the whole time.

And when we pedaled the Pace 500 on the lowest assist level, we reached 51.37 Miles, with an average speed of 12.5mph – that’s pretty quick considering how far our test rider went.

Whether you are commuting, or cruising on the Pace 500 you’ll have more than enough battery life to get to your desired destination, so don’t be afraid to put the pace through its paces… it’s going to last.

Those looking for an even longer battery life should check out the Aventon Level, which is stocked with the same motor, but has a 14ah battery as opposed to the Pace’s 11.6ah battery.

SPEC REVIEW: Electrical Components

The Aventon Pace 500 had enough power for us to feel like we were riding on flat ground as we climbed up some moderately steep hills. The Pace 500’s 48V brushless rear hub motor has 500W of sustained power, and 750W of peak power. We found this motor to be a great spec for flying up hills, and maintaining speed on the straight aways. As we’ve noticed in other Aventon e-bikes we’ve reviewed, Aventon seems to have finely tuned the Pace’s cadence sensor, as you can tell the motor engages and shuts off consistently and quickly which definitely adds some points to the safety of the Pace 500.

Powering the Pace 500’s motor is a lithium-ion 48V, 11.6Ah Samsung battery. Before we rode the Pace 500 we were wondering if it would die quickly when the bike was at peak power, or higher assistance levels because of it being 11.6Ah.

Thankfully, that wasn’t the case, and as mentioned in our range tests we got more than enough range out of the battery. Not only did we get a wide range, the battery also did a good job of staying cool as the ride heated up for us during warm-weather riding.

Pedal Assist

The Aventon Pace 500 comes with 5 total levels of pedal assistance, the fastest boosting you up to around 28mph. Because we like to go fast, lots of our riding was done in PASL 3 or above, but for those wanting a little bit more of a mellow pace PAS 1-2 does a great job of being subtle and only helping you when you need it. In all, having 5 levels of pedal assistance, and 8 gears will provide you with the perfect difficulty and speed ratio that you’re after.

Aventon gave us the option of testing the Pace 500 with a standard throttle-om-demand throttle or their throttle-after-pedal option. Because we were not as familiar with the TAP design that’s what we decided to test. Not being able to throttle from a standstill took some getting used to, but we could really see this feature coming in handy in regards to safety.

Because you have to pedal first, there is no way you can accidentally hit the throttle unless you are already riding. Those who want to use the Pace 500 as more of a cruiser will likely prefer the TAP design, but those planning to do their daily commute on the Pace 500 will likely want the benefits of a standard throttle-om-demand design.

We like that Aventon has done this, not only does it show they care, it also shows they are thinking about all the minor details that add up into the bike. The only thing we would like to see different is having the TOD and TAP setup become a setting that’s programmable via the display. If riders had the option to switch between the two seamlessly we see this feature being that much more useful.

The LCD Easy Read Smart Display comes with a backlight, and all the information and data you’ll want to see on your ride. This display is not the most visually appealing, but it gets the job done when it comes to the utility of it.

While the display shows you everything you need to know (speed, battery life, total miles, etc) we feel the display’s format and visuals are slightly lower tier than the rest of the Pace 500. Yes, we know that the Pace 500 is a 1500 e-bike and they have to save money somewhere, but a display with a wider color range and more “Aventonesque” layout would definitely add to the overall looks, and experience of the Pace 500 in our opinion.

Aventon Pace 500 Throttle

Components and Accessories

Hydraulic Disc Brakes on a 1500 e-bike? Yes, you heard correctly! Aventon has managed to equip the Pace 500 with Tektro HD-T285 Hydraulic Disc Brakes w/ 180mm Rotors while still keeping the price point competitive.

With the Pace 500 easily exceeding speeds of 25mph, stopping power is crucial, and it appears that Aventon was definitely conscious of that based on the brakes they’ve provided consumers with.

We liked the Tektro HD-T285 Brakes for a few reasons. They stop you on a dime and provide great modulation with how hard or soft the caliper grabs the rotor. We also liked having these brakes because Tektro is a well-established company in the biking industry, which means replacement parts shouldn’t be hard to come by as some smaller component companies.

Your local bike shop also is likely to have a Tektro Bleed Kit for when your brakes begin to lose their power. In summary, the HD-T285’s are good value and easy to maintain/service thanks to Tektro being well established in the biking industry.

The Pace 500 has a tapered, fully rigid 6061 alloy fork that fits the rest of the Pace 500s low profile, stealthy theme nicely. Because the fork is fully rigid, it was very responsive and snappy in its handling and steerpath when on road.

It also helps with the efficiency of the bike, as none of your pedal stroke is soaked up by suspension bobbing up and down. While the rigidity helps with those things, it also makes the Pace 500 a tad bit more bumpy when on rougher surfaces. We don’t see this as a con or flaw by any means – it’s just the tradeoff being made for lightweight, city-oriented bikes, but it is definitely something worth noting. If you stick to road-like surfaces, you’re going to be just fine with the rigid fork. If you insist on doing off road trails and roads look into something with front suspension at the very least.

The stealthy frame consists of 6061 double-butted aluminum alloy. What is double-butted aluminum alloy you ask? Double-butted alloy is an engineering/manufacturing technique where the alloy tubes are thicker at their ends/merging points for additional strength but thinner in the middle to save weight overall. Because of this the Pace 500 is below 50 pounds, but just as structurally sound as its heavier competitors.

With subtle logos, and a minimalistic approach we think that most consumers are really going to dig the design of the Pace 500’s frame. This frame design also uses a semi-integrated battery which is definitely preferred over a “piggyback” design where the battery is bolted to the frame.

The Pace 500 has a full Shimano Altus 8 Speed Drivetrain, which means the cassette, derailleur, and shifter are all the same tier, and because of this work really well together. The shifting was very immediate and because of that we had a smoother ride overall.

It makes sense to have everything match, but you’d be surprised about how many companies cut costs by putting a lower tier shifter, on a higher-end drivetrain. Aventon hasn’t taken the approach of some of their counterparts, and that is definitely to the consumer’s benefit.

Grips and Saddle

Keeping you fresh at the contact points are a Velo Plush Saddle, and ergonomic Grips. The Velo Plush Saddle is 245mm wide which is definitely more on the cruiser end of the spectrum. Because of the saddle width your body weight will be more evenly distributed on your sit bones than on a smaller saddle, and you won’t get saddle sore near as quickly.

The ergonomic grips feel natural to hold on to and they fit the anatomy of the human hand really well because of the way they’re shaped. The grips are a semi-soft rubber compound that we feel a lot of people will find to be comfortable.

Aventon Pace 500 Hub Motor

Aventon Pace 500 Drivetrain

Taking some influence from cruiser style bikes, the Pace 500 has 640mm handlebars with a 15 degree backsweep that is great for staying upright on your ride. Our test riders with more of a mountain bike background who are used to wide, straight bars felt a little bit “cramped” when riding the Pace 500 at first, but after getting used to the Pace 500 all of them felt okay with the cockpit layout.

We liked that Aventon went with a swept back handlebar for the Pace 500, as they already have a commuter style bike with straight handlebars (the Level). Those who value comfort and an upright riding position will probably appreciate the 15 degree backsweep of the Pace 500’s handlebar.

The Pace 500 comes with alloy platform pedals that have “fixing pins” to keep your feet from slipping off of the pedal. Nothing is worse than a metal pedal to the shin, so having the pins for additional traction and control was very much appreciated. These pedals also come with orange reflectors to help with visibility to others when riding.

What’s fast rolling, e-bike rated, puncture resistant, and reflective? The Kenda Kwick 27.5 x 2.2 tires of course! Kenda has designed the Kwick series to be perfect on road e-bike tires, as they come with K-Shield puncture protection, reflective sidewalls, and a versatile tread pattern.

We’ve had great luck with these tires, even at slightly lower pressures nothing punctured the casing. This was very much appreciated, as changing flats on the rear wheels that have a rear hub motor is no easy feat. Tires are always interchangeable too, so if you want something a little more off road oriented, you can definitely find a tire that will fit your needs.

Summary review / where to buy

After putting the Pace 500 through its paces on long rides, steep hills, and cruising through town we have concluded that the Pace 500 is truly a great value for the price point it’s listed at. In e bikes below 2000 especially, quality and performance can range drastically from brand to brand.

What you get for the money you pay can vary quite a bit from bike to bike. With the Pace 500 being around 1500, we didn’t know if it was going to perform to the standards set by some of Aventons higher tier models, but we were pleasantly surprised.

The Pace 500 felt more than ready for all city and cruiser riding, and despite no suspension, the Pace 500 rolled respectively smoothly over all the on-road terrain we rode it on. It’s clear to us that Aventon cares about the fine details of their bikes, and it definitely is apparent when riding their bikes around.

From stocking a 1500 bike with hydraulic disc brakes, to giving the consumer two options for the throttle setup it’s clear they care, and because of this we see Aventon maintaining their well-established reputation in the industry for years to come.

The Pace 500 didn’t feel like a pure city or cruiser bike, it fell somewhere between the two. It’s capable of commuter speeds and handling, but still has a more leisure-oriented geometry than a pure commuter would. Because of this, it’s up to you how you use the Pace 500, and as long as you’re not mountain biking you’ll likely be pretty satisfied with the experience this bike offers.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Aventon Pace 500 you can buy directly from their website at the button below:

No bike is perfect, and there were a couple of things we would like to see implemented, or changed for future models. Namely being to have the throttle variations be a programmable setting on the bike as opposed to the bike having one throttle, or the other. We are sure that there are plenty of people who would want to try both throttle designs before deciding, and having the option to swap between the two would help loads with setting up the bike for your needs and preferences.

It would also be good to see a more vivid LCD display with a wider color range in future models, while the current display isn’t bad, it also isn’t screaming “quality” at us like lots of the other components on the Pace 500. Even if it raises the price slightly, we feel a higher-end display would tie together the experience of the bike a lot better. At the end of the day though, these are mostly minor gripes on what is otherwise an outstanding ride.

With Aventon’s history in the fixie scene, owning their own manufacturing facilities, and their reputable customer support, it’s clear to us that Aventon is doing what they can do to get you a quality bike at a good price point. They also back up their bikes with a 5-year warranty on manufacturing defects, and a 1-year warranty on all electrical, and mechanical components.

In all, it was great to see Aventon does not take shortcuts even on their more budget-oriented designs. With that being said, the Pace 500 is a great bike for those who want to cruise casually or navigate about the city on their way to work.

Aventon Pace 500 Next-Gen Review: The Most Versatile eBike on the Market?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post containing affiliate links. We received compensation and courtesy product from Aventon in exchange for our honest review only. All opinions expressed here are our own. Learn more.

Looking for a versatile ebike means sifting through an onslaught of different brands and models. Finding the right one with all the features you want is a nightmare.

With their Pace 500 Next-Gen, Aventon thinks they’ve hit the sweet spot between comfort, price, and power. We spun the wheels on it to see if they nailed it or not and help you decide if it’s right for you.

Bottom line: The Pace 500 Next-Gen is a remarkably sleek, comfortable, and powerful cruiser with an impressive top speed and range for its price point.

  • The Pace 500 Next-Gen packs serious power and comfort
  • Delivers a 40-mile range and 28mph top speed
  • Features 5-levels of pedal assist and a throttle
  • Constructed with durable materials and puncture-proof tires
  • Offers a comfortable, up-right riding position
  • Assembly may not be easy for everyone
  • The back brakes squealed on harder stops
  • Lacks suspension or shocks

Everything is a mile or two from my house.

Walking is great, till you’re crunched for time and suddenly out for a sweaty, impromptu run.

Sadly, I like my face just a little too much to barrel downhill on a skateboard.

And after watching enough people whizz by on ebikes—having as much fun as a kid who grew just tall enough to ride a roller coaster—I caved in and got one.

I’ve been cruising around on Aventon’s Pace 500 Next-Gen, an ebike that’s touted as having the perfect balance between comfort, power, and price. I’ve noted pros, cons, and everything you’d possibly need to know about this ebike to decide if it’s for you.

Here’s where the rubber meets the road.

What is Aventon?

“Form. Freedom. Function.” is Aventon’s mantra and the approach they take in designing and executing every product they produce.

Aventon was founded in Los Angeles in 2012 by two friends with a fierce passion for and knowledge of the cycling industry.

Juanwei Zhang and Augusto Peraza III had an inkling that, even amidst a crowded and growing market, they could elevate ebike technology and performance to new heights.

Today, Aventon is one of the best makers of ebikes on the market, with a snazzy lineup of ebikes for various riding needs and styles. Aventon also sells equipment ranging from lights, locks, and helmets, to bags, baskets, and racks to deck out your ride exactly how you like.

In Spanish, “Aventón” means to “give a ride” or “a push,” a fitting name for the brand the founders envisioned.

Things to Consider Before Buying an eBike from Aventon

A great ebike gives you a serious boost that would toast an ordinary bicycle and come closer to matching the power of a basic moped.

Some ebikes only offer pedal assist, in which the motor is engaged to boost you forward and help you pedal. Others also offer a throttle, in which you can crank on a handle or knob to take off without pedaling at all.

Aventon makes seven different models with categories for commuting, fat tire, folding, off road, road cruise, and step-through.

Most of their ebikes have about a 40-mile range and top out at 28mph. All of Aventon’s ebikes feature sleek, ergonomic designs that are both comfortable and stylish.

Depending on the model, these ebikes are a terrific solution for guys looking to zip to and from work, do some off-roading, take a lounge set-up to the beach, or just explore their city on two wheels. This is a sporty commuter cruiser that toes the line between a performance ebike and something you can respectably wheel into the office.

The Pace 500 Next-Gen is the follow-up to Aventon’s original, award-winning Pace 500 and what I’ve been flying around on for the past couple of weeks. Keep reading for my detailed breakdown.

The Pace 500 Next-Gen is a remarkably sleek, comfortable, and powerful cruiser with an impressive top speed and range for its price point. If you’re new to ebikes but want to enter the game with some serious momentum, this bad boy serves up the ideal mix of features.

Aventon Pace 500 Next-Gen Review

I live in sunny Santa Barbara, California where we’ve got hills and trails, bumpy boardwalks, and sandy cement. I took the Pace 500 Next-Gen across all of it to see how it held up.

aventon, pace, electric, bike, review, ebike

Assembly First Impression

The Pace 500 Next-Gen comes in well, a really big box. I slid this onto my patio, cut it open, and laid out the various pieces.

The frame, rear tire and motor, and handlebars come as one piece, and the front tire and seat come as separate pieces. You’ll also find two small boxes. One houses the charger, the other houses the pedals and tools you’ll need to assemble this bad boy.

It took me about an hour and some change to fully assemble the bike, adjust it to my preferences, and double-check each nut and bolt were tight before I hit the streets.

There’s a printed manual you can reference or a handy QR code to scan directly inside the small box with the tools in it. The QR code leads you to a tutorial video. I opted for that, pausing the video as needed to complete each step in the sequence.

Most of the steps are fairly straightforward but there’s a couple to take extra care in.

When you lift the forks onto the front wheel, look between the two forks to be sure the tire is centered and going to spin smoothly. It might take a bit of finagling to get the wheel perfectly centered before you tighten down the lug nuts.

When you’re attaching the handlebars, make sure the height and angle feel comfortable for you and ensure they are aligned with the front tire before you tighten everything down.

Comfort, Handling Ride Quality

Soaring over train tracks like a getaway film.

Unlike some performance ebikes that force you to crouch forward and scrunch yourself up, the Pace 500 Next-Gen features an upright cruiser frame geometry that keeps your back straight.

Let the teenager punks enjoy their hunched-over performance models and stick to an upright seating position for a world of difference in terms of comfort and practicality. If you’re going to be biking for several miles at a time or wearing a tucked-in shirt, this is the way to go.

The pedal assist and throttle allow you to decide how much of a boost you want at any given time.

This ebike comes with curvy, s-shaped handlebars that look sporty and feel great to hold on to. In fact, the Pace 500 Next-Gen is Aventon’s only model with an adjustable stem, meaning you can raise and lower the handlebars to your ideal position.

This ebike is what’s called a fully rigid bike, which means it doesn’t have any shocks or form of suspension. This usually leads to a bumpier ride, but Aventon has smoothed it out with several features.

The 2.2” puncture-proof tires significantly soften your ride along with a cushy yet firm Velo Comfort saddle that provides ample support. But, since there isn’t any suspension or shocks on the front fork, I think a suspension seat would have been a simple add that would have better damped bumps or changes in terrain.

At 50lbs, this ebike is ridiculously light for the power and range it gives you, and you’ll appreciate that lightness around corners and up hills. It gives the Pace 500 Next-Gen a certain nimbleness that clunkier ebikes lack.

Launching forward on straight aways and quickly taking turns all while sitting upright is the bread and butter of the Pace 500 Next-Gen.

This has the comfort of a beach cruiser with the power and speed of any model on the market. If Tommy Bahama and Tesla teamed up to make an ebike, this might be it.

If you’re bumping around on two wheels for hours on end, you’ll want something cushy—trust us. Check out our picks of the most comfortable ebikes on the market.

Motor, Battery, and Drivetrain Performance

Ready to sink your teeth into the technical details and geek out a little?

When you lift up the hood, or excuse me, check the back tire, you’ll find a 48V, 500w brushless rear motor hub. This propels the ebike forward through the rear wheel and provides enough power that without pedaling, you can hit 20mph and stay there for 30 miles with just the throttle alone.

The battery is a removable lithium-ion 48V with LG cells that sits beautifully flush against the ebike and unlocks with a key to pop out for convenient charging. The battery on the first generation Pace 500 sat on top of the frame and stuck out like a sore thumb.

Visually, this is a big upgrade from this ebike’s predecessor. You can tell the Aventon team went to great lengths to fix this aesthetic and the result is a sleek, flush battery that flows with the shape of the frame.

Maybe it’s because I’ve only held the dainty battery of my electric shaver or because my roommate doesn’t let me get close to his electric car, but the Pace 500’s battery feels super substantial and well-built in your hands.

You are given two keys with each ebike to unlock the battery and slide it off the frame for charging. It typically takes only 4-5 hours to fully charge the battery.

The Pace 500 Next-Gen is equipped with a Shimano Altus 8-speed Drivetrain. If you haven’t heard of them, Shimano is an ultra-respected performance cycling manufacturer that’s been producing high-end cycling parts since 1921.

What’s worth noting is that Aventon didn’t cheap out on the good stuff. The cassette, derailleur, and shifter are all made by Shimano. This makes for smoother shifting, smoother pedaling, and really smoother everything.

Braking and Safety Features

One of the most impressive features about the Pace 500 Next-Gen is that it has hydraulic disk brakes. These can be costly to add on and aren’t typically found on more affordable ebikes.

Disk brakes give you a faster, more secure halt and are much better than the little rubber stopper breaks you’ve probably seen on cheaper bikes. That being said, fresh out of the box, the back breaks emitted a high-pitched squeal when I squeezed them slowly to a stop. I’m hoping this lets up as they “break” in (yeah, pun intended).

It’s recommended that you “bed in” new brakes to avoid that high-pitched squeal. Bedding in brakes is the process of heating up your brakes and cooling them down to even out the material and get rid of squeals or vibrations. You can do this by intentionally speeding up, then slowing back down with your brakes, using friction to create some heat.

The Pace 500 Next-Gen comes with integrated red tail lights that turn on when you brake and a 40 lux headlight that might make someone think a BMW is tailing them, until they turn around and realize they’re about to get burned by an ebike.

Smartphone App

By downloading the Aventon app, you can see where your ebike’s battery stands, track miles and rides, and even turn the headlight on and off remotely.

The app also features an odometer, total cycling time, total calories, max speed, average speed, and total C02 you’ve reduced by riding an ebike instead of driving.

Data on the app is synced through the color display screen on the center of the handlebars.

The app is a nice way to see how much you’ve been riding and track your ebike if it got stolen. Although, I wish Aventon designed a way to lock up the ebike through the app, which would add increased protection.

Aventon Pace 500 Review 2022

With a gallon of gas costing more than a gallon of milk, there are people across the country looking at parking their car for whole days at a time. And who can blame them? For those who want a bike that will be fun to ride but maybe let them do some commuting or run the odd errand, the Aventon Pace 500 is an electric bike that prizes functionality and simplicity against a terrific price.

When it comes to riding instead of driving there are a couple of realities to weigh. The first is that most of us don’t like riding bikes in the rain. Commuting in the rain is some hardcore stuff and requires a level of organization for cleanup upon arrival at work that is more than some folks want to consider. Fenders aren’t nearly as necessary as we like to think. It’s easy enough to avoid most puddles.

Another reality is that for most people a backpack can carry everything someone might be taking into an office or other workplace. A backpack that holds a change of clothes, some baby wipes and a laptop will cover the needs of most riders.

We do think that lights are key. Fading light is one of the times of day when visibility can be toughest. Bright lights shouldn’t be considered an accessory, but a necessity.

The Aventon Pace 500 is a different take on a commuter bike than some of their competitors have taken and their unique approach results in a bike that balances features, price and comfort in a package that we find very compelling.

E-Bike Category: Commuter

Aventon Pace 500 E-Bike Specs

  • Battery: Removable Internal Lithium-ion 48V, 12.8Ah(614Wh) with LG Cells
  • Expected Range: 25-48 Miles Average
  • Charger: 48V 3 Amp Fast Charger, 4-5 Hour Charging
  • Motor: 500W brushless hub motor
  • Pedal Assist: Levels 1-5
  • Throttle: Thumb throttle
  • Display: LCD Smart Easy Read Display with Backlight, Colorful screen with app
  • Headlight: Included
  • Taillight: Included
  • Frame: 6061 alloy
  • Fork: 6061 aluminum
  • Kickstand: Included
  • Handlebars: Aluminum 15 Degree Sweptback
  • Grips: Ergonomic comfort
  • Drivetrain: 7-speed Shimano Altus
  • Brakes: Tektro HD-E350E hydraulic disk brakes, 180mm rotors front and rear
  • Pedals: 9/16″ Alloy Platform
  • Saddle: Aventon by SelleRoyal
  • Tires: 27.5×2.2″ Ebike Rated, Reflective Sidewalls


All ratings are relative to e-bikes of a similar style and price point

Speed/Acceleration 4.6
Hill Climbing 4.0
Battery Range 5.0
Braking 5.0
Construction Quality 4.5
Handling 4.7
Included Accessories 4.0
Warranty Customer Service 3.9
Value 4.5

In-Depth Aventon Pace 500 Review

Aventon Pace 500: Comfort, Handling, and Ride Qualities

The Aventon Pace 500 does an impressive job of blending the comfortable position of a cruiser with the handling of a commuter. This is a more impressive achievement than it may sound like. It’s a bit like finding an SUV with the handling and mileage of a sedan. Normally, the upright position of a cruiser requires that a bike have more gentle handling for reasons of balance and weight distribution, but with a few tweaks Aventon has created a bike that is both maneuverable and easy on the butt and shoulders.

A big, underestimated piece of comfort is being on a bike that fits. Even if the handlebar is several inches higher than the saddle, if a bike is too big for a rider they will be forced to lean way forward to reach the handlebar. The Aventon Pace 500 comes in two frame styles—traditional and step-thru. Both the traditional and step-thru frames are made in two sizes, effectively giving riders four sizes to choose from. Honestly, this is one of the bike’s very best features. This will be especially helpful to more diminutive people and anyone who ducks through doorways.

Commuters have an inherent need in handling. Getting to a place of work means dealing with driveways, sidewalks, slow-moving cars and pedestrians. Any of those can be a challenge to someone on a bicycle. Cruisers can be a challenge in these situations because their gentle handling can make them slow to react, which is not so helpful to dodging texting pedestrians. The Pace 500 goes where the rider points it without being so quick to react that it feels like a sports car.

The ride of the Pace 500 is a bit different than many similar bikes in that it doesn’t spec super-squishy tires or a suspension fork. With an aluminum fork and 27.5 x 2.2-in. tires, this e-bike has a snappy feel and rolls quickly.

Aventon Pace 500 Review: Motor, Battery, and Drivetrain Performance

For bikes in this price range, a 500W brushless hub motor is fairly standard. It produces enough power to speed riders up to the Class 3 max speed of 28 mph, something that it manages in part because its top gear is big enough for people to pedal at a reasonable cadence at 28 mph, rather than have their legs whirring like a blender.

The fully integrated, 614Wh battery is positioned well in the frame, helping to lower the bike’s center of gravity, which improves its handling. Lots of weight down low makes a bike easy to maneuver, without being squirrelly.

The Pace 500 received a number of upgrades recently, and one of the more significant ones was in its drivetrain. The big change was at the rear wheel, with a switch from seven speeds to eight. One more cog is nice enough, but what is significant is that it now has a wider range of gears, giving it both more high-end and low-end. The design of the rear wheel changed as well, to one that better supports the rear axle, making for a stronger wheel overall.

Aventon Pace 500 Review: Braking, Safety, Customer Service Warranty

Any bike that has the capability of going 28 mph needs to have solid brakes in order to give the rider a short enough stopping distance to feel like they are in control. The Tektro hydraulic discs with 180mm rotors do just that. It’s a powerful brake perfect for threading obstacles.

To be safe on a bike, step one is control, i.e., brakes. Step two is being seen. The Aventon Pace 500 comes with front and rear lights and the rear lights are integrated into the frame and light up when the brakes are applied. It gives the bike a very stylish look.

aventon, pace, electric, bike, review, ebike

The responsiveness of a company’s customer service can be hard to judge until someone actually has a problem. However, a quick look at their reviews show less than 2 percent of all bikes received bad reviews and in each instance they engaged with the reviewer in an effort to resolve the issue. This is especially encouraging because some companies simply delete all bad reviews.

We were honestly surprised to see just how good Aventon’s warranty is; it’s comparable to what used to be the warranty for big bike companies like Trek. The Pace 500 has a lifetime warranty to the original owner on the frame and fork, while the components are protected for a year. It’s the best warranty we’ve seen (so far) from an e-bike in this price range.

aventon, pace, electric, bike, review, ebike

Aventon Pace 500 Review: Smartphone App

Aventon is one of a handful of e-bike makers that offers a smartphone app to give users more control over the functionality of their bike. Impressively, they didn’t punt on this and introduce only iOS or Android; they have both.

The app gives riders the opportunity to track their rides, from distance covered, average pace, calories burned and more. There’s a social media component made up of other Aventon owners posting pictures and rides. There’s also a page where a number of the e-bike’s settings.

One criticism we have of some e-bikes is that the PAS levels can be poorly set. We’ve seen PAS 1 be too weak to offer any noticeable assistance as well as too small a jump in assistance from one level to another. With the app, those parameters can be adjusted as well as setting a maximum speed, such as if a rider wants to make sure their bike performs as a Class 2 and not as a Class 3 bike due to local laws.

Aventon Pace 500 Review: Recommendation/Final Verdict

When we look at the various features that make the Aventon Pace 500 a bike worth recommending, we take note of the solid motor, excellent battery, powerful brakes and wide-range drivetrain. Those are, together, reason enough to recommend the Pace 500. That said, one of the bike’s very best features is something no one can pick up from looking at the bike: the fact that it comes in four sizes.

For someone of relatively average height, plenty of bikes exist to choose from. However, people at the extremes of height, either very tall or very petite, will have trouble fitting any bike that comes in just one size. This bike ought to kill with gymnasts and basketball players.

We also love the fact that this is a bike that doesn’t do backflips to make the rider more comfortable. This is a bike that gives a zippier, crisper feel on the road, which is more of the feel we had on the bikes we rode as kids. The aluminum fork helps give a great sense of road feel. Think BMW, rather than Lexus.

This isn’t a perfect bike, not by any means. However, for it to be a better bike, it would have to be more expensive, more than 2000 in order to make the upgrades noticeable. When we consider all this bike offers and the fact that it is 1699, we can’t really do enough to stress what a terrific value this bike is.

Thank you for reading through our review of the Aventon Pace 500. Still have further questions? Wondering how it compares to a similar bike? Let us know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below!

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