ASOMTOM E300 Step-Through All-Terrain Mountain Fat Tire Electric Bike. Ebike electric mountain bike

ASOMTOM E300 Step-Through All-Terrain Mountain Fat Tire Electric Bike

Looking for an electric bike that can handle any terrain, including rough mountain trails? Look no further than the ASOMTOM E300 Step-Through All-Terrain Mountain Electric Bike. With its powerful 750W BAFANG motor and sturdy 6061 frame, this bike is up for any challenge you throw its way.

The E300 features a step-through frame design for easy on and off, ensuring a comfortable and safe ride. It also comes equipped with high-quality hydraulic brakes and a hydraulic front suspension, allowing you to fully control the bike even on rough terrain.

The 750W BAFANG motor provides plenty of power to conquer steep hills and rugged mountain trails, while the maximum torque of 85Nm ensures a smooth ride. The motor has multiple levels of electric assistance, so you can adjust the level of assistance based on your riding conditions and preferences.

In addition to its impressive motor, the ASOMTOM E300 Step-Through All-Terrain Mountain Electric Bike is also equipped with a 48V 15A lithium battery, providing up to 60 miles of range. The bike also features a SHIMANO 7-speed shift system, allowing you to adjust gears as needed to match your riding style and the terrain you’re on.

Overall, the ASOMTOM E300 Step-Through All-Terrain Mountain Electric Bike is a versatile and reliable electric bike that can handle any adventure you have in mind. Whether you’re hitting the mountain trails or commuting to work, this bike is the perfect choice.

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Asomtom bikes come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers all manufacturing defects for 2 years for the original owner. Please note that the warranty does not cover free accessories provided with the bike.

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Engineered to put safety first

Our brake handle comes equipped with a power-off function that ensures maximum safety during emergencies.

On rough terrain, our hub axle remains sturdy and reliable, preventing wheel detachment and providing superior safety.

Protect yourself and the environment with our electric bike’s zero voltage charging port, which significantly reduces the risk of fires and burning.checked.

Our dual hydraulic brakes offer superior braking performance, providing greater control and shorter braking distances precisely when you need them.

Powerful Peak 1000W Brushless BAFANG Motor

Equipped with a 750W motor that can reach up to 1000W peak power and 85NM of torque, this Ebike is perfect for navigating through city blocks, light trails, and dirt roads. With a top speed of 28 mph via pedals and the ability to climb 30° hills with ease, you can conquer any road or off-road adventure while reducing stress on your knees and thighs. The high-speed brushless geared hub motors allow you to effortlessly handle even the roughest terrain.

Thrilling And Speedy Ride

Our electric bike features a LG 48V/15AH lithium-ion battery, designed with anti-theft measures to ensure safety. Unlike other battery types that hang on the frame and risk falling off, our removable battery can cover a maximum electric range of 35-45 miles in pure electric mode and 45-60 miles in pedal-assist mode (PAS mode), depending on rider weight and road conditions. Charge the waterproof battery safely and conveniently at home or in the office.

No Limitations for All-terrain

The perfect companion for your next adventure. Whether you’re exploring mountain trails, cruising through national parks, or navigating busy city streets, this bike is designed to handle any terrain with ease.

asomtom, e300, step-through, all-terrain, mountain

Take it off-road and explore the wilderness, ride along sandy beaches, or tackle steep hills. The bike’s powerful electric motor, sturdy frame, and all-terrain tires provide the perfect combination of speed, control, and stability. And with dual hydraulic brakes and a reliable hub axle, you can ride with confidence and peace of mind, no matter where your journey takes you.

Premium Quality Aluminum Alloy Hydraulic Suspension Fork for Smooth Riding

Enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride with our aluminum alloy hydraulic suspension featuring lockout and adjustable controls. The 120mm travel range of the front suspension fork, along with preload adjustment and lockout, allows for easy customization to fit your riding style. With excellent damping, you’ll experience reduced bumpiness on even the roughest terrains.

Experience Smooth and Responsive Braking with Hydraulic Technology

Hydraulic brake systems provide reliable stopping power, and a 180mm rotor size ensures optimal performance. With hydraulic technology, braking is smooth and responsive, offering greater control and safety on any terrain. The fluid-based system adjusts to your riding style, providing immediate feedback and ensuring adequate stopping power. A hydraulic brake system with 180mm rotors offers superior performance and safety for town cruising or off-road adventures.

Enjoy The Freedom to Ride In Your Way

We offer 3 different riding modes and 2 assist modes to choose from, providing a range of benefits to you. There are a total of 3 riding modes: pure electric mode, pedal-assist electric mode, pure pedal mode.

For the assist modes, our electric bike offers a walk mode, which allows you to push the bike forward using the throttle without pedaling. This mode is particularly useful when walking the bike up steep hills or through crowded areas. Also, we have another 10 seconds fixed speed mode. You can rotate the handlebar to a specific position for 10 seconds and the speed will be stabilized, which enables you to enjoy the smooth riding experience all the time.


The ASOMTOM E300 frame is constructed using 6061 high-strength aluminum alloy, and its heavy-duty design enables it to support a maximum weight of 400 pounds. Additionally, it possesses strong corrosion and oxidation resistance, allowing it to perform optimally in harsh environments.

The half-twist throttle requires less hand movement, making it more comfortable and easier for riders to operate. Additionally, the throttle is equipped with a cut-off button, which allows riders to choose whether or not to use the throttle according to their needs.

The ASOMTOM crank features a double-cap design that provides added stability and strength while preventing chain drops during use. With its anti-drop chain functionality, riders can enjoy a smooth and reliable ride without worrying about chain slips or other potential issues.

The Shimano 7 Speed Gear Shift System is designed with durability in mind, utilizing high-quality materials for trouble-free operation. Its ergonomic design and intuitive operation make it easy and comfortable to use, enhancing the overall enjoyment of cycling adventures.

The fender is made of high-quality materials and features excellent waterproof and dustproof performance, effectively protecting the bicycle body and rider. It is suitable for various road conditions and weather conditions, while adding a touch of style and personalization to your bike.

The ASOMTOM rear rack is a durable and easy-to-install accessory. Its high-quality materials ensure that your cargo stays safe while withstanding normal wear and tear. It can carry a variety of items from groceries to sports equipment, meeting your daily usage needs.

The headlight uses high-quality materials and energy-efficient LED technology. This ensures optimal lighting while minimizing power consumption. In addition, our headlights undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet and exceed industry standards for reliability and performance.

HOW TO | Unbox Assemble Asomtom E-Bike Q7

Asomtom E-Bike Q7 e-bikes come 80% pre-assembled with a toolkit containing everything that needed plus an easy-to-follow user manual.

Does it take too long?

Tutorial Videos

Will there be any errors in the installation problem?

Each Electric bike will not be installed well due to each technology, there may be brakes that are too tight or too loose, and links that are too loose or too loose, just follow the video tutorial to adjust slightly. Slightly tweaked videos can be viewed by following our official YouTube channel.(ASOMTOM E-Bikes)

Does my height/weight suit the bike?

Which class of E-bike does Asomtom Q7 belong to?

What are the main differences in performance and design between Asomtom Q7 and Asomtom E300? Which one is better for me?

Asomtom Q7 electric bike and Asomtom E300 electric bike have the same functional configuration, the difference between them is that Asomtom E300 is Step-Thru frame design is Suitableeasy On and off bike,Q7 is Suitable for men, E300 is Suitable for women

Can I add a front and/or rear Rack on the Q7 E300?

Yes, you can add rear Rack but can’t add front. The rear will require a Heavy Duty Rear Rack due to the new bike design. This will be available soon, so keep an eye on the newsletter to receive updates on accessories

Customer Reviews

the Asomtom 300 is a BEAST! I love this bike!

ASOMTOM E300 Step-Through All-Terrain Mountain Fat Tire Electric Bike

This Ebike, which happens to look very close to the Himawiy striped animal model, is visually stunning and I had my neighbors immediately strike conversations on what it can do, how fast it goes, and range.

The Asomtom E300 is a formidable and swift machine that effortlessly reaches comfortable speeds without any noticeable lag. Its hydraulic brakes, battery life, and front and rear lights are exceptional, and the comfortable seat allowed me to travel 20 real miles without discomfort. There is so much value you get for a fraction of the cost, however there are some things to consider, and I’ll get to that a bit later.

Compared to my previous e-bike, which maxed out at 18 miles when fully charged, the E300 still had a three bars at the 20-mile mark, instilling confidence to travel even greater distances. The 750W motor is particularly impressive, it helps on steep hills and impressively fast on flat ground, reaching ridiculous speeds (30). The drawback is that the motor seems to be optimized for the top end speed rather than low end.

The shocks are adjustable, the brakes are hydraulic with 180mm to stop the massive tires, and the battery is a respectful 48v 15ah. The best part is looking at the overall components, the plugs are designed to keep water out, the battery is sealed with a rubber gromit, the rear tail is just so thick and the reason it can handle 400lbs, way more than most e-bikes.

Of course with the ultra low comparative price, something has to give right? Indeed, at the base price, the e-bike lacks mud guards and rack, however, with those addons, it’s still well below the himiway. Another consideration is the minimum height, you need to be to ride this thing, which is about 5’3 based on my guestimation? Other than that, you are buying a monster truck of an ebike, it’s fast, it’s fun, and it’s bold

My wife really likes the swooping frame. This bikes has great battery life and is fast, 32mph!

This is a very sturdy and solid ebike! There are many brands out there that offer similar features and components comparable to the Asomtom E300 for almost twice the price! Don’t be fooled! This ride is solid, and powerful. The customer service I have received has also been prompt and helpful via email. (sent me a pdf owners manual)

Customer service is TOP NOTCH!! They really do care and want to make any problems or concerns fixed. Very great bike!

The bike is great. Ride smoothly. Really enjoyable. I need 2 batteries because of how many hills I have to deal with. Other than that, it’s fantastic.

Electric Bike FAQS

What is the difference between an electric bike and a traditional bike?

Electric bike have both the modes of traditional bike, PAS mode and throttle assist mode. Electric bike are equipped with motor batteries, which can be easier to ride than traditional bike. Even if you have physical problems such as arthritis, it is also to ride an electric bike again.

How fast can an electric bike go?It depends on the motor of the electric bike. And, generally in the US, electric bikes has 3 class: class 1 e-bikes have a top speed limit of 20 mph, and the electric motor only works when the rider is pedaling. Class 2 e-bikes are also limited to 20 mph, but their throttles work when you’re not pedaling. Class 3 e-bikes can go up to 28 mph and must have a speedometer, but may or may not have a throttle. The ASOMTOM RV1 RV2 RV3 e-bike is a class 2 e-bike, while the Q7 and E300 are class 3 e-bikes.

How to choose an electric bike? First of all, you need to follow your daily needs to choose a suitable electric bike,when you would like to buy an electric bike, For example, if you need an e-bike for your daily commute, the Asomtom RV3 is the best electric bike choice. If you want to go outdoor touring, a fat tire e-bike like the Asomtom Q7 E300 should be suitable. Secondly, your height should also be a high concern when choosing an electric bike. Disappointing to buy an e-bike that doesn’t fit at a height that can’t be ridden.But you can easily find the recommended height for Asomtom product page in the Size.

Do I need to assemble electric bike purchased online? Is it difficult to assemble?

All our asomtom electric bike products are 90% pre-assembly. When you receive the product, you can watch our installation video onAsomtom electric bike YouTube,(follow ASOMTOM E-Bikes on YouTube Channel)with the user manual to complete the assembly easily. If there is something that cannot be installed, you can contact us by email (

Can I Cancel or Change the Order I Just Placed?It is possible to cancel or change your order only if the item has not been dispatched. Please contact us via our customer support email at

How long does my electirc bike Delivery?

In-stock orders typically ship within 1-3 business days, unless otherwise noted on the product page.Depending on your address from our warehouse, it will take about 3-8 working days to deliver

How can I get the best milage out of the e-bike?

Take the following measures listed below to reduce negative impact on milage:1. Inflate the tires to the specified pressure.2. Avoid frequent braking during your ride.3. Use more pedal assistance and less throttle power.

Best Fat Tire Electric Bikes 2023

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Electric Bike Report aims to help consumers find the right electric bike for their needs. When you buy a product we recommend, we may earn a commission.

Fat-tire electric bikes are a dime a dozen nowadays, but which are the best?

From stable and user-friendly bike path cruisers to high powered bruisers built for hunting and heavy off-road use, e-bikes with fat tires are having a bit of a moment right now. Whatever your reason for wanting a fat tire e-bike, the Electric Bike Report staff of experts and bike geeks have tested some of the best money can buy. And while there are many worthy competitors, we wanted to showcase our choices for the best fat tire electric bikes of 2023 based off of our extensive testing and riding.

Birthed from Alaskan snow and New Mexican sand, the ancestors of modern fat bikes first came about in the 90’s as a means to explore (and race) in terrain unkind to your typical bicycle tire. Think mud, deep sand and soft snow. They’ve had high-points of popularity in recent years, but it wasn’t until the rise of the electric bike that we saw the masses rolling around on fat tires. Motors made the heavy, relatively inefficient bikes more friendly to ride and people seem to like the big tires because they give you a feeling of confidence and stability — not to mention many think they just look cool. Their popularity has exploded, and fat tires have been adopted into nearly every category of e-bike.

So which fat tire e-bike is best for you? That’s a tough question with an answer that differs from person to person. We’ve compiled this list of our picks for the best fat tire electric bikes to help you suss out your best bike based on your specific needs.

While this list is comprised of e-bikes that check in with no less than 3” wide tires, you can also check out our picks for the best overall electric bikes of 2023 if you want a little more variety in tire size.

Aventon Aventure 2

The Best Class 3 Electric Fat Bike, 2023

A disruptive model when it first came into the fat-tire e-bike world, the Aventon Aventure set a new high bar for what consumers could expect from a sub-2,000 electric fat bike when it first entered the market, and the followup Aventure 2 built upon that legacy. While many of its contemporaries have caught up in certain aspects, the Aventure 2 still stands out.

It’s not just the 750W Bafang rear hub motor or the 720Wh fully-integrated battery that have us so enamored with this electric fatty, it’s also that Aventon managed to chock it full of little features and extras that are still somewhat uncommon on many e-bikes in this category. It’s got a torque sensor which both allows for a more natural feel, and also gives it better battery efficiency making you go further without a larger, heavier battery. Throw in a full-color LCD display, metal fenders, a full Shimano Altus drivetrain, Tektro hydraulic brakes and, to top it all off, it’s just a really nice riding bike. The handling is sporty without being overly athletic and, though it is a bit heavy, it handles light doubletrack surprisingly well.

It also comes available in a step-over and step-through frames with a selection of good looking colors to choose from (a standout feature in a sea of black and white fat bikes).

The Aventure ships as a Class 2 e-bike, but like most of the bikes on this list it’s easily convertible to Class 3 through an app that paris to your bike, which gives it a top pedal-assisted speed of 28 mph. We’ve tested and even compared this bike head-to-head against some of its biggest competitors, and the results don’t lie: It’s a new breed of affordable electric fat bike.

To put it short, we’re really big fans of the Aventure and we think you would be too which is why it leads off our list of the best fat tire electric bikes of 2023.


  • Unlocked to Class 3, this is an extremely fast and torquey e-bike.
  • The full-color LCD display is great and features a percentage based battery readout
  • The 720Wh battery is efficiency used for great range thanks to the torque sensor
  • It’s got a unique styling for a fat e-bike that reminds us of another Aventon we really liked, the Level.


  • At 77lbs (we reviewed a large with the optional front and included rear racks), the Aventure is slightly heavier than many of its peers.

The Mokwheel Basalt

This beast of an e-bike has the brawn to carry its rider just about anywhere witha strong motor and 450 lbs payload capacity, and can be accompanied by some seriously impressive optional accessories.

Rad Power Bikes RadRover 6 Plus

The Best Class 2 Electric Fat Bike, 2023

We’ve long been fans of Rad Power Bikes’ RadRover line and many e-bikes on this list owe some thanks to the Rover for helping popularize fat tires into the mainstream. While there was plenty to appreciate with past iterations of the Rover, the RadRover 6 Plus is a marked upgrade over its predecessors in such a way that it demands to be seriously considered among anybody’s list for the best electric fat tire bikes.

There is a noticeable aesthetic overhaul compared to previous models that is largely credited to the new semi-integrated battery housed in a more modern, angular frame. There is also a unique dual display in the center and left of the cockpit that’s functional and just plain different.

But looks aren’t all that’s new here. Rad also added hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors to bolster the stopping power and keep riders more in control when needing to come to a stop.

In a category of e-bike that’s often singularly-focused on speed and raw power, the Rad Power Bikes RadRover 6 Plus takes a different, more measured approach. It’s got a 750W rear hub motor that’s very similar to what you’ll find on many other bikes on this list of the best fat tire e-bikes, but the power delivery from that motor is much more gentle, particularly at low speeds. What this does is give the bike a very predictable and controllable power delivery that’s friendly to new riders or those who want a bike that’s easy to ride, all while still being plenty torquey to help you summit hilly areas.

If you want easily-controllable power from a bike that’s backed by an industry-leading e-bike company, the RadRover 6 plus may be the best choice for you.


  • The 750W motor feels refined – it’s got plenty of torque but it delivers it smoothly.
  • The 672Wh battery delivers impressive range even for its size.
  • The hydraulic disc brakes performed very well in our testing, and they added it to the newest Rover model while keeping the price relatively affordable.
  • While it may be subjective, we really love the new look of the redesigned RadRover.
asomtom, e300, step-through, all-terrain, mountain


  • The LED screen on the left is noticeably less bright than the center one.
  • The cable management feels a bit messy.

The Blix Ultra

With speed, power, and a myriad of options to add versatility, the Blix Ultra is practical and completely fun to ride.

Lectric XP 3.0

Best Ultra Affordable Electric Fat Bike, 2023

The Lectric XP 2.0 already stood out by proving to be a quality folding bike with a solid spread of features at a very reasonable price. The combined package of integrated features such as the rear cargo rack, lights, suspension, and fenders is something you would only expect to see on more expensive models. Now Lectric has raised the bar even further by packing the new XP 3.0 full of upgrades and new features, while keeping the bike at the same price of around a thousand dollars.

The new Lectric XP 3.0 features a motor with increased peak wattage and torque for better hill climbing, a better gear ratio for ease of pedaling, larger brake rotors for better stopping power, an improved suspension for a more comfortable ride, and optional accessories for increased passenger capacity.

All of that capability on a bike that can fold up and fit behind a seat or in a trunk made it easy to choose the Lectric XP 3.0 for the best fat tire e-bike of 2023!


  • The XP 3.0 only adds to the already great value of the previous model. For the same price, the 3.0 offers upgrades to the baseline integrated features and even adds new ones.
  • While the motor on the XP 3.0 is still a 500W rear-hub, it now features an increased 55Nm of torque and 1000W peak output.
  • An improved gear ratio and larger high gear result in a more efficient application of rider input.
  • Increased brake rotor size – now 180mm instead of 160mm – gives more responsiveness and efficiency braking despite being mechanical instead of hydraulic disc brakes.
  • The 3.0’s suspension fork has an increased travel distance at 50mm, making for a smoother ride on- and off-road.
  • The weight capacity of the rear rack has doubled to a max of 150lbs, allowing for additional passenger capacity.


  • We’d have loved to see the option to operate the XP 3.0 without its key in the bike, but that is one upgrade Lectric has not yet made.
  • While the 3.0’s grips are improved, we still would prefer something a bit softer.

The Velotric Nomad 1

With sleek design, excellent range, and plenty of power for speed and uphill travel, the Nomad 1 offers solid value for its price.

Mokwheel Basalt

The Best Fat Tire Electric Bike for Camping, 2023

Half the fun of camping is exploring the area visited. E-bikes offer campers the opportunity to go farther, see more and not be wiped out at the end of the day. The Mokwheel Basalt is unusual among e-bikes in that not only is it well-suited to off-road exploring, but it can serve as a valuable resource thanks to some of its unusual accessories. As a Class 3 e-bike with a maximum speed of 28 mph, it is terrific for getting around most anywhere.

The Mokwheel Basalt may not look all that unusual at first glance. It features a 750W brushless hub motor that can turn 90Nm of torque, making it suitable for riding steep hills, whether paved or not. The 110mm-travel suspension fork improves control on bumpy terrain and the 7-speed Shimano drivetrain helps both uphill and down. Hydraulic disc brakes offer terrific power even on steep downhills and Chaoyang 26 x 4-in. tires provide the necessary cushion and traction for exploring the backcountry.

What really sets the Mokwheel Basalt apart is its massive 940Wh battery that can power a 1000W power inverter that has the ability to run such essentials as phone chargers, coffee makers, electric grills and laptops. Planning to be gone more than a day or two? Mokwheel also offers a solar charger to keep the juice running to those essentials.

Riders can also choose between a traditional frame and a step-thru design. Because it has a 450-lb. payload capacity, campers who want to go bag dinner can carry it back to camp as well. This is ideal for anyone planning to go camping but still wants electricity.

Not only is it the best fat tire electric bike for camping, it’s just a good fat option period.


  • 750W brushless hub motor has the power and torque necessary to climb hills and deliver riders to a maximum assisted speed of 28 mph for spirited riding
  • Comes in both a traditional frame and a step-thru to fit a broad range of riders
  • Can power a number of electric appliances while camping with the help of the optional 1000W power inverter
  • 4-in.-wide tires and a front suspension fork make for a very comfortable ride
  • 450-lb. payload capacity makes it terrific for hunters wanting to bring home their game


The Aventon Sinch

With its low step-thru frame, big tires and suspension fork, this is a comfortable and easy to ride e-bike perfect for accompanying you on road trips and outdoor adventures.

Himiway Cruiser

Best Long Range Electric Fat Bike, 2023

If any bike on this list has earned a cult following, it’s the Himiway Cruiser.

Loved for its sheer power and massive 840Wh battery, the Cruiser is the brute of the fat-tire e-bike category. While many 750W bikes curb power at low speeds (like when you’re starting from a stop) and roll it on as you accelerate, the Himiway seemingly gives you access to all 750W from the gun. If you’re looking for speed, this bike is a lot of fun.

Backing up that power is a larger-than-average 840Wh battery that gives this bike a great range on a single charge. To be clear: you can find larger batteries on other fat tire e-bikes (even on this best fat tire e-bike list). Heck, some even have dual battery setups. But most of those larger standard batteries will run the price of the bike over 2,000, so the Cruiser hits a sweet spot for us in terms of value and providing long rides. Our Max PAS range test yielded a 44 mile ride before the battery gave out which is a pretty impressive number.

The Cruiser also comes spec’d with a Shimano Altus drivetrain, Tektro Aires mechanical brakes and a fender and light package that’s comparable to other bikes in this category. It does also come stock with a rear rack, which is a nice feature if you’re looking to lug some cargo, and it’s backed up by a 2-year warranty.

Like most others, this bike ships as a Class 2 e-bike but can easily be adjusted to Class 3. If you’re in the market for a rocket ship of an e-bike the Himiway Cruiser might be worth a look.


  • The 48V 17.5Ah battery provides plenty of range. Even for a bigger, stronger e-bike, you can expect many miles on a single charge.
  • Super powerful e-bike that you feel the moment you start pedaling. If you are someone who likes power, you are going to like this e-bike.
  • The fat tires smoothly roll over surfaces with ease.
  • The bike was very stable, even at high speeds and we had high levels of traction on nearly every surface.


  • Slight delay in pedal assistance when you start pedaling. There is about a one second motor lag.
  • PAS has a lot of power and gets you up to speed quickly, but we would have liked a little more variation in how much speed you get amongst the different assist levels.

The Denago Fat 1

With its 750W motor and huge 921.6Wh battery, this speedy newcomer has proven that it can go the distance.

Velotric Nomad 1

The Best Fat Tire Electric Bike for E-Bike Newbies

For those new to the world of e-bikes, making a purchase can be intimidating. For most consumers, getting the most bang for your buck is essential, especially when it comes to versatility, performance, and quality. Fortunately, the folks at Velotric seem to understand this struggle and have accounted for the balance of those three considerations with their latest release.

Having entered the e-bike market in 2021 through a crowdfunding campaign, Velotric had to make a bold statement in order to stand out. Its first bike, the Discover 1, was a respectably-specced, visually appealing e-bike with good performance geared towards commuters. For their second entry, the Nomad 1, Velotric has retained the Discover’s attractive geometry and flashy colors while opening up the bike’s possibilities with off-road capability.

While some of the Nomad 1’s components are unfamiliar to us, the core elements of the motor and battery bear the mark of quality. Both feature some remarkable boosts in efficiency thanks to Velotric’s team of highly experienced engineers, allowing the Nomad 1’s 750W motor and relatively standard 48V, 692 Wh battery to work together to provide plenty of uphill power and truly impressive range.

With a simple and straightforward interface, both step-thru and high-step frame styles, and a nice spectrum of integrated features, the Nomad 1 offers functionality for a wide range of riders and provides great value while doing so.


  • The Nomad 1’s angular design and refreshing variety of six color options split between its two frame styles go a long way in making this stylish e-bike stand out from the crowd.
  • We were surprised and impressed by the Nomad 1’s range, a feature granted by Velotric’s efficient tuning of the motor and battery systems.
  • The bike’s PAS provides measured increases in assistance at lower levels for casual riding, but kicks up the power in higher levels when you need more speed or assistance on inclines.
  • The Nomad 1’s proprietary 750W motor is beefy enough to push the bike up just about any hill with limited input from the rider.
  • The bike’s fat tires and suspension fork provide stability and traction for travel on dirt and paved surfaces alike.
  • With its price tag in the neighborhood of 1500, the Nomad 1 provides the features and performance of similar e-bikes closer to the 2000 range.


  • While it does the job of relating the battery’s charge level, the bar-style readout on the Nomad 1’s display is less reliable and accurate as percentage-based versions we have come to appreciate.

The Rad Power RadRover 6 Plus

The RadRover 6 Plus offers a full complement of reliable components and solid performance, making it a great choice for new e-bike riders.

Blix Ultra

The Best Fat Tire Electric Bike for Dual Battery Needs, 2023

Whether you need to travel extreme distances, haul a fair amount of cargo, bring along an additional passenger, or all three simultaneously – you’ll need the battery power to do it. No other fat tire e-bike is going to cover these bases better than the Blix Ultra, thanks to its dual battery capability.

The Blix Ultra can hold two 48V, 672 Wh batteries for a claimed range of up to 80 miles, which our testing supports. Dual batteries are not uncommon in the world of e-bikes, though they do usually appear on models that are more dedicated to one kind of functionality (such as cargo bikes). Even among Blix’s lineup, the Ultra shares its dual battery capability with two of its more specialized siblings, but it stands apart from them due to its greater adaptability and versatility.

Fat tire e-bikes in general aim to be more all-purpose machines thanks to their ability to travel on rougher surfaces just as well as paved paths. The Blix Ultra raises the bar with a range of optional accessories that expand its cargo and/or passenger capacity, without changing the core elements of the fat tire design. On its own, the Ultra’s 750W motor and PAS system make it a speed demon, but also give it the power and tuning to effectively haul additional weight.

The Ultra’s ability to hold two batteries equals greater range and lasting assistance from the motor even under load. That’s why this e-bike is our only pick for this category!


  • Customizability is the greatest feature of the Ultra, with the ability to double its range by connecting two batteries, or adding racks for added cargo/passenger capacity.
  • The Ultra connects to the Blix Bike app through Bluetooth, allowing a phone to function as a secondary display, and making it easy to switch from Class 2 to Class 3 mode.
  • The 750W motor and PAS system is designed to support additional weight, and can bring the bike up to top speeds quickly even at low settings.
  • Unlike other dual battery-capable e-bikes, the Ultra’s suspension fork and fat tires make it possible to travel off-road easily.
  • To complement its cargo hauling capabilities, the Ultra’s top tube is functionally a hybrid between high-step and step-thru designs. It gives the bike a more aggressive look appropriate for its speed and power.
  • The Ultra’s cockpit is arranged well, so that all of its controls are easily accessible.


  • While it helps to keep the cockpit layout compact, the Ultra’s tiny display is not able to display a full scope of information simultaneously.
  • The Ultra’s extended wheelbase (for a fat tire bike) increases stability for cargo hauling, but it also makes turns more difficult.

Rad Power Bikes RadExpand 5

The Best Electric Fat Bike for Smaller Riders

Finding an e-bike that fits you isn’t just important when it comes to color, riding style, or personality. Proper size and proportion is important to ensure that the mechanics of the human body are used effectively in concert with those of the bike, and use does not result in pain or injury. For smaller riders, finding an appropriately-sized e-bike can be challenging due to the abundance of large, full-size frames on the market, and in some cases, options that do fit may sacrifice features or functionality.

Enter the Rad Power Bikes RadExpand 5. This compact, foldable e-bike evolved from the RadMini 4 in some surprising ways, leaning into the fact that it is an e-bike first, and a folding bike second. In addition to a rad-(get it?)-ically different frame design, the RadExpand features quality components, a stout frame, a respectable 672Wh battery with good range, a powerful 750W rear hub motor for speed and hill-climbing, and even a solid rear cargo rack, all at a great price.

For riders within the 4’10” to 5’10” height bracket, this means you won’t have to make sacrifices. The RadExpand 5 is a fully functional e-bike in a fun size, and the fact that it folds for transport or storage is just one additional feature to appreciate.

We do wish the RadExpand had held on to the RadMini 4’s LCD display instead of eschewing it for a simplified indicator panel, but the change doesn’t have any effect on the bike’s actual performance. Bottom line: the RadExpand is a great choice for those looking for a smaller e-bike.


  • Instead of the narrow, somewhat shaky handlebar system on the old model, the RadExpand 5 has a great BMX-style setup that is wider, sturdier, and still able to fold down.
  • While it is still relatively heavy for a folding bike, its 62 lb frame does collapse down to a manageable size for storage and transport.
  • As a Rad Power bike, you know you’re purchasing a quality product with reliable components.
  • The RadExpand features great specs for the price. Its component package of a 672 Wh battery, 750W motor, 7-speed drivetrain, and effective brakes (though they are mechanical) is a good deal on a bike from a tried and tested brand.
  • The bike’s handling is responsive, nimble, and smooth, making it great for experienced riders and novices alike.
  • As with other Rad Power bikes, the motor input is gradual and intuitive, allowing the bike to always feel under your control.


  • The velcro strap included with the RadExpand effectively holds its two halves together when folded, but we’d love to see a more permanent feature installed on the frame.
  • While the light-based indicator panel works fine for showing PAS level, lights, etc., we can’t help but feel that a full LCD display would have been better.

The Blix Dubbel

With a rider height range of 5’ 0” to 6′ 2”, the Blix Dubbel offers lots of versatility to a wide range of riders including some on the smaller end of the spectrum.

Himiway Cobra

The Best All-Terrain Electric Fat Bike, 2023

While many fat tire e-bikes are labeled and marketed as all-terrain machines, few actually come with the equipment to back that up. The Himiway Cobra, however, boasts a full four-bar linkage suspension and coil suspension more akin to something you’d find on a true mountain bike. This allows it to handle larger bumps and rougher terrain that would be jarring and difficult for riders on other fat tire bikes with just a front suspension fork.

The Himiway Cobra comes with all the features you’d expect for off-road capability; a torquey 750W rear hub motor with torque sensors for more intuitive control, a massive 20 Ah battery for extended range, 4.8” CST tires for loose terrain, and 180mm hydraulic disc brakes for effective stopping power.

With that said, the Cobra sits at a great price for what it brings to the table, but it’s important to remember that it is a hybrid sort of design and will not compare with a high-end dedicated mountain bike with top-shelf parts. The Cobra is meant as a “gateway” to off-roading, allowing its rider to approach exploring and adventuring worry-free. Think Jeep trails, double-track and fire roads.

As a fat tire e-bike with this extreme capability and affordable price tag, the Himiway Cobra is somewhat in a league of its own, which is why it’s our top pick for this category!


  • For its price of around 2500, the Himiway Cobra offers off-road performance comparable to more expensive, more dedicated e-bikes.
  • Even with Himiway’s first attempt at a four-bar suspension, the Cobra is surprisingly functional on more technical surfaces.
  • We appreciate seeing the upgrade from the mechanical disc brakes on the Himiway Cruiser to the hydraulic brakes on the Cobra.
  • The Cobra performs great on doubletrack and feels comfortable in rougher, off-road environments.
  • The 750W motor’s torque sensors make it appropriately responsive and precise for the bike’s natural habitat.
  • The (extra) fat 4.8” tires feel super stable when engaging with loose or slippery ground.
  • We really can’t say enough about the Cobra’s value!


  • We felt the faux leather handlebar grips to be ill-suited to the bike’s need for precise control in more demanding environments.
  • A throttle is always a great feature on an e-bike, but we would prefer to see a lever instead of a twist control to avoid accidental activation.

The QuietKat Jeep

With the option for a massive 1,000W motor, and a beefy suspension, this higher end all-terrain bike truly lives up to its Jeep branding.

Aventon Sinch Step-Through

The Best Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike, 2023

While some of the other fat tire e-bikes on this page have also had the ability to fold, the Aventon Sinch does it just a bit better, making it a slightly more well-rounded machine. For this reason, it remains as our top pick in this category for the second year in a row.

Aventon’s Sinch is one of the more accessible e-bikes you’ll find on the fat tire market. The low stepover height of the frame and 20” diameter wheels don’t make it as intimidating for smaller riders to try out compared to many beefier fat tire bikes, but even 6’ riders will find joy on this bike too. The fact that it folds down and can be tossed in the back of most vehicles is a serious bonus.

We’re always hesitant to list aesthetic reasons for consideration on a best list as it’s easily the most subjective thing that varies from person to person, but both the green and red frames paired with the tan wall tires help the bike pop without being too flashy so you’ll have pride in riding around on a good looking bike.

But on e-bikes we know that looks fade while performance sustains and we like what the Sinch has under the hood as well. The 500W motor and 672Wh battery pair well to deliver 30-50 miles of range, the 20” X 4” fat tires are versatile enough for fire roads and paved riding alike, and the 45mm RST fork is sturdy while helping absorb some road vibration.

Now since this one is taking home the prize for best folding fat bike, let’s talk about the frame. Its overall construction is solid, and the miles we’ve logged on the Sinch have given us no concerns about the hinge that connects the front and rear half of the bike. Sometimes we see a little more flex there than we like, but that’s not been the case so far with the Sinch. The fact that this feels like a full-sized bike, but is capable of being fairly compact if you need to tuck it away in a corner will be a huge plus for many riders.


Full-suspension e-mountain bikes offer a lot: a suspension fork and a rear shock, a stable frame, grippy tyres and a strong e-drive, an e-bike that takes you safely through every kind of terrain. But how do you find the right full-suspension e-mountain bike? After reading our guide, you will know if it is the right type of bike for you and which parts you should think about.

Who needs a full-suspension e-mountain bike?

Do you prefer trails that can get rough or maybe have some technical sections? Roots, stones, challenging passages are your thing? Do you plan to go on alpine tours as well? Then you should go for a full-suspension e-MTB. But even if you are a mountain biker, who wishes for more comfort, your choice can be a full-suspension e-bike.

Furthermore, if you ride a full-suspension E-MTB you will get more traction, and with their low centre, they are well-balanced. That’s how full-suspension e-mountain bikes will provide safety and allow the rider to go fast. The more travel your e-bike offers, the greater the reserves will be. With an enduro e-mountain bike, you can explore your limits and go for the biggest jumps in the Alps or in a bike park. If you choose a full-suspension e-mountain bike out of comfort reasons you will relive your body of shocks. And thanks to a powerful e-drive, you can climb even the steepest ascents.

Full suspension bikes are a bit heavier than hardtails – but this disadvantage plays a minor role for an electric bike. The support out of the powerful engine will make you forget the weight immediately. If you are looking at a full-suspension e-mountain bike, you will see that there is a lot of technology included – that’s why full-suspension e-bikes are usually more expensive and require a little more maintenance.

  • more reserves for tough terrain
  • more safety and speed
  • more comfort
  • more traction

What are the categories of e-mountain bikes?

It doesn’t matter if you are a rider that enjoys a relaxed tour after work or if you like to go for endless bike park rounds at the weekend – we for sure have the right full-suspension e-mountain bike for you. The following categories of full-suspension e-bikes allow you to find the right kind of bike that will fit your plans. Afterwards, you can check, which e-drive, battery and parts your category offers.

Touring e-mountain bike

It is perfect for your evening ride after work on your home trail, long weekend tours as well as bike packing adventures or a sporty commute. They offer about 130 mm travel at the rear and front and are even made for demanding trails. If you compare touring e-mountain bikes with all-mountain or enduro bikes, they are less aggressive and more focused on comfort.

Touring e-MTB: 130 mm travel, tour and trail rider

All-mountain full-suspension

asomtom, e300, step-through, all-terrain, mountain

If you want to challenge yourself with a versatile e-mountain bike, you are going to find the fitting full-suspension e-bike in the category of all-mountain bikes. Around 150 mm of travel are working for you and are providing reserves to the bike and the rider. You will have lots of fun touring in flat terrain but you also can handle trail challenges in the Alps.

All-mountain E-MTB: 140-160 mm travel, trail and alpine rider


Demanding ground, steep climbs and rough downhills are the natural habitats of e-enduro bikes. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro biker or an ambitious e-mountain bike rider with an e-enduro things will heat up. Full-suspension e-bikes like the FOCUS SAM² are perfect for fast descents, exposed trails, and rugged terrain.

E-Enduro: 160-180 mm travel, focused on the downhill


The HovCity is a Level 2 bike built to help conquer the city streets. Built with its cadence sensor, it bolts you in and out of traffic on your commute.

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How to Apply for An Electric Bike Rebate in Denver?

As of April 22, Denver, Colorado, is offering tax incentives to residents who purchase electric bicycles. Residents who buy a regular e-bike qualify for a 400 rebate, and they can receive an additional 500 rebate on a cargo e-bike that hauls everything. Denver is one of the best cities in the country to offer rebates on electric bikes, although it is not the first. For residents of Denver, Colorado, buying an electric bike will be more affordable as of April 22. Click to know more.

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Let customers speak for us

Very nice. Box and bike in perfect shape. The fat tires make the ride smooth. The torque sensor makes pedaling more natural and also safer for riders with no prior experience with an ebike.

I absolutely love this bike! I’ve never had so much fun, riding a bike! It’s so powerful it goes up hills with ease, the torque assist is amazing, check out my review on this bike.

For a 2k bike it has all the major features one might want quite happy! But its the small details that are missing, for the price and hype I expect to a very thoughtful bike.

asomtom, e300, step-through, all-terrain, mountain

For weather conditions, the mudguards are alright, I’d expect something a little substantial but they work. But if you want a rider with running boards you NEED a skirt guard, a chaincase as well would keep them from getting tangled up, and the chain lasting longer too. Internal Gears could’ve been another good weather bonus.

A built in Frame Lock would really let me jump into the convenience store for a minute without a big hassle! As a cargo bike everyone should get such a feature. It could have even connected to the app to warn me if it gets moved/unlocked before I’m back.

TL;DR Overall great, but expected more leading-edge details thoughtfulness.

I bought 2 hovsco hov alphas and since then my neighborhood saw these nice bikes and now our neighbor hood has 4 dis-including ours. I have had some problems like errors and replacement parts, BUT THEY TAKE WEEKS TO ANSWER if you just say hello it will take them a while to say hello back, you can’t call or text without an answer I have never heard anyone from hovsco before even after calling at least 8 times I’m not an annoying customer I just want to make the best out of a almost 2k bike

I’ve been riding ebikes for many years, and this is the best bike I’ve had. I have joint pain and the only way for me to ride with my wife is with the help of my ebike. I recently switched to Hovsco after a test ride. It’s been nearly a month and I love it!

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