Anywhere electric trike. Anywhere electric trike

The Best Electric Trike Bikes For Adults And Seniors

With their speed, ease of use, and fantastic convenience, Electric Trikes are rising in popularity for adults and seniors as a mode of transportation. The numerous advantages they offer, including their environmentally friendly approach to transport, cost-effectiveness, and electric operation, encourage people to choose them over traditional bicycles and tricycles. In this article, we’ll discuss the best electric trikes for both adults and seniors and what you need to consider when choosing one.

What Exactly Is An Electric Tricycle?

A traditional tricycle consists of two rear wheels and one front wheel. They make balancing easier compared to a bicycle, they usually offer a basket on the back to make travel convenience easier, and they are a prime choice for children, adults, and seniors as an independent and flexible mode of transport. While these qualities are what make a regular tricycle a favoured choice, there are still the unfortunate cons that come with using one. The most significant difficulty with tricycles is pedaling with their substantially heavyweight, thus making climbing hills and using leg power alone very challenging. To combat this, electric tricycles offer an added electric motor to the drivetrain. With each pedal, the motor kicks in to provide a boost to your speed. This way, you can enjoy a more comfortable and less exhausting experience as opposed to a regular tricycle. Just like an electric scooter, most tricycles will also offer the ability to ride without pedaling at all, which is where the motor does all of the work for you. The versatility lets you choose how you want to ride. Adults and seniors find electric tricycles remarkably easy to get exactly where they need to be so that even if the basket is filled with shopping bags or other possessions, the journey will feel essentially effortless. Most are often worried about how electric tricycles will feel when they pedal. Rest assured, the riding feels quite natural. You won’t feel forcefully pulled forward by the motor, but instead, you will be cruising along at a faster speed than usual. The natural feeling, effortless transportation, and electric assistance are the major reasons electric tricycles are being chosen over traditional ones today.

When Choosing One, What Should I Consider?

Let’s go over what is most important to consider when purchasing an electric trike. The expense is something that is initially troubling, so it’s crucial to know what you’re getting with each trike. Once you understand what comprises one, you’ll get a better idea of why the cost is worth it.

Storage Space

Consider how you plan to use your electric tricycle. Picture your day-to-day life and activities, work, leisure, sports, pet interaction. All of these lifestyle considerations are important. With that in mind, do you believe you’ll need plenty of storage space when traveling? If you want to be able to pedal easier with a large load on the back, such as groceries or other gear, then you should determine if you need a larger storage space or more than one. This can make a significant difference in how you experience traveling via electric trike if you are someone that requires additional storage space.


The motor size on electric trikes is the main determinant of their top speed. Most e-tricycles have a 200 to 250W brushless motor. These are particularly quiet and more efficient than older brushed motors and can reach a top speed of 16-25 kilometres per hour!


This is perhaps the most important quality to consider. The batteries on most e-trikes are attached directly behind the seat, and this does give them the freedom to go large. However, battery life can still be limiting depending on the distance required per ride. Some e-trikes only offer up to 32 kilometres on a single charge in the pedal-assist mode, while others can stretch to 72 kilometres in the same mode. How you choose to ride your electric trikes, such as in full-electric mode or pedal-assist mode, will greatly impact how much battery you spend. Pedal-assist will use up considerably less battery time than if you have it on full-electric mode for the entire duration of the ride.


LCD screen displays can be found on most high-end electric trikes which offer handy information including speed, battery usage, distance covered, and remaining battery life to its user. This is quite beneficial for monitoring how much mileage you have left, but it’s not something that is necessary. This will depend entirely on personal preference.

The Best Electric Tricycles For Adults Seniors

It’s time to get to the good part! Here, we’ll go over our top picks for electric tricycles and, we’ll provide a breakdown of each.

Eurowheel Electric Folding Trike Bike

L et’s start the list with the newest addition, the Eurowheel Electric Folding Trike Bike. This 3-wheel electric trike is sure to give convenience to a new meaning, with its awesome features. It’s foldable, making it compact and easy to carry anywhere. This e-trike bike is also equipped with fat tyres, making your ride more comfortable and stable. The bewildering e-trike is equipped with a 244.0 front tyre, and 204.0 rear tyres, all from Kenda. It has a maximum power speed of 25km/h and comes with a 48V 16AH LG lithium battery. One of its features is an LCD display which shows its rider its average speed, and distance traveled. The electric motor trike also has 5 Pedal Assist Modes, all of which can be set according to your preference. This electric trike is designed not only for adults but for seniors as well. Its three wheels are perfect for those who are not that comfortable in riding 2-wheel e-bikes. With that being said, we believe that this e-trike is much easier to use, especially for those with errands to run almost every day. Besides its wheels, this e-trike also carries a front basket and a rear carrier pack. Worry not about where to put your things or your bags of groceries!

Vamos Papa Grande Electric Trike Bike

  • Light Aluminium Alloy Frame
  • Mozo Suspension Front Fork
  • Big Stone LCD C300S Display
  • Wheels: F 24 inch x 4 inch, R 20 inch x 4 inch
  • Chaoyang Tires
  • F/R Aluminium Fender Mudguards
  • F/R Carriage Systems
  • F/R Integrated Lights
  • Maximum rider weight: 120kg
  • Rear Carrier: 40cm long x 50cm wide x 25 tall with removable padded inner bag. Can handle 50KG in cargo.
  • Promax Suspension Saddle Post Seat
  • SHIMANO Acera Derailleur
  • F/R Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • 36V/48V 15.6AH Samsung Cell Lithium Battery
  • Middle Axle Torque Sensor
  • 2 keys
  • Motor Size Throttle Type: 36V/15.6Ah 200W Bafang brushless gear twist throttle with on/off switch (40km range) or 48v/15.6ah 500W Bafang brushless gear twist throttle (42km range)
  • Rear Carrier: 40cm Long x 50cm wide x 25 tall
  • Weight: 45kg
  • Handle bars height: 1070mm
  • seat goes down to 830mm

Progear E-Free 24 Electric Trike Bike

Commute and ride with ease using Progear’s E-Free 24 Electric Trike Bike. Fitted with a 250-watt DC brushless front wheel hub drive motor, this e-trike eliminates the difficulties associated with pedalling traditional tricycles. especially concerning uphill struggles.

The pedal assistance system provides a seamless experience through amplifying the pedalling process, as seen in the previously mentioned models.

anywhere, electric, trike

An included LCD display shows you your speed, trip statistics, current power assist, and battery charge level. The power levels can be adjusted from 1 to 5. the higher the number, the more assistance provided with your pedalling.

The 36V lithium-ion battery offers excellent battery life and performance so you can keep going throughout the day. This has been neatly tucked in behind the seat discreetly out of the way.

You can change gears swiftly with the Shimano RevoShifter 7-speed easy shift. A simple twist up or down during motion will make a quick upshift or downshift, respectively. This makes for a great travelling experience on streets or in urban settings.

The front alloy V-brakes and reliable rear Disc brakes are robust for a safe, enjoyable journey. regardless of whether it’s a scenic or work ride.

A spacious 59 x 49 cm (LxW) basket is positioned at the rear to hold your belongings, shopping bags, and more. Everything about the Progear’s E-Free 24 Electric Trike complies with legal road and safety rules.

Superior comfort with adjustable seat/handlebars

Thinner wheels/tyres than previous 1 2

250-watt motor with pedal assist

anywhere, electric, trike

Anywhere electric trike

A folding frame made from 6061 alloy aluminum is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a portable and convenient option for transportation or storage.

Removable Battery

374Wh~1680wh 18650 Lithium-ion removable battery can be easily taken out for charging or replacing, and it can provide better weight distribution.

Front Hub Motor

A 250w~750w high-speed brushless motor allows for a wide range of applications, from assisting with a leisurely ride through town to carrying heavier loads.

4.0 Inch Fat Tire

This e-trike’s front tire size is 24”4.0, rear tire size is 20”4.0. This is designed to provide good traction and stability on various terrains, and be slower on smooth surfaces.

Transmission System

This tricycle has a Shimano 7-speed transmission system, which offers a wide range of gear options, allowing riders to tackle steep hills and flat terrain with ease.

Rear Loader

This trike has a rear cargo basket that is capable of carrying up to 150kg of weight. It’s a useful mode of transportation for carrying groceries.

Differential Gear

A limited-slip differential gear is essential as it helps to distribute power between the two rear wheels, which can be important for cornering safer and stable.

Parking Function

Unlike bicycle can be parked through a pedal, having a parking function on e-trikes can be very helpful, and without worrying about them rolling away.

Top Components’ Brands

Bicycle Specifications
Frame 6061 Alloy Aluminum
Rear Loading Capacity 150 kg / 350 Ibs
Shifters Shimano 7 Speed
Brake F/R Mechanical or Hydraulic Disc, Tektro
Tires KENDA F/24”4.0. R/20”4.0
Light LED
Chain KMC
Electric System
Battery 374Wh~1680wh 18650 Samsung Lithium-ion
Recharge Times 800~1000 Times
Motor Power 36V/48V 250~750W Brushless Front Hub Motor
Display LCD Display
Max Speed 25km/h
Mileage 50km.180km with Pedal-assist

Folding E-Trikes Comparison

36V/48V 250~750W Bafang Front Hub Motor

48V 250W Bafang Front Hub Motor

48V 250/500W Bafang Front Hub Motor

48V 750W Bafang Front Hub Motor

374~1680Wh Samsung Lithium-ion

840Wh Panasonic/LG/Samsung Lithium-ion

840Wh Panasonic Lithium-ion

Battery Position

anywhere, electric, trike

Down Tube Integrated, Removable

Mechanical or Hydraulic Disc, Tektro

Front 244.0 Rear 204.0, Kenda

Front 244.0 Rear 204.0, Kenda

Front 244.0 Rear 204.0, Kenda

Rear Differential

Total Price (US)

Improve Your Fitness

It offers a low-impact workout resulting in less strain and injuries as well as being good for stamina and muscle strength and aerobic fitness.

Help The Environment

Electric tricycles are one of the solutions available today to help reduce exhaust gases’ impact on the environment.

Alternative To A Second Car

The low cost per mile makes your electric tricycle an affordable alternative method of transport to a second car.

Commute Practical

Its 4.0-inch fat tires ensure it has the ability to ride comfortably on any surface, not only in rough terrain but also in snow and beach.

Alternative To A Second Car

The max loading capacity of the rear loader is 150kg/350lbs, very suitable for transportation of daily groceries.

Family Friendly

Whether using it for the commute, a trip to the grocery store or beach, or a ride with the kids, grandparents and pets, it will fit your family’s needs.

What Our Clients Say

The trikes arrived in good order, no damage, perfect packaging, very happy with the trikes. Build quality is excellent, design is beautiful, riding stability, I would buy again from the company, and big thanks to the customer service team for answering my questions and helping me to purchase this kind trike.

James Thorney A Startup Founder

With the help of Kuake, I was able to find exactly what I was looking for, with a trusted manufacturer, the transaction was smooth and faultless. The time taken to complete the transaction was timely. I am very happy with the way Jiangsu Kuake handled my samples purchase.

When I received my folding tricycles, they were packaged with great care, and in perfect condition. The quality is outstanding and can imagine many years of happy cycling with them by my customers. I highly recommend Jiangsu Kuake.

e-Azteca – 10.5AH Battery (Red)

Whether you suffer from back pain, balance issues or simply want a stable tricycle that can help you save your energy, the e-Azteca electric trike will safely lead you wherever you want to go.

We design and sell products throughout North America and countries all around the world.

Comfortable yes, but cool-looking too!

Since our FOCUS for this electric tricycle is your safety and comfort, we added an ergonomic handle for a relaxed grip and a wide padded seat for a comfortable riding position.

Our ingenious design team in Canada also thought of adding a large basket and a water bottle holder.

  • Available in red only
  • Easy to use and strong parking brake lever
  • Crank: Prowheel 42T
  • Bottom bracket: sealed cartridge bearings
  • Cog: 11-32T
  • Chain: KMC anti-rust coating
  • Pedals: One-piece aluminum alloy
  • Saddle: Comfort cruiser
  • Handlebar: Aluminum alloy riser
  • Grips: Ergonomic
  • Stem: Aluminum alloy, adjustable height, foldable
  • Headset: 2.84 cm (1.12 in.) thread less, sealed cartridge bearings
  • Lights: Front and rear light connected to battery
  • 5 levels of power assistance, throttle mode and cruise mode
  • Quick charging and removable 500Wh Lithium-Ion battery, charger included
  • Maximum speed 32 km/h (19.9 mph),
  • Battery 10.5AH Range of up to 70 km (43.5 miles) per charge
  • Shimano high quality 9 speeds drivetrain components
  • Powerful Tektro M-280 disc brakes
  • Frame: Trivel Azteca reclined position tricycle, 6061-T6 aluminum alloy
  • Fork: Trivel high tensile strength steel, 2.84 cm (1.12 in.) threadless
  • Tires: Puncture resistant Schwalbe Big Apple
  • Shifters: Shimano Alivio rapidfire 9 speeds
  • Rear derailleur: Shimano Alivio

One of a Kind

The e-Azteca electric tricycle is truly one of a kind. Its 8.89 cm (3.5 in) LCD screen gives you information such as current speed, current power assist mode, battery charge levels, speed unit, trip distance and much more. It is also equipped with a powerful 5-level of power assistance engine, including throttle mode and cruise mode, puncture resistant Schwalbe Big Apple tires and high-quality Shimano components, it offers a pleasant, effortless, and secure ride. Windy conditions or hilly terrain are no match for the e-Azteca. Plus, with its foldable stem, it fits most SUVs. So you can take your adventure even further!

Reliable Performances

Enjoy the possibility to go anywhere and discover new paths, parks and nature spots with family and friends by simply using the throttle or cruise mode. The e-Azteca electric tricycle has a powerful 10.5AH battery with a range of up to 70 km (43.5 miles) and maximum speed of 32 km/h (19.9 mph) per charge, powerful Tektro M-280 disc brakes, premium Shimano 9-speed drivetrain components and a KMC anti-rust coating chain, giving you all the security and freedom to enjoy long worry-free rides.

Escape Electric Tricycle 3 Wheeler

Due to the large size of this item, Free Delivery does not apply to this item.

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Electric Tricycle 3 Wheeler! Best E Trike Australia

If you are looking for the best electric tricycle, giving you reliability, stability and power, this 3 wheel electric trike is for you.

The REEF Escape electric tricycle Australia, gives you the freedom to ride safely again, with the Pedal Assist Mode to help you ride up hills easier, and longer distances faster. The power of the 250W electric motor will be there for you when you need it, so you can go longer distances faster!

Built with a PANASONIC Lithium Battery, we use Panasonic electrics for extra reliability, and longer lasting performance. The Escape electric trike comes with 6 Speed Shimano Gears, giving you the smoothest pedaling performance. LCD Battery Meter and PAS Control.

It’s perfect for adults who want to ride easy and enjoy the outdoors. Make errands enjoyable again with this comfortable ride and Extra Large Rear Basket with massive storage capacity.

Comes finished in Titanium Blue. Front Basket and Extra Large Rear Basket included

Get the FUN back in your life!

Life will become fun again with the added benefit of pedal power when you need it.

Enjoy the pleasure of bike riding with your spouse, kids or grandkids with the power assistance to help you ride up hills and travel longer distances.

Or, as you are crusing around town, you can still get your exercise and enjoy the outdoors!

We can deliver anywhere in Australia. Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Gosford, Central Coast, Adelaide, Newcastle, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Mackay, Canberra and all remote areas of Australia.

Free delivery does not apply to this item, as it is too large. This item needs assembly. A professional bike store assembly is recommended. Skill level Hard. As its a large item, needs to be shipped dismantled. CHECK OUT ASSEMBLY VIDEO

Technical Specifications

Motor: 250 Watt hub Battery: PANASONIC Lithium Battery 36Volts 10Ah Throttle: Thumb Throttle 6kmh PAS: Multi Level Pedal Assist Sensor 25kmh Display: LCD Screen Control Gears: 6 Speed Shimano Gears Brakes: Front V; Rear Hub Tyres: 24 Seat: Comfort Seat Charger: 240V Smart Charger Baskets: Large Rear and Front Basket Max Speed: 25km/h Max Range: 70km (Estimate Only Using PAS Mode Only ) Max Load: 150kgs Net Weight: 35kgs Size : 180cm long x 75cm wide Colour : Titanium Blue


Our guarantee to you!

Your REEF electic bicycle is covered with a 3 Year Warranty on your frame and a 1 Year Warranty on all other parts including the battery, motor and the electrics. Reef Bikes are quality checked and tested before delivery, so we are confident that your electric bicycle will have many years of reliability. Reef Bikes has been producing high end electric bikes since 2005, an Australian brand name you can trust for years to come.

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