Ancheer bike recall. ACT Lab program will provide bike hangtags showing compliance to UL

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This is obviously bad news, but it’s also a positive move forward. In recent months, the e-bike segment has gotten more than its fair share of negative press with battery failures. The recent hurricane Ian in Florida further highlights those concerns with risk of battery fires from flooded e-bikes. Anything with a rechargeable battery can become a hazard, for a number of reasons, but faulty batteries have given e-bikes an unwelcome bad reputation- valid or not. I’m obviously a huge proponent of e-bikes, as a category and as a mobility option. Getting dangerous batteries like these out of circulation is a great step, even with the short-term black eye that comes with it. This also shines a light on the age old adage of you get what you pay for. Cheap isn’t always synonymous with dangerous piece of crap, but sometimes it is.

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What do you think these customers will do with recalled batteries? I see not a single mention of how Ancheer intends to get these batteries back, safely, from customer, and then to a place where they can be neutralized. My guess is Ancheer did not partner with Call To Recycle. Look for lots of localized dumpster fires.

The future of urban mobility is bicycles LEVs.

Sorry, but the product photo alone is an absolute nightmare: seatpost mounted wrong, same for QR, cable routing an absolute mess, the thumbies are awful, and in general cheapest parts all around. And it’s shot from the non drive side. Whoever imported these from China, did business only for a fast buck, but having no fricking idea about bikes, at all.

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Starting the Ancheer

Unfortunately I don’t think that this will be the last recall we see of cheap eBike batteries nor do I think it will be confined to just the cheap ebikes as the big bike co push to lower entry pricing. RC batteries are a very close relative to the eBike batteries (more so than electronics) and battery fires are still an issue after 15 years of use of the batteries both in “budget” brands and the premium ones. In RC, the care of the battery, charge levels when not in use and storage are the key issues, these all fall directly on the consumer to do right. The consumer is going to have to be educated to do the right things to safely charge and store the batteries, most of these batteries wether Lipo, LiFe, ect are not plug in to charge and forget about them until you want to ride.

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The money quote, about the money; Shimano revised its full-year sales forecast down 2.2%, to 450,000 million yen, down from the previous forecast of 460,000 million yen. That would be a 40% decrease from 2022’s full-year sales figure of 628,909 million yen. Arguably the biggest brand in all of cycling, potentially down 40%. And Shimano’s attempt at a rosier outlook, given the trends; ‘Although the strong interest in bicycles cooled down as progress was made toward recovery to pre-COVID-19 day-to-day routines, interest in bicycles continued as a long-term trend,’ Shimano said. That might be lipstick on a pig, but it’s the best way they can try to spin the current situation. Things are bad, and will continue to hurt for some time, especially as inventory continues to sit. True, consumer interest in cycling writ large remains better than pre-pandemic levels. but only very slightly, and those new/ returning consumers made their bigger purchases already. With the economy wrapped in questions and fears, they aren’t likely looking at upgrading their bikes any time soon.

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The money quote from this sad news piece; BRAIN editors are aware of several other significant layoffs in the U.S. industry in recent weeks. We are working to confirm those. This is another example of the over exuberance that grew during the pandemic boom. The industry got drunk and stupid, like a bunch of frat boys having their first college kegger. The hangover is well and truly here, and no amount of puking can make the headache of too much inventory go away. Even Smart companies got caught up in the drunken frivolity, and then everybody overcompensated for the pipeline challenges out of fear of the party going longer, and over-purchased. I am in no way attempting to make light of the fact that good people have lost their jobs, and I sincerely hope they’re all able to find work again very soon. QBP is one of the benchmarks of the US bike industry, and when they have to make cuts, it’s like the proverbial canary in the coal mine. and that ain’t good. I’d find it next to impossible to believe that more significant layoffs aren’t coming. because I’m sure they are. With inventory levels at or near record highs, and consumer demand at a trickle, things are going to continue to hurt before the pain begins to subside. At this point, I would be surprised if we don’t lose all the significant gains that were made during the pandemic-inflated boom, and then we drop below 2019 numbers. My sincerest best wishes to all impacted by these (and other) layoffs.

Ancheer AN-EB001 26-inch Electric Mountain Bike Review

The Ancheer AN-EB001 is mountain-style Class 2 budget electric bike with serviceable all-around performance. While it couldn’t quite match the more expensive competition, its middle-of-the-road performance left little to be desired. It has a 250W rear hub motor that easily scoots this bike along with average acceleration, a top throttle speed of 17 mph, and three levels of pedal assistance. The 288Wh battery capacity also gave it a decent distance range. This bike handles well and feels a bit like a traditional mountain bike, plus it comes with a suspension fork and slightly knobby tires that work well for light-duty off-road use. It has functional and straightforward controls, plus it comes with a headlight for convenience and safety. This bike also has a reasonable price tag, and we feel it represents a pretty good value in the world of eloctronically powered bikes.

Safety Recall The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission recently informed consumers of a recall for the Ancheer AN-EB001 electric bike due to fire, explosion, and burn hazards. You can read the recall notice here, and more information can be found on the Ancheer website.

Editor’s Note: The Ancheer AN-EB001 review was updated on October 17, 2022, with an important safety notice.

Our Analysis and Test Results

When you search for the best budget electric bikes, Ancheer is one of the most common brands that pop up. They make a variety of models, and the AN-EB001 Class 2 electric mountain bike is by far one of the most popular and highly-rated models in this price range. Naturally, we felt compelled to test and compare this mountain-style bike to the competition. With features like a suspension fork and slightly knobby tires, this bike is suitable for smooth dirt roads and paths. While its performance was quite average, we still feel this reasonably priced model is a great value.

Performance Comparison


The Ancheer AN-EB001 has nice middle-of-the-road ride quality and overall performance. It handles predictably and is relatively comfortable, and we feel it is best suited for cruising roads and bike paths with some light-duty dirt road or smooth dirt path riding mixed in. It earned a 7 out of 10, an average score for the group.

The Ancheer generally handles quite well. It rolls on 26-inch wheels, and the steering felt steady and calm. It performed well in our handling test while taking sharp and gradual turns at both high and low speeds. We found its stability to be quite good, and it felt composed while riding 20 mph down our steeper speed test hill. It comes with a suspension fork that appears to get approximately an inch and a half of travel. While it provides a more forgiving ride over rough terrain, the fork’s performance is generally quite poor. That said, it’s better than nothing when you slam into a pothole that you might not have seen. It also comes with relatively wide tires with a bit of tread on them. These girthier tires help to dampen the ride a bit with their increased air volume, and they provide a little extra traction should you try and ride this bike off the pavement. Make no mistake, this is not a high-performance mountain bike, and we would not recommend anyone try to tackle any serious trails on it.

We found the overall comfort of the Ancheer to be agreeable. The seat was comfortable enough during our long test rides, and it has a decent range of seat height adjustability. However, like most of the bikes we tested, our six-foot-tall tester with long legs found the seat post to be too short to get proper leg extension while pedaling. Taller riders or those with long legs may need to purchase a longer seat post to fit correctly. Ancheer doesn’t specify a height range for this bike, although they mention a seat height adjustment range of 30.4-39 inches. The stem is also adjustable and can be raised or lowered to achieve your desired handlebar position.

The components worked well for us during testing. The mechanical disc brakes work well enough, albeit with a bit of a pulse-y, inconsistent feel, and we were able to go from full speed to a complete stop in 20 feet. The 21-speed drivetrain gave us no issues, and there is plenty of gear range for any terrain or in the off chance your battery dies while out on a ride. This bike also comes with an LED headlight that runs off the bike‘s battery, as well as a horn, to alert people you’re coming.


The Ancheer AN-EB001 has a respectable distance range that we found to be consistent with their claims, and it earned an 8 out of 10 in this metric. It was far from the best we tested, but we feel it performed well enough considering this bike’s battery capacity.

Ancheer claims a 15-30 mile distance range for the AN-EB001, similar to its sister product, the Ancheer Folding. We assume the low end of that range, 15 miles, is when using full electric, or throttle only, and on perfectly flat terrain. When we performed our throttle-only range test, we traveled 14.84 miles with 860 vertical feet of elevation gain/loss in an hour and 3 minutes. We did not do this test on perfectly flat terrain, so we were somewhat impressed with this performance. While it couldn’t quite match the range of some of the bikes with larger batteries, we feel this performance was admirable, given the 288Wh battery capacity. The Ancheer held a 14.1 mph average speed with a 20.8 mph top speed that we hit while riding down a hill during our range test.


The Ancheer AN-EB001 scored right about average in its power output with a 7 out of 10. You can use it in either full electric/throttle mode or any of the three pedal assist modes. Using the throttle, we found decent acceleration and a respectable top speed, and the three pedal assist settings provide a good range of support to enhance your efforts.

Should You Buy the Ancheer AN-EB001?

We feel the Ancheer AN-EB001 is a pretty good value. It is one of the least expensive models we tested, and while its performance was generally middle of the road, we think it’s pretty good considering the asking price. We feel you’d be hard-pressed to find a better bike for the money. If you’re on a tight budget, we think this is a solid entry-level option to consider.

If you’re willing and able to spend a bit more, you get yourself a considerably higher quality and higher performance bike. The Ride1Up Turris XR, for example, is a top-rated model and a true standout in the budget category. This Class 3 model has a powerful 750W motor that is capable of pedal-assisted speeds up to 28 mph, along with a 614 Wh battery that provides class-leading range. Don’t want to spend that much? The Miclon LNE 26 is an affordable bike with retro-inspired good looks, a comfortable, smooth ride, and an impressive range. It’s comparable to the Ancheer in the power department but performs better elsewhere.

Tips for preventing e-bike explosions

The top safety hazards battery-powered mobility products are related to motor vehicle incidents are user control issues, followed by fire and explosions.

If you’re the owner of a device powered by lithium-ion batteries, follow these safety tips:

  • Never leave your e-bike unattended while charging—never charge lithium batteries while you’re sleeping
  • Use the charger and power adapter specifically designed for your device
  • Only use approved, unmodified battery replacement packs
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper charging
  • Unplug the device when it’s done charging
  • Keep the battery away from flammable materials while in use, such as clothing or upholstery

Additionally, make sure to never throw your lithium-ion batteries in the trash or general recycling. Instead, bring them to a local battery recycling facility or hazardous waste collection center.

What to do in the event of an e-bike explosion

While taking all of the necessary steps can reduce your risk of lithium battery explosions and related injuries, it is still possible to encounter an e-bike or battery that underwent a flawed manufacturing process or does not meet regulatory requirements.

If you own an E-Bike you watch this! Battery recalls, Battery fires, How to protect yourself!!

If you are involved in an e-bike explosion, follow these safety and legal tips:

Safety tips

  • Evacuate the area immediately.
  • Call 911 as soon as you are able.
  • Don’t try to put out the fire yourself—lithium battery fires are incredibly dangerous and difficult to extinguish.

Legal tips

  • If possible, take a picture of the accident site.
  • Talk to any police officers on site to ensure your account of the incident is recorded.
  • Reach out to an accident and personal injury attorney.


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