Alta mx bike. Up front, there’s a small screen and a set of warning lights.

Alta Graphics. Style Up Your Bike with Custom Designs

Bring your Alta motocross bike to the top of your style game. Creating visually appealing custom designs is easier than ever. Backyard Design brings you entirely personalizable graphic kits for your Alta motocross bike.

Backyard Design is an industry-leading decal manufacturer operating worldwide. Several renowned riders trust our decals for their longevity and high visual fidelity. In addition, our decals are top of the line in terms of quality and affordability regarding Alta graphics.

We ship your custom MX graphics within a matter of days since nobody should have to wait ages for their personalized design. Backyard Design knows the importance of style in the motocross or dirt bike game. Therefore, we’ve designed some of the best decals for riders of all ages and personalities.

Our graphics provide a perfect fit for different Alta motocross bikes styles, including the Alta Motors Redshift, Redshift MXR, and Redshift MX.

Create your custom designs with our advanced graphics configurator to instantly upgrade your bike. over, our stickers protect your bike’s plastic and metallic parts from wear and tear.

Become a Decal Designer

Our website features a high-tech graphics configurator ready to use for anyone. To fully realize your ideas, you can customize the color, font, name, logos, and number through our configurator.

Regardless of age, skill level, and bike model, this configurator will make Alta graphics designing as easy as pie. In addition, we’ve created a variety of base designs for you to use when creating your graphics.

Once your Alta graphics design is complete, you can view it using our 3D display feature. This handy resource gives you a high resolution image so you can review what you are ordering.


Each decal is individually printed and precut to match the different shapes and sizes of Alta dirt bike models. You do not need cutting tools to apply these stickers. Our decals ensure that every rider can easily decorate their bike.

From Alta redshift graphics to adorning their electric motorcycles, you can discover a solution for all your restyle needs at Backyard Design!

Get the Highest Quality in the Market

Because of the unmatched quality of our products, we take pride in our industry-leading reputation. Each graphic kit contains stickers for the shroud, swing arm, fender, forks, and number plate of your bike so that you can have a lasting impression on the racetrack.

We have a team of professional designers who ensure you get the design of your dreams for your bike model. Before confirming your order, we review all aspects of your Alta redshift graphics. Once approved, the design is shipped within two to three working days. These stickers will reflect your personality and passion to the crowd without saying a word.

If you have any questions about the delivery and performance of the stickers, you can reach out to the Backyard Design customer care team at any time.

The Best Electric Dirt Bikes to Ride in 2023

Over the last decade, the electric vehicle segment has experienced enormous technological leaps and bounds, giving way to increasingly powerful and compact motors and battery packs. It’s only been within the last year or two, however, that this technology has finally become potent and advanced enough to genuinely lend itself to use in off-road motorcycles. So, while this segment may not have even really existed half a decade ago, there’s recently been a major influx of new, ever-more-capable models hitting the market on a regular basis — the latest and greatest of which we’ll be counting down in this curated guide to the best electric dirt bikes.

While the sheer number of available options on the market currently gives riders a diverse selection of proton-powered machines from which to choose, it’s also made it increasingly difficult to hone in on the bike that best suits you and your intended riding use — especially to the uninitiated. In an effort to streamline the experience of shopping in this emerging segment, we’ve broken it down, delving into the benefits of electric dirt bikes and what to consider when shopping, before diving into our picks for the best battery-powered dirt bikes currently on the market.

The Best Electric Dirt Bike Breakdown

The Upsides Advantages Of Electric Dirt Bikes

There are numerous areas in which modern electric dirt bikes are objectively superior to their gas-powered counterparts — seven of the most crucial of which we’ll be unpacking below.

Unparalleled Power: At times boasting more than ten times as much torque as standard 450cc dirt bikes, electric models offer what are truly remarkable, otherwordly amounts of torque. And, as an electric motor without a powerband, the gobs of stump-pulling torque produced by EV dirt bikes are unleashed instantaneously — rather than over a gas-fed engine’s rev range.

Minimal Noise: And, as much as we enjoy the roaring four-stroke or the ringing of a two-stroke engine, the lack of an internal combustion engine does admittedly allow the rider to better appreciate their surroundings when riding out in nature — not to mention the fact electric dirtbikes don’t annoy neighbors or attract unwanted attention from park rangers and/or law enforcement. With that said, electric dirtbike motors are far from silent, producing a whirling sound that increases in pitch as RPMs go up — not unlike a gas engine, albeit markedly quieter.

Reduced Maintenance: With far fewer moving parts, no need to change out fluids, spark plugs, or filters, and no cams or timing chains to adjust, motorcycles that are kicked along by EV powertrains require far less maintenance than regular gas-fed dirt bikes. This makes ownership a much more convenient experience, especially compared to two-stroke models that need top-end rebuilds after every couple dozen hours of riding.

TwistGo Throttle: Without the need for a clutch and gearbox, electric powertrains are markedly more approachable than their manually-shifted counterparts, lowering the intimidation factor and making riding more accessible to novices. Rather than having to work a clutch and shift lever, electric dirt bikes boast an automatic, “twist-and-go” style throttle — which can often have its sensitivity adjusted.

Smart Tech Future-Proofing: Because electric powertrains are regulated by modern, computerized controllers, the motor’s performance characteristics can be adjusted, with elements such as throttle response, traction control, and “engine braking” able to be dialed in on the fly. As rolling Smart devices, electric dirt bikes also often come with capabilities such as geofencing and tracking, remote locking and unlocking, and firmware updates that can be received over the air, largely future-proofing any one particular model.

Environmentally Friendly: While it probably goes without saying, since zero-emission vehicles don’t produce any combustion, electric dirt bikes are almost always tremendously more environmentally friendly and sustainable compared to gas bikes. With the right equipment on hand, some of these bikes can also be solar-charged.

Freedom Of Design: Traditionally, the layout of dirt bikes has been dictated by the positioning of vital components such as the engine and gas tank. Electric dirt bikes, on the other hand, aren’t limited by this layout and can have their motor and battery pack(s) strategically located in a myriad of different places, giving designers and engineers markedly more freedom, along with the ability to experiment with outside-the-box ideas and setups.

Josh Hill gives the Alta Electric Bike a Straight Rhythm win

Battery-Powered Braappers

Factors To Consider When Buying An Electric Dirtbike

Whether it’s an enduro, supersport, or an electric dirt bike, purchasing your first motorcycle can be a daunting task, especially if you didn’t grow up riding. Knowing this firsthand, we’ve generated this handy primer on the eight most important areas to review before buying your first — or next — electric dirt bike.

alta, bike, there, lights

Battery: Batteries obviously play a crucial role in the overall quality and performance of an electric dirt bike. Areas such as capacity, voltage, and the number of cells will collectively determine specs such as range, recharge times, and the number of lifecycles. It’s also worth exploring if a battery is swappable, as well as what types of outlets or chargers it’s compatible with.

Motor: As the heart of any electric dirt bike, its motor is extremely important. When shopping for a battery-powered motocross machine, you’ll want to explore factors such as the type of motor, how much it weighs, how it’s cooled, and where it’s mounted on the bike (typically the swing-arm or frame).

Power: The immense power produced by electric dirt bikes is undoubtedly one of the segment’s biggest benefits over traditional petrol-powered models. As such, it’s well worth exploring an e-MXers horsepower and torque figures — the former of which is often measured in kilowatts.

alta, bike, there, lights

Running Gear: While a dirt bike’s power and acceleration are primarily owed to its powertrain (and gearing, to some extent), its other riding characteristics mainly boil down to the running gear — or components — with which they’re equipped. This includes elements such as an e-dirt bike’s suspension setup, chassis, swing-arm, and braking hardware — all of which play a pivotal role in a bike’s handling and stopping power.

Size Weight: Just like with traditional dirt bikes — that are typically offered in everything from 49cc up through 450cc sizes — electric models come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with a slew of different seat heights and riding positions. These battery-powered bikes can also weigh in at anywhere between around 100lbs all the way up to two-wheelers pushing 400lbs. When reviewing this particular area, you’ll want to consider your height, skill level, intended riding applications, and whether or not the bike’s ergonomics (and/or seat height) can be adjusted.

Smart Tech: GPS tracking, remote unlocking, and on-the-fly parameter adjustments are all frequently featured on late model electric dirt bikes, allowing for more personalization. What’s more, similar to smartphones, today’s electric dirt bikes also often come loaded with sensors such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, wheel speed monitors, and GPS sensors — all of which feed data several hundred times every second into an advanced processor.

alta, bike, there, lights

App Connectivity: A growing number of dirt bikes are now being offered with connectivity to dedicated smartphone apps that allow users to adjust settings and parameters of the bike, such as power output, throttle response, traction control, or ABS levels. Many of these apps can also be used to download over-the-air updates.

Experience Level: No matter what type of motorcycle you’re purchasing, your search should always be limited by your level of skill and riding experience. Starting on a machine that’s too large and too powerful isn’t just inconducive to learning, it’s downright dangerous — plus it limits the amount of fun the rider has, as they’re forced to FOCUS on keeping the bike in check rather than perfecting their technique and advancing as a rider. The good news, however, is that quite a few of today’s electric dirt bikes can have their power level and throttle response adjusted (i.e. lowered) in order to be compatible with novice pilots.

For the extra 500, you get taillights, headlights, and different rubber that’s a bit more street appropriate.

Alta estimates that SMS will be ready to ship to customers in California by around September or October, depending on how long the federal approval process takes.

Alta‘s delivery strategy is similar to Tesla with the Model 3. Alta’s factory is located in Northern California, so customers in California will likely see their bikes before customers further east.

Alta‘s battery technology, the Alta Pack as it’s called, is one of the most impressive things about the bikes.

The Alta Pack is an ultra high-density battery. Alta claims that most dense battery pack used in the whole transportation field and that the technology is about five years ahead of anything else out there.

Basically, the batteries are designed to be much more compact and lighter than other batteries that might have the same amount of energy output.

It’s also waterproof, shockproof to 20G, and is extremely good with staying cool temperature-wise.

Alta’s street bike currently has a range of 50 miles, but the company expects to improve that range over time.

For the off-road bike, Alta estimates its battery to be good for two hours of trail thrashing.

Because the bike doesn’t need any kind of exhaust, Alta’s able to use a specially-formed lightweight Thermoplastic Airframe that’s more likely able to take a beating.

Overall, the bikes are beautifully-crafted pieces of machinery.

You get the performance of a sensitive, potentially high-maintenance, gasoline-powered bike, without having to worry about the frequent oil changes and other service tasks that would prevent you from actually riding the bike. Alta’s claimed service interval of 1,000 hours makes sure of that.

It ran out of funds

When Alta Motors was the new kid on the block, it raised capital totaling 8.2 million by 2014 –- this was back when it was known as BRD Motorcycles. By 2017, Alta Motors had fundraised 27 million to expand its production of electric motorcycles. Everything was going according to plan considering that Alta Motors sold 1,000 electric motorcycles in 2018 and it was scheduled to deliver 300 more units the same year (as reported by Electrek).

But behind the scenes, Alta Motors was struggling to stay afloat due to cash flow issues, and it was searching for more investors to finance its operations. Like most startups, Alta Motors failed to secure enough funding to sustain its manufacturing operations and it eventually closed down. By the time Alta Motors was winding down, it had secured about 45 million of capital funding (via TechCrunch), but that wasn’t enough to save it.

A big deal falls through

When Alta Motors was looking for investors to jump on board, it just happened that Harley Davidson was planning to produce electric motorcycles. As a result, a scratch my back, I scratch yours opportunity presented itself — Harley-Davidson and Alta Motors struck a deal in March 2018. According to Reuters, Harley Davidson was going to invest in Alta Motors in exchange for Alta to develop electric motorcycles for it. Even though Harley Davidson didn’t divulge the financial details of the deal with Alta, it had separately pledged to invest 25 to 50 million every year in electric motorcycle technology.

However, just six months after Harley-Davidson invested in Alta Motors, it reportedly pulled out of the deal. One week after the deal was supposedly scrapped, Harley-Davidson revealed plans to open its electric motorcycle research facility in Silicon Valley (via Auto Evolution). Unfortunately, Alta Motors couldn’t find another investor on time, and it closed down a few weeks later. Harley Davidson eventually released its electric motorcycle and we reviewed it.

It’s difficult to sell electric motorcycles

As reported by the New York Times, fewer Americans were buying motorcycles after the 2008 recession. Even Harley-Davidson, the biggest motorcycle manufacturer in the U.S., was experiencing a sales decline in the domestic market (via Reuters). Besides Alta Motors, other electric motorcycle brands such as Polaris and Arc Vector have quietly disappeared from the domestic market in the previous decade. Not to forget, Harley-Davidson’s electric motorcycle, the LiveWire, was a flop, and it’s one of the reasons its CEO resigned (via Business Insider).

According to John McInnis, a former employee at Alta Motors who is now working for Harley Davidson, the biggest obstacle to electric motorcycle adoption is cultural aspect, since the older generations favor gasoline vehicles. It could be a while before electric motorcycles become mainstream, but electric bicycles have become more popular –- and even automakers such as Ford have ventured into the e-bike business. As for Alta Motors, we think it’s not coming back considering that the company that bought its intellectual property (BRP) has no interest in reviving it.

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