ASOMTOM E300 Step-Through All-Terrain Mountain Fat Tire Electric Bike. Cheap electric mountain bike

ASOMTOM E300 Step-Through All-Terrain Mountain Fat Tire Electric Bike

Looking for an electric bike that can handle any terrain, including rough mountain trails? Look no further than the ASOMTOM E300 Step-Through All-Terrain Mountain Electric Bike. With its powerful 750W BAFANG motor and sturdy 6061 frame, this bike is up for any challenge you throw its way.

The E300 features a step-through frame design for easy on and off, ensuring a comfortable and safe ride. It also comes equipped with high-quality hydraulic brakes and a hydraulic front suspension, allowing you to fully control the bike even on rough terrain.

The 750W BAFANG motor provides plenty of power to conquer steep hills and rugged mountain trails, while the maximum torque of 85Nm ensures a smooth ride. The motor has multiple levels of electric assistance, so you can adjust the level of assistance based on your riding conditions and preferences.

In addition to its impressive motor, the ASOMTOM E300 Step-Through All-Terrain Mountain Electric Bike is also equipped with a 48V 15A lithium battery, providing up to 60 miles of range. The bike also features a SHIMANO 7-speed shift system, allowing you to adjust gears as needed to match your riding style and the terrain you’re on.

Overall, the ASOMTOM E300 Step-Through All-Terrain Mountain Electric Bike is a versatile and reliable electric bike that can handle any adventure you have in mind. Whether you’re hitting the mountain trails or commuting to work, this bike is the perfect choice.

Worry no more about shipping fees when you shop with us! We offer free shipping to the lower 48 states in the U.S. as our way of showing appreciation to our valued customers, and it only takes 3-5 days to arrive. However, please note that at this time, we are only able to offer free shipping to the lower 48 states and do not ship to other areas in the U.S. or other countries.

At Asomtom Ebikes, we have utmost confidence in the quality of our electric bikes. That’s why we offer a hassle-free return policy for defect-free or undamaged bikes within 15 days of delivery. However, if you need to return the bike, it must be sent back in its original packaging, so please make sure to keep the original packaging properly. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you can contact us. Shop with confidence today and experience the joy of riding our high-quality electric bikes!

Asomtom bikes come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers all manufacturing defects for 2 years for the original owner. Please note that the warranty does not cover free accessories provided with the bike.

0 lb.

Engineered to put safety first

Our brake handle comes equipped with a power-off function that ensures maximum safety during emergencies.

On rough terrain, our hub axle remains sturdy and reliable, preventing wheel detachment and providing superior safety.

Protect yourself and the environment with our electric bike’s zero voltage charging port, which significantly reduces the risk of fires and burning.checked.

Our dual hydraulic brakes offer superior braking performance, providing greater control and shorter braking distances precisely when you need them.

Powerful Peak 1000W Brushless BAFANG Motor

Equipped with a 750W motor that can reach up to 1000W peak power and 85NM of torque, this Ebike is perfect for navigating through city blocks, light trails, and dirt roads. With a top speed of 28 mph via pedals and the ability to climb 30° hills with ease, you can conquer any road or off-road adventure while reducing stress on your knees and thighs. The high-speed brushless geared hub motors allow you to effortlessly handle even the roughest terrain.

Thrilling And Speedy Ride

Our electric bike features a LG 48V/15AH lithium-ion battery, designed with anti-theft measures to ensure safety. Unlike other battery types that hang on the frame and risk falling off, our removable battery can cover a maximum electric range of 35-45 miles in pure electric mode and 45-60 miles in pedal-assist mode (PAS mode), depending on rider weight and road conditions. Charge the waterproof battery safely and conveniently at home or in the office.

No Limitations for All-terrain

The perfect companion for your next adventure. Whether you’re exploring mountain trails, cruising through national parks, or navigating busy city streets, this bike is designed to handle any terrain with ease.

Take it off-road and explore the wilderness, ride along sandy beaches, or tackle steep hills. The bike’s powerful electric motor, sturdy frame, and all-terrain tires provide the perfect combination of speed, control, and stability. And with dual hydraulic brakes and a reliable hub axle, you can ride with confidence and peace of mind, no matter where your journey takes you.

Premium Quality Aluminum Alloy Hydraulic Suspension Fork for Smooth Riding

Enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride with our aluminum alloy hydraulic suspension featuring lockout and adjustable controls. The 120mm travel range of the front suspension fork, along with preload adjustment and lockout, allows for easy customization to fit your riding style. With excellent damping, you’ll experience reduced bumpiness on even the roughest terrains.

Experience Smooth and Responsive Braking with Hydraulic Technology

Hydraulic brake systems provide reliable stopping power, and a 180mm rotor size ensures optimal performance. With hydraulic technology, braking is smooth and responsive, offering greater control and safety on any terrain. The fluid-based system adjusts to your riding style, providing immediate feedback and ensuring adequate stopping power. A hydraulic brake system with 180mm rotors offers superior performance and safety for town cruising or off-road adventures.

Enjoy The Freedom to Ride In Your Way

We offer 3 different riding modes and 2 assist modes to choose from, providing a range of benefits to you. There are a total of 3 riding modes: pure electric mode, pedal-assist electric mode, pure pedal mode.

For the assist modes, our electric bike offers a walk mode, which allows you to push the bike forward using the throttle without pedaling. This mode is particularly useful when walking the bike up steep hills or through crowded areas. Also, we have another 10 seconds fixed speed mode. You can rotate the handlebar to a specific position for 10 seconds and the speed will be stabilized, which enables you to enjoy the smooth riding experience all the time.


The ASOMTOM E300 frame is constructed using 6061 high-strength aluminum alloy, and its heavy-duty design enables it to support a maximum weight of 400 pounds. Additionally, it possesses strong corrosion and oxidation resistance, allowing it to perform optimally in harsh environments.

The half-twist throttle requires less hand movement, making it more comfortable and easier for riders to operate. Additionally, the throttle is equipped with a cut-off button, which allows riders to choose whether or not to use the throttle according to their needs.

The ASOMTOM crank features a double-cap design that provides added stability and strength while preventing chain drops during use. With its anti-drop chain functionality, riders can enjoy a smooth and reliable ride without worrying about chain slips or other potential issues.

The Shimano 7 Speed Gear Shift System is designed with durability in mind, utilizing high-quality materials for trouble-free operation. Its ergonomic design and intuitive operation make it easy and comfortable to use, enhancing the overall enjoyment of cycling adventures.

The fender is made of high-quality materials and features excellent waterproof and dustproof performance, effectively protecting the bicycle body and rider. It is suitable for various road conditions and weather conditions, while adding a touch of style and personalization to your bike.

The ASOMTOM rear rack is a durable and easy-to-install accessory. Its high-quality materials ensure that your cargo stays safe while withstanding normal wear and tear. It can carry a variety of items from groceries to sports equipment, meeting your daily usage needs.

The headlight uses high-quality materials and energy-efficient LED technology. This ensures optimal lighting while minimizing power consumption. In addition, our headlights undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet and exceed industry standards for reliability and performance.

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HOW TO | Unbox Assemble Asomtom E-Bike Q7

Asomtom E-Bike Q7 e-bikes come 80% pre-assembled with a toolkit containing everything that needed plus an easy-to-follow user manual.

Does it take too long?

Tutorial Videos

Will there be any errors in the installation problem?

Each Electric bike will not be installed well due to each technology, there may be brakes that are too tight or too loose, and links that are too loose or too loose, just follow the video tutorial to adjust slightly. Slightly tweaked videos can be viewed by following our official YouTube channel.(ASOMTOM E-Bikes)

Does my height/weight suit the bike?

Which class of E-bike does Asomtom Q7 belong to?

What are the main differences in performance and design between Asomtom Q7 and Asomtom E300? Which one is better for me?

Asomtom Q7 electric bike and Asomtom E300 electric bike have the same functional configuration, the difference between them is that Asomtom E300 is Step-Thru frame design is Suitableeasy On and off bike,Q7 is Suitable for men, E300 is Suitable for women

Can I add a front and/or rear Rack on the Q7 E300?

Yes, you can add rear Rack but can’t add front. The rear will require a Heavy Duty Rear Rack due to the new bike design. This will be available soon, so keep an eye on the newsletter to receive updates on accessories

Customer Reviews

The bike was packaged extremely well and there was no damage. Assembly was easy and straightforward. The bike works well and has lots of power. We got 35 miles out of the first full charge with a top speed of 29mph. The only complaint is that there isn’t any torque sensors in the crank assembly. Basically if you move the pedals a quarter of a turn it kicks on the power. The higher the setting the faster it goes. It’s very simple but takes a while to get used to.

the Asomtom 300 is a BEAST! I love this bike!

ASOMTOM E300 Step-Through All-Terrain Mountain Fat Tire Electric Bike

This Ebike, which happens to look very close to the Himawiy striped animal model, is visually stunning and I had my neighbors immediately strike conversations on what it can do, how fast it goes, and range.

The Asomtom E300 is a formidable and swift machine that effortlessly reaches comfortable speeds without any noticeable lag. Its hydraulic brakes, battery life, and front and rear lights are exceptional, and the comfortable seat allowed me to travel 20 real miles without discomfort. There is so much value you get for a fraction of the cost, however there are some things to consider, and I’ll get to that a bit later.

Compared to my previous e-bike, which maxed out at 18 miles when fully charged, the E300 still had a three bars at the 20-mile mark, instilling confidence to travel even greater distances. The 750W motor is particularly impressive, it helps on steep hills and impressively fast on flat ground, reaching ridiculous speeds (30). The drawback is that the motor seems to be optimized for the top end speed rather than low end.

The shocks are adjustable, the brakes are hydraulic with 180mm to stop the massive tires, and the battery is a respectful 48v 15ah. The best part is looking at the overall components, the plugs are designed to keep water out, the battery is sealed with a rubber gromit, the rear tail is just so thick and the reason it can handle 400lbs, way more than most e-bikes.

Of course with the ultra low comparative price, something has to give right? Indeed, at the base price, the e-bike lacks mud guards and rack, however, with those addons, it’s still well below the himiway. Another consideration is the minimum height, you need to be to ride this thing, which is about 5’3 based on my guestimation? Other than that, you are buying a monster truck of an ebike, it’s fast, it’s fun, and it’s bold

My wife really likes the swooping frame. This bikes has great battery life and is fast, 32mph!

This is a very sturdy and solid ebike! There are many brands out there that offer similar features and components comparable to the Asomtom E300 for almost twice the price! Don’t be fooled! This ride is solid, and powerful. The customer service I have received has also been prompt and helpful via email. (sent me a pdf owners manual)

Customer service is TOP NOTCH!! They really do care and want to make any problems or concerns fixed. Very great bike!

Electric Bike FAQS

What is the difference between an electric bike and a traditional bike?

Electric bike have both the modes of traditional bike, PAS mode and throttle assist mode. Electric bike are equipped with motor batteries, which can be easier to ride than traditional bike. Even if you have physical problems such as arthritis, it is also to ride an electric bike again.

How fast can an electric bike go?It depends on the motor of the electric bike. And, generally in the US, electric bikes has 3 class: class 1 e-bikes have a top speed limit of 20 mph, and the electric motor only works when the rider is pedaling. Class 2 e-bikes are also limited to 20 mph, but their throttles work when you’re not pedaling. Class 3 e-bikes can go up to 28 mph and must have a speedometer, but may or may not have a throttle. The ASOMTOM RV1 RV2 RV3 e-bike is a class 2 e-bike, while the Q7 and E300 are class 3 e-bikes.

How to choose an electric bike? First of all, you need to follow your daily needs to choose a suitable electric bike,when you would like to buy an electric bike, For example, if you need an e-bike for your daily commute, the Asomtom RV3 is the best electric bike choice. If you want to go outdoor touring, a fat tire e-bike like the Asomtom Q7 E300 should be suitable. Secondly, your height should also be a high concern when choosing an electric bike. Disappointing to buy an e-bike that doesn’t fit at a height that can’t be ridden.But you can easily find the recommended height for Asomtom product page in the Size.

Do I need to assemble electric bike purchased online? Is it difficult to assemble?

All our asomtom electric bike products are 90% pre-assembly. When you receive the product, you can watch our installation video onAsomtom electric bike YouTube,(follow ASOMTOM E-Bikes on YouTube Channel)with the user manual to complete the assembly easily. If there is something that cannot be installed, you can contact us by email (

Can I Cancel or Change the Order I Just Placed?It is possible to cancel or change your order only if the item has not been dispatched. Please contact us via our customer support email at

How long does my electirc bike Delivery?

In-stock orders typically ship within 1-3 business days, unless otherwise noted on the product page.Depending on your address from our warehouse, it will take about 3-8 working days to deliver

How can I get the best milage out of the e-bike?

Take the following measures listed below to reduce negative impact on milage:1. Inflate the tires to the specified pressure.2. Avoid frequent braking during your ride.3. Use more pedal assistance and less throttle power.

Best Electric Mountain Bikes Of 2023

Electric mountain bikes are bicycles with an electric motor and battery, intended for off-road riding. E-MTBs have wide tires, suspension, disc brakes, and trail-ready geometry, just like traditional mountain bikes. However, they also feature pedal assistance and/or throttle to help the rider pedal.

There is no doubt that electric mountain bikes spark a lot of controversies. Should they be allowed on trails? Does riding one equal cheating? Are electric-assist mountain bikes as capable as regular mountain bikes?

Regardless of how you answer these burning questions, electric mountain bikes are here, and they are here to stay. The number of people who ride these e-bikes is on the rise and it’s becoming easier and easier to spot one both on- and off-road.

In this article, we are reviewing our 10 favorite models that will help you ride faster, go farther, and conquer climbs that you thought were out of the question before.

Are eMTBs Better Than MTBs?

The answer to this question depends on what kind of a rider you are and what requirements you have. Some people will answer with a definitive ‘Yes’, whereas others will scream ‘No’ at you. The reality is that electric mountain bikes have their strengths and weaknesses.

asomtom, e300, step-through, all-terrain, mountain

An eMTB performs very similarly to a regular mountain bike. But it also provides you with pedal assistance which makes it easier to overcome tough climbs or keep riding even after your legs are toasted.

E-mountain bikes typically have three or more pedal-assist levels and/or throttle, so you can adjust how much help you want to get and how much of the hard work you wish to do by yourself. Therefore, even though you’re on an e-bike, you can still get a very good workout.

Nowadays, modern electric mountain bikes have impressive trail capabilities, so an average rider won’t notice a huge difference when making the switch.

Still, due to the addition of a motor and battery, the ride feel is slightly different. For example, companies often need to extend the chainstays to fit a mid-drive motor, so most e-MTBs have a longer wheelbase than their traditional counterparts. This affects handling slightly. Also, the electric components add extra weight to the bike, so riding without pedal assistance becomes more of a challenge.

But these are not things that would bother an average rider too much. If you’re someone who struggles to ride as often, as long, or as hard as before, for whatever reasons, an electric mountain bike is definitely better than a regular MTB.

Why Did We Choose These Bikes?

The number of electrically-assisted mountain bikes on the market is on the rise, so picking one model from a plethora of choices can become a problem. We created the selection you see below to give you an idea of what’s worth the money and show you our favorite picks.

Every bike you see on this list was rigorously analyzed and researched before being given the green light. Before including each of the models, we analyzed the market, spoke to brands, checked user reviews, and relied on our prior experience as well.

For a bike to enter our top 10 selection, it had to have high-quality electronics (a strong motor and a dependable battery), reliable brand-name components, trail-worthy geometry, and it had to be built to last.

So scroll down to see our recommendations or check out each of the brand’s selection to find a model that might fit your requirements even more.

Not sure how to choose the right one? See our guide on how to choose electric bikes.

Trek Rail 7 Gen 2

Our top pick! Most Capable Electric Mountain Bike

MSRP: 6,650 Battery Motor: 625 Wh battery and 250W/85Nm motor Features: Aluminum frame, 160mm travel, Shimano XT 12-speed, 4-piston hydraulic brakes

Trek Rail 7 Gen 2 bridges the divide between electric mountain bikes and traditional bikes. This is a high-performance e-MTB capable of plowing through proper trails, along with analog trail bikes.

It’s built around Trek’s famous Alpha Platinum Aluminum frame that comes paired with a RockShox Domain RC 160 mm fork and a RockShox Deluxe Select rear shock. Therefore, it’s ready for big descents and fast singletracks.

The Rail 7 Gen 2 is powered by a Bosch Performance CX 250W motor with 85 Nm, that features a magnesium body. It will assist you up to 20 mph and the 625 Wh battery will provide you with up to 6 hours of assistance.

The drivetrain consists of a Shimano XT 12-speed rear derailleur and a Shimano SLX shifter, while the Shimano M6100 4-piston hydraulic brakes provide all the braking power you need.

The Rail 7 Gen 2 weighs around 53 lb, but you won’t feel the extra weight on climbs thanks to the Bosch motor.

All things considered, Trek Rail 7 Gen 2 seems like the right choice for anyone who needs a little bit of help on climbs but wants to let all hell loose on descents.

RadRover 6 Plus

Best All-Around Performer

MSRP: 1,999 Battery Motor: 589-672Wh battery and 750W motor Features: Pedal-assist and throttle, 7-speed drivetrain, lights, kickstand, 4″ tires

This Rad Power electric mountain bike is our top pick for a large number of good reasons. This is a versatile bike that excels in different settings, so it could be the right pick for various types of riders.

RadRover 6 Plus is not a bike built to be abused on rough, technical trails. Instead, it’s a bicycle that can be used for city commutes, off-road detours, dirt and gravel explorations, and moderate singletrack adventures.

This is a class 2 e-MTB with a geared rear hub motor and a semi-integrated battery. That means that it offers both five pedal-assist levels and throttle.

  • Sturdy and sleek-looking aluminum frame that’s easy to mount and dismount.
  • Meaty 4″ tires that are suitable for any type of terrain.
  • Comes with the necessary accessories to ride it in any weather and at any time of the day.
  • The 750W has all the ‘oomph’ you need and the battery provides up to 45 miles of range.
  • A suspension fork with 60mm of travel improves comfort and stability.

RadRover 6 also has a 7-speed drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, and front suspension. Therefore, it’s able to cover some serious ground both up steep hills and down breathtaking descents.

The most noticeable feature is the 4″ tires, which make RadRover an electric fat tire mountain bike. This electric MTB has fenders and bright lights, but you can add many other accessories, including racks, baskets, and more.

RadRover is one of the best electric mountain bikes for 2,000, so don’t hesitate to get it if you’re a MTB beginner or you need an affordable all-around performer and everyday workhorse.

Cannondale Moterra Neo 4

Second-best! Best Electric Mountain Bike

MSRP: 5,900 Battery Motor: Shimano EP8 with 630Wh battery Features: High torque motor, high-capacity battery, full suspension, aluminum frame, large tires

The Cannondale Moterra Neo 4 is a versatile MTB e-bike built for experienced riders to enjoy any type of terrain and surface.

It’s equipped with big 29″ wheels that roll on tubeless tires that can conquer rocks, dirt, and mud equally well. over, its front coil suspension fork with 100mm travel will improve your comfort and give you all the confidence you need when descending.

When it comes to the bike’s electronics, it has an industry-leading Shimano EP8 motor and a huge 630Wh of juice to provide a full day of trail riding.

The Moterra Neo 4 is one of the best electric mountain bikes considering it comes with all-mountain 150mm suspension and solid components.

  • Mid-drive motor provides powerful, natural assistance.
  • SRAM SX Eagle 12-speed drivetrain gives you great range.
  • Four-piston hydraulic disc brakes stop on a dime when you need.
  • A capable 100mm travel fork improves comfort and stability.

This electric mountain bike is built around an aluminum frame that comes with trail geometry for all-mountain riding.

Not only is it a capable MTB and packs a great punch with that motor it is one of the best-looking bikes on this list.

All in all, if you want an electric mountain bike that does not differ from a non-electric model and brings even more to the table, The Cannondale Moterra Neo 4 is the right choice.

Niner RIP e9 3-Star

Third Place! Best Trail/Enduro Electric Mountain Bike

MSRP: 6,699 Battery Motor: 625Wh, Bosch Gen4 Performance Line CX 75Nm Features: Aluminum frame, 20mph top speed, 12-speed SRAM SX drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, 160mm/150mm travel

Niner RIP e9 is a wildly popular electric mountain bike that eliminates much of the skepticism that usually surrounds e-MTBs. It’s a fun bike that removes barriers and lets you experience trail riding the same way you would on a standard mountain bike.

To begin with, this e-bike is a 29″ full-suspension shredder with a 160mm RockShox Zeb R fork and a 150mm Fox Float DPX2 Performance rear shock. It also features a wide-range SRAM SX Eagle 12-speed cassette, coupled with powerful hydraulic disc brakes.

  • Powerful Bosch Performance Line CX motor and a high-capacity battery.
  • Schwalbe Eddy Current EVO 29 x 2.4″ and Hans Dampf EVO 2.35″ tires.
  • Class 1 e-bike with pedal assistance up to 20mph.

The high-quality Bosch electronics are some of the best in the game. The setup provides you with a 20mph maximum assisted speed, and you can expect a 50-mile range thanks to the 625Wh integrated battery. You can smash climbs and make short work of difficult terrain.

This Niner electric mountain bike is a slack mean machine with a slack head tube angle and a steep seat tube angle. It comes in three sizes and has an attractive black paint job.

Buy it if you can afford to spend 6,699 on getting one of the best electric mountain bikes.

QuietKat Jeep

Best Full-Suspension E-Bike

MSRP: 7,500 Battery Motor: 696 Wh battery and 1000W or 750W motor Features: 26″ x 4.8″ wheels, full suspension, 9-speed drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes

QuietKat Jeep provides the biggest amount of travel you will see on this list. It’s a powerful hunting-specific mountain bike with 150mm of suspension travel and Tektro 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes for rowdy descents.

The Jeep will expand your abilities when it comes to the trails and terrain you can ride on. This bike comes with 26″ x 4.8″ fat tires that can handle any challenge. Feel free to ride on snow, sand, mud, and rocks without fear of loosing grip.

  • A high-capacity 696 Wh battery and 1000W or 750W motor
  • 26″ x 4.8″ fat tires.
  • Downhill ready 150 mm of front and rear suspension.
  • Tektro 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Developed in collaboration with Jeep.

What e-bike lovers will appreciate the most are the powerful electrical components. You can get this bike with a 1000W or 750W mid-drive motor, depending on how much climbing you intend to do. The 696 Wh battery provides up to 58 miles of range, though you can order an additional one to carry with you on long rides as a replacement.

This QuietKat electric mountain bike also has a SRAM 9-speed drivetrain, which is a slight drawback, considering the price. We feel that a larger gear range would be more appropriate.

In any case, by purchasing QuietKat Jeep, you get a bike that descends like mad and climbs even better thanks to the electronics. You should have loads of fun on it and easily reach your favorite hunting spots.


Best Step-Through Electric Mountain Bike

MSRP: 1,895 Battery Motor: 672 Wh battery and 750W geared rear hub motor Features: Aluminum frameset, integrated battery, front suspension, Shimano Alivio group

Ride1Up is well-known for building some of the best budget electric bikes in the industry. They’re making a name for themselves in the electric MTB category as well. LMT’d is a fast and powerful hardtail electric mountain bike with an unconventional step-through frame design.

This is a 27.5″ wheeled aluminum MTB with dependable components from Shimano, Tektro, Schwalbe, and other big brands. It’s propelled by a geared rear hub 750W motor and a 672Wh battery, which is more than enough juice for a day on the trails.

As a class 3 e-bike, this Ride1UP electric mountain bike provides pedal assistance up to 28 mph, so you’ll be able to turn long and backbreaking days into casual trail excursions.

  • Lightweight and stiff aluminum frame.
  • Geared motor assists you up to 28 mph.
  • Excellent Shimano Alivio 9-speed drivetrain for easy climbing.
  • 80mm air suspension fork
  • Massive 27.5″ x 2.4″ tires.

In addition to the excellent electronics, Ride1UP comes with an RST Asteria 80mm air fork. That is a serious suspension setup ready for moderate trails and gravel and dirt roads.

You also get a Shimano Alivio 9-spd drivetrain, Schwalbe Super-Moto X tires, hydraulic disc brakes, and a comfortable saddle.

Ride1UP LMT’D is the ideal hardtail mountain bike for casual riders who love moderate trails and want to enjoy a day in nature with the help of some electricity.

Orbea Rise M20

Quality Full-Suspension Electric Mountain Bike

MSRP: 7,399 Battery Motor: 280Wh battery and 250W motor Features: Carbon frame, 29″ x 2.4″ tires, 140mm in the front and rear, Shimano SLX components

Orbea Rise M20 is another bike on this list with a solid list of specs. This model comes with a Shimano EP8 motor and a 360Wh battery. The motor will assist you up to 20 MPH and the battery will give you enough juice for all your adventures.

Orbea Rise is a full-suspension e-mountain bike, ready for all kinds of adventure.

Now, this bike features Shimano SLX components, which offer premium quality – 510% gear range, smooth shifting, and excellent chain retention. This groupset is built to be abused.

  • Carbon fiber frame
  • Dual suspension
  • MicroShift 7-speed drivetrain.
  • Quality motor and battery

Orbea Rise M20 electric mountain bike offers quality suspension as well. Your adventures will be cushioned by Fox 34 Float Performance fork and Fox Float DPS Performance rear shock. Both offer 140mm of travel.

The wheelset is worth mentioning too – Maxxis Dissector front tire and Maxxis Rekon rear tire work in unison, offering the best possible riding experience.

While the Orbea Range M20 might seem to be out of reach for many, this electric mountain bike will pay for itself over time.

Santa Cruz Heckler C R

Best Performance Full-Suspension E-Bike

MSRP: 8,749 Battery Motor: 720 Wh battery and Shimano EP8 Motor Features: 12-speed drivetrain, plus-size tires, dual suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, Carbon frame

There’s no doubt that Santa Cruz has electric mountain bikes figured out. That’s also pretty obvious with the Heckler, it’s not a general day-to-day e-bike, it’s an off-road racing machine. This is a versatile full suspension trail bike that can navigate all types of mountains and trails, including very steep ones.

This Santa Cruz electric mountain bike has the well-known Shimano EP8 motor, which is incredible. It’s combined with a 720 Wh battery that’s completely hidden inside the downtube.

The super lightweight Carbon frame boasts front and rear suspension for maximum comfort and off-road performance. Therefore, you have enough capability to go anywhere into the wild.

  • Excellent all-around performer, good for all types of trails.
  • Front 160mm RockShox Lyrik and rear 150mm RockShox Super Deluxe suspension.
  • 12-speed drivetrain with a wide-range cassette.
  • EP8 motor and 720 Wh battery.
  • 29″ x 2.5″ Maxxis front tire and 29″ x 2.4 Maxxis Rear tire.

The groupset is the legendary SRAM NX 12 speed. It offers you a huge range of gears not just for climbing but downhills too.

This bike also features hydraulic disc brakes with massive rotors, these will stop you literally on a pin.

This is an excellent full-suspension mountain bike for versatile riders who love testing their limits on different types of terrain.

Vvolt Sirius

Consider Also: Affordable Versatile Off-Road Commuter

MSRP: 2,799 Battery Motor: 375Wh battery and 250W motor Features: Lightweight aluminum frame, front suspension, a mid-drive motor, torque sensor, enviolo rear hub

Vvolt’s Sirius is not a trail-worthy or a race-ready full-suspension electric mountain bike, but we still decided to include it in our list. We did it because we think it would meet the requirements of many riders out there—it’s fun, versatile, ready for paved and unpaved adventures, and it does not cost a fortune.

Sirius sports a 250W mid-drive motor, which is one of the most popular units on the market. It’s combined with an integrated 375Wh battery that gives you an impressive range of up to 60 miles, according to the manufacturer.

  • Step-over aluminum frame suitable for male and female riders.
  • 100mm air suspension fork makes off-road rides smooth and improves comfort.
  • Class 1 e-mountain bike with a 20 MPH maximum assisted speed.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Enviolo rear hub with stepless shifting

This Vvolt electric mountain bike is off-road ready, but we wouldn’t put it through too much abuse. It features a 100mm air suspension fork, an enviolo stepless rear hub, and trusty hydraulic disc brakes. Therefore, it is well equipped for off-road routes.

What we also like is that Sirius is versatile and can be used for city commuting. It comes with fender and rear rack mounts, and powerful front and rear lights.

All things considered, this is the best value electric bike for the average rider. It’s pretty much the only e-bike you need if you commute by bicycle, ride for fun, and take detours off the beaten path just for kicks.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Take a look at our list of the best mountain bike brands.

Rambo Krusader

Best AWD All-Terrain E-Bike

MSRP: 4,999 Battery Motor: 14ah Battery and 2 x 500w motors Features: 26″ wheels, aluminum frameset, suspension, 1 speed, Maxxis Minion fat tires, rear rack

The Rambo Krusader is an all-terrain e-bike, which means it’s perfect for riding on rough terrain, away from the beaten paths, and even on roads. It’s built around a durable aluminum frameset and comes with excellent components for the money.

This Rambo electric mountain bike is a proper trail-ready machine thanks to the front suspension. The setup is made for extreme comfort. The larger tires and relaxed geometry will keep you on the bike for many miles before needing to stop.

The aluminum frameset is durable and stiff. It brings the weight down and improves performance despite the extra pounds added by heavy-duty electronics.

  • Versatile 26″ wheels.
  • A great all-around performer with front suspension.
  • Single Speed Drive
  • Powerful 2 x 500W motors and a 14ah battery.
  • Reliable hydraulic disc brakes.

If you’re struggling to ride uphill the twin 500W mid-drive unit will help you do it. Plus, the 14ah battery will give you enough range to do it again and again until you find the perfect spot for a rest. The beauty of this bike is the fact both wheels drive so you can imagine you’re getting incredible grip and torque from this bike.

This bike has a comfortable and versatile geometry, as well as mid-range components, so it won’t limit your trail riding in any way. Instead, it will enhance it and allow you to ride further and spend more time in the forest and in the mountains. If you are concerned about just having a single gear don’t be the motors are powerful enough to still take you up tough inclines.

The Rambo Krusader is definitely not a cheap electric mountain bike, but it is worth the money. If you like the 26″ setup and want dependable 1000W pedal assistance, you shouldn’t hesitate to get it.

Haibike ALLMTN 3

Best All-Mountain Electric Bike

MSRP: 5,800 Battery Motor: 625Wh battery 250W motor Features: Mountain bike drivetrain, aluminum frame, 160mm travel front 150mm on the rear, fat tires, hydraulic disc brakes

The Haibike ALLMTN 3 is an amazing electric mountain bike that has everything you could ever ask for when hitting a technical trail. However, it has something you might dislike as well, which is a very steep price of 5,800.

With that number in mind, it’s worth considering if the features reflect the investment, and the answer is yes. This Haibike electric mountain bike has some mouth-watering components and features.

It is powered by a 250W motor that makes climbing on any terrain and gradient super easy. This way, you can get the most natural pedaling assistance when you need it the most. The bike itself as an e-bike is incredibly light and it is nimble and agile to use.

  • Lightweight and stiff full suspension aluminum frame.
  • 27.5″ / 2.8″ wide rear tires, 29″ / 2.5″ wide front tire
  • 250W motor
  • Full suspension

This is an electric mountain bike, in our opinion, it’s one of the best-looking electric mountain bikes you can get. It looks great and with that full suspension setup performs great too.

The groupset comes in the form of SRAM SX 12-speed mountain bike groupset. It is known for silky smooth shifting and is probably one of the most reliable groupsets you can buy.

What’s good is that this bike boasts powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes which are going to stop you very quickly if you require them to.

If you enjoy mountain biking and are looking for a full-suspension bike that is going to give you a bit of assistance the Haibike ALLMTN 3 is got everything you need.

People Also Ask

Do you have any other questions about electric mountain bikes? You’re not the only one!

What is the best electric mountain bike?

The best mountain bike is not the same for everyone. On our list, Rad Power RadRover took the first position because it is versatile, capable, and affordable. Thus, it can be the best electric mountain bike for different types of riders. Others might like another model on the list better, which is why it’s hard to give a universal answer.

Is an electric mountain bike worth it?

An electric mountain bike is definitely worth it. For the right type of rider, an e-MTB does not really have any disadvantages. If you’re struggling to ride as hard or as long as before due to an injury or age, an electric mountain will quite literally change your life.

How much does an electric mountain bike cost?

Electric mountain bikes cost anywhere between 1,000 and 10,000. However, on average, you should expect to spend around 4,000 for a mid-range model with quality suspension, components, and electronics. Such a bike will be trail-ready and will allow you to ride as hard as before.

How long do e-mountain bikes last?

Electric mountain bikes can last just as long as non-electric bicycles. Over time, the battery capacity deteriorates, so you need to swap it every 3–5 years. However, all other parts should last for years with proper maintenance. Of course, regular servicing is a must.

Bottom Line

While creating this list, we aimed to include a wide variety of electric mountain bikes that would satisfy different types of riders. Therefore, we’ve reviewed off-road commuters, lively electric hardtails, and full-blown trail shredders with full suspension.

Whichever model you end up choosing, you may rest assured you’ll be getting a well-built, high-quality e-bike that will give you more mobility and boost your fitness and health. The only drawback to many of them is the high price, but the benefits are often worth it.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев if we failed to include your top pick and we’ll consider reviewing it in the future!


Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Uh… Rocky Mountain much? Not only built around an in-house drive, also happens to have the most – let alone MTB-specific – torque.

Discover the best electric mountain bikes for hitting the trails this year

Down with exhausted calves — all hail the rise of the ebike! Electric bikes are taking over anywhere bicycles roam, including off-road trails. Few things have changed the MTB (mountain biking) space like electrification, taking trail capabilities to a new level, and allowing riders to actually enjoy the uphill pedal. To that end, we’re looking at the best electric mountain bikes of 2023.

Each of these e-MTBs has been tested extensively in a wide range of trail conditions, from easy flow trails to more technical challenges. While electric mountain bikes tend to be fairly pricey — it’s not uncommon for them to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 8,000 — the recommendations below represent a wide range of budgets. Check back often, as we’ll be updating our ebike coverage regularly, looking at standout models like the Juiced RipCurrent S and the VanMoof S3.

Canyon Spectral ON

Best all-around e-MTB

With its enormous 900-watt hour battery, 60 miles range, and powerful Shimano EP 8 motor, the all-new Canyon Spectral ON delivers all the performance you need to conquer any trail.

Designed with an ultralight but ultra-tough frame (seven pounds or less depending on the specific model), butter-smooth gears, a low center of gravity, and ergonomic layout, it’s the sort of bike you’ll love riding all day long. While its pedal crank is a bit low and the price tag is certainly high, if you can afford it, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more thrilling e-MTB experience.

Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay

Runner-up: Wonderfully aggressive e-MTB

Running neck and neck at the head of the pack is this absolutely outstanding bike from the Vancouver-based company Rocky Mountain. The Instinct Powerplay is lightweight yet powerful, easy to use yet packed with slick tech features. Its 720-watt-hour battery provides plenty of range, and its low-slung layout hugs train corners perfectly.

Like the Spectral ON, it’s no slouch in terms of price and will go pretty much anywhere you point it. The only reason the Canyon edged out ahead was because of the slight battery capacity advantage, but for all practical purposes, the Instinct Powerplay is a great e-MTB.

Juiced RipRacer

Great portable off-roader

If you’re looking for a more compact, straightforward ebike that offers solid off-road capability, the RipRacer from Juiced delivers. With its outstanding 55 mile range and surprisingly (almost unnecessarily) powerful 750W motor, it offers substantial performance.

Unlike the other bikes on this list, it has a throttle that can propel you forward at the twist of a wrist. Its fat tires provide ample grip whether you’re riding over gravel, mud, sand, or even snow, and its slightly smaller stature makes it great for throwing in the trunk to drive out to the woods for a ride, or for smaller riders. And the price is smaller too. At just 1,700, it’s the most affordable option on our list.

Ride1Up Prodigy

Solid crossover option

While the Ride1Up Prodigy isn’t technically an e-MTB, I’ve found that it bridges the gap nicely between urban commuting and off-road capability, particularly with the XC edition that includes shocks in the front fork. This isn’t a bike that you’re going to want to ride on more technical trails, but if you’re looking for an ebike that is just as comfortable on flow trails or unpaved paths as it is on the asphalt, the

Prodigy is a great option. Its performance is solid, its ride is smooth, and the price is right. Simply put, if you want an ebike for riding to work during the week and then hitting some light trails during the weekend, the Prodigy has you covered.

We’ll be updating this list occasionally to include the latest and greatest releases, so check back often. In the meantime, these are outstanding e-MTBs for your summer trail-riding fun.

Editors’ Recommendations

Assembling your perfect snowboarding setup is like rebuilding that old Chevy you always kept in the garage. Sure, you can throw any old carburetor in there and slap on a few wheels, and then you’re good to go — disclaimer, all my knowledge on rebuilding old cars comes from film montages. But if you really want that beast to purr, you need everything working in harmony. You don’t just want to be slapping any old parts onto your spanking new engine.

Your snowboarding gear is the same. You need to piece together an ensemble that reflects your riding style and complements the other pieces of your riding setup. It’s all well and good buying a brand-new snowboard, but if your snowboard bindings are rattling loose and your snowboard boots are bursting at the seams, you’ll spend the day wondering why your new board isn’t popping like it’s hot. Our snowboarding gear awards are here with the best equipment of 2023 to help you start your season with a roar, not a whimper.

The right ski gear can make all the difference in your performance: Here are our picks for the 2023 season

For the seasoned skier, winter can make or break your year. While we can’t — yet — control snowfall, there are plenty of ski resorts out there that promise fresh lines, perfect corduroy, and pumping apres. Whether you live at one of these resorts and plan to get out each weekend or you have a holiday booked and are counting down the days, when it comes to skiing, you want to make every day count.

Making every day count starts with having the right ski gear. Sure, everyone has their own style, but there are some universal truths that keep your skis, boots, layers, and more all working together to make sure you can shred from dawn ’til dusk. If you’re still undecided on what skis to shred this season or what to wear skiing in 2023, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top picks for the best skiing gear for 2023.

This is an excellent time to shop for electric bike deals. Most brands are having outstanding sales, perhaps because inventories have begun to load up. The selection of e-bikes has risen rapidly in the last three years. You can find great e-bike deals quite easily today. The best approach is to be sure you consider both the price and the best use of any electric bike deals. In the following sections, we include today’s best e-bike deals and how to find the best electric bikes for every kind of ride. Best Cheap Electric Bike Deals

How to Choose an Electric Bike It’s not hard to find good deals on electric bikes. However, you need to be careful about the type of and design purpose of any e-bike. There are now electric bikes for such a wide range of purposes that you want to be sure you select an e-bike that’s both a good deal and appropriate for your intended use.

The Essential Guide for MenThe Manual is simple — we show men how to live a life that is more engaged. As our name implies, we offer a suite of expert guides on a wide range of topics, including fashion, food, drink, travel, and grooming. We don’t boss you around; we’re simply here to bring authenticity and understanding to all that enriches our lives as men on a daily basis.

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  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Detroit
  • Los Angeles
  • Toronto

How Much Does Mountain Electric Bike Cost? What is eMTB Price?

Electric mountain bikes have gained quite a reputation for being one of the most expensive types of e-bikes available. And when looking at costs, eMTBers usually look beyond the initial sale and FOCUS more on the running costs down the line. That being said, you definitely have to put this into consideration if you are planning on buying your first mountain e-bike.

Yes, high-end mountain electric bikes normally push the cost to as high as 9,000. But you still have to be mindful of the after-sale costs you will have to take care of, namely, regular maintenance.

That said, how much do mountain e-bikes cost? Considering the price range of 1,200 to 9,000, the average cost of mountain electric bikes, if we are only going to look at the initial sale price, is around 4,150. However, it is also important to look at the regular running and maintenance costs of eMTBs as they can add up over time. At most, you have to be prepared to shell out 650 for maintenance alone.

Why do you have to be aware of the maintenance costs of electric mountain bikes in particular? Well, let us just say that these types of electric bicycles are usually subject to more extreme riding conditions. This, in turn, results in faster deterioration of its essential parts.

Consequently, maintenance has to be done consistently to ensure not only an optimal riding experience but safety as well. While some manufacturers are reinforcing their e-bikes with sturdier components in their later models, they are still relatively few.

What should you look at when considering mountain electric bike costs?

Mountain electric bikes have features that immediately set them apart from other types of electric bikes. Nonetheless, their overall design and components still follow the standard e-bike paradigm. This is why their are still largely dictated by how superior their battery is and how powerful their motors are.

It is also important to note that an eMTB is categorized as Downhill, Enduro, or Trail. Trail mountain e-bikes are more of an all-around eMTB that can conquer most hills and go through all kinds of rough trails.

Enduros are lighter in general and built for speed, while Downhill varieties are heavier and are designed to go through downhill paths faster than most.

It is important to know the difference between these types of eMTBs because their design and components are partly determined by those categories.

Generally, riders prefer their electric mountain bikes to be fast, have helpful extra features, be smooth, and have a high riding range. These, more or less, dictate the price of mountain e-bikes, as shall be explained in each section below:

Mountain e-bike maintenance

Wear and tear, as said above, is more prone to happen in electric mountain bikes. This is especially true in models that still incorporate the standard components found in an average mountain bike.

asomtom, e300, step-through, all-terrain, mountain

Most of the time, these components cannot support the extra power produced by the motor which is required from mountain biking (e.g. when conquering difficult slopes).

To be specific, these parts are the chain, chainring, and cassette. This is why most eMTBers have a propensity to have these components replaced every now and then.

The same rings true for brake pads and discs as well as the frames, forks, shocks, and bearings in general. Overall durability will definitely suffer as a general result of the constant stress that these parts have to put up with each ride.

That said, you definitely have to be prepared to set aside money for buying spare parts to readily replace any component that has depreciated after a season of riding. This applies to the chain, chainring, cassette, brake rotors and pads, and tires, in particular.

Most experts also advise having your mountain e-bike undergo shock service and fork service annually to keep your bike’s durability top-notch. On average, you can expect to pay more than 200 for those services.

Mountain e-bike power and torque

Your mountain e-bike’s ability to assist you on any type of climb is a fundamental aspect of these types of e-bikes. Of course, you have to anticipate that the difficulty of these climbs would vary a lot.

This is why eMTBs that have more powerful motors are often preferred and, therefore, are more likely to cost more. Experienced riders also always opt for mid-drive motors because their ideal weight distribution usually leads to better overall performance.

Most motors have Smart sensors that can instantly detect the level of assist that the rider currently needs based on the torque applied by the rider on the pedals. Motor support is crucial in ensuring that the general riding experience will always be satisfactory.

This is why most torque electric mountain bikes that can ensure smooth riding in any situation can command higher prices. Most of the time, you will see these types of mountain e-bikes that serve as the pinnacle of eMTBing power selling for 8,000.

Furthermore, the most popular motor brands are Bosch, Yamaha, Shimano, and Panasonic, most of which are big brands that are reputable enough to attach loftier price tags to their motors.

eMTB battery

Batteries will always play an integral role in any type of e-bike. But mountain e-bikes certainly need to have batteries that have a longer life and riding range. This is because they are directly related to the motor’s performance. After all, the more it assists you to conquer a climb, the more it takes a toll on battery life.

When looking at battery quality and cost, you have to look at the e-bike battery’s watt-hours. This parameter is a good gauge of total battery life and output, after all.

Any mountain e-bike with higher watt-hours will have a longer riding range. And a larger riding range, as mentioned, is always preferred in a good eMTB. Additionally, faster-charging batteries are certainly more prized compared to slower ones. 4 hours of charging time are already considerably quick for most eMTBs.

Ironically, batteries that sport this characteristic are usually heavier. In general, lighter e-bikes are more expensive. But in the case of electric mountain bikes, those with bigger (and heftier) batteries will often be the costlier ones.

All the better if you can find models that are lightweight but still have long-lasting batteries, assuming you will be prepared to pay for their undoubtedly more expensive price.

Mountain e-bike adaptability to terrain

As said above, trail eMTBs often have the capability to handle any type of terrain. This is why they are normally the most expensive types of mountain e-bikes.

There are numerous factors to look at here, besides the motor’s performance. For one, mountain e-bikes that have bigger wheels usually adapt better to any kind of terrain.

That is not to say that the size of the wheel plays that big of a role in that component’s price, though. Some models that have smaller or average-sized wheels can still cost a lot.

Generally, wheels that can handle any kind of terrain (especially the rougher ones) will definitely cost more, either because of their durability or having other features like higher puncture resistance.

Also, mountain e-bikes that have been fitted with parts that ensure better handling will also cost a lot more because of better performance. The integrated brakes play a vital role here.

Those with disc rotors that manage to provide smoother and more powerful stops are favored and, thus, cost more, considering you may have to have them checked and replaced every now and then to guarantee safety.

Mountain e-bike warranty and insurance

The cost of sale is also greatly determined by the length of warranty that a specific brand can assure for its model. Those that have more than two years of warranty might cost more initially, but it will certainly help you save a lot more money should emergency breakages happen.

These kinds of mountain e-bikes immediately stand out because they are still relatively small in number. Considering the beating that most electric mountain bikes take on a regular basis, this should not at all be a surprise. so for models that have lifetime warranties on the frame.

A few words in conclusion

Not a lot of electric mountain bikes can assure a smooth riding experience anytime and anywhere. This is why the general rule of thumb for eMTBs is that more powerful models are definitely big-ticket, so to speak.

And running costs surely have to be minded as well. Most passionate electric mountain bikers are more than willing to pay for these maintenances because they only extend the life of the bike further, allowing them to save more in the end.

Incidentally, the trend of mountain biking is already showing a huge shift towards electric mountain bikes because of the sheer convenience they provide. Yes, there are still purists out there who still like to conquer mountains with standard mountain bikes, but their numbers are evidently dwindling. Whether eMTBs becoming the norm will affect their costs still remains to be discovered.

asomtom, e300, step-through, all-terrain, mountain

What is certain is that people can expect sharper price drops once e-bikes, in general, reach the peak of their technology’s maturity. And eMTBers are undoubtedly the ones that anticipate it the most.

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