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Alpha. Electric Fat Bike

The Alpha Fat Bike is part of the Reid performance range and is designed for trail riding and maximum amounts of fun and.

It provides massive 4.0” tyres for amazing grip and the ability to traverse terrain that regular mountain bikes can’t even dream of attempting.

If you want to explore new trails in rugged terrain and a riding experience like no other – the Reid Alpha combined with a Bafang mid-drive motor will take you there.

The Alpha features a performance mountain bike style geometry and is built around a Hydroformed 6061 Alloy Fat Bike Frame designed to reduce the weight of bike and enhance stiffness. The Alloy Fat Bike Fork provides a smooth, comfortable ride no matter how rough the trial is.

This bike benefits from newly improved disc brakes and an upgraded Shimano 7-speed shifter and gearing. and being combined with a Bafang mid-drive motor, any inherent extra weight becomes a non-issue.

The 26” x 4.0” tyres leave a commanding footprint that can run as low as 10PSI to help you roll over anything on your way to the top!

Key Features

  • Huge 26” x 4.0” tyres to tackle terrain you wouldn’t even attempt on any other bike
  • Powerful Bafang mid-drive motor and high quality lithium ion battery
  • Light weight alloy frame for easy handling
  • Shimano 7-Speed twist shift gearing to keep you moving when the going gets tough
  • Shimano Tourney Shifters and Derailleurs
  • Powerful mechanical disc brakes for sure control in all conditions
  • 1000W Bafang Mid-Drive Motor
  • Your choice of high quality lithium ion battery (Battery Range Guide)
  • Latest DP-C18 Colour Display
  • Premium Gear Sensor
  • Thumb Throttle
  • Kick Stand
  • 12 month warranty motor and battery (excludes misuse or abuse)

All our electric bikes are made to order with love, please allow approximately 5-7 business days to build, test, pack and send. We are working hard to get great quality bikes out to you as quickly as possible.




  • FRAME: Reid 6061 Alloy Fat BIke Frame
  • FORK: Reid Steel Fat Bike Forks
  • HANDLEBAR: Reid Oversize Alloy MTB Bars 680/700mm (M/L) 25mm Rise 6D Backsweep 6D Upsweep
  • GRIPS: Ergonomic Krayton Rubber 125mm
  • PEDALS: Nylon Platform 9/16″steel axle
  • REAR DERAILLEUR: Shimano Tourney TY300
  • SHIFTER: Shimano Tourney FT55
  • CASSETTE: Shimano TZ21 7-speed freewheel (14-28T)
  • CHAIN: KMC Z51
  • BRAKES: CX-7 Mechanical Disc Brake 180/160mm Rotors (F/R)
  • WHEELS: Reid Double Wall Alloy
  • HUBS: Reid Fat Bike Hub Disc Specific
  • TYRES: 26 x 4.0 Off-Road Fat tyre
  • STEM: Alloy threadless 60mm 10D angle
  • SADDLE: Reid comfort
  • SEATPOST/CLAMP: Reid Alloy 27.2mm

Electric Bikes

The ebike model that started it all: Hop on our flagship fat tire and you may never want to leave. Now in its sixth version, the RadRover 6 Plus powers through all types of weather and terrain, with the technology and design to make it your best ebike ride yet.

The ebike model that started it all: Hop on our flagship fat tire and you may never want to leave. Now in its sixth version, the RadRover 6 Step-Thru makes it easy to step on and power through all types of weather and terrain, with the technology and design to make it your best ebike ride yet.

This next-level hauler is perfect for taking the kids across town or loading up at the hardware store. The electric cargo bike’s elongated frame and lower center of gravity provide stable, reliable rides, even when you’re taking full advantage of the 350 lb. payload capacity. Take a passenger (or two!) for a spin.

The RadCity 5 Plus High-Step makes commuting the best part of your day. The high-step frame delivers a traditional bike-feel, offering hydraulic disc brakes and a 750W geared hub motor help you conquer hills without breaking a sweat, while a semi-integrated battery makes recharging and storing your battery a breeze.

The RadCity 5 Plus Step-Thru makes commuting the best part of your day. Hop on and off with ease via the step-thru frame design. Hydraulic disc brakes and a 750W geared hub motor help you conquer hills without breaking a sweat, while a semi-integrated battery makes recharging and storing your battery a breeze.

The RadRunner 3 Plus raises the bar for what you can expect from an electric utility bike. Featuring a redesigned low-step frame, hydraulic brakes, and our most up-to-date tech, it’s expertly engineered to deliver an unmatched riding experience.

x.png?v=1684283466 alt=Side view of a black RadRunner 2 electric utility bike width= /

This head turner delivers on more than just style: it can help you carry cargo, passengers, and even your morning joe. Factor in over 330 possible accessory combinations, and you can customize this moped-style ebike to your heart’s content.

Our latest folding ebike has fatter tires to tackle adventures of all sorts. Featuring a step-through frame, and allows you to customize your ride with adjustable handlebars, seven speeds, and four levels of pedal-assist.

Perfect for errands, perfect for fun, this electric utility bike comes fully-loaded with exclusive accessories to elevate your everyday experiences. The passenger package invites you to bring a friend for the ride, while the premium headlight gives you the confidence to hit the road any time.

High-Step Frame

Step-Thru Frame

Lower top-tube angle than a high-step frame. Riders find a more forgiving angle for swinging their leg over when mounting and dismounting.

Mid-Step Frame

Frame design without a top tube. No need to swing a leg over. rider mounts and dismounts by stepping over the low, dropped frame.

Electric bikes for all

Rad Power Bikes was founded in 2007 as a sole proprietorship and today, it’s North America’s largest electric bike brand. We rely on hundreds of designers, engineers, and support specialists to ensure that all 450,000 customers ride the best electric bikes possible. Our vision is a world where transportation is energy-efficient, enjoyable, and accessible to all.

An electric bike is simply a traditional bicycle that has been equipped with a battery-powered motor that makes it easier for riders to climb hills, go faster, haul cargo, and cover longer distances without getting tired with support from a pedal assist feature or a throttle. It is also known as an ebike or e-bike.

You can ride an electric bike the same way you would ride a traditional bike. The only difference is you have the option to summon power from the motor to make pedaling easier or operate the bike without pedaling.

In North America, electric bikes are commonly put into three different regulatory classes.

  • Class 1: Pedal-assist only; motor provides assistance all the way up to 20 mph.
  • Class 2: Pedal-assist or throttle; motor provides assistance all the way up to 20 mph.
  • Class 3: Pedal assist only; motor provides assistance all the way up to 28 mph.
alpha, electric, bike, reid

At Rad Power Bikes we exclusively make Class 2 electric bikes. All of our electric bikes include a battery that lasts 45-50 miles per charge, depending on the amount of power used, the type of terrain being ridden on, and the weight of the rider and cargo.

How do ebikes work?

The geared hub or direct drive motor channels energy from the battery to the pedals, which adds extra power with each pedal stroke to help the rider operate the bike. This is the pedal assist feature. Some electric bikes, like Rad’s, also include a throttle which propels the bike forward without the rider having to pedal, similar to a moped.

There are two ways electric bikes can be made. They can either be designed to be electric bikes from the start or developed by converting traditional bikes to be electric. An ebike conversion kit is a set of equipment that can be used to convert a traditional bicycle to an electric bicycle. Since ebikes for sale at Rad Power Bikes come standard with the motor and other necessary components, an ebike conversion kit is not necessary.

Why should I consider an ebike?

Electric bikes can fit seamlessly into your everyday life. They can be used to help you run errands, commute to work, enjoy outdoor activities like camping, hiking, skiing, fishing, or hunting. They can also enhance your mobility and help you ride with children. In short, they’re a fun, easy way to get around and do more of what you love.

Electric bikes also have commercial uses. Domino’s pizza franchises use our ebikes to deliver food and hundreds of rental fleets rely on Rad Power Bikes.

Match your lifestyle and ride needs

We know that different riders have different needs. While all of our bikes are great for multi-use situations, some models have special features. Electric cargo and utility bikes can be used to haul gear or ride with children. Electric folding bikes are designed to fit in RVs, trunks, small apartments or other compact spaces. Electric city and commuter bikes are designed for urban travel, reducing car trips, and saving you gas money. Electric off-road and all-terrain bikes are designed for camping trips, hunting, fishing, and light mountain biking.

In addition, we also design step-through electric bike models that make it easier to mount and dismount the bike and enhance mobility for all kinds of riders. All of our electric bikes can be used to climb hills easier, cover long distances, and haul cargo without getting tired.

We also sell ebike accessories that you can use to customize your ride. These include products for storage and transport, safety and security, seating and comfort, and ebike upgrades like phone mounts and USB chargers. To help you find the best accessories for your needs, you can select a curated electric bike kit or use the ebike customizer option at checkout.

Energy efficient transportation

There are environmental benefits that come with riding an ebike. Electric bikes are a key form of energy efficient transportation. They do not give off emissions while riding, ease traffic, and reduce congestion. Check out how ebikes can cut your carbon footprint with our emissions calculator.

Save money

Electric bikes can help you save money on gas since they provide a reliable alternative to cars. In addition, ebikes can reduce costs associated with parking and routine car maintenance.

Health benefits

Research says electric bikes can improve your health by helping you get exercise. When you pedal an ebike, you burn calories – especially if you are not using a high level of pedal assist. Electric bikes also make it easier to go longer distances than traditional bikes, which can extend the amount of time that you exercise.

We’ve heard from many customers that our electric bikes have improved their health. Rider Blair Hebert says his ebike helped him lose 40 lb., reverse adult onset diabetes, and recover from fatty liver disease. Another rider told us that he used his electric bike to lose weight ahead of a kidney donation surgery. (These are testimonials from customers and are not meant to constitute specific medical advice or claims.)

How to buy Rad

We sell electric bikes at affordable as a direct-to-consumer company which means we don’t sell our products through third-party retailers, helping reduce overhead costs. We then pass the savings on to our consumers. We were the first electric bike company to pursue this business model. You can also take advantage of flexible ebike financing options, free shipping, a one-year warranty, and a 14-day free trial.

To help find the best electric bike model by browsing our website, using our ebike finder, reading our guide to the best electric bikes, or calling our specially trained customer support team and asking for their advice. You’ll be prompted to enter your zip code where you can choose to have the bike sent directly to you, sent to a bike shop for assembly, delivered fully-assembled by a velofix mobile service provider or for online pick-up at a Rad Power Bikes retail store.

We have retail stores in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. When you shop at a retail store, you can test ride models and ask for advice from our retail team to find the best ebike for you. Find a location near you here. Our customer service team can take your order over the phone, answer additional questions you have about ebikes, and help you pick your preferred shipping option.

Owning a Rad ebike

We design high-quality electric bikes our customers are proud to own. Every ebike is rigorously tested to ensure quality before it reaches your doorstep. To learn more about our design and quality assurance process, read our guide.

Our Product Support team can help you troubleshoot issues online or over the phone. For service maintenance and repairs, you can take your electric bike to a Rad Power Bikes service center, book a mobile service visit from our third-party partner, velofix, or bring your ebike to a local bike shop in our network.

Thank you to our 450,000 customers who are having fun and riding Rad!

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Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike Zebra

E-bike assembly from 112.7 with Check availability

All Himiway bikes are covered under our manufacturer’s 2-year all-inclusive warranty for the original owner against all manufacturing defects (All free Accessories are not covered by warranty service). Himiway has over 300 dealerships in the United States. All dealerships provide free diagnosis and free maintenance services to customers.

For non-quality issues, customer may ask for product replacement or return within 15 days after received it. A 10% processing fee will be applied but we can prevent it for the customer if a replacement order is received. The customer is also responsible for the return shipping cost of 150. Himiway will provide a return shipping label, and the designated carrier will collect the return package. The customer may also choose self-return or arrange the return shipment by himself.

Currently, we only provide FREE shipping to the lower 48 states in the US. And we DO NOT ship to PO BOXES or APO.

The top speed of all Himiway bikes is up to 15.5 MPH, which is legally required in the US.

alpha, electric, bike, reid

48V 20Ah Samsung/LG Lithium-ion Battery

With the 48V 20Ah Samsung/LG Lithium-ion Battery, the single range of the Himiway Zebra can go up to 80 miles per charge. The 960Wh capacity provides a 60-mile range on pure electric power. Wires are all built in the frame which can reduce 95% of the mechanical failure in extreme weather condition. over, it will maintain 80% capacity after 1000 charges.

750W Gear Hub Motor With Upgraded Inner Ring

Himiway 750W gear hub motor has a larger inner ring which performs great in high temperature resistance and heat dissipation. No matter what difficult riding conditions you are facing, the newly designed motor will bring you the most stable and comfortable experience.

High-end Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The high-end hydraulic disc brakes provide more efficient and smoother braking, reduce riders’ fatigue, and perform with the same braking power all weather conditions, including in the rain.

Updated 6061 Aluminum Frame

Himiway uses higher-quality materials for the frames, which brings stronger triangle stability, 3 times thicker and sturdier than other competing frames on the market. The load capacity is greatly enhanced, and we promise a 10-year frame damage replacement service. In addition, the Zebra’s frame has a reserved fork opening distance, providing the possibility of upgrading from 4.0 inch tires to 4.8 inch tires.

The future is bright with Reid’s new KADe e-Cargo Bike

According to the Australian Automobile Association (AAA), Australian households are spending almost 15% of their income on transport costs. We’re paying 96.93 per week on fuel. That’s more than 5,000 per year before we even think about other expenses like car loan repayments, insurance, and servicing.

It’s little wonder more Australians are looking at alternative modes of transport to help save money, time, and reduce our impact on the environment. Around 60,000 e-bikes were sold across Australia in 2021, according to research by Bicycle Industries Australia.

Almost 50 per cent of all vehicle trips in Victoria are less than 5 kilometres. It’s a similar story across the country, of the 4.2 million car trips in Perth each day, two-thirds are under 5 kilometres.

For many of those trips, a bike is a practical substitute. For nearly all of them, an e-cargo bike is the perfect substitute. Perfect for trips to work, the supermarket, or ferrying kids to kinder or school – they’re no longer the domain of delivery riders distributing sourdough bread throughout the CBD, but a genuine alternative to a car.

It has long been a market dominated by specialist (and expensive) European brands. Until recently, when Australian brand Reid Cycles launched its first e-cargo bike, the KADe Electric Cargo Bike.

The team at Reid gave us a chance to put the KADe through its paces – we’re excited to see how it stacks up.

The highlights

  • What it is: Reid Cycle’s first foray into the e-cargo bike space – a versatile, long-tail design that can handle school drop-offs and day trips around the city.
  • Price: 3,999.99 (currently on sale 3,499.99)
  • Key features: Long-tail design, dual-battery system that offers up to 150km range, capacity to carry up to 100kg, one-size fits most geometry.
  • Optional extras: Padded rear pannier seat (99.99) and Urban Iki child seat (169.99)


  • Ultra-competitive price
  • Powerful Ananda drive unit makes climbing a breeze
  • One-size fits most size that makes it comfortable and versatile
  • Robust rear rack designed to handle up to 100kg


  • Minor lag with pedal assistance
  • Integrated light system is underwhelming
  • The dimensions make it difficult to manoeuvre and limit access to trains, cars, and lifts (this isn’t specific to the KADe, but all e-cargo bikes)

How does it ride?

The KADe is a long-tail design – meaning it has a long tail (duh) that’s designed to carry loads like your kids, small adults, or grocery shopping — as opposed to a front-loader design (think big box at the front) — making it feel much more like riding a ‘normal’ bike.

It’s a smooth, comfortable bike to ride. The step-through frame combined with 24” puncture resistant tyres provided sturdy but nimble handling that made it feel like I always had full control on any surface, even with a load on the back.

The one-size fits most frame and easily adjustable handlebars and seat post made it quick and easy to find the perfect fit for me – and anyone else who wanted a test ride. This came in handy for an impromptu group test ride at my son’s Saturday morning swimming lesson.

The KADe frame is made from aluminium alloy with a total carrying capacity of up to 200kg (incl. rider and cargo). The rear rack is robust and is designed to handle up to 100kg – it has no issues carrying a variety of items one would regularly carry on an e-cargo bike including bags, groceries, and small humans. The convenient front porteur rack was perfect for carrying bags on your daily commute or trips to the park.

The Ananda drive unit produces 110 Nm of torque. It’s quick and efficient, and combined with the range of the Shimano 9-speed cassette, it felt like I was dancing gracefully up the hills around my local neighbourhood. Admittedly, we’re not talking about the French Alps but it’s enough to make my heart rate jump when I’m on my standard bike (and that’s without carrying any additional weight).

From a standing start, there was some lag before the pedal assistance kicked in, occasionally leaving me spinning my wheels at the traffic lights, particularly while carrying a load on the rear rack.

The quoted range of the dual battery system offers up to 150km on a single charge in ideal conditions – i.e., no hills or extra weight. The likelihood of replicating that range while using the KADe for its intended purpose seems unlikely. The longest, single ride I did was about 40km, including hills, a headwind, and more weight than I’d care to admit, and I finished with two out of five bars of battery.

I charged it every couple of days and never had any issues. I mostly rode it like a utility vehicle for short trips close to home – grocery shopping, getting to the train station, or the beach and parks around our neighbourhood – and always had plenty of charge left in the tank.

alpha, electric, bike, reid

The integrated, light-sensing front and rear lights powered from the battery are a great idea. Unfortunately, they didn’t produce enough light to rely solely on them, so I added my own front and rear lights for low-light conditions.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of riding a bike comes from not having to stress about getting stuck in traffic or trying to find a park at the supermarket or train station. It was even better with the KADe, knowing that I could load it up and have some extra help to push me up the hills on my way home.

It’s the perfect way to save money on petrol and parking. Plus, you can avoid all the people doing their best Austin Powers impersonations attempting to reverse oversized 4WDs into car parks with less room than a plane seat in economy. It’s an easy decision to leave the car at home.

Storage and functionality

At over 30kg, the weight of the KADe is consistent with other long-tail designs in this category. The hydraulic disc brakes did an excellent job stopping and manoeuvring, helping maintain control and always giving me full confidence.

The walk assist function is another handy feature, and certainly makes it easier when you’re walking with the bike. We don’t have many options for secure parking which meant I had to wrestle it upstairs each night – the walk assist helped, but the weight and length certainly made it a solid workout.

That challenge certainly isn’t unique to the KADe – if you’re in the market for an e-cargo bike, you’ll need to consider where you’ll be riding and, more importantly, parking your bike for extended periods of time (i.e., at work or a concert). The dimensions of most e-cargo bikes will mean things like lifts, trains and cars are difficult to access, so you’ll need to make sure you can park your bike securely and invest in a top-of-the-range lock.

Finally, we need to talk about the colour. For me, it wouldn’t be a factor in deciding whether to buy this type of bike, but for some, it will be, potentially even more so for people who are new to riding. Let’s face it, e-cargo bikes are pretty ugly anyway. An e-cargo bike isn’t going to charm us with its good looks and weightlessness. It needs to be robust and reliable. It needs to be simple and fun. It needs to reduce our impact on the planet. And it needs to make life easier.

The KADe ticked all those boxes – so don’t let the colour scare you off.

The last word

The power and versatility of an e-cargo bike makes it a real alternative to replace your car for your daily commute, trips to school or the shops, or exploring your city. It will save you time, money, and stress – and leave you happier and healthier in the process.

The KADe comes with all the features you’ll need but at half the price of its more established competitors. Plus, you’ve got the option of a free 30-day test ride. If you are considering an e-cargo bike, the KADe must be on your list.

Visit your local Reid store or check out their website and book a test ride today.

Please note, since this review was published, Reid have now released the KADe in grey.

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