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Top Ebike Brands of 2023: Our Favorites List

We started as a family of two, looking to ditch the second car, as we entered the world of ebikes. A few years later, now a family of four, we have quite a few trusty ebikes and still only a single car. Through our extensive time riding, my wife and I have our favorites when it comes to ebike brands. Each of our top ebike brands offers a quality ebike, good customer service, and a variety of models to select from to suit your needs. Browse our favorite brands below. This page will continue to be updated as we experience more brands of electric bikes.

Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes is the largest ebike brand in North America. Based out of Seattle, Washington, this company is growing extremely quickly and announced in February 2021 that they had raised a 150 million minority of investment to further its brand. If you want to learn more about the origins of Rad Power Bikes, I recommend NPR’s How I Built This podcast with Mike Radenbaugh, the company’s founder.

The upside and downside to this brand are that it is a direct consumer company. This means they cut out the middleman by selling directly to consumers instead of through bike dealers. However, if you are looking for that bike dealer experience, Rad has begun to open its own “Rad owned” stores in order to be able to provide service and test riding to its customers.

The RadWagon was my family’s first ebike. It is still our most consistently used ebike. Before our child, my wife and I rode on it together. We also use it for hauling groceries, rummage sale finds, and now a child. Since that first Rad ebike we have had the opportunity to try out their entire line-up of bikes. So if there is a model you are interested in, we have a review for it. We talk about this brand so often that we made the most frequently asked questions post for Rad Power Bikes. We also have created a Rad Owners Forum so we can hear from other Rad lovers.

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Rad Power Bikes will forever be our first (ebike) love.

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Lectric eBikes

Lectric ebikes makes just one electric bike model offered in both high step and step-thru variations. The Lectric XP 2.0 comes in at just 999 offers a large-enough-for-most 9.6 Ah battery with a 800-watt peak motor. We like that the frame design makes this ebike accessible to a variety of riders regardless of height or biking ability. New for 2021 is the optional accessories including front and rear racks, a more comfortable seat (plus seatpost), folding bike lock, and premium headlight. Did we mention it folds? Suffice to say we believe the Lectric XP 2.0 packs a lot of value at 999 and is perfect for those who just want to cruise around without breaking the bank.

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Aventon solidly fits in the value-priced ebike space. Their go head to head with some of the biggest names in electric bikes. On top of their great prices, there are Aventon dealers across the United States which means you can test a bike out for yourself before purchasing. Plus many of their models come in various frame sizes meaning you don’t have to compromise on the one-size-fits-all approach that many ebikebrands take.

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About Aventon

Founded in 2012 by J.W. Zhang, Aventon bikes didn’t begin life as an ebike company.

Previously, they were known for their Aventon fixie bikes before moving into the electric bike market in 2018. The first Aventon ebike was their Pace 500, and the brand has since developed its fleet to include seven e-bikes. Some of which have won recognition in the e-bike industry. The brand has really developed since its inception!

Aventon Elite Dealers

Elite dealers are situated across the USA and Canada. They’re selected as ‘Elite’ as they have the widest selection of e-bikes and can offer specialised customer care in regards to Aventon bikes.

Wide network of Aventon Dealers

Aventon eBikes Range

Aventon Abound Cargo E-Bike

Motor: 750W Rear-Hub | Speed: 20 mph | Battery: 48V 15Ah (720Wh) | Range: 50 Mi

  • 440 lb payload (143 lb rear rack payload)
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc
  • 7-Speed Gearing
  • Weight: 81 lbs
  • Fork: 50 mm travel
  • Tires: 20″ x 2.4″

The Aventon Abound is a capable cargo electric bike with a great price and great specifications.

It’s powered by a 750W rear hub motor combined with a torque sensor and a 720 Wh battery. Together, they’ll provide you with a 50-mile top range and a 20 mph top speed.

The Aventon Abound can haul a total of 440 lb, whereas the rear rack can hold up to 143 lb. However, you can fit more inside the integrated storage compartment, and you can also add a front rack.

This affordable cargo ebike also comes with some surprising extras, such as a dropper seat post for quick adjustments, a foldable handlebar stem for easier storage, a dual-leg kickstand, footpegs, front and rear lights with brake lights and turn signals, and so much more.

Don’t hesitate to get it if you want to spend little but get a lot in terms of performance, comfort, and practicality.

Aventon Abound Size Recommendation:

Aventon Abound comes with a one-size-fits-all frame suitable for 4’11” to 6’3″ riders.

Aventon Pace 350.2 Review

The Aventon Pace 350.2 is the brand’s most affordable model, offering simple urban functionality with a modern integrated look. The Pace 350.2 comes in step-over and step-through variations.

The Aventon Pace models are cruiser-style e-bikes with a frame and build kit ideal for relaxed riding. For comfort, the Pace 350.2 has a wide saddle, swept-back handlebars, and plush 2.2″ tires.

For 2023, this bike has an improved battery, frame-integrated electronics, and a backlit color LCD display. The Pace 350.2’s 417Wh battery supports you up to 20mph and has a range of up to 40 miles.

Aventon Pace 350.2 Size Recommendation Regular: 5’1″ – 5’11” Large: 5’11” – 6’4″

Frameset and Geometry

The Aventon Level.2 frame is a typical commuter-style, built with upright and comfortable geometry, a low standover height, and new narrower tubing.

Aventon uses a standard 6061 double-butted aluminum alloy for the frame and cleverly integrates the electronics and cabling for a sleek finish. This material is almost universal on eBikes in this price range.

The updated Aventon Level.2’s front suspension travel is shorter by 10mm which reduces the weight and improves pedaling efficiency.

Impressively, the new Level.2 frame is much lighter than that of the previous model. In addition, riders can choose between an Aventon Level.2 step-through or step-over frame, each with different colors and sizes.

The step-over frame has Clay and Glacier blue color options with a regular or large frame size fitting riders 5’7″ to 6’4″. The step-through frame comes in Polar white or Himalayan pink and an S/M or M/L frame, fitting riders 4’11” to 6’2″.

The geometry is ideally suited to navigating busy city streets. An upright position gives you stability and a good vantage point to see and be seen on the road, which easily makes Aventon Level.2 one of the best electric commuter bikes out there.

Motor and Battery

The Aventon Level.2 comes with a brushless rear hub motor that has a 750W peak and 500W sustained power.

For the new version, Aventon replaced the cadence sensor with a torque sensor, resulting in a much smoother and more natural power transfer. This change improves how the bike feels to ride and increases the range.

The Aventon Level.2 battery is the same 672Wh, 48V unit used on the original model. It is housed neatly in the downtube, giving a refined look to the frame. However, you can easily remove it for charging if you don’t want to plug it in while it’s in the frame.

The battery is hidden away inside the down tube, whereas the rear hub motor works silently and delivers up to 750W of power.

Aventon provides a Rapid charger for the Level.2, which gives a full charge from almost empty in roughly 4 hours, an impressive stat for a bike of this price.

This bike provides more than enough power and range for urban riding, commuting, and running errands.

You’ll easily get a day’s riding while using the throttle and the higher PAS settings, even with hilly terrain. In addition, you can maximize the 300lb payload capacity to carry whatever cargo you need without any issue for the motor.

The final electronic component worth mentioning is the upgraded color display that offers all your ride metrics and connects to the Aventon mobile application for customizing your ride.

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The rest of the Aventon Level.2 specs are impressive given the price of just 450,949, easily competing with other commuter e-bikes in this range, such as the RadCity 5 Plus.

Firstly, you have a fully-equipped setup of a preinstalled rear pannier rack and metal fenders, a kickstand, frame-integrated LED taillights and a battery-powered headlight. These components make commuting and general urban riding convenient and safe.

The updated Level.2 got frame-integrated rear lights, fender lights, and retained all previous accessories.

aventon, bikes

The drivetrain is a reliable Shimano Acera 8-speed with trigger shifters, a 12-32t cassette, and a 46t crankset. This setup performs well for this price range and offers enough gearing for handling light to moderate hills.

Stopping comes from 180mm-rotor Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, a low-cost yet effective setup with plenty of power for stopping in varied conditions.

Aventon chose a comfort-focused build kit that complements the relaxed ride style of the Level.2. The smooth and enjoyable ride feel is enhanced by 65mm travel coil fork suspension, ergonomic lock-on grips, plush 2.1″ balloon tires, and a comfy saddle.

Is the Aventon Level 2 Still Worth It?

In our opinion, the Aventon Level.2’s price is very competitive given the spec. It sits in a category flooded with great choices and is certainly worth considering.

The new updates to the bike easily justify the 150 (eight percent) price increase. Most manufacturers have raised their by five to ten percent in the last year, regardless of upgrading or not due to inflation.

If you’re looking for a workhorse electric bike for mixed-terrain commutes, entire days spent running errands around the city, or just leisurely weekend and evening spins, the Aventon Level.2 has got you covered.

Aventon‘s Abound Brings E-Cargo Bikes to a Bigger Audience

A feature-packed, small-wheeled e-bike capable of carrying almost anything.

Takeaway: Aventon’s Abound is highly capable and competitively priced. And it has the features and power needed for carrying almost anything by bike. The Abound has a zippy ride feel, strong brakes, and optional accessories to customize to your needs.

  • One size fits most, mid-tail style e-cargo bike.
  • Powerful 750W rear hub motor.
  • Includes rear rack, dropper post, fenders, and lights.
  • Two colors: Polaris (blue) and Sage (light green)

Price: 5000,200Weight: 82.3 lb. (one size)

What are Cargo Bikes?

Do you need to haul a week’s-worth of stuff home from the grocery store? Or you may have to take a kid to daycare or school. How about dropping off some boxes at the post office?

Cargo bikes are an excellent option for carrying practically anything by bike that is too heavy or unwieldy to stick in a messenger bag or backpack or tie down to a small front or rear rack. They are simple to use, take up far less space than a car or truck, and are great for getting-in extra miles on the bike.

Since they get tasked with carrying more than just the weight of a rider (and perhaps a couple of small bags), cargo bikes need robust construction. And with geometry optimized for balancing loads (versus for speed or efficiency), they often aren’t the easiest or fastest bikes to ride—especially if you have to go up any hills. Thus, most Americans (even many die-hard cyclists) opt to drive their car or truck for the short trips that could probably be by bike rather than own and use a cargo bike.

Over the past decade, e-bikes revolutionized how bikes of all types are perceived, designed, ridden, and enjoyed by millions. The small (but mighty) power of these bikes’ electric assist motors allows cyclists to go faster with the same effort, more easily tackle hills, and travel further distances. E-bikes have introduced bike riding to many and opened up cycling to many who thought it wasn’t for them.

Cargo bikes benefit immensely from the addition of pedaling assistance, more so than most other styles of bikes in how they transform the platform’s potential. E-bike motors help cargo bikes overcome their added weight, size, and sometimes awkward handling traits compared to traditional bike options—removing most (though not all) barriers to cargo bike use. It’s required (for most riders) that cargo bikes are e-bikes.

E-bikes and cargo bikes are not inexpensive. And finding a high-quality, “affordable” e-cargo bike can sometimes seem impossible—some of the best options available cost upwards of 3,000 or even 5,000. However, over the past few of years, bikes like the Rad Power Radwagon and Blix Packa Genie entered the market, offering a combination of hauling capacity and sharp pricing.

With its new Abound model priced at 5000,200, Aventon looks to give these brands some healthy competition.

Styles of E-Cargo Bikes

Shopping for any bike can be daunting. And for cargo bikes, there are added layers of nuance that need navigating to ensure you purchase the right bike to meet your carrying or transportation needs. Before diving into brands, features, or prices, you need to determine which style of cargo bike you want.

There are a few main styles: Longtails, mid-tails, bakfiets, cycle trucks, and trikes. It’s always good to research your options before committing to any purchase. But for the lower-priced options, you will mostly find your choices to be longtail or mid-tail styles. Longtail (like the previously mentioned Radwagon and Packa) models look much like traditional bikes but with extended rear triangles that enable you to carry racks, baskets, car seats, or anything else. Plus, the added length provides extra stability and balances the weight of the load. Mid-tail cargo bikes are a lot like longtails, only shorter.

Some find longtail bikes challenging to ride due to the bikes’ long wheelbases and hefty mass (many e-cargo can weigh over 100 pounds). These same issues of size and weight also can be problematic when storing a cargo bike, and if you don’t have access to a garage, shed, or bike room, finding a place to put it can be an issue. With their shorter overall proportions, mid-tail bikes are a half-step between longtail models and standard bikes. Popular mid-tails like the Benno Boost and Tern GSD-series offer similar functionality to longtails but in a smaller, easier-to-ride package.

With twenty-inch wheels, a truncated wheelbase, and a folding stem, the mid-tail Aventon Abound shares a similar layout to the GSD. But at 450,500 less than Tern’s opening GSD model, the Abound is an attractive option for many aspiring cargo bike riders.

E-Bike Brand Profile: Aventon

Form. Freedom. Function. This is the mantra of Aventon, a company focused on designing user friendly bikes that bring as many people into the e-bike community as possible. JW Zhang began making e-bikes by himself while in college and slowly began to grow his cottage business into a full-fledged international company, with manufacturing taking place in China, and now has sales all over the world.

Among its fleet of tried and true models, Aventon has just released its next generation Pace 300 and 500 e-bike models. These new models have integrated batteries in the frame, comfortable and adjustable handles, an excellent light-up HUD display.

Aventon is focused on being as user friendly as possible. Along with the outstanding e-bike line up, its website is easy to navigate and full of incredibly interesting corners.

The website is not only for shopping for e-bikes and e-bike equipment, but is also a great resource for anyone who wants to learn about what e-bikes are, which one will suit your lifestyle, and what e-bikes are allowed. On the website there is a handy breakdown of the different classes of e-bikes according to the state of California (which many other states have adopted as their own). There are multiple links to outside websites that answer what the laws are for most states. Follow a link to peopleforebikes.com and there is a handy spreadsheet for each state’s law for e-bikes. Even the company’s social media is chock full of content, from short customer videos to top notch promotional ads, to even links to third party reviews.

Aventon e-bikes are excellent introductions into the e-bike community.

From first time purchasers to experienced e-bikers, this company is sure to have something for every customer.

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