Are Electric Dirt Bikes Safe for Kids? Best Models by Age. Junior electric dirt bike

Are Electric Dirt Bikes Safe for Kids? Best Models by Age

BMX and Electric dirt bikes for kids require important safety and training before kids are ready to ride on the road. What to know about e-dirt bikes.

BMX has always been a popular sport. What kid doesn’t want to experience the freedom and exhilaration of the sun shining on their face and the wind at their back as they strategically race to win?

But dirt bike technology has evolved so much in a few years that new dirt bike models are faster, smoother, and have more features than ever. Enter electric dirt bikes. Between the rising of gas and an increase in the concern of global warming, the demand for electric mobility has increased. In addition to that, the maintenance of the electric dirt bike is also less due to fewer moving parts and electric dirt bikes are very quiet.

Considering all the advantages offered by the electric of dirt bikes, automakers are now starting to invest in the production of electric dirt bikes. In 2019, Husqvarna launched its first electric dirt bike. Even Tesla has said they plan to roll out a model of electric dirt bikes in the future.

Let’s be honest, dirt bike riding (electric or traditional) might not be the safest sport but it can be a great tool to teach children, some as young as 3 years old, basic driving skills. That doesn’t necessarily make parents any less concerned for their child’s safety. It’s nice that there’s a more eco-friendly option but whether or not your child can safely ride an electric dirt bike is what every parent really wants to know.

What’s the Difference Between a Regular and an Electric Dirt Bike

An electric dirt bike is essentially a regular dirt bike with a fast-charging, long-lasting battery life giving it upgraded power and speed. They are compact, lightweight, easy to maintain, and budget-friendly, as well as, deliver superior off-road performance. These bikes have all the right elements (tires, high torque, dual suspension, and quick charging time). An electric motorcycle can basically be taken to any off-road adventure a child can dream of.

How Old Do Kids Need to Be to Ride a Dirt Bike?

There is no actual age limit for dirt bikes. It’s just a matter of finding the right bike and seat height suited for the size, age, and skill level of the child.

An easy way to gauge whether a child is ready to ride a dirt bike is to first see whether or not they can smoothly ride a traditional bicycle. You know what they say, you need to learn to walk before you run!

Parents should make sure their child is comfortable riding a bike and understands how to control their speed, balance, and breaking before attempting to ride an electric dirt bike.

How to Choose the Right Dirt Bike for a Child

When choosing an electric dirt bike for children, there are many things to consider like the right bike size and other safety features. Size can help the rider maintain balance, control, and confidence off-road, which is crucial for their safety.

Resist the urge to buy young riders a bigger starter bike than your child is so they can grow into it. It doesn’t work like pants. A bike that’s too big will compromise their safety. Other factors to consider when choosing the best dirt bike or best electric dirt bike for kids for your child include:

  • Bike height: Can the seat height be adjusted to grow with your child?
  • Starter systems: Can your child operate a kick start or an electric motorbike?
  • Two-stroke or four-stroke: Four-stroke engine dirt bikes are best for beginners as they provide smooth acceleration.
  • Transmission: If the child cannot manage a clutch, and let’s be honest some adults have a hard time mastering that skill, an automatic system will allow them to FOCUS on steering and balancing only.

Recommended Bike Types for Kids Based on Age:

  • Toddlers (2 to 3 years old): Try a 6V bike with training wheels.
  • 4 to 6 years old: Try either electric or battery-powered models that run below 10 mph.
  • 7 to 9 years old: Try a gas-powered 50cc models that will give them a more thrilling experience.
  • 10 years old to 12 years old: Try a mini dirt bike at 70cc and a height of 21.25 inches
  • Teenagers: Teenagers can often handle more powerful bikes of up to 250cc, and can enter competitions.

All dirt bikes follow the same basic formula: long-travel suspension system, knobby tires, lightweight frame, and one or two-cylinder engine. These features help them easily maneuver around off-road trails. However, not all bikes are created equal.

Trail bikes aren’t as extreme as motocross bikes. There are full-on racing machines, with even lighter frames, more suspension travel, grippier tires, and high-strung engines. The Honda CRF250R is 36 pounds lighter than the CRF250F and has bigger brakes and roughly 50% more front suspension travel.

How to Ensure Child Safety on a Dirt Bike

Motorbike riding is safe for little ones, as long as, proper safety measures are taken and the dependability and durability of the bike can be counted on. Some tips to help ensure your kids’ safety include:

  • Never allow a child to ride on tarmac roads. Keep them on dirt roads that are designed for starters.
  • Buy safety gear such as helmets, back and chest protection, kidney belt, goggles, boots, gloves, etc. Never skimp on safety equipment. It’s okay to be frugal but aim for high-quality equipment.
  • A suitable helmet, goggles, and pads must be worn at all times when riding an electric dirt bike.
  • Don’t allow children to ride dirt bikes at top speed. Riding at maximum speed makes it easier to lose control and get into an accident.
  • Always consult the weather and, for safety sake, only take children to ride in clear weather and not during the rain.
  • Make sure the electric bike is properly maintained to ensure that it’s in good condition before the child ever gets on the bike.

Electric Dirt Bike Maintenance

Regular maintenance is non-negotiable for any family who wants to regularly ride dirt bikes. Just because electric dirt bikes don’t require things like oil changes or new filters, doesn’t mean you don’t need to take care of them!

Ensure the battery is always charged and working correctly whenever you’re able to, ensure the bike’s tires are properly inflated, and regularly examine the bike for any loose bolts or broken parts. E-dirt bike repair should be done by a trusted professional/mechanic.

Always comply with the weight capacity of the bike. All manufacturers indicate their electric dirt bike’s weight capacity. Adhere to these capacity maximums to avoid damaging elements of your dirt bike.

Biking Safety Matters

Children must be taught the proper rules of the road when biking. They should learn about bike lanes, be advised to always watch for pedestrians, and learn the basic traffic rules and signals in their neighborhoods if they are going to go out on the road. It is the responsibility of parents to teach proper biking etiquette to kids.

You should always practice by first teaching children to ride in a controlled environment.

Use a flat, straight dirt road and an open field for leaning and doing turns. This reduces the opportunity for disaster. If you’re using dirt bike training wheels choose debris-free ground that makes learning to ride safer.

Hiboy DK1 Electric Dirt Bike For Kids Ages 3-10

Equipped with a high-strength shock-absorbing spring, which has a super shock-absorbing capacity and no noise while driving. Provides you great performance with 3-speed modes and up to 13.7 miles long-range with a rechargeable 36V sealed lithium battery system in all scenarios. Takes only 4-5 hours to fully charge.

Max Range 13.7miles Max Speed of 15.5mph
Model DK1
No. Parts Quantity

Super Shockproof Performance

Equipped with a high-strength shock-absorbing spring, which has super shock-absorbing capacity and no noise while driving.

Don’t worry about making noise to your neighbors.

Safe speed modes

The dirt bike has 3 safe speed modes:Low: 5.0 mph (8 km/h)Medium: 7.5 mph (12 km/h)High: 15.5 mph (25 km/h).

You can choose to use any speed to give you the best riding experience.

Durable strong

Electric motorcycle designed for kids aged 3-10 with authentic dirt bike geometry provides for a solid ride off-road with a max rider weight of 140 lbs.

GASGAS goes e-powered – new MC-E 3 mini bike for kids

GASGAS has announced an all-new MC-E 3 mini electric dirt bike for younger kids to make their first off-road steps at an even younger age.

Making sure you’ve got something for the kids is important in this world. Forget about them and life can be hell! If you’re a manufacturer of motorcycles, perceived wisdom says if you get them on two wheels sooner the more likely there are to get hooked into “the brand” and stick for life.

Hence the newest and now smallest powered two-wheeler in the GASGAS off-road range, the MC-E 3 which joins the larger MC-E 5 electric bike plus 50cc, 65cc and 80cc gas-powered dirt bikes in the line-up.

In short it’s a virtually maintenance-free, battery-powered plug and play dirt bike with multiple ride modes, 10” wheel size and 23.6 in (600 mm) adjustable to 21.8 in (555 mm) “real motorcycle” for the next wave of mini Taddys and Veronas.

Video highlights of the MC-E 3

In reality this is the GASGAS version of the KTM and Husqvarna models built and produced to the same specification. Whichever colour you prefer, it produces next to no noise, no carbon emissions, and claims a running time of up to two hours for the dead-easy fun factor of just getting on it and riding.

The 3.8kW motor is compact and fitted low in the frame to create a lightweight feel, which means riders can keep spinning laps without getting too tired.

The hassle-free motor is maintenance free, resistant to dust and water, and features six different ride modes to easily alter the power delivery to suit the ability of any rider.

With no clutch or gearbox, the MC-E 3 is that genuine first set of wheels if you want to start ‘em young.

The MC-E 3 is fitted with unique graphics highlighted by a splash of blue to signify its electric power unit. The graphics are applied beneath the surface of the plastics to prevent peeling or scratches, the graphics will stand the test of time they say.

The MC-E 3 also comes with a red powder-coated frame, WP suspension, Neken bars, 10” wheels, and Maxxis tyres.

The new bike is available now at GASGAS dealers. Availability may differ from country to country.

Kids Electric Dirt Bike Roundup: Best of 2023

If there’s anything that’s the perfect gift to get for your child, it’s got to be a kids electric dirt bike. Nothing else combines the cool factor and fun better than these irresistible rides. Whether it be the looks, the sounds, or the feel, electric dirt bikes are guaranteed to bring excitement to young riders.

If you’ve already decided to get your boy or girl an electric dirt bike but aren’t sure which one to pick, continue reading to see the best electric dirt bikes for kids that you can get in 2023. From good battery life to comfort levels, these dirt bike options are all worthy entries.

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Bike

Razor is probably the single most popular manufacturer of electric dirt bikes, which is why we’re going to be talking about them and their bestselling model first: the MX350.

Let’s talk specs. The MX350 is most appropriate for ages 13 and up. It can go as fast as 14 mph and will last at least 30 minutes on a single charge.

The MX350 uses 12-inch pneumatic wheels which is a good size for a variety of off-road terrains.

The twist grip throttle control of the electric dirt bike has the perfect feel and resistance, accurately emulating how real adult-sized dirt bikes work. This will get your boy or girl in the mood for some fun action real quick.

Keep in mind that the Razor MX350 only comes in blue, so it might not be a good choice for a kid or teen who doesn’t like this color.

One of the best features of the Razor MX350 is the rear-wheel chain drive. It helps increase the power and traction of the dirt bike, really giving it an oomph factor that will make your kid feel like they’re riding on a real dirt bike.

When it comes to value, being an all-rounder and a solid jack of all trades, the Razor MX350 is arguably unbeatable. It’s also priced very reasonably, making it one of the best electric dirt bikes for kids in 2023.

  • Nice frame design and looks
  • Thick tires
  • Chain-based motor adds more traction and power
  • Works well on a lot of terrains

Best Choice Products 6V Kids Electric Motorcycle

The previous electric dirt bike is a great choice for a teenager, but what if your child is very young, like a toddler young? For these kids, you should consider the Best Choice Products 6V, perfect for ages 3 and up. These are possibly even the best electric dirt bikes for 6 year olds or thereabouts.

Right off the bat, this kids’ electric dirt bike is bursting with bright colors. The red and orange work together perfectly to make this bike look like it’s straight out of a comic book or a cartoon.

As an added safety bonus, this kids electric dirt bike also comes with training wheels, making them perfect for small kids who are still learning how to ride bicycles or tricycles.

There’s even a built-in radio so that your boy or girl can jam out to any musical tunes that come included, making each and every ride feel more special.

Parents will be glad to hear that the 6V only goes 2 mph, making it perfect for those small ages and tiny bodies. The unit itself weighs 20 pounds and has a max load capacity of roughly 45 pounds.

  • Training wheels included
  • Fun and vibrant visuals
  • Bright headlights
  • Built-in radio for music
  • Extremely affordable
  • Rechargeable battery

Burromax TT250

Going back to the world of teenagers, here’s an electric dirt bike that is as realistic in its looks as it is in its sound. This is the Burromax TT250, which is guaranteed to turn a few heads when used on the block.

If your boy or girl wants a realistic-looking electric dirt bike, it will be very hard to beat this option. The TT250 accurately captures the aesthetics of actual retro motorbikes and racing dirt bikes, complete with old-style typography and checkered flags.

The color scheme is an elaborate mix of bronze, black, white, and red. The TT250 is easily one of the best and most unique-looking electric dirt bikes for kids available.

Another main feature of the TT250 is its 250w engine which looks, sounds, and vibrates like a real one. It will provide the sensation that your boy or girl is riding a real-life dirt bike.

The motor can attain a top speed of 14 mph, which is certainly on the higher end of things, which is also why this dirt bike is meant for ages 14 and up.

Parents will love the adjustable speed mode feature that the TT250 offers. When activated, the maximum speed will be half, only going up to 7 mph. This is a useful feature for kids who are still learning how to ride an electric dirt bike for the first time.

If this doesn’t make the Burromax TT250 one of the greatest electric dirt bikes for kids in 2023, I don’t know what will.

  • Powerful motor
  • Powerful battery
  • 14 mph max speed
  • Adjustable speed modes
  • Full suspension
  • Fantastic realistic visual design

Xtreme Power US Dirt Bike

If an all-terrain capability is your priority, get your kid the Xtreme Power US Dirt Bike. This is a product whose tires and wheels are maximized for getting the most efficiency out on the dirt trail.

First, let’s discuss the looks. The Xtreme Power has a very sleek and stylish feel with its jagged edges. The blue, white, and black are combined in a way to make this look like it belongs on a race track.

When it comes to specs, the Xtreme Power can go a whopping 17 mph thanks to its powerful 500w motor. This makes this an electric dirt bike that will probably only be suitable for teenagers. These could even be suitable electric dirt bikes for 11 year olds and up if they are large, strong kids.

And as mentioned previously, the Xtreme Power has fantastic off-road capabilities. The tires have an anti-vibration system that reduces the impact of bumps severely. Additionally, the bike itself has both a hydraulic suspension in the front and a spring suspension in the rear. This makes this one of the best electric dirt bikes for kids on the roughest of patches and roads.

  • Great rear and front suspension
  • High max speed
  • Cool racetrack aesthetic
  • Great stability and sense of control

Razor MX650

Once again, we are returning to Razor to end our list. As they are arguably the best manufacturer of electric dirt bikes for kids, it felt appropriate to bring them back one last time with the marvelous Razor MX650.

Imagine what makes everything great about the MX350, but with more power and finesse. If you ever get your kid an MX350, this is the upgrade they will want once they get older.

As the name implies, the motor is 650w which gives it its remarkable top speed of 17 mph. It also features pneumatic tires which give it the smooth-riding sensation that Razor is known for.

The battery provides one full hour of riding on a full charge, which is pretty good. That’s roughly a 17-mile max range in total.

Despite all the power it’s packing, the MX650 is surprisingly compact. Many people would not even expect it to have the juice it does at this size. It’s also lighter than other electric dirt bikes for kids in this same class, which makes it a good choice for portability as well.

This is undeniably one of the best electric dirt bikes for kids ever made. The comfortable and smooth ride is simply unbeatable.

  • Lightweight frame design
  • Fast and powerful
  • Solid battery life
  • Quiet motor
  • Easy to carry and store away

Kids Electric Dirt Bike Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve gone over several great examples of electric dirt bikes for kids and teens, let’s go over how you can figure out how to select a great one for yourself if you decide to go shopping for one in the future. There are a lot of categories to keep in mind as each one will help you select the best possible option for yourself.


Since we’re dealing with children, safety equipment will probably be your number one priority.

Appropriate safety gear is top of the list. Make sure your kid doesn’t ride the dirt bike before being fully kitted out in an approved helmet, gloves, boots, pants, and armor. These items should be considered an essential part of any dirt bike purchase.

When you look at electric dirt bikes for kids, you should also check to see how sturdy the build quality is. Even if they look comfortable and fun, your assessment of them ought to drop significantly if they aren’t safe enough.

To use some simple examples, the wheels have to be able to turn accurately, the seat has to keep the driver secure, and preferably there is a responsive braking system.


Next, you should be looking at speed. Your kid won’t want to use an electric dirt bike that’s too slow, but you won’t want them using an electric dirt bike that’s too fast.

Different electric dirt bikes have different top speeds which will be better suited to a child depending on his or her age and size.

Be sure to also select an electric dirt bike that is in the right age range for your child. The age range is all based on speed, size, weight, and other factors. That means an electric dirt bike that is rated 15 is going to be too fast, too heavy, too tall, and generally just too complicated for a 12-year-old child.


Comfort is usually last on the list. This applies to how it feels sitting on the dirt bike and actually driving it as well. Electric dirt bikes for kids are usually designed for sidewalks, dirt, and grass only, but they still have to be able to provide a riding experience that is as smooth and stable as possible. Bonus points go if they can handle sand and mud as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe are electric dirt bikes for kids?

There is always a small element of risk with dirt bike riding. Keep your kid as safe as possible by taking the proper precautions. Always make sure that he or she wears the right safety gear and rides a dirt bike that is age-appropriate.

Another precaution you need to think about is where you plan on having your kid use his or her electric dirt bike. These kinds of bikes are best meant for dirt bike trails, maybe even mountain trails or any nearby woods.

This means you’ll definitely want to supervise your child on their bike depending on how old they are and how powerful the bike is.

Another great safety tip is to help your child learn how to ride a bike. Understanding how quickly both the acceleration and the braking kick in is key. Help teach your kid how fast and hard to use the throttle, as well as operate both front and rear brakes so they can get a hang of it faster. This will also drastically reduce the odds of them falling off or crashing their bike.

Are electric dirt bikes easy to ride?

Learning the basics of riding an electric dirt bike is fairly simple and doesn’t require too much practice. All electric dirt bike models these days come with helpful manuals that will teach your child the ins and outs.

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Top 6 Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids [Tried Tested]

Buying your child an electric dirt bike is a great way to show them that you love and care for them. Most parents today embrace dirt electric bikes as birthday presents for kids because they have realized that there is much their kids can learn from them, including how to develop discipline, self-confidence, and hand-eye coordination.

We have compiled a list of kids’ best dirt electric bikes to help you make an informed decision when purchasing. We generally prefer electric bikes over gas-powered ones as they are cheaper and suitable for new riders.

electric, dirt, bikes, safe

At A Glance: Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids

The Razor MX350 is the best electric motocross bike picked by most buyers as it is the perfect bike for new riders. The MX350 is easy to control, comes with a chain-driven motor, and has a hand-operated rear brake, making the bike accessible for kids to ride. The award-winning bike is an excellent choice for buyers on a budget as it comes with multiple options at a very affordable price.

The Best Dirt Bikes for Kids Are:

Razor MX350 Dirt Electric Motocross Bike

Razor is well-known for its electric scooters, but the company is quickly becoming an industry leader in the production of electric bikes. The Razor MX350 is a compact, battery-powered dirt bike that was designed by the company with off-road use in mind.

The dirt bike has a single-speed due to a 350-watt chain-driven motor. The twist grip throttle controls it. MX350 has top-notch dual suspension and adjustable riser handles that allows tall riders to enjoy a smooth and relaxing ride. The bike also contains large 12-inch knobby tires that make it stable.

The bike can propel the rider to speeds as high as 14mph without the rider having to peddle. Purchasing the MX350 makes it fun for children and a fantastic option for introducing little kids to off-road riding.

  • It has a non-stop riding time. It takes more than 30 minutes before recharging.
  • The bike is accompanied by rechargeable batteries and a battery charger port.
  • Racer MX350 is super quiet as it races.
  • It is fast. It gets high speeds, up to 14mph
  • It has enormous, pneumatic knobby tires.
  • It has a 90-day warranty.
  • Razor MX350 is only suitable for ages 5-8.
  • It has a maximum weight capacity of up to 140 pounds.
  • The bike is not suitable for ages 13
  • Buyers will need to assemble their bikes.

Razor MX400 Electric Dirt Bike

Compared to the typical entry-level electric dirt bikes, the Razor MX400 presents some significant improvements. The bike is simply an updated MX350. It is slightly larger than the MX350, with dimensions of 24.5 by 45.5 by 10 inches and an average weight of 62.5 pounds.

The recommended age range is 13 years, although taller kids might experience some difficulty riding the bike due to its low-positioned seat. The manufacturers recommend a weight capacity of 140 pounds, making the bike ideal for kids under ten years to accommodate their overall body weight.

The bike’s power is 350 watts, with a top speed of 14 miles per hour. As with similar models, the MX400’s charging time is roughly 12 hours.

  • It is made of alloy steel and has a durable frame.
  • It is long-lasting and sturdy.
  • It is pretty easy to assemble.
  • Its durable battery delivers a ride beyond the estimated 30-minute charge.
  • It has 12-inch tires.
  • The MX400 has adjustable rubber-grip riser handlebars that make acceleration easy.
  • It speeds up to 14 miles per hour.
  • It has low torque, which makes climbing hills challenging.
  • The lack of dual suspension makes the ride jerky for new riders.

Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 Electric Dirt Bike

Razor, as a brand, strives to provide riders with the best riding experience possible. One of the company’s most cherished dirt bikes is the SX500, named after Jeremy McGrath.

The bike features a steel frame design to achieve speeds of about 15 miles per hour. The SX500 is more efficient and reliable as it gives the rider over half an hour of continuous use. It also comes in a 6-inch aluminum knobby front tire and a 14-inch aluminum rear tire, contributing to its stability.

The tire provides a smooth ride but also an optimal power transfer. Disc brakes on the tires also contain a variable speed setting. The SX500 comes in a plastic frame that provides additional protection against adverse weather conditions. This scooter also has a double crown for extra security.

  • The bike has a high speed of approximately 15 miles per hour
  • It has a robust battery that offers riders 40-minutes of continuous use
  • It has dual disc brakes with variable speed setting
  • The SX500 comes with a battery charger
  • Equipped with aluminum knobby tires that make riding smooth and fun
  • Can support riders weighing up to 175 pounds

SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike

If you want a sturdy and durable electric bike for your kid, you could consider purchasing SYX MOTO. This is another fantastic dirt bike suitable for young children just getting started on bike riding. Since the bike moves pretty fast, it is equipped with disc brakes that do not overheat, giving the bike excellent stopping power.

The bike also has a 49cc engine that allows your kid to navigate any road without facing any difficulties.

SYX MOTO can also support up to 160 pounds without discomforting the bike. The vast tires provide enough grip to give the rider the confidence they need to handle rough terrains and scary roads. The bike’s frame also adds to its stability, making it easier to handle rugged conditions.

The rear and front disc brakes make it possible for the kid to stop the bike instantly. The child can ride the bike at a top speed of 24.9 miles per hour.

  • SYX MOTO has a robust construction.
  • It contains adjustable riser handlebars.
  • It is the perfect starter bike for kids.

Burromax TT250 Electric Dirt Bike

The Burromax TT250 is one of the most efficient electric dirt bikes featuring aluminum alloy wheels and a welded tubular steel frame. The bike also boasts full suspension, height-adjustable riser bars, and a sturdy, foldable footrest.

A 12-inch gap exists between the ground and the bike’s seat, while its tires are 12.5 inches in diameter. The tires’ variable acceleration grip twist allows for precise speed regulation. It also contains a pretty realistic 250-watt motor that runs the bike.

Your child can modify the speed between 14 and 7 miles per hour. The bike is also equipped with a 24V SLA deep cycle battery that produces energy to run the bike all day. Aside from the strong takeoff power provided by the engine, the electric bike also accelerates effortlessly.

Burromax can carry children of any age so long as they are not above 250 pounds. This bike comes with all the tools required to complete the installation. It is also equipped with extras like the Burromax training wheels to ensure that your child is secure if it’s their first time riding a dirt bike. This electric bike is specifically designed for kids just learning how to ride. The company has ensured that everything is made available in the handlebar to make things easier for the kid during their learning process.

  • Has training wheels to keep your child safe as they are training
  • Features installation and maintenance tools
  • It has a robust battery that keeps the bike running the whole day
  • Full-suspension and height-adjustable riser bars

Kawasaki KX65

Kawasaki KX65 is perfect for kids interested in getting their feet wet in motocross racing. Although the bike has a smaller engine displacement, it is a potent dirt bike with a long history of consistent performance.

The bike comes with a 2-stroke liquid-cooled engine designed to provide a responsive throttle to maintain the leading kid. It also features a maximum speed of 62 miles per hour, making it more appropriate for older kids with more riding experience.

electric, dirt, bikes, safe
  • It has a high-performance engine with instant-performance throttle
  • It has a lightweight steel frame that enables better handling and improves speed
  • The bike features reliable front and rear disc brakes that will enhance racing performance
  • It contains a suspension system that you can adjust to enable better handling in rugged terrains

Kawasaki KX65 is one of the most reasonably priced branded electric dirt bikes available today. Nonetheless, it comes with grown-up characteristics that make it more suitable for experienced riders rather than novices.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Kid’s Electrical Dirt Bike

Essentially, dirt bikes are a category of motorcycles intended for off-road use. They perform better in dirty, sandy, unpaved roads and environments. They are often taller, slimmer, and more ruggedly built than on-road bikes, allowing the rider to be more at ease when riding through the uneven and punishing trail terrain.

Unlike adult electric dirt bikes, kids’ electric dirt bikes are designed in a way that they can accommodate little riders. If you plan on buying one of these bikes for your kid, there are a few essential details you need to be aware of, some of which have been highlighted below:

The Engine Size and Type

The power a dirt bike can give out depends on the engine displacement. Most kid’s bikes have 50cc-125cc engines; the more significant the CC, the faster the electrical dirt bike.

Electric dirt bikes are substantially more affordable and require less maintenance than gas dirt bikes. However, they have much less speed and power output as compared to their counterparts, but this factor makes them ideal for kids.

Another essential factor that all buyers should consider is the engine type; most trail electric bikes have 4-stroke engines. This kind is perfect for novices because it gives consistent power as they increase the bike’s speed.

Although 2-stroke bikes are available, they might feel jerky and unstable to most beginners and younger children below 5-year-old. They are better for riders who have been in the game for a while mainly because they produce a quick throttle response that might not be appreciated by most people who are just starting.


Speed is the tempo or the acceleration that an electric dirt bike can achieve as it is being ridden on a trail. However, when it comes to kids’ dirt bikes, speed is not given as much importance or weight as in adult bikes. After all, you do not anticipate riding the bike at maximum acceleration as they would in a motocross competition.

The maximum speed assigned on a kid’s electric bike is 20 miles per hour. over, a motor decoupling mechanism should be included if the maximum speed limit is exceeded. Anything above 20mph could risk the rider’s safety, especially if the kid is less skilled or it’s their first time riding.

You should also consider buying a spare battery for the bike. This is because electric bikes are typically heavier than regular bikes. If the battery dies, your kid will experience some difficulty attempting to ride the bike back home.

Seat Height

The structural size of the electric bike is another important factor that buyers should consider. You can pick the most suitable size for your child by observing how well they fit on the bike. In most cases, you will want to select a type that allows the user to lay their feet comfortably on the ground while seated on the bike.

The seat height is an important feature that goes hand in hand with other specifications, such as the size of the engine and the bike’s speed. As a point of reference, children aged between 5 and 7 years should have a seat height between 20 and 25 inches. Kids aged between 8 to 9 years should have a seat height between 22 and 27 inches, while those aged between 10 to 12 years should have a seat height between 26 and 31 inches.

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We strongly suggest that you and your child try the bike before buying it.


The purpose of a bike’s suspension is to improve braking and control and to ensure that the rider’s comfort as they ride through the terrain is achieved. In most cases, the front suspension will consist of a set of fork tubes, and the rear suspension will typically consist of a swing arm with shock absorbers.

Since electric dirt bikes for kids are meant for riding off-road, an allowance is provided to cater to the little bumps and rocky surfaces encountered when riding. Unfortunately, the suspensions found in kids’ electric dirt bikes cannot be compared to those seen in professional motocross bikes.


All users should seek dirt bikes containing efficient electric motors or engines. The features of a specific model might provide insight into the overall quality of the product. For instance, quality dirt bikes will have massive tires that encourage safe and secure driving.

Buyers should also consider the structure of electric dirt bikes because they are intended to be ridden across rugged terrain. The bike should have a precise frame geometry and tires with exceptional grip. Your child will benefit from the most excellent support a strong frame can provide.


Getting a sturdy electric dirt bike for your kid allows them to enjoy the bike for a more extended period. Pick electric dirt bikes equipped with a welded tubular steel frame that provides additional protection against dents.

The electric bike should have a construction that allows it to withstand adverse weather conditions, including rain, without the condition impacting its performance.

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Final Thoughts

Purchasing an electric dirt bike for your kid for the first time is an exciting experience. If you are giving it a thought, this article should be able to provide you with the necessary insight required to make the right decision when buying an electric dirt bike for your child’s birthday or as a Christmas gift.While there are many options, we recommend picking the Razor SX500. The Razor SX500 is an excellent pick for children living in neighborhoods with no riding trails since electric motor power the bike. With this bike, you will be able to adhere to all applicable laws and rules concerning noise and other factors.

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