Aventon Aventure.2 Review: Will This Electric Bike Go Anywhere. Aventon aventure 2 ebike

Aventure 2 Step-Through

Choose your own adventure with Aventure 2, fully loaded with a torque sensor. Its torque sensor has intuitive technology that amplifies your pedaling promoting a more natural riding experience.

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Choose your own adventure with Aventure.2, fully loaded with a torque sensor. Its torque sensor has intuitive technology that amplifies your pedaling cadence, promoting a more natural riding experience. Switch between 4 levels of pedal assist and throttle to bring you more of what’s out there without breaking a sweat. Go beyond the average dirt road with 4” fat tires, a suspension fork, and a powerful motor that will cover ground over sand, rock, or snow with ease.

Day or night, its integrated lights will provide clarity in low lighting conditions to see and be seen, while its new turn signaling capabilities let those behind you know which direction you plan on going. This combination of rugged elegance and innovative performance makes the open landscapes of the world feel like your own private playground. Discover what awaits you around the next bend.

Torque Sensor

The Torque sensor technology recognizes your pedaling cadence amplifying your output and conserving your battery life and extending your riding range

Backlit LCD Display

The full color display shows all of the important metrics you need, Including speed, distance travelled, pedal assist and more. Activate your Aventures integrated lights and sync to the Aventon app to share your rides with your friends and Aventon community

Front Suspension

No terrain is to rugged for the Aventure, The added suspension fork with a bump absorbing 80mm travel means you will conquer all with best-in-class comfort!

Fenders Rear Rack

With fenders being pre-installed onto your bike, you are protected from the elements and can take your Aventure anywhere with peace of mind. The included rear rack means you can carry all that you need wherever the road takes you.

Integrated Lights W/ Turn Signal

See and be seen with an integrated front light on or off road. Activate the rear brake lights by pulling the brake lever inwards. The All-New turn signal feature alerts those behind you by allowing you to signal the direction you are turning.

Fat Tires

4 fat tires provide you with the comfort, stability and confidence to take your Aventure wherever you want to adventure.

Pedal Assist Throttle

Get where you want to go with the throttle on-demand paired with pedal-assist functions! The throttle is there for when you need it or when you want to enjoy the scenery, while the five levels of pedal assist allows you to manage your energy expenditure so you can always make it to the top!

Keep in mind the top speed can be adjusted on the pedal assist.

Regular: 4’11. 5’7

Large: 5’7. 6’1

Aventon Aventure.2 Review: Will This Electric Bike Go Anywhere?

The Aventon Aventure.2 is eye-catching in many ways and goes beyond what is expected of a typical pedelec even on the data sheet. Additionally, it is not yet in the elite league at a cost of 1899. Discover the capabilities and applications of the Aventure.2 in this test report.

The delivery of the e-bike was handled carefully, and it arrived undamaged. But it is preferable to hire a second person to help when unloading. Due to the Aventure.2’s incredible 34.9 kilogram weight, it is almost as much as some mopeds.


The Aventure.2 is simply pre-assembled, as is customary with mail-order bikes. For the structure that is ready to drive, only the front wheel and the front light assembly are missing. It only takes a few easy steps to complete this, and in my case, the pre-charged battery makes it possible to test drive the large e-bike right away. Now let’s take a closer look at the bike and I will tell you about its assembly.

Aventon Aventure.2: Design and Build Quality

An electric bike that looks like snakeskin? To be quite honest, before delivery, I had some reservations regarding the design. I had some strange expectation that the bike would resemble one of those ugly carbon foils. Contrary to what I had anticipated, the unique pattern on the frame is really painted, printed, or applied in some other manner. This appears to be a nice design in any case. The Aventure.2 is likewise handled carefully and with additional considerations.

For instance, the frame is used to route several cables. Additionally, the enormous battery is elegantly fitted into the frame. The “mid-engine” is the first item that shocks people upon first glimpse. Considering that what appears to be a mid-engine is actually a dummy.

On closer inspection, this functionality makes sense, though. The fact that the control and controller are situated here has a practical advantage. I could also envision the design having useful motivations. After all, the sizable battery desires to remain secure within the frame. It definitely wouldn’t look nice to have a little bottom bracket there either. Thus, in my opinion, the dummy blends pretty nicely into the Aventure.2’s imposing form. Even if you have to first adjust to the concept of an e-bike with rear-wheel drive and a fake mid-motor.

Even though I’ve tested a lot of e-bikes, including some heavyweights, the Aventon performs significantly better than the Aventure.2 in my prior testing. The e-bike is comparable to my Hercules Prima GT moped that I owned when I was a teenager in terms of weight. In actuality, the Aventure.2 handles 35 kg of weight in a similar manner. Therefore, if you’re considering purchasing the Aventure.2, you should be aware that it rides more like a tiny moped than a bicycle, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Aventon Aventure.2: Motor and Battery

The Aventure.2 is as extravagant-looking in a good way as it is outfitted. A torque sensor that is more than suitably sized at 75 Nm is supplied to the rear-wheel drive by the enormous battery, which has a capacity of Wh. This is a statement, regardless of the advancement of dual-battery systems or even rechargeable batteries that are ever larger. Aventon aims to make sure that the Aventure.2 can travel 60 – 100 km even when carrying typical weights.

It’s also important to observe the complete suspension. I always appreciate hefty front suspension forks with lockouts and 80 mm of travel. Additionally, the bike’s rear suspension is made very robustly and is specifically optimized for usage as an all-road vehicle.

180 mm hydraulic disc brakes from Tektro guarantee effective deceleration under any circumstance. With an Altus rear derailleur, a 8-speed gear system offers the ideal gear ratio. Here again, the cheap shifter is the only thing that irritates me. In my opinion, that is completely inappropriate for a bike like this, especially one that is fully loaded. However, this does not take away from the function and a suitable shifter would be fine here.

The saddle is another thing I enjoy. The fairly broad saddle doesn’t really go with the appearance of the e-bike, so at first I was a little dubious, but in the end I found it to be quite pleasant. In this case, Aventon also uses Selle Royal-branded products.

The comparatively large and clear display with a remote unit is another something I think is pretty great. The Bosch Intuvia system was presumably used as a reference in terms of design because of some similarities.

aventon, aventure, review, this

The fat 26″ and 4″ wide tires are the subject of every photograph, so I probably don’t need to mention them. Even though these rollers are the largest e-bike tires I’ve ever seen, I’m still doing it.

Overall, the Aventon is well furnished and achieves a decent balance between cost and performance. The Aventon finally belongs to the Aventure.2 and no longer the affordable e-bikes with a price of 1899.

The moment you step on the Aventon Aventure.2, you can sense its uniqueness. This is due to the fact that this e-bike leans more toward the motocross and moped directions than any other. As soon as you pull the vehicle out of the garage or parking area, you become aware of that. I purposefully omitted mentioning the bicycle cellar in this instance. Don’t try to carry this component into the bicycle cellar because doing so will be helpful to both your back and yourself. It won’t function. Simply said, the bike is too large, too heavy, and it didn’t even fit under my bike cover.

The Aventure.2 provides a comparable experience and an almost heavenly feel when driving. There isn’t much of a bicycle remaining here, as has been remarked a few times. This truth, though, is not always a bad thing. That somehow makes the Aventure.2 really enjoyable. The Aventon SUV makes you grin when the old city bike frequently caused you to frown. Depending on the air pressure, the Aventure.2 shrugs off high curbs, ignores train tracks entirely, and hardly registers cobblestones.

Where traditional E-MTBs stop, the Aventure.2 continues in off-road conditions like mud or even snow. It’s a real SUV e-bike, in fact. It’s possible to debate the logic or absurdity of such a concept from a variety of angles. However, the Aventure.2 actually drives and feels exactly like an off-road vehicle. In some cases or for some applications, an off-road vehicle is also required. The Aventon Aventure.2 even makes me think of the HNF XF3, but with lower-quality hardware. The HNF model, however, costs five times as much money.

The drive has a sizable torque of 75 Nm and is essentially powerful enough. Additionally, the rear-wheel drive competently handles grades and difficult sections. Since the Aventure.2 amplifies the pedal movements appropriately, at first I assumed the Aventon just had a pedal sensor. In actuality, a torque sensor is present in the Aventure.2. It appears that the controls are attempting to partially offset the weight of the bike. By the way, we’ve put together a guide for you that summarizes the differences between a drive with the more basic pedal sensor.

Due to the moped’s weight and brutish construction, the driving style appears natural to the sensor, if not a little sluggish and uninspiring. Since it’s not a typical e-bike, I don’t mind; it’s simply a matter of getting used to it. However, based on the shop’s photographs, who Expecting a trail bike to be enjoyable in the bike park is probably unrealistic. It’s more of a bike that virtually transports you on a journey around the globe that includes crossings through deserts. I am unable to foresee whether the parts will be so dependable, though.

I’m quite happy with the way the drive is being controlled. because of how precisely the bike reacts and how well-balanced the assistance is. However, this perception always relates to personal emotions and is influenced by personal choices. Contrary to other inexpensive e-bikes, this one does not have a speed control system and supports all levels of speed up to 45 km/h. Additionally, the stages’ interplay is suitably coordinated.

I can reassure anyone who might be put off by the throttle lever’s legality in the images. As is the case with the bikes from Rad Power Bikes, for example, this is simply a starting aid up to 6 km/h. Anyone who has read our test reports is aware of how impressed we are with the starting aids because they are just so wonderfully useful. This is also true of the Aventon Aventure.2, however in this case the acceleration is constrained by the heavy weight. However, a really helpful feature to get going at the following traffic signal.

Aventon Aventure.2: Conclusions

The Aventon Aventure.2 is a little pedal-powered motorcycle, not an e-bike. The Aventure.2 is a lot of fun in many ways thanks to its brute alignment, quick top speed of 45 km/h, and hefty weight. The Aventure.2 is actually equipped with broad tires, a large battery, and high-quality disc brakes, making it ready for any adventure.

I regret that I am unable to offer advice based on extensive experience at this time, but I do consider the Aventure.2 to be a trustworthy friend. Regardless, as the owner of this machine, it makes no difference to you whether bicycle path growth and maintenance continue in the future to be as excellent as they have been in the past few decades. The Aventon Aventure.2 is unconcerned with cycle lanes. It makes its very own. The Aventon online store sells the Aventure.2.

Aventon Aventure.2 Review

When Aventon released the Aventure e-bike it was almost an instant hit. And for a good reason. The bike provided a ton of range, had a decent motor, and the ride was buttery smooth.

However, the bike had issues. For starters, the torque sensor was unresponsive, to say the least. I don’t know if it was improperly configured or just the best one they could fine, but it took quite a while for it to figure out when it should turn on the motor.

Another issue was the range. Sure, 45 miles is decent, but not for a 1900 bike. Other bikes in the same price range offered 60 miles of range.

Aventure 2 still has some problems left over from its predecessor, but most issues have been cleared up.


Aventure 2 has practically the same frame as its predecessor. The only difference is in the colors. I have absolutely no qualms about this. After all, why change something that already works admirably?

Aventure 2 rocks a sleek, hydroformed aluminum alloy frame. The only thing that’s chonky on it is the down tube, but that’s because it houses the battery.

aventon, aventure, review, this

I like the simple design. The simpler you make something, the fewer things are going to break. This bike is a perfect example of that. The massive downtube provides more than enough structural integrity.

I’m pretty sure you can drop the Aventon 2 from a second story, and nothing would break. it’s that sturdy.

Speaking of heights, I sure hope you’re not planning on carrying this e-bike anywhere. It weighs a whopping 77 pounds. So, if you’re living in an apartment building without a secure bike locker, you’re basically screwed. But hey, at least you’re going to get a great workout.

I forgot to mention that Aventon 2 comes in both step-throughs and step-over flavors. I would recommend you get a step-through Aventon since it’s a tad bit sleeker. That, and it’s easier to get on and off.

The fenders on the Aventon 2 haven’t been updated, which is something that mildly annoys me. Don’t get me wrong, they work great 99% of the time. until you run into the mud.

For some reason, the back wheel throws mud over the fenders. I guess that’s because of the fat tires. So, if it’s muddy outside, you don’t want to be riding the Aventure 2. that is, unless you like mud sports.


Just like the original, Aventure 2 also comes with a 750-watt motor.

I’m glad the guys didn’t fiddle with it since it’s already a beast of a motor.

Those 750 watts are just its nominal power. This puppy can churn out an additional 380 watts if the need arises.

This is not where the good stuff ends, oh no. The motor produces somewhere around 80 Nm of torque.

If you don’t know what that means, let me give you a quick rundown. The more torque, the more power the motor can output to the wheels instantly. So, with 80 Nm of torque, you’re able to reach the top speed of 28 MPH in mere seconds.

One major improvement over the original Aventure was made in the torque sensor department.

As I mentioned in the intro, the original Aventure was a sluggish beast. It took a while for the torque sensor to figure out when it should engage the motor.

I’m ecstatic to report that the sensor on the Aventure 2 is one of the most responsive I’ve had the pleasure of testing. The second you apply pressure on the pedals, you can feel the motor kicking in.

As for the controls, they’re as simple as they can be. There’s a control cluster on the righthand side of the handlebars that turns the motor on and off, allows you to switch between 4 levels of pedal assist, as well as turn on the light.

Right below it, there’s also the thumb throttle. So, if you ever get tired of riding the Aventure the old fashion way, just stick your thumb out and start zooming at full speed.

There’s also a gorgeous LCD display smack dab in the middle of the handlebars. It’s in color and displays all the usual info about your ride. current speed, battery charge, PAS level, etc.

And if you want more details about your ride, you can pair the bike with the Aventon app. The app has a pretty decent google maps integration as well as a plethora of information about your ride, such as calories burned, elevation, and much, much more.


One of the biggest problems with the original Aventure was the range. It came with a pretty underpowered battery.

Don’t get me wrong, 45 miles is a lot of range, but not for an e-bike that’s priced just a sliver under 2000.

Thankfully, this is not the case with Aventure 2. This e-bike comes with a 48-volt, 15 Ah battery that can provide enough juice to take you for around 60 miles.

Of course, you can only get this range if you ride the bike on PAS 1. As you up the PAS level, the range drops off, but not that significantly.

In my case, I managed to squeeze out around 40 miles on PAS 4, which is damn impressive for a budget-friendly fat tire e-bike.

You can charge the battery while it’s inside the bike, or you can remove it and take it with you.

I love the custom plate that conceals it in the frame. If only Aventon included these custom plates with spare batteries, it would save a lot of pain having to remove the one that comes with the e-bike.

As for the recharge time, it’s pretty standard. If the battery is completely out of juice, it will take around 5 hours to recharge. So, if you’re going to use it for daily commuting, I recommend you get a spare.


Manufacturers usually cheap out on the brakes. Thankfully, this is not the case with Aventure 2.

This chunker of a bike comes with Tektro HD-E350 hydraulic brakes with 180mm rotors.

While a far cry from professional hydraulic brakes, the HD-E350 does its job admirably well.

No matter how wet, cold, or dirty they get, you’ll have no trouble coming to a full stop in just a couple of feet.

Just be careful how you brake when zooming at full speed.

Because of the fat tires, the bike is pretty difficult to control, and when you add skidding to the mix, you get a recipe for disaster.


One of Aventure 2’s main selling points are the fat tires. And these are certainly some chunky tires.

They measure 26 x 4 inches and provide more than enough cushion for the pushin’, if you know what I mean.

If you don’t, what I meant was they provide ample shock absorption. This might not be too important for those that are going to ride this beast over pavement, but for those with more adventurous ideas, this is a big deal.

Unfortunately, since there’s no rear suspension, you will feel some road shock, but nothing overly serious. Don’t worry, you won’t get sore if you take this baby for a spin on your local offroad trail.


The Aventure 2 is as comfortable as an e-bike can get.

The front suspension and the fat tires work in combination to absorb most of the road shock, resulting in a pretty smooth riding experience.

The only way Aventon could’ve made this bike even comfier is by adding rear suspension. But, that would drive the price through the roof.

Since I’m on the taller side, I was worried I would have issues assuming a comfortable riding position. Thankfully, this bike is large enough even for me. I did have to raise the seat for quite a bit, but that’s the case with literally every bike I ride.

The one thing I had trouble with was controlling this beast at high speeds. This is because the tires are so big that they mess with maneuverability.

I recommend you slow down when approaching sharp turns unless you want to find out how it feels to slam the ground at 28 miles per hour.

What I Like About Aventon Aventure 2

Honestly, what’s not to like about Aventure 2? This bike is a perfect blend of a commuter and an adventure bike.

You get a beast of a motor that will get you up even the steepest of hills without breaking a sweat. On top of that, it’s pretty torquey, too, so you’ll get those 750 watts of power delivered nearly instantly.

The battery is just as beefy as the motor. Although 60 miles is pretty average for a bike in this price range, it’s an improvement over the measly 45 miles the original Aventure offered.

aventon, aventure, review, this

Oh, and then there are the wheels. Although they make maneuvering the bike a bit of a chore, they can find grip on just about any surface. And since they’re almost as fat as motorcycle tires, they’ll absorb most of the road shock.

What I Don’t Like About Aventon Aventure 2

Most of the things I don’t like about the Aventure are the leftovers from the original.

First off, the bike is as heavy as an elephant. I honestly hope you don’t have to lug this bike upstairs. Even lifting this bike slightly makes me feel like I’m going to get a hernia.

Another thing that ergs me a bit is the downgraded derailleur. Sure, Shimano Altus is more than fine for an e-bike in this price range, but the original one came with Acera, which is a step above when it comes to quality.

Advice To Consumers

If you’re looking for a bike that can zoom you around town and surrounding offroad trails. the Aventure 2 is your best choice. It’s reasonably priced, comes with a beastly motor, has a decent range and is sleek to boot.

Aventon Aventure

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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Aventon Aventure. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

17 reasons to buy

  • The Aventure’s 750-watt motor puts out 1130 watts at peak.
  • Testers say this motor delivers consistent power when climbing steep hills.
  • The Aventure rocks a svelte, hydroformed aluminum frame.
  • Fat 4” tires make the Aventure versatile and comfortable across varied terrains.
  • The Aventure reaches 20 mph by throttle-only and 28 mph with pedal assist.
  • Aventures are available in 3 colors 3 sizes, to fit riders from 5’1” to 6’4”.
  • The Aventure’s color display shows battery level, speed, pedal-assist level, et al.
  • Aventon’s app pairs with the Aventure to offer detailed ride statistics and configurations.
  • Testers report that the Aventure is stable at speed.
  • The Aventure is fitted with integrated front and rear lights, and full fenders.
  • With porky 4” tires and an 80mm travel fork, the Aventure is comfortable.
  • A Shimano Acera 8-speed drivetrain delivered ample range for testers.
  • Riders find comfort in the plush Velo saddle.
  • The Aventure places riders in an upright position with high visibility.
  • Reviewers laud the power of Bengal Ares 3 hydraulic disc brakes w/ 180mm rotors.
  • The Aventure’s battery is neatly integrated. Testers like that it removes to one side.
  • While priced above ‘cheapo’ options, reviewers feel the Aventure is a good value.

9 reasons not to buy

  • The Aventure’s 73lb weight makes it hard to lift or carry upstairs. A heavy-duty car rack is required.
  • Some testers are bothered by the Aventure’s lag in assist delivery and shut-off.
  • Some reviewers are underwhelmed by the range they attained with the Aventure.
  • Some testers are annoyed that they cannot use the throttle without pedaling.
  • A lightweight tester said they could “barely pedal” the Aventure without power.
  • Without rear suspension, testers felt the ache of off-road riding in the back end.
  • Reviewers sought a second taillight, on the bike’s right-hand seatstay.
  • Some reviewers believe that the Aventure’s cable management could be tidier.
  • Buyers report that customer response and replacement of faulty parts can be slow.

Bottom line

The Aventon Aventure is a fat tire, hub-motor e-bike with a cadence sensor. It’s suited to pavement, gravel, hardpack sand (but not hardcore trails). The elegant frame houses an internally-concealed 720Wh battery. Reviewers and buyers say the bike is powerful on flats or steep hills, while battery life is rapidly reduced under vigorous throttle use. At 73lb, it’s a slog to lift or carry and a heavy-duty car rack is required. Owners were happy to pay a slight premium to escape the low-end, entry-level, fatbike market.

Expert Reviews

Aventon Aventure – Fat Tire E-Bike Review | BikeRide.com

I heard the name ‘Aventon’ before I laid eyes on one of their bikes. As I tend to be skeptical of things I have not seen for myself, it was a hard sell at first. Speaking with e-bike sales teams, I was told that people seemed to be looking for these bikes. What I heard sounded good, but I also knew that before the Aventure, Aventon had not made a full-size fat-tire e-bike. Is it really possible they scored a hole-in-one? Is this a great build, worthy of consumer praise right out of the gate?

We had the chance to get our hands on a few bikes from the Aventon family, and the Aventure was among them! At first glance, I could see what the fuss was all about. The Aventure is a nice-looking bike and my first ride reinforced this impression. Aventon also broke the mold by offering some very specific ‘real-world’ performance metrics. It’s nice to see the exact range distances for different assist levels listed on their website. But this also presents Aventon with a challenge.

The bike is built for adventure, so why not put it through its paces and see exactly how it fares against Aventon’s numbers? I have a monster commute, 24 miles each way for a grand total of almost 50 miles. We will go over all the real-world data and see if we can replicate those numbers. Will the Aventure go the distance, or will it leave me stranded, calling for a ride home‽

What Is the Aventon Aventure?

At the time of its release, the Aventure was Aventon’s most ambitious design to date; the first fat-tire, full-size e-bike the company had created. It’s billed as a rugged hardtail e-bike designed to transport recreational riders over a variety of terrains. It packs a powerful 750W Bafang rear hub motor, to power you up to its 28 mph top speed limit. This is combined with an 8-speed drivetrain and large 4.0” tires, t …

I heard the name ‘Aventon’ before I laid eyes on one of their bikes. As I tend to be skeptical of things I have not seen for myself, it was a hard sell at first. Speaking with e-bike sales teams, I was told that people seemed to be looking for these bikes. What I heard sounded good, but I also knew that before the Aventure, Aventon had not made a full-size fat-tire e-bike. Is it really possible they scored a hole-in-one? Is this a great build, worthy of consumer praise right out of the gate?

We had the chance to get our hands on a few bikes from the Aventon family, and the Aventure was among them! At first glance, I could see what the fuss was all about. The Aventure is a nice-looking bike and my first ride reinforced this impression. Aventon also broke the mold by offering some very specific ‘real-world’ performance metrics. It’s nice to see the exact range distances for different assist levels listed on their website. But this also presents Aventon with a challenge.

The bike is built for adventure, so why not put it through its paces and see exactly how it fares against Aventon’s numbers? I have a monster commute, 24 miles each way for a grand total of almost 50 miles. We will go over all the real-world data and see if we can replicate those numbers. Will the Aventure go the distance, or will it leave me stranded, calling for a ride home‽

What Is the Aventon Aventure?

At the time of its release, the Aventure was Aventon’s most ambitious design to date; the first fat-tire, full-size e-bike the company had created. It’s billed as a rugged hardtail e-bike designed to transport recreational riders over a variety of terrains. It packs a powerful 750W Bafang rear hub motor, to power you up to its 28 mph top speed limit. This is combined with an 8-speed drivetrain and large 4.0” tires, to soak up the bumps.

The name spells Adventure, minus the ‘d’. At first glance, the brand presents a package that is worthy of this moniker. Everything appears well-built and componentry is nicely thought-out. The bike’s contact points are very pleasant, including good grips and a comfy branded seat. The Aventure is big, though. At 73 pounds, it is tough to lift onto a car rack, and can only be supported by carriers that are rated for heavy e-bikes. But when big looks and big weight are backed up by big performance, then the extra pounds aren’t a deal breaker. But before we get to our test results, let’s look at this e-bike’s pros and cons to see how they stack up.


High Quality

The Aventure is a nicely built bike and it shows in every detail. The frame is beautiful, with a nice paint job, clean welds, and a pleasant modern geometry. It’s a great-looking unit that feels rugged and capable underfoot. The wonderfully integrated battery is easily removed to one side. The contact points and components are carefully chosen and everything fits together seamlessly. The bike feels great to ride and the grips, pedals, and seat are all comfortable, which is rare for an e-bike fresh out-of-the-box. The full-color display is also impressive, offering a wealth of features and settings. If you want to feel like you are getting your money’s worth, know that the Aventure lives up to expectations. It’s a very modern-feeling bike that would appeal to users accustomed to higher-end recreational bikes.


Plain and simple, the Aventure is a blast to ride. The Bafang motor is the same as we’ve seen on other units, and with this controller and tuning, it’s wonderfully fun. The bike is quick, responsive, and easily capable of powering you up any incline and zooming you up to its 28 mph top speed. It’s up for adventure without making you work hard, so we’re very happy with the Aventure’s overall performance.

It would be tough to see anyone wanting more out of the unit when riding it over its intended terrain. It’s a great recreational bike that lives up to its name and Aventon’s claims. The Aventure accelerates quickly and is stable at speed. With its comfortable riding stance, the bike performed very well as a commuter on 20 mile rides over pavement. The Aventure is a great option for riding in any open space.

Great Full-Color Display With App

The display is easy to see, with a control pad that’s nicely shaped and pleasant to use. The fact that it is full-color and backlit sets it apart from other units. The brand has focused on small details such as showing the battery as a percentage rather than just 4-5 bars, which really adds to the riding experience. The display can also show you some cool info, including how much carbon you have saved and how many trees that is equal to. This may be somewhat of a novelty metric, but it’s a fun feature that carries over to the app, allowing you to brag to your friends.

When linking to your phone app via Bluetooth, the display packs a lot of functionality, including extra features, such as the ability to unlock the Aventure as a Class 3 e-bike capable of 28 mph. The app is very versatile, allowing you to track and plan your rides, interact with other users, and to view all the information from your Aventure display on your device. You can even control your lights and settings from the app. It was easy to use and pair, and I love the added ability to change the bike’s speed limit.


Heavy With Large Tires

There is no denying that the Aventure is highly capable, but it also packs some serious weight and a large set of tires. At 75 pounds and with 4.0” tires, the bike is heavy, limiting its options for mobility both on and off a vehicle. It’s not easy to lift solo, and maneuvering it up more than a couple of stairs is tough. So keep these factors in mind when thinking about your needs. The total weight, combined with large 4.0” tires, is also going to limit your options for bike racks. Make sure you choose a rack that will accept the weight of the bike and the total width of its tires.

Suspension Fork is Clunky With Limited Travel

I was not impressed with the Zoom suspension fork on the Aventure. It would have been great to see something with air suspension instead of a coil suspension fork. Given the price of the bike, I know this is a lot to ask for. Still, the Zoom coil fork felt clunky and unresponsive. I found that it would get a little stuck, halfway through its travel, before clunking back out to full travel when the front wheel became unweighted. While it was offering some assistance, the fork’s noises combined with its sticky, clunky travel to offer an experience that was less than plush.

Wide Cornering at speed, Limited Maneuverability in Tight Spaces

I want to commend Aventon for not claiming that the Aventure is a ‘mountain bike’ or ‘goat’. Rather, it’s a fun and capable adventure e-bike for a variety of terrains. This description rings true, so long as the places you ride are wider than singletrack. The heavy frame has no rear suspension and a rough front fork that suffers on rooty and bumpy terrain.

The bike is powerful and comfortable to pedal. Large tires and a considerable weight give it a great sense of stability at speed, but also come into play in tight spaces and when cornering. The bike corners in a wide arc, as you would expect with 4.0” tires. Carving is slow, so you won’t be making any sharp turns with this bike. In confined spaces, the total weight can make it challenging to maneuver if you are unable to maintain sufficient speed.

The bike is not wonderful over bumps, roots and rocks. An appropriately low tire pressure can help, but lacking rear suspension and a torque sensor, the bike bumps and pushes through rough terrain in a less than comfortable manner. You really feel that 73-pound weight in the rough stuff. So keep this bike in the open, and let that 28 mph top speed take care of the work!

What Does It Do Best?

I would place the Aventure into the ‘Recreational and Light-Duty Commuter’ e-bike category. It earns the ‘Light-Duty Commuter’ label because of its heavy weight, not because it lacks range or capability. It really excels at powering you across a variety of terrains. It’s a fast bike with a 28 mph top speed limit, but its large size and tires make it less appealing. Commuters may be looking for a bike with more maneuverability, both on and off the bike, something with smaller tires and a lighter build. Don’t get me wrong though, with its impressive range, long-distance comfort, and range of accessories (like front and rear racks), you could commute with it!

The bike is a well-built, fat-tire adventure bike that can be used to explore a variety of terrains. It is not a trail-capable electric mountain bike, and while it can make it down some smooth singletrack, the fun quickly fades on tight, bumpy trails. Stick to wider doubletrack and leave the rough stuff to a lighter bike with better suspension.

Who Should Buy This Bike?

Made for the recreation nation, this bike is a great proposition for those that want to get out riding, no matter what kind of terrain they may find. It’s going to do just as well on city pavement as it will off-road, at the campsite or local trails. I can see a range of recreational riders appreciating this do-it-all bike. After using it as a commuter, I was impressed! It’s got the battery capacity to carry you for 22 miles at 28 mph, and much further at lower speeds. It’s comfortable to ride for long distances and has the power to zip alongside traffic. The overall weight could deter commuters who may need to weave through traffic or negotiate other tight spaces. But those with the storage space may find it a great fit for use during the work week and weekend!

Reasons to Look Elsewhere?

It is a large and heavy bike. Riders seeking a bike with smaller tires and a lighter overall weight will want to look elsewhere, as will users looking for something that is dedicated to either off-road or on-road riding. If you are one of these people, you may want to look for a true e-MTB, possibly one equipped with front and rear suspension. For on-road riding, you might look to a lighter, commuter-specific option that is more maneuverable in urban spaces. Alternatively, you could just outfit this thing with racks and get that Class 3 commute on!


This e-bike lives up to the adventure it’s named after. Not only is it easy to love this bike, but with Aventon, it’s a feeling that lasts. I was very happy to find that the Комментарии и мнения владельцев I heard from other users really rang true for me. The bike features everything you would be looking for from a recreational standpoint. With a build and features that reflect a true impression of quality, I can see how it would draw the eye in a brick and mortar e-bike showroom. I had plenty of fun riding the Aventure and was impressed with its capability, both on and off-road. If you’re looking for a fat-tire bike that will get you out riding over a variety of terrains, this could be the bike for you! Until next time, I am Scott with BikeRide.com and I hope you enjoy the ride!


Electric Bike Class: Class 2: As shipped Class 3: Unlockable via settings Warranty: 2 years 14-day return policy Model Year: 2022 Total Weight: 73 lb Motor Brand Model: Bafang H550 RM G062.750.D/DC Motor Type: Rear hub Brushless Motor Nominal Output: 750W Maximum Torque: 80 Nm Battery: 48V 15Ah 720Wh LG cells Range [Claimed]: Average: 45 miles Level 5 at 28 mph: 19 miles Level 1 at 11 mph: 53 miles Range [Tested]: Level 5 at 28 mph: 21.70 miles | Elevation gain: 915 feet Level 2 at 16 mph: 47.93 miles | Elevation gain: 1,765 feet Maximum Speed: 28 mph Throttle: Thumb switch Pedal Assist: 5 assist levels Controller: 48V Charger: 48V 3A Fast charger Charge Time: 4-5 hours Display: BC280 LCD Smart easy read with backlight Colorful screen with app Frame: 6061 Aluminum Internal battery Fork: Zoom Coil suspension with lockout 80mm travel Bottom Bracket: Square taper Sealed Brake Levers: Tektro HD-E350 Mineral oil Brake Calipers: Tektro HD-E350 Dual piston Brake Rotors: Tektro Front: 180mm Rear: 180mm Chain: KMC Crankset: 46t 170mm Derailleur: Shimano Acera 8-speed Shifter: Shimano Acera 8-speed Cassette: Shimano 12-32t 8-speed Rims: 26” Aluminum Double wall Spokes: Stainless steel 12G Black Tires: Kenda Krusader 26”×4.0” Puncture protection Fenders: Metal Front and rear Lights: Front: Integrated headlight Rear: Integrated (on left seat stay) Grips: Aventon Lock-on Rubber Saddle: Velo Aventon Handlebar: Aluminum ⌀ 31.8mm Width: 680mm Kickstand: Single-sided Pedals: Feiman Platform Maximum Payload (cargo and rider): 400 lb

Frame and Geometry

The Aventure is a nicely designed bike and at its core is this great frame. Overall, the look is clean, with geometry that comes across as modern. The battery is integrated beautifully. I love that it comes out to the side, making it the easiest battery to change. The top tube has this steep slope that’s giving us a nice low standover height. The reach on this bike is pleasant. The riding position is a mix where you are in a slightly sloped over position, so it’s a more athletic position than on a straight-backed bike. It’s great for getting some power to the pedals or maneuvering, and then it’s still really easy to go sit up if you are pedaling for some period of time.

Featuring a sturdy aluminum frame, it’s built to last. But with a total weight of 73 pounds, it is also pretty heavy. That said, it’s packed with great features like battery placement, internal cable routing, and nice fender/attachment points for accessories. Plus, check out the placement of the rear brake light, integrated into the left seat stay. It’s a perfect position for driver visibility. Functional and fine-looking, it’s really a great package from the get-go.


Powering the Aventure, we have the Bafang 750W rear hub motor. We see this unit on lots of fat-tire bikes. It’s a well-configured motor, with a rated output of 750W and a maximum torque of 80 Nm. That translates into plenty of power at the wheels, and Aventon has maximized this with a well-tuned controller. Offering the ability to choose a speed limit in the app, the bike is easily set as a Class 2 bike peaking at 20 mph or as a Class 3 rig topping out at 28 mph. The five pedal assist settings are well-staged, and alter the application of torque as well as the top speed. The bike is comfortable to ride in traffic or pedestrian areas at its lower settings, with brake cut-off switches easily cutting power as needed.

On the open road, accelerating to 28 mph is fast and smooth. The motor really pulls away quickly. The bike is exhilarating and easy to control, ramping up to speed in a smooth but powerful way that is pleasant when trying to take-off and keep up with traffic. The motor maintains 28 mph well, without making you work hard to maintain that speed and power. When faced with a hill it’s no problem, as the bike can easily climb even steep slopes, with minimal decrease to its speed. So no complaints about the motor. It is powerful and well-paired with the controller.


Maximum 8% Hill Climb:

18%-20% Hill Climb:

Cockpit and Control

Aventure riders are greeted by a well-laid-out cockpit. 680 mm riser bars are adorned with Tektro aluminum levers, Aventon branded lock-on grips, a Shimano shifter and a very nice display/control pad combo. Power can also be applied with the thumb switch throttle. The full-color LCD backlit display is great to use. Along with the ergonomic control pad, it’s a simple and highly functional combo. The five-button layout is clear, with dedicated buttons for functions like the light and changing the information display. The integrated app makes this display even better, allowing you to see all the same info and access all the controls and functions from your own device. Pleasant to use and look at, the cockpit is a definite win.


The 48V 15Ah (720Wh) battery is well paired with the 750W motor. It is capable of running the bike at approximately 28 mph for a little over an hour, or long enough to cover almost 22 miles at top speed. Take that down to assist level two, and the battery will power you for over 47 miles! It’s a great range that’s made even more impressive by the fact it actually beats the specs set out by Aventon, rather than falling short, as is the case with so many other brands. It was great to see some real-world testing numbers right on the company website and this was a test the bike beat with flying colors, so it gives me faith in some of the other specs. Looking at those range tests (below), we have some pretty impressive numbers.

Range Test 1:

Range Test 2:

Charger, Battery Removal, Keys

The way this battery is installed and removed is truly unique, which is a feature I love about the Aventure. Rather than the bottom of the downtube, the battery is installed and removed from the side. This makes it just so easy, as you don’t have to worry about your fork and fender. Both the key and battery are removed from the same side. It’s just so easy!

The 48-volt 3-amp charger is also a nice upgrade. This 3-amp supply can be considered a ‘fast charger’ (compared to a standard 2-amp charger), and will fully charge the battery in four to five hours. Finally, we have that little bit of flair, with an Aventon branded key. The brand really knows how to get the name out and you will find the name and logo nicely integrated into a bunch of little features on this bike.


We are seeing a pretty typical gear range on the bike: a 12-32 tooth rear cassette combined with a 46 tooth front chainring. The drivetrain does sport a modest upgrade over some other models, in the form of an eight-speed Shimano Acera groupset, which is better than the seven-speed setup we often see on more budget-minded builds. Overall, the drivetrain is good on the bike, offering crisp shifting. The additional gear is pleasant, as I found I would need to move through my gears frequently when traveling in stop/go traffic, as the bike requires a little torque to get moving from a dead stop.


The Tektro HD-E350 dual-piston brakes complement this fast bike. They provided reliable stopping power in different conditions. The levers had a pleasant hand feel that offered good brake modulation, so I felt in control. The bike’s adventurous quality calls for a hydraulic brake, and Tektro is a reliable name. The 180mm rotors are well chosen, and the standard I think we should see on any heavy bike like this. So we are seeing a good package here, but nothing overly special.

Wheels, Tires

26” wheels with Kenda Krusader rubber connect you to the ground, which is a suitable tire choice for the bike. The tire is not the most aggressive, but it’s a good mix for all surfaces and offered performance that matched the bike’s capabilities. They feature puncture protection, probably ideal for thorns but not enough for the two inch nail that got our tire while out on a ride. Still, with a fresh tube, the tires performed just fine on mixed off-road terrain. Comfortable over sand, gravel, pavement, and dirt, the large 4.0” tires provide good cushioning at the right tire pressure. The large tire is a stable base and is comfortable to ride on the road for extended periods. With their large size, they make for some wide turns at speed.


the Aventure features brake cut-off switches on each lever, as we often see on e-bikes. The integrated lights are a nice second safety feature, with a bright front light and a very nicely integrated rear brake light. The brake light is located on the left seat stay, in a nice spot for traffic to see you as you ride down the bike lane. The bike also features reflectors in the front and rear wheel spokes.


We have a single-sided kickstand, similar to the type we would see on most e-bikes. Aventon has gone the extra mile with this for branding purposes, customizing the shape and adding not just one logo but two. Stuff like this has no performance value at all, but it does add to the overall aesthetic and having all the details buttoned-up like this makes you feel like the rig is premium.

Contact Points

Easily overlooked on many builds, I was a big fan of the contact points that Aventon has chosen on this bike. Starting with the very nice lock-on rubber grips. These are the style of grip you would see on a mountain bike, and they are comfortable with great traction. The Aventon branding is a nice second touch. I was happy to see no ergonomic flares or faux leather stitching in the cockpit of the Aventure.

The seat offered another branding opportunity, and the “custom” Aventon seat (made by Velo) is reasonably comfortable. After the 48-mile range test, I was ready to run away from it, but for the first 20 miles? It’s a pretty comfortable seat, miles better than some of the stock options I have seen on other bikes.

Last, the pedals. So, being accustomed to a set of Wellgo pedals that grace most bike builds, I was shocked to see a different shape. The Feiman platform pedals offer fine grip and worked well for me. They have a shape to them that matches the design of the bike, and I found the pegs grippy enough that I had no issue.


Aventon offers a nice range of additional branded accessories for you to add to the bike. These include:

  • Front and rear racks.
  • Extra batteries and covers.
  • Phone mounts and accessories.
  • Suspension seatposts.
  • Tire inflators.

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