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Ancheer Bikes

A huge california based distributor of a variety of health and fitness products, Ancheer produces an array of bikes that appeal to a range of fitness enthusiasts.

This company focuses on efficient designs and has developed one of the best logistic networks in the industry which translates into a consistent product at a good price point.

Ancheer understands how important bikes are in our lives, from fun rides in the park, commuting to work, and even whipping our bodies into shape. In fact, Ancheer gets it so well, that in such a short period of time, it became one of the popular bikes brands in the health and fitness equipment industry.

Ancheer takes pride in its top-quality products available at competitive prices, a combo that caused the great ongoing success of the brand. So, I think it’s about time we dive into the company that seems to have taken the cycling world by storm.

ANCHEER. The Company

Founded in 2008 and based in Los Angeles, California, Ancheer is an American company that has been a premium distributor of high-quality health and fitness products for over a decade.

Ancheer issues STOP RIDE NOTICE for 22,000 ebikes!

This privately held company employs around 2000 employees all over the world, with an extensive network of leading manufacturers in Taiwan and China.

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Ancheer has established long-standing professional relationships that enabled them to provide customers with the highest quality products at more competitive pricing compared to the average industry distributor.

Their mindset?

Ancheer’s first and foremost priority is to guarantee their clients maximum profit and efficiency on a consistent and ever-growing basis. Their large professional staff is committed to manufacturing premium quality bikes and providing excellent customer service to ensure that your demands are completely met.

ANCHEER bikes. Our Reviews

Right from the get-go, Ancheer had their eyes set on the future. They believed that times were changing, and so, they had to embrace such progress. Cue, the electric bike. After a German manufacturer developed a bike that only weighs 3.3g in 2016, the folks at Ancheer knew it was the beginning of the advancement of bike production.

Ancheer adopted the e-bike movement, wanting to introduce the concept to various types of riders. They checked and looked into all sorts of brands and bikes, their research leading them to conclude that the best materials to use in building e-bikes are high carbon steel and aluminum alloy. Such materials provide sheer power, durability, and resilience, all the while keeping a lightweight convenient ride. This is exactly what Ancheer had in mind, and so they invested fine craftsmanship along with cutting edge technologies to create what is considered today as some of the best bikes available on the market.

Thanks to Ancheer’s extreme devotion to elite quality and customer service, this outdoor sports, health, and fitness brand was able to gain a rising number of loyal riders, and the positive reviews just keep on coming.

In the bicycle space, they’ve made a name for themselves with the debut of their electric-powered mountain bike. Not only is it the crown jewel of their collection, but it’s also received high praise from bike reviewers around the world. In addition to that model, they also produce several others for outdoor riding as well as a line of indoor cycling fitness equipment. Their goods are available at major discount retailers like Walmart and online all over the world.

Warranty Coverage

Testing and disposing of the vehicle for sale.

Products or accessories are beyond the three-pack period.

User is injured due to improper use, repair, and/or maintenance based on not following product instructions.

Product is damaged due to natural disaster, man-made disaster, irresistible forces, or chemical attack.

Damage caused by modification or the addition or subtraction of other accessories.

Item is vulnerable or consumable in normal use (accessory coating, inner tube, thread tube, order piece, sprocket, chain, pedal). These items are not covered for human injury, damage, or normal wear and tear.

Order Cancellation

Customers can cancel their order at anytime prior to shipping; please contact us first. We will help you cancel the order and process to refund you, and the refund takes 5-8 business days back to your account.However, once the order has been dispatched, the order cannot be canceled, changed, or refunded. Upon receipt of the package, our Warranty and Return policy comes into effect.

  • If you haven’t received the shipping notification, you can cancel or modify this order by contacting our customer service by email. Our customer service will help you cancel or modify the order within 24H after receiving your email. Since the email is not an instant reply, we may find that your order has been sent when we process your email within 24H. In this case, we can only say sorry for that, and we can’t help you cancel or modify the order anymore. So please check the order information carefully before placing the order.
  • If you have received the shipping notification, please note that we CANNOT cancel or modify orders anymore. Therefore, please wait for your package to arrive and you may either keep it or contact us to return for a refund. Please DO NOT refuse the delivery as the undelivered package will be destroyed by the third-party logistics.
  • If the package does not arrive in time please contact us within 6 months after the delivery, we will respond to you in 24hrs. Overdue request will not be accepted.
  • You must first contact us and get our written approval before sending any item back. Any product returned without acceptance will not be refunded.
  • Cut to size items and special orders may not be returned unless it has been determined to be provided in error by Our Company. If the returned goods affect the second sale, our company will be appropriate to charge fees and packaging fees.
ancheer, electric, bike, problems

For accessories that do not need to be returned, proof materials such as videos or pictures need not be provided.

Contact Us

Email: service@ancheer.shopTel: 1-626-991-8661(Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PST on weekdays)

Address: 5521 Schaefer Ave.,Chino CA 91710

Please contact us and get our written approval before sending any item back. Any product returned without prior acceptance will not be refunded.

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Bought my Ancheer e-bike two years ago…

Bought my Ancheer e-bike two years ago and have been very pleased with it. For the price, it is excellent.Had to change the seat at a small extra cost and fitted a carrier and bags for shopping. The detachable battery charges up fairly quickly and I have yet to experience a flat battery. Pity about the Shimano gears, really don’t need such an elaborate set up with an electric bike.Can’t speak for Ancheer service as I have had no need to contact them.

Date of experience : 09 June 2021

Great bikes, customer service slow but good when it happens.

I bought too Ancheer bikes, they are very good bikes and the e-bike certainly takes the effort out of most hills. Very steep and uneaven hills are aStruggle as you stand to cycle up them and your body weight transfers from being over the back wheel which then causes the wheel to looseTraction and spin this then causes the motor to cut out as thinks your coping ( when in fact your quite the opposite ). Customer service is good once it happens, however they do seem to take a long time to respond and the emails are broken English. Overall I am very satisfied.

Date of experience : 21 May 2020

Bad battery and worse customer service

I’ve had this bike for about two years and ride about 2-3 times a week on a 2 mile round trip. The battery is basically done and won’t make the trip anymore. I’ve been very careful with the battery and have it on a timer so that it never overcharges. When I emailed customer service they said they can offer me a 20 discount off their 250 replacement battery that will take 4-6 weeks to deliver. I asked for a larger discount since the battery didn’t last very long and they said no and something about maintaining their profit margin. For the money you can get a much better quality bike these days. Much better options out there.

ancheer, electric, bike, problems

Date of experience : 19 September 2021

customer service is not worth it

ive had my bike for about a year now, still works fine only a small problem with the battery, nothing hard too fix but eventually the spokes on my back wheel gave out leaving me a choice of buying new ones from the ancheer shop, i waited the recommended time no emails so after about a week i emailed customer service in which they tried directing me too amazon so i emailed them again with my order information then being told its out of stock

how is it out of stock when it clearly shows that it isn’t.

their bikes aren’t that bad but do not waste your time with customer support concerning new parts, they will most likely do the same thing they did too me.

Date of experience : 12 October 2022

Possible Problem #3: Bad Charging Port

Almost every e-bike has a battery that can be charged while it’s still plugged into the bike. This time-saving feature is great, but it also adds an additional point of failure. Sometimes, the wiring between your bike’s charging port and your battery develops an issue that prevents your battery from charging.

If your battery won’t charge, remove it from the bike and try charging it again. If it starts charging, there’s a good chance that your charging port is the cause of your trouble. Either charge the battery outside of the bike from now on or take your bike into a specialist shop and have them look at your charging port.

Possible Problem #4: Bad Charger

Chargers are fairly complicated bits of electronics that have internal sensors and logic gates that detect when your battery is fully charged, allowing them to shut off before they damage your battery. They also tend to get very hot when they’re in use, which can lead to problems.

ancheer, electric, bike, problems

In some cases, your charger might think your battery is full, even if it’s almost out of power. In other cases, the internal wiring might be damaged in a way that prevents power from flowing to your battery.

If your charger turns out to be the issue, replacing it is your best bet. It’s almost never worth the effort to repair a charger instead of just buying a new one.

There are a couple of ways to test your charger, but the simplest is to try your battery with a different charger. Try borrowing a charger from a friend, from a similar appliance (be sure to check the voltage), or take your battery and charger to a speciality shop and have them test these critical components.

If you can’t do this, you can use a multimeter to read the voltage coming out of your charger. In general, having a number that’s a bit higher than the nominal voltage of your battery suggests that things are working correctly.

If you get a number that’s in the right ballpark but low, your battery isn’t currently charged, meaning that the issue you’re having might stem from another component. If you get a number that’s very close to zero, your battery has failed, either by being fully discharged or as a result of another issue.

If you get a number that doesn’t make any sense, take a moment to check what mode you have your multimeter on. There’s a very good chance that it’s not voltage.

If your charger turns out to be the issue, replacing it is your best bet. It’s almost never worth the effort to repair a charger instead of just buying a new one.

Possible Problem #5: Fully Discharged Battery

Lithium batteries are designed to hold a small amount of power at all times. Your battery will stop working if it runs all the way down to zero power. The bad news is that it’s tough to get a battery working again after it hits this fully discharged state.

There are a number of resources on the internet that suggest that you can “jump-start” a fully discharged battery by briefly charging it with a high voltage charger (like one for a bigger battery) or through the discharge port.

Before you blindly jump into this sort of thing, remember that lithium batteries can and will light on fire if they’re used improperly. Battery fires are very dangerous and difficult to put out.

If you’re very confident that your battery is fully discharged (you drained the power and let it sit for a couple of weeks in the cold, for example), you have a voltmeter a high voltage charger you can use already, and you’re sure that you know what you’re doing, it might be worth investigating these methods.

If there’s any doubt, however, you should definitely err on the side of caution and leave this sort of thing to a professional.

Types of Ebikes

Ebikes are divided into classes:

  • Class 1 models are equipped with pedal assist, have speed up to 20mph. and don’t have a throttle.
  • Class 2 bicycles are equipped with a throttle, which offers up to 20 mph.
  • Class 3 refers to devices with pedal assist. Such models don’t have a throttle. The highest speed available is 28 mph.

All these groups feature motors, which are limited to 750 watts.

By purpose, pedelecs are divided into:

Best ebikes for rides in the city feature compactness, lightness, and convenience. In most cases, these are foldable models that take up a minimum of space. They are often chosen by young people, students, or office workers who need to get to the point of destination without being stuck is a traffic jam.

They are created for traveling on rough terrain or broken roads. The choice of the best electric bicycle is acute for sport-minded people. Mountain ebikes have a solid and sturdy frame, thick and wide tires. Such bicycles are more often purchased by athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

Also, ebikes are divided on the type of battery used in them:

When choosing among the highest rated electric bikes, the customer should pay attention to this factor as determines the frequency of battery change.

  • Selecting a lead-acid battery that doesn’t cost much, the person should understand that it features only 500-600 charges.
  • Customers will have to pay more for a lithium-ion battery that works smoothly in the course of 1000 charge cycles.
  • The price for a lithium phosphate battery is considerably higher therefore it is rarely used.

The question of pedaling

The common question that arises before the purchase is the issue of pedaling. Consumers want to know if they need to pedal the bike.

The necessity of pedaling depends upon the construction of these devices. However, experts advise not to refuse from pedaling as the activity brings many benefits to the person and even useful for ebikes:

  • It is incredibly healthy to pedal. The physical benefits for the body are evident. This is one of the most useful ways to keep fit, especially when done on a regular basis.
  • This is a very pleasurable activity and brings much fun.
  • Pedaling helps to extend the range of the battery.
  • Pedaling extends the life of a motor.

The person should keep driving in case the battery is discharged. Pedal the bike as if it is a usual one. There is a special function in some models enabling the efforts made by the cyclist to recharge a battery a little.

ancheer, electric, bike, problems

How to Choose Best Bike for me?

There are many things to be considered when you make your choice. The aspects below include the issues that require your close attention to buy the product that is suitable for you.


All top electric bikes are covered by a warranty. In case it breaks down, it is recommended to apply to the supplier or manufacturer for repairs.

Customers should know the warranty terms well at the stage of purchase. Most top rated e bikes come with a one-year warranty. Within this term, the device can be repaired for free.

The frame is generally lifelong, with a load of up to 130 kilograms, for instance, or some other depending upon the characteristics specified by the manufacturer.

Maintenance and extra costs

Pay attention to the type of bike before the purchase. You will have to consider the conditions first where you are going to use it. Also, look at the type of motor in a bike and its capability to function smoothly in particular areas. This is important to see if the model has high-quality components. Considering the option, the person has to decide on the maintenance aspect. Consumers should think about extra costs as well such as maintenance expenditures.


When buying, you should take a closer look at the type of battery. Though it’s possible to buy a bike with any battery, keep in mind that some of them have a larger number of charge/discharge cycles – this is about 1000-2000 cycles. LiMn (Lithium ion manganese oxide) have about 500-770 cycles, while lead-acid ones are designed for 300 cycles. A lead acid battery is the cheapest and heaviest. The most expensive and environmentally friendly device options are lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Components and additional equipment

You should take a closer look at the width of the wheel rim and the spokes. The double rim is more durable than the single rim. This is important because the rim with a motor is subjected to higher loads. Such bicycles must have spokes larger than 2.3-2.35 mm.

You also need to pay attention to additional equipment: charge indication, headlights, and other elements. Check the operation of the motor, speed switch, brakes, throttle.

Legal aspect

The number of e-bicycles in the world doubles every year. The explosive growth in sales of two-wheeled vehicles, including their constant improvement and the growth of speed characteristics, brought to the situation when governments of different countries began to introduce laws regulating their use. For example, America and Canada have adopted the law to limit the speed of power-driven bicycles to 20 miles per hour. Take into account that similar restrictions may soon appear in your country as well.

Tips for the particular groups of customers

If you are going to ride in urban conditions on a good road surface, then it is recommended to take a closer look at a folding bike. Small wheels and a frame make it easy to maneuver around town. And thanks to the compactness and low weight of the folding bike, you can easily put it in a car, take it into an elevator or place it in an apartment. If you like to ride on rough terrain and like long trips, then it is advisable to select the model with a solid frame, large wheels, and a trunk.

A teenager should choose a lightweight folding bike and wheels with a diameter of 16-20 inches. Adults need vehicles with a more powerful battery and larger wheel diameters. For older people, it is recommended to select a device with good suspension, so that it allows you to comfortably overcome defects and unevenness of the road.

If you need to transport heavy loads or a passenger, you will need a motor with a power of more than 350 watts. The same applies to trips in hilly terrain. The higher the power, the easier it is to overcome steep hills, the dynamics of acceleration and the speed of movement is higher.

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