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How To Remove Speed Limiter On Electric Scooter [Easily]

You fancy going for higher speeds but unfortunately, your electric scooter speed going from 16km/h to a top of 45km/hr. won’t let you.

While there are a couple of reasons why an electric scooter is slower than its full potential, the speed limiter could be what’s making yours painfully slow.

Today, one of the Frequently searched topics is, “how to remove speed limiter on electric scooter.”

We are genuinely happy to respond to it using our tested and proven tactics.

Easy Ways to Remove an Electric Scooter’s Speed Limiter [Summary]

Here are the easiest ways to remove an electric scooter’s speed limiter:

  • Unplug the Speed Limiting Wire (Most Common Tip)
  • The Switch Method
  • Hard Reset the Controller’s Software
  • Switch to Sport Mode
  • Swap the Electric Components

Easy Ways to Remove an Electric Scooter’s Speed Limiter

Now let’s talk about 5 simple tricks to remove an electric scooter’s speed limiter.

Unplug the Speed Limiting Wire (Most Common Tip)

The speed limiter in an electric scooter is made functional by a speed limiting wire.

When you open the speed controller of your electric scooter, you will see several wires and in one of these, there is the speed limiting wire.

Since electric scooters are manufactured differently, the positioning of that wire and its color may vary from one manufacturer or model to the other.

The reason why unplugging the limiting wire or even cutting it off increases the speed is that there is an increase in the flowing of the electricity and more torque in the long run.

It is also important to note that the controller and motor burn out faster than when the limiter was present.

Among the electric scooters you can remove the speed limiter by cutting the limiting wires is the Joyor brand scooters, Zero 8, Zero 9, and Zero 10X electric scooters.

After you open up the deck casing, simply get a pincer and cut the white cables.

You can look at the video below to get a better overview of what we mean.

The reason why I call this method the switch method is that you have to switch the scooter on, switch it off after doing the basic operations we have described above, and then switching it on again for ultimate unlocking.

Note that we have only tried this method with the Red Wing electric scooters and are unsure about if the other models can work this way.

Hard Reset the Controller’s software

This method works best for locked Xiaomi 1S and Xiaomi M365 electric scooters. For optimal results, you will need to have an Android device.

How can I do Navee n65 speed unlock?

For legality purposes in the EU, the Navee n65 top speed is capped at 25km/h.

As such, the only best way you can do a functional Navee n65 speed unlock is by swapping out the stock controller with a larger one to allow more power to go through the electric components.

The entire process will, however, be more expensive, and if you are in the EU, you will end up voiding the warranty.

After researching around, we haven’t found any functional custom firmware that can unlock the speed limit in a Navee n65 electric scooter.

Xiaomi 1s remove speed limit tips?

If you own a Xiaomi 1S electric scooter, you can follow these tips to do your scooter speed limiter removal:

Download the M365 DownG Mobile App for Android and iOS and install it2. On your browser, download the Xiaomi M365 Max Speed Firmware3. Open the installed M365 App and click the connect button4. Click the Check Version prompt5. Click the Open Bin button6. On the very Open Bin prompt, search for the Max Speed Firmware you have downloaded earlier on7. Tap the flash button. That way, you will have removed the speed limit on a Xiaomi 1s electric scooter.

It’s important to note that this process works for the older Xiaomi 1S model.

If you have the newest model, then you can visit Scooter Hacking.

They have provided the custom firmware process to remove the speed limiter on Xiaomi electric scooter models.

Razor electric scooter speed limiter removal: How do I do it?

Regardless of the Razor electric scooter you own, knowing how to unlock the speed on your scooter rocks.

Thankfully, the process isn’t as complicated.

Get a Philips head screwdriver, a pair of pliers, and a 3mm Allen key2. Take off all the screws from the deck and keep them in such a way that taking them back is simple3. The purpose of the pliers is to remove some of the nuts4. Now disconnect all the connectors of the speed controller5. As you look closely, you will see that there is a shunt whose function is to limit the current going into the motor6. Increasing the size of the shunt and soldering it with copper will make more current pass to the motor, which will remove the speed limit of your Razor electric scooter7. Re-assemble all the screws to their right places and get spinning!

To make the process even easier for you, we have attached a video on how best you can remove speed limiter on any Razor model.

How can I remove speed limiter on Kaabo Mantis 8 Base?

Depending on where you are in the world, the Kaabo Mantis 8 Base may be limited to a top speed of 25km/h. In some countries such as Norway, the top speed is currently 20km/h.

Should you remove the limiter, it’s worth it to only ride this beast on private land.

To unlock the Kaabo Mantis 8 Base and Kaabo

Skywalker, these are the steps to follow:

Jump into the P-settings by pressing the Power and Mode buttons simultaneously2. Use 1500 as your password so that you can access some hidden settings such as speed3. Scroll to P9 and below it, set the prompt to 100.

That means there is no speed limit.

If you own any other Kaabo scooter and it appears to have a limiter, check out this video to solve it.

Is there any ms energy e10 speed hack?

Since the current legal top speed of electric scooters in the EU is 25 km/h, the MS Energy E10 electric scooter comes with a speed limit of 25km/h.

After digging further, we noticed that there currently isn’t any firmware to provide a dependable MS energy e10 speed hack.

As such, if you would like to go faster, you can then consider swapping the electrical components such as the controller, motor, and battery to allow much more power to flow.

This will be an expensive venture that certainly voids the warranty.

Pure electric scooter speed limiter removal tips: is it possible?

One of the most common questions we receive is if there are any pure air electric scooter speed limiter removal tips.

Since pure electric scooters are software limited, the best and only possible way to unlock them is by changing the battery to one with more voltage and then ensuring that the controller you include is compatible with the said battery.

This will be more costly since an electric scooter battery is the most expensive component.

Pure scooter manufacturers have limited the top speeds to mostly 25km/h for legality purposes, which is why unlocking the scooter with firmware is currently impossible.

KCQ scooter speed limit removal tips: are there any?

Some of those who buy KCQ scooters think that they are a Xiaomi M365 or even a Ninebot Max clone.

Among the questions we see daily is if one can remove a KCQ scooter speed limit.

Yes, we know a little-known KCQ scooter speed hack.

To remove the speed limiter from a KCQ scooter, you will need to do a controller swap.

However, get a compatible controller to avoid overloading the battery.

If you need more speeds you can swap the controller along with the battery with higher-powered ones.

That way, you can hit a top speed of up to 46 miles per hour with your KCQ electric scooter.

E-wheels e2s v2 remove speed limit: Can I do it?

The E-Wheels E2S V2 is rated to hit a top speed of 30km/h, but if you intend to ride it on Swedish public roads, you ought to order one with a speed limiter, which caps the speed at 20km/h.

The manufacturer clearly says that you shouldn’t remove the speed limit from the E-Wheels E2S V2 electric scooter if they are intended to be ridden on the roads.

They also say that they can’t offer this speed limiter removal as a service.

It’s important for you to note that you can only ride the E2S V2 electric scooter in Sweden at a top speed of 22km/h on public roads.

However, if you want to ride this scooter in a closed place such as your private land, then you can swap out its controller and 250W motor for relatively bigger ones for more speed.

With more speed, the range will automatically get lower, as compared to while riding at slow speeds.

If you would like to remove the speed limit in other E-wheels models such as the E7, E2S V2 Pro, and E2S V2 2022, then swapping out the controller is the best and only choice you have got.

In Summary: How to Remove Speed Limiter On Electric Scooters

There are different ways to remove the speed limiter on an electric scooter.

These methods vary from a specific electric scooter manufacturer or model to the other and as such, how one can unlock theirs doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be the case with you, too.

Aovo Pro Scooter Hack (Must Follow This)

Many relish the thrill of driving scooters at high speed.

But imagine you look around; the road before you is paved and clear of passersby and vehicles, so you decide to go all the way at maximum throttle; still, it’s going slow.

You can see the older man with a walking stick moving at your scooter’s pace.

Now, that’s no fun; fortunately, there’s an Aovo pro scooter hack to help you maximize your scooter’s speed. Let’s go over that.

The Aovo pro electric scooter has a 15.5mph, which many consider slow. You can increase the speed through your app, removing speed limiters or firmware version installation to unlock even 28mph/45 km/h. But be careful as such an acceleration limit could cause complications like annulled warranties.

Can Aovo Pro Scooters Be Speed Unlocked?

Yes, you can unlock the speed limit in your Aovo pro electric scooter to enable you to enjoy the ride just the way you want.

You can unlock the Aovo scooter’s speed by removing the speed limiter either from the display or through wire removals.

#1. Unlocking Speed by Display Method

  • Enable your scooter’s display
  • Hold down the electronic brake on the scooter’s handgrip.
  • Keep holding the brake button as you proceed in this operation.
  • Further, proceed to press the power switch; it will display P1.
  • Use the ‘light’ button to shift the P1 to P3.
  • After that, click on the ‘S’ button to configure your desired settings. You have successfully removed the speed limiter, and your scooter will move at an enhanced speed now.

#2. Manually Disconnecting the Electric Speed Limiter in the Pro Electric Scooter

Before removing electric speed limiters, you’ll need a pincer and screwdriver to perform this operation successfully.

  • Move to the two crosshead nuts at the scooter’s rear and use the pincer to take them out.
  • Proceed to the cross screws at your scooter’s top and remove them
  • Pull down the casing open, facing the front wheel.
  • You’ll discover four wires of similar color— white. Disconnect them and use the screwdrivers to slit them.
  • Finally, wrap the tape around the wires and close the opened case. Reconnect the screws you removed, and you’re all done.

How To Make Your Electric Scooter Go Faster?

Using risk-free, modifying, or advanced methods, you can make your electric scooter faster.

#1. Risk-free

The risk-free method is considered best for those who want to touch up a few things and add a bit of speed to their scooter, nothing too much.

They’re safe and won’t void the scooter’s warranty. Following this method only involves eliminating barriers hindering your scooter from the maximum throttle.

  • Unlock your scooter’s speedfrom the app settings and move it to the fast speed mode. You can find directions on the fast speed mode on your scooter’s manual.
  • Ensure your battery is 100%, as your battery percentage will affect your speed. Reduced battery voltage lessens performance.
  • Switch off lights and other parts of the scooter that takes up the battery, except if you’re driving at night.
  • Clean your wheels to remove any dirt that might cause your wheels to slow down. Remember that the friction between the surface and your wheels determines acceleration.
  • Reduce your load; lighter scooters will go faster than ones carrying more cargo.
  • Renew your scooter’s battery if you’ve had it for a long time. Sometimes, batteries lose their power-retaining ability over time and need a replacement, and scooter batteries last for two to three years.

#2. The Modifying Method

The modifying strategy works to increase your electric scooter’s speed above the manufacturer’s recommended limit.

The best way to achieve that is by removing the electric speed limiters and upgrading your scooter’s battery to something more powerful, or you could do both.

Removing speed limiters is a way of modifying your scooter to go faster. You can do this by adding a customized firmware or manually.

The firmware installation is a better strategy because it doesn’t affect any changes in the scooter, and there are minimal chances of complications arising.

This method might be fitting for your Aovo Pro scooter since it is an upgraded version, but if it doesn’t, you may need to get things done manually.

If you remove your speed limiters, you may invite problems as some regions have set speed limits for scooters, and a violation will be penalized.

Also, it causes immediate battery drainage.

  • Some people advise upgrading the scooter’s electronic speed controllers. However, it may not be easy, so allow someone with proper electronic knowledge to handle it.
  • You can install another battery to your scooter but be careful as the possibility of complications are extremely high.
  • Upgrade your battery to suit the scooter’s voltage, speed controller, and circuitry.

#3. Advanced methods

The advanced technique can void your warranty as it involves making complex alterations to the internal workings of the scooter.

Note that this method should be your final resort if you’ve tried other methods and they don’t give you what you desire.

  • Replace the sprockets in chain drive scooters
  • Clean the scooter’s motor but allow an expert to do this to avoid damaging the scooter’s mechanics.
  • Reverse the scooter’s motor, but do this if you’ve discovered the engine is the reason for your slow speed or you want the highest possible acceleration.

What Are Some Aovo Pro Scooters Hacks?

Some hacks to help you get the most out of your Aovo pro electric scooter and optimize a faster speed include:

  • Remove speed limiter/firmware. This limiter includes wires running through to the throttle and controller, limiting the performance yield.
  • Boost the Aovo pro scooter’s speed controllers. As their name suggests, these speed controllers handle all speed and power output, so they regulate how much speed your scooter gets. Upgrading the gives you more speed leverage.
  • Replace the scooter’s battery; voltage as voltage primarily affects speed optimization. If you have reduced battery voltage, you can rest assured of slow performance, but an upgrade is all you need to reach that acceleration limit you desire. You could also consider overvolting, which means maximizing your system’s voltage.
  • Increase the scooter’stire pressure. Tires with more pressure have less rolling resistance, meaning their speed efficiency is topped. Additionally, tire type impacts your speed; you could opt for off-road or racing tires but consider their advantages. Also, consider finding a better terrain.

Factors that make speed hacks possible are:

  • You can access the speed controllers.
  • Second, it is possible to detach the speed controllers.
  • Third, you have access to the scooter’s battery pack.
  • Finally, the wheels use pressure so that you can increase it anytime for more efficiency.

Are Aovo Pro Scooters Free?

No, you can’t ride Aovo pro scooters for free. And their purchase cost revolves around 300 to 450.

It is an upgraded version of the popular Xiaomi M365 with stark differences and improvements in its motor, handles, and speed modes.

While you have to pay for it, individuals within the United States and Europe get free shipping.

aovo, scooter, hack, follow, this

Many have commented that its price may just be a tad low for the quality and wonderful experience it offers to users.

Well, that makes up for the fact that it isn’t free. So at least you can rest assured of getting your money’s worth.


Many drive scooters for various reasons, but one thing most of them may share in common is the speed level.

aovo, scooter, hack, follow, this

Of course, most people would love to enjoy their ride on the Aovo pro scooter at faster speeds, so knowing how to unlock that speed will be helpful.

But ensure not to do too much to avoid having a voided scooter warranty.

Aovopro Reviews

Delivered in 3 days.Good delivery, protected casing.Got the AOVOPRO ESMAX, perfect scooter for a heavier load. 22mph/35kmh is quicker than most of the uk market. Perfect scooter.10/10.

Date of experience : June 05, 2023

Great value

My 13 year old has wanted an electric scooter for quite a while but the price for most of these scooters is just too much for someone his age. When we saw the reviews for this scooter and the price, we decided to give it a try. It has exceeded our expectations! Its zippy, holds a charge well and gets him everywhere he wants to go.

Date of experience : June 07, 2023

st E-scooter aged 49!

We live in a rural location with the nearest shop being 2 mile’s away. The buses have been stopped in our area recently my wife owns a disability scooter but I had no means of quick transport. I don’t know much about scooters at all as this was my first E-scooter so have nothing to compare it too. I like the App features where you can control the maximum speed much more on your phone. It’s slick design modern aesthetic and has turned the heads of other scooter users on many occasions in only a short time. The cruise control feature can be really useful when on a straight run too. The App updates live and this can be viewed in real-time. We live on an incline which although more than 20% the scooter handles it with ease carrying my weight at approx 11stone. As well as being able to fold the scooter really quickly the framework feels strong, safe and sturdy.

Date of experience : June 01, 2023

AOVOPRO is The brand for e-steps!

Before i bought the aovopro e-step from i had several contact moments via email. That was very helpfull and usefull. I first had some doubts because of the stories you find about the brandname. I did some research and found out that you have to choose for AOVOPRO.COM. you can see it on their renewed logo. After 2 weeks of intens use i can say i am very happy with this e-step, and this company!

Date of experience : June 12, 2023

Ordered this scooter and it was…

Ordered this scooter and it was delivered within 4 days, much earlier than predicted. Great tracking from start to finish so I could prepare to leave porch door open while at work. The product is fantastic well btw, strong and sturdy, very easy to assemble, best quality itemI’ve bought for a long time. Would recommend 100%

Date of experience : June 01, 2023

Excellent piece of kit

The delivery was quick, packaged really well so no damage inside, came fully charged which was also a bonus so could get straight out on to it. The app is also a great feature really easy to use! Excellent value for money

Date of experience : June 05, 2023

Awful company and customer service.

Awful company. Item faulty after 4.5 months, motor cuts out when in use. Now doesn’t charge. 8 weeks of going through customer service and still nothing. Reply to emails once a day and say they will replace with a refurbished one? Absolute joke of company! AVOID

Date of experience : June 10, 2023


DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! I bought a scooter in March. It broke after one month! They took so long to reply, and so long to send me a part. 2 months have passed by, the system said my part has been delivered two weeks ago but it never came to me. It was supposed to have a 2 year warranty. Awful communication from the company- they do not care or even make sense. They are scammers. I bought this scooter with a warranty and it broke after one month, two months later it’s still broken and they’ve done nothing apart from lie that they delivered a part to me when they never did. Absolutely awful, I have spoken to police and will be reporting them to the bank as a scam transaction.

Date of experience : June 12, 2023

What can I say about E-scooter aovo pro…

What can I say about E-scooter aovo pro es80? Very quality product, much better than my first one Proove x-city(which got broken after 3 mouth of use, controller have died). Feeling the same quality as Xiaomi electric scooters, but more cheaper. You can find all parts of it for the repair, easy at upgrade, a lot of guides on YouTube.

Yea, I can say it’s the best brand of the electric scooters in 2022-2023, and I hope this folks will keep going that way, that they go. Appreciated, thanks for your work, you’re Great

Date of experience : June 09, 2023

The scooter arrived in Hungary in 3…

The scooter arrived in Hungary in 3 working days, it was a good price, I received it without customs duty and it was very good value for money. The 2023 model has a better handlebar hinge than the previous one and the display is brighter, easy to read even in sunlight.

Date of experience : June 09, 2023

Stopps working kilometers from home

The Scooter came with a damaged fender. I had to complain twice, but then I got the parts sent to me. No Issue! Then the Locking mechanism for the steering column broke, wrote to service department (also twice) and I got parts for free. Very happy. Now the scooter stops in the middle of the ride. It shuts off and can’t be switched on again. Funny to push the scooter back home for kilometers. Wrote to service department for help 5 times. No reaction.Pay some more money and buy a reliable scooter with a reactive customer service department

Date of experience : April 06, 2023

The scooter is not that good

The scooter is not that good The folding joint is not strong enough and can get folded anytime while you’re driving and lead to an accident

Wouldn’t recommend Also the mileage is less as mentioned Can go up to 18-20 kilometers only in one full charge

Date of experience : June 06, 2023

High quality

This company’s products seem to be very high quality from my experience. I love the scooter and think the app is also very cool and I can change the speed of my scooter making it extremely safe. Delivery was also very quick. Would definitely recommend using this company.

Date of experience : June 08, 2023


POOR QUALITY FALLING APART. Had for less then 5 months with infrequent use and screws are falling out in different places, can no longer fold scooter as lock element fallen off, now problem with handle bars. Customer service is the rudedest and most unprofessional now not responding. Clearly No guarantee.

Date of experience : May 25, 2023

Amazing e scooter

delivery was super fast and scooter was well packaged. easy to set up only took a few mins and the scooter it’s self is high quality and rides great defiantly great value for money.

Date of experience : June 10, 2023

Great quality

Great delivery service, affordable products and very great quality.I suggest to buy from them directly from their website.

Date of experience : June 01, 2023

Very bad customer service

Very bad customer service. Attention to the Easy return policy. Fighting to get refunded as I have returned the scooter. They are saying that the parcel did not arrive at the Warehouse while DHL confirmed after investigation that it has been delivered. I guess it might end at the court.02/06/2023: After lot of discussions and the involvement of PayPal and DHL finally got refunded.

aovo, scooter, hack, follow, this

Date of experience : June 01, 2023

Best value for money scooty

The quality of the product is very good at the price point that I got it for.

Have been using it for a week now and I know I have made the right decision by purchasing this.I was also looking at the Xiaomi Pro but this one is much better. Dont waste your money on Xiaomi just go with Aovopro

Date of experience : June 02, 2023

I like it very much

I like it very much. Cruise control. Front light. Nice app. Foldable. Recommend.

Date of experience : June 12, 2023

Amazing product

Amazing product, it’s goes 30 and I love the eco friendly mode as I can let other children ride it safely. I am also able to go in a shop and not worry about it being stolen because of the lock system

Date of experience : May 29, 2023

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