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electric, motorcycles, scooters, moped

An electric moped may be the most practical EV of them all

  • October 31, 2021
  • No Комментарии и мнения владельцев
  • 5 minute read
  • Clive Rawson

The bike

The bike is an 2011 Vmoto emax 110S. The original price was 4,000 and it had a range of 60km on its original lead-acid batteries. I bought it for 2,000 second hand from the original owner, who had converted it to LiFePO4 cells.

These new batteries are considerably lighter and have higher capacity, increasing the range to about 100km. It is rated as a 50cc moped in my state, so can be driven on a car licence. The bike was subsequently offered with the LiFePO4 conversion for 6,000.

My 25A charger takes about 1.5kW (6A) from the 240V supply, so can be used on a standard 10A socket anywhere in Australia. It takes about 5 hours to charge the battery completely, but I normally only have to charge for about an hour since I only typically use a maximum of 20% per day in normal use.

I tend to wait for a sunny day, so that I can charge “for free” from my solar panels. So I may leave it a few days if the sun is not shining. The cost of a full charge is about 35c if I use my solar panels (because I get paid 7c/kWh when I export it) versus about 1.50 using grid power. Being retired, I am usually about during the day, but for those that still have to work, they may have to use grid power overnight.

The trip:

A popular spot to travel to from Perth is the sleepy country town of Toodyay, located in the hills about 100km East of Perth. I regularly take a drive there on my “real” petrol motorcycle, or in the car.

The overall distance from my house to Toodyay, according to Google Maps, is 96km, but this involved riding along a busy highway. I opted instead to take my VMoto electric moped along the scenic route through the Chittering Valley, a total distance of 116km.

I did some calculations to estimate the range, accounting for variables such as wind and hills. I waited for a Sunday afternoon with favourable conditions (light winds and sunny) and set off about 2 pm.

In order to make sure that I got to my destination, I kept the speed to about 60kph by leaving the power option on “medium”. It was absolutely delightful travelling through the countryside at a leisurely pace in total silence! The roads were quiet, and the sun was shining!

I had arranged for my wife to follow a bit later in the “back-up” vehicle. She was carrying my old battery pack and a 48V to 240V inverter. This would have enabled me to plug my charger into the inverter to charge my battery enough to get to my destination.

This is the route (courtesy Google Maps):

This is the elevation profile:

I arrived at the hotel before my wife caught me up, so checked into the hotel and plugged the bike into a 10A socket in the laundry, accessible from the back of the hotel, using an extension lead. I then proceeded to the bar for a celebration drink!

The next morning, after a nice meal and stay at the hotel, we had breakfast before heading back home. It was a Monday morning and the traffic was very light. I had arrived in Toodyay with 22% charge remaining after 118km, so I estimated my range to be about 150km.

On the way home, I decided to make a few detours and also ride a bit faster. The result was that I travelled 135km with 8% charge remaining.

details about the bike:

The original weight was 91kg, plus 100kg for the lead-acid batteries! The new battery weight is 32kg, giving an all-up weight of approximately 123kg, versus the original 191kg. This has made it sprightlier and more able to climb hills.

The bike features a 4kW brushless DC hub motor set in the rear wheel. It has 4 driving modes: Eco, Normal, Max, and Reverse (!), with corresponding top speeds of 45, 60, 75 and.3 kph respectively.

It also has moderate regen braking, but this does not slow the vehicle very quickly. I try and anticipate the need to slow down to minimise energy loss using the brakes.

The design is very modern and has similar features to a Ducati motorcycle! Twin stacked movie projectors style headlights, motorcycle forks, disc brakes, etc. Mine is adorned with Valentino Rossi stickers (46) since he is my Hero motorcycle Champion.

I have had the bike about 4 years, and, due to the range steadily reducing to about 50km, I recently replaced the battery pack with 16 x 3.2V 105Ah LiFePO4 cells. These were lighter and had more capacity than the old ones and cost about 1,500 delivered.

I also updated the Battery Management System (BMS) to provide better balancing of cells and remote monitoring of charge status on my mobile phone app via Bluetooth. The range increased to approximately 130km riding around town and keeping up with the general traffic. I therefore wondered whether I could travel further distances.

My Conclusion:

The take-up of electric cars has been slow in Australia. This is probably due to the relatively high purchase price, range anxiety and lack of government incentives.

However, I think there would be a market for cheaper vehicles that are principally used for commuting, and maybe a second vehicle or hire car for longer trips. Personally, I think a PHEV is a good option in Australia.

Electric-assisted bicycles are quite popular. However, I am fit enough to be able to ride a normal bicycle, which I regularly use for fitness.

The electric motorbike option is the best option for me. Whilst it does not offer the crash protection, weather protection or carrying capacity of a car, it is great fun, practical and cheap.

Being a step-through is offers some weather protection and side crash protection. It also has luggage storage under the seat and in the footwell. I used it the other day to transport 2 x 20kg bays of builder’s sand!

There are larger and more sexy motorcycles available, but the relatively high wind resistance on a bike means that high speed dramatically reduces range. They also are heavy and expensive.

Sadly, my electric moped is no longer made. It was a bit of a sales disaster with only about 100 sold in Australia. I think this was due to the weight of the lead-acid batteries and poor overall performance, plus the relatively high cost compared to a petrol 50cc bike.

However, I reckon mine is a great compromise for general commuting and poodling about. Along with other manufacturers, Vmoto still make a great range of small electric motorcycles and scooters under the Super Soco range. They now all have modern batteries and good overall performance.

It’s interesting that I own several ICE powers cars and “real” motorcycles, but the little electric bike is my favourite means of transport and costs almost nothing to run and produces no pollution.

Clive (Batty) Rawson is a retired engineer.

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G-FORCE ZF Moped-Style Electric Bike

Shipping: within 2 business days.

If you buy the 33.5Ah version, you will receive the 13.5Ah version ZF first and then another 20Ah battery within a month.

All G-force ebikes and e-scooters are covered under our supplier’s 1-year all-encompassing service warranty for the original proprietor against all manufacturing flaws.

Ebikes and e-scooters from G-force are under returns within 2 week of distribution. If you return a product for personal reasons, you will have to pay a handling fee. Please check the return policy for details.

Presently, we just supply shipping to the lower 48 states in the United States. And we DO NOT ship to PO BOXES or APO. And we offer free shipping for all orders.

Your ZF 1Charger 1Full Fenders Assembly Tool 1Headlight 1Brand Brochure 1Pedals 1E-Bike Keys 1

G-FORCE 750W Brushless Motor

Supplying 1300W peak power and 86 Nm of torque so you can easily tackle hills with up to 30 degrees of incline.

0W Powerful Motor

The high-powered Bafang 750-watt motor is specifically designed for the G-FORCE ZF, featuring amazing acceleration capabilities.

This brushless geared hub motor with a peak power output of 1300W delivers a massive amount of torque to help you conquer rough terrains with ease.

Full Color LCD Display

The G-FORCE ZF comes with a brand-new color LCD display through which you are able to track the current speed, motor power, PAS level, odometer, trip odometer, and much more.

Have your phone charged up directly through a USB port on the display to fit your various needs while on the move. The color LCD screens, compared to those black-and-white ones, have a higher resolution and better sunlight readability,

which enables you to read precisely in direct sunlight. that’s why we use them on our high-end models.

V 20Ah/13.5Ah Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery

The ZF model is fitted with the best of all Samsung’s new battery models, offering you two options based upon the battery capacity. the 48V 20 Ah and the 48V 13.5Ah.

The introduction of such technology and capacity to the battery pack extends not only the range of your ebike on a single charge but also the service life. The battery of 20Ah allows you to travel around 60-80 miles on a single charge,

while the battery of 13.5 Ah has a range of 35-50 miles. Meanwhile, if required, you can recharge any of your electric devices through the USB port on the battery.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

To match up with the ZF-one of the most powerful electric bicycles, we’ve used a dual hydraulic braking system,

which allows the front and rear disc hydraulic brake to actuate and work together seamlessly, providing great braking power.

Beyond that, we integrate the motor cutoff capability into the brakes for extra safety.

Super Bright LED Headlight and Taillight

When riding in low-visibility conditions at night, you can also turn on the integrated LED headlight to further illuminate the road. Along with the taillights, the ZF assures you of a safer riding experience.

Adjustable Front Suspension

The adjustable front fork suspension on the ZF adopts high-strength aluminum alloy casting and offers a long travel of 110mm.

Rear Suspension

Adjustable front fork suspension and rear suspension system give you the most comfortable riding experience and easily conquer any bumpy terrain.

USB Charging Port

We designed one USB charging port on the display.

You can charge your phone that is low on power during the ride, and you can also charge your other devices, such as your camera when you take a break.

Rear Suspension

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Full Color LCD Display

Durable Aluminum Crankset

Half Twist Throttle

  • Battery48V 20Ah Samsung battery
  • Tires20 x 4.0
  • Range60~80 Miles
  • KD or NotEbike is 85% pre-assembled
  • Hub Motor750W brushless gear motor
  • Throttle Half twist throttle
  • Total Payload Capacity400 lbs
  • Front Light48V LED light
  • Recommended Rider Heights5’3 ~ 6’5
  • Frame6061 aluminum
  • 20Ah Version Charger3 AMP fast charger
  • KickstandHeavy duty aluminum
  • 13.5Ah Version Charger2 AMP charger
  • ChainKMC chain
  • DisplayLCD Display with USB charging
  • PedalAlloy pedal with reflectors
  • Shifter7-speed Shifter
  • Rear LightIntegrated Taillight
  • Weight76 pounds
  • WheelsAlloy wheels
  • Recommended Tire Pressure 20 to 28 PSI
  • Brake160mm hydraulic brakes
  • A.- Total Length70.5
  • B.- Handlebar Height44
  • C.- Seat Height35
  • D.- Wheelbase48
  • E.- Chain Stay Length19.7
  • F.- Wheel Diameter23
  • G.- The Retractable Height of the Seat26
  • H.- The length of the seat22
  • I.- Length of the Handlebar26

Frequently Asked Questions

The recommended rider height for this model is 5’5 or higher. The best way to know whether it works for you is to take your inseam measurement (inside leg length) and bring the seat height into the reference scope. On the other hand, the ZF model can bear up to 400 lbs (the maximum weight load capacity) so it is not recommended for a rider to go over that weight limit.

The ZF arrives 85% pre-assembled and allows you to get the new bike assembled in a few simple steps after delivery. You’ll find specific video that explains how to properly assemble your bike. Basically, it does not require special skills or much professional knowledge so self-assembly at home won’t be a problem even for beginners.

The differences are in the pricing, range, and charger that comes with the bike. The larger of the 2 battery options has a 3A charger (more current capacity) to reduce battery charging time; in the meantime, it delivers a longer riding range under the same operating conditions. The 20Ah battery pack will get you more range up to 60~80 miles on a single full charge.

No, the handlebar on this model can NOT be raised or lowered but will give you some adjustment in handlebar angle.

Electric Scooter/Moped Shopping

Since I was 16 years old, I’ve wanted a motor scooter, which some call a moped. The terms are often used interchangeably, though technically a moped is supposed to have pedals. I’ll probably use both terms to mean the same thing in this article, but we’re talking about a two-wheel vehicle that has a seat and can zip me around town.

Anyway, I am finally going to do it this year. I’m going to get a street legal moped/scooter to commute to work. Here are a few of the options that I’ve found.

First, I’d rather have a scooter or moped, whatever you want to call it, that doesn’t require a motorcycle license. Not that I’m opposed to getting a motorcycle license, but right now during a pandemic, all the classes are postponed. Also, I’d rather learn on a bike that has less chance of killing me. I’ve wrecked ebikes at 8 mph, and that was bad enough. Personally, I like going slow and enjoying the view. I’m not a speed demon.

Also, my workplace is less than 1.5 miles from my house and I travel on roads with 30-35 mph speed limits, so I don’t need a crotch rocket to get me there and back. What I do need is something that is safe, reliable, and fun. Yeah, fun because that’s one of the reasons people ride scooters or motorcycles.

I also prefer electric scooters because they are quiet, non-polluting, and require very little maintenance. Traditional gasoline mopeds can be finicky, plus there are oil changes, carburetor cleanings, belts, spark plugs, gaskets, and such to worry about. An electric scooter with a rear hub motor doesn’t even a chain or a belt. They’re basically the same as maintaining an electric bike.

I’ve discovered that here in the United States, it’s a bit of a chore trying to find an electric scooter to buy. Scooters just haven’t caught on in this country like they have in most parts of the world. Americans love their big SUVs and a lot of us have long commutes to work that require driving on fast, treacherous highways.

But for short commutes in the city or rural areas, electric scooters can make a lot of sense. They cost pennies to fully charge, and finding parking can be a lot easier. So here are the electric scooters/mopeds that I have considered.

CSC Monterey

The CSC Monterey is heavily inspired by the Honda Super Cub. It has the larger diameter tires that are more like a motorcycle. So, if you’re not impressed with the typical 10-inch wheels of most scooters, the Monterey might be more ideal.

The bike just screams vintage and cool. It’s powered by a 2.4 kw electric motor and a 60-volt 26 Ah lithium-ion battery. The range is fairly decent at 30-ish miles, maybe more, maybe less, depending upon how you ride. Like your typical 50 cc moped, the speed is capped at 30 mph.

In most states, a regular driver’s license is all that’s needed to ride a moped or scooter that can only reach 30 mph. That’s a big plus. In an ideal world it would be enough, but we all know that people rarely go the speed limit, and trying not to get run over at 30 mph, even in the city, can be a challenge.

I’d rather have the option for a little more speed for safety’s sake, but it’s capable enough for my short commute.

  • It looks awesome
  • Larger tires for a better ride
  • Rides a lot like an electric bike
  • DOT approved
  • Doesn’t require a motorcycle license in most places
  • Can’t add a second battery for more range
  • Top speed of 30 MPH will limit where you can ride
  • The price of the bike is great but all those added fees? Yikes!

Price: 2195 but when you add the doc fees and shipping, it’s over 2800. Hmm, that’s a turn off, but CSC is a legit company and the bike will turn heads.


The FLUX EM1 scooter has a lot of going for it. It can be deregulated to reach speeds of about 38 mph, which is more ideal for city traffic. Of course, legally that would take it beyond the 30 mph max speeds of moped regulations, but if you have a motorcycle license, or wink-wink, don’t tell anyone it can really go over 30 mph, then maybe you’ll be in the clear. I said maybe. Don’t quote me.

Besides the higher top speed as a plus, a second battery can also be added to achieve a range of 50 miles. It comes with a single battery for a 25-mile range.

The company is based out of Madison, Wisconsin and, from what I can tell, is legit. Registering the scooter seems like it would be straightforward, and the company looks eager to walk you through that process.

The only downside is the wait. You can expect a wait of at least two months before receiving the scooter, since they are made to order. But if it’s the middle of winter, and you won’t be riding for another couple months. it’s not such a problem.

  • ideal top speed of 38 mph can be configured
  • 2-year warranty
  • Several colors to choose from
  • Comes with VIN# for easy registering

Price: 2600 when equipped with a single battery. You’ll pay taxes and other fees when you register the scooter in your state. If you want a second battery, it’s 960 more. One nice thing is that when you order, only a deposit is required. You don’t have to pay the full price when ordering, so you’ll have time to save for the rest before it ships.

Zoom Scooters

Okay, I’ll just state my fears right off the bat here with Zoom. Their site leaves a lot to be desired. It’s heavy on gimmicky sales tactics, and light on details. But the scooter itself has some nice features. It’s the most affordable electric scooter mentioned here at 1999. That includes shipping! From what I gather, you can request paperwork to register the scooter.

The Zoom scooter has a roomy under the seat trunk for storage and even an alarm system. You can buy accessories such as a rear rack, a rear trunk, and even a pet carrier. There’s even a 3-wheel version, for just a couple of hundred dollars more.

It has a top speed of 30 mph and an advertised range of 60 miles, but that’s probably stretching it. My main concern, is that there aren’t any good reviews of the scooter from reputable sources, which leaves me skeptical. That really makes me want to order this thing and review it for you guys. Hmmm….

  • Affordable price; includes shipping
  • Good cargo space
  • Accessories
  • Alarm

Price: 1999 which includes shipping.

Okay, so which one will I choose? Well, you’ll have to wait and see. Maybe I’ll go for a NIU electric scooter, or a different brand. It’s January here in Illinois, so I have time to do my research before buying. Know of a great electric scooter? Feel free to make a suggestion!

electric, motorcycles, scooters, moped

UPDATE! I decided to with the Zoom scooter. It checked all the boxes for what I’m looking for. It’s affordable, has good under seat storage, good range, and an acceptable top speed for how I’m planning to use it. Also, since I review electric bikes, I thought it would be helpful, since there isn’t a thorough review to be found from an actual customer.

I ordered the scooter on January 9th. Shipping is posted to take anywhere from 1-3 weeks. It will be shipping from California to Illinois. I will keep you updated!

Shop at Moosejaw for Your Outdoor Adventures!

Revv 1

20 MPH on throttle pedal assist. Additional class modes speeds.


Powerful 750w sustained geared hub motor with 95nm torque


30-60 miles depending on battery, rider weight, terrain, incline, level of assist, etc.


Durable Alloy Frame with internal protected locked electronics


Frame geometry components built for a comfortable upright position


The Revv 1 ships pre-programmed as a class 2 (pedelec) ebike which enables speeds of up to 20 MPH on pedal assist and throttle. The multi-class speed system gives riders the ability to configure the settings and switch between Class 2, Class 3, and ‘Off-Road’ mode which unlocks speeds of 28 MPH for private road use only. Learn more.

Service Support

Seasoned Bike Mechanics Offer Expert Technical Support and Friendly Customer Service.

1-Year Warranty

Every Ride1UP eBike Comes With a Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects. Terms Apply

Free Shipping

On All Bikes to Contiguous 48 States. 400 Direct Shipping to Canada. Exclusions Apply.


  • FS Frame Dimensions:
  • Total Weight 93lbs
  • Handlebar Height 40.5”
  • Handlebar Reach 14.75”
  • Seat Height 32.5
  • Stand-Over Height 32.5”
  • Wheel Base 49
  • Total Length 72
  • HT Frame Dimensions:
  • Total Weight 83lbs
  • Handlebar Height 40.5”
  • Handlebar Reach 14.75”
  • Seat Height 32.5”
  • Stand-over Height 32.5
  • Wheel Base 44”
  • Total Length 69


Powerful integrated moto-style headlight and brake taillight. FS frame shown includes turn signals. (Signals not included on HT Frame)

Handlebar-Mounted, Two-Tone LCD Display. Customizable Pedal Assist (PAS) Settings and Advanced Metrics for Intelligent Riding Feedback.

All-terrain 20×4 e-moped fat tires for cruising comfort and advanced cornering traction. High performing and reliable –– perfect for variable terrain.

Heavy-duty, adjustable chainstay kickstand. High-load capacity for extra support and stability.

52V 4 Amp (FS) charger and cable 52V 3 Amp (HT) charger and cable LED indicator provides real-time charging status.

Two keys for the removable battery system. Theft protection design –– battery anxiety begone!

Shipping Information

In-stock Revv 1 models will ship out in the next 2-3 business days. Refer to each respective model for expected shipping times.

The bike will arrive 90% assembled (electronics are pre-assembled). Basic assembly is required.

The Revv 1 shipping dimensions vary by frame type:

FS (Full Suspension) – 62.5″ x 12.5″ x 34″ (L x W x H)

HT (Hardtail) – 58.5″ x 13″ x 34″ (L x W x H)


When will the Revv 1 ship out?

In-stock Revv 1 electric bike models require extra processing time and will ship out within 2-3 business days of placing your order.

Can I test ride an electric bicycle?

We are a direct-to-consumer electric bike company both in pricing and strategy. You will generally pay a premium for the ability to test ride an electric bike through a dealer. However, our electric bikes have been thoroughly tested by top reviewers such as Electric Bike Review, Electric Bike Report, Cycling Weekly, Clean Technica, Electrek, and many others who have published their reviews on YouTube. You can read electric bike reviews on any of those sites. Additionally, we are now supporting an independent network of owners offering their bikes for demos. Learn more about electric bicycle demos here Locations

What is the Return Policy for Revv 1?

We only accept returns on unopened and unused electric bike shipments for this model that have been reported within 14 days of delivery. You must provide photo documentation to verify the ebike was not opened or used. After approval by Ride1Up, return is subject to a 350 restocking fee per bicycle.

Once the bike has been received and passes inspection, Ride1Up will issue the refund less the 350 restocking fee. Learn more

What can I expect ordering a bike from Ride1UP?

This article will explain all about what to expect when ordering an electric bike from us. Ordering With Us

Can I upgrade the Revv 1’s battery?

If you purchase the Hardtail (HT) frame type, which comes with a 15ah battery, you can purchase the 20ah battery if it is in stock as an add-on. We cannot replace the 15ah battery with the 20ah battery before shipping out the hardtail bike.

Can I switch the handlebars to another electric bike model?

No, you cannot switch the handlebars on the Revv1. The variations you see on the site are the only options we have for our electric bike models.

Can you ship to _?

We only ship our electric bikes within North America. The Continental United States is FREE. Shipping electric bicycles to Canada is 400. Currently, not shipping to Hawaii. We are not responsible for any additional tariffs charged by your local government which are often-times applied after importing electric bikes. Unfortunately, we are not able to ship our electric bikes directly to Europe or Alaska at this time. You can use a shipping forwarder like to reach your country.

Are the bikes water-proof?

The electric bikes are not water-proof, they are water-resistant, rated IP-65. While we do not recommend leaving the bikes out in the rain or riding in the rain or other hazardous conditions due to personal safety, our electric bikes can handle water exposure. Leaving your ebike in the rain or other hazardous conditions could shorten the lifespan of the electric bike.

What Is a Moped-style eBike?

The difference between an ebike and a moped-style ebike is all in design and top speed. Typically, moped electric bikes have programming and motor capabilities that allow for a higher top speed than class 3 ebike regulations allow. This is more than 28 mph, but designed for private property and technically not legal to ride on public roads at these speeds. Additionally, moped-style electric bikes are typically designed with wide tires, classic moto-inspired styling and have a retro look, akin to cafe racer motorcycles.

Our Revv1, available in Graphite Gray and Moss Green, is pre-programmed as a Class 2 e-bike, so you can ride most anywhere at twenty miles-per-hour with throttle and pedal assist. However, you can unlock the programming to reach speeds north of 28 mph. This is intended for private property only.

This agile and robust bike is tough enough to cope with the most demanding of rides. However, with its practical and sturdy design, it remains suited to any rider with a comfortable saddle, upright riding position and throttle forward use-case that provides a boost up to twenty-eight MPH or more when unlocked for “Off-Road Mode”

What Is the Difference Between a Moped eBike and Electric Moped?

A regular electric moped works on a twist-and-go basis. Akin to a motorcycle, they do not have pedals, require insurance and registration and are heavier than an electric bike because of a larger battery and frame build. An electric moped ebike incorporates a motor, does not require insurance or registration and has pedals so in theory, the rider is intended to power the bike by pedaling. This design bypasses the regulatory needs of a moped, has a smaller, lighter battery and incorporates an element of exercise that you do not get with an electric moped or electric motorcycle.

Ride1Up’s electric moped bike takes all the best bits from both types of vehicles and blends them to create something different. The Revv1 is a moped-style e-bike engineered with a café racer, moto-inspired design, giving our riders the best of both worlds.

What Are the Benefits of a Moped Ebike?

There are tons of reasons to consider an electric moped bike, commonly referred to as a moped-style ebike, whether you’re looking for a next-gen e-bike upgrade or an electric moped experience capable of more than a typical commute.

The Revv1 suits every environment, from stop-start city travel to off-road adrenaline-fueled rides and everything in between. Variable settings allow you to ride safely anywhere, releasing higher speeds for weekend off-roading or sticking to permitted top speeds on public roads. An electric moped ebike provides great energy-efficiency, where you can rely on the pedal assist to extend your range or use the throttle when you’re looking for a more thrilling, faster pace experience.

You’ll find the quiet motor, and lack of fumes a literal breath of fresh air, whether you’re navigating through heavy traffic or enjoying the feeling of cruising confidently for a superior ebiking experience.

electric, motorcycles, scooters, moped

How Is the Revv1 Different From a Traditional Electric Moped?

The Revv1 is a full-spec moped-style ebike with the safety features and functionality you’d expect from any premium-quality ebike–but the comparisons stop there! This exceptional electric moped acts like a hybrid between the two, with the capacity and build to cope with high-speed, rough multi-terrain off-road rides, with a super-stylish frame, rugged wide-profile tires, and a powerful motor.

Riders can commute in style, with an ergonomic frame created for comfort, and let loose on private land, by switching to Off-Road mode and unlocking speeds of twenty-eight MPH and above. If you’re after a fantastic moped-style ebike that looks incredible and adds exhilaration to your off-road adventures, the Revv1 is the only bike for you.

This is not an electric scooter, but like some of the fastest electric mopeds, we’ve added some extra-special features to boost your riding experience, with superb traction tires, a two-tone mounted display, and moto-style headlights, turn signals, horn and bright braking lights as a finishing touch.

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